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In Favor for the Death Penalty

The death penalty is mainly known by capital punishment. It is a legal process whereby a person is put to death by the state as a punishment for a crime. The judicial degree that someone be punished in this manner is a death sentence. The actual process of killing someone is an execution. Capital punishment has in the past been practiced by most societies. Currently fifty eight nations actively practice it and ninety seven countries have abolished it. Capital punishment is a matter of active controversy in various countries and states. Positions can vary within single political ideology or cultural region. I am for the death penalty. With the death penalty it allows there to be equal punishment among criminals, and it brings about peace of mind to everyone. The death penalty should fit the crime and in extreme cases, extreme measures should determine the course of justice. Some murders, like the intentional murder of a rape victim, are so depraved that capital punishment is the only proportional sentence available. The constitution itself recognizes that punishment must be proportional to the offense. The Supreme Court also recognizes that in order for the public to have confidence in the criminal justice system. There must be a belief that the punishment must fit the crime. With the person who committed the rape to get the death penalty allows for punishment to fit the crime. Committing a rape is a very serious and offensive crime. Those people who commit this crime should be punished harshly. Statistics show that in areas where the death penalty is enforced there are fewer serious crimes being committed. According to Fein (2008), “As of two thousand and ten there are over seventeen thousand under sentence to be put to death... ... middle of paper ... ...g away from life. It is not right nor will it ever be right. Though the death penalty is considered barbaric, it is not. With those who have ones that have died viciously to the ones who died young there is such a thing as karma. The death penalty allows those people who committed the crime to be punished equally. Therefore, I agree with the reason for having the death penalty. It is only fair that the criminal be punished for his wrong doings. The bible does say, “An eye for an eye.” When there is equal punishment and safety it makes people worry less. It allows them to live out their lives in peace, and to not look back on something bad that has happened to them. After reading this essay I hope you agree with the death penalty. It is the only option to allow justice and security for society as a whole will still relieving the financial burden on the tax payers.

In this essay, the author

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Death Penalty Essay

Alexis Rushford March, 6, 2015 Purol What is putting a criminal behind bars going to do if they are already used to a prison environment? Absolutely nothing. I strongly agree that the death penalty should be used upon certain circumstances, such as raping or murdering others. Capital punishment satisfies the biblical principal “an eye for an eye”. Therefore, capital punishment should be a law all over the United States. The death penalty creates another form of reducing the crime rate. If there was not a way to stop, or even scare people from committing inappropriate actions, then crime would run rampant. “A 2003 co-authored study, and a 2006 study that re-examined the data, found that each execution results in five less homicides, so investing a death penalty means five less homicides” said Naci Mocan from “Studies say death penalty reduces crime”. Prison is an effective punishment, but with some people more is needed to get it through their heads. “Some crimes are so heinous and wrong, that they demand stricter punishments.” Said Daniel S. Nagin from “Does the death penalty deter crime?” In addition it provides a deterrent for inmates that are already serving a life sentence. Nobody knows that they are not going to go on a rampage and kill someone while serving their time. “Even though statistical demonstrations are not conclusive, and perhaps cannot be, capital punishment is likely to deter more than other punishments because people fear death more than anything else.” Said Ernest Van Den Haag from “The death penalty prevents future murders”. What is anyone going to do, extend their life long sentence? Sure, they can have opportunities taken away. What if a murderer was to escape prison, what is going to stop them from killing anyone who might turn them back in? It also gives closure to the victims’ families who have suffered from the loss of a loved one. (Murder in this case) Some members from the family or even the victim (ape in this case) could take years to a lifetime to recover from the shock they were put through. One of the things that help this recovery is to achieve some type of closure. Giving the inmate lifetime in prison is not much help because they are still around to haunt the victim or family members. However, a death sentence brings finality to the horrible situation that the people were put though. Also it contributes to the problem of overpopulation in the prison systems. A lot of prisons face the problem of having too many people and not enough room or resources. Each prisoner requires a portion of a cell, food, clothing, extra guard time, and etc. If the death penalty is eliminated as a punishment, it means that there will be more prisoners that will need to be cared for for life. Therefore, it is only adding to the problem. When someone plans and brutally murders someone, does it not make sense that the punishment for the perpetrator also be death? Our justice system shows Show More

