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vacation to kerala essay

Kerala – The Land of Culture

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vacation to kerala essay

Tourism In Kerala (Essay Sample) 2023

Tourism in kerala.

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Kerala is a state that is located on the Malabar Coast of south India . Historically, Kerala was known as Keralam and it was founded in the year 1956 as a result of bringing together the regions that spoke the Malayalam language. This happened because of the state reorganization act that was legislated in the year 1956 in which the boundaries of India’s territories were changed by organizing them based on tribal lines. Kerala is one the largest Indian state in terms of population and it consists of fourteen districts with its capital known as Thiruvananthapuram. In this state, the Malayalam language is widely spoke and because of that, it is the official language of Kerala. This paper describes tourism in Kerala.

Kerala is famous for its tourism and one of the tourist destinations in the world that is very popular. Some of the initiatives in the tourism sector of Kerala are its ecotourism in which tourism from all over the world visit natural areas undisturbed and preserved for tourists. Another initiative famous in Kerala is beautiful backwaters where tourists attend boat races and touring. Its culture and traditions are unique and these are some of the factors that make Kerala famous and popular among other tourist destinations in the world. The sector of tourism has contributed immensely to the economy of Kerala and its growth rate is at thirteen percent. Kerala was quietly unknown region in the country until early 1980s where tourism development movement launched campaigns to market for the tourism and since then, the government has always supervised all the tourism hope for Kerala.

Tourism in Kerala has transformed itself into one of the most popular and comfortable tourist places in India. The slogan Kerala God’s Own Country is a global brand that is used to promote its tourism sector. Kerala is considered one of the places with the highest brand that attracted more than half a million of foreign visitors in the state in the year 2010. Kerala is established for both domestic and foreign arrivals of tourists and its main agenda is to promote ecotourism which points to the adventures of the wilderness, the local culture, and welfare of the local population of people around this region. Kerala’s government also started the Grand Kerala Shopping Festival in 2007 which is held annually to promote tourism even further.

Beaches are major attractions in Kerala which attract tourists. Multiple cultures and traditions are found along the coast line and here fishermen are also found. Beaches in Kerala offer a very unique adventure that will always be recalled. Kerala culture is a major attraction for tourists. Many famous writers, philosophers, reformists, and poets have risen from this region because of rich culture. This rich culture has transformed Kerala into a one of the most visited places. Kerala home stay is also a major tourist attraction in this region in which homes are rented to tourists who want to tour the attractions of Kerala. These homes are made to suite the rural life and offer unique culture and lifestyle of the Keralists to the tourists. Kerala Medical is another major attraction which has marketed the brand of this region because of both modern and traditional method of treatment such as meditation and yoga.

In conclusion, Kerala is a state that is located on the Malabar Coast of south India. Historically, Kerala was known as Keralam and it was founded in the year 1956 as a result of bringing together the regions that spoke the Malayalam language. Kerala is famous for its tourism and one of the tourist destinations in the world that is very popular. Kerala has one of the highest brands in tourism that has attracted many tourists both domestic and foreign and this has contributed to the economy of the state of Kerala. Some the major attractions include; beaches, backwaters, hill stations, waterfalls, and wildlife.

vacation to kerala essay

Honeymoon Trip In Kerala Essay

vacation to kerala essay

Show More A honeymoon trip to God’s Own Country Kerala - God’s Own Country Blessed with scenic beauty, long coastal line, evergreen forests, mountain ranges and rich cultural heritage, Kerala is indeed God’s Own Country. No wonder it has become a popular honeymoon destination for Indian as well as Foreign tourists. Kerala holiday packages and Honeymoon packages to Kerala is selling like hot cakes over internet and off the net. According to the season of travel and your budget different options can be chosen from Kerala honeymoon packages. Many hotels and tour operators offer Honeymoon packages in Kerala for competitive rates. Many of them offer complimentary value additions like free stay for a night in a hotel or free spa or Ayurvedic massage for …show more content… Kovalam, Trivandrum, Kollam, Varkkala, Alleppy, Fort Kochi, Cherai, Kappad, Calicut etc. are some of the popular beaches in Kerala. Usually Kerala honeymoon packages cover Kovalam, Alleppy, Fort Kochi and Calicut along with some other popular tourist destinations …show more content… If you plan for a week long honeymoon in Kerala you can easily cover all these places by land. All these honeymoon destinations in Kerala have five star hotels and resorts for a luxurious experience and other affordable accommodations also for budget packages. Kerala is comparatively a neat state where people give great importance to personal hygiene and neatness. Group tours and customised options are also available for Kerala Honeymoon packages. Kerala honeymoon packages from Delhi Many tourists from Delhi prefer honeymoon in Kerala to experience the coastal beaches, greenery and scenic beauty of backwaters which can never be experienced in Delhi. High demand for Kerala honeymoon from Delhi has made the tour packages comprehensive with competitive rates. Kerala’s monsoons and waterways are attracting many to consider Kerala packages from Delhi for holidays. Kerala cuisine and shopping malls are also very attractive to

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Essay on Kerala (1640 Words)

Kerala is mostly located to the south of the coastal Karnataka covering a distance of 580 km.

