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Nursing essays (page 2), history, causes and interventions of puerperal sepsis.

Example essay. Last modified: 30th Jul 2021

The purpose of the report is to understand what puerperal sepsis is and to raise awareness of the condition to expectant mothers, women that have miscarried, families and physicians. To understand the risks that is linked with the condition and to be able to spot signs and symptoms, as well as how to prevent further cases through aseptic techniques and principles and hand hygiene....

Benefits of Evidence Based Practice in Nursing

The health care practices that are evidence based are accessible for many diseases and ill health cases like diabetes, heart failure, Asthma etc. The implementations of the evidence-based safety excercises is not an easy job, and require to form policies which deal with the complication of the health-care system....

Ineffective Breathing Pattern: NANDA-I, NIC, & NOC

Example essay. Last modified: 29th Jul 2021

Informatics is defined as the collection, classification, storage, retrieval, and dissemination of recorded knowledge. Moreover, nursing informatics is defined as a specialization of nursing that revolves around the characteristics of data, information, and knowledge combined....

Nursing Information Systems Survey

A study of Nursing Information Systems (NIS) in the teaching hospital of Zahedan University of Medical Sciences....

Healthcare Needs Appraisal and Assessment Plan

This research gives common-sense help and direction to a nurse, undertaking group wellbeing needs appraisal and assessment....

Holistic and Culturally Competent Care

Example essay. Last modified: 26th Jul 2021

According to World Health Organization, “Health is a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity.” Holistic health care is not only concerned with the absence of disease, but with a positive state of well-being. Working in culturally diverse environment and providing quality care is challenges because body, mind, and spirit are associated and interrelated....

Decreasing Low-Risk Chest Pain Patient Load on the Emergency Department

The goal of this project is to decrease observation admits for low-risk chest pain patients, establish primary care providers for ED patients, improve continuity of care, get stress echos within timely manners, decrease ED overcrowding, and decrease the number of ED boarding patients....

Effectiveness of Self-Care Guidelines for Heart Attack Patients

An assessment of the effectiveness of self-care guidelines for heart attack patients....

Effectiveness of Earthquake Preparedness Information Booklet for Staff Nurses

The main objective of the study was assessing the knowledge and practice of the Staff Nurses before and after the administration of an Information Booklet on Earthquake Preparedness in the selected Community health centre of Gujarat state....

Improving Bedside Monitor Response Times in Nursing

An investigation in to improving patient alarm response times in hospital settings....

Three Historical Nurses and Their Contributions Impacted Community/Public Health Nursing

Example essay. Last modified: 22nd Jul 2021

When nurses are providing population based care, nurses need to identify high risk and vulnerable population in the early care delivery process; need to address not only populations, but also subpopulation within populations, and essential to develop outreach strategies...

Concepts of Family Health

The purpose of this paper is to discuss a specific family member’s meaning of health, influences and holistic assessments using family health concepts. The understanding will be presented within the framework of the CAEN Decision making model, a discussion on the person’s health experience, and focusing on the concepts related to family health within the context of the client....

An Analysis of Research Papers to guide Nursing Practice

Example essay. Last modified: 13th Jul 2021

This paper seeks to analyse two research articles by identifying their purpose, type of framework, methods and findings relation to limitations, barriers/implications for the nursing practice....

Respiratory Syncytial Virus Immunisation

Respiratory syncyital virus in pre-term babies. Setting up a nurse led clinic to give Synagis (immunisation) with implications for nursing practice....

Critique of Birth Centre Midwifery Care Study

This essay addresses the critique of a qualitative research study focusing on elements of birth centre midwifery care....

Difficulties discussing patient sexual health

Sexuality assessment and counselling are part of the nurse’s professional role, but only few nurses integrate this awareness into practice in a proper way....

Literature Review Of The Effectiveness Of Nursing Handover Nursing Essay

Example essay. Last modified: 23rd Mar 2021

The aim of this assignment is to undertake a literature review of nursing handover and determine the effectiveness of nursing handover in improving patient care....

Nursing Handover Literature Review

Literature review of caregivers stress and coping.

The literature was reviewed under the following areas and analysed: Literature related to Caregivers stress. The role of the primary caregivers is stressful. ...

Patient Need During Mechanical Ventilation Literature Review

Review of literature is a systematic search of the published work to gain information about a research topic. It is a compilation that provides the ground work for the study....

Anxiety Among Patients Receiving Radiation Therapy

The review of literature in a research report is a summary of current knowledge about a particular practice- problem. (Nancy & Burns 2002). A literature review is an organized writer’s presentation of what has been published on a topic by the scholars....

Depression among Pregnant Adolescents: Literature Review

A review of related literature and studies. Depression among pregnant adolescents as well as the factors that contributes to the said condition is being discussed in this review of literature....

Review Of Literature On Cancer Pain Foot Massage Nursing Essay

The chapter deals with the literature review relevant to the present study. It is presented under the following headings....

Creative Art Therapy on Schizophrenia | Literature Review

A literature review is an account of what has been published on a topic by accredited scholars and researchers. As a piece of writing, the literature review must be defined by a guiding concept....

Scope of Practice for Advanced Practice Registered Nurse

Example essay. Last modified: 16th Mar 2021

This professional development plan will outline the scope of Practice of the Advanced Practice Registered Nurse ( APRN) in the state of Texas. A personal assessment using Benner Novice to Expert ladder tool will be used to assess this writers’ strengths and weakness...

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Nursing Essay Examples

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Mother And Child In The Field Of Nursing

The significance of public confidence in nursing, role and responsibility of registered nurse, the comparison and contrasts between adult nurses and paramedics, skills, roles and evolution of a nurse.

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Nurse: History, Responsibilities, Conditions And Wages

Collegiate lacrosse leader transformed successful nurse, life of a nurse, religious and personality difference in nursing, the problem of overworked nurse, transition of graduate nurse to as being as professional nurse, becoming a registered nurse, understanding of the registered nurse and midwife’s role, personal goals for nursing, my future in nursing, nurse as an advocate for patient, the importance of communication and teamwork in nursing, the definition of spirituality and the role of a nurse in delivering spiritual care, nurse ethics and legal issue, the life of becoming a neonatal nurse, cultural humility in advanced nursing practice, why i want to become a pediatric nurse practitioner, the issue of nurse burnout: reasons and effects, why i want to be a nurse practitioner essay, why do you choose to work in the air force as a nurse, how i start a career as a nurse, the peculiarities of compassion in nursing, the roles of nurse practitioner, the journey of a nurse practitioner, the baccalaureate nurse at a glance, top similar topics.

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Nursing Essay Introduction – A Quick Guide with Example

Published by Alvin Nicolas at November 24th, 2022 , Revised On February 22, 2023

Nursing students in the UK and globally must submit many nursing essays and projects over their degree programmes.

