Narrative Essay About Friendship

essay about friendship story

Show More "Do you remember how we met, dear?" It all began on the first day of high school, the day our friendship began. It was the third class of the day and I had so far failed at meeting anybody new. The teacher had already introduced himself and gone to sit down, leaving us to our own devices for the rest of the class time. I was too disheartened to try and make any new friends, so I pulled it a book and drowned out everyone else. I was in the middle of a riveting chapter when your voice pulled me out of my immersion. "Whatcha reading?", I looked to my right and saw you staring at the book in my hands. That was the first time I ever laid eyes on you. "Um, it 's Cirque du Freak," "What 's it about?" "It 's about vampires..." …show more content… I kept daydreaming about you and for that I bumped into several trashcans and mailboxes. The tux I had rented for prom was already laid out on my bed when I got home, and I somehow managed to stumble into it without hurting myself too badly. Eight o 'clock finally rolled around and with much anxiety and anticipation I headed to the school. I arrived at the gym and as I watched all the couples stream in I searched the crowd for you. When I finally laid eyes on you everyone else seemed to fade away. You were more beautiful than I had ever seen you. There was a radiance of pure beauty around you. Your white dress seemed to glow like a thousand suns, it subtlety screamed- 'Look at me, you 're gonna want to see this. ' As my jaw dropped and I stared in awe you spotted me and walked over. "Andrew! You look great!" I wish I could say I replied with a quick witted and romantic compliment, but alas, I was still so young and stupid. "T-thanks, you too." Half of me was screaming at myself to pull it together, but the other half just wanted to keep basking in all your gorgeousness. "Ready to go in?" And with that the rational part of my mind kicked back into …show more content… All I remember from that night is staring into your eyes and holding you as we swayed to the music. I wanted so badly you tell you how I felt, but I didn 't have to. You knew me so well, you knew how I felt and you felt the same. It all quickly became very clear. When you had asked me who I was taking to the prom you were actually hoping I hadn 't found anybody. When you had suggested taking each other as a last resort, I had actually been your first choice. When you had no choice but to go with me you were just as ecstatic as I was. Like every other one before, that night had to come to the end. But unlike the others, that night looked towards the future, a future for you and me, together at last. I remember standing outside your house with you, not wanting the night to end. "I had a great time," You were looking into my eyes as you said those words. "Me too," "I guess this is goodbye," "I hate goodbyes, they 're never very good," "No, I guess they aren 't, are they?" "How about instead of a goodbye, I leave you with this," I looked back into your eyes and leaned forward, that was the first time I ever kissed you. I took one final glance at you with all your beauty and walked away, knowing I would be seeing you

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Short Story About Friendship

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It was a Sunday morning, the wind was screaming through the branches. I was at school with my friend Sarah, Sarah has been my best friend for nine years we tell each other all our secrets. We met each other in kindergarten and since then we have been inseparable. Sahra and I were heading to our first-period class, music with Miss Linda she is every student’s favorite teacher because she is very motivational and trustworthy not only is she a teacher to her students but also someone who you can ask for help in your darkest times.

After miss Linda’s class, I ran as if a tiger was chasing me to catch up with my friend Rylie. Rylie is another one of my friends that I have known for two years and one thing everyone knows about her is that her parents are the most strict in the neighborhood and they tend to put too much stress on her and also she has the voice of an angle.


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After like what seemed a year of running I found Rylie talking to Miss Linda and I accidentally overheard Miss Linda asking Rylie to join her choir group and sing with them in the pep rally coming up next week. Rylie tried to explain to miss Linda how she had to write an essay and that she couldn’t be able to attend the lessons for it after school but miss Linda said that it wouldn’t be a big problem if she paid a student to write it for her in secret.

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Rylie took her advice but I knew this plan wouldn’t work because Rylie is bad at lying like how a penguin is bad at flying. I didn’t want to get involved because my mom always said the more inquisitive you are the more trouble you’ll get into.

After the pep rally, Rylie was asked to go to the principle, Miss Andie and Rylie couldn’t help but think it was about her essay. While she was walking to the principal’s office she felt the dagger of guilt piercing through her heart. When she arrived she found Miss Linda and Miss Andie waiting for her and Miss Andie asked her to take a set. Miss Andie started the conversation by informing Rylie that her essay has the highest marks in the whole school, but she also added that a student came and told her that she overheard Miss Linda telling Rylie to pay a student to write the essay for her. Miss Andie wished that this information wasn’t true because Miss Linda is one of the best teachers in the school and also a friend and firing her would be like losing a friend. Unfortunately, Miss Linda had to confess and told Miss Andie what the student overheard was true. Rylie tried to blame it on herself but she couldn’t convince Miss Andie that Miss Linda had nothing to do with this situation. After the talk, Miss Linda was fired and Rylie had after-school detention every day for a week.

Rylie felt guilty and wanted to do something special in honor of Miss Linda so she asked the choir group and some other people including me to sing a song she wrote about Miss Linda in the talent show next week but everyone refused except me, Sarah, and one other person called Adam because they didn’t want to help a person that was the reason of Miss Linda getting fired. Everyone stormed out and me, Sarah, and Adam tried to comfort Rylie and took her to get ice cream to cheer her up. Meanwhile, the choir group was planning a revenge plan on Rylie, they were gonna join her in the talent show and then throw paint on her to humiliate her. So the next day the choir group told Rylie they were sorry for what they said and wanted to join her in the talent show. After some thinking, Rylie agreed and they started to practice for a memorable event. Three days passed and a girl named Chloe started to get close to Rylie and eventually became best friends. But Chloe still new about the plan and had to stop it so she told me, Kendal, and Adam everything they planned and we found a way to stop them from humiliating Rylie. The only way to stop what was gonna happen in the talent show is if there was no talent show at all.

The day of the talent show arrived and we planned to pull the fire alarm just when they started the talent show. What we did work and everyone evacuated the building immediately there was no paint and no one got humiliated. An hour after the alarm went off the student went back to there classes and me, Sarah, Chole, and Adam were called to the principal’s office. Turns out a boy named Ronald saw use pull the fire alarm and told Miss Andie. We tried to deny it but Sarah blew our cover because she hesitated every time Miss Andie asked her a question. We got detention but we got it for a good cause and after detention me, Sarah, Adam, Rylie, and Chloe went out for ice cream and from that day we all became best friends and never fought again.

