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10 Lines, Short And Long Essay On The Internet For Children

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Key Points to Remember When Writing an Essay on the Internet

10 lines on the internet in english for kids, short essay on the internet, essay on advantages and disadvantages of the internet, what your will child learn from the essay.

Nowadays, our lives revolve around the internet. There’s nothing we cannot do with it! Even kids are quite well-versed with the internet. It is one topic they relate to and, when asked, can express their thoughts and feelings about. Thus, schools also assign kids to write a composition on the internet. And, kids take it as an opportunity to share their ideas in the written form, which improves their process of thinking, creativity, writing and research skills. When a child writes about the use of the internet, they write about one of the most widely used facilities in today’s life. But for some kids, it could be easier said than done. Here are some ways parents can help them pen down the merits, demerits, and thoughts about the internet in the form of an essay:

When your child starts writing a paragraph on the internet, they need to remember a few key points. Let us guide your child stepwise to write a composition on the internet in simple language.

The internet plays a major role in our lives today. Let us help your child look at the internet a little deeper. We will cover a few things your child can write in ten lines about the internet.

The internet has a major role to play in our lives today. This example would guide your child to write a small essay on the topic.

The internet plays a very important role in our lives! Today, any information is just a few clicks away. The internet helps with our studies. We can find information about any topic on the internet. This technology also helps us attend our classes online and study from any location. The internet allows us to buy essential things by ordering online. It makes it easy for my parents to order essential items when they don’t have time to visit the local stores. The internet also allows my parents to do banking activities without going to the bank. It saves a lot of time. We can stay in touch with our dear ones who stay far away, with the help of the internet. The internet has brought the whole globe closer. However, the internet has a few disadvantages. People could get addicted to the internet and miss out on things that can be enjoyed in person, such as family time. There is also the risk of personal and confidential information being stolen or misused on the internet. So, all of us must learn how to use the internet and use it carefully.

This example of an essay on the advantages and disadvantages of the internet will help your child streamline their ideas and write an impressive long essay on the topic.

This revolutionary technology has affected our lives in a big way. It is an extensive network of computers connected through satellite, telephone lines, or optical cables. The network is on 24×7, and it has a huge number of devices connected. The internet has made our lives pretty easy. It was invented in the United States in the year 1960. Since then, it has evolved a lot and has its own set of pros and cons that everyone should know.

Today we can do so many things with the help of the internet. It helps us to attend our online classes and research, and complete our projects. We can access any information from anywhere. However, we should remember that all the information on the internet is not always genuine. So, we need to be careful and access information only on reliable websites.

The internet also helps me connect with my friends and cousins far away. It is not like sitting next to each other and talking, but still, it comes close! We can see each other and talk with the help of video calls. I can wish them on their birthdays and send them cute birthday cards online. The internet makes my parents’ lives easier. They can work from home using their laptops. They can place orders for what they want, and the parcels get delivered to our doorstep. They can also carry out banking transactions online; they pay all the bills and even my admission fees with the help of the internet. They don’t need to stand in lines to get their job done.

My elder brother is doing a course at a foreign university from home. It is all because of the internet. We can share any amount of information with others through this network. If we want to write to someone, we can write an email, and it reaches the other person in a few seconds. The internet has shortened the distance among people. We can play games with the help of the internet, too.

However, we should be careful not to spend too much time on it. I have fixed timings for playing games, studying, browsing, etc. The internet has some disadvantages, too. Sometimes, our valued information like passwords or pins may leak and fall into the wrong hands. So, we should be extremely careful while using the internet. If we spend too much time on the internet, it also affects us physically and mentally. The internet reduces our interaction with the people who are valuable to us. Instead of spending quality time with our family and friends, we sometimes stay glued to the screen. That is not a good thing. Therefore, we must fix a time for using the internet and use it wisely.

One on hand, writing an essay will help your child improve their writing and creative skills, and on the other, it will help improve their research and thinking skills. When your child writes an essay on the internet, they understand the value of this network in their daily lives and become aware of the pros and cons of using the internet.

We hope the above article helps your child draft an interesting essay on the topic. Encourage them to find out different points of view on the use of the internet and include them in their own essay to give it a personal touch. The internet is a blessing when used correctly, but nothing beats originality.

