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Family Definition Essay

The Utopian white-picket-fence family has had a major influence on the way in which we now visualize the nuclear family. A traditional family consists of a dominant, breadwinning father, and a submissive, caretaking mother who holds the preponderance regarding the well-being of the children. Women were considered secondary to men and treated as dependents. As our modern civilization refines, gender normalities are no longer rigorously binding. The modification instilled in regards to the treatment of women in households within the last few decades has truly demonstrated the breakthrough we’ve made as humanity. In this essay, we will continue to explore the abolishment of the nuclear family and will break down the injustice women continue to experience in their everyday lives.

Over the past few generations, the dynamic of the family environment has majorly changed. According to David Popenoe, there has been an alarming decline in the family’s structure and functions in society. By definition, “the family” is essentially described as a process, and system influenced by every member within. In the past, the well-known nuclear family has had difficulties being understood and balanced within the household. The distribution of tasks given to the wife compared to the husband has demonstrated inequality and superiority. Social changes in correlation to the growth and advancement of standards will increase the overall impact on the family and its functions. The position of social norms strictly underlining the importance of individuality for the pure fulfillment of humans has, in conclusion, weakened the social institution of the family.

One of the main roles of family, no matter where they are located or how they’re constructed, is to teach and transfer the moral and social values of modern life. Work values are normally stemmed from the influence that your parents sprung upon you. Extrinsic rewards are sometimes described as achieving non-work-related goals. Motherhood in terms of extrinsic values is all reliant on her marital status. A parent’s work values and orientation may have a direct effect on the potential livelihood of their children. One could argue that marriage may increase the financial capabilities and responsibilities of men and reduce those of women; therefore, making women more financially dependent on their husbands. It is important to be knowledgeable about this topic so it can ensure that women have the capabilities to survive without a man if that’s what her life holds for her.

In the course of the early 1970s and early 1980s, there was a large escalation in pro-feminist views of mother roles among both women and men. Diverse family forms are being introduced, and the social liberation of women over the past few decades has become contrary to the nuclear “male breadwinner” normality. The wives were held secondary to their husbands in all dynamics. The mother’s responsibilities stemmed from caring for the children, cooking, and cleaning. Mothers almost always hold the most responsibility to improve the well-being of men and their children. Meanwhile, the fathers were solely responsible for working and providing for the family. Gender inequality was the norm, hegemonic masculinity was practiced throughout society; which overall, encouraged hypermasculinity among males, therefore, subsiding the needs and wants of women.

family definition essay conclusion

In a nuclear family in which mothers are unemployed, fathers spend about ¼ of their time with their children. Many fathers have almost no responsibility when it comes to raising their children. In families with employed mothers, parental activity is much higher. In the past, fathers were responsible for assuring their children grew up with values. When the father-son relationship is strong, studies show an increased sense of masculinity in the boy. Father groups give the opportunity for men to engage with their children, without the participation of the children’s mothers. Involvement in ‘fun’ activities may be more enjoyable or easier parts of parenting and childcare, women acknowledge the importance of this time for men to be with the children. This action held the purpose of creating an opportunity for men to engage with other men in ways divergent from perceived norms for men, which can strengthen “manhood”. Absent fathers have been known to cause distraught in the development of the child. Not only because a sex role model is not present, but because certain roles are now unfulfilled. The importance of the fatherly role in a child’s life will make or break their capabilities of living a “typical” livelihood. The income that men with wives accumulated in the employment gain, or from the various females in the household may have increased men’s support and willingness to fight for gender equality. There was once an unspoken fear that there would be an imbalance within the family if the mother went off to work. When using the word work which refers to paid employment, this implies that women’s domestic responsibilities are not considered work. This is important as it ties into the conversation of shared responsibilities within a household and the discredit women are constantly faced with. Taking initiative within a household can potentially “cancel” gender and create positive effects on families.

During the 1960s, the feminist movement outbreak occurred. This included numerous amounts of political campaigns to help fight against the various issues women face: domestic violence, labor rights, sexual harassment, and more. The goal of this rebellion was to end colonial powers and gain independence for a national group and to end oppression. The first-wave feminism focused on legal issues and mainly emphasized women’s right to vote. The second-wave feminism focused on the suffrage of women and gender equality (in the workplace, family life, etc.). Lastly, third-wave feminism expands on the topic of feminism and the diversity of women. The feminist outbreak is known for being comparable with radical feminism because both had the objective of freeing members of society and leading them to a better and more liberated lifestyle. Overall, the feminist movement was very successful as it granted women a lot more liberation and righteousness.

In the 21st century, the livelihood of individuals regarding the way in which they live would be completely shunned in the past. But, as a society, we significantly matured our outlook and have worked together to destroy injustices and misogyny against women. Modernization has led to noticeable changes in terms of marriage, divorce, gender roles, and one-parent families. Now, both parents have the ability to work and in some cases, the wives end up being the “bread-winners” for their family. Women have the ability to work in parliament and use their voices to speak on modern issues in society. Mindsets relating to marriage have shifted exponentially since the introduction of divorce in 1997. There has been an adjustment in the typical related marriage and living patterns. In the past, if a man and woman lived together without being married they were said to be living in sin or if same-sex individuals had romantic relations together, they would be deemed to hell. In modern days society, we welcome the LGBTQ+ community and same-sex marriage has been legal in Canada since 2005. We have successfully dismantled stereotypes and have become a melting pot of diversity. There are various types of families out there who equally share the same amount of love: adoptive, single-parent, co-parents, same-sex couples, etc.

In conclusion, within the past few decades, our society has made major progress in regard to the fight for female equality. We’ve come to be a more inclusive generation who strides towards being open-minded and educated on topics at hand. From the 1960s to 2019 we’ve made a complete 180 turn on how women are treated in the workplace, in their family life, and within society as a whole. The nuclear family and modern-day family are complete opposites in every demeanor. This has made a long-term positive change in the treatment of family members. Therefore, the abolition of the nuclear family has subsided the judgmental livelihoods that some individuals have pressured onto others and gave all parties the willingness to live their best lives to their full potential.

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How to Write a Definition Essay: Writing Guide with Sample Essays

family definition essay conclusion

What Is a Definition Essay?

This type of paper involves writing a formal explanation of one specific word. It is important to note that this is an essay, which means you most likely cannot pick a simple term that can be described in a few words.

A definition essay is meant to describe a complex term that has significant background and historical origin, and is a relatable term. The word “love” is an excellent example of such a term — as it is seemingly impossible to explain this concept very briefly. This gives us room to write a definition essay about it, which would give it an accurate representation.

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Types of Definitions Commonly Used in Essays

So, you have found an exciting term with a complex background worth delving into? Before you decide to make it the subject for your definition essay, consider what you can do with it.

Here are some ways to approach your definition essay from our rewrite essay service :

Interesting Topics

Now that you have an understanding of what a definition essay is, it is time to choose your topic. It is important to consider an interesting topic that grabs your reader’s attention. Your intention is to make the topic catchy, so that the reader does not think of it as mundane, and will keep reading. Our dissertation writing help has some topics for you to consider, which are grouped by general categories. Feel free to pick any of them and twist it around if you need to.

Definition Essay on Love

Love is the most wonderful feeling there is. Talking about love, especially defining it, can be a very challenging task, so brace yourself and take a look at these topics we suggest. Despite the complexity of the matter, a definition essay on love is the most popular subject when it comes to defining terms in academic papers.

Happiness Definition Essay

At some point, everyone in their lives feels happy. Whether it is just a short moment or a continuous feeling, it is known as a strong emotion that makes life worth living. A happiness definition essay is a good option to consider because it is familiar and relatable.

Family Definition Essay

In a family definition essay, you can either define some family values, its members, or other related things. It is a very versatile topic because it is relatable to any reader out there. Make it sound personal and include the family traditions and values you hold most dear, in order to achieve the expected result.

Freedom Definition Essay

Freedom has many disguises: freedom of choice, freedom of speech, and free will. In an essay about freedom you are given an opportunity not only to define it, but also argue about having too much or too little of it, or to discuss freedom in various settings and societies. A freedom definition essay is a popular assignment in US schools. You may combine history and culture to succeed with this one.

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Easy Definition Essay Topics

When you are in doubt which topic to choose—because they all seem too complicated—refer to our list of easy topics. They allow you to talk about things you are very familiar with as a college student; writing them will be a piece of cake.

Extended Definition Essay Topics

In the extended definition essay topics, you should discuss words with broad meanings only. Avoid terms with a single interpretation. These topics allow you to have a very elaborate argument with a broad spectrum of ideas.

Definition Essay Ideas for Business

Majoring in Business? Here is a wide range of essays that will be easy and interesting for you to write about. Even if it is not the case, economics, business, and e-commerce have plenty of interesting terms to explain. Some of the best ideas include:

Definition Essay Ideas for Science & IT

Here are some bonus definition topics related to information technology & science. They might be useful if you like to discuss innovations and forecasts for the future.

These are just some common examples of definition essay topics, questions that are commonly asked on tests, and coursework assignments. The goal here is to pick the best essay topic, that as a student, you feel most comfortable explaining and portraying.

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Pre-Writing Steps

Here is the guide from our custom essay service on how to write a definition essay.

steps definition essay

1. Choosing a Proper Term ‍

When choosing a topic, it is necessary to choose a word that is not simple, and does not have a solid precise definition. A word with a concrete meaning will not give you much room to write about. When your word has an abstract meaning, it is possible to write a lot about it. The terms that should not be used for a definition essay are nouns referring to a person or a place. It is easy to define and describe them, but these topics do not have a lot of potential.