While all students must develop strong essay writing skills to achieve their desired grades in the individual nursing essay assignment, the essay’s introduction troubles most students.

This article will help you write a flawless nursing essay introduction so you can grab the readers’ attention right from the beginning of the essay.

When Do You Need to Write a Nursing Essay Introduction

When your tutor asks you to write a nursing essay assignment, you must write a strong, engaging introduction. Every nursing essay starts with an introduction. You guessed it right! You will need to write an introduction for every nursing essay you complete.

Steps of Writing a Nursing Essay Introduction

Here are the key steps of writing an amazing nursing essay introduction.

Opening Statement

Like all types of essays, the introduction section of your essay begins with a strong opening statement, which presents the plot of your nursing essay to the audience. The opening statement should be clear and concise.

Avoid writing a vague and meaningless sentence that could completely confuse the reader. We recommend that you include a question, quote, brief tale, synopsis or an amazing statistic or fact in the opening statement of the nursing essay.

Background Information

Next, provide background information so the readers can understand the context surrounding the topic of your nursing essay.

The background information may include but is not limited to a precis of the current theories, an explanation of the jargon and information about the history, geography and context.

Purpose and Thesis Statement

Write the thesis statement for your nursing essay. A thesis statement is often known as the crux of your whole essay discussion and generally indicates the boundaries of your research work.

You provide your arguments to support or oppose the thesis statement.

Proofread and Finalise

Proofread the introduction section to ensure it does not contain any language, clarity, structure, relevance or referencing mistakes.

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Nursing Essay Introduction Example

Essay Topic: The Work of Nurses in the Child and Adolescent Psychiatry

The therapeutic goals of children and adolescents in the Day Hospital are better socialization, which means gaining the skills, knowledge, motives and attitudes needed to carry out the present and future roles in the family, school and society. A child I primarily taught and directed towards behaviours that are acceptable to the community to which he belongs.

Attention is focused on adapting the child to the environment and changing attitudes that most often lead to conflicts. Conflicts are often the cause of lousy socialization among peers but also disrupted dynamics in family relationships. It often shows a good therapeutic effect and hampers the baby’s recovery. Children are encouraged to initiate spontaneity and intense communication.

Creative programmers define each individual’s needs to improve the quality of everyday life, which contributes significantly to the prevention of isolation and stigmatization. The Day Hospital offers an alternative 24-hour hospitalization. The structured daily hospital programmer provides diagnostics, treatment and rehabilitation.

Our experience suggests that most parents are happy to accept this treatment. First of all, because of the so-called trauma of separating children and separating a child from a parent. It is essential that the family, first and foremost, support both the child and the team in the team to speed up the child’s recovery.

We encourage the family to cooperate, and often, through conversation with them, we notice certain behaviours that can slow or accelerate the heading of minor patients. Psychiatric treatment at the Dental Hospital does not only imply medical treatment but includes several programs aimed at improving children’s health status and quality of life.

Writing a nursing essay begins with a powerful introduction section. You will be expected to present the thesis statement here so your readers can determine that it is precisely what your article is about. If you are struggling with your nursing essay introduction or need an expert writer , please read about our services here . We have many experts in the field of nursing, so you can be confident that the essay or nursing dissertation they will complete for you will match your requirements.

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A reflective essay is a creative writing approach that involves self-reflection regarding an event or scenario. The goal of a reflective essay is to express your insights or articulate your thoughts about a particular experience.

The word rhetoric means persuasive speaking and writing. The speaker or writer chooses compositional techniques, words, and figures of speech to create an impressive effect on the audience or readers.

A large number of people still believe that essay writing is an innate ability, that a few people are born with the writing skill. For this reason, people give up on writing before trying or investing some time and energy in it. However, this concept is untrue. Essay writing is a skill that develops and refines over time with consistent practice,  like any other skill like painting, dancing, coding, and the list goes on.

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nursing essay examples uk

Nursing: The Definition Of Nursing

History of Nursing There are many factors that have influenced nursing as we know it today. It is forever evolving and changing with the times as more medical advances are made and new things are learned. Nurses of the past have changed nursing now, and nurses of the present will change nursing for the future. The definition of nursing is forever changing as new things are brought to the attention of fellow nurses. The current definition of nursing that is being used for the nursing program at Viterbo

Nursing Trends In Nursing

Issues and trends in the nursing profession are constantly changing due to discoveries in technology and research, changes in reimbursement and legislation, and the changing needs of our population; in fact the only constant in healthcare is change. This course has provided me with a foundation and better understanding of the need for higher education to empower nurses to become leaders and help shape the future of the nursing profession. Nurses are the “backbone” of healthcare and this is becoming

Nursing Assessment In Nursing

Evaluate Nursing Assessment demonstrating an understanding of physical, psychsocial, cultural and ethical considerations. Nursing has a proud history to the public, and the public expects competent nurses to provide safe and ethical nursing care. The School Nurse plays an important role in nursing assessments. The process of assessment involves a variation of assessment tools, including interview and observational testing. Assessment is a key component of nursing practice, required for planning

Nursing Research In Nursing

Nursing Research Introduction Nursing education and research is a crucial aspect to the health care field. It helps in the implementation of new changes in the lifelong care of people and is also used in development of treatments that provide optimal level of health care. The research involved in nursing mainly focuses on development and promotion of high levels of standards in areas of quality management for long term illness patients, developing standards that reduce number of diseases in a community

Nursing Definition Of Nursing

The definition of Nursing is “providing to individuals and groups nursing care requiring specialized knowledge, judgment, and skill derived from the principles of biological, physical, behavioral, social, and nursing sciences” (Ohio Revised Code 4723 [ORC], (2016). It is more than providing care for the sick, it encompasses the promotion of health, prevention of illness, and care of physically ill, mentally ill, and disabled people of all ages, in all health care and community settings. Registered

Nursing: Role, And Nursing Roles In Nursing

There are many different roles in the profession of nursing. The role of a nurse is determined by experiences the nurse has had over the years and the particular needs of the patient at the time of care. Two of the many roles that nurses perform in the healthcare setting are provider of care and member of the profession. The responsibilities nurses have acquired over the years shows the value of caring toward the patient in need. The roles and professional values listed above play a major part in

Nursing Professionalism In Nursing

Introduction Professionalism, within the nursing context, can be a concept that is complex. The definition of professionalism, according to the textbook, Nursing Now!, is “The demonstration of high-level personal, ethical, and skill characteristics of a member of a profession” (Catalano, 2017, p. 5). There are many characteristics that define professionalism in the workplace and actions that a nurse can take to portray a professional attitude and manner. In nursing school, professionalism is taught in

