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In Vietnam, a girl stands near a river and holds a water bucket.

Gender Discrimination Causes Inequality

Gender discrimination: inequality starts in childhood.

Every girl and boy deserves an equal chance to survive and thrive. As the leading expert on childhood, Save the Children has been championing equal rights for every child for over 100 years – in fact, we invented the concept. Today, we are the leading champion for the human rights of the world’s 2.2 billion girls and boys.

Yet, gender discrimination, starting in childhood, continues to rob children of their childhoods and limit their chances – disproportionately affecting the world’s girls. A girl is far more likely to be denied her rights, kept from school, forced to marry and subjected to violence – her voice undervalued, if it’s heard at all. This assault on childhood also deprives nations of the energy and talent they need to progress.

At the current rate of change, it will take over 200 years [1]  to achieve gender equality, and that’s just in the U.S. This is unacceptable. Together, we can create a more equal world, right from the start. Make a one-time donation to the Children's Emergency Fund or join Team Tomorrow to connect with the causes you care about - like  inequality - through your monthly donation.

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In Nepal, a girl stands outside in a rural farm landscape.

What is gender discrimination?

Gender discrimination means any exclusion or restriction made on the basis of gender that creates barriers for girls, boys, women and/or men in recognizing, enjoying or exercising their full and equal human rights.

What is gender inequality?

Gender inequality is discrimination on the basis of sex or gender causing one sex or gender to be routinely privileged or prioritized over another.

Gender equality is a fundamental human right and that right is violated by gender-based discrimination. Gender disparity starts in childhood and is right now limiting the lifelong potential of children around the world – disproportionately affecting girls.

Around the world, while contexts and gender roles vary from place to place, we can see that gender inequalities occur everywhere; and at every stage of life, beginning with childhood or even before birth. 

At Save the Children, we put gender equality at the heart of everything we do. Our vision is a world in which all people – girls, boys, women and men – have equal rights, responsibilities and opportunities, regardless of gender norms, identities or expressions. A world where everyone is equally recognized, respected and valued.

In Afghanistan, a girl stands on her own while looking pensive.

Is gender discrimination against the law?

Gender discrimination is prohibited under almost every human rights treaty. This includes international laws providing for equal gender rights between men and women, as well as those specifically dedicated to the realization of women’s rights, such as the Convention on the Elimination of Discrimination Against Women [2] – considered the international bill of rights for women.

Federal, state and local laws protect individuals from gender discrimination and gender inequality in the United States. Additionally, it is recognized in both law and policy that promoting gender equality is critical to achieving foreign policy objectives for a more prosperous and peaceful world.

What are the causes of gender inequality?

Gender prejudice and resulting gender discrimination begin in childhood. From the moment they’re born, girls and boys face unequal gender norms  as well as social norms regarding expectations and access to resources and opportunities, with lifelong consequences – in their homes, schools and communities.

For example, the world’s boys are often encouraged to go to school and get an education to prepare for work, while girls carry heavy household responsibilities that keep them from school, increasing the odds of child marriage and pregnancy.

In Ukraine a boy stands outside on a paved area near a yellow building.

What are the effects of gender inequality?

Despite worldwide progress, gender inequality persists. The COVID-19 pandemic has threatened to put years of hard-won progress at risk. Far too many girls, especially those from the poorest families, still face gender discrimination in education, child marriage and pregnancy, sexual violence and unrecognized domestic work. These are some types of gender inequality. 

Gender Inequality Examples:

What is the importance of gender equality?

Gender equality is not only a fundamental human right, but a necessary foundation for a peaceful, prosperous and sustainable future. Eradicating gender issues means a world where women and men, girls and boys all enjoy equal rights, resources, opportunities and protections.

Empowering girls from the start is proven to have lasting and compounding benefits over the course of their lives. When girls are supported to be active in civic and political spaces, in particular, they are empowered with the tools and skills they need to be drivers of positive change in their families and communities. Girls are the experts of their own experiences, priorities and needs, and are powerful catalysts for a world where gender equality flourishes.

Promoting gender equality is also central to ensuring child protection and the fulfillment of child rights, as abuse, neglect, violence against women and exploitation both reflect and reinforce gender inequalities

What are the effects of gender equality on society?

When girls are empowered to lead their lives, speak their minds and determine their futures, everyone benefits. History suggests that when we fight gender oppression, societies are more stable, safe and prosperous, with happier, better educated citizens. 

Investing in gender equality can have large-scale benefits:

In Indonesia, a mother holds her baby who is laughing.

How does Save the Children challenge gender discrimination and promote gender equality?

Gender equality is a basic right for all people, including both girls and boys. Based on this understanding, Save the Children believes that it is critical to directly address gender discrimination and gender inequality in order to ensure that no harm comes to children, and to advance our vision for a world where every child attains their equal right to grow up healthy, educated and safe.

A focus on gender equality is essential to close inequality gaps and ensure that we reach every last child, including those who are most vulnerable. Gender inequalities intersect with and exacerbate other factors contributing to vulnerability, including age, race, socio-economic class, gender identity, geography, health status and ability.