✅Term "Writing"

⛔️Term "Pencil"

2. The Word Should Be Multi-Dimensional ‍

This means that you need to choose a word that has different meanings for different people. For example, the word “love” has different feelings and associations for everyone. A definition essay can be a very subjective endeavour, as it allows a writer to showcase their own interpretation on the matter. Although, you should stay away from the meaning that everyone else has of your subject, as it might only be confirming the feelings and knowledge of other people—presenting no new arguments. ‍

✅Terms "Hello" or "Telephone"

⛔️Term "Desk"

3. Choose a Word That You Know Well ‍

Writing an essay on a word you simply picked up from a dictionary is extremely difficult. You need to have personal experience related to it, or good knowledge of the word you are defining. It is always better to choose a word that you are familiar with. This gives you leverage to be able to elaborate on the matter and show your credibility as an author.

✅Term "Intimacy"

⛔️Term "Thermodynamics"

4. Use the Word’s Background History ‍

The origin, or etymology, of a word has some historical reason for being what it is. Make sure you familiarize your readers with that, as it has a very significant role in the word’s current usage. Explore the history of the term using dictionaries, and online resources, to elaborate on the general definition. Publish your findings in your definition paper.

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Definition Essay Outline

Every essay should be written in the classic Intro-Body-Conclusion format. According to the definition essay structure, the introduction should address the central question with a thesis statement.

Your outline is a draft for your actual paper, so it has to be planned out extremely carefully. You need to include your main points and highlights as a building blocks for your paper. Your outline will aid you in creating a well-organized essay, and will ensure its high quality.

Depending on the term, however, the body of a definition essay outline may vary in length and should include all of the points made by the writer. The conclusion should summarize all the main ideas, and suggest possible future associations with the word.


In a definition essay, the introduction has two goals. You must give a standard, or the most common, explanation of the term. You can do so by searching for it in a dictionary, or simply on the web. If a word has multiple meanings, it is wise to choose the one that suits your ideas the most and go on from that. As with any other essay, you need to have an “attention grabber” to make sure that your reader is interested and eager to proceed reading your essay. It can be a famous quote, a joke, statistics, information, or simply a fun fact about your term.

Next, move to your thesis statement—while keeping the initial meaning of the word in mind. It is important to stick to this strategy to not confuse the reader, and have a logical coherent flow to your paper.

Thesis Statement

Your thesis statement is a part of the introduction. For a definition paper, the thesis is your version of what the term means. This can be a mix of the standard explanation, your personal experiences, and your interpretation style. Keep it short; do not try to describe too much in this section. This is where you transition into the body of the paper.

Body Paragraphs

Usually, there are three body paragraphs in a definition essay. We suggest you organize them the following way:

An example of a good body paragraph structure:

Break down the term into its core parts in the body of your essay. Analyze the term from different angles and provide a relevant explanation. More than three paragraphs may be necessary, depending on the nature of your assignment.

Although, feel free to alter this format anyway that suits your word better, as, depending on the complexity of your word, you can add more paragraphs, or switch the order around.

Keep in mind, that as a writer of a definition essay, you need to jot down all the expansive definitions available to you to give the reader the full array of your term’s beauty and depth. It is your job to do extensive research and fully understand it. You need to support your claims with examples, as well as give your opinion and share the experiences you might have had.

Keep the conclusion simple. The main goal here is to summarize the main points of your argument. Rephrase your thesis, as well as the main parts of the explanation, and sum up everything you said in the body of your definition paper.

The last thing that should be mentioned in your definition paper outline is how this term has impacted you. If you were, for example, writing about the concept of love, you can say that being in love, and expressing that love to another person, made you more compassionate. It changed your character in a positive way and showed you new side of yourself. Usually, before even writing an essay, there is a reason a specific word is picked, and part of the reason has to do with personal experience—in this case, falling in love.

How to Write a Definition Essay: Video Guide

Now, take a break from all the reading and thinking, kick back and watch our awesome video from our research paper writer . It will give you useful tips for picking your topic and for writing an excellent definition essay. You might want to take notes to make sure you get everything you can out of it.

Post-Writing Tips

Now, we would like to give you some tips on what to do after you are done with your paper.

definition essay tips

If you need a hand in nursing essay writing, or physics help, or any other writing /proofreading services, leave us a message.

Definition Essay Examples

Here are some samples of definition paragraph examples for college. Pay attention to the structure of these papers. Any of these definition essay examples can also be used as a definition essay template, if you wish to have the same structure and format for your paper.

Different people have different definitions of success. In order to critically define the real meaning of success – perhaps the first and most significant recognition which any person can make – is that no single defined formula exists which outlines the way to personal success.
The term hero has been in social use for the longest time in history. The main characters of most fairy tales, such as Disney productions, revolve around the title. People use the term hero as a compliment in different contexts.

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Family Definition Essay | Short and Long Essay on Family Definition in English

July 31, 2021 by Prasanna

Family Definition Essay: “Family” is exceptional, extraordinary, and disputable among various societies and identities. A family is any gathering of people firmly related by blood, as guardians, youngsters, uncles, aunties, and cousins. Family isn’t characterized or limited by blood relations. To me, a family is just a gathering of individuals, who loves, supports, and helps each other genuinely, and perpetually. Hence, a family joins its individuals through the solid bonds and connections framed when individuals meet up. Family in a more restricted design expressing, a fundamental social unit comprising of guardians and their kids, considered collectively, if staying together.

Some may concur that family is love, joy, and companionship; while others may say it is an outrage, torment, and harm. Family isn’t generally blood-related however they comprise of individuals in your everyday routine who need you in their experiences and who will successfully see you grin and who will consistently adore you unequivocally.

You can read more  Essay Writing  about articles, events, people, sports, technology many more.

Short Essay on Family Definition 300 Words in English

We all have families. They are huge, little, cheerful, or not extremely glad. Regardless – family is the main part of our life. Individuals live in families-their folks, youngsters, granddads and grandmas. Individuals who have large families are a lot more joyful, as their relatives are likewise their dearest companions. The significance of family comes from the old occasions. Our families show us the main things in our lives. From these issues, our perspective is being framed, just as our propensities, customs and customs. The meaning of family is diverse for every one of us. Nonetheless, every one of us will name something two or three normal highlights, of what we consider to be a family. Most importantly, family – is a gathering of people, associated with direct relations. It is likewise a gathering of individuals, associated by specific traditions, propensities and conditions.

Our family is the main thing on the planet, in light of the fact that our relatives are the solitary individuals we can depend on in any circumstance. The more grounded our families are, the more grounded is our general public. The entire world is pivoting the family, as it involves a significant job in the existence of the entire society.

Our folks are individuals, who gave us our lives. We should adore and take care of them, just as to shield them from the negative parts of our regular day-to-day existence. Our grandparents are the tops of the family, as they are savvy and cunning, and they are sharing their valuable beneficial involvement in us. Our siblings and sisters are our dearest companions, who will uphold us in any circumstance. Our kids resemble our mirrors. They will act in the manner in which we will educate them. In any case, to fabricated cheerful in fruitful family, we need to recall, that during our life, we will have each impact: youngsters, guardians, grandparents. All together for our families to be content, we need to give a valiant effort to include great relationships inside the family and be certain that together we will adapt to any issue, as just together we are solid!

Family Definition

Long Essay on Family Definition 500 Words in English

At the point when one considers family, the main implying that rings a bell is: “Family is a gathering of individuals that comprises of guardians, kids and their family members.” obviously, every individual characterizes family in an unexpected way. In any case, the thing that matters is just in the words utilized, however, the central importance stays as before. As I would like to think, family is the main thing that one has throughout everyday life since it impacts kids who are the eventual fate of the world, it is the lone thing one can depend on, and it is the thing that comprises society.

Importance of Family

To start with, the way that the family assumes a gigantic part in one’s life by impacting kids gives the family an indispensable significance. Since youngsters are the future, whatever the family instills in them could be crucial.”How would we be able to best guarantee that kids will grow up into effective adulthood?” By teaching great ethics, standards, and qualities in kids, the family is building a future that is idealistic, brilliant and ready for anything. How might one envision a reality where youngsters have no ethics, standards, or qualities? It would not be right, fiendish, and revolting.

Second, having the option to depend on one’s family is another motivation behind why the family is vital. The main individual one goes to in a difficult situation, torment or even delight and bliss in the family. Whatever the issue is, guardians are consistently there for their kids. Individuals have a sense of security inside their families where they discover love, care and comprehension. One could never be double-crossed by his family, regardless of his societal position is. Regardless of whether an individual is rich or poor, wiped out or solid, glad or hopeless, his family won’t ever abandon him.

Third, the way that the family is the mainstay of the general public gives it a significantly greater worth. This implies that having a decent society relies totally upon how solid the families are. In the event that the family is steady and sound, the general public is steady and solid. For example, having a family that has such significant qualities as resilience and understanding outcomes in having a lenient and understanding society as a result. However, in the event that then again the family tells kids that lying is an OK make a difference to do, it would bring about telling the entire society it is so. Obviously, on the off chance that one can lie, he can take, and assuming one can take, he can kill. Along these lines, if the family is wiped out and unfortunate, the entire society is debilitated and undesirable.

