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essay about career success

What Makes A Successful Career

The reasons why people succeed in their careers are probably as numerous as the number of successful people. When we begin to think about the qualities these people possess, it becomes apparent that we can classify or catagorize them into a few specific groups–those who really enjoy their work, those who are obsessed with their work (they either want to be the 'best'; or have a fear of failure), those who are blessed with exceptional talent in their field, and those who have planned their work

James M. Cain's Novel Mildred Pierce: Comparing the Book and Movie Version

to the changes Wald wanted to make, especially the dramatic idea of making Veda a washout musically and putting her in a tawdry nightclub” (Bennett Notes). The three main differences in the film were, the murder of Monte, Veda not having a successful career, and the time period only covering 1941 to 1945. The main difference between the film and the novel was the murder that Hollywood added. Right when the film begins, it starts making the viewer think about who the killer is already. The novel

John Quincy Adams

had many successes he viewed himself as a disappointment. He did have many accomplishments during his career, but he also had a few downfalls and failures during his career. John Quincy was not the most liked person in the country, but he stood up for what he thought and believed in. 	There was a time in the early stage of John Quincy Adams' career when he was a Senator, when many Senators careers would end because they did not follow the thought of their constituents. By this time Senate was to

High School Athletes Should Consider College Over the NBA

basketball players have chosen to enter the NBA draft. These 17 and 18 year olds decide to skip college, and instead they choose to take a big risk and enter the NBA, hoping to become stars and earn millions of dollars. In many cases, these youngsters’ careers are a failure because they don’t turn out as talented as they thought to be. They end up spending only a few seasons in the NBA because they are not good enough to compete at that level. Many of them have to move on to doing other things, such as

callaway golf co.

company today as well. This was where he saw opportunities in undeveloped land, along with a talented labor force fueled by the nearby aerospace industry. Around that same time he met and lured a man named Richard C. Helmstetter away from a successful career designing high-end pool cues in Japan. Mr. Helmstetter and his R&D team designed and created a larger, more forgiving stainless steel driver. Today, there are a total of 2,600 employees working with the Callaway Golf Company. Celebrities such

Manet - Still Life

artist life, and note the way in which they must have led his work.Born in France in 1832, Manet was raised by his parents Auguste and Eugenie-Desiree a society couple, who's social standing resulted from Auguste's successful career in the Ministry of Justice , Paris. Indeed, so successful was Auguste in his chosen field that upon his retirement he was awarded the Legion of Honor. It is thought by many that the importance of Augustes role in both society and the ministry actually intimidated the young

Admissions Essay: The Study of Medicine

Admissions Essay: I Intend to Pursue the Study of Medicine "The best prize life offers if the chance to work hard at work worth doing."(1) This is the premise on which my academic and career aspirations are based. The goals that I have chosen are those that will benefit others and enhance my growth by requiring me to face challenges successfully. Most importantly, my goals are all things that I will love doing, and any positive goal that a person has her heart in is work worth doing. My primary

William Shakespeare

professional dramatist of his time (2).” He was born in the small English town of Stratford-upon-Avon. At the age of seven, Shakespeare attended a strict, high-status grammar school. Students studied Latin, since it was necessary in the time to have a successful career, and attended classes nine hours per day, almost entirely year round. In November 1582, Shakespeare married Anne Hathaway. At the time, he was 18, and she was 26. In Early 1585, Anne gave birth to twins, a girl Judith, and a boy Hamnet (1).

Mom: Teacher, Counselor, Role Model, and Friend

feelings to trust. All these things she had, and for these things I clung to her." (Chap. 4) The virtues that stand out most poignantly in my mother's character are her dedication and self sacrifice. On the strength of her principles, she gave up a successful career in order to give my brother and I the strongest educational foundation possible. No obstacle seems insurmountable when it comes to our education; even when my algebra classes seemed to ha...

What Makes Jack Welch an Effective Leader?

model for business leaders everywhere. His genius leadership and management techniques are an example to anyone aspiring to a successful career. Why is he so famous? He became the youngest CEO and Chairman of one of America's biggest and most respected companies (General Electric) at age 44, and successfully rewrote the rules of what an incredibly profitable and successful company should be, and had fun in the process. What is leadership? To know what makes an effective leader, one must know

College Essay

twenty-five years of age, I’ve attained many of the goals I set for myself as a young girl, starting a successful career in Corporate America, gaining financial freedom and traveling the globe. Yet, to many of my relatives, it seems my life is still lacking the most critical ingredient – a husband. While in college, my single status seemed more acceptable. However, as I have continued to focus on my career instead of a husband and as I have reached the magic twenty-five, the choice to remain single has

John Philip Sousa

away to join the circus. Dad was not all that impressed with John and made him enlist in the Marines. While in the service he published "Moonlight on the Potomac Waltzes". That was his first published composition and the beginning of a very successful career. After spending 8 years in the Marines, he was discharged. John found the love of his life in 1879. Jane van Middleworth Bellis became Mrs. John Philip Sousa that year. Together they travelled to Europe four times. On one voyage back, John was

