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The War on Drugs, Essay Example

Pages: 6

Words: 1727

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The War on Drugs, Essay Example

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The “Drug War” should be waged even more vigorously and is a valid policy; government should tell adults what they can or cannot ingest. This paper argues for the position that the United States government should ramp up its efforts to fight the war on drugs.  Drug trafficking adversely affects the nation’s economy, and increases crime.  The increase in crime necessitates a need for more boots on the ground in preventing illegal drugs from entering this country.  Both police and border patrol agents are on the frontline on the battle against the war on drugs.  The war on drugs is a valid policy because it is the government’s responsibility to protect its citizens.  Citizens who are addicted to drugs are less likely to contribute to society in an economic manner, and many end up on government assistance programs and engage in crimes.


This paper argues that The War on Drugs is a valid policy, and that government has a right, perhaps even a duty to protect citizens from hurting themselves and others.  Fighting drug use is an integral part of the criminal justice system.  Special taskforces have been created to combat the influx of illegal drugs into the United States. The cost of paying police and border control agents is just the beginning of the equation.  Obviously, the detriment to the US economy is tremendous.  But the emotional stress on the friends and family of the drug user represent the human cost of illegal drugs.  Families are literally torn apart by this phenomen.

(1). The cost of police resources to fight the drug war is exorbitant, but necessary .  In order for a war against drugs to be successful, federal, local and state authorities must make sure that there a plenty of drug enforcement officers to make the appropriate arrests.  This means that drug enforcement officers must be provided with the latest equipment, including technology to detect illegal drugs (Benson).  The cost of providing all the necessary equipment to border patrol agents and the policemen and policemen on the frontlines is well justified.  It is necessary to have a budget that will ensure that drug enforcers have everything they need to combat illegal drugs at their disposal.

(2). The government has the responsibility to protect its citizens.   If a substance is illegal, it should be hunted down by law enforcement authorities and destroyed.  The drug user is a victim of society who needs help turning his or her life around.  Without a proper drug policy in effect, the drug user will continue to purchase drugs without the fear of criminal punishment.  That is why the drug war is appropriate.  The government has a right to tell citizens what it cannot ingest, particularly substances that when ingested can cause severe harm to the individual.  This harm may take on the form of addiction.  Once a person is addicted to drugs, the government has treatment programs to help him or her get off drugs.  The economic cost of preventing illegal drugs from getting into the wrong hands, and the cost of drug treatment is worth the financial resources expended because people who are not addicted to drugs are more involved in society and in life in general (Belenko).

(3). Anti-drug policies tend to make citizens act responsibly .  Adult drug users must understand that what they are doing is negatively impacting society.  Purchasing illegal drugs drains the nation’s economy.  These users have probably been in and out of drug rehabilitation programs many times with little to no success.  These drug programs are run by either the federal, state, or local governments (Lynch).   Each failed incident of a patient going back to the world of drugs costs the taxpayers money.  Once the drug user is totally rehabbed, he or she will realize the drag that he or she has been on society.  Therefore, the drug treatment centers are a way to teach adults how to be more responsible.

(4). Drug regulation in the United States has an effect on the international community.  America’s image to the rest of the world is at stake.  If America cannot control its borders, rogue leaders of other countries will think that America is soft on drugs.  This in turn makes America’s leaders look weak (Daemmrich).  Border patrol agents on the United States-Mexican border represent the best that America has to offer in preventing illegal drugs from entering the United States.  It is imperative that part of the drug policy of the United States provides enough financial resources for the agents to do their job.  The international community must see a strong front from the United States against illegal drugs.  Anything less is a sign of weakness in the eyes of international leaders, including our allies.

