Healthy Eating Habits

Introduction, nutrition and healthy eating, healthy living strategies, works cited.

Proper nutrition and physical activity are important aspects of healthy livings as their contribution to reducing the rates of chronic diseases is a well-established fact. On the other hand, unhealthy eating habits and lack of physical exercise lead to diseases such as diabetes, obesity, stroke, heart diseases, and osteoporosis, which can sometimes be fatal.

The findings of a study conducted in 1990 established that 14% of all deaths in the U.S. could be attributed to poor eating habits and physical inactivity with sedentary lifestyles, a contributor to 23% of disease-related deaths[1]. Healthy eating habits involve the inclusion of fruits, vegetables, and important minerals in the diet and the reduction of saturated fat intake.

Regular physical activity is essential for healthy living as it reduces the chances of developing coronary heart disease. The reduced physical activity and the changes in eating and dieting habits have long-lasting health consequences on the general health of the public, particularly the children and adolescents.

Developing good eating habits for children and adolescents is important for their long-term nutritional well-being. Proper nutrition, together with regular physical activity, enhances proper physical growth, promotes positive self-esteem, and promotes the children’s capacity to learn. In addition, good nutrition and physical activity also prevent diseases such as obesity.

According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, there has been a rapid increase in the rate of children becoming overweight over the past twenty years, attributed to poor nutrition and exercise habits[2]. Proper nutrition and physical exercise habits are important in maintaining a healthy living, and this can be started at an early age.

The parents eating habits influence the children’s feeding practices, and therefore, teaching children healthy eating habits in schools would make them practice healthy behaviors throughout their lives[3]. Increased consumption of vegetables and fruits with a reduction in fat intake coupled with physical activity are among the healthy habits to curb the overweight problems in children.

The consequences of physical inactivity and poor dietary habits in children and adults alike are obesity, which is defined as having a body mass index (BMI) of more than 30k/m2.

The prevalence of obesity increased among the population between 1991 and 2000, affecting all the segments of the population in the U.S[4]. Obesity is the major cause of health complications, including diabetes (type II), hypertension, heart diseases, stroke, osteoarthritis, respiratory complications, and some cancers.

The socio-economic consequences of obesity, now an epidemic, are overwhelming. The intervention strategies usually focus on promoting good eating habits, including a reduction in calorie intake and helping people increase their physical activity. In children, breastfeeding prevents excessive weight gain and obesity in early childhood and adolescence and, thus, a good strategy of reducing childhood obesity[5].

For adults and young people, poor dietary habits and lack of physical activity increase the risk of developing health-related complications. These segments of the population have an increased risk for chronic diseases such as high blood pressure and elevated cholesterol levels.

By establishing healthier eating habits combined with physical activity, the onset of these diseases would be prevented[6]. Additionally, active lifestyles and healthy eating behaviors help people with chronic diseases to cope with or control the effects of the diseases and prevent deterioration of their physical condition.

In order to promote healthy living and prevent complications arising from poor eating habits such as obesity, various healthy living strategies involving behavior change are important[7]. To reduce health-related complications in the elderly, regular physical exercises and sporting, including jogging and regular visits to the gym, can be very helpful.

Given the immense benefits of physical exercises, social support is one way of motivating people to remain physically fit and live healthy lifestyles. This can be achieved by providing programs that help people incorporate exercises into their daily routines.

Furthermore, increasing community-based programs and facilities would encourage people to exercise and in the process, live healthy lifestyles. Increased consumption of vegetables and fruits with lower calorie intake lowers the incidences of diseases, including cardiovascular diseases and some cancers[8].

Excessive intake of saturated fats is the major cause of cardiovascular diseases and cancers[9]. Therefore, to achieve healthy living, the diet should constitute plenty of fruits and vegetables and less saturated fat. Daily consumption of at least two servings of fruit and three servings of vegetables is recommended for healthy living; however, less than 25% of the U.S. population consumes this[10].

For young children and adolescents, school-based physical education (PE) enables students to engage in physical activities to promote their physical well-being and learning. Prolonged television watching among children and adolescents increases overweight incidences among children[11].

This may be because television watching leads to a decline in calorie-burning physical activity and reduces the children’s metabolic rate. Furthermore, television watching may influence the children’s eating habits contributing to an increased risk of obesity.

Physical inactivity and poor eating habits cause health-related complications such as obesity and heart diseases. The intervention methods usually focus on promoting physical exercises and healthier eating habits. Given the current increase in health-related diseases, it is evident that reduced physical activity and unhealthy eating habits have adverse impacts on the general health of the public, more especially the young people.

CDC. Healthy Youth! Childhood Overweight , 2006.

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McGinnis, John, and Foege, Wrights. “Actual causes of death in the United States.”  JAMA 37.2 (1993): 2207-12.

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Importance Of Eating Healthy Food (Essay Sample)

Food, air, and water are basic necessities of life. The food we eat represents our culture, ethics, tradition, and beliefs. Food is essential for survival as it provides us with energy to carry out daily activities like walking, running, working, and socializing. Healthy eating and a healthy diet promote a healthy lifestyle. On the contrary, unhealthy food that includes junk food results in many diseases. In this essay, I will discuss the importance of healthy food and how it can help us stay strong and active in life.

Essay On Importance Of Eating Healthy Food – 700 Word Long Essay

Food is a basic necessity of life as it helps us to survive. Food provides us the energy to carry out our daily tasks that include working, walking, and socializing. The food we eat represents our personality, culture, and traditions. A healthy diet leads to healthy habits and regularly eating unhealthy foods leads to many diseases that negatively impact your physical and mental wellbeing. In this essay, I will discuss the benefits of healthy food and how it impacts our daily lives.

Eating vegetables and fruits in large quantities helps to reduce the risk of developing chronic diseases such as diabetes and reduces the risk of a heart attack. Vegetables provide many healthy nutrients that are needed to maintain good health. However, eating just vegetables and no meant content is not a very good practice. Being a vegetarian is good for health but there are some nutrients that you can only get from meat and not plants. Research has shown that some essential nutrients like vitamin B12 and vitamin D13   along with many other nutrients are only present in meat and other animal-sourced foods. Therefore, everyone should look to adopt a balanced diet that contains a little bit of everything in an adequate amount.

Obesity is one of the most common health problems being faced by the modern generation. Junk food is one of the key causes of obesity because junk food contains high-calorie, high fat, high sugar, and high salt content. Health experts identify high fats, sugar, and raw salt as key contributors that cause heart diseases, kidney failure, and other health problems.