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essay on internet for class 1

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10 Lines on Internet

The Internet can be considered as one of the latest inventions done by human beings that have revolutionized the style of working and living. It has almost reduced the distance and has broken all the man-made barriers and brought the whole world to our fingertips. It has brought information to our doorstep and by the click of a button, we can enter into the world of information. All we need is a computer or a laptop, and a medium of internet. Today internet has become so common that it is readily available in the whole world. Nowadays, we don’t need even a computer or laptop, with the entry of smartphones and 3G as well as 4G technology internet access has become easier and faster.

Ten Lines on Internet in English

We have provided ten lines on internet in English. After reading these lines you can know that what is internet, simple definition of internet, what is the another name of internet and what is ‘www’, what is DARPA, what is ARPANET, when www was started, which things internet provides, what is the use of internet, what is an e-mail etc.

You can add these lines in your essays and paragraph writing in your exam as well as in the school competition. You can also use these lines while writing short paragraph on internet, speech on internet for students, essay on internet, importance of internet essay etc.

1) Internet is a global network which connects lots of computers across the world.

2) Internet is sometimes also called as “the net” and “world wide web” (www) is the biggest platform for informative resources.

3) Internet was started in United States as “US Defence Advanced Research Projects Agency” (DARPA).

4) Internet was first connected in October 1969 and was called “Advanced Research Project Agency Network” (ARPANET).

5) World Wide Web was created at CERN research centre in Geneva, Switzerland in 1990 by a British scientist named Tim Berners Lee.

6) Internet is a great electronic gateway which provides quick access to the global news and information.

7) Data, files, documents and other resources are readily available on the internet which contain huge amount of information.

8) Through internet we can send “electronic mail” i.e. “e-mail” or chat online with people sitting in different continent.

9) We can transfer our files either by uploading the document on internet or downloading any document from internet to our computer.

10) We can fill online forms of different schools, colleges, universities, institutions as well as of different competitive exams.

10 Lines and Sentences on Internet

1) Internet is known as the network of networks which is connected via satellite, telephone lines and optical fibre cables.

2) Internet is a global electronic community where millions of computers are connected with each other.

3) The biggest advantage of internet is that it opens the world of information with the click of a button.

4) Internet helps to collect information from the storage space of the servers which are called as websites.

5) We can read books online by visiting libraries which are thousand miles away from us.

6) Through internet we can purchase anything and can also order food items which can be delivered at our home.

7) Via internet we can do all banking and financial transactions, can send and receive money online and do online payments.

8) Internet has disadvantages too; it can also leak data and our personal information through virus and malware programmes.

9) Social media, another use of internet, can create disturbances in society or between nations through a malicious content.

10) Online financial fraud can be done with anybody and illicit pictures and videos can be sent and uploaded on internet evading our privacy.

10 Lines on Internet

5 Lines on Internet

1) We can quickly get information on the internet.

2) It allows us to connect with distant people.

3) Using the internet, can book tickets in a few seconds.

4) We can also shop without going to the market.

5) Internet is now a part of our daily life.

20 Lines on Internet

1) Internet is a set-up that enables the interlinking of several computer networks all over the world.

2) The communication between devices and network is fostered by the Internet Protocol Suite.

3) The concept of the internet initiated from the United States of America in 1960.

4) Internet services were provided to people all over the world in 1990.

5) This system requires the hardware components and software systems to run.

6) Internet service providers facilitate the connectivity of one computer with others.

7) It can be easily accessed by everyone on mobiles, laptops, desktops, etc.

8) Internet has made it easier to transfer money by online net banking.

9) The addiction to the internet might lead to several health issues.

10) The rise of cyber crimes has threatened the security of Internet users.

11) Internet is a miraculous invention that has made our life more interesting and easier.

12) It is easily accessed by more than half of the population of the world nowadays.

13) Internet is the storehouse for getting information related to different fields.

14) There are various educational websites that facilitate students in their learning.

15) Internet has replaced the older time-taking communication methods with new applications.

16) The E-mail application provided by the internet enables us to send messages in seconds.

17) Internet provides the facility of video calling that helps in connecting virtually with any family member or friend living away from us.

18) It has enhanced the social interaction among people via social media, chat rooms, newsgroups, etc.