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Short Story About Friendship

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Essay on My Best Friend

List of essays on my best friend in english, essay on best friend for kids – essay 1 (150 words), short essay on best friend – essay 2 (250 words), essay on my best friend – essay 3 (300 words), essay on my best friend – essay 4 (400 words), essay on my best friend – essay 5 (500 words), essay on my best friend – common interests and different career paths – essay 6 (750 words), essay on my best friend – essay 7 (1000 words).

Students of different classes are often required to write essays on My Best Friend, no matter whether the student is in class 1 st or 2 nd or is studying in a higher class.

Here we have come up with different essays on My Best friend which suit the needs of students of all classes. These essays shall definitely ease the stress the students face while compiling essays on such topics which though seem easy to write but consume a lot of time and energy.

A person’s best friend is the closest and most special person in that person’s life. A best friend is someone with whom we share all of the most important and crucial things in our life.

Best friends support each other in everything they do. My best friend is Frank; our parents are also very good friends. I can’t even remember when we became friends which show how long we have been friends.

There are pictures of us crawling together as babies. We do almost everything together, we understand each other so well and he is always there to listen to me and comfort me when I am sad and not feeling too good.

Some people think we are siblings because we are always together and we live on the same street so we spend all the time together at home and in school.

My best friend is the greatest friend in the world.

The one person in the world that will give you equal love and devotion like your parents and lovers is your best friend. My best friend is Mark. We both study in the same school. Mark also helps me in my studies. We also live in the same locality. My best friend Mark and I spend most of the time together doing the things we like to do. We enjoy our life according to our needs and wishes.

My best friend is the person on whom I can truly count on all through my life. Whenever I need help or support, my best friend is always there for me.We have lived moments together and have created memories that will remain throughout my life.

Having a best friend like Mark makes my life easier. In any crucial situation, the first person that comes to my mind is my best friend. Whenever I am in any problem, my best friend helps me to get out of the problem by providing the best solutions. My best friend gets angry when I do something wrong and appreciates me when I achive something.

My best friend helps me to become a better person. We plan our weekends and enjoy together. My best friend is the person who makes me happy and deserves all my love and attention. My best friend has been my support system and my strength. No one can take the place of my best friend Mark in my life.

Friendship is a great blessing in anybody’s life. A person gets acquainted with different people during their life journey. Among these, we find a few who think in our wavelength with similar taste and nature. We become more attached to these type of people and spend more time with them. Gradually a kind of relationship develops which turns out to leave long-lasting impressions in one’s life.

It is an indication of a healthy relationship, and the friendship starts from here. And for most of us, friends are more or less family. You and your friends will have many things in common. You spent most of your day with your friends. You share anything and everything with your friends. In short, the most memorable moments in everybody’s lives will be the ones spent with the best friends.

I am indeed lucky to have my school friend, Kajal as my best friend even now. I still remember the day I met her. It fell on the second day of my U.K.G class. It sounds to be a cock and bull story, but I earned the best friend of my life when I was just five years old. I do believe that she is the best thing ever happened to me. She is still there as strong motivator.

We played together, studied together, laughed together, sometimes cried together, did grow up together, made incredible memories together and finally when fourteen years of school life came to pause, we bid goodbye and parted our ways.

Friendship never ends:

Though miles apart, we either call or send messages on a daily basis. Wherever we go, we are connected by heart and manages to organize a meet up once every three months. We chat about the events in our lives so far, cherish our mischievous moments together, reminisce our good old days, capture every single moment in photographs and separate again.

Life continues its incredible journey, so many intimate friends moved in and out of my life, but none replaced the sole position reserved for my girl, now a strong woman, who stood by my side during the ebb and flow of my little life.


A friend is just anyone with whom a bond exists and mutual affection forms a relationship. A person could have many friends depending on the social character and the ease of being relatable with others. At different stages of life, we need friends who are the same level as us in order to fit in but to some people, that is not an option because they believe in functioning independently, which is still okay.

Psychologists recommend that people should co-exist together so that they can help each other during times of need. There is also a fact that coping mechanisms to stress are better off when friends are involved. A friend could be any one but a best friend is usually that one person you value the most of all your friends. A best friend is like family.

Who is my best friend?

My best friend is a girl named Shanaya. We grew up together. Our parents were friends from college and so they progressed to pursue the same career and that is how they ended up in the same neighborhood because they work in the same hospital. Her father is a doctor while my father is an anesthetist.

Since we were young, we would play together, went to school together. We were separated for about one year because she joined a different high school from mine but she later joined me at my current school. The separation made me realize that she was actually my best friend because it was hard without her around. My best friend and I are now in senior year but different classes. We interact on a daily basis.

Reasons why I like my best friend:

My best friend possesses qualities that just make me love her. She is kind to everyone, even animals. We have grown up like sisters and she has been the bigger sister to me because she has always protected me from bullies.

She is intelligent both academically and in issue concerning life. My class performance was not so good when she joined my school but through her help, I have been able to Improve. Her sense of fashion is impeccable. She always steals the attention of everyone when we walk together, which makes me invisible. We have very imaginative minds. Sometimes we just sit and plan our future and it is just amazing how she jokes about everything. She wants to be a doctor just like her father and she believes in humanity.

Who is a Friend?

The definition of a friend is relative to different personalities with their different backgrounds, orientations and beliefs. However, a conventional description of a friend is; someone you care about. Caring about someone goes beyond the ordinary meaning of the word. He or she must cherish the other enough to call it love.

Now love is built on trust; a friend is someone you trust, at least, to a reasonable extent. If I can’t trust you, then I’m in trouble having you as a friend. Where there is no trust, there is no love and where there is no love, there can’t be friendship.

Who deserves to be Called My Best Friend?

If a friend is someone I love, then my best friend should be the one I love most. Best friends are usually fond of themselves. When two friends get used to each other, a strong mutual understanding is created. At this level, their friendship hits new heights.

