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Why Is It Important To Graduate From High School Essay | Benefits, Reasons and Importance

October 18, 2021 by Prasanna

Why Is It Important To Graduate From High School Essay: Graduating high school is a milestone that many students are proud of. It signifies their success in the educational system and the achievement of their goals. The importance of graduation can be traced back to the early 19th century when an American educator named Horace Mann advocated for it. He believed that, by graduating high school, young adults would be able to achieve their goals and enter into adulthood successfully.

Today, we all know that high school is a necessary stepping stone on the way to a successful life. However, not all teens finish high school on time. We shall explore some of the drawbacks of not completing high school as well as other implications in this essay.

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Benefits of Graduating High School

It will reduce crime rates – Research indicates that high school graduates will be less likely to engage in criminal activities and will instead use their time for productive pursuits.

It will improve their chances at getting a job – A high school education is intended to prepare students for the future and it does this by preparing them for success in college as well as their professional life.

Stability in personal and professional life – A high school education is intended to prepare students for the future and it does this by preparing them for success in professional life as well as personal life. This translates to a stable job with a good income, which is crucial for settling down.

High school graduates earn significantly more than high school dropouts – Statistics show that a high school graduate can earn more money than a high school dropout. The average high school graduate has a yearly starting salary of $47,000 and the average high school dropout has an annual starting salary $34,000 in the United States.

More & more jobs require higher education – The number of jobs requiring some type of higher education is increasing. Hence, it can be difficult for high school dropouts to get a good job.

Lower risk of unemployment and termination – When it comes to hiring new employees, employers often want to avoid the risk of unemployment and termination. This is why many businesses prefer to hire high school graduates as they possess necessary skills required for the job.

Importance of Graduating High School

For many years now, educators have been stressing the importance of this milestone. Moreover, many people are not aware that the ever-increasing numbers of people who don’t graduate from high school is a growing problem. In 2019, the number of students who dropped out of high school was 1.2 million in the United States alone. Regardless, most employers aren’t interested in hiring a candidate without sufficient educational qualifications. It has also proven to be an obstacle for those who want to start their career or find a job, especially if they live in areas where there are not many opportunities for them. High school dropouts are also at a higher risk of developing depression and other mental health issues.

Why Graduating High School is Good for Your Mental Health

Graduating high school is a milestone for many people and it signifies that they have accomplished something great. Some people argue that graduating from high school is unnecessary since it does not guarantee any job opportunities. However, the value of graduating high school exceeds its value in terms of job opportunities. In other words, it enables an individual to grow as a person and gain valuable skills, such as self-confidence and professionalism.

Why Graduating High School is Important for Social Justice

The conversation around whether or not high school is important for social justice has been heated for quite some time now. Some people argue that the only reason it is important to graduate from high school is so you can be literate and find work. Other people argue that high school should be about learning how to learn and developing skills of critical thinking and reasoning. On the other hand, many people also argue that graduating from high school is important for social justice. They believe that it is very important to set a good example for future generations and give them the opportunity to succeed in life. Graduating from high school also opens doors of opportunities such as getting into college, joining the military, and more. Regardless, graduating high school is not just a milestone in your personal development, but it’s also a crucial part of the social justice movement. The importance of high school is that it gives students access to education and tools that will help them succeed as adults. It also provides the necessary skills to be able to speak up for themselves and stand up for their rights.

Reasons Kids Should Graduate From High School – According To Psychologists

There are many reasons why kids should graduate from high school. Following are the four major reasons why psychologists believe kids should graduate from high school.

High school dropouts are more likely to face poverty than people who graduated high school. This is because they are less likely to have the necessary skills to find work later in life. Dropping out has also been shown to increase the likelihood of lasting psychological damage and it may alter one’s future earning power. Consequently, these individuals are more likely to live a life of periodic unemployment.

Why Is It Important To Graduate From High School

Conclusion: Why High School graduation is important

Graduating from high school is an important milestone in a student’s life because it increases the chances of being able to get a job or go to college. On the other hand, if someone does not graduate from high school, they will be unable to get a good job or even attend college.

FAQ’s on Importance of Graduation

Question 1. Why is it important to graduate from high school?

Answer: High school graduates receive many benefits after graduation, including higher levels of income and better career opportunities.