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death penalty essay agree

Death Penalty By Susan Doe April 15, 2013 Is the Death Penalty Just and Applied Fairly? The death penalty, also known as capital punishment, is the punishment of execution, administered to someone convicted of a capital crime; it is the most severe form of corporal punishment. The death penalty in the United States has been an ongoing debate throughout history. Capital punishment has been banned in many countries, except in the United States; there are thirty-three states that currently…

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What are the latest developments concerning the death penalty? In June 2008, the Supreme Court held that it was cruel and unusual punishment to use the death penalty against individuals convicted of raping a minor. In April 2008, the Supreme Court has held that lethal-injection procedures in Kentucky do not violate the Eighth Amendment's prohibition against cruel and unusual punishment. The action opens the way for an end to a de facto national moratorium on lethal injection executions that has…

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death penalty essay agree

Is the Death Penalty Just and Applied Fairly? I. What is the death penalty? a. Capital Punishment b. Fifth Amendment II. History a. Babylonia B.C. b. First execution in the colonies c. First woman to be executed III. Pros a. Eye for an eye b. Closure c. Getting rid of evil d. Deter crime IV. Cons a. Discriminatory b. Risk of executing the innocent V. Statistics a. By year b. By state VI. Alternatives to the Death Penalty a. Life Sentence VII. Death Penalty here to stay…

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07/29/2013 The Pros and Cons of the Death Penalty in America The ’Death Penalty’ is a problem of much concern; many countries favor the ‘Death Penalty’ and apply that, while many other object strongly to this punishment. My opinion is that the death penalty should be banned as a form of punishment. What is Capital punishment? Capital punishment is the death penalty. It is used today and was used in ancient times to punish a variety of offences. The death penalty has no place in a civilized society…

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Capital punishment is a prudent issue that creates a spectacle among those for and against the death penalty. From those that have lost loved ones from homicides to those that have committed murder and are then “lawfully”, according to the judicial systems, put to death. Although those for and against the death penalty may agree that there is a lawful and unlawful treatment of people, there is discern on who has the right to make the decision on who lives and who dies. Does man have the right to…

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Essay on death penalty

Death Penalty Lots of crimes happen throughout society but murder is the most harmful, not only to the victim but also to the victim’s family. The death penalty will bring justice to the victim and their family. Uma Kukaths said, “Death penalty supporters claimed that not only is the state justified in permanently removing a murderer from society, it is obliged to do so to protect its law-abiding citizens from harm”. The victim’s family would be happy to know that the murderer is gone and justice…

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Essay on Death Penalty

the capital punishment. Capital punishment is a life or death situation. It is the execution of people who have been found guilty of certain offenses. Many people in today’s society believe that a death crime is so severe that they deserve a punishment equal to their crime. In some people’s mind they believe in killing the killer, but how does that show us that killing is morally okay? There are numerous proven reasons why the death penalty should be abolished. The best reasons are to not violate…

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The topic about whether or not the death penalty should be abolished has been a very controversial one for years. Dating back to the first English colonies in the 1600’s, the death penalty, or capital punishment as it is formally referred to, is a part of American history that never began to be questioned until the American Revolution in 1776. To this day, many people have mixed opinions on the matter. Some people strongly believe that the death penalty should be instituted, while others strongly…

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This is a dossier on the effectiveness and the racially implicated sanctions for the application of the Death Penalty. This paper is a general indictment of the entire criminal justice system, and the faults that exist within. This is not an attempt to sway your opinion, but instead to raise the awareness of those of us who hold the creed of this Great Nation dear and the potential that it holds. I think that in the terms of greatness there is a clause that as a people and a nation, we continue…

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death penalty Essay

Death Penalty Life and death; the two things that all birthed beings are guaranteed. Two concepts that are understood to be normal and unavoidable. Our mortality, though deeply mysterious and uncontrollable, is something that we have come to accept on a basic level. We all know that to live, means to die. That once we are born into life, our fate has been inevitably sealed to a single future. That though the means and the details may vary according to the individual, we will all certainly die.…

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death penalty essay agree

Argumentative Essay: I Support The Death Penalty

Innocent until proven guilty: lester bower's death penalty.