Nursing Informatics In Nursing

depth how useful informatics could be regarding which area of nursing practice you are at, and it is not just the use of computer when it comes to informatics. I would revise my definition of informatics is that informatics is the combination of nursing science, information science, and computer science. The use of informatics and technology helps to support the nursing practice, and it is associated with nursing education and nursing research (Mastrian & McGonigle, 2012). 2. Translational bioinformatics:

Nursing Education In Nursing

Lavinia Dock all have in common? All of these women made changes in the practice of nursing in great ways and are leaders in the advancement of nursing. The nursing shortage throughout American history has changed education in the medical field. Nursing education has been determined not only by the evolution of technology and advances in science, but by the needs and development of society over time. Initially, nursing education programs were an informal part of hospitals and prepared young women to

Nursing Compensation In Nursing

Compensation in Nursing Tina Hughes Ross College   Compensation in Nursing This day and age nursing has become a very respectful yet stressful way of life. The nurses get more patients, more challenges and work short most of the time. There is no compensation in any of it. There is just an acceptance of this is how it’s going to be. That’s not how it should be looked at. This means patients get neglected and not get the care they should have and the nurses get over worked and

Nursing Practice In Nursing

registration standards that the Nursing Midwifery Board of Australia have set. The stigmas attached to students with Impairments and or Criminal histories and the ineligibility to register. Nursing is defined by the International Council of Nursing (2014) as collaborative care of individual’s any age health or ill of all communities, groups, in all situations. Health promotion, illness prevention and the care of unwell, disabled and dying people are included in the nursing practice. Encouraging a safe

The Nursing Career In Nursing

According to White, Gutierrez, Davis, Olson, and McLaughlin, (2011) the nursing profession faces critical shortages compounded by an aging nurse population and an increased need for nursing services due to changing demographics. Furthermore, healthcare reform has increased the cost burden due to the use of electronic records, and pushed experienced nurse into retirement earlier than anticipated. The combination of these factors has led to the increased use of unlicensed assistive personnel (UAP)

Nursing Logic In Nursing

Assignment two Nursing logic The second assignment on ATI was called Nursing Logic. Under this module, there were four units; knowledge and clinical judgment, nursing concepts, priority setting frameworks, and testing and remediation. These units provided rich explanations to nursing students on how to gain knowledge and obtain the necessary clinical judgment, the importance of prioritizing care in certain situations, and the values of testing and remediation throughout nursing school. Unit one

Nursing Shortage In Nursing

The nursing shortage is a growing issue in the United States. The problem began in the 1930s, as there was increased hospital use. Nursing shortage makes some of the hospitals to close the beds or hire temporary nurses, which is expensive with the aim of filling the gap and providing less optimal care to the patients (Chan et al., 2013). The issue is not that individuals are not going into nursing but also the fact that the existing nurses are not going into education. Shortsightedness and retention

Nursing Philosophy In Nursing

Nursing is considered one of the most trusted professions in the world. It is an essential part in the caregiving of sick, injured, and even healthy individuals. Developing a philosophy with any profession is the beginning basis of any practice. The nursing philosophy is usually incorporated from the science of nursing. That is because the field of health care is constantly changing, which causes the need of better competence in the health field of providing caring (Flagg, 2015). With nursing it

Nursing Stereotypes In Nursing

Nursing is a profession that should be highly respected. However, many people don’t see the education and devotion that goes into this career. Nursing has a lot of stereotypes that blemish its reputation. As a current nursing major I am angered and saddened by this lack of respect. Nursing is an honorable profession because nurses save lives and also comfort lives on the verge of passing. Nurses are the ones at the patient’s bedside. It is a nurse’s care and compassion that leads to patients care

Nursing Competency In Nursing

organizations to achieve its mission and vision and meet its goals and objectives. Nursing care is vital to the provision of the healthcare delivery system in promoting health and wellness, preventing illness, restoring health, caring for disabled, and helping dying patients and their families (Catalano, 2006). The promotion of quality of nursing care and the safety of nursing practice takes place through nursing education and ensuring clinical practices meet evidence-based practice, accreditation

Nursing Environment In Nursing

may not be able to give accurate information during critical situations. These advances act as a safety feature for the patient and hospital. Also, the nursing profession today is no longer for females; it is more culturally diverse and now includes the male gender. Today, there are many organizations that mandate rules and regulations for the nursing practice like the ANA’s (American

Nursing Values In Nursing

Introduction The Coat of Arms is composed of four main components, three of which are nursing qualities and the other one being a banner. The three fundamental values are trust, empathy, and social justice. These values are symbolized as two different colored leaning blocks, two overlapping circles, and a world that contains a Red Cross and three nurses respectively. The first two values are both a component of the nurse-client relationship and they can shine light on a person’s well-being by building

Nursing Philosophy Of Nursing

philosophy of nursing incorporates knowledge, compassion, competence, and respect for each patient. It is based on my personal and professional experiences, both of which have helped me to positively contribute to a patient’s recovery and wellness. These are the attributes that give me a sense of pride and strengthen my commitment to the nursing profession. This paper explores my values and beliefs relating to a patient’s care, as well as, the responsibilities of health professionals. My nursing philosophy

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Nursing School Personal Statement Examples: Best in

Read our top 3 sample statements.

Nursing School Personal Statement

Article Contents 23 min read

These outstanding nursing school personal statement examples have been approved by our admission experts who have helped countless students get into their top choice nursing programs. 

Whether you are at the beginning stages of a nursing career looking to apply to nursing school or wanting to further your career by becoming a nurse practitioner or a clinical nurse specialist, you will probably have to write a nursing school personal statement to gain admission to your program of choice. Although personal essays may or may not be required, and this will ultimately depend on the program, applying to nursing school is an important endeavor, and your personal statement deserves great attention.

In this blog, we are going to guide you in the process of crafting a strong personal statement that highlights your skills as well as the characteristics you possess that make you a good fit for the program.

Note : If you want us to help you with your applications, interviews and/or standardized tests, book a free strategy call . If you are a university, business, or student organization representative and want to partner with us, visit our partnerships page .

Nursing School Personal Statement Examples

I stood there not knowing what to do and being completely sure I had made the biggest mistake of my life. My decision to travel to a remote area of the Amazon jungle in Colombia to work as an elementary school tutor felt like the right one at first, but as soon as I got there, I regretted it. Being faced with the harsh reality of a struggling community made me feel completely out of place. It was heart breaking to witness such a palpable scarcity of resources and realize that there was not much that I could do. It took a lot of determination and adaptability to overcome the shock. Eventually, I learned to navigate this new world and embrace my role in the community. I planned lessons for the children and used all my free time to teach their parents to read and write. I developed teaching materials adapting them to my students’ context in order to make them meaningful. In the end, I realized I had become part of their lives, and I was humbled to have met such an amazing group of people. This experience taught me the true meaning of altruism and the value of hard work. This, alongside the cultural sensitivity that I developed, is what I am bringing with me to this new step in mi life.