Healthy foods have many health-related benefits.  Healthy foods can improve a person’s mood and enhance their mental status. When a person’s body is under stress, protein is often broken down into amino acids which aid the body to deal with stress. Protein-rich diets such as dairy products can help to enhance the protein level in the body. Moreover, diets rich in omega-3 fats such as nuts, as well as vitamin-rich and mineral-rich diets including fruits and vegetables help maintain stable blood sugar levels. Healthy foods such as beetroot, apricots, and radishes also improve the overall body appearance. Sugary items have been linked to dry skin and early aging. These are the reasons why one should always eat healthy food.

Unhealthy foods have many disadvantages as they are the main reason for many diseases. Consuming processed food, junk food, and all types of fast foods can have very bad effects on the body. These problems lead to weight gain, excess body fat, increase the risk of heart disease, cause high blood pressure, and even early death in some cases. Artificial sweeteners

High calories have been shown to increase blood pressure and increase the chances of an early death occurring. However, vegetables, fruits, exercise, and overall calorie reduction enable the body to work efficiently. Junk food does not have vital micronutrients such as minerals and vitamins. Consequently, the consumer misses the vital nutrients needed to boost the body’s well being hence his risk of early death is enhanced.

In conclusion, everyone should make a healthier choice by eating healthy foods and developing healthy eating habits. The human body can be kept perfectly healthy by eating healthy food and maintaining a healthy diet. Always make a wiser choice because your body deserves better!

Eating Healthy Food Leads To A Healthy Life Essay In 200 WordsShort Essay

Food is one of three basic necessities in life, the other two being air and water. Food is essential to survival. Our food choices reflect many things about our life and personality. In today’s world, we mostly see only two kinds: the ones who live to eat and those who eat to live. Both of them are food extremists and people should move towards a balanced diet that comprises everything in adequate amounts.  Healthy foods lead to a healthy body and a healthy weight. On the contrary unhealthy foods destroy our digestive system and damage the whole body. In this essay on healthy food, I will discuss how and why healthy food leads to a healthy lifestyle.

Eating healthy food and pursuing a healthy diet is an essential way to add important nutrients to your food intake. Nutritionists encourage eating more vegetables to make digestion easier. They also suggest that we should avoid eating more calories than what is required by not eating meat every day. A person who only relies on junk food, fast food, and processed food becomes obese in no time. Obese people cannot live a healthy life because they are unable to do more physical activities. Lying on the bed all day and eating junk only leads to more troubles like diabetes, high blood pressure, and problems with the digestive system.

Some common healthy food easily includes whole grains, dairy products, green vegetables, eggs, and lean meat. However, always making a healthy food choice is not easy. Nowadays the world is becoming fast, busy, and demanding; there is a limited time to do everything. The same goes with food as most people don’t have enough time to prepare healthy food so they opt for fast food instead. Processed foods, energy drinks, deep-fried snacks, and sodas are also among the most unhealthy foods.

In conclusion, healthier choices enhance our health by making our lives healthy and happy. On the contrary, unhealthy food choices lead to chronic diseases, malnutrition, high cholesterol, and obesity. Given the high rate of deaths in the U.S. caused by factors related to poor diet, lack of physical exercise, and high consumption of junk foods, people need to consider consuming healthy food.

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FAQ About Importance of Having a Good Diet Essay

How does healthy food improve your mood.

Healthy foods like protein which is most available in dairy products can quickly break down in your digestive system and stop you from stressing too much. Just like eggs and dairy products, many other foods can also improve a person’s mood.

What are the 5 benefits of healthy eating?

Healthy eating promotes good health, reduces stress, keeps your body in good shape, helps you get rid of pimples and other skin problems, and helps you live longer.

healthy eating habits short essay

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healthy eating habits short essay

Nutrition and Diet: Importance of Healthy Eating Habits

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Nutrition and Diet: Importance of Healthy Eating Habits Essay

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healthy eating habits short essay

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Essay on Healthy Eating Habits [ Importance of healthy food in Life ]

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Healthy eating habits are helpful in maintaining a good health. They provide our body with all nutrients required for growth and general well-being. Healthy eating habits help to control weight, increases energy level & reduces risk of certain diseases like heart disease, diabetes, etc.

Essay on Healthy Eating habits | Short & Long Essay for Students

Healthy diet is the best lifestyle that can be adopted by anyone of any age group. Our food habits will decide how healthy we are.  If we have a healthy diet, our body will be free from any kind of disease and it will remain fit. Healthy eating habits help in preventing lifestyle diseases such as heart attack, diabetes, high blood pressure etc.

Essay on healthy eating habits

We all should adopt healthy eating habits in our daily life to remain fit and healthy for the rest of our life. Unhealthy diet makes us prone to diseases and ill health. Unhealthy foods will cause bloating or overweight, this will increase your blood pressure which again can cause heart attack, diabetes etc. There are various reasons why we need to follow a healthy diet .

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Importance of healthy eating habits

There are various reasons why we need to follow a healthy diet .This article will explain what are the benefits of following a healthy diet.

It helps in keeping our mind and body fit. It makes us physically and mentally healthy. It prevents lifestyle diseases such as heart attack, high blood pressure , diabetes etc. Our food habits will decide how healthy we are. We all should adopt healthy eating habits in our daily life to remain fit and healthy for the rest of our life.

Healthy diet is the best lifestyle that can be adopted by anyone of any age group. Our food habits will decide how healthy we are. If we have a healthy diet, our body will be free from any kind of disease and it will remain fit. Healthy eating habits help in preventing lifestyle diseases such as heart attack, diabetes, high blood pressure etc.

We all should adopt healthy eating habits in our daily life to remain fit and healthy for the rest of our life.  Besides, we can also eat whatever we want to. But it should be balanced and healthy too. Having a diet which is rich in essential nutrients and has zero or very less amount of harmful chemicals and preservatives is called as the perfect one. It will help us remain fit and healthy for the rest of our life.

So, it is high time for us to adopt healthy eating habits in our daily life. It will help us lead a healthy lifestyle along with the increased quality of life . Healthy diet is the best lifestyle that can be adopted by anyone of any age group. Our food habits will decide how healthy we are.  If we have a healthy diet, our body will be free from any kind of disease and it will remain fit. Healthy eating habits help in preventing lifestyle diseases such as heart attack, diabetes, high blood pressure etc. We all should adopt healthy eating habits in our daily life to remain fit and healthy for the rest of our life.

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Essay on Eating Healthy Food (869 Words)

March 1, 2018 by Study Mentor Leave a Comment

We all have heard the common phrase which says “ Health is wealth ”. This teaches us that our health is the wealth we have.