To summarize, I accept that everything pivots the family. The family here could be the guardians and family members just as the companions and climate. It is difficult to envision one’s existence without a family, since it is the thing that forms our future, what we can depend on, and it is the pith of the general public.

FAQ’s on Family Definition Essay

Question 1. What is the definition of family?

Answer: A family is a group of people that include our parents, grandparents, uncles, aunts, brothers, sisters, cousins, who belong to the same ancestors and are related to each other by blood or marriage.

Question 2. Why family is important in our life?

Answer: Family assists us with making significant connections in the rest of the world. The adoration we acquire from our families, we give to our autonomous connections. In addition, families show us better correspondence. At the point when we invest energy with our families and love one another and convey straightforwardly, we make a superior future for us.

Definition Essay

Barbara P

Definition Essay - Writing Guide, Examples and Tips

Published on: Oct 9, 2020

Last updated on: Jan 3, 2023

definition essay writing

On This Page On This Page

A definition essay is a writing type that is often assigned to students for their academics. Whether you are a high school student or a college student, you will have to write this assignment professionally.

Like every other formal document, a definition essay follows a proper writing procedure and structure to be effective. This article is written to study that process and structure in detail.

Continue reading to learn the correct formation of a definition essay.

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What is a Definition Essay?

Just as the name suggests, a definition essay defines and explains a term or a concept. Unlike a narrative essay, the purpose of writing this essay is only to inform the readers.

Writing this essay type can be deceivingly tricky. Some terms, concepts, and objects have concrete definitions when explained. In contrast others are solely based on the writer’s understanding and point of view.

A definition essay requires a writer to use different approaches when discussing a term. These approaches are the following:

A single or combination of approaches can be used in the essay. A definition essay presents a detailed and lengthy explanation to inform the audience effectively. If you are not assigned a topic for this essay, choose something that can be described comprehensively.

How to Write a Definition Essay?

Writing a definition essay is simple if you know the correct procedure. This essay, like all the other formal pieces of documents, requires substantial planning and effective execution.

The following are the steps involved in writing a definition essay effectively:

Instead of choosing a term that has a concrete definition available, pick a complicated word. The complex expressions have abstract concepts that require a writer to explore deeper. Moreover, make sure that the term selected is perceived differently by different people.

Once you have a word to draft your definition essay for, read the dictionary. These academic definitions are important as you can use them to compare your understanding with the official concept.

Experts suggest not to finalize a term that you are not familiar with. Drafting a definition essay is about stating the dictionary meaning and your explanation of the concept. So the writer needs to have some information about the term.

In addition to this, when exploring the term, make sure to check the term’s origin. The history of the word can make you discuss it in a better way.

Coming up with an exciting title for your essay is important. The essay topic will be the first thing that your readers will witness, so it should be catchy.

Creatively draft an essay topic that reflects meaning. In addition to this, the usage of the term in the title should be correctly done. The readers should get an idea of what the essay is about and what to expect from the document.

Now that you have a topic in hand, it is time to gather some relevant information. A definition essay is more than a mere explanation of the term. It represents the writer’s perception of the chosen term and the topic.

So having only personal knowledge will not be enough to defend your point. Deeply research and gather information consulting credible sources.

The gathered information needs to be organized to be understandable. The raw data needs to be arranged to give a structure to the content. A definition essay can be written using the traditional essay outline in which the entire content is divided into three sections:

The audience needs a clear and structured presentation of the information to stay focused and motivated. Moreover, an outline brings a flow in the text that smoothly takes the audience from the introduction to the conclusion.

Drafting each section correctly is a daunting task. Understanding what or what not to include in these sections requires a writer to choose wisely.

The starting of your essay matters a lot. If it is on point and attractive, the readers will want to read the text. As the first part of the essay is the introduction, it is considered the first impression of your essay.

To write your definition essay introduction effectively, include the following information:

After briefly introducing the topic, fully explain it in the body section. Provide all the details and evidence that will support the thesis statement. To draft this section professionally, add the following information:

Once all the details are shared, give closure to your discussion. The last paragraph of the definition essay is the conclusion. The writer sums up his conversation and provides an insight into the topic as a conclusion.

The concluding paragraphs include the following material:

Although the writing process ends with the concluding paragraph, there is an additional step. It is important to proofread the essay once you are done writing. Proofread and revise your document a couple of times to make sure everything is perfect.

Before submitting your assignment, make edits, and fix all mistakes and errors.

Definition Essay Examples

It is important to go through some examples and samples before writing an essay. This is to understand the writing process and structure of the assigned task well.

Following are some definition essay examples to give our students a better idea of the concept.

Understanding the Definition Essay

Definition Essay Example

Definition Essay Topics

Selecting the right topic is challenging for other essay types. However, picking a suitable theme for a definition essay is equally tricky yet important. Pick an interesting subject to ensure maximum readership.

If you are facing writer’s block, here is a list of some great definition essay topics for your help. Choose from the list below and draft a compelling essay.

Definition Essay Writing Tips

Knowing the correct writing procedure is not enough if you are not aware of the essay’s small technicalities. To help students write a definition essay effortlessly, expert writers of have gathered some simple tips.

These easy tips will make your assignment writing phase easy.

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Drafting essays are that essential part of all academic levels that can not be avoided. The only way to achieve better grades is to draft these essays correctly.

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Family Definition Essay

family definition essay conclusion

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Definition essay on family.

You can pick your nose, you can pick your friends, but you can’t pick your family.Your family will always be there for you. You love your family and your family loves you. These are the words that filled my little ears constantly; they are still preached on holidays where I’m surrounded by people who share the same bloodline as me. Your household: mom, dad, siblings; then your grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins. The people that watched your shoe size get bigger and begged for school photos every spring and fall. In reality, a ‘family’ is not always big or happy; family isn’t always blood relation. The definition of ‘family’ is never tested too much because it is always assumed as the people you are biologically related to, however, a family is whatever you desire it to be. There…

Definition of a Family

Defining a family is difficult because many different people have many different ideas on what a family is and is not, there is no right or wrong answer, its all about others perspectives. Since many people have many views on what a family is, there is no set definition. Vanier institute claims that a family is 2 or more people bound together over time and mutual consent, while in 1949 Murdock defined a family as a couple that is sexually active and have one or more children. Later in 1971, Burgess et al defined a family as “a group of persons united by the ties of marriage, blood or adoption” and Social Science defined a family as a group of “individuals who are related by affection, kinship, dependency or trust.” All these different people have had a different idea on what families are, but are any of them wrong? When reading each definition, I only found one similarity, a family is at least two people who are together. So is it possible that that has become what a family is?…

Family Unit Essay

When I think of the word “Family”, I take in everything from my life to think of an answer. My definition of family is anyone who will be there for you through the rough times. They don’t necessarily have to be blood related, though this is the common thought when thinking about family, but they just have to be there for you. The official definition of family is the most basic unit of civilization in organized life. Experts define family in two ways. The first way is nuclear family; those included in this group are mothers, fathers, sisters and/or brothers. The second way is extended family. These people are like grandparents, aunts, and uncles. Like I mentioned above this is how experts define family, not common people.…

Definition of Family

There are many different types of families which exist in various cultures. Each person will define family according to their cultural standards. Oxford Dictionary defines family as a set that includes parents and children that all live together in one household. Family also includes a group of people related to one another by blood or marriage.…

Everyone has their own definition of what the word “family” means. Some people have good family traits and some have bad family traits. The real question is what does the word family mean to you? Hopefully after reading this you start paying attention more to what the word family means more often.…

Selfishness In The Piano Lessons

Family is a word that can mean many different things. Family can refer to a group of people that live under one roof. Family can also be people who are kin to each other. Other definitions say that family does not necessarily have to be related as long as they share a common…

Family has many different meanings; one of its definitions from Merriam Webster Dictionary is “a group of people united by certain convictions or a common affiliation.”You can be in a family because you are all related by blood, but you can also be an acting part of a family because you are all united. The unit of people known as family doesn’t have to be related physically, just in purpose. Family has grown and changed throughout the years and as of now there are many different kinds of family.…

Family Attachment

When looking up the definition of family I found this definition “A group consisting of parents and children living together in a household.” ( I think this barely scratches the surface of what a family actually is.…

'Family' is a single word, with many different meanings. People have many ways of defining a family and what being a part of a family means to them. Families differ in terms of economic, cultural, social, and many other facets. But every family has one definite thing in common: the people who call it a family are clear that those people in their family are important in some way. My family contains the ones that are truly there for you, that care for you and take your side even through unfathomable odds of success. My family consists of my parents, my siblings, some of my best friends, and some extensive family as well. But your true family does not have to be your blood, it is the one that truly cares for you. Your family might be your best friend, your girlfriend, or even the people you work with. It’s the people you feel most safe with; the ones that have the ability to create a warm and loving surrounding for you.…

Family is defined as a group of people related by blood, marriage, or adoption living together.…

We all have experienced some form of the basic meaning of family stated before. My family is very similar to this in that I’ve grown up with my two parents and my brothers. But I don’t believe that that is the only defining factor of family. Aside from being blood related, we have love and care for one another. And that is what makes up a family.…

4. A family (from Latin: familia) is a group of people affiliated by consanguinity (by recognized birth), affinity (by marriage), or co-residence/shared consumption (see Nurture kinship).. Without a doubt, this definition is acceptable. For me, family is my all, is a road Harbor in my life. When I felt depression, family always give me a support.…

Family Concept

The family, which is the fundamental building block of society, has exhibited a variety of forms throughout the world. Despite this wide variety which socialize human beings into the world 's many cultures and ethnic groups, several global factors have begun to impact families everywhere. These factors include industrialization, urbanization and socialization. This paper will aim to highlight how these global factors, that is urbanization, industrialization and socialization have affected the traditional family. In order to do this, the essay will endeavor to define the concepts traditional family, urbanization, industrialization with a theoretical explanation and socialization. The good and negative factors of these global factors will also be highlighted and finally a conclusion shall be given.…

Family, its meaning, important and functions

Family, what is it? The Thesaurus dictionary defines family as “a primary social group consisting of parents and their offspring.” defines family as “any group of persons closely related by blood, as parents, children, uncles, aunts, and cousins.” Do you agree with it? What is your concept of family? For me, family has more to do with the emotional side because someone might have been adopted, might be an exchange student but still is part of the family.…

Definition and Classification of Family

Dollahite, David C., and Loren D. Marks. "A conceptual model of family and religious processes in highly religious families." Review of Religious Research (2009): 373-391. Web. 25 May 2014…

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family definition essay conclusion

What Is A Family?