19) Internet has given rise to several E-commerce websites that enables carrying of businesses online.

20) It has become the necessity of people as it reduces the time and effort for doing any of the work.

Internet is a very useful and a beautiful creation which human being has invented for its use. Through the internet we receive news and information; we can watch videos, movies and listen to songs. We can also communicate by sending e-mails, chat online with friends and there are lots of numerous usages which anybody can imagine.

But the internet has disadvantages also, internet viruses are sent to computers, and hackers can hack the computer system, commit online fraud, send illicit contents over the internet, and can create disturbance in society and the country. Internet is a boon to the people but it should be also used in a manner so that it does not affect our normal living and privacy.

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Shirshendra Sinha

Being a graduate in Conflict Management and Development, he is a creative writer, writing blogs and articles for 5 years for online web portals. He loves to write on topics related to the social and geopolitical world. His articles are serving best to the students as he always put his best efforts. He never feels bore because of his number of hobbies like Writing, Reading, Swimming, Singing, and Mimicry.

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10 Lines on Internet in English for Class 1 to 5

10 lines on the internet.

10 Lines on the Internet in English for Class 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10. The importance of the Internet has spread a lot in today’s era. Everyone likes to work on the internet. It has made even the most difficult of problems easy. People order anything sitting at home and get it easily. Let us know some such important utility as 10 sentences about the internet.

Set (1) 10 Lines on Internet

1. Internet is an important invention of the modern era.

2. Internet network connects many computers at the same time.

3. It provides information to any person in any corner of the world.

4. Can send big or small messages through the internet in a few seconds.

5. The life of common people has become easier through the Internet.

6. Internet has now become an important part of our life.

7. Due to its simplicity, it is used everywhere like- banks, workplaces, educational institutes, etc.

8. From the Internet, students can get information related to their studies.

9. Its use has brought a revolutionary change in life.

10. Internet saves both time and effort of a person.

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Set (2) 10 Lines on Internet

1. The Internet is a huge storehouse of knowledge.

2. We can easily get any information from the internet.

3. Internet gives us any information in front of us in a few seconds.

4. We can talk to any person sitting away from the internet.

5. The Internet has wiped out letter and telegraph circulation.

6. Earlier people used to communicate with each other through letters and telegrams.

7. Online talk can be done through the Internet at any time.

8. With the advent of the Internet, many problems have gone away.

9. Now anyone can email anyone in just 1 second.

10. Transaction of money is also done through the internet.

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FAQs. 10 Lines on Internet

What is the internet explain.

Ans – The Internet is a worldwide network of billions of computers and other electronic items. With the Internet, it’s become possible to access almost all information, communicate with anyone in the world, and do much more. You can do all of this through the computer by connecting to the Internet, which is also called the going online system.

Is the Internet good or bad?

Ans – The Internet is a very powerful source to get knowledge for all of us certainly, some students could imagine getting their studies without this amazing research tool. However, it is a point to remember that not everything you see or read on the net is 100% reliable or genuine

What is the importance of the Internet?

Ans – The Internet plays an important role in ensuring that people stay in contact regardless of physical barriers. Most friendships, studies, and business connections would die without the internet. It is not equivalent to face-to-face communication, even then the internet allows people to maintain important relationships.

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Essay on Uses of Internet for Children and Students

Sri Chaitanya AITS

Internet has changed the life of man for good. Be it at home or in the office internet is used everywhere for several reasons. Some of the uses of internet include communication, shopping, booking, researching and studying.

Internet these days has become an integral part of our lives. It has brought people closer. Be it your friends, family or your business associates – everyone is just a click away now that we have internet to our rescue. And this is just one use of the internet. There are numerous others. Here are essays of varying lengths to help you with the topic in your exam. You can select any uses of internet essay given below as per your need:

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Essay on Uses of Internet

Uses of internet essay 1 (200 words).

Internet is one thing that we cannot imagine our lives without. It is used in every sphere of life. It has brought the world closer. Today, communicating with friends and relatives living in foreign lands is no longer a costly affair. You can connect with them at just the click of a button. Internet offers various means of communication including email, social media platforms, web calls and messengers. You can call or chat with your near and dear ones at any time of the day with the help of Internet.