Understanding is very important in friendship. A person is most likely to pick the friend he or she understands the most as his/her best friend. These kind of friends must have become very compatible and would easily share almost anything because of their trust for each other.

One may opine that not everybody has such a friend. So, it may be expedient to consider another definition of a best friend as simply; the best amongst your friends. However, most people in such a case would not recognize a best friend amongst his/her friends. But just as we started, definitions of concepts in friendship are relative.

My Best Friend:

Now, I’m about to discuss my own best friend so my beliefs, strictly, are adequate enough at this level.

My best friend is Divyakshi. Not a best friend but my own best friend, ‘bestie’, as some would say, is one, among many I call friends, who has chosen to stay distinguished and I have accepted her proof of trust.

My best friend is my first friend, an acquaintance, one who has offered me presence, wasted and utilized time with me, won my trust and respect, shown me love and why I should love, supported and defended me, had my back and stood by me. My best friend has not just done these things to me but has made me see reasons to do same to her.

My best friend is a unique companion, the one among my friends who does the best things to me, for me and with me. She is simply indispensable and indescribable. She is not necessarily my lover but I love her.

My best friend and I are a team, we struggle together, we lie together, we fight together, we save each other, we back one another and we survive in this order. We may not be one but we make one. We may not be so strong but united, we stand tall.

My best friend, favorite pal, is the one among my friends I have found myself loving most.

Friends are an integral part of your life, be the school years, the college life, colleagues at office or friends near your house. Everyone needs friends to share their feelings, spend some good time and relax in life. I am fortunate to have such a friend in my life on which I can just rely for anything. Whether it is sharing my feelings, my good and bad times and sometimes even my clothes, I just enjoy everything with him. His name is Rishi.

Meeting my would be a best friend at School:

When I was in class 2, Rishi joined our school and our class. His parents have just migrated to our city and here he was, the first time in a new city, new school, new class and new people around it everywhere.

Fortunately, my teacher made him sit with me in the class. He was a bit shy at first, but by the end of the day, we both felt comfortable with each other. Subsequently, when we met each other every day, we realised that we had quite a many similarities and this allowed to gel with each other easily. Since then there has been no looking back.

Our Friendship:

Our friendship slowly became the talk to the class and gradually we became best friends. Even our teachers came to know about it and. But, thanks to all, no one ever tried to create distance between us as we complemented each other so perfectly that even our teachers and parents felt happy about it. In fact, we used to help each other with class notes as well as homework if one of us could not attend the school due to any reasons. In fact, we had this healthy competition in us as to who would stand first in the class.

Our Common Interests:

Apart from studies, we both a common interest in table tennis. We both joined an academy and used to go for practice together in the evenings. The only difference in our habits, perhaps, was the while I was right-handed, he was a left-handed person. But this was also a blessing in disguise for us as due to this very reason we made a good team and were even selected in our school team to play as a doubles team. We both won many competitions together and brought accolades to the school. This made our parents as well as school teachers very proud of us.

Different Career Paths:

After our schooling, we got separated as we both chose different career paths. While I went on to become an engineer, Rishi went to a different city to become a scientist. But, as life would have it, after some years, we both landed in the same city and came in contact with each other again.

My best friend has been the biggest strength for me in my life. During the weekend, we went to a short cookery course as well, and we sometimes get a kick out of the chance to cooperate in the kitchen and make some creative dishes. At times these dishes turn out well, however, there are times when we don’t hit the nail on the head as we might not have pursued the formula accurately. Our wives are thoughtful and don’t admonish us much when we mess up a dish. My friend and I appreciate watching films together amid occasions or excursions. We like watching comedies. Horror films don’t excite us and we try to stay away from them.

My Friend, my strength:

In my times of need, my best friend has been a pillar of strength for me. Not only did he take care to see that I resolve my issues, but also ensured that my family is not affected much due to the turmoil in my professional life. He has always encouraged me to face problems as they are and not to duck under during adverse situations. I am glad that I have such a friend in my life on which I can rely on blindly.

Why a friend is so important?

True friendship is the most prized thing in the world. Although, it may be, at times, that one does not have a friend whom one can call as a best friend. But, if you are able to find someone like a best friend to you, it is perhaps, the greatest joy in the world. The mutual understanding and honesty which can be shown by your best friend cannot be done by anyone else in the world. A best friend is indeed a precious gem in one’s life.

Friends are the family that we get to choose. Blessed are those who have a best friend for life. A best friend is nothing less than a precious gem. And I am lucky to have such a person in my life. My best friend’s name is Deepa and I met her in school.

My family used to live in Lucknow. But then a few years ago my father got transferred and we came to the town of Allahabad in Uttar Pradesh. Everything was new here. The neighborhood, the market, and even the school.

I was not liking it here much. At this new school, nobody knew me. As I was shy, I had difficulty making friends and felt lonely all the time. During the lunch breaks, I used to have lunch all by myself. Although the teachers were nice to me, I still missed my old school.

One day, when I was sitting in my seat, a girl came to me and introduced herself. She was Deepa. She smiled at me and asked if I wanted to have the lunch with her. That day, we spent a great time together. We told each other about ourselves, our families, likings, and dislikings.

Slowly, we became best friends. I liked her nature. She was soft-spoken and always had a smile on her face. The school was close to my home but Deepa used to come to school by cycle. So, when the school would be over, we would often walk together till we reached my home. From there, we would say goodbye to each other and she would start riding the cycle to her home.

A few weeks passed by. The weather was changing and I had a high fever. It was a viral infection, so I needed a bed-rest all the time. I had to miss the classes. I was also worried about the coming exams, wondering how I would cover the unattended chapters.

To my surprise, Deepa came to visit me as she already knew my address. She was worried about my health but she consoled me and asked me not to panic about the studies. Next day, when she came to my house, there were plenty of photocopied notes with her. It was all for me so that I could study easily.

My best friend would stay with me for a few hours to explain the difficult concepts and chapters in mathematics and other subjects. Gradually, my health was improving and I had also prepared most of the syllabus for the upcoming exam. In my heart, I felt so lucky to have Deepa as my best friend.

When the exam results came, we both had passed with good marks. It was all because of Deepa’s efforts and hard work that made everything possible. Later I made a greeting card for her to express my affection and gratitude toward her. She was so excited and happy to see it.