The word “family” is unique, special, and controversial among different cultures and ethnicities. As defined by Random House Western Dictionary, a family is “any group of persons closely related by blood, as parents, children, uncles, aunts, and cousins” ( Although the definition from Random House follows the infamous proverb of, “blood is thicker than water,” my definition of family does not. Family is not defined or restricted by blood relations. In my mind, a family is simply a group of people, who loves, supports, and helps each other unconditionally, and endlessly. Regardless of one’s sexual orientation or preference, all families embody these common principles. Thus, a family unites its members through the strong bonds and kinships formed when people come together. (Great intro.) A family traditionally is related by blood. Through marriage , a male and female unite their lives and create new lives by giving birth to children. Procreation allows separate bloods of two completely independent people to intermix giving birth to a new child, which creates new blood and advocates the idea of family defined by Random House Western Dictionary. Although the traditional value and meaning of family still exist in the 21st century, family has begun to change and allowed more variation into what defines a family. (connection between the before and after sentence is a bit choppy) Skepticism makes society unaware of divorce(not clear). People have been ashamed of divorces and shunned those that chose divorce as an alternative method to fix their marriage. Regardless, this shows that the marriage between a man and woman is not always successful. An unsuccessful marriage correlates to an unhappy family. Thus, high di... ... middle of paper ... ...spective” such as a family, which is desired by all (Sullivan 197). (great job here) The idea of family is different from person to person. Regardless of the differences, everyone’s family is unique and special in their own way. No one can judge or discriminate against people for their meaning and interpretation of what a family looks like. For example, family may have two parents; one parent; or no parents (since these are brief phrases, semi-colons shouldn't be used). The variation and differences between families makes culture and society so diverse. Family does not have limitations or boundaries (true). As long as the definition of family contains the qualities of unconditional love, and endless support, help, and guidance; all different families (awk) will be able to succeed and achieve a greater feeling of happiness and a sense of belonging and acceptance.

In this essay, the author

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Definition Essay About Family

Definition essay: the different ways to define a family.

There are many different types of ways to define a family. Many people think that family is considered to be someone who is related to you, but it can be a person or group of people who has always been there for you, who has helped you, who will care for you, and who has made you a better person. Family consists of a group of people who care and look out for each other.

Fad2230 Exam 1 Study Guide

Family: a relationship by blood, marriage, or affection, in which members may cooperate economically, may care for children, & may consider their identity to be intimately connected to the larger group.

Family Stability within the Hispanic Culture Janiece Cantu Our Lady of the Lake

For over centuries, the term family has been specifically used to mean a group of people that consist of two parents and their children. The word is originally from the Latin word Familia, which means household or family. Although this word is known all over the world, it can have a different context to each person. In the United States alone, family can be referred to two adults and their children, a single-parent household, extended relatives, and a structure of more than two parents. Despite how the family structure may look like within a household, it plays a major role in life, either directly or indirectly.

The American Family Where We Are Today By Stephanie Coontz

According to the dictionary family is a group consisting of parents and children living together in a household. Or family is from the descendants of a common ancestor. According to society family is a group, it can be related are not. My definition of family is anyone who is there for you through good and bad, someone who always have your back no matter what. Family is not just blood. However some of the best families are the ones you are not related to.

The Way We Never Were Analysis

I define family by a group of people that communicate on regular basic, care for each other, and love each other unconditionally. I think that I was able to construct that definition when I realized that my “relatives” weren’t related to me at all. And then realized I talk to the people who I was related to all more than the people who were considered “blood”. I’ve never been to a family house where I have considered them perfect, every family has their personal issues as well as their own strength.

Family In Hamlet

What is family? It is defined as “a group of people related to one another by blood or marriage.” Three acclaimed authors: Shakespeare, Pope and Eliot, identify family in many different ways, some that are similar and some that are different from each other. To clearly understand how they all variously define family you need to dive deep into the context of their works. A couple of the authors use a textbook example of family and others create their own idea of the concept.

Lilo & Stitch

Everywhere around the world, in every different culture, people are grouped into families. The word family can be defined as a group of people bound together over time, because of mutual consent, birth and or adoptions/ placement or simply people who consume responsibilities for one other.

Essay about Canadian Family Enetering 21st

Like everything else, "family" has an infinite number of definitions. One definition of family is "any group of people united by marriage, blood or adoption, constituting a single household, interacting and communicating with each other, and creating and maintaining a common culture" (Hales 14). Many contemporary sociologists have expanded this definition to include people whom or may not be related and those who for of their lives live together, satisfying their emotional needs and relating to each other to fulfill wants and desires. Regardless of the definitions, everyone has his or her own idea of what a family is. Some feel that family life "is not what it used to be" and have a very negative view on the

What Is A Family? Essay

The word “family” is unique, special, and controversial among different cultures and ethnicities. As defined by Random House Western Dictionary, a family is “any group of persons closely related by blood, as parents, children, uncles, aunts, and cousins” ( Although the definition from Random House follows the infamous proverb of, “blood is thicker than water,” my definition of family does not. Family is not defined or restricted by blood relations. In my mind, a family is simply a group of people, who loves, supports, and helps each other unconditionally, and endlessly. Regardless of one’s sexual orientation or preference, all families embody these common principles. Thus, a family unites its members through the strong

Defining Family Analysis

For me and most of my classmate, family can be people whom we are related to most times by blood and are present in our lives and supports us. I know this definition is not only flawed but dismissive and cliche because that definition only represent some certain kind of family and not all of them. Google and co might give us a concrete definition of a family but in actuality that definition is flawed because, there isn't any one way to define family but rather the definition of family is drawn by what is not only happening to us but around us and most importantly the advancement of the community/society we live

Definition Essay On Family

Many people have different opinions about what define family. For example, Merriam-Webster Dictionary defines family as “A group of people living together.” I disagree with

Although family means different things to different people. To me, family isn’t who is blood related, but who is always there for you. According to Jagger and Wright from Erera’s article “What is Family?”, “The groupings that are called families are socially

Definition Essay Family

According to the Oxford Dictionary, the word family means a group consisting of parenting and children living together in a household. The word family originated from the Latin word familia and the Latin word famulus. In modern time, the word picks up several meanings, only because of the way it is used.

Reflection on Family

A family can be defined in many ways, but the common denominator in all is the love and fulfillment one gets by being surrounded by family members. Families can sometimes be at odds with each other, but the strain of this type of relationship usually creates an upsetting feeling to the people involved. People want others to rely on, talk to, do things with, share, love, embrace, and be part of. No matter what the family dynamic is the qualities the word family has will remain the same, as time goes by, and life evolves once again for every person living their

Family Function

According to Swartz and Scott (2009), family is defined as a group of people related to each other by blood, marriage, adoption or being sexually open in a relationship. The

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Sample details

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Conclusion Paper (Family Interaction)

Conclusion Paper (Family Interaction)

The topic to be discussed is about the value of effective family communication in a society. This topic was chosen by this student because this student believes that effective communication is what keeps a family closely knitted. Communication is essential for a family in order to nurture love, understanding, respect and self-esteem within the family.

Family is the basic unit of a society (Anderson and Sabatelli, 2007). It is from the family where an individual learn the values and principles of behavior that he/she will carry into the society. If members of a family has conflict caused by not respecting the rights of each other, this could lead to the breakdown of communication. Through effective communication, members of a family will get to know the roles of each member of the family, and come to respect that role. Communication is important in a family because this will bring peace and harmony to the family. With open communication, members of the family will be able to express each own feelings, identify any problems that may arise within the family, and solve the problems that they may encounter everyday.

124 experts online

For communication to be effective in the family, a person must know how to listen first. Listening is the number one factor of effective communication. Listening can not be learned but can be put into practice easily anytime. The first thing a person should do is to keep still and lend an ear to the one talking. Second, he or she must pay attention to what the speaker is saying or talking about. This can be possible by making sure that our mind is clear and on the person talking. Third, we must not jump into reaction that cut off the communication, but instead respond to the communication whether it is between adults, or between adults and child. And most importantly, one must not interrupt the speaker before they are finished talking so as to show respect to the speaker and to the ongoing communication.