Internet is also a great source of entertainment. In today’s times when everyone is busy with their own lives internet can prove to be your best friend. From e-books to movies to music – everything you need for entertainment is available on the internet.

Internet has also proved to be a boon for the businessmen. It has become a platform to sell products and make a presence across the country as well as abroad sitting in your home town. Everything today is being sold online. Even those who are not providing goods and services online are using this medium for promotion of their businesses.

Uses of Internet Essay 2 (300 words)


Internet has brought about numerous changes. It has changed the way we live and carry out various tasks. Internet is known for its numerous uses and has impacted almost every sector. Almost everything these days has gone online. One of the sectors that internet has had huge impact on is the travel and tourism sector.

Use of Internet has Changed the Way We Travel

The use of internet has largely changed the way we travel. You no longer require travelling to the bus stand or railway station and standing in the queue for long hours to get your tickets booked. Online booking portals have eased the task for you. Same is the case with the hotel booking. There is no longer any ambiguity on whether you will get a good accommodation as you head for a holiday. You can book the hotel of your choice online without any hassle.

Travelling to a different city no longer gives any qualms whether it is for a business tour or a leisure trip. This is because you can get complete information about the places to visit there beforehand itself. So you are no longer clueless and can plan your trip more systematically.

Travel and Tourism Industry has Benefitted with Internet

Just as the travellers the travel and tourism industry has also benefitted immensely with the use of internet. Internet has given a boost to the tourism industry. Since people have a clear picture about where they would be travelling and how they can enjoy there, there is no hesitation in planning trips. More and more people around the globe are travelling these days.

Several travel packages have also been floated on the internet to encourage travellers. Small hotels that were lesser known earlier are using internet as a means for promotion and benefitting by it.

So the use of internet has benefitted hotels, tourist places as well as the tourism industry as a whole. It is encouraging people to travel and explore and has taken the tourism industry to newer heights.

Uses of Internet Essay 3 (400 words)

Internet offers tremendous uses. It has brought immense changes in our lives. From small day-to-day tasks to big industrial jobs, internet is being used everywhere. It has brought about a revolution and has touched every aspect of our lives. Education sector has particularly benefitted enormously with the use of internet.

Use of Internet in the Education Industry

There are numerous uses of internet in the education industry. Here is how the teachers, management and students use it to their benefit:

Use of Internet for the Teachers

Internet serves as a place for knowledge sharing for the teachers. Teachers around the world can interact with each other and exchange ideas via internet. This is a great way to learn and evolve the methods of teaching.

Online teaching has also given way to numerous job opportunities for these professionals. Many teachers give up on their profession after their marriage owing to the added responsibilities while many others do not take up teaching owing to lack of opportunity in their vicinity. Online coaching has proved to be a boon for such teachers. It allows them to deliver video lectures from their own place. This has only been made possible with the help of internet.

Use of Internet for the Management

The management of different educational institutes around the world can interact by way of internet. This has helped the managements of educational institutes in developing countries improve the infrastructure of their institutes. Newer ideas are incorporated from time to time to keep up with the international standards.

Use of Internet for the Students

Students have also benefitted immensely with the use of internet. In case any of their lectures gets missed in the class, they do not necessarily require seeking help from their teachers or fellow students. Internet has all the required information. They can get help related to any topic/subject online. Internet also comes handy in the preparation of projects and the completion of assignments.

Online coaching has also benefitted the students who do not have access to good educational institutes in their vicinity. There are many towns and villages in the country that do not encompass institutes for the preparation of competitive exams such as JEE and NEET. Online coaching is a great help for such students. They can prepare for these exams from the comfort from their home rather than relocating to a different place or giving up on their dreams.

Internet offers several uses but its contribution to the education sector is simply impeccable. It has actually redefined this sector.

Uses of Internet Essay 4 (500 words)

Gone are the days when internet was only used in the offices, these days it is used as frequently at homes. In fact, everyone has an internet connection not only at home but also on their mobiles. This is to enable them to surf the internet even on the move. The situation is such that today people can miss a meal during the day but they cannot imagine their life without internet even for a few hours. Internet has become an important part of our day to day lives.

Uses of Internet at Work Place

Here is a look at the uses of internet at work place:

One of the main reasons why internet is essential at work place is for the purpose of communicating. Internet facilitates emails and chats that make communication easy among employees. Reaching out to the clients has also become easier with the help of internet.

