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essay for self improvement

Essay On Self Improvement

American dream in hillbilly elegy and scratch beginnings.

Success and Prosperity, two words that define the American Dream that every U.S Citizen would like to achieve. But, is this Dream alive and available for everyone? In the article “Hillbilly Elegy”, and the book Scratch Beginnings both discuss how the American Dream could be accomplishable for certain people. Many do believe that it is possible for anyone to reach this dream because there is a variety of government programs that are willing to help the low income families or individuals who need an extra push. There are also multiple citizens that need help but do not qualify for certain programs based on their families income. In both cases, working hard and focusing on a specific goal will help attain this dream. It is said, the American Dream is only a possibility for those who are

Goals In The Military

Developing goals, in my opinion, is one of the most critical things to do in order to achieve success. What are goals you ask? Goals are stepping stones. They are the steps that you achieve and the end result is your ultimate destination. In this paper you will see which goals I have on both a personal and professional level. Most importantly you will see what I am doing to achieve these goals.

How To Be Successful In College Essay

When I began my freshman year in college, I was excited and nervous, it’s not like I was not ready for it, it because I didn’t know what to expect. However, my freshman year ended going perfectly fine because I was able to ask for help whenever I want, sometimes we don’t succeed in life especially in college because we’re so scared to ask for help. However, I shouldn’t be scared to ask for help because we know it’s for my own good when we ask for help. I just have to make my brain works, always have strong critical thinking in a way to make the brain work, and think about what we really need that can make me succeed in college . Three most convenient ways to building the brain and be successful in college are asking for advice and my academic advisor, identify my goals and priorities and manage my time.

Self-Improvement Goals

Self-Improvement Goals 1. Stop procrastinating over my homework and organize my time better. 2. Begin to make new friends at school this year. 3. Read more books during my free time at home and at school. 4. Become a better potter by learning new techniques to sculpt clay. 5. Expand my vocabulary to become a better writer. 6. Become fluent at speaking Spanish. 7. Develop neater penmanship. Education and Career Goals 1. Pass all of my classes this year with a 90 and above. 2. Pass all my regents exams and FLACS exam with an 85 and above 3. Join the National Honor Society. 4. Graduate High School with an Advanced Regents Diploma and with honor cords. 5. Get a decent score on my SAT (Scholastic Assessment Test) exam of a 2100. 6. Attend

Purpose For The National Honor Society

Antoine de Saint-Exupéry once said, “A goal without a plan is just a wish.” Throughout my life I have always set goals and worked extremely hard to achieve them. Planning realistic goals give me clarity on what I ultimately want. It makes me crystallize and articulate the desires floating in my mind. Setting goals have always helped me achieve my highest potential. One goal I have been working for is being selected for the National Honor Society. It has been an honor to be considered for the NHS. Working hard as a freshman and as a sophomore has eventually paid off.

Successful Experiances: Can One Grow?

Author Ralph Waldo Emerson wrote, "Unless you try to do something beyond what you have already mastered, you will never grow." This quote has been highly debated by those who believe that new experiances are vital to one 's development, and by those who belive that new experiances hinder one 's life. Trying to do something beyond what one have already mastered helps one grow because it makes one push himself, because it helps one gain lifelong experiances and lessons, and because it can bring failure into one 's life. Some may argue that trying new things does not help one grow because it intimidates and scares one from attempting anything new. While new experiances can be terrifying, one may grow by conquering that initial fear of

Grant's Goal-Setting Theory (SDT)

Goal-setting involves the development of a personal action plan which directs individuals’ actions helping them not only to monitor and evaluate its’ performance, but to motivate them as well (Grant, 2012). It is generally accepted that goal-setting can produce positive effects on personal development and self management. More precisely, according to goal-setting theory, people who set difficult but attainable and specific goals and also know how to monitor and evaluate their progress perform better than those who set vague, easy or do-your-best goals and do not monitor and evaluate their actions. Locke and Latham (1990) being two of the pioneers of goal-setting research suggested that in order to be effective, goals have to be

Herzberg's Theories Of Motivation

The study of human behavior at work aims to find reasons why individuals are motivated to do things enthusiastically. The level of motivation can differ in people depending on their situation. For example how there are many ways to assist mangers to motivate employees more effectively. Motivation can range from money to credit for a job well done. Fredrick Herzberg also suggest that behavioral science can help mangers understand and identify ways to help motivate employees more effectively. For example, he refers to the impact of job satisfaction. (Joe, 1962-2014)

College Admissions Essay: Can You Say The Alphabet Backwards?

My short term goal is to be more open with my feelings. I will start with my closest friends and if I do have an opinion, I can state it and not feel bad if someone disagrees. My long term goal is to stay on top of my grades and go to college. I will make sure my homework is finished so I don’t get bad grades. An obstacle I will have is I’m too much of a procrastinator so I will finish my assignments on

Self Improvement In America

It’s been yet another four years, and the time to elect a new president has come again. America is a great nation, but there is always room for improvement. With that said, as president, I, Carly Fiorina, will bring much improvement to this great country of ours. America is one of the strongest nations and has a moral responsibility for the sake of others around the world. However, we must first better ourselves within the nation by restoring leadership before we can lend out a helping hand to people in need it. We must improve ourselves through better education and more jobs so that we can all reach our full potential.

Time Study Project

Taking UNIV 1301.48 it has taught me a lot about how to manage my personal and class time. With the Time Study Project, it put my whole week schedule on paper. I saw where I can fit in studying time that will work for me. The Time Study Project showed me the best way to fit in studying time for my classes. I’m choosing the Time Study Project to connect it to the three articles because I can really relate to it and I think it connects well with Marisa T. Cohen’s, Morisano’s and Shore’s, And Tuckman’s and Kennedy’s articles. The article on Self-Regulation by Marisa T. Cohen is about a person’s thoughts, feelings, and actions for attaining one’s goals. (Self-Regulation, Marisa T. Cohen, 2012). It goes into detail on the stages of self-regulation and how the things you do help you with your goals.

Essay On Being A Physical Therapist

After looking at all of my skills sets and interests. The first career that I will choosing is being a Physical Therapist. I have chosen this career because I was not really sure what I wanted to be but since I like being active, I thought that being a physical therapist might be a good idea . I think I will be successful at it because if I like to help people and I myself I like to gain and build muscle so that will motivate me to help them. Well at the moment I work at a nursing home as a receptionist and we have a physical therapy department in there. So I don 't really have experience, but I have seen how they do their work. Physical Therapy is key to recovery for patients. They work with patients to regain movement or manage pain. Physical

Professional Goals

If a person doesn't have goals in life the person has no motivation to keep chasing or doing what they are doing. Goals don't necessarily have to be the same throughout a person's life. One of mine is to be good at Math. For six years of my life I have been struggling with the same thing. And that needs to change to make me feel better about myself and my learning capacity. I want to begin by doing at least three Math problems a day, doing researches and learning new techniques and methods. Being good at Math would help my both my future and current life. It would make me a better learner for everything since Math would develop my neurons and consequently would make me a better professional. Some goals can be bigger and harder to archive than others. For example this previous goal is not my main goal in life. The biggest thing I want to archive is to know my true self. Discovering passions and things that I am good at. But I don't seem to have much time for that. I wish I could take some time to really invest in areas of my life that I actually have minimal interest and explore them, to than choose what I really want to do for my life, what I really am good at, what I feel pleasure waking up every single day and doing it. It is a very difficult goal, a least for me, because I don't have any interest for the majority of the things I have to do. It will help me now only now but in the decisions I take for the rest of my

Reflective Essay: My Weaknesses As A Writer

I’ve grown as a student of English this term. I worked on several things including my weaknesses, what i struggle with on a daily basis and even my strengths. Doing this has helped me become a better reader, writer, thinker and a better person. I’ve also use the resources available, like going to tutoring and asking for help when i still feel stuck on something. Going for help is much better than trying to figure out for myself what i needed to work on. I know by setting a goal for myself and planning has also made me grow as a student. My reading and thinking isn 't much of a problem. But i still have a lot of weaknesses i need to focus on, such has actually trying to read an article or sometimes missing key ideas of what i’ve read.

