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studying abroad essay 200 words

Studying Abroad Essay Examples and Topics

Contemplating studying abroad: benefits and drawbacks.

At the begnning, there are numerous new encounters you will learn while traveling to another country. To begin with, you will see an alternate world, so on the off chance that you go to expansive to the US for instance, that will assist you with…

The Reasons to Study Abroad

“Great things never came from comfort zones” An individual always dreams of a certain kind of exposure which would give them a kick-start beginning and eventually a competent future. An international setting outside one’s comfort zone brings forward challenges which would yield you to become…

Study Abroad Scholarship: Benefits and Drawbacks

  Study abroad scholarship spins around the minds of many students. But the international experiences start with boundless research about various aspects. The Ticking Clock. When you are in your freshman year, you feel like you have the world in your hands. There are just…

The Perks of and Reasons Why to Study Abroad

Studying abroad isn’t any doubt life-changing expertise for many individuals. So, it’s no marvel that over the past twenty-five years, the number of scholars opting to review outside their home country had vastly tripled. learning abroad throughout your university education has benefits on many fronts….

Reflection on the Year Ahead: Why I Want to Study Abroad

At University College Cork, Erasmus is a vital part of learning a language. I am currently in the early stages of preparing to study for a year in Germany, with this comes expectations and aims that I wish to set for myself. Next year I…

The Preference of Abroad Education as Opposed to Home Country

Why education abroad? People nowadays go abroad for their studies, especially, for their higher studies. This is mainly because there are a lot of benefits of getting a degree from abroad. In this era, people prefer a standard way of living, which is available abroad….

Getting Education Abroad: Australia is Open for Indian Students

Indian students square measure choosing completely different countries to review abroad and Australia is one in all the foremost most popular destinations observes Snigdha Moitra, Assistant Director, promoting & Partnerships, University of latest South Wales Australia. Australia is that the new and enticing destination beckoning…

Studying Abroad as an Opportunity to Open Mind

All Students Should Study Abroad Studying abroad is critical experience of anybody’s life. Students who take up foreign exchange programs return home with new information, development, social comprehension, and new companions. It has profound impact on students in light of the fact that students who…

Advice for Seeking a Job When Studying Abroad

Education is the most important part of everyone’s life. It’s like a root that grows with time and gets stronger every day as time passes. The world is changing as well as growing at a very rapid pace from the last decade because of which…

Full Story of My Life: Autobiography

From moving to a different country to learning a new language to being through some verbal bullying at school, to who I am today. This is my autobiography and story from when I first moved to the United Kingdom. Most of my childhood was spent…

The Overwhelming Positives About Living and Studying in Canada

I love Canada with the whole of my heart, it has been my dream country since I was in secondary school, I used to have this Indian-mathematics teacher in my secondary school then who is always telling us about Canada, that has made me to…

Personal Experience on Studying Abroad: My Life in Kuwait

Thesis Statement The story of a girl who was brought up in an unorthodox way, in one of the most orthodox countries in the world. She is ready to take on the world, unfailingly embracing her ethnicity and culture. Introduction: I was born to a…

My Experience Moving from Ethiopia to USA

For the first seven years of my life I lived in Ethiopia, a country located at the east coast of Africa. Ethiopian is known for being a culturally oriented nation that values respect, honesty and integrity. Being raised with these values I have been able…

The Advantages and Disadvantages of Foreign Students Living in Toronto

When I came to Toronto I was pleasantly surprised by the amount of foreign students. I saw people from India and China, form South Korea and Russia, but what surprised me the most was that they all live as one nation. No any disputes because…

Main Hardships While Studying Abroad

The Reality of Life I realized how unfair life can be at an early age. Maybe too early, considerably. However, this has crafted me into a much better version. For all my struggles, I have become such a strong person. Life isn’t fair, and I…

Best topics on Studying Abroad

1. Full Story Of My Life: Autobiography

2. Study Abroad Scholarship: Benefits And Drawbacks

3. Advice For Seeking A Job When Studying Abroad

4. The Perks of and Reasons Why to Study Abroad

5. Reflection on the Year Ahead: Why I Want to Study Abroad

6. Contemplating Studying Abroad: Benefits and Drawbacks

7. Getting Education Abroad: Australia Is Open for Indian Students

8. The Advantages and Disadvantages of Foreign Students Living in Toronto

9. The Reasons to Study Abroad

10. My Impressions From Being an Exchange Student

11. Studying Abroad As an Opportunity to Open Mind

12. Main Hardships While Studying Abroad

13. My Experience Moving From Ethiopia to USA

14. The Overwhelming Positives About Living and Studying in Canada

15. Personal Experience On Studying Abroad: My Life In Kuwait

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studying abroad essay 200 words

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My Study Abroad Experience Essay Example

Studying abroad may be exiting, a whole new experience that is worth living, but a little less exhilarating when you face all the cultural barriers in a single day.

I was in middle school, it was my first year studying German, and during the school year it was decided to try to make a cultural exchange in Munich, Germany.

The exchange consisted of spending ten days at the home of the assigned family and in the meantime we had to go to school, experience how German kids live, what they do, and tried to observed the similarity and differences of that culture compared to the Italian culture. As soon as we landed, my classmate and I were greeted by the boys and girls who had been assigned to us. I was assigned to Alana: a sweet, tall, blonde and beautiful girl that could be easily described as the typical German girl. After we left the airport we got on a bus and it’s here where we faced a cultural difference. As everyone says: “Italians are noisy, more open and extroverted”, and this is precisely what differentiates us from the Germans, who are much more reserved and closed. A striking example regarding this diversity happened when we were on the bus, and since we had a long way to go, we decided to listen to some music and sang out loud, and these kind of things are done during school trips by Italian kids. As we were having glances from all the German kids, we decide to stop and we realized that our behavior led to an abnormal climate for them.