Image Source: upload.wikimedia.org

This region has special personality due to the picturesque variety of landscape and profusion of tropical crops. Kerala is the third most densely populated state in India according to 2011 census. The state also earns the credit of having the highest percentage of literacy, low decennial growth rate of population and highest sex ratio.

Surface Features:

There is a diversity in landscape. A continuous line of cliffs of the Western Ghats broken at the Palghat Gap rises abruptly on its eastern flank. To the north of the Palghat Gap, is a west- facing steep scarp varying in height from 900 to 1825 metres; to the south of the Palghat Gap there are the Anaimalai and the Cardamom hills.

The Ghats consist of highly foliated gneisses and schists with columnar jointing. Sheety structure of these rocks favours the flaking off of individual sheets leaving behind sheer cliffs. The general height of these mountains varies from 600 to 1200 metre, Anai the highest peak having height of 2695 metre. The Cardamom hills are round in appearance at the top.

A narrow coastal plain situated at the foot of the hills runs along the coast having a width of 24 to 96 km. Thus, river valleys alternating spurs, give this plain an undulating character.

There is dense mangrove forest in the deltas region. To the east of the low mud banks, is a narrow strip of lowland covered with sandy alluvium.

This alluvial lowland is full of lakes and lagoons (Kayals) which are connected with each other by canals. The lagoons popularly called backwaters, though irregular in shape, run parallel to the coast. Numerous streams empty themselves into these lagoons. These lagoons drain into the sea through indentation cut across the mud banks. Large-sized lagoons have fertile alluvial and they run for many kilometres along the coast.

The climate is hot tropical type. In the lowlands the mean monthly temperature remains in the neighbourhood of 26.7°C throughout the year. The mean of the maximum temperature in May is 32.2°C. And the mean of the minimum temperature recorded in December and January is 21.1°C.

There appears a dark thick clouds of the south-west monsoon during the months from the beginning of June to the end of September in coastal plain. In their attempt to cross the high Western Ghats the clouds rise and give heavy rainfall and droughts do not occur.

The inflow of a lot of moisture from sea causes March, April and May a sultry months. Thunder showers in the afternoon are common and they bring great relief to tea and other plantation crops.


There is luxuriant tropical monsoon rain forest in lowland due to heavy rainfall and high temperature. Tropical wet evergreen forest has a thick tangled under-growth of climbers and epiphytes. In the hills, rubber, tea wattle and coffee have been introduced.

Teak and rosewood plantations are a valuable source of timber in the hill. Forest covers 28 percent of the surface of this State. Teak, rosewood and mahogany are extracted from these forests for export.


Kerala is around with large variety of agricultural produce. In the coastal plain, cultivated crops namely rice, tapioca, sugarcane and plantations of coconut and arecanut with undergrowth of pepper creepers dominate. In the up-land areas rubber, tea, coffee, teak and cashew-nut plantations with climbing pepper vines and cardamom are prominent.

Rice a dominant crop covering 30 percent of total cropped area. About 11 percent of the total net sown is irrigated. Vegetables covers about 11.4 per cent the of the total area.

Tapioca serves as food for poor people. Copra, banana, fish and jack-fruit form an important part of the diet of the people.

Rice is cultivated favourably in the warm wet alluvial soil of the coastal lowlands. It is grown particularly in the river valleys and deltas. There are three copping seasons for rice in Kerala.

Of the total rice produced in Kerala, about 52 percent is produced during the rainy season (autumn crop), 38 percent during the winter months and only 10 percent during the summer season (sown in November and December and harvested in February and March).

Coconut and other plantation crops are more remunerative than rice per unit area. In view of the high profitability of these cash crops, they are preferred to rice wherever possible. Cottage industries are based on coconut.

Kerala is a important coconut producing region of India. Kerala produces nearly two-thirds of total coconut produced in India. Light well-drained soils near the coast and along the fringes of the backwaters are particularly found suitable for raising coconut. The banks of the rivers canals are used for coconut production.

The industries are engaged in the extraction of oil from copra, production of coir from the husks after retting them for 6 to 10 months in the saline water of lagoons. Mats and ropes are made from fibres of coconut. Arecanut a cash crop is grown on light sandy alluvial soils.