(5). Women are disproportionately affected by illegal drug use and therefore neglect their children.   As emotional beings, women have to contend with many issues that evade men (Gaskins).  The woman’s primary responsibility is to her children.  If a woman is a drug user, her children will be neglected.  Most of the children end up becoming wards of the state.  Having to cloth and feed children places a major burden on organizations that take these children of addicts in.  A drug addict cannot take care of herself, and she certainly cannot take care of her children.  Both the woman and her children will become dependent on the government for food and shelter.  This person is not a productive member of society.  Increased prison sentences may seem harsh for women with children, but these sentences may serve as deterrence from using drugs.

(6 ). If students know that the criminal penalty is severe, it may serve as a deterrent to drug related crimes.   Educating students, while they are still in school about the harmful effects and consequences of using drugs is imperative in fighting the drug war.  However, many students may tune out the normal talk about how drugs affect them physically.  The key to effectively making the point to students that illegal drug use is wrong is to present them with the consequences of having a felony drug conviction on their record (Reynolds). In fact, having a criminal record is bad enough without the felony drug conviction.  Students should know that such a record can prevent them from obtaining employment in the future.  It should be stressed that many companies will not hire anyone with a criminal record, especially if the conviction was related to illegal drugs.  The threat of extensive incarceration should also deter students from using illegal drugs or participating in drug related activities.

(7). Parents who use drugs in front of their children are bad influences and contribute to the delinquency of the minor.    Children are extremely impressionable, and starting to use drugs at a young age can be devastating to their future.  The government fights the drug war to protect law abiding citizens, and to punish criminals.  People who use illicit drugs are criminals, and parents who influence their children by introducing and approving of their drug use need to suffer severe penalties under the law (Lynch).  It is more than likely that the parents that use drugs have been incarcerated at one time or the other.  This incarceration may be drug related.  Children see their parents go in and out of jail, so that becomes their “normal.” Thus you have generational incarcerations which are an expense to prison sector and taxpayers.  The government is right in ramping up the penalties on drug use in front of children.

(8). People who use drugs are likely to drive under the influence which has all sorts of possible negative outcomes. There are so many consequences resulting from illegal drug use that they are too numerous to list.  One of the “unspoken” consequences is driving under the influence.  The entire population has made a concerted effort to curtail drinking and driving, and the deaths from alcohol related traffic accidents gave gone down significantly since strict laws have been put in place.  The government needs to find a way to crack down on drivers who are under the influence of illegal drugs (Belenko).  Drivers must be clear headed and focused to driver responsibly.  The government should get harsher, and find a way to test (as in the breathalyzer for alcohol) for marijuana.  The government has been successful in keeping the number of drunken drivers down.  However, many drivers are still legally able to pass a breathalyzer test if they are smoking marijuana, or using other drugs.  Accidents can still happen regardless of what drug the driver is under the influence of.  The government must find a way to crack down on these drivers who think that they are beating the system.

If the United States wants to get serious on the war on drugs, it should wage the war more vigorously.  Although the war on drugs is a valid policy, it needs to receive more attention and financial resources from the Federal government.  Preventing illegal drugs from crossing our borders is costly, but highly effective if there are plenty of border patrol agents on the United States-Mexican border.  This is the main avenue by which illegal drugs make it into the United States.  The argument that the government has the right to tell citizens what they can ingest is correct.  This is because it is the government’s responsibility to protect its citizens.  Keeping people off of drugs makes for productive citizens who contribute to building a drug free society.

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One popular stereotype associated with drug use is that it is rampant among the poor. However, this is not entirely true since insufficient money linked with the poor cannot probably sustain drug use. The link between the two factors is multifaceted, and the connectedness of poverty is complex. Poverty entails unstable family and interpersonal associations, low-skilled jobs and low status, high arrest degrees, illegitimacy, school dropping out, deprived physical health, high mental conditions, and high mortality rates. Such factors resemble […]

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Addiction is a word very common in our day to day lives, but not very many people actually know what it is or how to treat it. It is an individualistic disease that can infect everybody, not just a certain group of people, with damages that can ripple through families for years to come. Addiction within parents can have effects lasting lifetimes within the family and can also have a huge societal impact. For many, addiction is a scary word, […]