To build a more equal, inclusive future, free from gender discrimination, we need to start in childhood. Thanks to supporters like you, Save the Children reaches hundreds of millions of children every year, promoting gender equality and empowering girls, right from the start.

Promoting gender equality works! Since 2000, Save the Children helped achieve a 25% decline in child marriage worldwide, empowering 11 million girls to stay in school or transition to work, deciding for themselves when they’re ready for marriage and motherhood.

In addition, Save the Children is proud to be the first nonprofit to be Gender Fair-certified for our commitment to advancing gender equality and empowering the world’s girls.

[1] Equality Can't Wait  |  [2]  U.N Women |  [3] Child Labour Position

**Sources: Unless otherwise noted, gender inequality facts and gender inequality statistics have been sourced from Save the Children’s program and monitoring and evaluation experts, as well as  published reports , including our  gender equality reports .

You can help challenge gender discrimination as a monthly donor!

When you support Save the Children – whether it’s by donating, advocating or participating in an event challenge – you challenge gender discrimination and gender inequality around the world, helping bridge the gap between the challenges girls face and the futures they deserve. You’re helping ensure all children have equal opportunities to grow up healthy, educated and safe.

Join  Team Tomorrow  to connect with the causes you care about — like inequality — through your monthly donation.


Learn More About the Challenges Girls Face Around the World

“When a girl child is given a chance, she can do what a boy child can do,” says 14-year-old Harriet. In a refugee settlement in Uganda this confident, smiling student is showing just what girls are capable of.When Harriet’s family were forced to flee South Sudan, she was afraid she would never get back to school. But then she joined our Accelerated Learning Programme for child refugees – and her learning took off.Now, Harriet’s caught up on the education she missed, and is doing brilliantly at school. She’s even been chosen as Head Girl by the other pupils. This top student is determined to become a lawyer, and make life better for people in South Sudan. “I’m going to change the world!” she says.Harriet’s working hard to create opportunities for other girls, too. By writing songs and plays about gender equality, she’s changing perceptions of what girls can do. She sings: “Our girls are driving, our girls get salaries. Society benefits, our nation benefits.’ It’s clear Harriet’s building a bright future, and not just for herself.

International Women's Day

Save the Children advocates for girls and women around the world. Together, we celebrate women’s achievements and press for progress on gender equity.

In Afghanistan, a female teachers stands in front of a room filled with girls and boys.

A teacher in Afghanistan shares what the ban on female aid workers means for woman and girls

Without our female staff, organizations like Save the Children cannot safely and effectively operate in Afghanistan. That’s because women and girls in our communities can only inte...

A girl wearing a red winter coat stands with her family after crossing the border from Ukraine.

Ukraine Women Share Their Stories from the Border

Women and children have been forced to leave Ukraine as fathers and husbands stay behind to fight. Read stories from mothers on the border seeking safety.

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gender discrimination essay

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gender discrimination essay

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gender discrimination essay

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gender discrimination essay

Essay on Gender Discrimination

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gender discrimination essay

One of the challenges present in today’s society is gender discrimination. Gender discrimination is when someone is treated unequally based on their gender. Gender discrimination is not just present in the workplace but in schools, colleges and communities as well. As per the Civil Rights Act of 1964,  gender discrimination is illegal in India. This is also an important and common essay topic in schools and competitive exams such as IELTS , TOEFL , SAT , UPSC , etc. Let’s explore some samples of essay on gender discrimination and tips for writing an impactful essay.

Tips for Writing an Impactful Essay

If you want to write a scoring and deep impact essay, here are some tips for writing a perfect informative essay:

Essay on Gender Discrimination in 200 Words

One of the important aspects of a democratic society is the elimination of gender discrimination. The root cause of this vigorous disease is the stereotypical society itself. When a child is born, the discrimination begins; if the child is male, he is given a car, bat and ball with blue, and red colour clothes, whereas when a child is female, she is given barbie dolls with pink clothes. We all are raised with a mentality that boys are good at sports and messy, but girls are not good at sports and are well organised. This discriminatory mentality has a deeper impact when girls are told not to work while boys are allowed to do much work. This categorising males and females into different categories discriminating based on gender are known as gender discrimination. Further, this discriminatory behaviour in society leads to hatred, injustice and much more. This gender discrimination is evident in every woman’s life at the workplace, in educational institutions, in sports, etc., where young girls and women are deprived of their rights and undervalued. This major issue prevailing in society can be solved only by providing equality to women and giving them all rights as given to men.

Essay on Gender Discrimination in 300 Words 

Gender Discrimination, as the term signifies, is discrimination or discriminatory behaviour based on gender. The stereotypical mindset of people in the past has led to the discrimination that women face today. According to Kahle Wolfe, in 2015, women earned 83% of the income paid to men by working the same hours. Almost all women are not only discriminated against based on their salaries but also on their looks.

Further, most women are allowed to follow a certain dress code depending upon the work field and the dress women wear also decides their future career.