It does not matter whether we are rich or poor, if we have a good health we have the wealth. Health is more important than wealth.

This does not mean we cannot have any wealth with us. It means that we should focus more on our health than the wealth.

We will have a lot of wealth someday but that will go the other day. If we have a good health today and we maintain our health, it will not go away from us like the wealth. It will stay with us.

If we don’t have wealth we can still survive by working. But if we lose our health, the available wealth will also be of no use to us. So, we should always remain healthy.

In order to lead a healthy life, we should eat healthy. If we eat food which is healthy for us, we will always have a good and healthy life. It is necessary to eat the right food in our diet.   

It is important to eat healthy food to have a proper life free from sickness. But in today’s world, everything has advanced so much that we get food items readymade.

People these days consume more of these readymade foods which are most of the time unhealthy and junk foods.

Yes, they are delicious and tempting to eat but they are the cause of deterioration of our health. Due to busy schedule people don’t have the time to make healthy food.

This is the reason why people choose to eat the readymade food. But people should know that it is important for one to eat healthy and nutritious food. One should know which food is healthy and which is not.   

Table of Contents

Why should we eat healthy?  


But the type of food people eats these days, those type of food don’t give us the essential nutrients that is needed for the daily functioning of our body.

We should eat the right food for these essential nutrients. Eating healthy is very important for us. It will help us to be productive in our work.

We can do all our work with the energy that we get from eating healthy food.

Just like when a vehicle does not have the right amount of fuel, it does not work properly. It moves and then again stops. It seems like the driver is continuously applying the brakes.

In the similar manner, when we don’t have enough food in our body, we will not be able to function properly in our daily life.

If we don’t have the essential nutrients in our body, our condition will become like the vehicle without enough fuel.

If we eat the right food and get the essential nutrients, we will be happy because our brain gets affected by the food we consume.  

When we don’t eat food properly, we tend to become stressed and be in anger. So, the right food and right nutrients will help us to be happy and not get stressed.

Eating healthy food will help in the proper development of our body. The fast foods and junk foods will be replaced if we eat healthy foods.

So, there is no chance of gaining extra weight or losing weight. This is because the healthy foods help us to control our weight. Healthy food is always good in quality.

So, we don’t have to buy them in large quantity and we can save our money. But if we consume more of fast foods we tend to spend a lot of money. Yes, even it tastes better but the quality is not better than the healthy food.

So, we tend to buy more of these food. Everyone is conscious about their body. If we eat healthy, it will have a positive impact on our body on its own.

We don’t have to waste our money for buying products to make our body better. If we don’t eat healthy food, we will be suffering from various sickness or diseases.

We will remain healthy if we eat healthy food. We will be free from diseases by eating healthy. We will be fit and fine.

As we will be free from any sort of disease, we will live longer. We will not be getting sick, so there will not be any extra expenditure for the health treatment.   

What are the eating healthy habits?  

Carrot, Daikon radish

People consume more of ready made food or fast foods instead of home food.

But are these really healthy habits? No, they are not. People cut short on their food thinking if they eat less, they will be fit and will not gain weight.

But that is more harmful. Eating less will not give the body the necessary nutrients it need for the daily functioning.

Instead, the person has to face other serious problems. We need to follow various eating healthy habits which will ultimately benefit us for our own betterment.

The most important is a person should drink water regularly. We should not drink water only when we are thirsty.

Water helps in proper digestion of food, eliminates waste and maintains our body temperature. We should prefer eating such food which will give us more nutrients.

Instead of eating readymade food, we should cook healthy food at home. Whatever food we cook, we must wash before we start cooking them.

And most important cleanliness should be maintained everywhere which will directly affect our way of eating healthy.   

We should not be encouraged by the advertisements of food that is shown by different companies for the sale of their food items.

Most of these advertisements will only tempt us to eat them. We don’t know whether these food items are healthy for us or not.

We should know what type of food is healthy for us. Some of the healthy foods are whole grain food items, milk, fish, rice, fruits, eggs etc.

We should eat the items which give are rich in carbohydrates, proteins, vitamins, fats and minerals. These will help in the overall processing of our body.

We should never skip any of the meals. We should eat all the meals on time and in the right quantity.

Like the breakfast should be eaten like king because if the breakfast is proper we will be energetic to work the entire day.

Dinner should be eaten less because after that we don’t have to any work which requires energy.

If we see delicious food at some place, we should not eat them in such a manner like we eating after a long time. This will spoil our health.  

What are the consequences of not eating healthy? 

We should always eat healthy. We should not be encouraged from the advertisements shown to us. We should know what we are eating.

Eating unhealthy food will directly affect our health. Eating healthy food will help us to be free from diseases.

If we consume junk foods and ignore healthy food we will be prone to many serious diseases. We will become sick physically and mentally both.

Our health will start deteriorating and body will become weak. Eating unhealthy will not cause problems only for a shorter period of time but it will last for longer.

If we change our eating habits then there is a chance that our health will improve. We will not be able to do any work if we don’t eat healthy food, our life will be totally disturbed.

We will not be happy. We will always be angry and stressed. We will not be able to concentrate anywhere.   

In order to lead a long and healthy life, it is important for us to eat healthy and follow good eating habits.

Eating healthy will help not only to our body but in other areas as well. As our brain is directly affected by the food we eat, our behaviour changes if we don’t eat healthy food.

If we want to live longer, we should eat healthy. We cannot lose our life because of our decision to eat foods which are not good for us.

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healthy eating habits short essay

Healthy Eating essay

According to statistics of the World Health Organization, in the modern world, one of the main causes of death is cardiovascular disease, especially in countries with developed economies. Experts believe that the main cause of these diseases is unhealthy eating. And this is only one group of diseases. In fact, up to 90% of diseases are directly related to bad eating. It reduces human life by 2-3 times. And this short life becomes a constant struggle with various illnesses (Kharofa, 2014).

Adherents of a healthy lifestyle on their own example have proven that people can live more than 80 years, remaining healthy and active (Archer, 2011). One of the main components of a healthy lifestyle is proper and healthy diet. Generalizing the experience of doctors, nutritionists and people leading a healthy lifestyle, we can identify the basic principles of healthy eating. Based on these principles, each person can choose individual, most useful for his body nutrition and diet.

Healthy eating is eating during which the body is provided with all necessary materials and energy, and not contaminated, so it is not conducive to the emergence and development of disease (Sieben, 2011).