Welfare Reform: Promoting Independence and Self-Reliance

her job at the local fast food restaurant. After working her seven hours at the restaurant, she goes to her night course at the college in town. The course she is taking will help her get her high school diploma and possibly lead her to a successful career. These two things have been dreams of Mary's for so long, but she hasn't been able to attain them until now. She has been on welfare since the age of eighteen after having her first baby, Elijah. Most days life still seems like an endless

"Mark Twain", a riverman's term for "two fathoms" deep. In 1884 Twain went to San Francisco and reached national fame with his story, "The Celebrated Jumping Frog of Calaveras County." He then took a trip to Hawaii which started him on a very successful career as a public speaker. His trips to the Mediterranean and the Holy Land were recorded in letters to a San Francisco newspaper, and later formed into The Innocents Abroad, which was popular all over the world. In 1870 Mark Twain married Olivia Langdon

Teaching Philosophy Statement

Earth. The educational process in today’s society makes a great impression on the future of all of the individuals that pass through this system. An education should not only teach a person the basics in which they need to survive and have a successful career, but should also teach students to think logically, investigatively, critically, and help them to find who they are. Having a philosophy of teaching is very important in the fact that it will help me to understand and articulate decisions I

Theodore Roethke

the successor to Frost and Stevens in modern American poetry, and it is the measure of his greatness that his work repays detailed examination” (Parini 1). Theodore Roethke was a romantic who wrote in a variety of styles throughout his long successful career. However, it was not the form of his verse that was important, but the message being delivered and the overall theme of the work. Roethke was a deep thinker and often pondered about and reflected on his life. This introspection was the topic

The Power of the Individual Revealed in The Fountainhead

individualists who have competing ways of showing their respect for individualism, and in particular for Howard Roark's own individualism: Howard values it so much that he makes it the consistent basis of an ultimately successful career; Dominique values it so much that she tries to destroy that career before it can be destroyed by others. This is strange, but it is strange in a completely Randian way, a way that could never be mistaken for anyone else's. The same might be said of a hundred other features

A Rose in the Hall

A Rose in the Hall In 1989 Pete Rose, one of baseball’s greatest, lost all the respect he had gain in his successful career. That year, the league had brought to there attention that Pete Rose was a chronic gambler. Eventually Pete Rose ended up being banned from baseball. Now he wants a chance for a spot in the Hall of Fame, a place for baseball’s greatest. The question of whether or not Pete Rose should be accepted into the Hall of Fame has been a source of great controversy in the baseball

The Journey of Self-discovery Brian Moore's The Luck of Ginger Coffey

dreamer who longed for personal freedom. Having hopped from job to job because he detested being a "glorified office boy," (13) Coffey could not face the "misleading facts of a life" (7) and he was unprepared to scale the steep ascent to a successful career. While hunting for a job, Ginger Coffey no... ... middle of paper ... ...use she needs [him]; it’s knowing [he] and she will still care about each other when sex and daydreams, fights and futures—when all that’s on the shelf and done with

incomparable.” (Twainweb) This being perhaps the best explanation for Twain’s unique humorist views, it is no doubt this lifestyle provided for his creative storytelling and successful career as an author. Mark Twain, a native of Missouri who lived most his childhood in poverty, began his career, surprisingly, as a steamboat pilot. This career path was soon to be interrupted by the Civil War, in which he served for the Confederate Army for two weeks before withdrawing. Already at this point in his life, Twain

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What Makes A Successful Career Essay

Shoeless joe analysis.

successful. On the road to success, passion and striving to get better is often a major method with

Essay on My Definition of Success

After several semesters being surrounded by smart, ambitious Business School students, I've noticed that there are striking differences in the ways people define an exceptional career. And the way people define success can have a big impact, not only on decisions about their first jobs, but also how much they achieve and happy they are in their careers.

Career Ready For College Essay

Imagine a world with no educational problems? Unfortunately their are too many problems that ties to our education system. The problems that have not been noticed yet are Aiming all students towards college and not career ready , no diversity in AP/college classes and there is no one on one talks between the student and the counselor. Getting to know the students. And adding more vocational classes to bring students more choices or a career for them to pursue as early as possible. South is one of the most diverse schools ever seen, students will say it and teachers as well. I am qualified to talk about this because I am a highschool student and I have been to two different high schools. South is a great school but like all schools it has it problems that can be fixed. Although Denver south high school is doing well in the areas of Diversity and keeping student away from the student to prison

The Outliers Gladwell Analysis

There are tons of people in our world today who have become very successful and these people find success in different ways. Some people work hard their whole life to achieve success and others just seem to be born talented in

Nick Saban Research Paper

Having the desire to be successful is one thing but without the doing the little things you will never get there. Successful people are committed to doing something every single day. Regardless of what is going on in their lives they work on their craft. They overcome the daily battle between procrastination and motivation. Every day, most people have a list of things they want to do; need to do; or should do; and what they don’t want to do. It’s these daily choices that are influenced by our discipline and