Question 2. What are advantages of graduating high school

Answer: Graduating from High School is a major milestone in any student’s life. It can have a positive impact on their future as well as their finances. Moreover, students graduate with more knowledge and skills which can help them achieve success in their future career. It also reduces the risk of unemployment.

Question 3. What happens if you do not graduate high school?

Answer: If you do not graduate, it may be difficult to find a job. Not graduating or dropping out can also negatively impact your future. Hence, it is recommended for everyone to finish high school.

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The importance of a High School Diploma

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Graduating from high school and earning that high school diploma is extremely important; however, you may not actually realize how important it really is for you. Sure, you have probably heard your parents telling you that you need a good education, but are there really benefits to having a diploma from high school? Yes, there really are benefits, and the following are just a few of the benefits you will reap if you get your high school diploma.

One of the main benefits of having your high school diploma is that you will be able to get better job opportunities.

Instead of always being passed by the good jobs, you’ll have the opportunity to get jobs that are more interesting. No doubt you don’t want to be stuck flipping hamburgers for a living, so having your diploma is important.

Of course having your diploma from high school will also make you feel proud. It is quite an accomplishment and you can give yourself a pat on the back knowing you have worked hard to earn your diploma.

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Let’s be honest it’s the perfect thing to show off to friends and family while they visit you. What if you happened to put your diploma where everyone can see it. Let’s say putting it real close to your door, yes the one you need to open to get in or out of your house.

Another benefit of having your high school diploma is that having it will allow you to go on to college.

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Now a day’s having a college education is becoming even more and more important. So, if college are in the plans for you, you are going to have to make sure you get your diploma from high school.

Not only can your high school diploma help you get better job opportunities, but it can actually help you to make more money as well. People who do not have diplomas usually make less money, so if you want to make more money at your job, having a diploma is going to be very important.

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The importance of a High School Diploma

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High School Graduation Essay

Bowie state university commencement essay.

The word college means different things to different people. For parents it might mean freedom from their pesky teenagers or sleepless nights full of worry. For students it might mean new experiences, independence, or learning about themselves and their passions. For society it might mean carrying on a legacy or doing one’s duty as a good citizen. It is neither society's place nor the parent’s choice to decide what a young adult does with his or her life.

Life After High School Essay

High school is a time of stress and anxiety. This not only includes school work and social life, but the school system plays as tremendous of a part in it as the student himself. People complain, “the school system does nothing to prepare students for tests, school work etc.” or “school is being forced upon us, why even go?”. These issues not only change the way students act, but the way they affect society.

High School Diploma Essay

I plan on Graduating, and obtaining my high school diploma On June 2018, I plan on accomplishing my goals by by attending college. After High School I wish to attend Cal State San Bernardino or Cal State San Marcos and enter into their Athletics Program. To get accepted to these colleges I will maintain my grades and do whatever it takes to get into these colleges. Throughout my journey in High School I have taken numerous honors and Ap classes. I have also been in Extra-Curricular activities such as Cross-Country, Soccer and Track and Field. I have also been in the Performing Arts Department all throughout high school and have performed in numerous concerts for Choir. This October I will be taking the SAT so I have a better chance at being

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I just can’t believe there is only few more days of high school left. As the days are getting closer and closer, it's getting sad. I still remember the day I stepped into Maine East High School as a Freshman, at that time, all I wished for was to graduate from this school with good grades. High school was not the way I imagined, it is way different from what I thought and definitely different from Middle School. Freshman year was the “exploring/adventure” year, finding where each classes were, what activities/clubs were offered at this school and many more. Freshman year went quickly and then Sophomore year came up. Sophomore year was probably the least stressful year in high school but from Sophomore year my family and friends started asking me the scariest question “What are you doing after high school, which career?