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For every student who complains that drug testing is an invasion of his or hers privacy we can show you a hundred parents who have lost their children to drugs. With drug testing students get a safe place where they can learn. Even the teachers are better off with this, because with less drugs schools are much safer. Should High School students or even college students be routinely tested for drug use? Before you answer think about this as a […]

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Who wants to escape from reality? You must go for Drugs then. A phenomenon used by all fools in today’s world. Drug abuse is when one misuses the drugs in a harmful way. Drug addiction is harmful not only for the addicted but also has a lot of negative effects on society. There is no country in the world where such a problem doesn’t exist. Today this issue is often being discussed by doctors who claim that dope abuse mainly […]

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As Nathan Driskell once said, Addiction is the only prison where the locks are on the inside. Addiction is a common issue and numerous people don’t realize. Over twenty million Americans under the age of 18 are already addicted to a drug. Drug abuse is a major concern despite a person’s race, gender, national origin, ethnicity, social status, or religion. Addictions can affect anyone and can be caused by a variety of reasons. To overcome an addiction and staying drug […]

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Drug addictions are something that many people in America face. A lot of families today face a person who is a drug addict or an alcoholic and this is breaking up families. People can help people addicted to drugs by providing community support, education,and teaching drug addicts how to deal with stress after overcoming addiction. Community and support groups are a great ways and opportunities for recovering addicts to be able to meet and befriend people who are also going […]

Most Drugs and Medicated Substances Can be Beneficial

People do misuse drugs and medications. Drug abuse occurs when an individual excessively exploits a drug or medication outside of its original function, which could result in harm to the user, their families, and even their community (Huffman & Dowdell, 2015). Abusing drugs can cause hazardous consequences that will affect a person from a biological, psychological, and social standpoint. Fortunately, drug abuse can be prevented and treated. The Foundation Recovery Network (2018) expresses that drug abuse and drug addiction are […]

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ABSTRACT In investigation of the effects of drug abuse on adolescents’ academic performance various theoretical perspectives were utilized and strategies to curb drug use were also identified. The study was conducted in Triangle: Chiredzi; Masvingo Province of Zimbabwe. The participants were from 3 High schools. The students’ ages were ranging from 12 to 21 years. A descriptive survey design combining both qualitative and quantitative research strategies was employed. The researcher used a purposive sampling technique. The sample size represented 10% […]

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Substance abuse can be defined as the overindulgence in addictive substance or the reliance on an addictive substance, especially illicit drugs like crystal methamphetamine and others. Methamphetamine, or meth, as it is popularly called is a highly addictive stimulant that creates a feeling of energy, heightened alertness and euphoria. It is synthetically prepared, using toxic and flammable chemicals and side effects include irregular and rapid heartbeat, hyperthermia, convulsions, stroke, insomnia, high blood pressure, restlessness, and tremors . Meth can be […]

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In reading articles ‘Nonmedical Prescription Drug Use Among US Young Adults by Educational Attainment’, ‘Ethnic/Racial Differences in Peer and Parent Influence on Adolescent Prescription Drug Misuse’ and ‘Influences of Motivational Contexts on Prescription Drug Misuse and Related Drug Problems’, they all have a correlation on highlighting the misuse of prescription drug use by young adults. Each article gives its own interpretation of study on how and why youth are misusing prescription drugs on an ethnical level, how this problem is […]

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The drug abuse across the United States of America has been noticed as a tremendous problem since the past thirty years, whether it being the use of prescription drugs or illicit drugs. According to the annual National Survey on Drug Use and Health, (NIDA, 2015) it is estimated that 24.6 million Americans, in 2013, from ages twelve and older had used illicit drugs. Americans generally take drugs for variety reasons, that being to feel better, be better, or do better. […]

What is Drug and Drug Abuse?

Drug is the substances that can the effect the body’s function either physically or mentally and also will kill many cell in our body when we taken drug into the body. There are many factor that will occur when contribute to drug addiction. One of the factor is peer pressure. Many people related to peer pressure but this is more focus on teenagers and kids, because they are not mature in mentally,so they will follow and learn what from the […]

Student: Drug Abuse, Struggle, and Health Risks.