Internet enables us to share ideas through different broadcast platforms. This has made it is easier to share ideas with large number of people at the same time.

Any project requires a good amount of research and internet is a great help when it comes to conducting research activities. All the information you require can be found within no time on the internet.

Internet these days has become a powerful tool for promoting businesses. Different social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter have not only helped big businesses grow bigger but have also encouraged small businesses reach out to masses and make their presence felt.

Knowledge sharing among clients can easily be done through internet. You can build PR to grow your business by way of internet.

Uses of Internet at Home

Just as it is used in the offices, internet is used for various purposes at home as well. Here is a look at some of the common uses of internet at home:

Internet has brought our friends and family closer. You can communicate with any of your relatives, friends or family members at any time of the day you want if you have an internet connection.


From watching movies to playing games to surfing social media – internet is a complete source of entertainment. At home, people mostly use it for the purpose of entertainment.

Internet acquaints us with the latest happenings around the world. People no longer like turning on news channels on their televisions. News apps have become the new way to stay updated with the latest news.

Internet has made our lives extremely comfortable as well as interesting. Internet is such a useful tool that helps us with so many things during the day that we cannot think of our life without it now. However, just as excess of everything is bad the over usage of internet is also bad for our mental, physical and social health. We must thus use it wisely for our benefit and refrain from over indulgence.

Uses of Internet Essay 5 (600 words)

Internet offers several uses. From booking tickets to communicating with our loved ones, from looking for a job to making financial transactions – it has eased every task. Here is a look at the various uses of internet.

Easy and Affordable Means of Communication

Gone are the days when people had to write letters to their loved ones living in distant lands to convey their messages and then wait for weeks to get a revert from them. While telephone proved to be a relief as it became a quick way to communicate with our dear ones residing in far off lands, the calls were highly priced. Internet has shed all these barriers and made communication among people quite easy and affordable. Emails, chats and web calls are the new means of communication.

Hassle Free Financial Transactions

Going to the bank and standing in long queues to deposit or withdraw cash or conduct other financial transactions is the thing of the past. These days, internet can be used to carry out various financial transactions with ease at just the click of a button.

News from around the World

Internet has made it extremely easy to share news. You can get information about anything that happened around the globe in just a fraction of seconds. Several news apps have been developed to keep you update with the latest news around the world. You are also warned of hurricanes, floods and other natural calamities beforehand by way of internet so you get enough time to take a decision to stay at a particular place or vacate it for a few days/ weeks.

Research and Education

Internet is the power house of information. Conducting research related to any subject has thus become quite easy these days. You do not require taking library memberships and spending hours in the library to extract information for your research. You get it all on the internet.

Education industry has also benefitted immensely with the use of internet. Internet has given way to online education system that has benefitted both the teachers and the students alike. The vast amount of information available on the internet also benefits both teachers and students.

Shopping Effortlessly

You no longer require going out to the market on a hot sunny day or a chilly winter evening. Everything you want to shop for is available online. Be it your clothes, books, accessories, household stuff, electronic items or automobiles, you can get everything online. You do not require hoping from shop to shop to look for the exact items you require. You can surf through a variety of things effortlessly on the internet and order them instantly.

Internet has opened numerous sources of entertainment. You no longer require waiting for your favourite serial on the television. You can view anything you want at any time with the help of internet. Besides, there are several social media platforms and other interesting websites on the internet that offer immense source of entertainment.

Job search has become extremely easy with the use of internet. There are several job portals wherein you can post your resume so that it can be found by numerous employers. You can also surf through jobs suiting your interest and contact the employers via these portals. Opportunities from around the globe are made available on your mobile by way of internet. Looking for jobs has thus become quite easy. Internet can also be used to look for tips to crack the interview.

You no longer require going to the bus stand or railway station or looking for travel agents to get your tickets booked. You can do it easily from the comfort of your home. Similarly, booking hotels and movie tickets has also become extremely simple with the use of internet.

Internet has eased our lives in numerous ways. It has helped us connect with our near and dear ones and has also made our life extremely comfortable.

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Essay On Internet

500+ words essay on internet, its advantages and disadvantages.