Graduation Memoir

The night of graduation we all lined up the same way we did at practice, ABC order, as I walked out I felt so rewarded that I was able to make it to my high school graduation. We all sat in a huge gym surrounded by our loves ones, Black and gold caps and gowns filled the room. I waited anxiously for my name to be called; with my last name starting with a W I was pretty much at the end. I walked up and across the stage, shook their hand as I received my diploma and smiled for a picture. As I walked back to my seat I feel my eyes start to water because I felt so proud of myself that I made it to this point after years of hard work. I look around once I’m seated and see how happy everyone is. Next year everyone will be going their separate ways, starting college and making new friends. The ceremony ends with a bunch of smiles, some tears and caps being thrown up in the air while everyone is clapping for

Senior Year In High School Essay

Although the first year of high school is a big transition, it’s crucial in determining the remaining years of high school because, First, having good grades will determine whether or not you get accepted the university you want and there are more opportunities for scholarships. Second, joining a club in high school will give you an insight in leadership and teamwork. Third, Slacking of your freshman year in high school is a bad thing to do because it will affect your senior year and all the classes you missed or failed, you will have to retake all of them. Lastly, all of these factors all come into play your senior year they can either help you or make your high school years miserable. First, having good grades in your freshman year will open up the doors to more opportunities coming your way. My freshman year wasn't the best I got D's and C's and almost failed two classes. Laziness played a big factor in why I got bad grades I was lazy to do homework and any projects. I had some advice from my cousin’s they would always tell me not to mess up freshman year, but, I ignored them and you start to pay for it senior year by retaking all those classes you failed. To get better grades I set up a planner and wrote down due dates and set up a time organizer at home and this helped me better organize my time to do the work. My advice to all new freshmen is to set up a work schedule for your work it will better your studying habits and make you aware of due dates and the time you

What Is The Siddhartha Journey

Looking at life before graduating high school is scary. It seems like yesterday I was crying because my mom was about to leave me for my first day of preschool. I am about to begin and figure out what life has ahead for me and what my point is in life. To me that's scary. I am excited to see what my point in life is, but at the same time nervous.

Informative Essay: The Graduation Ceremony In High School

In the rural southern town of Wrongberight, Virginia, the eighty-six residences gather in front of the one room schoolhouse to witness the historic High School Graduation Ceremony, for the Class of 1965, which consist of one student, Homer Gilmore. Shortly after, Reverend Jarvis gave the benediction, and several speeches by local dignitaries, Sally P. Strong, the Principal, called Homer, a shy lanky boy with pale green eyes, sun bleached hair, to the podium, and presented him with his diploma. Afterwards, she placed her arm around Homer’s boney shoulders, and addressed those in attendance – It tickles my heart that I can stand here and share with y’all the most amazing news. Several weeks back Homer received a letter from Princeton University

Life after high school Essay

I’ve just entered my senior year of high school. I know that this is a very important year. I have a lot of decisions to make and not much time to make them. These decisions will either make or break my life, and I want to make sure that I make them to the best of my ability because there is no turning back. I need to make sure I definitely want to attend college. The decision is totally up to me. There are many positives and negatives of attending college. Go over them, and then decide. I know myself better then anyone else, and I won’t let anyone else tell me what to do. I will make sure if I am going to attend college that I have something in mind that I will want to do, to succeed in. Choosing a major can be a

Graduation Speech Essay

Our graduation is our coming of age, our right of passage. As we walk across this stage we are writing the closing pages to our Chapter I and heading into the great unknown. It's kinda scary -- but hey, don't you cry, even though high school is over, the times we've shared and the friends we've made will never be lost. The clock is ticking, time is fleeting and nobody lives forever. But true friendship is something we can count on never dying. I hope wherever we go in life it will be happy and even if we all move to remote island countries we can all count on the memories and laugh at all the stupid things we did.

What Are We Going About My Graduation? Essay

“What are we going to do! What about my graduation?” Linz repeats frantically over and over, as the daunting reality slowly sat in.

Essay about High School Graduation Day

As the end of the night approached us, I couldn’t stop thinking about how many mixed emotions I had about starting a whole new chapter in my life. I couldn't wait to go to college, meet all new people, get a degree so that I could start my career path, but I knew that meant I had to say goodbye to my two best friends, who were moving several hours away from me. This was one of the hardest things I had ever had to do in my life. We all cried a little, and then made promises to keep in touch, and then we were off into the real world! I was very happy to be at this point in my life, but I was scared deep down inside.