After that incident, our families also developed a bonding. I and Deepa became inseparable sisters. In the coming month of October, it was my best friend’s birthday. I and the other classmates in the school had planned a day out for her. In the evening, there was a party at her house.

So, we all decided to give her a surprise party and take her to a nearby picnic spot in the afternoon. Everybody contributed a little for the cake and snacks. Deepa came to school in her lovely sky blue frock. She looked like a fairy.

After the school was over, we took her to the picnic spot. She cut the cake and we all enjoyed the snacks. Deepa was thrilled with her surprise party. After everybody had eaten, we all decided to enjoy the boat ride. Only 4 people could come in one boat. So, with two other girls, Deepa and I settled in a boat. Rest of the students took separate boats.

It was a pleasant day. The lake was small but beautiful and the wind was so cool. We were all singing together and cheering up. In the clear blue water of the lake, we could see the colorful fishes swimming rapidly. There were also ducks and swans adding to the beauty of the scene.

Everybody started clapping looking at those pretty birds. Deepa also became quite excited. Just when she was trying to wave her hand and touch the ducks, she lost her balance. Before anyone could understand, she slipped into the lake.

Everyone was shocked to see this. Without losing a minute, I jumped into the water. Nobody knew but I had learned swimming in my previous school. At a distance, I could see Deepa struggling in the water. I swam to her and grabbed her arm. Soon, the boat arrived there and the girls pulled us out one by one.

For a few minutes, Deepa was unable to breathe. But with some efforts, the water came out of her mouth and she started feeling better. She was cold and shivering with fright. We immediately came to the side and took Deepa to her house.

When her parents heard what happened they were shaken and disturbed. The doctor came to see her and said that there was no need to worry. Deepa was all right now. We helped her wrap up in a warm cozy bed. She looked at me with tears in her eyes and told her parents about how I jumped into the water to save her from drowning.

I told her about my swimming classes in the old school and promised her to be there for her in every difficult situation. I also reminded her of when I was ill and she used to come to my house to teach me the chapters and as she was my best friend, I did the same for her today.

Her parents also got emotional and they hugged me. Deepa and I became true best friends. From that day, we support and help each other in every decision. I wish every person could experience a friendship like this.

Friendship , My Best Friend

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A Personal Experience with True Friendship Essay

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This essay is about my best friend. Friends are as important as relatives, we cannot live without them, and sometimes best friends could change our lives. My best friend, Steve, is one of the most important people in my life, we [...]

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essay about friendship story

essay about friendship story

Friendship Essay: A Heartbreaking Friendship

Friendship is a single soul dwelling in two bodies. - Aristotle Even now as I write this paper my heart is full of sorrowed and pity. Due to the unpleasantness of this situation, I still have not recovered from the experience. I must start this story by first saying, I am not a, fan of making best friends. However, I have this friend who is like a sister to me, we do everything together. Our moms know one another, thus they make sure we attend the same school since we were kids until college. Something happened in our last year together at community college, which turned our friendship into enemies. As the first child of my parents I was brought up in a very strict environment. I was punished for all my mistakes, I never had the opportunity to party, go to the club just like the other kids. My parents are Christians and so they always stress on good discipline and the importance of education as the key to success. Because of all the values and morals implanted in me by my parents, I never got into problems with anyone including my friends and teachers. Like I said earlier, my childhood friend Cynthia was more than a sister to me, we were approximately like twins from the same parents. We agree on everything except for this one incident which I find it so difficult to understand and cannot get it out of my memory. Cynthia was brought up by a single parent (mom), thus things weren’t as smooth and easy-going as compared to me and the other girls. Even though as a friend I tried as much as I can to help her, nothing is enough for her. Also, because of the absence of the fatherly figure in her life, she lacks morals, ethics and values. In a nutshell Cynthia was a com... ... middle of paper ... ... was really hurt and in some way blamed myself for her death. I learned a valuable lesson from this experience because I felt like I lost my good friend because of my selfishness and also because I failed to respect her wishes. Maybe if I have listened to her and not tell her mom that she has HIV she would not have worried to the point of getting in an accident or that she would still be alive. How do I come to terms that my best friend died because of me? I have lost a good friend and I wish that I could rewind the clock and mend the broken fence between me and Cynthia before she died? This experience has caused me to be more opened minded, respectful and receptive to other people’s perspectives and opinions? I hope this would not happen to me again but if it does I promise to put aside my selfishness and my morals and make my friend happy by keeping her secret.

In this essay, the author

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essay about friendship story

Friday essay: on the ending of a friendship

essay about friendship story

Emeritus Professor of Creative writing, The University of Melbourne

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Friendship is an incomparable, immeasurable boon to me, and a source of life — not metaphorically but literally.

About eight years ago, I went to dinner with a dear friend I had known for more than 40 years. It would be the last time we would see each other and by the end of that evening I was deeply shaken. But more lasting and more unsettling than this has been the feeling of loss without his friendship. It was a sudden ending but it was also an ending that lasted for me well beyond that evening. I have worried since then at what kind of friend I am to my friends, and why a friendship can suddenly self-destruct while others can so unexpectedly bloom.

My friend and I were used to going to dinner together, though it had become an increasingly tricky matter for us. We had been seeing each other more infrequently, and our conversations had been tending towards repetition. I still enjoyed his passion for talk, his willingness to be puzzled by life’s events, our comically growing list of minor ailments as we entered our sixties, and the old stories he fell back on — usually stories of his minor triumphs, such as the time his car burst into fire, was declared a write-off by insurance, and ended in an auction house where he bought it back with part of the insurance payout and only minor repairs to be made. There were stories of his time as a barman in one of Melbourne’s roughest pubs. I suppose in a lot of long-lasting friendships it is these repeated stories of the past that can fill the present so richly.

essay about friendship story

Nevertheless, both his opinions and mine seemed to have become too predictable. Even his desire to come up with the most unpredictable viewpoint on any problem was a routine I expected from him. Each of us knew the weaknesses in the other’s thinking, and we had learned not to go too far with some topics, which were of course the most interesting and important ones.