The Internet is a vast system of globally interconnected computer networks, which allows people to communicate and share information worldwide. In this digital age, it has become an essential part of our daily lives. From learning, researching, sharing knowledge, sending and receiving messages to buying goods, we use the internet to do all this and more. Since its invention, the internet has become more user-friendly and interactive and has revolutionized our way of living and working. 

But like all things, the internet has its advantages and disadvantages. This essay on the internet helps us understand more about this technological invention.

Definition Of Internet 

The internet is a global network, which connects computers all over the world. It helps in sharing information and communicating from anywhere in the world with an Internet connection. It is also called the “network of networks.” The global network connects billions of people, public, academic, business, and government packet-switched networks. It is connected by a variety of electronic, wireless, and optical networking technologies.

From communicating effortlessly to paying bills, shopping online, and even working and getting an education, the internet has revolutionized how we live. The internet was born in the 1960-70s, but it wasn’t available to the general public until the 1990s. 

Now that we know what the internet is, let’s learn about it’s advantages and disadvantages in this essay on internet.

Essay On Internet: The Advantages Of The Internet

The internet has a lot of advantages, which makes our daily life easier, more convenient and productive. Here is a list of the major uses of the internet:

Additionally, the internet also helps students and teachers interact with each other through video conferencing and online classes from anywhere in the world. 

The internet has a lot of advantages. Let’s learn about its drawbacks in this essay on internet.

Also explore: Essay on computer and technology essay .

The Disadvantages Of The Internet

While this modern invention has a lot of advantages, it has its disadvantages too. Here are some of the major drawbacks of the internet:

The internet is one of the greatest and most powerful inventions of man. Used correctly, it will have several advantages. But if it’s used incorrectly, it can have severe repercussions and leave a negative impact. 

We hope this essay on internet was useful to you. Check essays for kids to explore more topics. 

Frequently Asked Questions On The Internet

What is the internet.

The internet is a global system of interconnected computer networks that enable us to communicate and transact worldwide.

What are the uses of the Internet?

The internet can be used for a variety of purposes like education, communication, easy networking, research, easier navigation, real-time updates, e-commerce, online transactions, entertainment etc.

To find more information, explore related articles such as technology essay and communication essay .

A Plus Topper

Improve your Grades

10 Lines on Uses of Internet for Students and Children in English

June 24, 2020 by Prasanna

10 Lines on Uses of Internet: There is no doubt that the internet has been one of the biggest blessings of technology that made human lives more comfortable. The internet has become an integrated part of our life, and a day without might not be impossible or unimaginable, but it surely isn’t easy. Earlier other than verbal face-to-face communication, some other physical communication modes were there, but with the incoming of the internet, several virtual modes have opened up. And only at a click of your fingers can a world full of information be on your devices’ screen because of the internet services. The Internet has successfully brought all corners of the world together and made data more easily accessible.

You can read more  10 Lines  about articles, events, people, sports, technology many more.

Set 1 – 10 Lines On Uses Of Internet for Kids

Set 1 is helpful for students of Classes 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5.

10 Lines On Uses Of Internet for Kids

Set 2 – 10 Lines On Uses Of Internet for School Students

Set 2 is helpful for students of Classes 6, 7 and 8.

Set 3 – 10 Lines On Uses Of Internet for Higher Class Students

Set 3 is helpful for students of Classes 9, 10, 11, 12 and Competitive Exams.

10 Lines On Uses Of Internet for Higher Class Students

FAQ’s on 10 Lines on Uses of Internet

Question 1. Can you describe what exactly the internet is?

Answer: A global communicating system network connects devices and websites is called the internet.

Question 2. Information related to which subjects are present on the internet?

Answer: The internet is the storehouse of almost all subjects present on Earth and known to man. Be it arts, humanities, commerce, science, philosophy, religion, geography, cosmology, sociology, biology, economics, literature, and language of many languages, physics, astronomy, astrology, psychology, medicine, technology, and many more.

Question 3. Mention some of the drawbacks of the internet.

Answer: The Internet can also be added to the list of some of the most harmful inventions ever made by man. But all this is because how we humans had decided to use it. Unethical hacking, cyber-bullying, cat-fishing, forgery, criminal activities, etc. are significant examples of the disadvantages of the internet. Other than this mindless scrolling through that feed of your social media equally harms you and your well-being without your knowledge. So whatever inventions are made to make our lives easier, we must not misuse them.