Becoming a nurse has been my goal for a long time. As a child, due to an unfortunate kitchen accident, I burned my arms with hot water and had to stay in the hospital for serval days. I remember being very scared and in pain, but there was a lady in a white uniform who would come to visit me every afternoon. I always enjoyed seeing her because she spoke to me in a way that almost seemed like she was telling me a story, and that put me at ease. One day, I asked her why she always wore white, and she said she was a nurse. ‘A nurse’, I said to myself, thinking that was exactly what I wanted to be when I grew up. She was kind and compassionate, and she knew how to explain things. Those traits that I learned from her are the same skills that I have been honing ever since, as I know they will be essential in my future profession.

I could see my breath crystalize in the air as I exhaled, dribbling and dodging the opposing players on my way to the goal. “I’m open,” shouted my teammate, poised right in front of the penalty box, waving his arms. Two more players stood between me and the goal. I hesitated, wondering if I should trust my teammate or try to score the winning point. Turning, I launched the ball into the air with a swift kick, and watched nervously as my teammate stopped it and sent it soaring above the goalie’s head. As the crowd erupted in celebratory cheers, the game time buzzer rang out across the field and I knew I had done the right thing. Every team victory that season was a personal victory, sparking a feeling of elation that I seek to replicate as a member of whichever health care team I have the privilege of joining.

My biggest soccer fan was always my grandmother, who even brought orange slices for the team to practices, claiming, “The little things are the most important!” Several winters ago, my grandmother unknowingly exposed me to nursing when was hospitalized with pneumonia so severe that we were unsure if she would survive. Though her whole care team was dedicated, her nurse Jackie always went above and beyond to make sure my grandmother was comfortable and happy. Every day, Jackie would pop her head into the room and say “How’s my girl today?” or stop what she was doing to run a cool cloth over my grandmother’s feverish forehead. Each time I had to leave the hospital was gut-wrenching, but I felt better knowing that nurse Jackie treated my grandmother with such empathy. I remember being in awe of her kindness when I found out she left my grandmother sticky notes filled with encouraging messages while she was sleeping. When my grandmother asked her why she spent so much time on such little things when she had so many patients to attend to, Jackie winked and whispered, “The little things are the most important!” While I did not know I wanted to be a nurse in that moment, observing the profound impact Jackie made on my grandmother sparked a strong desire to explore the medical field.

Inspired by Jackie’s compassion for patients like my grandmother, I aimed to make the same difference when I signed up to volunteer at Riverview Hospital. With lofty goals of becoming a physician, I threw myself into my volunteering efforts, often coming in early or staying late to help stock supplies. Whenever I had a spare moment, I would chat with a patient, rearrange their pillows, or a myriad of other small things. One of the most striking aspects of my volunteering experience was how little time Riverview doctors were able to spend with their patients due to the sheer number of people to whom they had to attend. Nurses, on the other hand, had near constant interaction with longer-term patients: assisting them to the bathroom, administering medications, or changing IV fluid bags while chatting with them about how they were feeling. I was reminded of Jackie when I watched how tenderly one of the nurses changed their wincing patient’s bandages, all while trying to distract them with friendly conversation. Even aside from the comforting gestures I witnessed so frequently, it was the little things that made such a huge difference in patients’ wellbeing. Without nurses there to help execute the game play, the team would never score! Always a team-player, I knew I wanted to be a nurse.

Though my time spent on the soccer field is less and less these days, I am thrilled about the possibility of joining a new team and working hard to bring us to victory. My introduction to nursing through nurse Jackie could not have been better. Seeing the relief she brought to my grandmother in her most vulnerable state inspired me to do the same for others. Watching the nurses at Riverview Hospital expertly fulfill their duties while treating each patient as an individual cemented my desire to become a nurse who remembers that the little things are the most important. I want to be there with the assist right before the buzzer, helping my patients win, because every victory on a care team will be personal. (Word count: 719)

“Help!” my friend Jack screamed as his faced swelled up due to an extreme allergic reaction to a candy bar he had just eaten. At the time, I did not know what to do, except to call for an ambulance. As we arrived at the hospital, I stayed by my friend’s side to offer my support. I saw the physicians and nurses swarmed around him, ready to take action. After my friend’s condition had been stabilized, he was left with the fear of another anaphylactic episode. It was his nurse that was able to calm his fears as she educated him on anaphylaxis and how to make the appropriate dietary changes. While I did not know how to respond with medical attention when my friend needed me, I gained a new purpose. I was inspired to become a nurse and to guide patients in times of uncertainty through compassion and education.  

The process of creating a strong personal statement starts even before you begin writing. There is a certain amount of preparation that should take place to identify the specific information you want to include in your essay. So, make sure you take all the necessary steps before you are faced with the daunting, but fun, task of writing your first draft. Remember to give yourself between 6 to 8 weeks to write your statement. Be prepared to write several drafts as you edit and change your essay!

The first step is what we call the brainstorming stage. You will need to do some soul searching and write many ideas as they come to you. Working on this step can take you anywhere between a couple of hours to a whole week. It really depends on you and how much you can actually remember from your personal history. There are two types of information that you will need to brainstorm at this stage: 

The first one is going to come from you, from your memories, and from your background, while the second one is going to come from the programs you are interested in. Here, we discuss each one in detail:

1. Personal information : The goal behind this step is to start gathering information about your personal story and about any experiences that you have had from which you learned something valuable. The idea is to consider all those events in your life that may have contributed to your decision to apply to nursing school. In order to do this, think about your life as a child, the characteristics of the place where you were born and raised, any meaningful experiences that may have sparked your interest in the nursing field, any contact that you had with the healthcare world, or any healthcare workers in your family that had some influence on you. Then consider your high school and teenage years and any events that may have increased your interest in becoming a nurse. How did you finalize your decision to apply to nursing school? Did you have an ‘a-ha’ moment, or was it a more gradual process? Whatever the answers to these questions may be, be sure to identify these key moments because they will be useful for addressing the thesis of your essay, which is why you decided to devote your life to a career in nursing.

Tip : Look at these examples of meaningful experiences that can potentially spark, or validate, an individual’s interest to become a nurse: being raised in a rural area with limited access to health care and wanting to do something about it in the future, growing up in an urban setting where great social disparity is evident and identifying opportunities to contribute to levelling up these differences, going through a personal injury or diagnosis that created opportunities to interact with nurses in a clinical setting, going through the illness of a loved one and seeing the impact that nurses have on a patient’s journey, volunteering at something related to the health sciences or an unrelated field with plenty of opportunities for helping others and interacting with them, conducting research in something related to the field, being involved in extracurricular activities that can lead to reaching a high level of compassion or maturity, and so on.