Today’s student faces many risks, including drug abuse, struggle, and health risks. Reacting to these risks before they become more serious dilemmas can be difficult. One of the purposes of dealing with drug abuse is to encourage the public to understand the causes of drug abuse and to prevent its onset. Drug abuse has serious consequences in our homes, schools, and communities. The use of all illegal drugs and the inappropriate use of licit drugs is considered drug abuse. Teens […]

Drug Abuse Among Students

Medication manhandle is these days one of the gravest social damages. Late years have encountered an extreme ascent in sedate manhandle among school and college understudies. In America today, more people struggle with some kind of addiction to drugs than in the past. Alcohol use is high among college students and places them at risk for health problems, injuries, and poor academic performance. Drugs have a chemical effect that damage the brain and body. Drugs have shown to interfere with […]

Drug Abuse Prevention and Control

The deep, energetic and sonorous voice of Whitney Houston that graced our ears will truly be missed. She was found dead in her house as a result of cocaine overdose. She was about 48 when she died. So will young Mac Miller and Lil Peep- talented celebrities who died of accidental fentanyl overdose at a very young age. Their stories, we heard due to the status they have achieved in the society. There are millions of other young people all […]

Drug Abuse in Sports

Drug abuse occurs in all sports and at most levels of competition. Athletic life may lead to drug abuse for a number of reasons,, to self-treat injuries, and retirement from sport. Most sport organizations ban the use of any drug that can help your ability to excel in any sport. Using enhancing drugs, always have side effects like easy to anger, depression, and even death. Today people may know that athletes use steroids and performance-enhancing drugs, but it is only […]

Drug Abuse: War on Drugs

Drug abuse has been happening over so many years and it’s bad for our community. A drug isn’t a good thing to mess with it understandable if its used for reasonable reasons but more than needed is drug abuse. Some people disagree with this and opposed to other side drugs are good for our community. Many people coming back from the war will be addicted to drugs and alcohol due to the massage amount of drugs that is given to […]

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The social issue of drug abuse is widespread and seems to be affecting almost any nation. People of all ages take psychotropic substances in various forms and for different reasons. The least one can say is that all these habits are harmful and detrimental to human health. Though governments, medical staff, educators, and media constantly warn people about drugs, the effects are barely visible. Other substances that cause disorders in people’s brains, bodies, and behavior include alcohol, nicotine, and marijuana. The addictive feeling these create makes the person unable to control the use despite experiencing harm. Teenage drug abuse in America is a reoccurring problem and is often considered a gateway for amphetamines, opiates, and heroin. Since the issue is prevalent in schools, many educational institutions and college administrations introduce programs to combat the phenomenon. To safeguard the youth, teachers assign various argumentative essay topics about drug addiction. Acknowledging the problem and writing about it can prove an effective technique. It will help students perceive drugs as harmful and extremely addictive. The predominant topics include the factors leading to drug use, its impact on health, and prevention mechanisms. Alternatively, you may consider writing a research paper on substance abuse and how it affects a particular society. Regardless of the topic, your opinion matters, so ensure your outline is as smooth and legible as possible. In short, use transition phrases wisely, pay attention to grammar and vocabulary, and back up your arguments that support the thesis statement. Also, it’s best to stick to the 5-paragraph paper type that includes an introduction, three body paragraphs, and a conclusion. Do you still have doubts about how to frame your essay? Perhaps your deadline is too short, or you need assistance with academic writing. Worry not because PapersOwl has your back with a myriad of essay examples on drug abuse. The platform offers various other tools that students find immensely helpful in college life.