Outliers, By Malcolm Gladwell

Being successful in life is not always easy, because of different ways that success can be achieved. With many theories out there on success, it is hard to figure out what is needed to be done to gain success. In everyone’s lives there are many different beliefs out there that can lead to it. In the book “Outliers” by Malcolm Gladwell, there are numerous theories that are covered with examples of successful people. They clearly show how success can be done in not just one way but in many others. The most known people that are considered to be successful are billionaires and celebrities. They all have gained success in their lives in their own diverse ways. A good set of successful people in the world today to talk about are Mark Zuckerberg, Whitney Houston, and Nicholas Sparks. These people all come from different backgrounds before gaining their success. Malcolm Gladwell discussed many theories in the book “Outliers” that can relate to the success of the people mentioned above. The true knowledge behind success can be achieved in numerous ways.

Malcolm Gladwell's Outliers: The Link To Success

Most of us have similar opinion about the term of success. Malcolm Gladwell, the author of Outlier, have different assumption than most us, such as the link to success, what people overvalue, and what we undervalue. First, what links to success? There are many circumstance that effect you chance to success. To begin with, talent is one of the conditions that leads you to the success. For example, having better trait compare to other individual will make yourself outstanding, so you have the better chance being hire. Additionally, without effort, you chance become success for will likely to decrease. For instance, even if you were born talented, without the effort, you will not be able to make use of it. In the end, you basically wasted your

Malcolm Gladwell's Outliers

In the book Outliers, the author Malcolm Gladwell elucidates that people have to practice for more than 10,000 hours or 10 years in order to fully become successful. People can achieve more regardless of not being financially wealthy. Even though some people that have practiced for less than 10,000 hours did achieve their goals, the majority of the successful people have practiced for more than 10,000 hours. Gladwell states that, “they work much, much harder” (39). and that they have to want to stand out from everyone else. I believe that very successful people are lucky, and have talent, and are willing to work harder than everyone else.

Guns N Roses Research Paper

Many people look at those who are successful and think it is so simple. An example, Slash from Guns N' Roses, he makes shredding on guitar look simple. The thing is though, no one looks at all the hard work that people put in to be successful. Drug addicts, they go through relapses but they still keep moving forward and kick the drugs. Another example would be body builders, it's not like one day they magically decide that they want to have intense muscles. It takes time to be successful. No one really knows how hard it is to be successful until they actually try.

Herman Li Accomplishments

The trick to success is not talent it is passion, nobody is naturally talented enough to be outstanding, the only way to stand out is with practice and the only motivation to practice is passion. A large sum of people does not search for a career that they love, instead they search for a career with a large salary, by choosing the first path people can raise a great deal of money by doing better than the rest.

Michael Jordan Research Paper

Michael Jordan is considered to be one of the greatest basketball players. However, he wasn't always a great player. When he joined the league, he struggled to shoot jump shots. However, with some hard work and dedication, he changed that. Michael spent hours in the summer trying to get the shot perfect. He is now able to do jump shots. This shows that if someone puts in

A Homemade Education By Malcom X

Successful people become motivated by something, that keeps them going when things get tough. Malcom X wanted to improve his writing, Lupe Quintanilla wanted to learn English, and I am motivated to receive a higher education. Drive, that is what all of these individuals have in common. Something in our lives lead us down the path to better our education it was a tough road but being motivated kept us going.

My Definition of Success Essay example

In this age in which we live, success is generally measured by the amount of money you earn, or the amount of wealth or power or number of promotions you’ve accumulated. I find that the older I grow, the more I view the people who are most happy and content with their lives as the most successful. Rich, poor or in between, they’ve tended to treat life as a journey, not a final destination. They took that trip when they were 25 even though they really couldn’t afford it, they ordered the $55 bottle of wine with their filet because they knew that even though it was expensive it would enhance the meal so much more than water would. They took a chance on a start-up company, moved to Europe or Asia and experienced things that most people only dream about. If they managed to grow wealthy from the experience, so much the better. As long as moderation with most things is practiced, things won’t spin out of control.

Choosing a Career Essay

My whole life I have always wanted to do something where people will remember me. I went threw millions of career choices before I came to the conclusion of a nurse. It’s not something that will get me into History books, but its something where all the people I help will remember what I did to care for them or their loved ones. My mom went to school to become and RN, but dropped out when she became pregnant with me. After that story was told to me, I didn’t want to be anything related to nursing. It wasn’t until my step mom went to school to be LPN that I realized it would be possible for me to do. I saw how much happiness it gave her, and I want the same thing. She loved helping the patients by treating them, and helping their families

Career Essay

For the longest time I could not decide on a major and a career to study throughout college. When I came to Georgia Southern University I discovered that they had a major that was very interesting to me. Sport Management id the ideal major for my interest and me. Since I love sports I figured that this would be the career for me. A degree in Sport Management helps to prepare for success in sport related occupations.