Proper healthy eating is a prevention of disease. Someone, who leads a healthy lifestyle and eats right, is not afraid of any weather changes, sickness, or viruses. Such people are always cheerful, active, more durable and resilient, and they live longer. But if you are already sick and you don’t follow the principles of healthy eating, then you should move to a healthy diet not immediately. Gradually stop eating harmful foods (or replace them with healthy foods), and build new, healthy eating habits.

Everyone understands that proper nutrition is not only control of the calories and endless diets, but a complete diet, which must contain all the necessary products: meat, cereals, dairy products, fruits and vegetables. People only need to avoid “harmful” biscuits, chocolates, semis and sugary soda.

Several years ago, nutritionists brought a number of “regular” products that not only strengthen the body, but also help to lose weight. It is known that the body, not receiving all the necessary substances regularly, begins working worse. To avoid this, it is important to choose the right diet and stick to it every day.

Often we eat what comes to hand, something we can buy and quickly reheat in the microwave. Sometimes there is no time to identify whether the product is harmful. The main criterions of choice in food are tasty, fast, satisfying, cheap and it’s not right.

Healthy lifestyle is a daily package of measures, which consists of a proper balanced diet, exercising, avoiding harmful habits, positive and balanced view of the world. All this is a way of life and style! Healthy people wanting to lead a healthy life do not necessarily go to a dietitian and buy huge amounts of books on nutrition, which sometimes are confusing and frustrating. In order to feed themselves and their families with healthy and proper food, it is enough to follow a few rules of modern dietetics.

The most important rule is that it is necessary to maximize enrich of the meals we eat. It is desirable to increase the use of seasonal vegetables, fruits and berries – then your body will not have a vitamin deficiency, which affects people in spring. Also, it is necessary to reduce the amount of animal fats, partially replacing them with vegetable oils. Limit consumption of pure sugar and salt. It is better to substitute confectionery sweets with honey and dried fruit, and salt – with spices.

Sticking to a healthy diet is very simple. To do this you need:

The main rules of healthy eating I try to follow are:

From my own experience I know that in order to follow the rules of a healthy diet, I need to limit eating following foods: sugar, salt, smoked and fried foods, fatty pork, pastry products, canned and preserved foods.

Of course, a complete rejection of harmful products requires a huge effort of will. But if a bad mood can become better after a piece of cake – do not worry. Stress is much more dangerous for the body than the cake, which will help to deal with it. Try to live without stress, in harmony with yourself – it is another important rule that shapes our healthy lifestyle.

I do not forget to eat (preferably daily) all kinds of cereal. They are the best “healthy” product to start the morning and eating them is both tasty and useful. Cereals are rich in fiber (which is necessary for proper digestion), minerals and vitamins, which support our nervous system. Under constant stress, porridge is the best sedative! Cereals are “long” carbohydrates, they provide the body energy and satiety before lunch.

Fashion on the right and healthy lifestyle has come to us from Europe, where in the late 60’s there have appeared products of the category “healthy & wellness”. Logo “healthy & wellness” mark foods low in salt, sugar, fat. Vegetables and fruits with this sign are grown without the use of chemicals, growth stimulants and genetic engineering techniques.

In modern society, a healthy diet plays a very important role in life. Survey of US women has showed that a healthy diet confidently leads the list of values. More than 60% said health is more important then sexual relations. 70% of respondents would easily change child’s good marks for healthy nutrition, 60% would not agree to save money by replacing healthy food with cheaper counterparts. More than 80% said they would prefer a healthy body instead of beautiful wardrobe, and 55% would be willing to abandon the career for the sake of proper nutrition (Stevens, 2011).

The role of healthy food in a person’s life can not be overstated. Almost all our health problems originate from the inability or unwillingness to organize regular diet. Therefore, a healthy diet every day is one of the key factors in a healthy and active lifestyle. Healthy diet combined with regular exercise reduces the risk of chronic diseases and disorders such as obesity, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, high blood pressure and cancer. Eat right, and results will not keep you waiting!

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Healthy Lifestyle and Eating Essay

Healthy eating is the process of keeping the body clean, strong, and healthy at all times (Allen, 1926). Healthy living, on the other hand, means that one should be able to eat the right food, get enough exercise, and maintain cleanliness (James, 1907). Unfortunately, many people do not keep track of these requirements. Thus, they end up with serious health problems, which can be difficult to treat. Prevention of these problems can be accomplished through maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Such a lifestyle is achievable by eating the right food and adhering to all the requirements of healthy living. The human body needs a balanced diet, which includes enough minerals, fats, vitamins, fiber, and carbohydrates (Albrecht, 1932). These substances are required by the body to facilitate the growth and functioning of body tissues. Low energy foods such as vegetables and fruits have small amounts of calories per unit volume of food. Therefore, it is advisable to eat this combination of foods in large volumes as it contains fewer calories, but has nutrients that are essential for optimal body functionality. Incidentally, one should take food that is free from unhealthy fats, but should ensure that whole grains and proteins go alongside fruits and vegetables. Apart from choosing the best foods for the body, it is also advisable that people should maintain moderate quantities of food intake. For instance, it is prudent to eat less of unhealthy foods such as refined sugar and saturated fats and more of healthy foods such as vegetables and fruits. This pattern of eating has massive health benefits to its adherents. As such, people should strive to develop good eating habits that can sustain them throughout their lives. Further, it is recommended that one should eat a heavy breakfast an hour after waking up. The breakfast needs to consist of carbohydrates, healthy fats, and proteins in balanced proportions. It should then be followed by light meals throughout the day. This requirement is important since breakfast helps to initiate the body’s metabolism. The light and healthy meals thereafter help maintain a high body energy level that keeps one active throughout the day (Allen, 1926). People should avoid eating late at night. Early dinners are advisable followed by an average of 15 hours of no food until breakfast time the next morning. Past studies show that this pattern helps regulate body weight (James, 1907). People who are diagnosed with lifestyle diseases such as anemia, high blood pressure, and diabetes among others are advised to follow diets that are rich in fruits and vegetable content (Allen, 1926). Depending on the stage of illness, such people should strictly watch what they eat. For example, high blood pressure patients should cut down on sodium, which is mainly found in salt. They should also avoid foods that have high cholesterol and saturated fats since diets of this sort prompt a high risk of artery clogging. Consequently, it increases the risk of heart attacks and blood vessel diseases (Albrecht, 1932). Further, they need to control the amount of carbohydrates they take. Carbohydrates should only account for 50% of their daily calories (Allen, 1926). Finally, they are discouraged from foods with a high phosphorous content since they may lead to bone diseases (Allen, 1926). Overweight people constitute another special needs group. They should reduce weight to be healthy. Consequently, they need at least 30 minutes of rigorous physical exercise everyday and a lean diet. In conclusion, all these groups of people should increase their water intake. Water is essential in the human body since it facilitates the regulation of all body functions. As such, it enhances body health. In this regard, people should strive to take at least eight glasses per day. Apparently, healthy living calls for discipline and commitment. If people foster these two values in the lifestyles, the world will be full of healthy people.