As previously mentioned, the main goal of the brainstorming stage is to identify your reason for wanting to become a nurse as well as the relevant personal experiences that you can reference to support this decision. We suggest you make a list of five to seven experiences that you could potentially include in your essay. This list is going to be significantly reduced later one, but it is good to have a good amount to start with. As soon as you identify these meaningful experiences, be sure to also identify what you learned from them; that is, the skills you developed, the characteristics you refined, or any learning that resulted from going through these events in your life. Think about this carefully and select those skills that align with the ones your program of choice values. The information collected here is going to be essential later on when you start writing your essay.

Tip : Look at these skills that are essential in the nursing field, and which you have probably developed throughout your life, and see which ones you can directly connect to your personal experiences🡪 Resilience, dedication, passion, emotional connection, motivation and drive, collaboration, teamwork, perseverance, sense of social responsibility, empathy, time management, organizational skills, value of emotional well-being, etc.

Like any other type of personal statement, your nursing school statement is an academic paper and, as such, it should follow the same guidelines as any academic essay. Here are some aspects to be considered:

1. Spelling and grammar : It might feel like we are stating the obvious, but your essay should be impeccably well-written. This does not mean using elaborate and sophisticated language but ensuring that there are no typos, grammatical errors, or spelling issues of any kind. These errors take away from the quality and professionalism that you want to convey, so be sure to pay attention to potential issues. In order to minimize them, you will need to read and proofread your essay several times. Of course, the more you read it the more sense it is going to make to you, but this does not necessarily mean that everything is in order. It just means that, after you have worked on it for several hours, you will have to let it rest for a couple of days before reading it again. Another good strategy is reading it out loud or reading it to someone else. This will help you identify errors, incoherencies, or elements that detract from your narrative.

2. Length : It is up to each program to determine the word limit they require from applicants. This information is available on the programs’ websites and will probably be given to you as part of your application package. 

Tip : As each school’s requirements and application process varies, it is advisable to look for more information regarding the profession and latest topics and trends on the Canadian Nurses Association, the Canadian Association of Schools of Nursing, or The American Association of Colleges of Nursing (AACN) (in the US).

In terms of length, it is very important that you stay within the limit because this shows, not only that you can be concise, but also that you can follow directions. If, after completing your first draft, you realize that you are over the limit, you will need to address this issue before moving on to drafting the second version. In order to do so, you can see what information is not serving a purpose and could be deleted without affecting the narrative that you have created. As writers, we tend to believe that everything on our essays is absolutely essential but, when faced with word limit issues, we soon discover that there is, in fact, some information that can be left out after all. That being said, it is important to be mindful of the limit since the moment you start writing. This is because you want to avoid having to reduce your essay excessively at later stages, as deleting too much information here and there will negatively impact the cohesiveness of your text.

3. Content : Besides all the information that you brainstormed from your own personal history and from the programs’ websites regarding the areas that interest you, there is something else that should be part of the content of your essay, and that is, the prompt. You need to be aware of the prompt of the essay provided to you by the program, and you always want to address it. Some programs will ask for a general essay describing your motivations to become a nurse, in which case the information you gathered during the brainstorming stage will suffice, while others will give you a specific question to answer, in which case one paragraph of your essay should be devoted to answering said question. 

Tip : To get an idea of the kinds of questions programs may ask you to answer in your personal essay, check some examples of nursing school interview questions:

4. The structure : Like any other academic essay, your nursing school personal statement should follow an academic structure and be organized in three major sections: introduction, body, and conclusion. See below for information on what each of these sections should include:

a. Introduction: This is your opening paragraph and, as such, it is the first impression you are going to cause on your readers; that is, the members of the admission committee. Important to remember here is the fact that an introduction can make or break your essay, so you need to come up with a very good one. The purpose of an introduction is to act as a road map that allows the reader to understand where your story is going. That being said, the most important part of your introduction is the opening sentence. This is the one that will draw the reader in and make them want to keep reading. Your opening sentence can be a quote, an anecdote, an event, or any idea that is captivating and enticing. See these examples: ‘It was three in the morning, and I was sitting in an empty room trying to think how my life had come to this’ or ‘He did not need to say anything; I knew something was wrong just by looking at him’. Sentences such as these ones will leave the reader wanting to know more. There is a reason opening sentences are also called ‘hook’ sentences. Can you think of a good hook sentence to open your essay with? 

b. Body: The body of your essay is where you elaborate on the introduction by providing personal examples. Remember all the brainstorming we asked you to do? This is where that information comes in handy. Your body paragraphs should include information about those meaningful experiences that you have gone through that have sparked and solidified you interest in pursuing a career in nursing. Depending on the word limit required by your program, you will decide how many of these experiences to include. We asked you to come up with five to seven during the brainstorming stage of the writing process. Now, since our recommendation is quality over quantity, you should plan to include maximum two or three experiences and present one experience in each paragraph. Of course, one experience per paragraph is not all it takes. Besides presenting the experience, you need to include what skills or characteristics you developed because of this event and how you will be able to apply these skills moving forward in your nursing profession. In case the program provided a specific question or prompt to be addressed, add a fourth paragraph where you answer this question. It is important to tell the program what they want to know, so do not forget to include this information as part of your body paragraphs.

Tip : Mention how your skills can be drawn upon in the future in order to give the admissions committee a glimpse of the type of nurse and professional you are going to be. Remember some of the essential skills in the nursing profession that we mentioned above and see how they connect to your past experiences. 

c. Conclusion: The same way we place great importance on the introduction of a personal essay, we also want to emphasize the big role that your concluding paragraph has on your text as a whole. The most important thing we can tell you is that a conclusion should not be a summary. It should, instead, be a place to emphasize some of the major ideas you previously discussed and, when possible, it should circle back to the introduction. Conclusions have to be insightful and captivating. They should convey a sense of closure and an invitation to keep reflecting on the ideas that were presented in the essay. Think that this is the very last thing that the admissions committee will read from you. What is the last impression that you want to leave on these people? Be creative! 

There is an unquestionable reality that we need to accept. No matter how much effort and time you put in writing your personal statement, there is a high probability that the committee members will not spend too much time reading it. Do not take this personally. They go through many application documents from many applicants like you and do not want to waste too much time reading one single essay, especially if it is not interesting enough. They want, instead, to be able to identify in a few minutes whether you are the person they are looking for. This, of course, creates the need for applicants to write essays that have great content, great structure, and that have that ‘it’ factor that will make them stand out from the crowd. Your essay should be easy to read and have a great narrative. It should not read like a CV or list every single experience you have had in chronological order. As we mentioned before, quality is better than quantity, and your nursing school personal essay should have precisely that: quality.