Essay About Self Expression

Self expression is a term many people use. The meaning of it is how you show your true self around people expressing thoughts, feelings, and ideas. Many of it can be seen through art, writing, music, and dance. People show themselves with many different expressions. It can be any type of art and even writing. Some people have art when it come to make up they might be really good at making other people look better than they already do or even by how they write. For example some people will right all these happy books with happy endings and some people write sad books with sad endings. Everyone is different. Other expressions can be how they dress, act, and even by their voice. Personally i show my best self in many ways but one of them is how i dress. I

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essay for self improvement

Self-improvement & Success – Hand in Hand

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Self-improvement & Success – Hand in Hand Essay

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essay for self improvement


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Self Improvement


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Self improvement is one of the most honorable pursuits an individual can pursue, largely because it first recognizes an opportunity for improvement, then a desire to achieve that improvement. In very practical terms, self improvement is simply the process of creating or improving a skill or ability to a higher degree of mastery than you currently possess. What is self improvement? It the enhancement of the material conditions of our life. Those material conditions might include our relationships, health, finances, knowledge, etc.

Self improvement and self acceptance; before I change myself, I need to accept myself as I am. This does not mean liking everything; it means loving me as a whole, and acknowledging the reality of whatever I would prefer to be different. Self acceptance assists in my self improvement goals. Self acceptance examines the “problem” honestly, without the distorted view which would be caused by a denial and hatred of that problem. When I see the condition clearly, I am more likely to find a solution — or even to conclude that this is not a problem after all.

During my self improvement goals, my self-acceptance grants more leeway to see a failed attempt as “a good try”; I will go back to the start, and make another attempt, without a punishing self-condemnation which would inhibit me from trying again. Self acceptance gives me strength and peace of mind, to help to endure the challenges of making the transformation (s).

I will need to proceed at a comfortable pace. A gentle pace keeps the goals from being disoriented and unbalanced by the changes in my lifestyle, and it gives time to reinforce new habits through repetition. I cannot truly move on to the next stage of growth until I have learned the lessons at my current stage.

I must be willing to try many different approaches. The world is full of psychological theories, self-help books, and homemade wisdom. If one way doesn’t work, or it stops working, I will try another. There are all different types of people with different goals, so a single technique could not be effective for everybody. I should use whatever works even if I don’t understand why it works.

I will practice the new behaviors and thoughts. New habits are entrenched through repetition; eventually they will feel natural and they should become automatic. I will express these habits by acting “as if” they are true; in daily life, play a role as if I was the person I want to be with the behavior and thoughts that I need. If the new “me” is based on a re-evaluation of my plan; it is the honest acting-out of the new me. Eventually, my new script becomes incorporated into my personality, and it is now “who I really am.”

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Process Of Self Improvement Essay

essay for self improvement

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Early Lit and Ideal of Self Improvement

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Self Concept Essay

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Self Reflective Essay: Self Analysis

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Ways on How I Can Help to Improve the Lives of My Fellow Filipinos

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Self Evaluation Essay

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Practice Essay

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Lsi Assignment

The LSI heightened my self-awareness, and helped me to determine where I needed to direct my self-improvement efforts. The process of self-improvement involves certain steps. These steps include; knowing ones strengths and weaknesses, accepting yourself as you are now, understanding how ones thinking and behavior affect oneself and others, deciding to improve oneself, and committing to a plan of action to change ones behavior.…

Ethics During World War I

“During World War I, while inspecting a certain area. General John J. Pershing found a project that was not going well, even though the second lieutenant in charge seemed to have a pretty good plan. General Pershing asked the lieutenant how much pay he received. On hearing the lieutenant’s reply of “141.67 per month, Sir,” General Pershing said: “Just remember that you get $1.67 per month for making you plan and issuing the order, and $140.00 for seeing that it is carried out.” I want to develop a practical plan that can be used as I and gauge my progress of “Self Improvement.” Self Improvement or Self development is a life-long, values-based process that is built on competency of the individual developing it.…

Unit 5001 Unit 5001- Personal Development as a Manager and Leader

Continual Self-Development is the approach where an individual takes prime responsibility and ownership for their own learning and development. This approach requires motivation and commitment in order to exploit learning opportunities and minimise the impact of weakness. A continuing self-development should be undertaken in partnership with the organisation and self-development should enhance the role held within the organisation. There are many benefits to be derived from continual self-development: improve performance and self-confidence; identify and develop specific skills and qualities; increase learning capacity; help achieve potential.…

Essay #2 Process

Tacos have been a long time favorite food of mine and preparing one is an art. Learning how to make a delicious, mouthwatering taco came from my mother. One night each week was taco night when I was growing up. The first and most important step in the taco making process is getting fresh ingredients. You will need soft taco shells, lean ground sirloin, roma tomatoes, shredded lettuce, Mexican Blend shredded cheese, taco sauce (with desired hotness of course), taco seasoning packet, onions (optional), and sour cream. Make sure you select firm roma tomatoes and fresh shredded lettuce. The next step you will need to sauté your lean ground sirloin in a skillet until you can hear the sizzle and all the pink is gone. Then you will need to add the taco seasoning and allow it to simmer for about ten to fifteen minutes. While that is simmering, you will need to dice your firm, red roma tomatoes and your onions into very small pieces so that they will pack into the warm taco shell easily. When your taco meat is finished simmering, turn the heat off and let it to sit for a couple of minutes. You will now need to place your soft taco shells into the microwave and heat for twenty seconds. This will let you mold the taco much easier as the shell will stretch. Now you are ready to assemble your taco. You will need to place the taco shell on a glass plate; it sticks to a plastic plate. First you can place a strip of meat on the shell, spread the shredded lettuce on top of that, then sprinkle the chopped, ripe tomatoes on, and any desired onions. You will then sprinkle the Mexican Blend cheese on that, and any desired taco sauce and sour cream. Lastly, you will need to gently roll the taco shell half way, then fold in each end, and roll the remainder of the way. Now your taco is ready to eat and enjoy! Be prepared with a bib and fork because you won’t want to miss a bite of this juicy and spicy taco!…

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Hunter Lewin

Jun 16, 2017

Self Improvement Essay — 1561 Words

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SELF IMPROVEMENT (COMM 1) Topic Outline Thesis Statement: There are different ways to improve your self.

I. Physical

A. Make the habit of drinking more water. B. Be hygienic. C. Get 8 to 9 hours of sleep every night. D. Don’t bite your nails. E. Always wear deodorant or antiperspirant. F. Be confident all the time. G. Always be in proper posture. H. Choose clothes that compliment your body shape. I. Apply attractive perfumes or body sprays, but not too much. II. Mental A. Listen to professionals and experts of this field B. Bear in mind that failure and handicaps are not hindrances in reaching your goals in life. C. Do things you’re not familiar with. D. Never dwell on things that went wrong. E. Expect the unexpected.

III. Spiritual

A. Practice Solitude B. Meditate C. Study D. Worship E. Gather F. Rituals IV. Social A. Listen B. Be interested in others C. Avoid too much babbling. D. Treat others as you would like them to treat you. V. Emotional A. Accept tensions and worries. B. Recognize and express your anger. C. Learn to bear pain. D. Learn to accept failures. SELF IMPROVEMENT

Self improvement is a self-guided improvement, usually represented by the actions you can take to develop your self, and to enhance your physical, mental, spiritual, social and emotional capabilities. “Improvement of one’s condition through one’s own effort” can also be a definition for self improvement. Your subconscious mind plays a major key in self improvement. You change your habits, behavior and attitudes by changing the contents of it.