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Benefits of Healthy Eating

Healthy Eating Benefits for Adults

Benefits of Healthy Eating for Adults

Picture of body identifying benefits of healthy eating for adults.

Download: Benefits of Healthy Eating for Adults pdf icon [PDF-631KB]

Benefits of Healthy Eating for Children

Picture of body identifying benefits of healthy eating for children.

Download: Benefits of Healthy Eating for Children pdf icon [PDF-684KB]

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Essay Service Examples Medicine Eating Habits

Essay on Healthy Eating Habits

This report provides a critical assessment of the challenges encountered by students in the UTS Business School. More specifically, it will focus on the development of eating habits as university students transition from secondary education to tertiary education. Methods of research include recounting from my Integrating Business Perspectives group members and academic journal articles.

Results of research undertaken suggest it is probable that eating habits are likely to change as students transition from high school to university. This report recommends a new business model to address the underlying issue of unhealthy eating habits to improve the well-being of students in the UTS Business school. However, it should be noted that the research conducted is limited by small sample size (n=3).

The necessity of a regimented schedule challenges the eating habits of university students as they prioritize convenience instead of healthy eating. As a result, students will often choose to purchase high-fat and high-calorie food at fast food joints and other takeaway restaurants. This issue is a recurring theme in the sample of students interviewed that attend UTS Business School. For example, despite having brought his own lunch during secondary education, Ali notes that due to “never having enough time to pack my own stuff” he now tends to “eat whatever’s available” and McDonald’s and KFC are likely options. Moreover, Ali claims that this habit can arise due to stress caused by the different lifestyles of tertiary education. Similarly, Matteo previously had regimented and healthy meals while attending high school but now finds himself eating at sushi and fast food joints due to the quick service and accessible distance from campus. Matteo also claims that this behavior is further perpetuated by other friends who also choose to eat out.

healthy eating habits short essay

In contrast, Mariam packs her own lunch consisting of a sandwich, fruits, and water on most days. She claims that this is most convenient for her as she can avoid the queues at hot food joints and can also have something “quick to eat” while traveling between classes. This difference in behavior may be due to differing perspectives of convenience. Ali and Matteo may value the convenience of not having to prepare meals, while Mariam may value the convenience of having food on hand between her classes. However, Mariam also opts to purchase food on other days at locations that are “most convenient” such as kebab shops and bakeries. Based on the primary research conducted on my fellow peers, it is apparent that the need for convenience by UTS Business School students can hurt one’s eating habits. Ultimately, the primary research conducted shows a reorientation in dietary requirements following university matriculation, resulting in harmful eating behaviors and highlighting the need for a new business model.

As the need for work-life balance increases during the transition from high school to university, an incessant need for more time challenges healthy eating habits. Musaiger et al. (2014) and Pelletier & Laska (2012) identify a lack of time due to studies as a fundamental obstacle to healthy eating habits. Hence, it is only expected that students report a substantial intake of high-fat and high-calorie foods (Racette et al. 2005; Brevard & Ricketts 1996; Driskell et al. 2005) as they seek the convenience of fast food outlets and takeaway restaurants. This theory is similar to the experiences of all subjects during primary research. Marquis (2005) outlines the two dimensions of convenience, time and energy. Both characteristics are identified in a list of the most common barriers to a healthy diet, which includes time constraints, increasing costs of food products, and their availability, followed by an absence of motivation in food preparation (Allom & Mullan 2014; Ashton et al. 2017). Additionally, other elements connected to negligent eating habits among university students include a higher perception of stress (Cartwright et al. 2003) and social pressure (Menozzi et al. 2015) as further reinforced by a study on the powerful effects of social conformity on how we eat (Pliner et al. 2007). Similar to Matteo’s experiences, the study determines that individuals eating in a group will consume similar types and amounts of food as those around them. Therefore, suggesting that surrounding peers and their unhealthy eating habits can influence our own dietary decisions in a social context. Ultimately, secondary research conducted confirms the need for a new business model as students’ eating habits are especially susceptible during their transition to university.

Conclusively, both primary and secondary research highlights the imperative need for a new business model that can offer healthy and convenient alternatives to fast food at UTS Business School. It is evident that students are especially susceptible during the process of transitioning from secondary education to tertiary education due to the drastic change in environment, lifestyle differences, and the influence of peers. Students find it challenging to balance their meals with the stress and lack of time caused by an increased workload, resulting in potentially negative impacts on their health in the long term.

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The Benefits of Healthy Eating Health Essay

Info: 1278 words (5 pages) Nursing Essay Published: 20th Oct 2021

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Tagged: healthy eating

Why should a person eat healthy instead of unhealthy?

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Benefits of healthy Eating

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The Important of Healthy Eating

Food is the most important thing in our lives besides water. Moreover, healthy eating means eating a variety of food that gives you the nutrients you need to maintain your health, feel good, and have energy. ...

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healthy eating habits short essay

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David freedman's essay 'how junk food can end obesity'.

In David Freedman’s essay How Junk food Can End Obesity, Freedman makes the claim to policy arguing that instead of demonizing processed foods, Americans should instead support the idea and production of healthier processed and junk foods. He calls on the public to recognize that while many products on the market these days are labeled as “wholesome” and “healthy”, consumers should learn to become aware of the fat and calorie content in these products because many times they have the same- if not more- fat and calorie contents as that of a typical Big Mac or Whopper. In his essay, Freedman primarily places blame on the media and the wholesome food movement for the condemnation of the fast and processed food industries saying, “An enormous amount of media space has been dedicated to promoting the notion that all processed food, and only processed food, us making us sickly and overweight” (Freedman), he further expresses that this portrayal of the

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Therefore, fast food, if consumed frequently may make people unfit and unhealthy. People are gaining weight from eating a lot of fast food which causes them to be unhealthy. The increase of sugar and fats in the food may be harmful to an individual’s health. In turn, this can make a person unfit due to sedentary lifestyles and an increase in portion sizes. Having the option to make the food bigger is causing people to become overweight and may cause more health issues. McDonald’s menu is one example of oversizing food portions, and for just a couple cents more you can have your meal become a super-sized