He knew how politically correct I could be, and shrewdly enough he had no time for my self-righteousness, the predictability of my views on gender, race and climate. I understood this. He knew too that his fiercely independent thinking was often just the usual rant against greenies or lefties. Something had begun to fail in our friendship, but I could not properly perceive this or speak of it.

We were a contrasting pair. He was a big man with an aggressive edge to his gregarious nature, while I was lean, short and physically slight next to him, a much more reserved person altogether. I liked his size because big men have been protective figures in my life. At times when I felt threatened I would ask him to come with me to a meeting or a transaction, and just stand next to me in his big way. During one long period of trouble with our neighbours he would visit when the tension was high to show his formidable presence and his solidarity with us.

I was always reading and knew how to talk books, while he was too restless to read much. He knew how to sing, bursting into song occasionally when we were together. He had been unable to work professionally since a breakdown that was both physical and mental. By contrast, I was working steadily, never quite as free with my time as he was.

Nearly two years before our last dinner together his wife had suddenly left him. As it turned out, she had been planning her departure for some time, but when she went he was taken by surprise. I saw a more confused and fragile side of him during those months when we would meet and talk through how he was dealing with their counselling sessions, and then how the negotiations were proceeding over belongings and finally the family house. He was learning to live alone for the first time since he had been a young man, and was exploring what it might be like to seek out new relationships.

Read more: Research Check: is it true only half your friends actually like you?

A safe haven

We had met when I was a first-year university student boarding at my grandmother’s home in an inner Melbourne suburb. I was studying for a Bachelor of Arts, staying up through the nights, discovering literature, music, history, cask wine, dope, girls and ideas.

He lived in a flat a few doors away in a street behind my grandmother’s place, and I remember it was the local parish youth group, or the remnants of one, that used to meet in his flat. In my friend’s flat we would lie around the floor, half a dozen of us, drinking, flirting, arguing about religion or politics until the night was strung out in our heads, tight and thin and vibrating with possibilities. I loved that sudden intimate and intellectually rich contact with people my own age.

My friend and I started up a coffee lounge in an old disused shopfront as a meeting place for youth who would otherwise be on the street. I was the one who became immersed in the chaotic life of the place as students, musicians, misfits, hopeful poets and petty criminals floated through the shop, while my friend kept his eye on the broader picture that involved real estate agents, local councils, supplies of coffee, income and expenditure.

Perhaps the experience helped delay my own adulthood, allowing me time to try out a bohemian, communal alternative lifestyle that was so important to some of us in the early 1970s. My friend, though, was soon married. It was as if he had been living a parallel life outside our friendship, outside the youth group, coffee shop, jug band, drugs and misadventures of our project.

This did not break us up, and in fact after his marriage he became another kind of friend. I was at times struggling to find some steady sense of myself. Sometimes in those years I would not be able to talk or even be near others, and I remember once when I felt like this I went to my newly married friend’s home, and asked if I could lie on the floor in the corner of their lounge room for a few days until I felt better.

They indulged me. I felt it was this haven that saved me then, giving me the time to recoup and giving me a sense that there was somewhere I could go where the world was safe and neutral.

essay about friendship story

In time, and more bumpily and uncertainly than my friend, I was with a partner raising a family. He was often involved in our children’s birthdays, other celebrations, our house-moving, and just dropping in on family meals. It worked for us. I remember him lifting our cast iron wood-burning stove into its place in our first renovated Brunswick cottage. He lived in a more sprawling home near bushland on the edge of Melbourne, so one of my pleasures became the long cycling trips out to see him.

My partner and I were embraced by a local community thanks to the childcare centre, kinders, schools and sport. Lasting friendships (for us and for our children) grew in the tentative, open-ended, slightly blindly feeling way of friendships. Through this decade and a half though, the particular friendship with my songful friend held, perhaps to the surprise of both of us.

‘Tolerating much, for the sake of best intentions’

In his thoroughly likeable 1993 book on friendship , the political scientist Graham Little wrote under the bright light of writings by Aristotle and Freud, that the purest kind of friendship “welcomes the different ways people are alive to life and tolerates much in a friend for the sake of best intentions”.

essay about friendship story

Here perhaps is the closest I have seen to a definition of friendship at its best: a stance imbued with sympathy, interest and excitement directed at another despite all that otherwise shows we are flawed and dangerous creatures.

On that evening, the evening of the last time we went out to dinner together, I did push my friend towards one of the topics we usually avoided. I had been wanting him to acknowledge and even apologise for his behaviour towards some young women he had spoken to, I thought, lewdly and insultingly nearly a year before in my home at a party. The women and those of us who had witnessed his behaviour felt continuing tension over his refusal to discuss the fact that he had wanted to speak so insultingly to them and then had done it in our home in front of us. For me, there was some element of betrayal, not only in the way he had behaved but in his continued refusal to discuss what had happened.

The women were drunk, he said, just as he had said the last time I tried to talk to him about this. They were wearing almost nothing, he said, and what he’d said to them was no more than they were expecting. My friend and I were sitting in a popular Thai restaurant on Sydney Road: metal chairs, plastic tables, concrete floor. It was noisy, packed with students, young couples and groups out for a cheap and tasty meal. A waitress had put menus, water and beer on our table while she waited for us to decide on our meals. Wanting to push finally past this impasse, I pointed out to him that the women had not insulted him, he had insulted them.

If that’s the way you want it, he replied, and placed his hands on each side of the table, hurling it into the air and walking out of the restaurant as table, bottles, glasses, water and beer came clattering and smashing down around me. The whole restaurant fell silent. I could not move for some time. The waitress began mopping up the floor around me. Someone called out, “Hey, are you all right?”

This was the last time I saw or heard from him. For many months, I thought of him every day, then slowly I thought of him less often, until now I can think of him more or less at will, and not find myself ashamed of the way I went for him in a conversation where I should have been perhaps more alive to whatever was troubling him.