Innocent until proven guilty; this is America's renowned criminal justice principle. It states that a suspect is to be considered innocent until proven guilty with solid evidence; however, this was not the case in Lester Bower's death row sentence. After enduring thirty arduous years on death row upon reasonable doubt and being executed on June 3, 2015, Bower's innocence was confirmed (Executed But Possibly Innocent). Not only does this wrongful conviction contradict what America stands for, but a life that could have been justifiably spared has unpardonably perished. The world wide debate over capital punishment has been a heated topic over the years and is not going to appease any time soon. Capital punishment is not only immoral, but contradicting

John Wayne Gacy's Contributions To The Justice System

Famous American cereal killer, John Wayne Gacy, had murdered and raped 33 adolescents, many of whom were teenagers, the justice system made sure this man could never do this again. The public is turning a blind eye to the many contributions the justice system makes, we should look at not only how we can reform, but how it contributes to society The justice system creates many contributions to society, such as the safety it provides for children and their chances of exploitation, the many instances where they convict dangerous individuals therefore creating a safer environment for the present and future of society, and the fact it provides all citizens of the public and private sectors, to have the right to a fair, speedy, and public trial,

Jeffrey Reiman's Arguments Against Capital Punishment

The topic of capital punishment presents a test of values. The arguments in support of and opposition to the death penalty are complex. In the end, this is a question of an individual’s values and morals. The topic requires careful thought to reach a reasoned position. Both sides of the argument are defensible. Support for capital punishment requires valuing retribution over rehabilitation. Those who favor capital punishment value highly the closure it provides to the families of the victims, and they believe that it deters would be murderers from killing. Retribution, closure and deterrence are the main reasons in favor of the death penalty. Opponents of capital punishment generally believe that it is hypocritical and immoral for the state

Coretta Scott King The Death Penalty Is A Step Back Analysis

Death penalty or capital punishment is a legal procedure carried out by the government of a state which sentences a convicted person to death. Capital punishment has been a matter of controversy in various countries for decades now. In this essay, Coretta Scott King talks about why she is against the death penalty. The main purpose of this critique is to focus on King’s arguments and evaluate their authenticity and credibility.

David Bruck The Death Penalty Analysis

In his essay, "The Death Penalty," David Bruck hypothesizes that the American people will eventually find that the death penalty is not the best way to punish a convicted murderer. Bruck develops this hypothesis by countering all pro-death penalty arguments with previous cases and specific statistics that apply to the argument. David Bruck's purpose is to persuade the readers to think for themselves on the topic and use what they know as a basis. Bruck uses an educated tone to establish credibility with the reader. He takes apart the views of the local mayor in an attempt to prove anyone wrong who might disagree. The author immediately establishes all counter claims and knocks them out of the way in order to change the reader's opinion. He

Summary Of A Death In Texas By Steve Earle

Capital punishment, also known as the death penalty, and the debate about its abolition is the largest point of the essay written by Steve Earle, titled "A Death in Texas”. This form of punishment should be abolished for 3 reasons; First, It does not seem to have a direct effect on deterring murder rates, It has negative effects on society, and is inconsistent with American ideals.

FBI Uniform Crime Report

Step into the shoes of Cameron Todd Willingham. He was one of the 59 accused criminals sentenced to death by the United States judicial system in 2004. Thought to have murdered his three children by arson in the family home, Willingham was put on death row on January 8, 1992. However, he was different from the other convicts. Willingham was actually innocent. The fire was an accident. The truth got out many years too late though, and Willingham died by lethal injection on February 17, 2004 at the age of 36 (Eric). From 1973 to 2015, more than 150 innocent men and women have been sentenced to death row.