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Over recent years, the United States obesity epidemic has increased in abundance to the point where an individual should be worried about making healthier life choices. Eating habits are an immense reason why our health has changed for the worse since the 70s. People die young due to developing obesity related diseases. Diseases occur from choices people make, what one decides to eat, and how much an individual decides to eat. Studies show the life expectancy for an unhealthy person who chooses to eat a bigger portion size, often less than the average individual who keeps a balanced way of eating. An individual is at fault, choosing to eat unhealthy or not, yet fast food restaurants can make a change when advertising fast food, providing the

Lack In Nutrition

“Let your food be your medicine and your medicine be your food” (Hardy, 2006). The Greeks followed this idea by the philosopher Hippocrates, but today’s society does not take the message seriously. A majority of people eat harmful foods and do not receive the nutrition they need to stay healthy. There are a number of reasons why nutrition is lacking. A lot of teens and college students eat snacks that are not healthy such as chips, pop, candy, etc. The majority of people might only eat one meal that contains the nutritional foods because they are on the go or just simply do not care. There are three major reasons as to why people are lacking in nutrition: nutrition is not taught in school, marketing persuades public opinion about food, and

Healthy People 2020: Criticisms Of The American Diet

As Woolston (2015) clearly conveyed, “Fatty, unbalanced, and oversized: That, in a nutshell, is the American diet.” With an escalation in fast food restaurants numbers, health food prices, and portion sizes, the typical American diet relics as a death sentence, encompassing fat, cholesterol, and sodium filled meals. Americans typically consume food that occurs quick and inexpensive, not comprehending the effect that this food deposits on their health. Apprehending the impact that the American diet places on health, the “Dietary Guidelines for Americans" serves as a guideline to help Americans rid of their old habits, reaching towards a healthy diet and weight.

Persuasive Speech: The Informative Effects Of Junk Food

Closure: So if you want to lead a healthy and fulfilling life it is best to cut down your junk food intake, switch to healthier options and supplement it with regular fitness exercises. Health is one of the most important aspects that need to be taken care of for being truly happy in

Argumentative Essay On A Healthy Diet

In general, a healthy diet can help to maintain a healthy body weight or improve overall health and decrease the risk of many diet-related chronic diseases, such as cardiovascular disease, diabetes and some cancers.

Persuasive Fast Food Essay

Fast food is quickly becoming America 's cigarette, causing more death related diseases than a packet of smokes. Take a look at the food you’re eating and what does it do to your body. ' “Parents are working more than ever before, and unable to monitor what kids are eating at home, schools are selling astronomical amounts of junk food in order to supplement shrinking budgets. It 's a ticking time bomb, and America 's children are exploding”. Food business has been one of the successful economic fields in United States. McDonald’s, KFC and Hardees are all examples of fast food companies that became well-known worldwide and they sell million meals every month, they attract teens and children mainly and they are getting addicted to it. Although fast food field has a huge profit it doesn’t mean that we should give fast food suppliers and restaurants the permission to do whatever they want. However, fast food suppliers should only care about the quality of their products not “people’s obesity”. Parents are responsible for the obesity in their children and they

The Negative Effects Of Dieting

Our society has helped create a definition of dieting that is not only harmful to the body but also does not work. The proper definition of a diet would be the food and drink a person consumes daily and the mental and physical circumstances connected to eating. The public’s definition of a diet is to restrict oneself to small amounts or special kinds of food in order to lose weight. Those who engage in this sort of dieting begin with the wrong mentality. They believe by undertaking a diet they will lose weight and keep it off, when in reality most people fail with diets. (Dray, Sarah.) Most suppose that by going on diets, losing weight, and going back to their original eating habits is acceptable. These actions are simply making matters worse for them.

Argumentative Essay: The Effects Of Fast Foods

Did you know that fast food is not good for your health? There are many effects of fast foods. Fast Food is defined as an easily prepared food. This type of food is most time prepared in places such as: restaurants, KFCs, Burger king and those places as a quick meal to be taken away. Studies from the Harvard School of Health have shown that fast foods provide little or no nutrients for the body, but calories, sugars and fats. Fast foods include chickens, burgers, hot pies, chips, pastries, salads and these kinds of foods. Some drinks like milk for instance, also classified as fast

Essay On Binge Eating Disorder

The Binge Eating Disorder is one of the main issues of our society nowadays. This disorder is suffered by a variety of people. It is not exclusive to people of a specific age or sex, but it attacks anyone who might be undergoing depression, has unhealthy and unsupervised dieting plans, and coping skill problems. As it is known that stress is common in our world today, it is not common knowledge how we are all on the verge of getting an eating disorder that is not as easily identifiable as the rest. The Binge Eating Disorder is not widely known among the society, however, its effects and coverage is growing as our population increases as well.

Ways To Change Your Eating Habits

To eat a healthy diet, you may need to make some changes. Remember that you can change your eating habits a little bit at a time. Small changes are easier to make and can lead to better health.

Speech On Healthy Lifestyle

In the real world most of us manage a percentage of the healthy lifestyle and muddle through as best we can with the rest of it. Part of the problem is we are encouraged to think, mostly by the media, that we should be doing everything possible towards a healthy lifestyle, all of the time. For most of us this is just not possible.

Essay On Poor Eating Habits

Keeping fit is considered is one of the challenges people encounter in life. It bars them from leading their desired lifestyle. The personal fitness team aims at helping people understand numerous things about keeping fit and specifically about unhealthy related foods. There are numerous cases where people fail to shed off excessive weight despite the number of times they exercise. Our body needs a healthy diet at some point in life. Some people eat food with excessive fat without their knowledge. Studies indicate that the level of obesity in the society is drastically increasing because of poor eating habits. A person’s lifestyle and eating habits determine if he/she will lose excessive

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Healthy Food Essay

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500+ Words Essay on Healthy Food

Before starting your daily activity, you must have food. Food is essential for our body besides water. Eating healthy food gives you the required nutrients you need to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Your daily food should have carbohydrates, proteins, water, vitamins, fat and minerals. To keep ourselves fit, we need healthy food.

When we talk about our health, healthy food plays a crucial role. It helps preserve our health, and some nutrients renew the health of various organs. Besides, healthy food is always delicious and mouthwatering. Kids, nowadays, should eat healthy food more than ever. We must encourage kids to eat healthy food so that our future generations become healthy and fit.

We should speak more often about the harmful effects of unhealthy food and the positive impact of healthy food. In this way, we can teach our kids about eating healthy foods from an early age.