Improvised, tentative

For some years after this, I felt I had to learn how to be myself without him. I have read articles and essays since then about how pitiful men can be at friendship. We are apparently too competitive, we base our friendships on common activities, which means we can avoid talking openly about our feelings and thoughts. I don’t know about this “male deficit model”, as some sociologists call it, but I do know that the loss of this friendship took with it a big part of my shared personal history at that time. It dented my confidence in ever having properly known this man or understood our friendship — or in knowing how secure any friendship might be.

essay about friendship story

I was drawn to read and re-read Michel de Montaigne’s gentle and strangely extreme essay on friendship where he was so certain that he knew with perfection what his friend would think and say and value. He wrote of his friend, Etienne de Boëtie, “Not only did I know his mind as well as I knew my own but I would have entrusted myself to him with greater assurance than to myself.”

Against this perfection of understanding between friends, there is George Eliot’s odd excursion into science fiction in her 1859 novel, The Lifted Veil . Her narrator, Latimer, finds he can perceive perfectly clearly the thoughts of all the people around him. He becomes disgusted and deeply disturbed by the petty self-interest he apparently discovers within everyone.

After 40 years of shared history, there was not the disgust Eliot writes of, nor Montaigne’s perfect union of mind and trust between me and my burly friend, but there was, I had thought, a foundation of knowledge whereby we took each other’s differences into ourselves, as well as our common histories of the cafe we had run, and as it happened our common serving of time in semi-monastic seminaries before we’d met — differences and similarities that had given us, I thought, ways of being in sympathy with each other while allowing for each other.

Read more: Guide to the classics: Michel de Montaigne's Essays

Montaigne’s dearest friend, Etienne, had died, and his essay was as much about the meaning of this loss as about friendship. His big idea was loyalty, and I think I understand that, though not in the absolute way Montaigne wrote of it.

Loyalty is only real if it is constantly renewed. I worry that I have not worked enough at some friendships that have come into my life, but have let them happen more passively than the women I know who spend such time, and such complicated time, exploring and testing friendships. The sudden disappearance of my friend left me with an awareness of how patched-together, how improvised, clumsy and tentative even the most secure-seeming friendship can be.

When the philosopher and brilliant essayist, Simone Weil wrote shortly before she died in 1943,

I may lose, at any moment, through the play of circumstances over which I have no control, anything whatsoever that I possess, including things that are so intimately mine that I consider them as myself. There is nothing that I might not lose. It could happen at any moment ….

she seemed to be touching on the difficult truth that we run on luck and hope and chance much of the time. Why haven’t I worked harder at friendships, when I know that they provide the real meaning in my life?

Some years ago, when I was told by a medical specialist that I had a 30% chance of having cancer, as I waited for the results of a biopsy, I remember that in response to these dismal odds I had no desire to go back to work, no desire to even read — all I wanted to do was spend time with friends.

Inner worlds laid waste

To know what it is we care about, this is a gift. It should be straightforward to know this and keep it present in our lives, but it can prove to be difficult. Being the reader that I am, I have always turned to literature and fiction for answers or insights into those questions that seem to need answering.

I realised some time after the ending of my friendship that I had been reading novels dealing with friendship, and was not even sure how consciously I had chosen them.

For instance, I read The Book of Strange New Things by Michel Faber, a novel about a Christian preacher, Peter Leigh, sent to convert aliens in a galaxy ludicrously far from earth on a planet with an equally unlikely atmosphere benign to its human colonisers.

essay about friendship story

It is a novel about whether Leigh can be any kind of adequate friend to his wife left behind on Earth, and whether his new feelings for these aliens amounts to friendship. Though my suspension of disbelief was precarious, I found myself caring about these characters and their relationships, even the grotesquely shapeless aliens. Partly I cared about them because the book read like an essay testing ideas of friendship and loyalty that were important and urgent to the writer.

I also read at that time Haruki Murakami’s novel, Colorless Tsukuru Tazaki and His Years of Pilgrimage , a book that came with a little game of coloured cards and stickers, and I found that I cared about Tsukuru Tazaki too, for I felt all along that Murakami’s character was a thin and endearing disguise for himself (what a beautiful word that is, “en-dearing”).

The novel centred on lost friendships. I heard a tone in its voice that was the oddly flat, persistent, vulnerable and sincere searching of a man for connection with others. If Murakami’s novel has a proposition it wishes to test it would be that we only know ourselves in what images of ourselves we receive back from our friends. Without our friends we become invisible, lost.

In both those novels, the friendships are crashing to pieces in slow motion in front of the reader’s helpless eyes. I wanted to shake those characters, tell them to stop and think about what they were doing, but at the same time I saw in them mirrors of myself and my experiences.

essay about friendship story

I read John Berger too , on the way a human looks across an abyss of incomprehension when looking at another animal. Though language seems to connect us, it might be that language also distracts us from the actual abyss of ignorance and fear between all of us as we look, across, at each other. In his book on the savage mind , Lévi-Strauss quotes a study of Canadian Carrier Indians living on the Bulkley River who were able to cross that abyss between species, believing they knew what animals did and what their needs were because their men had been married to the salmon, the beaver and the bear.

I have read essays by Robin Dunbar on the evolutionary limits to our circles of intimacy , where he suggests that for most of us there needs to be three or maybe five truly close friends. These are the ones we lean towards with tenderness and open ourselves to with endless curiosity — those in whom we seek only the good.

My partner can name quickly four friends who qualify for her as part of this necessary circle. I find I can name two (and she is one of them), then a constellation of individual friends whose closeness to me I can’t easily measure. It is this constellation that sustains me.

Recently I was away from home for three months. After two weeks away I wrote a list in the back of my diary of the friends I was missing. A little more than a dozen of these were the friends, men and women, with whom I need contact, and with whom conversations are always open-ended, surprising, intellectually stimulating, sometimes intimate, and often fun. With each of them I explore a slightly different but always essential version of myself. Graham Little wrote that “ideal soulmates are friends who are fully aware that each has himself as his main life project”.

To live this takes some effort of imagination, and with my friend at dinner that night I might in myself have been refusing to make this effort.

There are also, it occurs to me, the friends who came as couples, with whom my partner and I share time as couples. This is itself another manifestation of friendship, one that crosses over into community, tribe and family — and no less precious than the individual intimacy of a personal friendship. For reasons I can’t properly fathom, the importance of this kind of time with coupled friends has deepened as I have grown through the decades of my fifties and sixties.