Studies show that the self-esteem of a person is build from good communication skills of his or her family. This is due to the fact that with good, effective communication, a person, as a child, will come to and be able to discover his or her capabilities based from what he or she heard from the rest of his or her family. He or she will also develop confidence through the self-esteem he or she has come to possess as this will make the child become aware of his or her worth as a person. Aside from this, good communication skill is significant in maintaining good relationships which is part of healthy living.

In order to develop good communication skills, one must avoid profanity. Profanity is usually a bad language or word that can be taken as insults anytime when used in a communication. This insult can come in the form of words and/or gestures. There are ways to prevent the problem of insult: first, one must think before speaking by choosing the right words one is saying so as not to offend the person one is talking to; second, one should think about the way on how he or she communicate since it is possible that the way one say things can mean the exact opposite of what one intended to; third, a person must think about the message his or her body is saying, or in other word, his or her body language when communicating. An example of this is crossing one’s arms when talking to somebody, as this can send the message that he or she does not care about the communication. Therefore, to avoid the problem of causing insults one must be careful when communicating.

Teaching good communication skills to members of a family is very important. This is due to the fact that effective communication makes family members understand the roles of each other as a family and learn to respect these roles. It brings comfort to the family because each member can express and talk about his or her problems openly whether they would be from home or of the society. Example is the conversation that occurred between a mother and her daughter wherein the daughter is telling her mother about what is happening in their school everyday. If the mother knows how to pay attention, spend time to listen to her daughter’s stories, and can talk to her daughter with love and sincerity, the daughter will feel a sense of belonging which will instill confidence and self-esteem in her that she will carry until she became adult. The daughter will likewise treat her children the same way her mother treated her, when the time comes for the daughter to have her own family.

Good effective communication within a family will also bring togetherness in the family. This is due to the fact that with open communication, each family member will be encourage to seek support with one another, and at the same time rely on each other in times of need. It will also make the members of the family trust each other especially for love and guidance and for financial support in times of crisis. This will also help the family cope with the different issues and problems in life.

Families should be taught to spend time together with their family members in order to encourage and teach good communication skills to their children. Usually solid communication is build around the dining table during dinner. Because of this, families should find or better yet set time to sit together during meals in order to enhance good communication. Parents should also exert effort to spend quality time with their children no matter how busy they are. This can be in the form of outdoor activities or a simple get together bonding while watching television or listening to music as this will serve as an outlet for a relaxing open communication among the family members. Good communication is a very important weapon for parents because it helps decrease the power of negative influence on any members of the family. Most of all, we must also bear in mind that the values and attitudes we learned at home are the very same values and attitudes we will demonstrate when we interact with other people in the society. And this can only be achieved through good, effective communication skills.


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Conclusion Paper (Family Interaction). (2016, Aug 28). Retrieved from

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family definition essay conclusion

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How to Conclude an Essay | Interactive Example

Published on January 24, 2019 by Shona McCombes . Revised on December 6, 2021.

The conclusion is the final paragraph of your essay . A strong conclusion aims to:

Your conclusion should give a sense of closure and completion to your argument, but also show what new questions or possibilities it has opened up.

This conclusion is taken from our annotated essay example , which discusses the history of the Braille system. Hover over each part to see why it’s effective.

Braille paved the way for dramatic cultural changes in the way blind people were treated and the opportunities available to them. Louis Braille’s innovation was to reimagine existing reading systems from a blind perspective, and the success of this invention required sighted teachers to adapt to their students’ reality instead of the other way around. In this sense, Braille helped drive broader social changes in the status of blindness. New accessibility tools provide practical advantages to those who need them, but they can also change the perspectives and attitudes of those who do not.

Table of contents

Step 1: return to your thesis, step 2: review your main points, step 3: show why it matters, what shouldn’t go in the conclusion, more examples of essay conclusions, frequently asked questions about writing an essay conclusion.

To begin your conclusion, signal that the essay is coming to an end by returning to your overall argument.

Don’t just repeat your thesis statement —instead, try to rephrase your argument in a way that shows how it has been developed since the introduction.

Next, remind the reader of the main points that you used to support your argument.

Avoid simply summarizing each paragraph or repeating each point in order; try to bring your points together in a way that makes the connections between them clear. The conclusion is your final chance to show how all the paragraphs of your essay add up to a coherent whole.

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To wrap up your conclusion, zoom out to a broader view of the topic and consider the implications of your argument. For example:

Whatever your essay is about, the conclusion should aim to emphasize the significance of your argument, whether that’s within your academic subject or in the wider world.

Try to end with a strong, decisive sentence, leaving the reader with a lingering sense of interest in your topic.

The easiest way to improve your conclusion is to eliminate these common mistakes.

Don’t include new evidence

Any evidence or analysis that is essential to supporting your thesis statement should appear in the main body of the essay.

The conclusion might include minor pieces of new information—for example, a sentence or two discussing broader implications, or a quotation that nicely summarizes your central point. But it shouldn’t introduce any major new sources or ideas that need further explanation to understand.

Don’t use “concluding phrases”

Avoid using obvious stock phrases to tell the reader what you’re doing:

These phrases aren’t forbidden, but they can make your writing sound weak. By returning to your main argument, it will quickly become clear that you are concluding the essay—you shouldn’t have to spell it out.

Don’t undermine your argument

Avoid using apologetic phrases that sound uncertain or confused:

Even if your essay has explored different points of view, your own position should be clear. There may be many possible approaches to the topic, but you want to leave the reader convinced that yours is the best one!

This conclusion is taken from an argumentative essay about the internet’s impact on education. It acknowledges the opposing arguments while taking a clear, decisive position.

The internet has had a major positive impact on the world of education; occasional pitfalls aside, its value is evident in numerous applications. The future of teaching lies in the possibilities the internet opens up for communication, research, and interactivity. As the popularity of distance learning shows, students value the flexibility and accessibility offered by digital education, and educators should fully embrace these advantages. The internet’s dangers, real and imaginary, have been documented exhaustively by skeptics, but the internet is here to stay; it is time to focus seriously on its potential for good.

This conclusion is taken from a short expository essay that explains the invention of the printing press and its effects on European society. It focuses on giving a clear, concise overview of what was covered in the essay.

The invention of the printing press was important not only in terms of its immediate cultural and economic effects, but also in terms of its major impact on politics and religion across Europe. In the century following the invention of the printing press, the relatively stationary intellectual atmosphere of the Middle Ages gave way to the social upheavals of the Reformation and the Renaissance. A single technological innovation had contributed to the total reshaping of the continent.

This conclusion is taken from a literary analysis essay about Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein . It summarizes what the essay’s analysis achieved and emphasizes its originality.

By tracing the depiction of Frankenstein through the novel’s three volumes, I have demonstrated how the narrative structure shifts our perception of the character. While the Frankenstein of the first volume is depicted as having innocent intentions, the second and third volumes—first in the creature’s accusatory voice, and then in his own voice—increasingly undermine him, causing him to appear alternately ridiculous and vindictive. Far from the one-dimensional villain he is often taken to be, the character of Frankenstein is compelling because of the dynamic narrative frame in which he is placed. In this frame, Frankenstein’s narrative self-presentation responds to the images of him we see from others’ perspectives. This conclusion sheds new light on the novel, foregrounding Shelley’s unique layering of narrative perspectives and its importance for the depiction of character.

Your essay’s conclusion should contain:

The conclusion may also reflect on the broader implications of your argument, showing how your ideas could applied to other contexts or debates.

For a stronger conclusion paragraph, avoid including:

Your conclusion should leave the reader with a strong, decisive impression of your work.

The conclusion paragraph of an essay is usually shorter than the introduction . As a rule, it shouldn’t take up more than 10–15% of the text.

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Essay on Family

Students are often asked to write an essay on Family in their schools and colleges. And if you’re also looking for the same, we have created 100-word and 250-word essays on the topic.

Let’s take a look…

100 Words Essay on Family

Family is a group of people who are related to each other by blood, marriage or adoption. It is a unit of people living together and supporting each other.

Family is the most important part of our lives. It provides us with love, care and support in good times and bad. It teaches us values and builds a strong foundation for our future.

Family helps us understand our identity and grow as individuals. It guides us to make the right decisions in life and supports us when we make mistakes. It is also our source of strength during hard times.

Family is an essential part of our lives. It provides us with love, care and support and teaches us important values. It is our source of strength and the foundation of our future.

250 Words Essay on Family


Family is an essential part of our life, it is a unit of society that provides us with emotional and physical support. It is an ever-present source of love, security, and guidance. Family is the most significant factor in shaping our values, beliefs, and attitudes. It is a place where we learn to appreciate and understand the world around us.

The Role of Family

Family plays an important role in our lives. They are the people we turn to for advice and comfort. They provide us with a safe and loving environment to grow and learn. Families provide us with a sense of identity and belonging, and help us to develop and maintain relationships with others. They also help to build our self-esteem and confidence.

The Importance of Family

Family is important because it provides us with love, security, and stability. Family members are our closest friends and confidants. They are supportive and understanding, and provide us with a sense of belonging. Family also helps us to develop our character and teaches us the importance of responsibility and respect.

Family is an integral part of our lives. It provides us with love, security, and stability. It is a place where we can express our emotions and develop our values and beliefs. Family is important because it helps us to learn and grow, and to build relationships with others. It is essential for our emotional and physical well-being.

That’s it! I hope the essay helped you.

If you’re looking for more, here are essays on other interesting topics:

Apart from these, you can look at all the essays by clicking here .

Happy studying!