To keep our internal organs healthy, we should make a habit of eating healthy food. Unhealthy food welcomes life-threatening diseases like heart attack, high or low blood pressure, increased or decreased glucose level, etc. In today’s scenario, with so many changes around the world in terms of climate, pollution, etc., eating healthy food should be on our priority list.

Advantages of Eating Healthy Food

Junk food vs Healthy Food

In today’s scenario, consumption of junk food is increasing rapidly, due to which the fast-food market is also growing fast. Junk foods are easier to prepare and delicious. It became more accessible after the arrival of the food delivery apps. People can now sit at their homes and order junk food as per their choice.

But, unknowingly, we are compromising our health by having junk food. After eating it, you will feel more satisfied. Junk food leads to poor concentration and creates digestive problems as it contains less fibre, which causes indigestion.

Junk food also results in varying blood sugar levels because it contains less protein and carbohydrates. Consumption of junk food also increases levels of triglyceride and cholesterol.

When we talk about healthy food, it contains a plethora of nutrients. It keeps our bodies physically and mentally fit. It enhances our immune system and develops our brain functionality. If we are worried about our health, we should not consume processed food.

We know that junk food seems to be more appealing and tempting, but it comes at a very high price. Therefore, we should eat healthy food to live a longer and healthier life.

Conclusion of Healthy Food Essay

We can end the essay by stating that eating healthy food is our primary need. Eating healthy food is a simple way to increase the ease of the body and the happiness of the mind. Eating junk food will make our bodies weaker and have low immunity. So, it is essential to consume healthy food to maintain good health.

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Frequently Asked Questions on Healthy Food Essay

What are the negative impacts of junk food.

1. High sodium content 2. Excessive carb intake and cholesterol intake 3. Obesity and cardiac diseases

What are some of the healthy food items?

1. Fruits and vegetables 2. Foods with high fibre content  3.  Foods containing saturated fats 4. Foods with less salt and sugar

How to regulate our body with food intake?

1. Eat at regular intervals 2. Do not overeat or have junk food 3. Drink water and be hydrated

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healthy eating habits short essay

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The Importance of Exercise and Eating Healthy Essay

Essay on persuasive speech outline.

Exercise and physical activity are a great way to feel better, gain health benefits and have more energy (summarize main points)

Health Issues In Canadian Adolescents

Exercise will help you improve your quality of life. It can reduce stress, lift your mood, and help you sleep better. Regular physical activity can improve muscle strength and boost your endurance. It then helps deliver oxygen and nutrients throughout the body and helps improve your cardiovascular system. When your heart and lungs work more efficiently, you have more energy. This helps solve the problematic trend of youths taking in more energy drinks than needed. When exercising, it is also acquired to eat healthy. Eating healthy will also improve your mood, health and alertness. Exercise helps combat health conditions and diseases. That was one of the studies made that higher sodium intake lead to a high risk of adverse health

Why We Get Fat And What You Do About It Published By Gary Taubes

Taubes gives many examples about how obesity is not caused by eating too much. But what about not exercising enough? While acknowledging that exercise is important to lower the risks of heart disease and diabetes, he concludes that exercise really does not lead to substantial weight loss. The USDA guidelines have even suggested that up to 90 minutes a day of vigorous exercise

Sci 220 Week 1

When an individual engages in physical activity, it decreases the sedentary life, promotes healthy emotional well being while maintaining a healthy body weight. Physical fitness is very important in order to be fit an individual must us proper nutrition. The effect various based on the nutrients that affect the body. When the body needs to repair and grow it uses protein. The body uses carbohydrates during physical activity as an energy source. When an individual is fit the body uses its nutrition to help heal and main certain hydration when conducting physical activity. Healthy physical activity helps the individual sleepy at night, possible live longer, feel better, healthy weight.

Psychological Effects Of Exercise On The Body 's Overall Health

It is a well-kenned fact that exercise is very propitious to the body’s overall health. Exercise has been shown to enhance the circulation of blood throughout the body, relinquish solicitousness, boost self-esteem, and ultimately is utilized as a treatment for noetic illnesses.

Essay Taking Control of America's Obesity Epidemic

This action from human metabolism makes it harder for people to control their weight. “Losing weight has proven to be extremely difficult for large numbers of people,” even with major weight loss programs, such as weight watchers, a program used internationally, “people shed pounds but regain them and many situations gain even more,” this is called “yo-yo dieting” or the constant loss of weight only to gain it back at a later time (CDCP 54). According to Sally E. Smith in her article, “The great diet deception,” weight loss diets and products, very rarely produce long lasting results. Less than five percent of people that go on strict diets accomplish losing weight and actually keeping that weight loss off for over a five year span (Smith). Ninety percent fail, and regain a lot of it back, even all of it in many cases (Smith). A third of that five percent regain more than they had ever lost (Spake).Since dieting is so hard, healthy professionals encourage exercise or a good amount of moderate physical activity, as a way of losing or maintain weight (CDCP 54).The determination of one’s diet is based on a balance of “energy in,” “energy out” difference ( In other words, the amount of calories that are taken in minus the calories burned. For instance, if someone wants to lose weight, the calories that are burned through the whole day need to be greater than the calories that are absorbed that day.

Muscle Fatigue Lab Report

This conclusion was supported by the biological background. The greater amount of previous exercise would cause higher release of lactic acid, inorganic phosphate and also would increase the likelihood of micro damage to the muscle fibres. Thus, greater the amount of previous exercise could lead to greater muscle fatigue which affected the rate of contraction of muscle fibres. Consequently, lower number of cycles was counted within a given time limit, as the

Working Out Research Paper

Approximately eighty percent of adults do not take advantage of the amazing benefits they can receive from exercising. Many of the benefits gained by working out are not achieved by exercising just one time. Whether the goal is to gain or lose weight, or increase body performance, working out reaps these incredible benefits.

Rmc Medical Weight Loss Analysis

2) Regular Exercise Doesn't Cut It - Exercise, while important for your overall health, may not be enough to drop the pounds. In fact, if your exercise routine consists of weight lifting or other muscle building movements, you

Low Fat Persuasive Essay

Although many people worldwide continue to use different strategies to burn fat, the majority of them fail to achieve a real fitness purpose. One reason is that most of them eat harmful meals that are causing them to store more extra fat and calorie consumption.

Back Fat Research Paper

As you do more repetitions with less weight you will achieve weight loss and also burn calories. Remember these physical exercises performed with care and using only the weight that you can feel very

Cleanse: Get Rid Of Excess Waste

Exercising is an essential part of any weight loss program. It not only helps you lose weight, but it can also help you maintain your weight loss.