Perhaps it is that the dance of conversation and ideas is so much more complex and pleasurable when there are four or more contributing. It could be too that I am absolved from the responsibility of really working at these friendships in the way one must when there are two of us. Or it might be the pang and stimulus of the knowledge that opportunities to be together are brutally diminishing as we grow older.

But to lose an individual friend from one’s closest circle is to have large tracts of one’s inner world laid waste for a time. My feelings over the end of this particular friendship were a kind of grief mixed with bewilderment.

essay about friendship story

It was not that the friendship was necessary to my existence, but that perhaps through habit and sympathy it had become a fixed part of my identity. Robin Dunbar would say that by stepping away from this friendship I had made room for someone else to slip in to my circle of most intimate friends, but isn’t it the point of such close friends that they are in some important sense irreplaceable? This is the source of much of our distress when such friendships end.

Still learning

When I told people about what had happened in the restaurant that night, they would say, reasonably, “Why don’t you patch things up and resume your friendship?”

As I imagined how a conversation might go if I did meet my friend again, I came to understand that I had been a provocation to him. I had ceased to be the friend he needed, wanted or imagined.

What he did was dramatic. He might have called it merely dramatic. I felt it as threatening. Though I cannot help but think I provoked him. And if we had “patched” a friendship back together, on whose terms would this have been conducted? Would it always be that I would have to agree not to press him on questions that might lead him to throw over some table between us again?

Or worse, would I have to witness his apology, forgive him myself, and put him on his best behaviour for the rest of our friendship?

Neither of those outcomes would have patched much together. I had been hurting too over what I saw as his lack of willingness or interest to understand the situation from my point of view. And so it went inside me as the table and the water and the beer and the glasses came crashing down around me. I had been, in a way, married to my friend, even if he was a salmon or a bear — a creature across an abyss from me. Perhaps this was the only way out of that marriage. Perhaps he had been preparing for (moving towards?) this moment more consciously than I had been.

The ending of this friendship, it is clear, left me looking for its story. It was as if all along there must have been a narrative with a trajectory carrying us in this direction. A story is of course a way of testing whether an experience can take on a shape. Murakami’s and Faber’s novels are not themselves full-blown stories, for there is almost no plot, no shape, to their stumbling episodic structures, and oddly enough in both books the self-doubting lovers might or might not find that close communion with another somewhere well beyond the last page of each novel.

These novels cohere round a series of questions rather than events: what do we know and what can we know about others, what is the nature of the distance that separates one person from another, how provisional is it to know someone anyway, and what does it mean to care about someone, even someone who is a character in a novel?

When an Indian says he is married to a salmon, this can be no stranger than me saying I spent a couple of weeks on a humid planet in another galaxy with an astronaut who is a Christian preacher and an inept husband, or I spent last night in Tokyo with an engineer who builds railway stations and believes himself to be colourless, though at least two women have told him he is full of colour. But do I go to this story-making as a way of keeping my experiences less personal and more cerebral?

essay about friendship story

When I got home that night eight years ago, I sat at my kitchen table, shaking, hugging myself, talking to my grown-up children about what happened. It was the talking that helped — a narrative taking shape.

Dunbar, like me, like all of us, worries at the question of what makes life so richly present to us, and why friendships seem to be at the core of this meaningfulness. He has been surveying Americans with questions about friendship for several decades, and he concludes that for many of us the small circle of intimate friendships we experience is reducing.

We are apparently lucky now, on average, if there are two people in our lives we can approach with tenderness and curiosity, with that assumption that time will not matter as we talk in a low, murmuring, hive-warm way to a close friend.

My friend cannot be replaced, and it might be that we did not in the end imagine each other fully enough or accurately enough as we approached that last encounter. I don’t know precisely what our failure was. The shock of what happened and the shock of the friendship ending has over the time since that dinner become a part of my history in which I remember feeling grief but am no longer caught in confused anger or guilt over it. The story of it might not have ended but it has subsided.

Perhaps in all friendships we are not only, at our best, agreeing to encountering the unique and endlessly absorbing presence of another person, but unknown to us we’re learning something about how to approach the next friendship in our lives. There is something comically inept and endearing about the possibility that one might still be learning how to be a friend right up to the end of life.

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Friendship. This is one thing that comes easily to most, yet for others it can be an uphill battle. Alex Pfister is one of those “other people.” When I first met him, he came off as one of the most introverted people I had ever met, but I figured that after I had gotten to know him that would change. It didn’t. Many people would have decided to abort the mission to become his friend after this, but instead I just started trying harder. At first he completely ignored me, but instead of backing down I decided that I would have to take some extreme measures to accomplish my task.

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A true friend is someone who would stop whatever they are doing to help you through anything and you would do the same for them. In a friendship both people need to posses the same essential traits for the friendship to be successful. Friends are a big part of my life because without them life would be very dull. I think God made us to find people that we are compatible with so we can go through life together. Three traits that a person should posses to be a good friend are honesty, loyalty and encouragement. In my experience my friends who live out all three of these traits fully, are my closest friends and I hold the same traits back to them.

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Life has its ups and downs. Some people may seem to have everything going well for them, until a tragedy comes in and leaves them in misery. This is the story of a family friend whose life all changed after one phone call. At times of tragedy, the importance of civic friendship is really brought to light and it shows why civic friendship is in fact needed in a good society.

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Those who do not betray their countrymen show courage compared to the cowards who do. The short story, “Two Friends,” takes place in Paris during the French-Prussian war. As the story progresses the author Guy de Maupassant, lets the two friends determine their fate. The friends either disclose the password and betray their country, or they get murdered by the Prussians. If the friends choose to save their own lives and give up the password, their country would get attacked from the inside meanwhile trying to survive attacks from the outside. Many countrymen would die and those who survived would be taken prisoner. If the two friends do not disclose the password, they would also not have to deal with the pain of losing family and friends. In addition, they saved their country by not giving the password to the officer. Finally, the two friends would be providing a chance of a life without hunger or fear to the people of France. Therefore, the two friends should not give up the password, even if it means death.