There are many aspects in self improvement; one is the physical improvement. We humans always care how we look because our physical appearance is a biological force that affects on how we deal with others. Our perception of our own attractiveness also has an effect on how we feel confident about ourselves. One way to improve your physical appearance is to getting into the habit of drinking more water. You need to be hydrated in order to have a fair, glowing skin, healthier hair and healthier body. Another way is to be always mindful of your hygiene. Do you daily routine of tasks in cleaning your body, one example is to shower once daily to avoid body odor. Getting enough sleep is another way for physical self improvement. Of course, tiredness is not attractive. You have to get 8 to 9 hours of sleep every night. Getting rid of biting you nails will also help in your improvement. Biting your nails puts lots of germs inside your mouth, this ruins your health. Also, always wear deodorants or antiperspirants. Deodorant prevents sweat from smelling and antiperspirants stops sweating altogether. Of course you want to always smell and look fresh, so this is another way for you to look good. Another way for you to look attractive is to feel confident all the time. Don’t be cocky, this really helps. Always be in proper posture to show confidence. When it comes to clothing, always choose those which compliment the shape of your body. If you don’t know how, you can consult a friend that whom you know is good with clothing. You can also ask for tips and advices. Lastly, occasionally put perfume or body sprays, but be sure not to apply too much of it. 1 to 3 sprays will do. Smell of perfumes last longer when applied on the back of the neck or on your wrist. Next aspect of self development is the mental improvement. Mental strength or toughness is not something that you have to be born with as this is something that can be developed as you grow. One way to develop your mental strength is to listen to professionals and experts of this field. There are many available biographies and audio programs that will teach you to overcome obstacle and be successful in life. Another way is to always bear in mind that failure and handicaps are not hindrances in reaching your goals in life. By doing this, you…

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Improving your memory: 9 tips for boosting brain power at any age

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Self Improvement Through Motivation

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Do you feel depressed or unconfident? Well, there might be various reasons causing this unpleasant state of emotion. However, you should overcome the negative emotions and beliefs that they can make you a stronger person. You should think positively and know that every single obstacle that faces upon you is a great way of achieving your best self-improvement. In order to be successful, you should also be energetic and motivated. Motivation plays a main role in your path of future accomplishments.

Self-improvement and motivation are both very important in human existence for a number of reasons.

First of all, motivation can really encourage you to do what you desire. For example, what would you do to make your body fit? You will go jogging or start training at the gym. But in order to achieve a positive result, you should regularly go to the gym and be motivated, of course. When you long for something to happen, you put in all of your efforts and do all your best.

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My personal experience shows that when you are motivated, you are capable of achieving all your wishes. After my graduation from high school, I have dreamt about studying English and American Studies. I admit that I have been going through many difficulties but in the end, I felt truly happy. When I saw my mark from the exam, I knew that my wish had come true. The feeling is unique and I will never forget it, I started crying but it was one of the happiest cryings ever.

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What I meant to say is that when you are keen on something and motivate well enough, then your plan will work out. On the other hand, do not disappoint if you make a mistake or do not pass your exams, for instance. I can share with you, dear reader, and another story whose main character’s name I will not mention. So let’s name after our character John. What happened? Well, John enrolled in a driving license course. Everything seemed fine, until the day of the exam. He was driving perfectly with his instructor. Unfortunately, when he had to show his skills to the examiner, he failed. Afterward, he was so disappointed that he decided to give up on driving. The basic conclusion you should draw is to follow your dreams and to never give up. Although John failed the first time, this does not mean it will happen again. Actually, by making mistakes and failures you gain valuable experience and become wiser. It might also be called self-improvement.


Furthermore, another case is when you realize that you want to change a small part of your character. There are many people who are not satisfied by themselves and desire a new way of life. Actually, there is no need for such a huge alteration the only thing you should do is to start self-improvement training. When you have a problem that bothers you, then it would be very useful to make yourself a plan on how to solve, think of the advantages and disadvantages and how it can influence your personality. After solving it, therefore draw positive conclusions from it. Let’s imagine that you are forced to move house because you gained a promotion and you have to work in another city. That is an enormous change and it can really contribute to various problems. There will be new people around you and also you will not know who can be trusted and who is a true friend. Consequently, pay attention to every detail and meet as many people as you can because being sociable is a feature which is highly praised. When you go to a new place to live, it seems quite uncomfortable and you want to get back to your old neighborhood. Human beings should get easily use to new environments because otherwise there is no way to survive. If you have a relationship, then you should make the serious decision to take your partner with you or lead a relationship from distance. By solving such problems, you become more confident and start thinking more rationally. The older you get, the tougher decisions you will be forced to make and responsibilities will come one after another. It might sound a bit pessimistic but that is the truth and it all depends on what kind of person you are. You should always try to achieve your goals and if you are not motivated enough then imagine how everything sticks to the plan or simply said think positively. It really helps, so do not hesitate to try this helpful method. However, if you have difficulties in finding your true personality, then it would be a great idea to ask for self-improvement advice. It might seem ridiculous at first, but actually, it is quite helpful. The important is to ask the right person who can really manage to encourage you no matter if it is my personal experience or in another way. For instance, try to think as many successful people as you can and afterward make contact with them. By communicating with intelligent people, you may always learn new information which could appear quite useful. A piece of advice can influence your decisions and change your life. As far as my personality is concerned, I may admit that I am quite indecisive person and it takes me much time to make my final decisions. The last one I can remember is when I had to choose in which dormitory to live in. Well, it was very difficult for me because I liked my roommates and that is a rare case. However, I have promised my best friend to live together with her. I asked my family for advice and they do contribute to my next step. Now, my friend and I live in the same dormitory and it feels great. The thing I fear most is that sooner or later both of us might start fighting each other. I truly hope that this is not going to happen because we know each other for a very long time. In addition to this, there are some other ways to gain your self-improvement. Why don’t you look for some self-improvement sites? Nowadays, technology has advanced a lot and by searching in the World Wide Web you might get aware of a great diversity of information. Surfing the net, you might also find quite irrelevant information, too. That is why you should carefully read and research all of the articles you find. Unfortunately, there are some people who misuse and try to take advantage of others. So, do always have in mind about it. Also, there are many great books that can guide you on how to succeed in your self-improvement. I may recommend a few ones which I enjoy reading: “The 48 Laws of Power” by Robert Greene – it tells how people use power as a benefit and it contains many life lessons. This book is suitable for people who are interested in becoming more powerful, but in a positive aspect, of course. Another interesting book is “How to Win Friends and Influence People” by Dale Carnegie. It shows what we all know, it doesn’t matter what your line of work is or what you want to achieve- if you are doing business of any kind, you need to make it about the other person. It contains a treasure chest full of timeless wisdom. So, do not hesitate to read it. Last but not least, you can always enroll in self-improvement programs. All you have to do is to find the one that suits you and then everything will happen naturally. It depends on your personality and what kind of change do you want to make. By attending such a course, you will meet many new people who just like you are keen on self-improvement. And having common interests is a premise to very good friends and sometimes you can even find your true partner in life. Sociability has always been praised as a feature and it would be great for anyone to develop it. By communicating, we, human beings can do so much good and at the same time so bad deeds that can make our life a nightmare. I would advise you to choose carefully your words because they sometimes can deeply hurt a person.

Why Motivation Is Important for a Successful Life

Motivation is important because it provides the drive for people to accomplish their goals, maintain their responsibilities, or solve problems. Motivation can be created or re-sparked by looking at one’s goals, assessing the stakes of achieving those goals, and creating milestones as well as personal rewards for gaining progress. Motivation can be difficult for people who work in professional office settings where they may feel their hard work goes unnoticed or the constant pressures of a competitive environment wear them down. Motivation is important to maintain in a workforce, especially since it’s one of the primary driving factors behind a staff that is productive and works together in a dynamic manner. To maintain motivation in staff, management is commonly advised to try to find out what keeps their staff productive and engaged in their work. Motivation isn’t always important for maintaining productivity, however. It can also be an important reason why companies retain their employees. Because of the obvious importance of motivation on not only a personal but also a fundamental level in the context of business, managers oftentimes create methods to boost and maintain motivation in their employees. Some examples of this in action can be seen in monetary incentive programs or when rewards and titles of recognition are given to employees that continue to do great work. Some businesses also use bonus pools or orchestrate spotlights on various employees. This makes them feel more connected to the company and therefore more motivated to work towards the company’s success. Without motivation in life, it’s hard to strive for success and achieve internal happiness. How can you pass your exam if you aren’t motivated to study? And how can you be happy if you’re spending all your time on external motives (pleasing those around you to receive praise or success) instead of internal motives (focusing on a goal for personal happiness)? As psychologist Tal Ben-Shahar, PhD, explains in his book Happier, happiness is the ‘highest on the hierarchy of goals, the end toward which all other ends lead…’. So, to help you reach your goal of self-love and satisfaction, we’ve listed the reasons why motivation is vital for success, and how you can achieve eternal happiness.