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The Importance Of A Successful Career

essay about career success

Show More “Successful careers today are not planned out in advance.” This is my favorite quote from “Managing Oneself.” I enjoy this quote because it holds a lot of truth for careers in this day in age. Sure, some people might have known what they wanted to do when they grew up as a young kid and it ended up working out for them great, but that is usually not the case. A successful career takes a lot of building, changes and learning to create. This building starts as a young kid and then really flourishes when one gets to college. That is where I am at in this point in time, college. My life is at the point where seeing a successful career in my future is taking a lot of focus and managing of myself to obtain. For myself, I would say that I started …show more content… My father also passed away when I was young, so my mother went back to school to get a better degree to support all of us. This is when managing myself spurred. I grew up as a very independent child. Seeing what my parents, particularly what my mother had gone through really pushed me to focus on myself and my schooling so that I could be successful. I pushed myself in high school , taking college courses that helped me develop into an adult, grow my knowledge and save money in the long run. Once I got to college is when it really became surreal. As a freshman, I came in with a whole year of my schooling done and big dreams, dreams that I fully intend to achieve. In my first year of college I managed two jobs, the women’s lacrosse team and achieving the dean’s list. This was tough work, but knowing what I could accomplish with these successes was all I needed. In my opinion, this internship was one of my greatest achievements of my …show more content… I believe that I accept change very well. Actually, I usually embrace change because it typically brings positive outcomes. That is my mind set for managing changes that happen in my future career. I still have a lot of developing of myself to come though. I want to be able to place myself where I will make the greatest contribution. I will do that by focusing on my strengths and using those to my best ability and even building on those. Some of the strengths that I hold already are time management , ability to talk to anyone, teammate work, cooperation and organization. To help prepare me for my career, I will “put myself where my strengths make results.” Another way that I will prepare myself for changes in my career will be to figure out how I preformed based on my own personality. I kind of see this as similar to the question how do I learn? Throughout my schooling I have figured this out and I believe through work experience I will be able to solve the question of how do I preform? One more important step that I took away from this essay that I will do to prepare myself for my future career is to really narrow down and come to the conclusion of what my values are. Of course, values can change over time, but before I step into the working class world, this is something that is significant to me to be able to say. Especially because I do not want to go into a job or company that is not fundamentally

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Personal narrative: how graduation changed my life.

She introduced this new school to me as I was enrolling into my first year of high school as a freshman. She explained to me that there was a new school and she wanted me to be a part of it. I agreed because I trusted her with my life let alone an educational decision, after all she is smarter than me. During the first year or two at the school I was very skeptical and timid about attending there for the rest of my educational career, rather than the neighboring High School with all my friends. Day by day I wanted to leave the school but she bargained with me to try it out for a year at least, I agreed and tried it out.…

My Freshman Year

This helps many people identify me as a hardworking and responsible person because people believe that during college it is that time to determine your career, but high school should be the time to help determine your career because I know college is a stressful time and one does not want to spend a lot of time in one major and later change their major. This will prevent people from dropping out of school and spend a lot of money. I believe that I am a responsible person. I am always on top of everything even though some tasks are hard to complete I always find a way to complete it and make sure my job was well done. In Highschool I helped my teachers a lot.…

Freshman Year Of College Life Essay

Everyone experiences their freshman year differently, and the following tips I am going to give you will help you prepare for a successful journey through not on freshmen year of college but through your career. College is where you have more of an opportunity than ever to try new things and open up, but don’t miss out on the opportunity to make a new name for yourself. If you didn’t used to be the most studious, or most outgoing you could change up your whole technique and just overall approach! One day you’ll be able to say that these were the best years of your life. I’ll definitely start off by saying before school even begins, it would be in one 's best interest to prepare for a fresh start.…

The Importance Of Scholarships

If they let me know that I am not passing my classes I will need to make some changes. Also, I will seek feedback from my wife and children to see if I am doing well with the family plan we agreed on. Lastly, I will seek feedback from my supervisor. Conclusion To conclude, the experience of deciding whether to become a fulltime student or not was great. I was able to identify the problem of becoming a fulltime student and a fulltime worker; also, I was able to set a plan that was reachable.…

Persuasive Essay About Going To Graduate School

You can have as many obstacles and problems very happy and special moments. That going to college will help in many ways and sometimes just out of obligation because we believe it is the only correct way to where we can have a good future. Despite that being in school is a lot of sacrifices but also have great achievements may never have that attending graduate school and would be very important because you will learn to see life differently so that now if you will enjoy. Also, this stage most of your life would you test your strength, your talents and skills in order to improve yourself as a person increase your knowledge, your skills, your talents, your strength making you every day less weak and more positive attitude. And finally help you to appreciate every thing you have in life as persons, things, comforts, and even the food to your breast and you did not drink prior…