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“That the very reason that you shouldn’t. You have been here before so you might be recognized as being connected to Fisk and folk might clam up about things more. Also if word has gotten back here about Fisk and you were known to be with him the night before he died, you might very well find yourself with a belly full of lead or a rope around your neck and I still need you alive. Let me handle this and Ill meet up with you Ok partner?” Ben said and Jeb know deep down that what he was saying was right. They headed off toward their own tasks, each hoping the other would be safe before they reconnected.

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Friendships are an important part of everyday life. The vast amount of research focusing on friendship (i.e., Fehr, 1996; Hays, 1984; Argyle & Henderson, 1985) is indicative of just how important friendship is to everyday life. The importance and necessity of friendship is also evident by how these relationships are portrayed on television. Shows such as Friends, Cougartown, Psych, and How I Met Your Mother portray various different kinds of friendship. Shows such as these provide viewers with a unique opportunity to be able to be an observer in these relationships and to see how these relationships form and develop. In some instances, viewers may have the opportunity to watch a friendship begin and blossom throughout the course of a television series.

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Everyone wants a friend that can pat their back when the finish a race or give them a shoulder to cry on when there’s a need. Friends are essential to happiness. Friendship is the goodness in life, the sunshine on a cloudy gets people out of bed.

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Friendship, an all to commonly used word in our society, used to describe a relationship between people who spend time together, those who are just school-friends, work-friends or acquaintances; however, friendship is not just between people who call themselves friends and spend time together or just work associates, but is an ever-lasting connection between two people that is built and maintained through a deep sense of trust and support.

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Friendship is the “bond between people who’ve made a similar commitment and who is possible therefore share a similar destiny” (Lickerman). Friendship is significant in everyone’s life. Humanity needs friendship in order to survive. It’s almost impossible for someone to never make a friendship. There is always someone out there that is similar to you.

The Meaning of Friendship

Sometimes it happens that even a small thing tends to destroy friendship and at times even a small thing can help friends get closer to each other. Ginigrey reports that many times it happens that friends, like angels, enter the lives of individuals at a time when they are needed the most. They come in at a time of great difficulty to help, provide moral support, but as soon as the difficult situation comes to an end they tend to fade leaving space for some new friend to come in (1). It doesn't matter for how long the friend stays in the lives of an individual, rather what matters the most is the coziness, pleasure, sustenance and camaraderie that friend has provided. Even though the term friend is spoken differently in many languages, every language connotes this priceless liaison in a similar manner and that also in a positive way. For instance, in French it is termed as amigo, in Danish it is called as ven.

The Means Of Friendship : Friendship, And Friendships

A friendship is a special relationship that can be seen on every living animal. It encompasses trust, care, loyalty, honesty and support. Not only humans, but even animals when separated from their friends develop feelings of loneliness and isolation. Most of the relationships involve a certain kind of boundaries, whereas friendships can have no boundaries, rules and regulations. From my perspective, there can be friendship with different species which seems unusual and yet it exists. If it weren’t for that bold decision of making friends with different species, then we humans wouldn’t have evolved in the first place. After giving a birth to a child, any parents would be willing to go beyond their reach to protect them from any harm.

Friendship Essay

"Friends have a unique loyalty to one another. This loyalty comes not through a sense of duty in the way one may show loyalty to family, kinsfolk or country. Theirs is born out of love, trust and respect. Nurtured on care and understanding. A perfect loyalty that will survive every hardship and endure the rigorous test of time."

Thomas Aquinas states, “There is nothing on this earth more to be prized than true friendship”.

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Friendship Essay

500+ words essay on importance of friendship.

Friendship is the most beautiful relationship between two people. We cannot think of life without having someone whom we can call friends. Isn’t it? Making friends is based on how we want our friendship to be. It has to be filled with love, honesty, loyalty, and compassion towards each other. From a young age, we spend a lot of time with our friends. Friendship is something that has boundless love and care. The essence of friendship is that the mindset of people has to be the same in order to have a long-lasting relationship. In this friendship essay, let us know more about the benefits of friendship. 

How well are you acquainted with the importance of friendship in your life? This feeling of friendship starts from an early age where you feel, share and care for your friend. Also, you will receive non-biased opinions and feedback from your friends. True friendship is when you stand with your friends through thick and thin. It is the moment where you need not express yourself and your friends totally understand what you’re trying to say. Moreover, there is no specific criteria to choose your friends. If your mind and heart match, that’s more than enough to become friends.

Benefits of Friendship

Friends are an essential part of your life. Good friends are hard to find, but if you have one then life is sorted. If you are confused or want to take advice from someone, you can just rely on friends. They will give the best advice and show the right path in taking important decisions in your life. Most importantly, they will be there for you no matter what. Sometimes, you might fight for silly reasons which is also a part of friendship. Healthy friendship has mutual love, care, and respect for each other. There is no one above or below in terms of friendship. 

There are many people in your life but certain friendships can only touch your personal space. Kids especially are not always comfortable with any people they come into contact with. There are few people whom they like to spend time with and share their stories. There is authenticity in the relationships that you can eventually develop with your friends. It is filled with purity and love for the other person. Here are some reasons that underline the importance of friendship in your life. 

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How to Maintain a True Friendship?

Humans being social creatures need someone to share their happiness and sorrows with. Who can be more trustworthy other than your friends? To grow your friendship, you need to maintain and protect the relationship forever. For that, you have to inherit some qualities that will help in maintaining your friendship for a longer period of time. Friendship increases happiness and gives more meaning to your life. We expect our friends to be there for birthdays, festivals, and all other occasions. Therefore, we tend to become stronger as a person when there are good friends around us. Needless to say, there is no age for friendship, you can make friends in every stage of your life. Here are a few things that you do to keep your friendship interesting and everlasting. 

We hope this friendship essay was useful to you. Check essays for kids to explore more topics. 

Frequently Asked Questions On Friendship Essay

What is a friendship essay.

It is a write-up on the friendship between people and the importance of having friends in life.

What is the importance of a friendship essay?

Writing a friendship essay will enable you to express your thoughts and feelings about friends and the qualities of friendship.

What is the benefit of friendship?

Friendship teaches you to become compassionate and loyal to your friends. They will always be with you throughout your life in happiness and sorrow.


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