It Increases Your Energy Levels

When you’re motivated, your entire body is pumped with adrenaline to help you complete the goals that you have set for yourself, which results in increased energy levels. For example, when you’re excited about a project that you’re working on, you rarely get tired. And when you’re out partying, you can dance the whole night away without any problems, but if you were attending a gym class that you disliked, on the other hand, you’d struggle to get through an hour. When we have autonomy over our own tasks and goals, we instantly see our energy levels increase as we are more focused and passionate about the result. This proves that work motivation can increase our energy levels and allow us to perform better.

It Makes You Happier

Motivation builds determination to achieve something, like losing weight or securing a new job, and when you succeed, you feel happy with your results. So, if you continue to motivate yourself and set and achieve new goals, you’ll generally feel happier than you did before. And although success is the root of motivation, happiness is the underlying desire leading the motivation. So, to ensure that both your happiness and motivational levels are growing, set yourself small challenges and learn to be satisfied with gradual improvement.

It’s Infectious

When one team member is motivated, it’s likely to rub off on their colleagues, causing more employees to be committed and driven. Indeed, one study referred to by Lifehacker shows that ‘when one team member [feels] and [expresses] positive emotions, others [are] more likely to respond favorably to that team member’s social influence attempts’. This is also relevant to your personal life. Think back to when you spent time with someone that was positive; did their positivity rub off on you and make you feel more productive? If so, think about how your positive energy can influence those around you and make them feel more motivated as a result.

It Enhances Your Performance

According to the research of Dr. Anders Ericsson, and as Jim Taylor, PhD, writes in Psychology Today, motivation is the most significant predictor of success, and success is achieved through high performance. By understanding what motivates you to do better, you will naturally be a better worker and climb up the career ladder faster, or reach your personal goals. In a recent study published in the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, Cornell University researchers Kaitlin Woolley and Ayelet Fishbach found that ‘giving people an immediate bonus for working on a task, rather than waiting until the end of the task to reward them, increased their interest and enjoyment in the task’. So, on this basis, try to set up a reward system for yourself to help you stay motivated. It doesn’t have to be anything big; it can be something small like a cup of coffee from Starbucks or treating yourself to your favorite chocolate bar.

It Increases Your Commitment

When anyone is motivated to do something, they will be more committed to the task and will put all their efforts into it. It sounds easy when you’re naturally motivated to do a good job, but when you’re feeling demotivated, you need to remind yourself of the importance that commitment can have on your overall success. Let’s say that you’re hoping for a promotion – if you are motivated and committed to doing the best that you can, you’ll have a better chance of bagging that promotion and advancing in your career.

It Helps You Manage Your Time More Efficiently

Motivation is important to manage the challenges that life throws at us and to do so efficiently. For example, highly motivated people are organized, and they allocate set times in their schedules to different tasks, setting themselves a deadline to complete each one. On the other hand, those who are less motivated don’t stick to a specific plan and end up procrastinating in the process. A good example is something simple like waking up on time and getting out of bed. If you love what you do, you’ll be more motivated to get out of bed and into work on time, but if you feel indifferent, you could end up hitting the ‘Snooze’ button a few times too many and wasting unnecessary time in the process.

It Helps You Grow as a Person

Motivation enhances self-development. Indeed, as you set yourself personal goals and you reach them, you’ll feel more inspired to push yourself further and achieve greater things. Take Rihanna for example, who started singing at the young age of 17. Since then, she’s acted in blockbuster movies, including Ocean’s 8 and Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets, and launched her own makeup brand and a lingerie company. By continuing to set herself new targets, she’s achieved great success and has established herself as an entertainer and entrepreneur.

It Builds Your Self-Confidence

People that lack confidence is generally scared to move out of their comfort zone and try something new. However, if you don’t take risks, you’ll have a limited chance of success. This doesn’t necessarily mean you have to drop your entire routine to try something new. Instead, you can juggle a few different tasks on the go until you decide what you enjoy and what keeps you motivated. For example, if you are thinking of setting up your own business, start while you’re still employed. If you can see that it’s successful, then it’s a clear indication to leave your day job and focus solely on your business. However, if it’s not progressing as planned, you’ll have the safety net of your job to fall back on.

Both self-improvement and motivation are of great importance for every single person who would like to develop and become successful. By being motivated, you are able to achieve anything you have dreamt of and also help other people to think of motivation as a major factor that can improve their lifestyle. Self-improvement is something that anyone should try and keep it in time. Every single difficulty is only the following benefit which will make you stronger than before. Therefore, do not let both of these vital elements to slip up because they can really change your life in a positive way.

Proverb About Self Motivation

A journey of a hundred miles begins with a single step.

It means that however long your journey or how big and impossible the change you want to make it starts with just one step, or action. If you have a long term goal, you cannot achieve it without taking steps or measures to achieve them. For example, I want to become a doctor. Well 10 years of school starts with English 101, and math, and science, etc..

Simple things sometimes lead to big things

You have to start something before you can finish it. You have to write a word, then a sentence, then a paragraph, then a page, then 3 more pages and you are done. Asking what it means was the first step it could mean that every step you take that step begins a new journey! or if you want to take a thousand miles all you have to do is take a step in a new direction! I don’t know though so you might not want to use that on your paper!

No matter how big the task seems, no matter how insurmountable it seems, make a start and continue from there. Most things in life are accomplished in small stages, not in huge giant steps. Any task, broken down into small pieces, seems much easier.

It means if you never get started with anything. you never get anything done. No matter how big the task or how challenging the goal, you get there by just beginning. Without the first step, the journey will never happen. Somebody who dreams big but never acts to make their dreams real will never attain them. But even if the dream seems unattainable, by taking that first small step, you move towards making that dream come true. In fact, the whole journey is made up of small steps.

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Self Improvement Through Motivation

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How to Become a Better Person in 12 Steps

essay for self improvement

It’s normal to feel like you could be doing more when it comes to self-improvement. But being a better person doesn’t involve being overly hard on yourself. In fact, it’s quite the opposite.

The more self-kindness and self-compassion you can foster, the more equipped you’ll be to treat those around you the same way. Plus, doing good for others can give your life a deeper sense of meaning. It may even help to improve your physical and mental health.

Here’s a look at some ways to build self-improvement into your daily routine and let go of negative thoughts about yourself.

1. Cultivate gratitude

You’ve probably heard it a million times, but keeping a gratitude journal of what you’re thankful for can have a big effect on your mindset. Research has shown that incorporating gratitude into your daily life can help ward off stress , improve sleep, and cultivate more positive social relationships.

Anna Hennings , MA, a mental performance coach in sport psychology, recommends using the acronym GIFT to help you identify what you’re grateful for.

gift technique When thinking about things you’re grateful for, look for instances of: G rowth: personal growth, like learning a new skill I nspiration: moments or things that inspired you F riends/family: people who enrich your life T ranquility: the small, in-between moments, such as enjoying a cup of coffee or a good book S urprise: the unexpected or a nice favor

When listing things you’re grateful for, notes Hennings, make sure to also note why that thing makes you grateful.

2. Greet everyone you meet

Whether you nod or smile to strangers passing by or say “good morning” to everyone who enters the office, make an effort to acknowledge those around you when you see them, says psychologist Madeleine Mason Roantree .

In doing so, you’ll notice might find yourself feeling more present and connected to those around you, even if you don’t have a close relationship with them.

3. Try a digital detox

Unplugging for even a small amount of time can be beneficial to your well-being. The next time you find yourself with nothing to do, step away from your phone for a few hours.

Instead, try going for a walk and connecting with your thoughts.

Step away from your phone either for a few hours or even take the entire day off of devices. Instead, try getting outside and connecting with nature, or meeting up with friends IRL. Remember: Even a short break from your phone can help you unwind and focus on what brings you joy.