Graduation Speech : Achieving A Higher Education Essay

As a disadvantaged student, I am always looking to achieve a higher education. I’ve overcome a lot of adversity in my life and I truly believe an education is necessary to be successful. I am a black male from the inner city of Detroit, MI. My father is incarcerated and I come from a low income family. I am up against a lot and society says I won’t thrive in life. I use these disadvantages to motivate me to provide a better life for myself. Obtaining a Ph.D. would allow me to reach that level of success that I’ve always wanted to reach. I want to show my family and others that no matter where you come from you can do great things. Receiving a 4-year degree is amazing however, pursing higher education after undergrad is mind blowing and I’m excited and eager for that next chapter of my life. I want to use my disadvantages to drive me to receive a Ph.D. and someday mentor and lead other disadvantaged students to do the same. Continuing my education after undergrad is not only a goal, it’s a want and it’s a need for a student like me. My drive, determination, and optimism will allow me to work toward excellence and let this dream become my reality.

Essay about Graduation: A Defining Moment

Graduation day arrived and I had butterflies out of this world. It seemed as if I misplaced everything. I could not find my dress. My family came from one state to another. I finally got to the church were the commencement was going to be held. I

Graduation Speech : College Program Essay

UCAN is a program that weekly, visits local high schools providing them college mentorships. As part of college mentorship, we aid students, in college applications, financial aid, college essays and college preparation. The program is efficiently split into three parts, so mentees and mentors can take most from it. The three parts consist mainly of helping seniors in the college application process, teaching and mentoring sophomores and juniors about college preparation, preparing for next year. I first joined the UCAN program in Fall 2016, an aspect that really captivated my attention was that we could aid high schools, this really interested me because this was an opportunity that I did not count with in high school. I wanted provided the aid and support that could not receive when I was growing up.

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The importance of a High School Diploma

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Right now in our society a college education is no longer an option or privilege, but rather a necessity. We are practically raised and conditioned to believe that one needs higher education in order to succeed in life. There is a saying that says "if you think education is expensive, try ignorance." Nowadays, going to college is common in United States. According to the statistic, there are more than 70 percents of the student are going to college after high school graduation. After high school millions of kids get a start in life without any higher education. Going to a college or a university of some sort is one of the wisest choices a person can make. Does the time and effort that individuals put into education pay off? Economists have been investigating these questions since the late 1950s. The answer to that question is Yes! There are many reasons why you should continue your education after high school. A college education gives you choices. Whether you plan to attend a four-year college or university, community college, or technical school, you will gain knowledge and skills that will help you succeed for the rest of your life. Education beyond high school will put you in a better position to help your family, your community and give you the kind of life you dream of having. The more education you pursue, the better career options you will have. Receiving a college education can bring you knowledge, certain work conditions, and money. With a college degree you are able to go into life knowing so much more than you already know…

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Since my diploma wasn’t able to help me, a GED is the next best choice. From furthering education, getting a job you want and can enjoy to going to college, making yourself feel accomplished and working towards a better life, a GED can be a gateway to all of these things and…

The Underlying Benefits of a College Degree

We can all recognize the obvious benefits of obtaining a college degree -- job opportunities and higher earning potential. But oftentimes we overlook or under appreciate the underlying benefits of earning a college degree. However, if you take a closer look at the "hidden" benefits, you will likely realize that earning a college degree is not completely about financial enrichment. Earning a degree could potentially boost your self-esteem, allow you to make healthier choices, and create a better quality of life for your children.…

Why Post High School Is Important

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The goal that was the most important to me was to get good grades. I have not yet decided on a college, staying near home is my preference. I know that I’ll get into a great college, and succeed in life, with a few qualities that I have picked up on. While growing up, I have seen how strong and independent my mother is. She told me that if I wanted to succeed in life that I needed to have a plan.…

College Essay: Preconceived Ideas Of College

Another point Hudley brought up was, “ For successful adjustment to college, significant adults during high school matter more than they might imagine” (Hudley 439). The parents we have should have a positive influence on our choices and want to see us do good in school. Having that parent to push you and make you better academically is a huge key to success, our parents will not be there to help us as much in college. By the time we go to college our parents most likely have taught us the importantance of education and have not negatively influenced our choices to go to a higher level of…

College Admissions Essay: My Goals For Attending College

I am craving that right now. My hope is attending college will give me the educational roots to start building my educational foundation I need in my life. Because I moved so many times over the last ten years I am looking to stay put. I want to make roots in all aspects…