India dominates world in supply of cashewnut. The U.S.A. is the chief buyer of this farm product. Kerala is the chief producer of cashew kernels in the uplands in India.

The factories engaged in the processing and packing of cashew kernels are scattered throughout Kerala. They are, concentrated at Quilon which is the principal collecting centre of cashew-nut. India also imports raw cashew-nut from the countries of East Africa for processing and exporting it to other countries.

Black pepper:

This is a valuable cash crop. The pepper plant is a creeper which is allowed to climb trees such as mango, jack-fruit, arecanut, etc. It is cultivated on the coastal plain as well as in the neigbouring hills up to a height of 915 metres as a garden crop by most of the homesteads. This region is a major producer of pepper and accounts for about 75 percent of the total pepper produced in the country. Cannanore is the leading pepper producing district of Kerala.

Cardamom and clove:

They are grown mainly on the upland areas. Cardamom prefers shady and relatively cool areas of height above 760 metres above sea-level where evergreen forest can grow. Cardamom is cultivated mainly in Idukki and Kottayam districts. The region accounts for about 40 percent of the total cardamom produced in India.

Some amount of tea and coffee are also grown in the region. Rubber is also an important crop of this region. Rubber seedlings were first introduced in India in 1873. Well drained alluvial soils a height of 305 metres above sea-level are selected for rubber cultivation. Kerala is the leading rubber producing state in India. About 360,000 hectares were under rubber in Kerala in 1988-99.

It produces about 92 percent of the total rubber produced in the country. India produces enough rubber for her requirements. Tea and coffee are raised at altitudes varying 760 metres to about 1,520 metres above sea-level. Tea is produced mainly in Kottayam district and coffee in Kozhikode district.

Lemongrass is cash crop. It is used in perfumery, in the preparation of vitamins and mosquito repellent creams.

There are lakes’ lagoons and a number of rivers in Kerala They provide inland fisheries. Near the coast the continental shelf is shallow and consequently forms rich and extensive fishing ground. Numerous species of fish are caught from the sea. They are mackerel, soles, silver belties, shellfish, catfish, etc.

Lagoons and coastal waters are the habitats of shellfish. Species of shellfish which abound in these waters are prawn, shrimps and lobsters. The main fishing season in Kerala coincides with the summer monsoon rainy season (June to September). Frozen shrimps and lobsters are now exported from Cochin.

The backwater fisheries of this region are equally significant. Prawan and other fish enter the backwaters for spawning. As the backwaters are connected with the sea, the tidal inflow of sea-water makes it possible for the fish to enter the backwaters and lagoons, etc. providing the source of regular supply of prawns.

The peak prawn fishing season coincides with summer monsoon season. They are the important source of food item of the people. This State accounts for nearly 30 percent of the total marine catch in India. Shark-liver oil very rich in vitamins A and D is produced at Cochin and a few other places of the region.

Manufacturing Industries:

The hydro-electric power is in abundance due to heavy rainfall and slopy land surface. Power plant has been developed .on the Periyar and its tributaries in the Cardamom hills. The Pamba, the Panniar and the Sholayar River have been used for water power. Idukki and Quilon in southern Kerala are important.

There is concentration of industries in south because power has been developed in the southern half of Kerala State. Cotton handloom industry is, common in North Kerala.

Agro-industries mainly on cottage scale are important. They include extraction of oil from copra and lemongrass, making of coir products such as yarn, ropes and door mats and processing of cashew kernels. Manufacture of aluminum and separation of monazite are only mineral based industries.

The tiles popularly called ‘Mangalore Tiles’ are exported to south-east Asian countries. A variety of potteries, insulating materials plant and electrical goods are manufactured by government owned ceramic works located at Kundara.

Alleppey, a commercial town called the ‘Venice of India’ is the biggest weaving and exporting centre of coir. Door mats are also manufactured on a large scale at Alleppey. Port facilities have favoured the localization of coir industry at this town. A crude oil-refinery has been set up at Cochin of this region.

Alumina brought from Muri (Jharkhand) is reduced to pure aluminum at Alway with the help of cheap water power from Pallivasal power house. A zinc smelter has also been established.

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vacation to kerala essay

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We planned a trip with our uncle’s family so that we can enjoy together. It was a sunny day when we started from our home town but as we moved towards we felt very pleasant and cool. On our way, we enjoyed the Flora and Fauna, valleys, hills and waterfalls. The best thing about is the Tea Gardens everywhere. We really loved walking along the Tea Gardens and took a lot of photos there.

The waterfalls in are endless and we enjoyed the scenery over there. One of the adventurous experience in is the Eravikulam National Park.  In this National Park, we saw an animal that is about to extinct – Nilgiri Tahr.  The Eco Point was a thrilling Experience where we had fun shouting our names loudly and hearing it back the same way. We also went to the Blossom International Park, which is a Garden with admirable flowers and mind blowing surroundings.