4. Use positive self-talk

It’s easy to get caught up in being overly harsh and critical of your perceived failings. This negative, unproductive self-talk can lower our overall motivation, explains Hennings.

If you’re constantly telling yourself you aren’t a good person, for example, it’s hard to find motivation to take steps toward self-improvement.

Practice positive self-talk by stating a fact and following up with some optimism.

facts + optimism = positivity The next time you find yourself feeling incompetent or overwhelmed, try telling yourself: “I know this change is going to be challenging, but I’ve put a lot of meaningful thought into it and have considered all the options open to me [ fact ], so I feel confident I am doing the best I can in this moment [ optimism ].”

The hard part is catching yourself in the act of negative thinking and intentionally deciding to think differently. But with a bit of practice, this will get easier.

5. Practice random acts of kindness

Being kind to others can help give you a sense of purpose and make you feel less isolated.

Try doing something nice for someone at random:

“You’ll notice your mood lift a little when you do good for the sheer joy of it,” says Roantree. Studies show that simply counting acts of kindness for one week can boost happiness and gratitude.

6. Eat at least one meal mindfully

When you’re caught up in the middle of a hectic day, it’s tempting to rush through your meal without listening to your body.

Mindful eating gives you a chance to check in with both your physical feelings and your emotions.

Pick a meal, even if it’s just a sandwich, and take your time eating it. Notice the different tastes and textures. “It’s a type of mini meditation that can act as a simple ‘de-stressor,’” says Roantree.

Not sure where to start? Our guide to mindful eating can help.

7. Get enough sleep

Not feeling fully rested can make you feel grumpy and unproductive throughout the day. Try to get seven to eight hours of sleep each night.

Find ways to improve the quality of your sleep by reducing your caffeine consumption late in the day, taking a melatonin supplement, or relaxing in a warm bath or shower before bedtime.

Check out these other tips for getting a better night’s rest.

8. Breathe consciously

Take a moment at the bus stop, in line at the grocery store, or before nodding off to sleep to focus on your breathing. Practicing even a few minutes a day of deep breathing has been shown to jumpstart our body’s relaxation response and regulate stress.

deep breathing 101 Roantree suggests trying the following technique: Inhale as you normally would. Exhale, making sure you take longer than you did to inhale. Repeat this process until you start to feel relaxed. If you prefer to count, try breathing in for the count of 4, holding for the count of 7, and exhaling for the count of 8.

9. Clean for 30 minutes

The way you feel about your home can influence whether your time there is restorative or stressful.

The next time you have a spare 30 minutes, set a timer and tackle some quick household chores that’ll add a little brightness to your day, such as:

Reward yourself by taking some time to enjoy your refreshed space — do a face mask in your newly clean bathroom, for example.

10. Forgive yourself and others

Holding on to regret, pain, and resentment hurts others. But it also hurts you. When you feel any of these emotions, it affects your mood and how you treat everyone, including yourself.

“Harboring unforgiveness breads negative thoughts,” says Catherine Jackson , a licensed clinical psychologist and neurotherapist. “Decide to let it go and make a plan to never go to bed angry.”

Check out our tips for letting go of the past.

11. Engage in self-care

We often think of self-care as manicures and spa treatments (which are all great ways to destress). But according to Jackson, daily self-care goes way beyond pampering. “It’s also about eating well and getting enough nutrition to support your brain and body,” she explains.

Similarly, make sure you’re exercising or mindfully moving your body, taking time to connect with others, and having some relaxation or down time for yourself.

These don’t need to be time-consuming endeavors. Look for quick 10- or 20-minute pockets of time in your day where you can head outside for a walk or prepare yourself a bowl of fresh fruit.

12. Be kind to yourself

Many of us have the habit of lingering on something that was said to us, replaying it often in our minds. Instead of taking things personally and being self-critical, Jackson recommends offering empathy and understanding to the other person, as well as ourselves.

Think of all the ways you make a positive impact to those around you and try writing them down each day. Again, these don’t have to be grand gestures.

Maybe you held the door open for someone carrying some heavy bags. Or started brewing a fresh pot of coffee at work when you noticed it was getting low.

If you find you’re still struggling to change your frame of mind, Jackson advises to think of it this way: “Tomorrow is a new day, so if you beat yourself up today about something, let yourself off the hook and start fresh tomorrow.”

be your own best friend Try to treat yourself the same way you would a loved one. Would you constantly talk down to your best friend if they had an “off” day and dropped the ball on something? Hopefully not. And you shouldn’t talk to yourself that way, either.

The bottom line

It’s normal to get caught up in trying to become the best version of yourself. But being a better person starts with treating yourself with the same loving kindness as you do others.

This means not judging yourself harshly when your fall short of your goals and showing yourself patience and compassion on your bad days.

Keep in mind that there are many ways to become a better person, and those offered here are just a few. Find what feels most joyous and nurturing and try to build them into your daily life.

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Aspects of Working on Self-Improvement

Self-improvement is often approached as a complicated and multi-dimensional issue that seems more complex in theory than it actually is. However, striving to be better and to do things that enrich one’s life and make it healthier, more fulfilling, and exciting comes down to recognizing positive practices. Such activities may range from reading several books a month to spending more time with family. Nevertheless, it is also necessary to recognize the practices that have been harmful to one’s well-being and should be corrected or eliminated. Thus, even though finding positive practices is detrimental to enhancing the quality of life, it is also necessary to take away some activities that may hold one back from living a fulfilling life.

Considering the practices that can help me improve as a person, several things come to mind. First, I always feel better when I have enough sleep, at least eight hours a night. The importance of getting adequate sleep cannot be debated, as numerous studies have proven that sleep is crucial for improved cognition, concentration, and productivity (Okano et al., 2019). In addition, good sleep can improve one’s problem-solving skills and memory performance of people of all ages. When it comes to mental health, poor sleepers are more likely to develop depression and anxiety disorders, which is why it is essential to pay attention to the amount of sleep one is getting.

Spending more time with family is another beneficial practice that many tend to overlook. In the world captured by screen time and social media, many people fail to recognize that they have become less social with their families. What is surprising is that spending time with relatives is a crucial component of a full and meaningful life and has some health benefits. For instance, face-to-face communication reduces the risks of depression and other mental illnesses because it enables strong emotional support. It can also help boost confidence and help improve future parenting skills.

Aside from everyday tasks and the increased workload, there are numerous activities that prevent me from getting enough sleep and spending more time with family. Specifically, spending too much time surfing the Internet, doing online shopping, and watching TV take a lot of time, although one may not always notice it. There have been times when I had something productive to do and planned to go online for ten minutes; however, without me noticing, several hours would pass with nothing being done. Similarly, before going to bed, I have often gone online shopping or turned on a new TV show, which prevented me from sleeping for several hours, leaving me sleep-deprived the next day. Moreover, I have started relying on online communication with my family, which is why our face-to-face interactions reduced significantly.

Therefore, it will be beneficial to cut the time I spend online and on social media and dedicate myself to positive practices. I should develop a schedule that allows me to sleep between eight to nine hours a day and set restrictions on my devices that could remind me of spending less time online. In addition, I should be more dedicated to spending more time with my family and strengthen connections with them. It will be challenging not to pick up my phone as often as I do while going to sleep earlier and without using devices is also a radical course of action.

Aspects of Working on Self-Improvement

Okano, K., Kaczmarzyk, J., Dave, N., Gabrieli, J., & Grossman, J. (2019). Sleep quality, duration, and consistency are associated with better academic performance in college students . NPJ Science of Learning, 4 (16).