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why graduating from high school is important essay

Explain Why Having A High School Diploma Is Important To Your Future

Military is better than college essay.

your life, so you won't get left behind. Another plus: If laid off, you're likely to find re-employment faster.Economists say higher education comes with an earnings premium. What does that mean? For employers, a degree or certificate means greater expertise,

College Education Worth The Cost Essay

In conclusion, an ever growing unemployment level of college graduates, is leading to an ongoing debate of the necessity of a college degree. However, a college degree is worth the cost: it helps in preparing a student for the workforce and mental skills needed in their line of work, it can cover skills regarding nearly all forms of jobs, and it insures higher wages for most

Persuasive Essay About High School Diploma

You need a high school diploma to get any job that you would like. If you had a high school diploma it would put you through college and it can get you any job you want and any degree you want if you didn 't have a diploma you can 't be what you want if you didn 't go to school or have a high school diploma you would be living on the streets now if you had a high school diploma you could get a job you need money for hear and somewhere to live and food to put on the table but how would you get that money for that stuff you can 't have money come from the sky it dont work like that if you had a high school diploma you could get a job for that money. You have kids that say high school is a waste of time but it 's not because if you didn 't go to school you would be dumb and you wouldn 't get a good job if you didn 't have a diploma you would

Why People Attend College Research Paper

Many jobs that you will have and many career paths only require a high school diploma. For example, being a musician is something I want to do, as well as being a music producer and it does not necessarily require you to have a college education. A career like that is mostly skill based and can be achieved and well-lived on your own with plenty of practice and self-knowledge. Many of the world’s richest and most successful people didn’t even graduate from high school let alone make it to college. Now I’m not implying that I don’t want to attend college because that is not true, I would most certainly love to go to college but not everybody is blessed with the same opportunities.

Explain Why A High School Diploma Is Important To My Future

A high school diploma is important to my future because it will help me get into college. Also, a high school diploma can help me get a job. A high school diploma is important to me because I can one day show my kids that it’s possible to make it through school no matter how hard it might get. Having a high school diploma will help my future because I’ll remember that I made when I thought I wouldn’t. A high school diploma is important to my future because I’ll know that I made my family proud and they’ll be able to say my daughter or sister made through high school when she thought she wouldn’t. A high school diploma is important to my future because I’ll be able to get a better job in the future. Having a high school diploma basically

Personal Benefits Of Going To College

There are many personal benefits of going to college. Some of the benefits may be better jobs which means better pay compared to people that only hold GED’s or a high school diploma. A college degree may also help you obtain a more desirable job, or get a get you a higher position in the business or corporation that may employ you. The different levels of college degrees will also help qualify you for bigger and better jobs. An upper level college degree, such as a doctorate, may help you gain some respect too. College degrees also help you to obtain your dream job.

Why We Should Be Required To Go To School

Americans need to be better educated to allow advancement in history. Students should be required to go to attend school, because it helps with finding and getting jobs, keeps Americans educated and informed, and helps better society. Therefore students should be required to go to school.

Argumentative Essay 'Why College Isn' T For Everyone

For many people, college is an important key for their future. Some people go to college for the job opportunities and the new windows it can open. Others go just for the education and experience. A good education is beneficial from many different viewpoints; in truth, it is a possibility that one's adult life could be much harder than people care to think. One can have better wealth, is less likely to be unemployed, and a much higher chance of being closer to your family.

The Importance Of Having A Post-Secondary Education

The only way to achieve a successful life is going to college and becoming educated. Post-secondary is a big decision most teenagers have to make .The importance of having a college degree could cost you a job. Most people overlook the difference in the amount of pay with having a college degree. Even though debt is the main reasons people steer away from college it can be paid off easily. Texas Tech University, home of the Red Raiders, has an engineering program ranked top ten in Texas and will allow me to better myself and my engineering career.