Staying Healthy and Eating Right Essay

Studies have shown, people that eat right and exercise live longer. Eating fattening foods clogs your heart with cholesterol and fat. People that do not exercise and continue to eat unhealthy foods will slow their metabolism. This is why over 70% of our society are overweight today. My

Benefits of Healthy Eating Essay

“By eating healthy you are boosting your energy levels, improving your bodily Functions and helping to improve your immune. By eating a healthy diet and combining this with exercise you could end up living a longer more vibrant life” (Bruton, 2009.p1). When people eat healthy it helps them have more energy, and having more energy will

The Importance of Physical Activity Essay

Physical Activity is undeniably good for everyone, not only does it keep you fit and healthy but when started at a young age, it can set up good habits for life. Sometimes however, people do not take care of their physical wellbeing, resulting in obesity and other eating disorders which can be detrimental to their health.

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Last Updated 25 Mar 2020

Healthy Eating Habits

As a lifelong fitness enthusiast, I know the great importance of proper nutrition. Still being able to maintain a 30 inch waistline in my middle age, I think that I should have enough proven credibility to give you a few tips on how to build healthy eating habits and make them stick. Physical activity is only 50% of the overall health equation. The other 50% is nutrition. And without healthy eating habits, one will not be able to achieve good health and fitness. So it does depend on what you eat, and in this modern age of convenience and rushed daytime schedules, it’s easy to eat unhealthy.

So here are some areas to consider that will help keep you on the right health track. Educate Yourself On Food And Healthy Eating Habits In order to eat healthy, you have to understand which foods are actually healthy and which ones are not. Learn from reading nutrition books and websites. Maybe even consult a dietician to get you started. Quite often, convenient foods are laced with too much salt, sugar and other ingredients, which are not considered healthy. These ingredients can often be hidden, so it is important as part of your education to learn to read food labels while at the grocer.

Learn what ingredients to avoid, as major components are usually listed first in the food labels. Also verify and compare fat contents since many food items — which are promoted as ‘low fat’ or ‘low calorie’ — might very well still be quite high in fat. Being educated on what is contained within various types of food will help you weed out much of the unhealthy food you otherwise might end up eating. Learn To Substitute Foods And Ingredients In the old days, healthy eating meant a diet of bland-tasting food.

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I still remember that veggie burger that tasted like cardboard. Those days are thankfully gone as food technology has improved significantly. Many of the lower fat versions of food items (like cheese and frozen yogurt ) taste just as good as their standard “full-fat” versions. One can also still cook great tasting food at home by simply substituting some of the ingredients. For example, use olive oil instead of butter for frying. Reduce salt by adding spices instead. Choose leaner cuts of meat and trim off visible fat before cooking.

Something that I’ve done over the years is to drastically cut down on red meats at home and increase my intake of fish and poultry. By learning some great recipes with fish and poultry, I really don’t miss red meat all that much. One of the big areas to substitute is in snacking. Instead of candy bars or potato chips (or other junk food), try nuts or fruit. During the hot summers, I keep a supply of frozen grapes and if I feel the urge to nibble on something, I just grab one or two frozen grapes. Not only are these healthy, they are also refreshing during hot temperatures.

Keep Related Goals In Mind In order to help you stick to healthy eating habits once you plan them, I find that it helps to keep related goals in mind. For example, each time I look in the mirror I make a point of looking at the condition of my abs. I want to maintain a half decent physical shape so what I see in the mirror is a constant reminder that I have to keep eating well. When I see other people around my age group or even younger than me who are out of shape, I always observe that they are not eating healthy.

They usually eat foods that are high in fat. Keeping observant with this helps me even more to keep away from bad eating habits since I don’t want to end up like those poor folks who have let themselves go in that department. Another goal that is more specific is that I want to be able to perform well on the ski slope during the winter and maintain my martial arts all year round. I can generally tie in my overall performance levels in these sports back to my diet as one of the elements required.

See if there are any related activities that you want to do well that you can somehow relate back to nutrition. Then keeping this top of mind will help you steer clear of bad foods. After all, you don’t want to blame poor performance in your favorite activities partly on bad diet. Be Around Others Who Eat Healthy This last point is related to having others help you in your goals. Sometimes it’s hard to eat right when all of your friends, family members and co-workers eat unhealthy. So make sure that you spend time with other people who already eat well.

This will help inspire you to eat healthy as well. You’re basically using teamwork to help you achieve the goal of eating healthy. There’s really no magic in how to build healthy eating habits and make them stick. Good health is long term and the only way to achieve it is through all the little successes that add up when you have another healthy meal and finish another workout. Follow the above tips — as I do each and every day — during your meals and snack periods to ensure optimum health.

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    Common eating habits that can lead to weight gain are: Eating too fast Always cleaning your plate Eating when not hungry Eating while standing up (may lead to eating mindlessly or too quickly) Always eating dessert Skipping meals (or maybe just breakfast) Look at the unhealthy eating habits you've highlighted.

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    Sticking to a healthy diet is very simple. To do this you need: eat only fresh, healthy foods. Reduce animal fats. Eating more foods rich in saturated fatty acids, such as Omega 3 (red fish, vegetable oils, nuts). Eat foods that contain fiber (cereals, vegetables, fruits, dried fruits). Eat freshly prepared dishes.

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    Healthy eating is the process of keeping the body clean, strong, and healthy at all times (Allen, 1926). Healthy living, on the other hand, means that one should be able to eat the right food, get enough exercise, and maintain cleanliness (James, 1907). Unfortunately, many people do not keep track of these requirements.

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    Benefits of Healthy Eating for Adults. Picture of body identifying benefits of healthy eating for adults. May help you live longer. Keeps skin, teeth, and eyes healthy. Supports muscles. Boosts immunity. Strengthens bones. Lowers risk of heart disease, type 2 diabetes, and some cancers. Supports healthy pregnancies and breastfeeding.

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    Eating healthy food gives you the required nutrients you need to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Your daily food should have carbohydrates, proteins, water, vitamins, fat and minerals. To keep ourselves fit, we need healthy food. When we talk about our health, healthy food plays a crucial role.

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    Health Issues In Canadian Adolescents. Exercise will help you improve your quality of life. It can reduce stress, lift your mood, and help you sleep better. Regular physical activity can improve muscle strength and boost your endurance. It then helps deliver oxygen and nutrients throughout the body and helps improve your cardiovascular system.

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    Instead of candy bars or potato chips (or other junk food), try nuts or fruit. During the hot summers, I keep a supply of frozen grapes and if I feel the urge to nibble on something, I just grab one or two frozen grapes. Not only are these healthy, they are also refreshing during hot temperatures.