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essay for self improvement

Self-Improvement: How Better to Improve You

“No matter who you are, no matter what you did, no matter where you’ve come from, you can always change, become a better version of yourself.” - Madonna. When you read this quote, you think of one word, “Self-improvement.” Just with this one topic, you may ponder and ask yourself, “Who needs Self-improvement?” ,“ When do we need to start changing and How do we begin?”,” What will we get from it?” , and the most important question of all, “Why do we need self-improvement?” Self improvement comes from experiences. Experiences that were either blessings, mistakes, regrets, and overall a lesson each time. Self-improvement is a wake up call but will we ever take the chance to self-improve or just let it pass it by? So who exactly needs self-improvement? Is it for a specific type of person? Is it for a group of people? Like adults? Or teens? Or even Children?. Is it for the rich or the poor? Self-improvement is needed in everyone. It does not matter who you are, or what you look like, or the background you come from. We all need Self- improvement.To all of us, Self improvement is needed in our daily lives just like we need food and water. It feeds us with understanding, knowledge, character, and wisdom. Coming from experience, I never thought I needed Self-improvement.I thought I was fine and did not need any adjustment in myself. I thought I was a good person with very good qualities, but I was wrong. You can say that one day, I made a tremendous mistake that lead to a regret but it was the wake-up call for me. Long story short, I thought that I did not need to eat and I use to starve myself but because I did that, I had a major blackout which put me in the hospital and almost died. How I said before, it comes from experienc... ... middle of paper ... ...cy that left behind would not be here today. Like a sermon that Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. wrote, “ I want you to be the first in love, I want you to be the first in moral excellence, I want you to be the first in generosity…” What this quote meant to me meant a lot in self-improvement. If you want to change be the first one to change. Don’t wait for someone else but take the initiative, take the action! But here’s the catch! Don’t wait to try to self-improve when you think you’re ready because if you wait to when you think you’re ready, you will never self-improve. This kind of ties up to “When do we need to self-improve?” and “How do we self-improve?” Overall, Self-improving is key in someone’s life. Without it, we wouldn’t be where we were in the past, who we are in the present and who will be become in the future. It is needed in our lives, no doubt about it.

In this essay, the author

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Self Assessment Essay

My Self-Assessment in the Nursing Profession and How this Helped in the Improvement of Attention to Detail and Compassion

Self-assessment, in the nursing context, is moment-to-moment self-monitoring. This directly refers to one’s ability to observe his or her own actions and correctly judge the effects of those actions (Epstein, Siegel, and Silberman 2012). Brown and Harris (2013) also gave their definition of self-assessment as an evaluative and descriptive act that is carried out by a nurse as relates to their own work. These definitions include the assessment of one’s abilities, products, and processes as they are all subject to the influence of one’s feedback.

Mechanisms of Self-assessment

There are many sides to a formative assessment in the clinical field. Basically, in the course of my earlier assessment, the areas I discovered that needed some level of improvement are my difficulty to pay attention to details due to poor concentration abilities and poor level of compassion towards patients, which also has to do with concentration issues. As stated by Hawe and Parr (2014), the main reason for self-assessment is to help participants grow in their respective fields and take central roles in the improvement aspect.

The Position of Compassion in the Clinical Care

As captured in the work of Crawford, Brown, Kvangarsnes, and Gilbert (2014), there is a global concern over the deficit of compassion across the nursing profession. This development is evident in the contemporary literature that has fairly tilted towards addressing this deficit (Dewar Adamson, Smith, Surfleet, King 2014). Noticeably, most cases of poor exhibition of compassion toward patients are from nurses who also have self-compassion issues (Dewar et al., 2014). “For someone to develop genuine compassion towards others, first he or she must have a basis upon which to cultivate compassion, and that basis is the ability to connect to one’s own feelings and to care for one’s own welfare. Caring for others requires caring for oneself” (Crawford et al., 2014). Statistics have given the indication that compassion for patients is one of the factors that motivates people who join nursing because nursing itself is synonymous with compassion. Unfortunately, at a point and through my previous self-assessment, I realized that I was one of those whose level of compassion towards patients has been declining. According to Izhaki, Treacy, Phaladze, Romeu, Vernon, Marshall, Fealy, Ehrenfeld, Larkin, McNamara, Dignam, Rollins-Ganz & Nelson (2015), there is evidence that a lack of compassion can limit the proficiency of a nurse in delivering care to patients. This is why (Klopper 2010) it is constantly important that nurses take the necessary measures towards optimizing their compassion for patients.

Earlier Measure of My Compassionate Disposition towards Patients

This measuring was done using a psychometric scale known as the Likert Scale. My choice for the Likert Scale is due to the fact that it can be easily interpreted by the prospective audience. This scale was used to find out what people (both patients and co-nurses) think about my compassionate disposition. In order to get a sincere opinion of what people really think, a questionnaire was distributed to them and they were allowed to maintain anonymity in getting their responses across to me. In the practical version of the questionnaire, I used my real name to help the respondents know who was been referred to. Here, however, I will refer to myself as nurse A.

The questionnaire came in the following versions:

S/n question disagree disagree disagree agree disagree agree.

The overall results gotten from the questionnaire shows that I have not been doing very well in terms of compassion in the course of discharging my duty. Using 4 points Likert Scale, the results are summarized as follows:

The summary of my personal assessment of compassion, using 4 points Likert Scale

The scale indicates that my earlier self-assessment on compassion was on average on a scale of 4 options. This was a pointer that my performance in that aspect needed to be thoroughly examined and improved.

On the other hand, paying good attention to details is critical for effective care to patients. This, also, was another area in that I found myself performing poorly. Prior to my earlier assessment, it was practically difficult for me to pay attention to details in the course of offering care to patients. This, I could say, was largely due to my inability to concentrate when I should. As Saarikoski, Ekaterini, Pérez, Tichelaar, Tomietto, and Warne (2013) stated, for nurses, paying good attention to details is a powerful component of mindful practice. One of the differences between effective delivery care is the ability of the nurse or caregiver to pay good attention to little details that have to do with the patient in question (Saarikoski et al., 2013). To do this appropriately, internal discipline is required. Some of the many qualities of paying attention are listening, taking actions that change the course of events, and noticing details. In other words, this involves staying alert and being ready and prepared for the unexpected in order to take quick actions that are necessary (Kajander-Unkuri, Salminen, Saarikoski, Suhonen, and Leino-Kilpi, 2013). For nurses, not being vigilant or paying good attention when one should has been associated with concerns over patients’ safety because this could lead to a number of problems including poor infection control and medication errors (Kajander-Unkuri 2013).

To ascertain my level of performance in the area of paying attention to details in the course of delivering my duty as a nurse, I also conducted a survey, using questionnaires that are tailored towards getting revealing questions in this regard. The questionnaire came with the following content:

S/N question

How was i at poor fair good very good excellent.

These questionnaires were distributed amongst patients and my co-workers and they were allowed to return their opinions anonymously to encourage sincere responses. 5 point Likert Scale was used in the opinion collection and the result is shown below.

essay for self improvement

The summary of my personal assessment on paying attention to details, using 5 points Likert Scale

The collected opinions indicated that I had a poor attitude toward paying attention to details.

My New Skills

The knowledge of the following assessment came to me like a shock. I had never anticipated anything as poor as that. This, however, spurred me to enroll in a number of programs that helped me develop the needed skills. On my own, I felt I was improving because my relationship with patients and colleagues were changing for good. Not relying on this, I ran another self-assessment to truly get people’s opinions on the new improvement. The result was quite encouraging. This was a repeat of the first process with the same questionnaires:

The above questionnaire was sent out to participants during the second phase of my self-assessment to ascertain how well I have improved in the area of compassion towards patients.

The summary of the second phase of my self-assessment on compassion, using 4 points Likert Scale

Also, I ran another assessment to ascertain my level of improvement in the area of attention to detail, using 5 points Likert Scale

The summary of the second phase of my self-assessment on paying attention to details, using 5 points Likert Scale

The results show a significant improvement in the skills. During the first assessment, I was “average” on compassion and “poor” on paying attention to details. On the second attempt, however, I went from “average” to “excellent” on compassion and from “poor” on attention to detail to “good”. This shows that, although more efforts to gain additional knowledge in those areas might be required, the effort made so far has shown significant improvement.

Future Impacts on My Nursing Profession

The new skills are part of the knowledge I need to continue in the continuously dynamic medical profession. Things are changing in the medical field and it is only important that nurses strive to acquire new skills to better position them professionally and in caregiving. The new skills will help me to effectively give care to patients from different backgrounds.