Our Summer Vacation to is an unforgettable experience in our Life. The natural scenery, waterfalls, rivers and much more that we found in kept us so attached with the place that we wished not to leave at the last day.

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Essay On Vacation | Vacation Essay for Students and Children in English

February 24, 2023 by Prasanna

Essay On Vacation:  A vacation offers everyone a break from work with a chance to relax and recharge oneself. Performing various tasks on a daily basis can stress anybody. It will even directly affect your mental abilities as well as physical stability. Thus, your mind and body will start destressing when you leave your worries behind for a couple of days. Besides, vacation is a few days of fun and pleasure with family or friends.

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Long and Short Essays on Vacation for Students and Kids in English

If you are searching for an essay on vacation, you will find below two different articles that you can use to complete your class assignments. Short essay on Vacation is ideal for kids of classes 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 & 6. Long essay on vacation for the students of classes 7, 8, 9, and 10.

Long Essay on Vacation 500 Words in English

Vacations are something loved by a person of every age. Taking out time from your tedious days to go on a trip to a new place offers you a much-needed retreat. It is the biggest gift you can give to yourself to rejuvenate yourself from the daily hustle and bustle.Some people desire a long vacation amidst the mountains while others fancy a weekend getaway. Cities, small towns, forests, all have their own attractions to allure different tourists. People select the best location with the sole motive of enjoyment and recreation for a few days. Also, taking one vacation in a year is not a hard and fast rule. You can even go on 2 or 3 trips according to your convenience.

After all, it more about happiness than anything else.Either you go by train or flight, both have their own perks of appreciating the tour. In case you have a few days in hand, you can also plan a road trip to a nearby spot. It is an affordable and quick vacationing option. Regardless of your choices, all that matters is spending free time to unwind. From exploring monuments, relaxing beside a river, to beachside walks, and indulging in some thrilling activities, every kind of trip comes with its own fun element. Either you are planning to travel within India or internationally, no travel leaves your senses untouched. Thus, you can plan a vacation as per your preference that will make your holidays a pleasant experience. Moreover, when you go on a vacation with friends or family, it is an opportunity to enhance your relationship with them.

Holidays with loved ones can do wonders in rekindling the lost bond among you. Parents these days find it difficult to give time to kids due to busy life, vacation is your best bet to take out that time. Your kids need your time and an outing is equally important for them to develop their minds. Children even enjoy vacations the most because they do not have to spend time studying. Instead, they have fun and frolic days that they always desire. Furthermore, holidaying lets the youngsters spend some time in outdoor space, away from their gadget addiction. Parents also feel amused by seeing their kids happy.

Further, a tour to some new region allows you to expand your mind by interacting with the inhabitants. You can explore more about their tradition by relishing their cuisine, buying the popular souvenirs, visiting cultural and historical sites. No doubt, an expedition is one of the best ways to utilize your vacation. It is something you should never ignore. Thus, no matter how long are your holidays or where you want to head, vacation is essential once in a year for everyone to stay fresh. Do not think any more; coming holidays do go on a tour at some stunning location. You will definitely love to experience this every holiday season.

Vacation Essay

Short Essay on Vacation 200 Words in English

When the summer holidays arrive, going on a family vacation is the best option for a fun-filled time with family or friends. Whether you are a beach person or want to be lost around nature by going to any hill station, you have a lot of options for planning your next trip. There are several beautiful locations to choose from in both India and abroad. Going on vacation means you get to loosen up yourself without worrying about your daily routine life. Additionally, you get to experience new places and attractions that you never saw before. It gives you a chance to learn about a new culture and lifestyle. You can explore monuments, parks, theme parks, outdoor activities during your vacation. Vacations are also your reason to improve your bond with loved ones. Families can create a memorable trip by clicking lovely pictures and enjoying tasty food together. So, take your pick pack your baggage and get ready for a tour to cherish forever.

10 Lines on Vacation Essay

Essay About Vacation

FAQ’s on Vacation Essay

Question 1. Why should I go on vacation at least once a year?

Answer: The key to vacation is to enjoy and get a mental break by not focusing on work for some days.

Question 2. What is the best way to go on a vacation?

Answer: Always try to plan your trip ahead of time by deciding a spot, booking tickets, and packing bags. In this way, you can enjoy your vacation with peace of mind.

Question 3. If I have lesser time, how can I plan my vacation?

Answer: You can either go on a road trip or book your trip through the assistance of travel agents.

Question 4. What is the benefit of going on a tour with family?

Answer: When you go on a family vacation, you can give your kids more time, which is otherwise difficult to due to work life. Also, it builds the family bond.


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