College Mindset Research Paper

Knowing the way the things are done can be improved, I tend to willingly seek alternative views. I don’t feel threatened when people disagree and if I feel that their way is better, I gladly run it. In addition, changing to a growth mindset increased my self-belief and realistic optimism. I now have an optimistic disposition whereby I believe I can cope with whatever life throws at me and that there are opportunities out for me that are waiting to be sought. Upon meeting setbacks, I am much more resilient to tackle any challenges that would come my way.…

Why Am I Attending College Essay

By furthering education, I am pursuing the goal of working in a profession that will allow me to help others while providing a secure future for myself. College is a pathway to help me become more knowledgeable and successful. Attending college right out of high school is a great way for me to learn new things that I am interested in studying. College is a daunting task for me to take on since I am just a senior in high school; however, it is a challenge that I am willing to tackle. Without a doubt, completing college and graduate school is the only road of success for me.…

My 5 Plus Years At Successfactors: SAP, Bangalore

Kaizen I 've been seeing this in action since I joined. It allowed us to become what we are today. We believe in taking calculated risks and at the same time continuously accessing and improving. Instead of hard pushing and keeping it rigid, we constantly keep improving for good. We encourage everyone to find the best possible ways to be productive and improving our communication, strategies including ourselves.…

Effective Follower Behavior Analysis

I still put great emphasis on building and maintaining relationships, but not as much as I would in a leadership role. This is important because I will strive to achieve the goals that the leader sets forth in the most efficient way possible, even if that seems initially to contradict the leader 's wishes and plans. I also always devote myself to one task at a time, and see that it is done thoroughly and correctly before moving on. This dedication goes right along with the goal orientation, and the two together keep my focus, engagement, and quality of work high, which is ultimately good for all of the stakeholders. Also, my desire to learn, as was mentioned above, is ultimately beneficial to me, and to the organization, even if it is not immediately of use.…

Personal Experience: Personal Narrative Of My Life

I need to work on my individual growth as a person, be it just learning to accept that school takes time to accomplish and careers take time to build. Going to class and doing well, along with fulfilling all work-related responsibilities will contribute to my growth. I will stop thinking about the past and what could have been, and start focusing on what I am achieving right now and what will come from my present struggles. If I can manage to obtain a sense of certainty and contribution, it would definitely add to the feeling of…

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essay about career success

Essay On Career Success

Life values of steve jobs.

Steve Jobs is an example that proves that our decisions are based on principles we value. Steve Jobs presents the importance of defining these principles in his commencement speech (2005). He summarizes failures and difficulties, and the lessons he learned. And in Jobs’ case, for instance, the value of the love towards his job and profession encouraged him to stay in even after being fired from his own company, and it also gave the power for not being afraid of “being a beginner again” and starting a new company. That means enjoying and loving your career will surely help you to be persistent, flexible and stay optimistic, as a result, you will discover and develop yourself and your creative abilities. This life value, love, also led him to take every chance and enjoy each minute, as he determined for himself to love what he was doing uncondi-tionally and until the end. He is a person that follows the values in his mission statement to choose the best roads of the life path.

College Admissions Essay: A Career In My Life

Going to college has always been a dream of mine, I never knew what I wanted to major in or any clue of what career I wanted to go into. It all started with my love of finding out more about the world around me I thought is was just my curiosity like everyone else but it was something different. That’s when I found my love for science. At first I really didn’t see my love for until sophomore year of high school when we would get on a subject and wanted to learn more about the particular subject not just what was in the book.

College Essay On My Future Career

“What do you want to be when you grow up?” this seems to the continuous question everyone is encountered within their lifetime; and we expect it in every ice breaker. In our elementary years we hear “A doctor!” or “the president of the United States!”; but with further education and experience our dreams alter and so do our careers. I’d have to admit my insight on my future has been consistent; my value was always to pursue a career that helps others. With my enrollment in college, I chose the major of biology because I believe this will prepare me for medical school where I hope to become a Gynecologist. After this career analysis, I gained major insight on my future career including its overview, job responsibilities, work environment, skills, education, salary, and

Chick-Fil-A Franchise Case Study

in different business opportunities to bring a change to my life prompted me to check what

College Admissions Essay: My Passion For Success

The word goals has a variety of meanings to me. My lifetime goals are to be a successful scientist, share my passion for music with others, and to achieve success in anything that I do.

College Admissions Essay: A Career As A Career

There are many different careers in the world. Each of them offer various amounts of financial gain, with each one being unique in tasks. I am greatly interested in the field of performing arts, which means a lot to me. It is a difficult field to get into and be successful in, but performing arts is the only path I have been genuinely interested in long-term. I aspire to one day become a model, actress and singer.

Definition Essay About Being Successful

Being Successful is the most important thing you want to do in life. You have to gain or even experience how to learn the first steps to success. It can help you get a job, to get famous, or even being appreciated for what you did. Sometimes people don't even like or even try to be successful. Also successful is like a hard thing to explain or even do in certain situations.