Question 4. How has the internet helped in raising awareness among people?

Answer: The internet is one place where live news of over the world can be accessed, and similarly, any newspaper, magazine, and journal can also be accessed. People now have open platforms to share views about global issues like wars, global warming, elections, etc. Global independence has reached another level because of the internet.

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Essay on Internet in 300, 400, 500, 600 Words for Class 1-12

The Internet is a modern thing that improved human life. Here are some essays on the internet in 300, 400, 500, 600 words and in 10 lines for students of class 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, and 12. 

Essay on Internet in 300 Words


The Internet is a very important thing in this modern time. We can’t think of a single day without an internet connection. The entire world is connected with one network and that is the internet . 

It has various uses and billions of people use internet services worldwide. It has made human life very simple and easy. People can access many complex things easily with a few clicks. 

Advantages of the Internet: 

The biggest advantage of the internet is ‘information has been easy’. If you need to know anything you can search that online. There are many search engines such as Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc. You can find your desired information from there. 

There are good articles, videos, and images on every single topic. So if you want to learn anything, the internet could be the best tool for you. It is the best way to contact anyone. Social media platforms are booming and billions of people are using them. 

All these have been possible for a good internet connection. One can interact with his friends and families on social media platforms such as Facebook or Twitter. They can share their own views and opinions. 

Disadvantages of the Internet: 

There are many disadvantages to the internet too. It gets addicting for many people. Especially the youth get too much addicted to social media and online games. That could be harmful to their health and education. 

It has a direct impact on physical and mental health. We need to use the internet on a specific limit. Some people spread fake news and make violence on social media. These should be protected. 


After all, the internet is a very useful thing for us. We can run businesses with the help of the internet. And can learn many things with it. 

Essay on Internet in 400 Words

In this modern time, the internet is a very common thing for everyone. Every single smartphone user can access the internet from their mobile phone . It lets us explore a new world with much information and knowledge. 

There are various uses of the internet. It has many good sides and some bad sides too. To use the internet you need a device such as a computer or mobile phone that has internet compatibility. 

Uses of the Internet: 

The Internet has very vast use. Almost every sector and industry uses it as the most important tool. It has brought a huge change in those sectors. Let’s talk about education. Now the students can learn their lessons from home and the teachers can teach from home. 

Video conferences can hold a very important office meeting. And an engineer can submit his design online. Even a doctor can suggest his patients online. So it is easy to understand that the internet has a broad usage. 

At this time, a student can access US university classes sitting in India. He just needs to get himself admitted to the online course and get connected with a good internet connection. And it is possible to get a complete degree online. Education has been easy and cheap because of it. 

Communication is the most exciting thing about the internet. People can get connected with each other through many online platforms such as WhatsApp, Imo, or Facebook Messenger. It takes only a second to send a text or photo to anyone, anywhere in the world. 

Because of the internet, our life has been so easy and effortless. In the old-time people had to wait in a queue to send a letter only. And now you can write and send a text within a second. You can buy a bus ticket, train ticket, or book a restaurant table on the internet easily. 

All these have made our life very easy.  With so many good sides, there are a few bad sides too. Lots of people do cyberbully through social media sites and spread hate. These things are very bad and have a direct impact on our mental health. Sometimes people get too addicted to the internet and it is not good for their health .  

If we can use the internet the proper way then we can learn many things from it and can use it for our good.

Essay on Internet in 500 Words

Essay on Internet in 500 Words

We live in an age where the internet is the most important part of our life. The Internet was started a long time ago but at this time it has been the most crucial part of our life. 

It has brought many changes in human life. We can send or receive big and small messages from all across the world. There are many uses of the internet. 

Almost every field has the use of the internet at this time. Let’s start with communication. Because of the internet, communication has been so easy and cheap. Now people can stay connected with each other, can send messages, photos, videos and can see each other through video calls and all these are for free.

With a stable internet connection, there are many things on your hand that you can use to improve your life. Then there are websites related to every single topic. You can search for your desired information, video, or photo. 