This dominant male society teaches males that women are weak and innocent. Thus women are mostly victims and are targeted in crimes. For example, In a large portion of the globe, women are blamed for rapes despite being victims because of their clothes. This society also portrays women as weaker and not eligible enough to take a stand for themselves, leading to the major destruction of women’s personalities as men are taught to let women down. This mindset of people nowadays is a major social justice issue leading to gender discrimination in society.

Further, gender-based discrimination is evident across the globe in a plethora of things, including sports, education, health and law. Every 1 out of 3 women in the world is abused in various forms at some point in their lives by men. This social evil is present in most parts of the world; in India, women are burnt to death if they are incapable of affording financial requirements; in Egypt, women are killed by society if they are sensed doing something unclean in or out of their families, whereas in South Africa baby girls are abandoned or killed as they are considered as burden for the family. Thus gender discrimination can be only eliminated from society by educating people about giving equal rights and respect to every gender.

Top Universities for Gender Studies Abroad

UK, Canada and USA are the top three countries to study gender studies abroad. Here’s the list of top universities you can consider if you planning to pursue gender studies course abroad: 

We hope this blog has helped you in structuring a terrific essay on gender discrimination. Planning to ace your IELTS, get expert tips from coaches at Leverage Live by Leverage Edu .

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Sonal is a creative, enthusiastic writer and editor who has worked extensively for the Study Abroad domain. She splits her time between shooting fun insta reels and learning new tools for content marketing. If she is missing from her desk, you can find her with a group of people cracking silly jokes or petting neighbourhood dogs.

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gender discrimination essay

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gender discrimination essay

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gender discrimination essay

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gender discrimination essay

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gender discrimination essay

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gender discrimination essay

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gender discrimination essay

Essays on Gender Discrimination

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gender discrimination essay

Gender Discrimination Essay

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500+ Words Essay on Gender Discrimination

Gender discrimination is the difference in treatment of a person based on sex that puts the individual at a disadvantage or limits his or her access to opportunities that are available to other members of society. Gender discrimination is a characteristic of most societies, with males on average better positioned in social, economic, and political hierarchies. For more than two decades, gender discrimination continues and still exists in society. With this essay on Gender Discrimination, students will understand how it is impacting our society and limiting women’s potential. Also, in the end, we have suggested a few steps to eliminate gender discrimination. Students can practise essays on similar topics to master their essay-writing skills.

Factors Responsible for Gender Discrimination

The work done by women is not valued and does not get any recognition. It is considered that the main responsibility of women is to do household work and bring up the children. In most families, women do all work related to the home, such as cleaning, cooking, washing clothes, ironing, tailoring, looking after children, etc. Whereas, men go to the office and do outdoor work to earn their livelihood. Although women constitute half of humanity, their role in public life is minimal in most societies.

The primary cause of gender discrimination is illiteracy. People who are not educated continue to follow the old practices in the name of traditions and culture. They are not allowing women to go outside the home and become independent. This mindset of the people can be changed by educating them. Apart from educating the people, there is a need to educate girls and women to become aware of their rights. Girls are not given the opportunity to study. In India, there are few girls who go to schools, and among them, there are fewer who complete their secondary education. Only a few of them get the opportunity for higher education and graduation.

Due to a lack of knowledge and education qualifications, girls and women could not find suitable jobs for themselves. Because of this they have to be financially dependent on the male partner for money. They also don’t have power and decision-making capability in their homes. Whatever is decided by the male members of the family, they have to follow that. Women who get the chance to work are underpaid, and they do not get a salary equal to their male counterparts.

Steps to Eliminate Gender Discrimination

India is a male-dominated, patriarchal society. So, it becomes crucial that we make special laws and rules that favour women, so they get equal treatment in society. The Government of India introduced various programmes, policies and practices to ensure equal rights and opportunities for women in family, community, workplace and in governance. The Constitution of India also conveys a powerful mandate for equality and the right of women in its preambles, fundamental rights and duties.

After so much effort by the government, gender discrimination still continues in many places. It is the responsibility of each citizen to stop gender discrimination wherever they notice it. We should save the girl child and celebrate its birth. Then only the practice of female foeticide will be completely banned in India. We must educate her and teach her to become independent. We should make the environment and surroundings safe for girls and women, whether it is a public place or a workplace. Now, women are seen in every field and sector. They are working as scientists, doctors, engineers, lawyers, managers, college and university teachers, and in various other professions which were earlier not considered suitable for women. So, it’s our responsibility to boost their confidence and help them utilise their full potential. We should provide special facilities such as maternity, child care and menstrual leave to make it easier for them to work.

We hope this essay must have helped students to understand all the aspects of gender discrimination in society. They must keep studying and preparing for their exams with BYJU’S.

Frequently asked Questions on Gender discrimination Essay

Is gender discrimination still an existing issue.

Yes, gender discrimination does exist in several parts of the world even today.

How can we raise children without gender discrimination?

Children should be brought up sensitised to such societal issues. Also, make sure that a son and a daughter are treated the same way in a household

What role do teachers play to control this indiscrimination?

Teachers should not act biased towards any particular gender. They should award marks to students only based on their performance in the exams.

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gender discrimination essay

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