The Definition of Family

2 Pages 499 Words April 2015

When most people think of the word "family," mother, father, children come to mind. Then you that's when grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins get thrown in or however far back that goes in a family tree. But my definition of family means a lot of things to me. For example, my immediate family happens to be my parents/grandparents and my siblings. I also think of the people I'm related to by blood or marriage when family comes to mind. Not every single one of them but most of them I'd like to say. The ones that chose to stay in my life are the ones that I sincerely love and care for as well as they do for each other. There the ones that are considered family to me. My family provides the support that I can't get anywhere else. The family that I do have happen to be some of the craziest people I have in my life in a good way. But I would honestly never trade them for anything in the world. I believe that families are building blocks of our own society. Pretty much almost every aspect of our life involves the term "family" it's been like this since the beginning. For instance, family are usually the ones that have helped you through out your life or are still helping you out with anything. Like help raise you or care for you. For example, when one of us is having any type of problems whether it be mentally or physically, they are the ones that are depended on 95% of the time. There also the ones that you may also get in fights with occasionally but still deeply care for each other. It doesn't matter because we're still and always be united. These are the people that I interact with on a daily basis. Also meaning that I spend most of my time with these people. But I would still have to include my friends that are considered important people in my life also known as my family and I say that because of either how long we've known each other or of how well our relationship has turned out in the time being. Just because some of the people...

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A definition essay is a type of academic writing that explains what a term or a concept means.

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What a definition essay is a piece of writing (see all essay types ) that explains what a term or a concept means. Some words have definite, concrete meanings, such as glass, book, or tree. Terms such as honesty, honor, or love are abstract and depend more on a person’s point of view.

A definition essay can be evaluated from the direct, or exact meaning and the point of the subjectivity of the person defining the term. The aim is not only to provide a dictionary definition but also elaborate on why the word is defined in such a manner. The approach depends on the subject, readers, and the essay’s purpose.

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Definition Essay

Choosing Ideas for Writing a Definition Essay

Choosing the definition is a key step in writing a definition essay. You need to understand the term used for your definition paper and make sure it’s easy-to-understand by others. Read the dictionary, but don’t just copy the definition. Explain the term’s meaning briefly in your own words. Besides, it is important to limit your term before you start defining it. For example, you could write forever on such definition essay topics as “love”, “money”, “power”, or friendship. To limit it, you would write about either “romantic love,” “platonic love,” or “first love.” If you are assigned to write a definition essay here is a great list of definition essay topics:


If the definition essay topics from the list above don’t match your assignment and you need another topic for definition writing, feel free to contact our writing service. You can also read an article on How to Pick Proper Essay Topics.

How to Write a Definition Essay: Outline and Format

The definition essay outline format is similar to that of a typical essay and includes several unique characteristics. Typically, it includes the introduction, body, and conclusion parts. A definition essay is a good option when you want to learn about the classic college essay structure. Here is a detailed focus on each section.

Definition Essay: Introduction

Start with one of the various techniques, such as a short anecdote, a peculiar fact, a quote, or an open-ended question. Your introduction should conclude with a clear, precise thesis statement that tells your readers just what the essay will discuss. All body paragraphs directly support the thesis statement. The thesis statement usually identifies the term being defined and provides a brief, basic definition.

If you are looking for essay examples here is a great one below: 

The Impact of Social Media in Our Daily Lives Smoking in Public Places Should Be Banned

Definition Essay: Body Paragraphs

Create a thorough definition. There are several ways on h ow to write a definition essay about a certain term. Here are a few options.

Use understandable facts, examples, or anecdotes. Select the ones that can fully explain your definition. Ask yourself, “Which examples will best help readers understand the term? What examples would most appeal to my readers? Will a brief story reveal the term’s meaning?” Do not use any examples that will not support the definition.

Definition Essay: Conclusion

Restate the thesis statement in other words. Give an overview of the main points of the paper, referring to the entire body paragraphs. Link back to the attention grabber to conclude your essay.

The Dos and Don’ts of a Powerful Definition Essay Writing:

Dos and Donts of a Definition Essay Writing

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Definition Types Frequently Used in Essays

Just as you pick a term or concept to define, a question might arise – which type of definition, exactly, could help you define a chosen term in the best possible way?

We’d like to recommend you 7 types of definitions you can use to write your essay:

Now let’s move on from theory to practice. 

We’d like to share a couple of useful definition essay examples and examples for your inspirational and practical writing needs as well as provide some nifty hints and tips.   

Definition Essay on Love

Everyone wants to love and be loved. Love is the most powerful feeling we have. If you can’t decide which topic to choose, always go for Love. Should you offer readers an interesting perspective on love (e.g., Causes & Effects of Love from the Point of View of Neurochemistry ), you’ll definitely hit the right chords with your definition essay.    

Check out 5 interesting love definition essay topics to write about in 2023:

Have a look at a love definition essay example for you to use for your inspirational and reference needs.  

[Definition Sample]

Happiness Definition Essay

What is happiness? For someone, happiness is to love and be loved. For others, happiness is being rich and being able to afford things other people can’t. And for some of us, happiness is freedom: freedom to love, freedom to self-express, and freedom to be who we are. 

Everyone sees happiness differently, and that’s why this topic is so interesting to define. 

Here are some of the examples of happiness definition essay, which will definitely inspire you:

In case you’re interested, we’ve prepared a couple of happiness definition essay samples you can read and get new ideas for your own essay.

[ Definition Sample -1 Definition Sample-2 ]

Family Definition Essay

Our family is the closest people we have in this world. People we love and people we’re happy with. Some of us didn’t have a family and some of us have pretty large and close families. Family is a broad concept and can offer you a plethora of topic options to choose from.

Some of the most inspiring family definition essay topics are the following:

If you need a good example of a family definition essay, we’ve just got what you need!

[ Definition Sample ]

Freedom Definition Essay

We as Americans do love our freedom! We celebrate it, we cherish it, and we fight for it against everyone who wants to take freedom from us. But what freedom is for some of us, for others is anarchy and vice versa, especially in 2023. 

The First Amendment grants us the freedom of belief, the freedom of speech, the freedom of the press, the freedom of assembly, and the freedom to petition the government if our freedoms are violated.

Check out the most inspiring freedom definition essay topics to take into consideration in 2023:

Our essay writers prepared some freedom essay samples you can download for free.  

Easy Definition Essay Topics

On one of those slow days, you need nothing more than an easy definition essay topic. 

These definition essay topics are as easy as they can get:

These topics are so easy you don’t want to even have a sample. Just sit down and do some good buy college essays online in the evening. 

Extended Definition Essay Topics

An extended definition essay deals with broad terms only. If a term or concept has only one meaning or connotation, it couldn’t be used for the purposes of an extended definition. 

Sounds a bit confusing? Then let’s see a couple of extended definition topics so you could easily make sense of it faster. 

BTW, an example of an extended definition essay is available right here!

Definition Essay Ideas for Business

Is an MBA your major? Then there’s a 100% chance that you’ll have to write a definition essay on business or two! Focus on such subjects as e-commerce, startups, investments, Forex, cryptocurrency, macro and microeconomics, etc. 

It might be a good idea to write your definition essay about:

A great business definition essay example is available right here!

Definition Essay Ideas for Science & IT

Programming used to be a closed club for nerds and tech-gurus who did everything from fixing broken Xeros to creating a web-site or developing accounting software. 

Today we have web-coders, software developers, programmers, Scrum masters, project managers, hackathons, startup culture, incubators, and plenty of other IT-related terms you can define in an essay. 

Here are some of the topics about Science and IT that might inspire you:

An example definition essay on Science & IT is available for you to read and use for writing your own composition.  

Have neither time nor desire to write any definition essay? It’s time to call our skilled and talented college writers and order your custom definition essay for an affordable price!

Persuasive Essay

The primary purpose of persuasive essay is to persuade or convince the reader that a certain claim or viewpoint is right. A persuasive essay can be written from either a subjective or an objective point of view simply because persuasion is found in a variety…

Multiple Choice Questions

Experts Illustrate More on Writing Multiple Choice Questions One of the most widely recognized types of tests is multiple-choice questions. Educators like them, as they are straightforward to make, simple to grade, and can show all the necessary information. If you are an undergraduate, you…


family definition essay conclusion

Definition Of Family Essay

The other wes moore critical essay.

Family is the most important thing you need in life to be successful. Family has to have a good influence on you to make you succeed. Family has to do what every it takes to put you in a good education. Family will put you in a safe environment. Family will do the world for

Universal Theme In The Outsiders

Socs or greasers, everyone can relate to different themes through personal experiences. In The Outsiders by S.E Hinton, Hinton mentions different universal themes such as family, change, and loss. The Outsiders tells a story about a teenage boy who grew up as a greaser and in a neighborhood filled with trouble. His friend and him get into huge trouble, so they have to rely on each other and other gang member to get through hard times.

Mexican Whiteboy Character Analysis

What is Family? Family is a group of people related to each other who care about one another and love each other and will do anything to help. In the book titled Mexican Whiteboy written by Matt De La Pena the main protagonist, Danny is a boy who struggles to understand where he is really from so he decided to visit his father to learn more about his background and family history. Family is very important in life because you have people who can help support you in anything you choose to do in life.

Sociological Imagination In My Personal Life

In our younger years our family shapes most of our thoughts and actions as we get older we grow relationships with others such as peers and they shape who we can be.

Family Relationships In Elie Wiesel's Night

Family can be very crucial when it comes to dealing with tough situations in life. Many times, family members can make one another feel better and provide support in difficult times.

