How do we know what’s real? | Aeon

Quantum theory

Why aren’t our everyday lives as ‘spooky’ as the quantum world?

Lessons from the foragers | Aeon


Lessons from the foragers

Hunter-gatherers don’t live in an economic idyll but their deep appreciation of rest puts industrialised work to shame

Vivek V Venkataraman

What has feelings? | Aeon

Computing and artificial intelligence

What has feelings?

As the power of AI grows, we need to have evidence of its sentience. That is why we must return to the minds of animals

Kristin Andrews & Jonathan Birch

The sights of space: a voyage to spectacular alien worlds | Aeon

Space exploration

Burning ice, metal clouds, gemstone rain – tour the strangest known exoplanets

Selected before birth | Aeon

Selected before birth

Embryo risk screening could lower the odds of illnesses ranging from depression to diabetes. Can it be ethically done?

Todd Lencz & Shai Carmi

How to outsmart the prisoner’s dilemma | Aeon

Logic and probability

Chew over the prisoner’s dilemma and see if you can find the rational path out

Disturbance | Aeon

Environmental history


How atomic doomsday experiments, fuelled by Cold War fears, shaped then shook ecologists’ faith in self-healing nature

Laura J Martin

Children of the Ice Age | Aeon


Children of the Ice Age

With the help of new archaeological approaches, our picture of young lives in the Palaeolithic is now marvellously vivid

April Nowell

The panspermia theory | Aeon

The idea that life on Earth originated elsewhere is not as far out as it seems

The book of leaves | Aeon

Flicker through the eclectic beauty and biological diversity of 2,400 leaves

The Rift | Aeon

Splitting the African continent, it is the only place where our human story can be read continuously from the very start

Tristan McConnell

Barry Loewer on causation | Aeon


Bertrand Russell wanted to kill off causation. Can contemporary philosophy rescue it?

Disarming transphobia | Aeon

Gender and identity

Disarming transphobia

‘Rapid-onset gender dysphoria’ is a popular weapon in the anti-trans arsenal. It is nothing but unscientific bunk

Quinnehtukqut McLamore

There’s no planet B | Aeon

There’s no planet B

The scientific evidence is clear: the only celestial body that can support us is the one we evolved with. Here’s why

Arwen E Nicholson & Raphaëlle D Haywood

The great Moon hoax | Aeon

History of science

Bat-people on the Moon – what a famed 1835 hoax reveals about misinformation today

Connecting the human body to the outside world | Aeon


What it’s like to wear a prosthetic that ‘feels’

Chemical somnia | Aeon

A square inch in a Petri dish becomes a grand stage for chemical transformations

Blaulicht (Blue light) | Aeon

What is it like to be a paramedic, navigating human emergency?

Creating a wormhole in a quantum computer | Aeon

The tangled tale of how physicists built a groundbreaking wormhole in a lab

How to get better at video games (according to babies) | Aeon

Teaching an AI to beat video games still takes human imagination

Believing is seeing | Aeon

Social psychology

Social contagions can cause genuine illness, and TikTok may be a superspreader

Home and the birdsong | Aeon

Nature and landscape

Home and the birdsong

In the dark, sylvan villages of medieval England, people named places after the birds that filled the night with music

Michael J Warren

Thriving on Mars | Aeon

Thriving on Mars

Dust storms, long distances and freezing temperatures make living on Mars magnificently challenging. How will we do it?

Simon Morden

Where God dwelt | Aeon

Where God dwelt

For hundreds of years, Christians knew exactly where heaven was: above us and above the stars. Then came the new cosmologists

Stephen Case

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Scientific Essay Examples

Science is the systematic investigation of the surrounding world through observation and experiments and the process of formulating judgments and hypotheses based on obtained evidence. Given that science can be directed at virtually any question that humans find relevant, so can be an essay on science – starting from questions in natural sciences and ending with social sciences. Science is always relevant because it is the practice through which virtually any new knowledge is gained and any innovation is achieved. Another reason for its relevance is because nowadays, the scientific consensus is often ignored by many people and even national authorities. Below you can find several scientific essay examples to review – note the topics, structure, information delivery style, language.

The phrase that I have heard a lot during last few mounths is that electric cars better for the environment. It sounds obvious, however in this essay I decided to dive deeper and understand the current state of the problem with air pollution, greenhouse gasses...

The aim of relationship between science and religion essay is to understand what kind of relation these opposited has. And for this science and religion must be defined. The definition of science used in the context of science and religion is a natural or experimental...

Some people think that more money should be spent on protecting endangered species while others think it is a waste of precious money. In “How to protect endangered animals?” essay I state that people should protect endangered animals, and this is correct, even if this...

Global warming and natural resource depletion are now being known as two of the greatest environmental concerns The reduction of greenhouse gases emissions such as CO2 and the development of new energy are therefore essential. Thus, electric vehicles are invented to solve these problems. However,...

At the moment, some people fell that the enormous cost of space exploration is justified because of the the scientific benefits it has brought to mankind, while others feel the exact opposite way that there are more pressing prob,ems that should be tackled. What do...

Animals should all be kept in their natural habitat, the wild but unfortunately there are many animals in captivity all around the world. “Why animals should not be kept in zoos?” essay explains why it is wrong to keep animals away from their natural habitat....

This benefits of being bilingual essay discusses what is the meaning of “multilingualism”, does it have any effects on societies, and individuals, and how it developed. This research also discusses the differences and similarities between being a multilingual and a monolingual. This research explores how...

“Should animals be used for research?” it is an argumentative essay that states: animal experimentation should not be included in the future of medicine or scientific research. Instead, we should experiment with different research approaches and make different lifestyle choices.  Animals are a group of...

In this relationship between science and religion essay the topic is examined in terms of the potential for harmonious coexistence. This is an old debate and currently, it is a vitally significant one. The view of science and religion as warring enemies has historic roots. ...

Nuclear Power in Future Energy Supply. This is “Advantages and disadvantages of nuclear energy” essay in which the topic is discussed.  Nuclear power has a high net energy yield, a low environmental cost, and is less prone to accidents. However, it costs a lot of...

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