In terms of the order in which you should write your essay, we suggest you work on your body paragraphs first and then move on to working on the introduction and conclusion. As we mentioned above, your body paragraphs should include meaningful experiences from your life as well as any major takeaways from them and how you see yourself applying this learning in your future career as a nurse. Additionally, there should be a section of your essay where you answer any specific question provided by the program. In general, you want to make your body paragraphs memorable. Address one experience in each paragraph and be sure to create proper transitions in order to bring cohesion to your whole personal statement. If you do not know what transitions to use, you can always look for lists of connectors online to help you. 

What experiences should end up in your body paragraphs? That is up to you. What we can suggest is that you diversify the content by highlighting experiences from different dimensions of your life. Having one of the paragraphs address a personal experience, the second address a research or academic experience, and the third address a volunteering or extracurricular activity is much better than including three experiences related to only research, for instance. Be strategic in how you showcase your skills!

Follow these steps to start drafting you essay: 

Ok, so you finished writing your first draft. Good job! However, this is only the beginning. Once you are happy with your first draft, you will need to receive expert feedback on it. Having a professional look at your essay and suggest changes to enhance what you have written is vital to create a strong product. You will see that, more often than not, these experts will be able to identify weak areas and ineffective ideas that you will not perceive. Once someone else looks at your essay, be sure to incorporate their suggestions, work on editing and polishing up your document, and do another revision. Crafting the perfect essay that will grant you admission to your dream program is a process that should be done carefully and conscientiously. That means multiple revisions and edits are essential. In general, writing a strong competitive essay does not happen overnight. The whole process can take several weeks. So, be prepared to put in the effort and remember to do some happy writing!

When applying to nursing school, sometimes you will need to write a personal essay. This academic essay should highlight some of your most meaningful personal experiences and the skills you gained through them. It should provide a good narrative that will help the admissions committee know more about you as a person and about your chance to be successful in their program. By showing that you possess certain skills that are important in the nursing profession, the committee members will see that you are a good fit. Writing your personal essay is not an easy task and should not be taken lightly, but when you finally finish writing and look at the amazing essay you have created, you will feel satisfied with the job you did and will be able to show your program of choice why they need to have you.

Frequently Asked Questions

No. Essays may or may not be required, depending on the program. You can check this portal and this portal to learn more.

No. There are a few steps that you wan to follow before you actually start writing. One of those is the brainstorming stage, and it will help you come up with all the ideas and information that you will need to write a good essay.

Personal information and information about the program or the areas that interest you.

Personal experiences that have been meaningful enough and that have allowed you to develop different skills that are important in the nursing field.

You need to identify the two or three areas of the program that attract you the most and see how those relate to your own experiences.

To identify the reasons that have led you to pursue a career in nursing.

It should have an academic structure and include an introduction, three or four body paragraphs, and a conclusion.

Yes, it is! You need to stay within the limit in order to show that you can be concise and also follow instructions.

Then you make sure you address it. Do not leave this information out, as it is essential to provide the program with the information they want to know.

Because it is the first impression that you are going to have on your readers.

It should begin with a captivating opening sentence in the introduction. A statement, quote, or anecdote that is creative and that sparks curiosity on the reader.

You want to describe one meaningful experience per paragraph (i.e., personal example), include the main takeaways from this experience, and how this learning can be applied in the future.

You need to have an expert give you feedback on it. You may think it is already perfect, but personal essays usually require lots of revisions before they can be at the competitive stage.

It depends on the writer, but it is usually something that does not happen overnight. It usually takes several weeks. It depends on how much access you have to professionals who can provide good feedback and how much time you devote to incorporating their suggestions.

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nursing essay examples uk

Northeastern University

7 Tips to Write an Effective Nursing School Essay

A great nursing school essay can increase your chances of getting into nursing school. Tips for your essay include planning, making yourself stand out, sharing your dreams, showing you care about people, explaining your qualifications, sharing why you want to attend that program, and having a friend edit your essay.

Northeastern ABSN student using computer

When applying for accelerated nursing programs , some of the best advice we can give you is to know how to optimize your ABSN application so you can increase your chances of getting accepted. While the application process requires you to consider prerequisites, GPA, and other general admissions requirements , there are also several factors to consider that go beyond hard data.

Writing an excellent nursing school essay is just one of those factors. Many accelerated nursing programs require a nursing school essay that outlines why you’d like to be nurse and why you are a good candidate for the nursing program. The essay shows who you are as an individual, providing a more well-rounded perspective of your career goals and your passion for nursing. This will help the admissions committee see whether you are a good fit for their program.

Learning how to craft an effective nursing school essay can yield great results when applying for nursing school. Follow these seven steps when writing your essay to help you get ahead.

1. Plan Your Nursing School Essay

Writing a good nursing school essay is important to getting your application considered and accepted. To do this effectively, you should spend a good deal of time planning your accelerated nursing school essay. Highlight the items you want to include in your essay, summarize your personal story, and incorporate your qualifications.

Start your essay with an attention-grabbing first topic statement to draw the reader in. You want to let the reader get an idea of who you are and what nursing means to you. So, plan out your main reasons for choosing nursing, and elaborate from there. Create an outline to work from, as this will help you stay focused and cohesive in your writing.

2. Make Yourself Stand Out

Effective nursing school essays express your personality while convincing the reader you are the right candidate for the program. A great way to do this is by sharing a story about yourself. You could also discuss an experience you had that led you to the decision to apply for nursing school or launched your desire to be a nurse.

Northeastern Charlotte ABSN Student, Ellen

You want to use your essay as a tool for showing why you should go to their school rather than simply telling why you want to go there. Use personal examples to make your essay more candid and intriguing. Share your motivation for wanting to attend that program and what inspires you.

3. Share Your Dreams

Getting into a good accelerated nursing school and earning your degree is essential in making your dreams of becoming a successful nurse come true. Your personal statement should include the long-term goals you have for your career in nursing. If your goal is to help children, or if you wish to advance your degree to become a specialty nurse, express this.

Admissions committees are interested in hearing about your long-term goals; goals illustrate that potential students are determined, which can lead to a better performance in school. Be as specific as you can with your goals.

Set education goals for your nursing degree in 4 easy steps

See our tips on setting education goals for your nursing degree program so you can share those goals in your nursing school essay.

4. Show that You Care about People

As a nurse, your job will consist of caring for people around the clock in a positive and friendly way while efficiently taking care of their healthcare needs. It takes a certain type of selfless person to become a nurse, and you want to show you that you are that kind of person. Give examples of times when you went above and beyond to care for a loved one or a stranger. Let the committee know that you are passionate about caring for others. Empathy in nursing is a great quality to have.

5. Explain Your Qualifications

Your academic and work qualifications are recorded for review on your transcripts, test scores, and resume. However, those qualifications are only listed and don’t go into detail, which means the admissions committee may not understand what you took out of those experiences.