Importance Of Family In The Odyssey

Family is the fundamental building block of all societies. It is all inclusive across generations and cultures. Based on the epic poem The Odyssey and current families today, we see that family is where we learn to love ourselves and each other, to bear one another’s burdens, to find meaning in our life and to give purpose to other’s lives, and to feel the value of being part of something greater than ourselves. Family is where we experience our biggest triumphs, deepest vulnerabilities, and where we have the greatest potential to do good.

Definition Of Love Essay

When it comes to love for your your family, it is the love that will always be there. I’m very close with my family, and it’s honestly a good support system. Growing up I didn’t have the

Examples Of Being Thankful Essay

.My family help me face any problem I have in life friends family helps me to be the best person I can be and encourages me to try new things every time I get the chance. They continue to teach me many lessons about what you should and shouldn't do. They care for me and love me and I love them all as well. My family helps me overcome problems I have in life, a difficult problem or an easy one, they are always there when I need

Personal Essay: What Family Means To Me?

Family is the most important influence on a child’s life. Children always depend on their mother, father, or both to support them. Family is supposed to support each other because they want them to succeed and excel in life. Having a supportive family is always a great feeling. You may have a lot or a little support but if it’s from family it makes you feel good. To know that someone is “rooting” for you makes you want to push yourself harder to achieve your dreams. A lot of people do not have supportive

Essay On Modern Family

Modern Family is a hilarious sitcom that depicts the diversity of today’s American family and is one of the highest rated comedy shows on TV. The show, which is produced by ABC was a success from the first season with over seven million viewers and grew to more than fourteen million views by season three. The shows underlying message, that there is more than just one kind of family and that we are all crazy is done with a kind humor that is a refreshing change from the modern reality TV we now see on most nights. The comedy combined with diversity and great acting makes this show attracting to a broad range of viewers and proves that everyone loves a good laugh.

Speech On Influence In Life

Good morning/afternoon all. An influence is something that has had an effect on character or behaviour of someone. There have been many influences that have affected my life, though there are four main influences that have primarily affected my life in different ways. My main influences are my family, the environment, science, and technology. These have affected my past, present, and future. In this speech, I will address how my main influences have affected my life.

Examples Of Reflective Essay About Family

I don’t have much conscious memory about my mother and father separating, as I was extremely young. I guess you could say I am thankful for this now. However I do remember my mother hysterically crying one night and during one of their quarrels. My mother and father now tell me that this memory has been fabricated. They never fought when I was near, they say. I love both my parents equally and always have. They made a choice that they thought was best for me. I do not disagree with what they did.

Speech About Family

Family is home, they are the ones who gives you unconditional love. They are the people who comforts you towards difficulties in life. The ones who I can count on in times of love problem. Family, the people whom I call my world, my world because they are the people who guides me taught me how to walk and talk when I was

Gender Inequality In The Family

The family is viewed as an essential part of our society, it always has been and it always will be. Although the family as a unit is vital for the continuous running of our society it can no longer be known as a fixed category. The first definition of a family found online is “a group consisting of two parents and their children living together as a unit”. This is still the only way many people can view a family. Another that deviates from this particular image is seemingly wrong or incomplete. Families have been around since the beginning of time for the sole reason of procreation. People were reproducing in order to carry on the lineage and to carry on a name. the family is an ideal example of gender inequality. In the centuries that have

More about Definition Of Family Essay


190 Best Family Essay Topics and Discussion Ideas

Table of Contents

Family is one of the common themes considered for writing a personal essay. If you are asked to write a personal essay or short essay for introductory courses, then think about choosing family essay topics because it is easier to write. When compared to other complex technical topics, writing an essay on family topics will be comfortable for you to discuss along with real-time examples. Right now, would you have to prepare a family essay? Are you looking for the best family essay topic ideas? If yes, then keep reading this blog post. Here, we have prepared a list of good family essay topics and ideas for you to consider. Also, we have shared key tips for writing a family essay.

What is a Family Essay?

Family Essay is a piece of writing that mainly focuses on family topics. When it comes to family topics, you can consider writing about single mothers, relationships, family values, childhood parenting, and family issues. In specific, for writing family essays, you have the privilege to share your opinions and explain a topic with personal examples. You can craft family essays in free form by following a structure that includes elements such as the introduction, body, and conclusion.

Remember, when writing family essays, you should present your ideas in an inspiring manner. Also, you should include all traits of creative writing unless you focus on scientific or complex topics.

Till now, we saw what a family essay means. Next, let us see how to write a family essay efficiently.

Family Essay Topics

Important Tips for Writing a Family Essay

Writing a family essay is not a difficult task to deal with. Whenever you are asked to come up with a brilliant family essay on a topic of your own, then this is what you should follow.

By following all the above-mentioned steps, you can write an interesting family essay. But when writing, make sure to keep the following tips in mind.

Family Essay Topics

List of Good Family Essay Topics

The first step in the essay writing process is the topic selection. Usually, many students get stuck when they are assigned a task to write a family essay because not everyone would be comfortable talking about their family and personal experience. Also, some students will find it difficult to identify interesting family essay topic ideas. So, to help them all, here we have listed some great family essay topics and ideas that would be comfortable for everyone to write about.

If you are one such student struggling to pick the best family essay topic, then without any hesitation access the below-mentioned list and choose any topic of your choice.

Simple Family Essay Topics

Outstanding Essay Topics on Family

Essay Topics on Family for Exam

Family Relationship Essay Topics

Essay Topics on Family Law

Essay Topics on Family and Marriage

Great Family Research Topics

Amazing Discussion Topic Ideas about Family

Top Family Essay Topics

Captivating Family Essay Topics

Good Topics for Family Essay

Family Essay Topics for Assignments

Trending Topics for Family Essay

Need Professional Essay Writing Help?

You can utilize the list of family essay topics and discussion ideas shared above and write a brilliant family essay on the topic that suits you. Are you still not sure what family essay topic to choose? Don’t know how to write an excellent family essay? Cool! Just reach out to us for essay writing help. We have a team of professional essay writers who are experts in writing essays on all subject topics including family topics. So, quickly avail of our low-cost online essay writing service by submitting your requirements in the order form. Based on your requirements, we will prepare and deliver a plagiarism-free, original essay to you on time.

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family definition essay conclusion

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The Expert Tips on How to Craft a Family Essay + Good Examples


Table of contents

A family essay belongs to personal essays, which are assigned by teachers to check the ability of students to express their emotions and share their personal life experiences. Every man considers his family a sacred thing. Writing this kind of essay, school children should look for the right words to interpret their own understanding of family values. The aim is to express their opinion on the love between family members. Tell that the strongest love can be between blood relatives; share how they prefer spending time with parents. The main purpose of writing family essays is to tell how it is important to people today to create a unit of society building it on good values. An A-grade essay should include the information about the culture of a family as a separate unit and a family as a part of the society. This isn’t a piece of cake, is it? Crafting this kind of theme essay , it is necessary to have a clear understanding of how to present all topics related to family living. Do you find it difficult to tell about your family on 1-2 pages? Study the effective tips and samples before you get started.  

The Effective Tips for Writing an Essay on Family Topics

Most students think that writing an essay about family is easy. It is not! The topic that may seem simple may turn out to be enough complex; keep in mind that such personal essay has its own structure you should stick to. As with any other academic assignment, it consists of three parts: an introduction, the main body, and the conclusion. Before you start composing your essay, you are recommended to check the tips below. Only being well-informed of all peculiarities and distinctive features of this kind of work, you will be able to make the process of writing really effective. So, let's get started!  

The Interesting Ideas on Family Essay Related Topics

The difficulty you may face is the selection of a topic. Sometimes, teachers ask to write an essay about family or essay about friendship without assigning a specific topic. If it takes you much time, which you lack now, it is better to look through the recommendations on the topics here. It is up to you to brainstorm family essay ideas. Iа an essay about family love is the only topic idea you have, check the best topic ideas below.

Choose one of the above-mentioned college essays about family and the high score is guaranteed. Bear in mind that you should give preference to the topic which is closer to you. The most common types of an essay on the family related topics include a family definition essay. Do you want to stand out and create a more specific essay? Pick the family traditions essay or family values essay topic or try our Essay Topics Generator . 

Family Definition Essay

The family is the closest and most loved people. To my mind, the family plays the most important role in the life of every person. Since birth, we are surrounded by the most beloved people - this is Mom and Dad; they teach us everything. Walking, talking, dressing, etc. They take care of our health, teach to be kind and positive. In a good family, relationships are based on trust. Here, everyone loves one another, all members respect one another, try to understand and are always ready to help, whatever happens. It seems to me that all people dream of a happy family. Each family member should take a lot of efforts; you need to be able to listen. Without mutual understanding, there will never be a good relationship between a wife and a husband, kids and parents. You can never take one another in the family for granted. Often, there are quarrels and conflicts, and we hurt our relatives and offend them. We are not in a hurry to apologize, because they are the relatives - they will understand; it should never be like this. In a family, you should never forget about the meaning of politeness and try to always be kind and gentle with your loved ones. A family is a joint cooperation. Parents are those people who are ready to give advice. Mom helps me in any life situation. They will help with the choice of profession, and with the choice of attire for the first date. “Family” - this is a special world, where everything is dear and beloved. This is the best and most comfortable place on earth where the love of close people is stronger than any nuclear power, regardless of the hard times.