Attention Getter For Capital Punishment Essay

Thesis: The death penalty should not be used to punish violent criminals for, the death penalty is a violation of constitutional rights.Not to mention, the same government that opposes and goes against murder, embraces it by committing the same act. Ultimately, the cost of executing a violent criminal does not provide a solution to crimes that will continuously arise.

Capital Punishment: The Cost Of The Death Penalty

From the beginning of the foundation of America, men have tried to figure out the correct way to deal with law-opposing criminals. From crucifixion and slavery, to death by firing squad and life sentences, the world has utilized different forms of discipline. The death penalty has formed into the most questionable form of punishment, drawing the most attention from the public eye. This sanction is used to punish criminals for committing the most heinous crimes and offenses. The crimes that obtain the death penalty mostly consist of murder which include murder during a kidnapping, murder for hire, drug-related drive by shooting, and genocide. However, the crimes can also consist of other capital offenses, such as espionage, treason, and death resulting from aircraft hijacking. The United States of America is still practicing the death penalty, but not without controversy such as its soaring price, its decrease of use, and its Constitutional right.

Should The Death Penalty Be Illegal Essay

The Death Penalty, loss of life due to previous crimes and actions, is believed by some to be extremely costly, inhumane, and cruel unlike some others whom believe it is just, right, and provides closure. The Death Penalty is not a quick and easy process. Most who get sentenced to deaths row wait years for their ultimate punishment of death. Some believe that it is not right to punish and kill a human for actions they have done because, they believe that the inmate should have another chance. Then others believe that it is right to punish someone for their actions especially if their actions involve killing another or multiple humans.

What Led Up To The Case Of Roper V. Simmons

This article supports the idea that the use of life imprisonment is not an effective method of dealing with people who commit heinous crimes. It essentially states that the use of life imprisonment is akin to sweeping the mess under the carpet. In the idea that it doesn’t actually do anything, it simply makes it so that it is somebody else’s problem. The article also states use of the death penalty is also a unseen benefit to to inmate because it prevents them from having to essentially be forced to go crazy from being alone in a solitary

Persuasive Speech: Why The Death Penalty Must End

‘’An eye for an eye makes the whole world blind,’’ said Mahatma Gandhi. The execution of someone who has possibly done a crime is an inhuman act. Death penalty is hypocritical and flawed. If killing is wrong, why do we kill when a criminal has done the crime of killing someone? In this essay, I will write why death penalty should end by writing about the violation of human rights, execution of innocent people, the fact that it does not deter crime and money.

Persuasive Essay On Death Penalty

According to the 2010 Gallup Poll, 64% of the United State of America are supporting the death penalty, I as an American am part of that 36% that is against it. I do not believe that we as human being should determine whether another person should live or die. A second reason that I am against the death penalty is for the reason that the accused person could be innocent and normally the accused person only has one court presentation and is only judged by the judge not a jury of their peer, and is sent to death row where they pay for a crime that they haven’t done. My final reason that i do not believe that the death penalty should count as a punishment for the American people is because, a person that has done a massive massacre shouldn’t just be able to leave the world just like that without paying and suffering for what they have done, Or should the death punishment continue as it is for it has a great benefit to us as citizens of the United States. Will you stand with us or against us?

Argumentative Essay: Race And The Death Penalty

Ronald Carlson wanted nothing more but justice for his sister who had been murdered. Ronald talks about how he would have killed the man with his own hands if he would have gotten the chance but his mind quickly changed after he seen his sister's murder being executed, he has a new view on the situation now. He talks about how watching the execution left him full of horror and emptiness. Ronald asks a question that should be addressed he said, “Our justice system should not be dictated by vengeance.” He asked, “As a society, shouldn’t we be more civilized than the murderers we condemn?” We should be more civilized, we shouldn't have the right to sentence people to death for three reasons, it puts innocent lives at risk, it's extremely costly

Argumentative Essay On Capital Punishment

Capital Punishment is the death penalty for those who commit murder. The thought behind this punishment is a life for a life. There has been debate on if the death penalty is right or wrong. Some poeple want the death penalty to be illegal while others argue it is needed to deter crime. There are many valid arguments regarding the death penalty. Does society really need Capital punishment or would we be better off without it? For many facts that I have found in my research I believe society could do better then Capital Punishment.