The ABSN admissions requirements at Northeastern include a non-nursing bachelor’s degree or at least 62 non-nursing college credits, plus a cumulative GPA of at least 3.0. You’ll also need to complete a number of prerequisite courses , including:

Use the essay as an opportunity to go into more detail about your education and how you’ve set yourself up academically to succeed in nursing school. You can also show how your participation in volunteer opportunities or internships taught you lessons that you can apply to your education at the nursing school. If you are looking for ways to beef up your resume and nursing application with experience, look into these volunteer opportunities in health care.

Two ABSN students studying online together

6. Tell the Admissions Committee Why You Want to Go to Their School

For some applicants, simply getting into a good nursing school is the most important factor. For others, going to a specific nursing school, such as Northeastern University Bouvé College of Health Science , is very important to them. Whatever your reason for applying to that specific nursing school is, you want to include those reasons in your essay.

For example, if you’re aiming to attend Northeastern, you could talk about how the hybrid online learning model appeals to you, or you could talk about how earning a degree in as few as 16 months will help you start your new career sooner. You could share about how attending a school with such a quality reputation will set you up for your future career. Share stories about your mother who was a graduate of the program or a friend who suggested you go there.

Telling the admissions committee why you chose their school will help them understand your motivation and make it easier when deciding whether to accept you as a student.

Northeastern ABSN student smiling with text 'get ready to apply yourself'

Interested in getting into the ABSN program at Northeastern ? See what it takes to get accepted to our accelerated nursing program.

7. Have a Friend Edit Your Essay

Editing your nursing school essay before submitting it is vital to ensuring you submit the best essay possible. After all, even the best writers make mistakes and miss things when writing. By having another person review your essay, they’ll pick up on mistakes and point out areas of confusion. Choose an editor who will be honest and provide good feedback, such as a family member, friend, or even a past teacher.

When having a second pair of eyes look over your work, be sure to receive their feedback openly. After all, you want to hear an objective opinion about your writing, as this will help you make it better.

Ready to Begin Your Nursing School Journey at Northeastern?

By following these application tips for how to write an exceptional nursing school essay, you’ll increase your chances of getting into the nursing school of your dreams.

Two Northeastern ABSN students with a maternity simulation manikin

If you’re interested in pursuing your degree with Northeastern University through our accelerated nursing program near Boston, MA, or in Charlotte, NC, call us today at 1.866.892.3819 or fill out our online form so we can contact you. Now is the time to take the first step toward a rewarding nursing career!

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nursing essay examples uk

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nursing essay examples uk

How to Get Into Nursing School at Northeastern

A Full Guide on How to Write a Nursing Essay for Students

Table of Contents

Explore the best nursing essay tips provided by expert writers in the field of nursing. This guide will exhaustively cover how best you can write a high-quality essay.

A Definition of What Is a Nursing Essay

The nursing essay definition is clear and logical. It is an academic and professional requirement for students who are in nursing courses. Since it is mandatory for a student to write an essay, it is, therefore, advisable to learn how to write a nursing essay. Use these nursing essay examples to write your assignments.

The Best Way on How to Start a Nursing Essay

Most students will start by rushing to write their essays without even looking into what they are supposed to write. Relax, look at what is required of you. Read the instructions carefully and understand them. Are you given a topic or you have been asked to make your own choice? If not, then good for you because you now have the advantage of choosing a topic.

Proceed to select a suitable topic for your essay. Do thorough research on the topic. Make sure that the topic is simple and unique for easy understanding. Define your essay by identifying the purpose of writing it. Is it an informative essay or a persuasive essay? Once you have the above details, you are ready to start writing your essay.

How to Write a Good Nursing Essay without Struggling

We will assume you have selected your topic. Now, align all your ideas and thoughts to fit within the topic. Develop a thesis statement that will provide an insight to the reader. It will be for two main reasons, for the topic and to state the reason for writing the essay. Create the main ideas for your essay.

When writing your essay, consider the following:

Read more: 30 Nursing Essay Topic Ideas

Well Researched Tips for Writing a Nursing Essay

Before you can start writing your essay, try to understand your target audience. Be aware of the trending issues in the nursing industry. Also, remember that this is an academic essay, so follow the appropriate format and style. Use the appropriate language and good use of grammar, spellings, and sentence structures.

Have a good understanding of the subject matter. Show a good command of nursing terminologies where suitable. Follow the instructions that you have been provided and be sensitive to the different genres of essays.

Link your ideas both practically and theoretically to show an understanding of the two relations. Provide a substantial evaluation of the subject in the discussion and support your thesis with factual information. Read widely to provide logical information to support your unique ideas consistently.

How to Structure a Nursing Essay in Three Easy Steps

How you structure your essay determines the reaction of the reader and how easily it can be read. So make sure that your essay is well structured. A good readable essay will have an introduction, body, and finally, a conclusion.

The three parts, each have a critical function to play in making your essay look good. Having a good essay structure helps the reader to know where to start and where your essay ends. It also helps you avoid confusing the reader with mixed information.

Remember, there are different types of essays, and each has a particular structure. So having the correct structure forms a logical basis in excelling in the assessment of your essay.

How to End a Nursing Essay with the Finishing Touches

Most students underestimate the role of the final part of the essay. They forget that there is a lot more than just concluding an essay. Always, make sure that you go through your essay. Read it carefully and check the arrangement of your points. See the flow and coherence of your ideas. Do you have all the strongest points written? Make sure your paragraphs follow the correct order and check if you followed all the instructions.

Lastly, make small edits to your paper on spellings, sentence structures, and grammar. Make sure your sentences flow smoothly by connecting your ideas.

Prepare a Nursing Essay Outline of Your Ideas

This is where you create a draft of your ideas. Put down every thought that relates to the topic of your essay. You have to organize your thoughts. When you write the ideas down, it will be easy for you to connect them and arrange the points based on strengths.

If you choose to outline your ideas, you can start by listing your main points. Also, put down other relating points however small they seem to be. This will help you have a well-organized essay.

The Importance of Using a Nursing Essay Structure

Every good essay has to follow a particular structure. The nursing essay must have an introduction, a body, and then a conclusion. The three parts of the essay, each contain a specific function which we have explained below, and how they should be written.

How to Write Nursing Essay Introduction

The introduction for a nursing essay should have a general point stating the reasons for writing the essay. Every essay must have an interesting introduction. If you fail to impress your reader and provoke their curiosity, then you have failed as a writer. Grab their attention right from the introduction.

Here, define your topic and provide a plan on how to execute it. The introduction is like a guideline that you will follow up with them later. It is to help you stay in line with the topic. You must give your readers a clear understanding of what your essay is about and what they should expect in the body.

Your Nursing Essay Body Should Be Content-Based

The body is the second part of your essay. Here, each paragraph contains a specific point. Each has a precise structure. For example, every single idea must be in a separate paragraph for the reader to easily understand your argument.

Remember, writing each point separately helps you to focus your ideas and maintain the coherence of your sentences. Arrange your paragraph according to the strength of each point outlined. Start with the strong points and end with the least.