If it seems too difficult and you are lloking for someone who will " write my essay for me cheap ", there is no better academic service than StudyCrumb. Our proficient writers are always ready to complete your family essay following your requirements. 

Family Traditions Essay

My family is very friendly, that's why we have long established excellent family traditions, which we all love. Common traditions are interesting and fascinating actions that are taken from year to year. They may vary from family to family. We have a very good and interesting tradition in the peculiarities of celebrating the New Year. For the whole month, my parents and I draw cards with the dates of the last month of the outgoing year: from the first of December to the thirty-first of December. We hang these cards on a long rope in the living room, having previously decorated each of them with original drawings. We draw various winter plots: snowflakes, snowmen, Christmas toys, frosty windows and so on. All bright cards with dates are in a place of honor and the fun begins. Each card is a specific task, which must be performed on that day, the number of which is marked on it. On the 1st of December, we draw a traditional picture on winter themes, make homemade Christmas toys on December 2, and play New Year games on the 3d of December. We have the following interesting tasks. Mother and grandparents cook a holiday cake, I and my sister decorate our room for the holiday, cut out snowflakes and paste them on the windows. There are tasks that need to be done outside: to make a snowman, to walk in the winter forest on skis, to go to the ice rink for the whole family, to make a snow fortress, and play snowballs. And so we spend every day of the outgoing month. We are very fond of such an interesting tradition and we follow it every year. And the expectation of the New Year becomes for us a fabulous, unusual and wonderful holiday. Such warm and good traditions have always united families.

Family Values Essay

In the modern world, the institution of family values is often distorted. Previously, the family was valued above all, being the basic one to every human. It was built on respect and mutual assistance, on the transfer of life principles and experience to the younger generation. Now, unfortunately, many families fall apart because of small things. People do not know how to listen to each other. Personal interests are higher than family ones. To family values, it is possible to carry the general outlook, that is the point of view on life, death, life, religion, rights, community, etc. The distribution of roles in the family - everyone should be in his/her own place: father, mother, children. No one of the family should shift their responsibilities to other members. Family values include traditions and rules of behavior. So, we can conclude that family values are everything that unites us in the family, everything that we are ready to defend. The family is called a social cell. The purpose of a family, a part of a society, is to educate worthy members of the society. Every family has its own values, they cannot be the same. I think that if a family is healthy and strong, it will 100% give its members everything necessary for a decent life and will always be a support in difficult life situations.

College Essays About Family

The family is the foundation of our society. Once, my parents fell in love with each other and decided to get married. And in a few years after their marriage, my mom gave birth to me and my sister. We will become adults ourselves and create our own families. A real family is more than just being relatives. This is a special relationship to each other, love, mutual respect, help. Each person is unique and indispensable. These are grandmother's tales and tasty pies, it's my mother's care, Dad's help, and attention. Your house is a home where your family lives and where you want to come back always. In a family, even your pet is considered a full member. Everyone dreams of a happy family. But it depends on us, on how much we are willing to invest our efforts in it, on our daily impact. After all, this is a personal relationship between people of different generations, views, and beliefs, which are forced to constantly resolve everyday issues together. There are conflicts and disputes. But I think the most important thing is to respect each other. The main mistake of people in family relations, in my opinion, is that they begin to take each other for granted. They stop being afraid to offend, to hurt. I love all my relatives, including cousins, and those who live far from me. Native people are a gift of destiny, which we must appreciate. And the family is our reliable shelter in a big, not always friendly world. And each of us must necessarily contribute to the happiness of his or her family.

Essay About Family Love

I would like to tell you about my loving family where everyone admires and respects one another. My parents have a very romantic story of the first meeting. They still laugh when reminding of that day. My mom was working as a nurse in the hospital and my dad was her patient. She said that he was very shy but he offered her to have a cup of coffee. How do you think she replied? Sure, she said “Yes” because she fell in love with my dad from the first sight as he was a very handsome young man. She wasn’t single long and became his wife in a year. He was from another country but stayed with mom and didn’t go away. Now, he is still handsome and sporty. He goes to the gym, works a lot, and regardless of all the things to do, he always finds time for his family, me, mom, and my younger sister who is a middle-school student. I love both parents very much as thanks to their love I got such a great opportunity to live this beautiful life and give life to the future generation. I think that we need to show our close people how we love them not only on the Thanksgiving Day and on Christmas. We need to do this daily to form a happy family.. I do my best to demonstrate my love to my dad, mom, and my sister, who is my best friend. We have a lot of family traditions, among which is spending all weekends and summer holidays together, dining at one table, and sharing the great family experience. I think that there is no stronger affection than the love you feel for your family members. This is the love that never ends! Doesn't matter what may happen, I will always love my dear mom, my best dad, and my kid sister.


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    Family Definition Essay. The Utopian white-picket-fence family has had a major influence on the way in which we now visualize the nuclear family. A traditional family consists of a dominant, breadwinning father, and a submissive, caretaking mother who holds the preponderance regarding the well-being of the children.

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    Family Definition Essay. In a family definition essay, you can either define some family values, its members, or other related things. It is a very versatile topic because it is relatable to any reader out there. ... The conclusion should summarize all the main ideas, and suggest possible future associations with the word. Introduction.

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    Family Definition Essay: "Family" is exceptional, extraordinary, and disputable among various societies and identities. A family is any gathering of people firmly related by blood, as guardians, youngsters, uncles, aunties, and cousins. Family isn't characterized or limited by blood relations.

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    A definition essay can be written using the traditional essay outline in which the entire content is divided into three sections: Introduction Body paragraphs Conclusion The audience needs a clear and structured presentation of the information to stay focused and motivated.

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    The traditional dictionary describes family in a more narrow fashion stating, "a basic social unit consisting of parents and their children, considered as a group, whether dwelling together or not."

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    In my opinion, a family is best defined as people who love you unconditionally; accept you, and loving pets and friends. Having a family is the basic foundation that shapes us on how we behave as individuals. Naturally, humans like to feel a part of things. Society try to make us believe the perfect family consists of a husband, wife and two kids.

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    dictionary the definition of a family is a group of related people including people who lived in the past. A family is just like a tree with many branches and you cannot choose the branches that wither and die. To be a family does not necessarily mean you have to be related by blood.

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    The official definition of family is the most basic unit of civilization in organized life. Experts define family in two ways. The first way is nuclear family; those included in this group are mothers, fathers, sisters and/or brothers. The second way is extended family. These people are like grandparents, aunts, and uncles.

  9. What Is A Family?

    Family, and its definition, is universal, it describes a union, particularly with parents and children. One could define Family as a group of people who are related to each other, a person's children, and a group of related people who lived in the past. In reality, Family has a profound meaning, unique to every household and family.

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    The word family is defined as "a group consisting of one or two parents, their children and close relations" according to Oxford dictionary. However, the word family is described differently bases on the people's educational level in Kurdistan. Firstly, among the educated or modernized members of the community family is defined.

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    Conclusion Paper (Family Interaction) The topic to be discussed is about the value of effective family communication in a society. This topic was chosen by this student because this student believes that effective communication is what keeps a family closely knitted.

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    Step 1: Return to your thesis. To begin your conclusion, signal that the essay is coming to an end by returning to your overall argument. Don't just repeat your thesis statement —instead, try to rephrase your argument in a way that shows how it has been developed since the introduction. Example: Returning to the thesis.

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    Conclusion. Family is an integral part of our lives. It provides us with love, security, and stability. It is a place where we can express our emotions and develop our values and beliefs. Family is important because it helps us to learn and grow, and to build relationships with others. It is essential for our emotional and physical well-being.

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    But my definition of family means a lot of things to me. For example, my immediate family happens to be my parents/grandparents and my siblings. I also think of the people I'm related to by blood or marriage when family comes to mind. Not every single one of them but most of them I'd like to say. The ones that chose to stay in my life are the ...

  15. Definition Essay: A Powerful Guide to Writing an Excellent Paper

    Family Definition Essay. Our family is the closest people we have in this world. People we love and people we're happy with. Some of us didn't have a family and some of us have pretty large and close families. Family is a broad concept and can offer you a plethora of topic options to choose from. Some of the most inspiring family definition ...

  16. Definition Of Family Essay

    The word family is commonly defined as a group of individuals that have the same ancestors, and gather for holidays and other special events. This particular definition is true in so many ways, but everyone goes through life with situations that are brought up that bring together or break apart families.

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    Family Essay is a piece of writing that mainly focuses on family topics. When it comes to family topics, you can consider writing about single mothers, relationships, family values, childhood parenting, and family issues. In specific, for writing family essays, you have the privilege to share your opinions and explain a topic with personal ...

  18. Good Tips on How to Write a Great Family Essay on A-Grade

    Write 3 paragraphs of the main body. This part is the development of actions and ideas; you should explain what a family means to you personally and what the importance of a family to the group or society is. Don't forget to provide arguments to every point. Write a strong essay conclusion.

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    To effectively write essays on family, students are advised to choose the right words in giving their opinions on family values. Your outline should allow you to express love for a family. Finally, tell the reader how you spend time with your parents and siblings in the conclusion. You can use sample papers on our website. Read more

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    Family definition essay - Intro. ... Body paragraph Conclusion Introduction speaks about some general issues, your musing on the family significance, different types of it, etc. It sets the scene for your story, prepares readers for its topic and makes them engaged with it. The intro obligatory includes a thesis, without formal thesis it is ...