Diagnostic Radiography

I feel that the purpose of a fulfilling career is to find a profession which feeds into my

Career Autobiography

There are many things that I feel have led me to year number two of graduate school pursuing a career as a school counselor. For I while I tried to convince myself that a career in school counseling was not for me and ultimately everything led me here. My mother has been a school counselor for the last 25 years and I grew up watching her do something she loved. I went to school everyday and watched my mother make a positive impact on many of my classmates and this left a very lasting impression on me. Eventually, I realized I wanted to be as passionate about my career as my mother was in her role as a school counselor. On the other hand, I was certain that I was not going to be a school counselor like my mother because

Personal Statement: A Career As A Career

Ever since I was just a little boy I have always wanted to go to college for law enforcement. I didn’t end up going to college for the dream job I wanted but, this is why I chose the major I did. I will explain to you what I wanted to go to school for and why, what my current major is, and why I chose my current major building utilities mechanics.

A Career As A Baseball Player

Everyone has a dream to be something and will one day want to fulfill that dream by having a career. A career is something that you would love or like to do, and it all starts out with a game plan.

College Admissions Essay: A Potential Career

A potential career I have always been interested in would have to be teaching. I enjoy working with people and especially teaching people new things. I have always admired some teachers, but some on the other hand, they just never sparked my interests. Many people dreamed of being teachers when they are younger, but how many actually stick with their young dreams?

Planning For College

Planning for college is something you have to think long and hard about before you make a decision. Other than how much college cost, you have to think about the things and opportunities that college can give you, and how it can help you. Well we all know every college is good, but they’re certain colleges that can give you way more options and chances you can take, and allows you to have the chance to do what you want or what you like. Don't choose a college your friends are going to, because everything you do will effect your future not theirs. Make sure the college you choose has or can offer the career you want. You also need to stay on top of your grades and your Career goal you have for your future. Because college isn't just given to you, you have to study and put a lot of hard work and effort into your choices you make. Specially in choosing what Career you want to take place in, have in mind you will have this job for a long time so take

Essay About My Success In Life

Ever since I can remember, I have always wanted to be successful in life. I have always wanted to be the better version of my parents and achieve many things in life. During my freshman year in High school, I knew I was going to major in business. I come from a household of five, my father, mother, two younger sisters, and myself. I am the first in my family to go to college and with that being said, I have always felt the pressure to be the best role model and example for my younger sisters. Growing up, my parents have always been really strict on me, more than they have been with my younger sisters. I never really understood why, until now two months after my fathers’ death. My fathers’ dream was always to see his three daughters graduate with a college degree. Both of my parents, especially my father always expressed to me the importance my education, for my future. He always told me to never depend on anyone, to work hard for myself and with a diploma I could achieve lots of success.

Essay On How To Achieve Success

The term of success appears frequently in public notice and it spurs extensive interests in public. Everybody wants to achieve success, but the fact is that not everyone can make it even though he or she has tried his or her best. Then it comes to a question - how to make it? Does it depend on opportunity or any other features? Different people have different opinions.

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How successful is your career? What is career success? How somebody defines success? A sole answer to these questions is difficult to be presented, as success means different things to different people.

In recent years, many researchers have attempted to define the concept of job success by trying to analyze the individual and organizational factors that shape it. Understanding the factors that predict job success is an issue that is of interest not only to employees but also to organizations as personal success in the long run can lead to organizational success (Judge, Higgins, Thoresen, & Barrick, 1999). Therefore, researchers continue to examine and study those factors that may lead to success.

A career is a sequence of jobs an individual holds throughout one’s work history (Feldman, 1996). The path one follows across time and space (Van Maanen & Schein, 1977). Whereas success in one’s career is a natural expectation of individuals, the nature of that success depends on what one expects from it. In fact people have different definitions of career success founded on their assessment of their career prospects (Ebadan & Winstanley, 1997). Not everyone perceives success in the same way. Some people tend to view their career more (or less) successful than others do.

According to Seibert and Kramer (2001), career success is defined as ‘the accumulated positive outcomes of work and psychology resulting from one’s work experiences’. Success accommodates also two kinds of meaning: ‘the attainment of an object according to one’s desire’ (subjective) and ‘the prosperous achievement of something attempted’ (objective) (Arthur B.Michael, Khapova N. Svetlana, Wilderom PM Celeste, 2005).

For this reason, career success has been operationalized by objective and subjective measures and researchers study work experience from both sides. The first includes variables that measure extrinsic factors such as salary and number of promotions during a career (objective career success). The second perspective concerns endogenous factors such as job satisfaction (subjective career success). While recognizing the difference between the two options, the phrase career success is used to encompass both sides.

In the current research have been chosen to identify factors affecting career success using both measures.

Human capital and demographic characteristics are also an object study in relation to a successful career. According to the theory of human capital, people with a high level of education enjoy more choices because of investments they have made to develop their human capital. Really relevant research indicates that education is positively related to employee development at managerial positions, increasing their remuneration and promoting them in the workplace (Wayne et al., 1999).

essay about career success

Research indicates that human capital has a significant impact in successful career, as it explains a large part of the salary fluctuations and number of promotions. Researchers ascertain that investment in education and work experience constitute the strongest and most stable predictors of career development (Ballout, 2007). Kirchmeyer (1998) argues that work experience and working hours are closely linked to objective and subjective career success. He also states that investment in human capital is an important predictive factor for employees’ development, however seems to affect to a smaller degree the job satisfaction.