The body must use your introduction as the outline to transition from a point to the next. The paragraphs should have sentences stating the point, then support it, and finally giving conclusions on the point.

Write Nursing Essay Conclusion

The main function of a conclusion is to summarize every point stated in the essay. It gives closure to the topic as it sums up all ideas by giving a final view and perspective on the topic. It should review the main points while reinforcing the thesis statement. Draw a final judgment on all issues you raised. It is also important to refer to the topic in the discussion.

Finally, make sure to go through your essay thoroughly before handing it over.  If you still have challenges writing your nursing essay, essay writers can gladly help. Contact us now!

George Lynch


Nursing has great career prospects and, in the UK, there are a variety of degree and diploma courses in nursing. If you are a student from a non-English-speaking country, you have to pass English eligibility tests for entry into UK nursing courses. A nursing degree or diploma course in the UK will train you to understand the responsibilities of a registered nurse. Your academic curriculum will cover the key aspects of nursing, biology, nutrition, physiology, psychology, etc. The curriculum will include academic subjects and submission of assignments within deadlines.

Why should you order our Nursing essay writing service for custom assignment help? One reason is BECAUSE we work with registered nurses.

You may be very good at the practical aspects of nursing but struggle to put your thoughts together in writing a well-argued article on an aspect of nursing. That's where we, a professional nursing essay writing service, come into play. We are an 11 year old, professionally managed nursing essay writing service, specialising in writing essays on Nursing. So far we have rendered students with Nursing essay help on topics like Nursing ethics, caring for the elderly with compassion, post-operative care, importance of communication in nursing, and many more. And we are happy to state that our essays comply with all the requirements of some of the most renowned universities in the UK. But it's not for these reasons that students come back to us for more essays or new students come to us with confidence. There are other reasons too, such as:


We have an excellent team of nursing assignment writers. If you are an ESL student and English is not your native language, our academic writers will craft the best essay for you. We also offer a discount of 20% for our first-time users.

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3000 word report Co-ordinating Integrated Care ion relation to a long term health conditions, the condition for this report is Parkinsons disease (PD). I have already submitted assignment 1 which relates to this one. I will attach what I have done so far along with the learning outcomes and assignment 1, I have completed in relation to this. I will also attache my reference list so far.

Mental Health Nursing

Identify one skill/ intervention within Mental health nursing used to support individuals in promoting well-being/ preventing ill- health. Provide a rationale for your choice. I would like to write about CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy) Critically discuss the evidence base underpinning your chosen intervention. Explore the knowledge, skills and values required to deliver this specific interv...

Adult nursing

'Critically discuss how leadership theory and professional culture influence the efficacy of the interprofessional team'

A critical analysis and evaluation of the role of the nurse in measuring and promoting quality care and prescribing medications

The title of the assignment is “ A critical analysis and evaluation of the role of the nurse in measuring and promoting quality care and prescribing medications.“ There is also a scenario to use in conjunction as detailed in the assignment brief . The assignment brief attached and also the scenarios. The scenario of choice is number 3 ( Malcolm) This is a third year standard and to include p...

Summative essay re Teams & Leadership styles •The deadline for submission of this assignment is 1:00pm on the first Monday of the Assessment Period for that Trimester   •The word count is a maximum of 2000 words. If the word count exceeds 2200 words, a 10% penalty is applied. There is no penalty for being under the word count.   •Essay question: ‘Critically discuss how leadership theory...

Mental health nursing

Mental health nursing dissertation 7500 words

Adult Nursing

Essay written in the third party to discuss how an adult nurse would support and individual with COPD. All information given in the document and marking rubric also attached. Happy to aim for mark in 65-75 %

Childhood asthma in primary care

I failed my final assignment for the GPN GRADUATE CERTIFICATE COURSE at level 7. The topic is Childhood Asthma in primary care with a presentation of case study to analyse the role of the practice nurse. I have attached the assignment brief below.

Case study of a 71yr old who recently suffered a CVA, previously lived with his wife independently with no POC

Summative assignment about leadership issue in nursing.

This is a essay for 2500 words, - Leadership issues essay with Harvard referencing. I have attach 3 files for this essay I created two scenario - please can you choose can that is more leadership issue and suitable for this Please if you have any concern, contact me Thank you

Leadership and Management Team working for professional practice

The title of this assignment is leadership and management and team working. I want a UK writer preferably one with experience from child nursing. I attempted to do this myself but failed, the feedback I received from the marker was that the work is very descriptive and requires analysis to give depth. There are minimal references and the literature is not used well. There are pages where you only...

Myocardial infection

How has the role of the nurse changed since you left it.

I have an interview for the Return to Practice nursing course. I am required to do a five minute presentation called “How has the role of the nurse changed since you left?” I left in November 2015 10 slides needed for a 5 minute presentation.

leadership, management and team working for professional practice

In the introduction, the following words need to be defined with appropriate references leadership, management, team working. There needs to be an example of good or bad leadership in practice this should be brief. In the example I attached it spoke of Mrs Zahra, this is a good example however I would like another example but anything along those lines will be fine, it should not be the same one....

Please see file attached , Its 500 words discussion on wound , please read gulidelines in file. would prefer above distinction level, experienced writer in Master of Emergency

Keith is 68 years old. He lives on a housing estate in Glasgow. He has not worked in full time employment since the local factory closed nearly twenty years ago. Keith arrived in the UK as a migrant of the Windrush generation, and moved to Scotland where he has lived for the past 50 years. He is a heavy smoker and drinker, and regularly takes medication to control his asthma but has recently stopp...

The Nursing and Midwifery Council (2015) states that nurses should: ‘Provide leadership to make sure people’s wellbeing is protected and to improve their experiences of the healthcare system.’ (Nursing and Midwifery Council, 2015, 25). Assignment Critically analyze the essential elements of clinical leadership and how these can empower the newly registered nurse to develop the skills t...

reflection on demensia

hi there is 2 parts to this work. the first is to do the formative assessment which isthe500wordscount and the one that I'm paying for now. but its linked to the 3000 assignment. please view attachments 3. Assessment types used in this module Formative Assessment Formative assessments and activities are opportunities for you to apply, practice and make sense of the learning materia...

collaborative practice

The essay should be in depth rather than descriptive. References must be in Harvard style. The text & the citation should be author's surname and date eg, (Smith, 2017). Please make sure proper proofreading with no spelling & grammar mistakes as I received poor marks for my last paper that you have done it. As I consult over the phone please I like to choose writer no. 56. Please, I look forward t...

Assessment Task An essay that explores leadership, management and team working in professional practice and legal and ethical perspectives.

Drawing from examples in your field of nursing, discuss what effective leadership is and argue why it is deemed necessary in nursing practice i am a mental health student.


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