Even Cashier Pays Off By David Leonhardt

College, the word that you here most about when you go to interview for jobs. In the article Even Cashier Pays Off by David Leonhardt, he states that going to college is a good investment in life. I agree with David Leonhardt’s claim that having a college degree can benefit you through a career. Having a degree pay more than a high school diploma. Families expect their children to have a future with a good paying job and a degree that can last for a life time. That mean college is the first step that people have to achieve. Surely there a price to pay for going to college, the tuition fee and other fee that that expect you to pay, that where financial Aid comes along. Graduating with a college degree can land

5 Ways Ed Pays Video Analysis

Attending college is essential; a college degree will most likely increase a workers earnings. With a college education there is a better chance that an individual will be able to support their family and themselves. According to the video, 5 Ways Ed Pays, a college graduate will receive 63 percent more in hourly wages than people without a college degree. This illustrates a college

Going To College

Going to college makes it easier to find a job and a great paying one at that. A lot of people think that college is just high school continued, but it’s not. College opens doors that high school doesn’t. It can change, and shape one in ways that might not be imaginable. That little piece of paper called a diploma proves to the world and to an employer that one is willing to take the time to devote to their life and work. The college study is a great way to achieve the opportunities that will come my way in the future.

College Education Dbq

Imagine you’re sitting in an office with your resume in your hand confident that you have everything that is necessary for the job you are about to interview for. It is everything you could have hoped for. It is your dream job. Despite your heart beating out of your chest, and the blood rushing to your cheeks, you go in for the interview and do amazing. You come out feeling confident. You feel like you have it in the bag, but so does the person interviewing next door. She has an almost identical resume to you. There is one minor costly difference. She has a college degree, and the cumulative experiences she has associated with it is the reason that she gets the job instead of you. This concept may not be something that is constantly playing

Explain Why College Is Worth It Essay

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics the higher level of education you get the more money you will make in yearly earnings. In life everyone wants to have nice things and lots of money so college will help you with that. Some people may say college leaves you in debt. Yes this is true but you will have a higher paying job so that you can pay it off quicker.

High School Diploma Is Important To My Future

A high school diploma is important to my future if I want to be successful. Why? I would like to pursue a college career and earn a degree. Many college 's and training program 's today offer great opportunities that can benefit me and secure my future. I am determined to be a veterinarian. Without a high school diploma, my chances of getting into a college and becoming a veterinarian would not be possible; as college and a lot of training programs offered today are limited to individuals who have already obtained a high school diploma or equivalent. It is important that I strive for success and reach my highest potential. Obtaining a high school diploma leads you to a world of

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why graduating from high school is important essay

The Importance of Having a High School Diploma

My brother just turned eighteen and has decided to quit school to find a job. He has yet to graduate high school and only has six months left to get his diploma. I warned him it is bad idea to quit school without a high school diploma. He has such little time left in high school and there are so many reasons to finish. What he doesn’t know are the benefits of having a high school diploma such as being able to make more money, having a better job security, more career opportunities and furthering his education. Just to begin, the first reason to finish high school is for a higher salary. The difference in salary with someone who has a high school diploma is an average $550 a week compared with $350 with no high school diploma. This can add up to an average of around $8,200 more in earnings per year with a diploma. Most companies these days wont even hire anyone without a high school diploma or an equivalent GED. Without a diploma the average person difference in salary is $10,400, which would mean this person would live in poverty compared in the poverty guidelines. Having a high school diploma can benefit someones future tremendously by being able to move out of your parents house and on your own, there for to learn responsibility and independence. Independence comes along with having your own place and the ability to balance ones money. The second reason to finish high school is for job security. Nowadays, having a high school diploma can greatly increase ones chances in getting accepted for a job position. That however is only step one. You need to be able to hold a job to survive in this world we live in. Statistics from 2010 dictate that you are 36 percent... ... middle of paper ... ...ition who would appose arguments against my stance. Some believe that they need to drop out of high school to gain ahead start in the job space but this plan is detrimental and counter productive because a college graduate will quickly out earn those who dropout. Some may postulate that a difficult family circumstance such as the need to take care of siblings or elderly family members grants them the need to drop out of school. Sadly, when a situation like this arise a family in need does not understand that in the long run asking a child to drop out of high school will cost more top them then hiring a care taker. The facts show that finishing high school will benefit you more in the long run then dropping out and I know as sure as the sun rises above my head that no matter the circumstance finishing high school is the only real option.

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The Importance of a High School Diploma

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why graduating from high school is important essay

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