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essay for self improvement



How to know yourself and seek self improvement.

' src=

Today, most people like the idea about self-improvement. It’s trendy.

But before you can improve yourself, you have to get to know who you are, what you want, and why it’s so crucial to know the answers to those questions.

Once you know who you are, what you stand for, and what you want, then you can go on to work on self-improvement.

This article will take you through the main reasons why you should take the time to get to know yourself, how to get to know yourself, and then finally how to seek self-improvement.

Table of Contents

Why you should get to know yourself, how to get to know yourself, how to seek self-improvement.

Final Thoughts

More resources about personal growth.

Many people go through life without getting a clear understanding of themselves. There’s a difference between wanting to be someone and then the actions that creates a person. It’s easy to tell people who you are, but can you actually walk the talk?

We have a tendency to brush away our shortcomings and play a certain role that we’ve intentionally or unintentionally created for ourselves. It may work for a while, but it won’t help you achieve anything in the long run.

Yes, you can say you’re a good spouse. People will believe you when they see the picture-perfect image on your office, but if you go home to a different story, it doesn’t really matter.

In the end, the opinion that matters the most are the one we hold about ourselves. A lie will drain you, overwhelm you, and unresolved emotions will resurface.

Maybe you choose a certain path many years ago and now you feel stuck. You look in the mirror and you don’t recognize yourself. The week seems endless and it’s only 7am on a Monday morning.

These are just examples. It doesn’t mean that only unhappy people need to get know themselves and seek self-improvement. Even if your life is truly as great as it looks like, it’s always worth checking in with yourself.

It’s natural to change throughout life, but too many people are afraid of reacting to this change or realize that the path they once choose may not be right anymore.

Change is scary, but it’s even more scary to ignore your emotions and not react to them. For better or worse – change is the only constant . If you get to know yourself now, then you’ll be able to handle change better. Obviously, you can’t always control what happens to you, but you can control how you react to it.

There’s no time limit for getting to know yourself or window of opportunity. Remember that:

“Self-improvement and success often occur together. But that doesn’t necessarily mean they’re the same thing.” [1]

You can be at the top of your game to the outside world, but still feel the need to get to know yourself and seek self-improvement.

It’s never too late to get to know yourself, because once you do, then you’ll be ready for whatever comes next. When you know yourself, a new road won’t seem scary because you already know whether you’re planning on turning left or right.

So, it’s settled. It’s a good idea to know this person that you wake up to every morning and look at while brushing your teeth. The person in the mirror that kind of looks the same, but yet somehow seems different over time. Here comes the million dollar question: where do you start?

Unfortunately, there isn’t a quick answer (or solution) to this. It isn’t math. There’s no right or wrong. You can’t find a page with all the secret answers and ace the test.

Most people will get a better feeling of who they are over time by simply looking back at their previous actions, reactions and decisions. But you can also choose to take an active part of the progress right now.

Here are some active actions you can take to get to know yourself:

1. Increase Your Self-Awareness

It’s all about you now. Let the outside world exist on its own. It’s not about your neighbour or the guy from high school that posted yet another sunny picture from Dubai. It’s not about them.

Take some time to look at yourself. What have you been doing? How do you react to certain situations? What makes you smile?

And if you keep going back to comparing yourself to a specific person, then ask yourself why you’re so fixated on them. Figure yourself out. You’re worth knowing.

If you want to increase your self-awareness, I recommend you take a look at this article:

How to Increase Your Self Awareness to Be Much More Successful

2. Face Your Fears

It might seem obvious, but for some reason you keep avoiding that one thing.

A lot of people let fear stand in their way even though they know deep down they have the ability to face it. It’s easy to say of course, but if you manage to overcome your weakness, it will change you for the better. You will learn from it, and you’ll know a whole lot more about your character.

Not sure how to conquer your fears? This guide can help you:

How to Overcome Your Irrational Fears (That Stop You from Succeeding)

3. Focus on Your Strengths

It’s always a good idea to focus on what you thrive at and nurture it . It will help you become more successful, but you’ll also get a better understanding of yourself as our strengths are a big part of who we are.

Even if you’ve been running towards the wall for a while and your head is really starting to hurt – you’ll always have some strengths in you that you can return to. Go back and focus on them and see where they’ll lead you. Maybe a talent will turn into a career. Maybe a character trait will turn into a new path or relationship.

Now, let’s move on to how to go further and seek self-improvement.

Ryan Holiday said: [2]

”You can’t learn if you think you already know. You will not find the answers if you’re too conceited and self-assured to ask the questions. You cannot get better if you’re convinced you are the best.”

It’s important to leave ego behind and realize that you’ll never move forward, if you don’t accept that you’re not the best. You can always become better. Maybe you’re currently the best at your job, but you should never stop competing against yourself. It’s not about putting endless pressure on yourself. It’s about keeping yourself in movement.

Maybe you did some soul-searching and you realized that you did choose the right path. That’s great, but it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try to improve yourself. Or maybe you just realized that you want a completely different life. You quit your job, bought a dog and moved to a new city. Great, but you’re not done yet.

Once you tell yourself you have done what you set out to do, then you’ll run into the same wall that knocked you out in the first place.

Self-improvement is not about putting yourself down. Self-improvement is about lifting yourself up higher. The only way to do that is by accepting that you’re not the best. You can always become better. Even (or maybe especially) if you’re only competing against yourself.

Bonus: 5 Self Improvement Books That You Can’t Miss

Self-improvement can be applied to anything from learning a new skill, learning to deal with your anger, or putting yourself in a new situation that scares you. Some people need to change their scenery completely. Some people just need to attend a meeting every Thursday. Others may need to take up a self-defence class to feel in control again.

Sometimes life is not about gaining or achieving. Sometimes life is simply about losing and letting go.

People are capable of doing (almost) everything that the people they admire are doing. You can’t limit yourself by saying you can’t do a specific thing, because you’re you. It all comes down to mind-set and commitment. Get to know yourself and then set out clear goals.

Aristotle once said:

“We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit.”

Featured photo credit: Priscilla Du Preez via unsplash.com

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Speech On Self Improvement

Communication : understanding interpersonal communication.

There are things that can better contribute to having a better self-concept “is an internal process, it is learned, maintained, and can change through interpersonal communication” (Bevan, J.L. & Sole, K. 2014).

Case Study Assignment #1, Communist Prison Camps Essay

Strengthening of the self-concept could be brought on by using processes such as the five core aspects of self-awareness:

Self Critique Speech

My visual aid was the strongest part about my speech. I brought in the ingredients to make Tiramisu to show which brands I like to use for the recipe. I also prepared Tiramisu for the class as my hold interest technique. To relate the topic to the audience, I told them that they could make this recipe when they want to impress someone. My credibility was also convincing as I informed the class I had researched and compiled the best recipe. My introduction in general was concise and convinced the audience pay attention to the rest of my speech. I also thought my tone was conversational and not too formal.

Speech On Being Self Aware

students. I provided office hours addressing any questions or concerns they may have or just general chit chat and this was a language school and every opportunity was an opportunity to speak English.

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A self-assessment through self-awareness is key for one to understand his own strengths and weaknesses. Only after conducting it, can he settle goals and objectives in order to take any corrective action. This is

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Nothing is more important in life than having positive self-esteem and a positive outlook on life. With positive self-esteem, a person can accomplish just about anything they put their mind to. Developing self-esteem starts from the day a baby is born and continues throughout their life, but unfortunately, this development is not always complete for some by the time they are adults. If we have low confidence in ourselves and our ability to succeed, it’s time to take another look at how we can build confidence. First of all, it’s important to recognize and believe that positive

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Dolly Parton: Achieving Greater Business Success

Keep in mind that what's going on outside you is a result of what's going on INSIDE you. What self-limiting belief do you have about your skills and abilities? Take stock and be honest with yourself. The average person has 50,000 to 60,000 thoughts a day. When we talk to ourselves about "ourselves," much of that self-talk is negative. We are usually our harshest critic. As the saying goes, "How many times in a day do we 'should' all over ourselves with everything that we 'should' be doing?!" Always remember...strive for progress, not

End Of Semester Research Paper

Third, I can improve on what I didn't do so well like attendance. I can get on a local city bus to get to school, that's the best choice. My homework is another thing I can improve on, like finishing on time and turning it in the day it's due. On self- confidence there's many ways I can improve from. I can use many methods like meditation, the practice or action of meditating. I can even use law of attraction, focus on the things you want more in your life-spend more time thinking about what you wish to attract into your life than what you don't

Ethos And Pathos In Bernard Roth's The Achievement Habit

There is a great deal of good books out there on the topics of self-improvement, but only the occasional book is as blunt and honest as Bernard Roth's The Achievement Habit. Roth provides viable examples of how to not just be successful in life, but to also jumpstart and finish projects or things one has always wanted to accomplish. The Achievement Habit effectively uses ethos, pathos, and logos in chapter two, to show that reasons are bullshit.