Essays About Substance Addiction Drug abuse and misuse affect more than 19.7 million adults (aged 12 or over) in America alone. Drug and alcohol issues cost America more than 740 billion dollars. Alcohol and drug addiction are a huge issue facing society, and as the opioid crisis continues to grow, so too does the need for further studies on any prescription drug and other substances. Across both medical and psychological fields of study, there is a greater need to understand why drug abuse is happening, and what can be done in the future to help prevent it. Essays about teenage drug abuse are commonplace in today’s classroom requirements. Numerous colleges require students to write persuasive essays, or an argumentative essay, or research paper on drug abuse. We specialize in these styles of essays and offer students a free example of teen drug addiction papers, to help them understand the style of papers that are required in this field. All our topics are aligned with class modules around America, and beyond. We specialize in students understanding this complex and varied topic. We aim to provide a well-written essay on drug abuse and carefully constructed essays that present facts on teen drug abuse in a clear, concise manner. Thorough research combined with scholarly reports creates compelling arguments that ascertain why teen drug abuse is happening in society today. All our essays are one hundred percent unique and look at a range of topics from substance abuse in communities, the impact drugs have on families, solutions to drug abuse, effects of parental alcohol and drug abuse on kids, and much more.

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304 Drugs Essay Topics

🏆 best essay topics on drugs, 👍 good drugs research topics & essay examples, 🌶️ hot drugs ideas to write about, 🎓 most interesting drugs research titles, 📌 easy drugs essay topics, 💡 simple drugs essay ideas, ❓ research questions about drugs.

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Contrary to the popular belief, drug addiction is an issue that is not only met among famous rock stars or people living in the streets with no home or shelter of any kind. In truth, since the evolution of synthetic drugs, even middle school children have become the victims of drug addiction. The same can be said about people who tend to live with the help of strong painkillers and medication that contains narcotic substances. Finally, we can take the ongoing issue of recreational marijuana, which is also addictive. It shows that once you start exploring this social issue, it goes way further than we initially think.

While the subject of drug addiction can be met all over the world for decades, it does not get enough coverage or statistics regarding the range or scope of the problem. It has always been in discussion since the famous Opium Wars that you might have heard of while at school or in college. Still, the modern side of the problem has been linked to the nightclubs and entertainment among young people. You can see some of our free samples on this subject to get a better idea. Regardless if you take the past or the modern times, it will have enough to write about.

Starting with the World Federation Against Drugs (an international NGO) to famous celebrities who have battled addiction, we have several people who have started an international movement to show young people how a person cannot battle the woes of addiction alone without professional medical help. The examples include Robert Downey Jr, Demi Lovato, Ben Affleck, Bradley Cooper, Drew Barrymore who has announced that she was an addict while being only 13, Elton John, Jamie Lee Curtis, a famous children’s book author, Keith Urban, Daniel Radcliffe, Eric Clapton, Carrie Fisher (Star Wars), and many others.

Even if you have not faced any person with an addiction in your life, it is still something that we should not ignore. As a college student and a responsible person, you can make a major difference by protecting people from this awful situation with the help of education and social help. It also relates to people in recovery who require help and support. As the social stigma is quite strong, the addicts are usually left on their own and rarely ask for help, not only because they do not realize that they need help. By providing better information and exploring this subject, you can make a difference and save lives.

It does not matter what topic you may be given or have the freedom to choose for your college essay, you can explore the economical state, criminal situation, and many other aspects of life. For example, one of our paper samples talks about Bangladesh and drug addiction among young people while the other one explores the process of overcoming this problem. You can also start a debate regarding recreational marijuana and all those dangerous cocktails in modern nightclubs. The possibilities are virtually endless, which is why this topic is often approached by colleges worldwide.

The most important aspect here is understanding that you (or your friend) cannot cope alone without professional medical help. One of the reasons why addiction rehabs are present in the life of the ex-addicts is the role of the chemical processes in one’s body, which means that a person receives special medication to decrease the reception of the elements that lead to dangerous consequences. In addition, providing mental support is also important, which is something you can do as a student. Finally, the best method is to prevent something bad from happening, which can be done with the help of educational materials and discussions with young people.

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