Early career surveys for career, studied the demographic factors in relation to the successful career. A number of studies indicate that various demographics factors such as gender, age, marital status, number and age of children, spouse’s employment contribute to objectively successful career. As expected, age has been found to be able to predict positively objective criteria of success, such as remuneration and promotions (Kuijpers, Schyns, & Scheerens, 2006). The same is supported by Judge et al. (1995), who view age is a predictive indicator of an objectively successful career, especially in terms of earnings, regardless of gender. It has also been found to be negatively related to labor satisfaction, as long as people grow older, their satisfaction decreases (Judge et al.,1995).

As a concept, career success is directly linked to the hierarchical evolution of the individual and the outcome of their career experiences. Both the individual and the organization invest time, effort and resources on career development activities that can lead to the achievement of career success.

Objective career success refers to specific categories of variables that are used by society, business, and an individual’s coworkers to describe the typical steps one takes that lead to success in a particular profession.

Achievements that are objectively observable (Seibert et al., 2001) such as salary, number of promotions, position in the hierarchy, professional status of individuals are used to approach this concept of success. The objective career is publically accessible, and related to social role and official position. Writers who see career success from this angle read it in structural terms (Wilensky, 1961) and emphasize people’s inclination to organize around standing variations (Nicholson, 1998). Objective career success reflects shared social understanding instead of distinctive individual understanding.

Nicholson and Waal-Andrews (2005) suggest that six objective success outcomes occur:

Most of the researchers have used a single or two variables to measure the above criteria (Gattiker & Larwood, 1986). For example the hierarchical evolution within a business (Kotter, 1982) or the combination of hierarchical level and salary (Elliott, 1982).

Other studies have sought to analyze objective success more thoroughly and have used measures when determining the extent to which gaining a ΜΒΑ degree (Pfeffer, 1977) or international work experience (Cava & Mayer, 1993) has contributed.

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A definition of career success and why so few people ever experience it.

A Definition of Career Success

They are everywhere—people who seem to have it all, but are privately miserable ; people who get paid more money than most people dare to dream, still they do little more than complain; people who hold a very high-status title and all the trappings that come with it yet they’re obviously sad, aggrieved and unfulfilled. You’ve met these people. You’ve listened to them and know that all the money in the world, all their status and luxury items and even the accumulation of more power and attention hasn’t led to greater levels of happiness.

There are so-called successful but vastly unfulfilled people everywhere. You’ve probably tried to help and advise them, and—to make matters worse—you’ve likely listened to them complain over and over about how nothing ever happens for them and how life is somehow crueler to them than it is to anyone else. Maybe you, yourself, are secretly one of these people.

What is career success?

There is a huge difference between accomplishment and success . Many people are accomplished. They earn competitive credentials, secure high-profile jobs, build sought-after careers and earn top-tier salaries and incomes. These are several examples of the standards by which many in society define career success. But these items—degrees, job titles, desirable careers and great pay—represent accomplishments. And the problem here is that accomplishments alone don’t necessarily equate to career success.

Career success is a combination of achieving a reasonable level of financial stability while doing work you enjoy and then finding that you are also happy and fulfilled with your life and career choices as well. If you love your job but find that it doesn’t lead to financial self-sufficiency, career success is diminished, and if you get paid very well but lack joy or interest in your chosen career field, career success is diminished. True career success requires that there is alignment between the two.

People who experience meaningful career success recognize that money and titles aren’t the whole of it. They know that they must also experience inner peace and joy for it to really matter. If you get paid well and have a career that others dream of but the work causes you to become unhappy, unfulfilled and maybe even miserable, you certainly won’t feel successful. And if you’re happy, fulfilled and delighted with your chosen career but you find that you aren’t able to afford the basic necessities of life, you certainly aren’t likely to feel successful either.

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Success calls for happiness and inner peace, but the rub here is that accomplishment doesn’t. Happiness is what occurs when you take charge of your life and align your purpose, passion and principles with your decisions, behavior and career choices.

Why so few people ever experience career success.

When you fail to intentionally become something, you unintentionally become anything and that “anything” often leads to huge levels of unhappiness.

There are many different reasons so few people ever actually experience career success, and it includes conflating accomplishment with career success as well as following a career path that is defined, imposed or driven by other people such as parents, friends, spouses, etc. Another reason that so few people actually experience career success is that they never take the time to define what success actually means to them. They neglect to assess what a life of joy, peace and happiness would even look like for themselves and certainly, then, never assess or define what career success would be either.

So instead of creating a successful career, many people just end up falling into one or finding a career that they believe will lead to happiness and then—after becoming highly disappointed—spend an inordinate amount of time complaining about their circumstances. People become disillusioned when the place they land professional and/or personally doesn’t bring the expected combinations of experiences (financial, professional and personal fulfillment) that they thought they would get.