Public Speaking Self Reflection

Public speaking has always been very hard for me, I've never been the type to stand in front of an audience and speak or do a presentation. No matter how many times I've done presentations I've always get nervous or shy and always forget what I rehearsed. In the military I was training Nco, everytime we had a new marine check in to our unit or are shop. I would be the one to give them and the A presentation on what is expected of them and also give them information about the unit and our shop. In my opinion the Marine Corp prepared me for public speaking, especially if you where lower rank and your senior enlisted would throw you to the wolves and send you up there to give the

Improving Yourself In Brave New World

“There's only one corner of the universe you can be certain of improving, and that's your own self”, by Aldous Huxley.This means that the only thing in the universe you have complete control over is yourself. You can improve yourself; but you are less likely to be able to improve anyone or anything else. If you focus on constructing yourself to be better human being, then that might influence people around you to do the same thing and that is a good way of improving yourself and everybody around you.

Ad Diversity Research Paper

The issue in life is that most people find themselves holding on to tools that are worn out and have been broken due to adversity. The end result is that these people do not see growth in their lives. We must let go of what we have to make room for what God has for us in order to move forward and yield growth.

True Self Improvement : Understanding Ptsd ( Part One ) Essay

What is the essence of "self-improvement" really and how is it best achieved? This is a critical subject to develop an understanding of both for those of us earnestly trying to improve ourselves, and especially for any of us holding ourselves out to be 'facilitators of self-improvement ' and self-improvement programs.

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    Self-Improvement Goals 341 Words | 2 Pages Self-Improvement Goals 1. Stop procrastinating over my homework and organize my time better. 2. Begin to make new friends at school this year. 3. Read more books during my free time at home and at school. 4. Become a better potter by learning new techniques to sculpt clay. 5.

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    Self-improvement may be started with the Think and Grow Rich concept. Andrew Carnegie (1835-1919) led an expansion in the American Steel industry in the late 1800's. He was also the highest profile Philanthropists in his time.

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    Self-improvement is a one day at a time process. Self-improvement results to inner stability, personality development and SUCCESS. It comes from self-confidence, self appreciation and selfesteem. Set meaningful and achievable goals. Self-improvement doesn‟t turn you to be the exact replica of Cameron Diaz or Ralph Fiennes.

  4. Self Improvement

    Self improvement and self acceptance; before I change myself, I need to accept myself as I am. This does not mean liking everything; it means loving me as a whole, and acknowledging the reality of whatever I would prefer to be different. Self acceptance assists in my self improvement goals.

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    Self Improvement Self-Improvement Many people work toward something in order to improve themselves. This act of aiming toward something in order to achieve it is called setting a goal. Achieving goals usually improves the person who is setting them.

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    Writing Essays on Self-Improvement is so much simpler and fun when you have a skillfully written example piece right in front of you. Fortunately, WePapers.com offers you unlimited access to free Self-Improvement Essays directory you can exploit to triumph in the writing game.

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    In such a case, looking through the WePapers.com catalog of free sample essays on Self-Improvement, discovering an inspiring, expertly written piece, and then using it as a model to follow might be a really viable plan! So stop wasting time and start searching our open-access Self-Improvement essay samples collection right now - by topic ...

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    Good Essays Self Improvement 1561 Words 7 Pages Self Improvement SELF IMPROVEMENT (COMM 1) Topic Outline I. B. Be hygienic. C. Get 8 to 9 hours of sleep every night. D. Don't bite your nails. E. Always wear deodorant or antiperspirant. F. Be confident all the time. G. Always be in proper posture. H.

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    The self improvement process involves steps that will not likely be acheived without the accomplishment of their preceding steps. As humans, we find it very difficult to adjust to changes all at once, because we have already been programmed to do and see things a particular way. It does not mean that it is impossible.

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    Self Improvement Essay — 1561 Words | by Hunter Lewin | Medium Sign up 500 Apologies, but something went wrong on our end. Refresh the page, check Medium 's site status, or find something...

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    You should think positively and know that every single obstacle that faces upon you is a great way of achieving your best self-improvement. In order to be successful, you should also be energetic and motivated. Motivation plays a main role in your path of future accomplishments. Don't use plagiarized sources. Get your custom essay on

  12. The Importance of Self Improvement No Matter How Old You Are

    Self-awareness is an ongoing journey - as life progresses, you are met with different experiences and challenges, which make you more aware of your personality, thoughts and feelings. So, in order to be on the path of self-improvement, it is important to never lose touch with yourself. 2. Enhance Strengths

  13. How to Be a Better Person to Others and Yourself

    Send a card to a friend. Make a donation to someone in need. "You'll notice your mood lift a little when you do good for the sheer joy of it," says Roantree. Studies show that simply ...

  14. Aspects of Working on Self-Improvement

    Self-improvement is often approached as a complicated and multi-dimensional issue that seems more complex in theory than it actually is. However, striving to be better and to do things that enrich one's life and make it healthier, more fulfilling, and exciting comes down to recognizing positive practices.

  15. Self Improvement Research Paper

    Some tips for achieving your goals for self-improvement are: Write down your goals Be very clear and precise in your desired outcome Write it in the present tense (as if you've already achieved it) Stay focused Be persistent in your actions You'll see a huge difference in your life the very first time you establish a clear, committed goal.

  16. Self-Improvement: How Better to Improve You

    Self-improvement is needed in everyone. It does not matter who you are, or what you look like, or the background you come from. We all need Self- improvement.To all of us, Self improvement is needed in our daily lives just like we need food and water. It feeds us with understanding, knowledge, character, and wisdom.

  17. Self Assessment Essay

    The summary of the second phase of my self-assessment on paying attention to details, using 5 points Likert Scale. The results show a significant improvement in the skills. During the first assessment, I was "average" on compassion and "poor" on paying attention to details. On the second attempt, however, I went from "average" to ...

  18. Self Improvement and Motivation

    To aid in self improvement, you should be able to adjust in every situation that comes in the way. Think about both sides of the coin, and even be prepared for unfortunate circumstances and how you intend to deal with them. Practice goal setting to reach success. Decide on a goal, set the time span, work towards it and achieve it.

  19. How to Know Yourself and Seek Self Improvement

    Here are some active actions you can take to get to know yourself: 1. Increase Your Self-Awareness. It's all about you now. Let the outside world exist on its own.

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    Improvement Literature Writing 9 Pages Essay On The Brain That Changes Itself Just a few decades ago, the scientific community considered that the brain is fixed and programmed by nature. There was a consensus that the human brain can only deteriorate with age, but not improve.

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    Self-Promotion To Self-Improvement Essay Examples. The Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin. Benjamin Franklin wrote one of the most intelligent and purposeful autobiographies in history. Franklin emerged from the American Revolution one of the most famous men in the world.

  22. Speech On Self Improvement

    The self improvement is intrinsically attached to everything we do, learning our academic subjects, eating, exercising, driving safely and everything that we aspire to accomplish. All of these things are only rooted to one thing, improving our skills and capabilities as well as enhancing our interpersonal skills.

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    3. Quality Writing and Storytelling. It's important to show your writing skills in an essay, and keep your audience engaged. Don't forget, the essay is different from other parts of your application: it's a story. That means you need dialogue, action, sensory details, and a strong hook. Think about your favorite writers and how they tell ...