Entertainment has been internet-based right now. Lots of streaming websites are providing movies, songs, and other videos. Anybody can access them. YouTube is the largest streaming website on the internet. You will find videos on every single topic. It’s a good place for learning something new. 

It is also a social media platform now like Facebook or Twitter. You can share your views and opinions on these platforms. These uses are improving human life and letting improve relations with each other. 

Misuses of the Internet: 

Along with many good sides, there are a few misuses of the internet too. First of all, there are many people who bully others on social media platforms. These are known as cyberbullying, it is an offensive crime. 

And it has been increasing too fast when the internet gets easy for all. Many people spread fake news and spread violence. And sometimes this becomes the reason for a big riot. That’s why we need to become careful on the internet before sharing something. 

Young people get too addicted to this and they keep using social media or video streaming sites. And that makes a bad impact on their study. Porn addiction is also a huge misuse of the internet. Porn has been so easy to watch and it is destroying the youth. It is a highly important task to control these misuses. 

Internet for Business: 

The Internet has improved the business field. Because of better communication people have been able to reach each other easily and trade easily. Import-export and international businesses have been so effortless. 

People also love to shop online. And they can get a better experience with that. That’s how the business industry has seen a massive change because of the internet. 


The Internet has good sides and bad sides both. We need to use it in a good way. We can be benefited from it and also can waste our time and energy on it. That totally depends on our intention. 

Essay on Internet in 600 Words

Essay on Internet in 600 Words

The Internet is one of the most exciting things in this modern time. It has brought many changes in human lives. There are countless services that are directly connected to the internet. Right now the entire world is depending on the internet a lot. 

It is not possible to spend a single day without the internet. It has been like a basic demand for every person. The entire world has become like a small village where anybody can get themselves connected with anybody else. Communication, education, business, medical, and many other industries have developed due to the internet. 

Internet for Communication: 

The Internet was invented to improve communication. It is nothing but a connection of millions of servers where people host their information, videos, articles, and images. When someone keeps something on a public server everyone can access that and there are private servers too where people store their important data. 

Sometimes people need to send a big amount of data from one place to another place. Now it is very easy to do it with the internet. There are countless communication platforms that work perfectly for connecting with peoples. 

For example, we can talk about WhatsApp. WhatsApp is an application that allows you to send text, photos, videos to your contact and it is for free. You just have to get connected with the internet. 

There are some social media platforms too where anybody can connect with anyone. Because of that strong communication system, it is possible to improve public relations and business. 

Internet for Education: 

The Internet is a hub for information. If you are a person who seeks information to learn new things then the internet is an exciting thing for you. There are many search engines like Google, Yahoo, or Bing where you can search for your desired information. 

A huge amount of students are relying on the internet for their lessons and class. The virtual classroom has been a very common thing. A teacher can teach thousands of students at the same time from his home and it is possible because of a good internet connection. 

There are many educational materials that are available on many free websites. A student needs to search and find the proper information for him. Depending on your country, you will find many educational apps where you will find all the lessons for school or college. That’s how the education field has been rich day by day due to the presence of the internet. 

Business is a huge thing or the entire world. The business has been so exciting that one can operate a business worldwide staying at home. That has been possible due to the internet. With time, the number of online consumers is booming. 

A huge number of people are relying on the internet for their products. It let the business owners focus on just a website and make some awesome sales. It is easy for business and for the customer too. One can get a product from home. 

Due to the great communication system, international business opportunities have been easy. Now anybody can import or export products oversea. And all these have been possible due to the internet. 

Now every business owner is focusing on taking their business online with a website and a Facebook Page. It is pretty easy to grow a business on social media, it takes time but it is profitable. 

There are exciting parts of the internet. There are a few disadvantages too. But after all, it is a great tool for humans. We need to use it in a good way and get the best output from it. 

10 Lines Essay on Internet

1. The Internet is a very useful tool in this modern time. 

2. It has made our life easy and effortless.

3. The Internet has brought a huge change in our life. 

4. Education has been so easy. 

5. Anybody can learn anything with the videos and articles. 

6. Information access has been so easy, anybody can access any information from anywhere. 

7. The Internet is very cheap.

8. There are many websites and services that are available on the internet. 

9. Too much internet using could be difficult for our health. 

10. We need to use the internet for educational purposes to learn something new. 

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