Additional reasons why so few people ever experience career success are:

Do this if you want to experience career success.

Finally, understand that the most successful people aren’t the ones with the most money, largest offices or most popularity. The most successful people are those who demonstrate the mental strength to lead and own their power to make the decisions—personal, professional and career—that drive sustained inner peace and happiness. By doing these things, you can start to create positive change, and you can begin to experience real career success.

Terina Allen

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Career Success Essay Sample

Type of paper: Essay

Topic: Media , Education , Knowledge , Job , Students , Workplace , Communication , Management

Words: 1100

Published: 06/08/2021


I once heard someone saying that school education is a basis for all the knowledge we earn in the coming years. Prima facia, it is a well known fact. But when I deeply thought about it, I found a lot of examples where people who excelled in their studies in schools, failed in real life, and vice versa. Thus I began to think, and when possible, discuss with others, how much knowledge and skills they earned from school, is being put to use at the job they are handling. This led me to another question, “Is all this stress given to school level education really needed?” One question leading to another, this train of thoughts travelled a whole lot of places before I decided to note down some of the thoughts. That is the moment I determined to write this essay about my own case. Through this essay, I am trying to show, to what extent, I use the knowledge and skills I acquired from school education in the job I am doing.

1. Education

Regarding my education, my academic major was “Media and Cultural Studies”. As one would expect, I learned about history, social sciences, politics, various cultures, media, and importantly, communication. As a student, I never knew how I was going to apply what I have learned to any job that I may take up in the future. I didn’t even know what type of job I was going to do after my education. At that time, I had glimpses of these thoughts on our present topic, but I never took it this much seriously. As my education went on, I began to get somewhat proficient in what I was studying, but I always thought all those topics learned were a waste of time, because, I never had seen a real-life job where what I learned was required.

2. Job Description

Now moving on to my job, I am a Communication manager in an International Company. Basically, Communication management is the management of all the communications within the organisation and with other organisations. But, as a communication manager, my duties do not confine to it. I perform duties of a wide range, like translation, designing, marketing and even some film-making.

3. Application of Knowledge and Skills to Various Duties

In order to understand how much the education helped me in my job, I am going to take up one duty at a time and analyse the degree of application of the educational knowledge on it. Since there are many duties that I perform, making it impossible to list them all, I am analysing only the important few.

3.1. Communication of policies, decision, changes etc to the employees.

This is one of the important duties that communication managers have to perform. Being an international organisation, we have a large base of employees. And it is our duty to ensure each and every one of them receives the message being transmitted, correctly. This is one duty where everything I learned about communication is being put to use. Employees are from different cultures, and they might interpret the same message differently. So we have to be extremely cautious about the words used in the message as well as the medium used to transmit the message. Since some messages about board decisions, policy changes etc can be very sensitive and important, we have no room for error, and we always have to be at our best. If not for all the communications classes I have attended, I would have failed miserably in performing this duty.

3.2. Preparation of presentations, internal memos and various documents, records etc.

During my education, I would not have even dreamt about preparing these in my real-life other than for some assignments or projects. But as it turns out, preparing these is an integral part of my work now. The presentations I have prepared as a media student is numerous. Also the number of documents whose formats I have studies is too many. These knowledge and skills that I have acquired from education is being applied in my job on a daily basis.

3.3. Representation of the organisation to various stakeholders.

Apart from the various duties that the communication managers perform internally, we have a vital duty to perform externally: representing the organisation to various persons who are interested. It includes explaining the policies of the organisation, its position on issues etc. It may be accomplished through publishing press releases, interviewing personalities or distributing media kits. The knowledge about different media, the skills to prepare media kits, the experience of conducting interviews and much more are with me only because of my education. These are exactly the requirements to properly complete this duty.

3.4. Translation.

Even though translation is not much of an integral part of the job of a communication manager, it is a frequent duty for me as a part of a world-wide organisation. And it needs to be mentioned that it has helped me to earn a considerable reputation inside the organisation. It’s the knowledge of more than 3 languages that made me capable of being a good translator. Also, knowledge about various cultures contributed here. These are all qualities that I collected as a media and cultures student.

3.5. Marketing.

Communication managers have a vital role to play in marketing. Marketing involves communication with the customers and the target market. The people to whom the messages are to be sent may have linguistic, cultural and many other differences. Being a media and cultures student, I knew the points to be kept in mind while performing this duty.

4. Conclusion

Through analysing five of the most important duties performed by me as a communication manager, and matching it with the knowledge, skills and experience I earned as a media and cultures student, we can confidently say that the qualities acquired through education themselves are the bases for the qualities needed to be successful in their respective jobs. It is true that the important qualities for career success are to be gathered gradually from work experiences. But we should not forget that the underlying qualities for these come from the school-level education itself. The examples where academically successful people do not succeed in their career happen because of the lack of development of their qualities, and not because of lack of relation between education and career success.

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