The day continued with a tour of the school; they showed us the places and classes we would have visited the most during those days. After the tour, we headed to their homes and that’s when my classmates and I parted. That was the moment I feared the most; I had to face another culture all by myself. Once we arrived home, we introduced ourselves and we had know each other a little bit better by telling a little about our hobbies and passions.

After we settled down and unpacked we decided to have lunch in a restaurant in the area. Shortly before entering that restaurant is where I identified another distinction between mine and their culture, and it happened right before entering the restaurant; Alana’s father opened the door first for himself and then he let us in. The first thing I thought was how rude it was and just because I could not think of anything else I asked if it was a normal thing for them, and then I received an unexpected explanation that is: German males go in first to make sure the place is safe, then let the woman in.

Immediately after lunch, we decided to take a tour of the city, and in particular of the third Reich since the city of Munich was named the capital of the Nazi movement. Subsequent to an afternoon full of emotions that included disgust, bitterness and dread for the things that happened in the past, Alana and I decided to take the rest of the afternoon for ourselves and we met with some of hers and mine classmates. Being in a small group of people consolidated both our language skills, and the capacity to interact with them. During this late afternoon, it was almost impossible to not face additional cultural differences and this one happened in the public transportation where there was a lady who didn’t look away from me. In the Italian culture people who act like that are either a troublemaker or a pervert, but since I was dealing with a person relatively old I just asked Alana, but she didn’t have an explanation for why Germans did it; “It’s just something that all people do” she replied.

Once home dinner was ready, even though it was only 6:30 pm, and what I found on the table was very inviting, despite there wasn’t any hot food. The table was full of Abendessen that consisted of a selection of whole grain bread, cheese, deli meats and sausages, mustard and pickles. According to Alana’s family this is a light meat and is usually eaten between 6:00 to 7:00 pm. Afterwards we saw a soccer match between Germans teams, and for the first time throughout the day I realized how soccer is a very popular sport, just like in Italy. After that, and contrarily to the Italian culture, at 10:00 pm we were already in bed.

This exchange made me realized the differences within cultures and how cultural shock, that is only a concept students study at school, works, but especially I learned that what seems normal to me can be something very indecent in another country, even if that country is just a few miles away.

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studying abroad essay 200 words

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studying abroad essay 200 words

The Positive Effects of Studying Abroad for Students

Reasons for Studying Abroad

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The Positive Effects of Studying Abroad for Students Essay

You have included the three main parts of an essay (introduction, main body, conclusion). Spelling is accurate. Good work! A few things to bear in mind for future development: The introduction should begin with the broad/wide topic, then mention the parts of the topic that you will be focusing on ... and end with a thesis statement. The main body points/arguments normally follow the structure of topic sentence, evidence (cited), explanation, and concluding sentence. There are usually 3-5 points/arguments made in the average essay. Cited evidence will aid the credibility of your points/arguments. The conclusion should paraphrase the thesis, summarize the main points/arguments and end with a broad/wide statement about the topic in general. More careful proofreading may have allowed you to make some better word choices and correct some grammatical/punctuation errors. Show more

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studying abroad essay 200 words

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Studying Abroad Essay Examples

Language barrier is one specific challenge facing students in transition at the University of Bristol and in this challenges of language barrier essay I will discuss what problems usually arise in the life of an international student.  As it is shown in the OECD statistics,...

“The art of reading and studying consists in remembering the essentials and forgetting what is not essential.” Adolf Hitler. People who are interested in studying prefer being abroad than locally to gain more experience and to learn in different ways. Maybe students can collect the...

“So, we know that it’s not enough for us to simply encourage more people to study abroad. We also need to make sure that they can actually afford it.” ―Michelle Obama Good morning teachers and my fellow classmates, today I am presenting a topic of...

With globalization, more and more students want to leave their home environment to go study abroad. These trips are most often in the form of scholarships and student exchanges. This exercise is so widespread that one wonders whether or not to advocate such a practice....

My name is Sourav Joshi, S/o Mr. Ashok Kumar and Mrs. Shashi. I hail from H NO- 1948, New Aman Nagar Salem Tabri, Ludhiana. I live in a nuclear family. I believe that family is such a strong word which means to feel secure. I...

If given the opportunity to study abroad anywhere in Europe, the country of my choosing would be England. The university that I would pursue would be the prestigious University of Cambridge, where I would study programming. The university, which is located in the center of...

“Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance, you must keep moving,” said Albert Einstein who is one of the most famous scientists. As Einstein says, life is a bicycle if you stop, you will fail. Sometimes life opens the doors when least...

There’s an endless list of options to consider when choosing to study abroad, with schools in different countries offering various programs with different entry requirements and benefits. If you’ve finally chosen to study in Australia here are a few tips that would help you ease...

Studying abroad is considered by many “ A once in a lifetime extravagant experience”. This experience is thrilling as students take the first step into a new journey. This first step isn’t just about going to university, but also the first step towards adulthood, independence,...

Almost every student thinks about studying outside their country at some point in their education. This isn’t a bad idea. Studying abroad comes with numerous advantages. First, the fact that you went to school in another country somehow gives you some sense of superiority. However,...

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