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Benefits of the Death Penalty Essay

The death penalty is an important aspect of american society.

The first legal execution in what is now the United States was performed by the American colonists in the year 1622 in Virginia when a criminal named Daniel Frank was put to death. Ever since, the United States has struggled with the issue of capital punishment. The death penalty was first written into law when the Massachusetts Bay Colony listed 13 crimes as punishable by death,

Dbq Death Penalty

Though it may seem that the debate over the death penalty only most recently surfaced, the dreadful tradition of capital punishment arrived in the United States at the time of the colonists. In the 17th century, most people were hung, beheaded, burned alive, or crushed under stones. All of these were in public, where a large crowd gathered to watch the horrible sight, similar to the tradition in old Europe. Eventually, the 19th century favored hanging as the most common form of execution. This marked the start of a more humane approach accepted as constitutional as executions moved away from the public eye. More developments came in the 1800’s as a movement to abolish capital punishment arose. This effort was stalled for a time during the Civil

The Death Penalty Is Not Morally Permissible?

For thousands of years, punishment for crime has been met with several different styles of execution. In 1976, the United States government reinstalled the death penalty four short years after having banned it claiming that it "violated the Constitution 's ban on cruel and unusual punishment" (MacKinnon, "Ethics" 289). Since 1976, the morality of execution as just punishment has been a highly discussed topic. The death penalty is not morally permissible because dissolving one 's basic human right to life is wrong.

Texas Death Penalty

Death penalty is one of the most controversial topic brought up in American politics. Within America, there are 31 states that carry out the death penalty and only 19 states that have abolished the practice. Many people are concerned whether or not the death penalty is beneficial to decreasing the amount of crime rates. Recently, the Supreme Court had a meeting to discuss the death penalty and if it went against the eight amendment. The eighth amendment states that it has banned cruel and unusual punishments but the death penalty is going against the idea. Compared to the late 1990s the number of executions in America has decreased. In 2015, there were only 28 executions with 48 new death sentences. 2015 was the year that had the lowest number

8th Amendment Process

Historically, executions have been around for a long time. The first established death penalty laws date as far back as the Eighteenth Century B.C. but didn’t make an appearance in the United States until 1608 (Part 1, n.d.). Death penalty is seen as a form of accountability for someone’s action. Most easily understood when you take a life, you lose your life--an eye for an eye. Nonetheless, over time people have started humanizing the situation and creating controversy. The Fifth, Eighth, and Fourteenth Amendments were interpreted as permitting the death penalty, until the early 1960s, when it was suggested that the death penalty was a "cruel and unusual" punishment, and therefore arguing it as unconstitutional under the Eighth Amendment (Part

Constitutional Conflict of the Dealth Penalty Essay

The courts positions of the death penalty has changed over the years. For centuries societies have used death as the ultimate penalty for crime. In the 1960's, the court ruled against the death penalty as a "cruel and unusual punishment", which was forbidden by the eighth amendment of the Constitution. By the 1990's the death penalty was again in wide use supported by the court and Congress, which continually expanded by legislation the crimes for which death would be an acceptable penalty.

Gregg Vs Georgia Case Study

The death penalty has been a firmly established institution in the United States since its inception. Executions were halted briefly between 1967 and 1977 as the U.S. Supreme Court considered and then ruled on the constitutionality of the death penalty. But states quickly revised their statutes, and some of these new laws met the Court's

The Death Penalty Should Be Abolished

The death penalty should be abolished because it does not reduce the crime rate, which means it will not scare anyone not do the crime. In fact, the death penalty may actually raise crime rates. According to the Death

The Death Penalty And The United States

The death penalty, as we know it today, didn’t exist in the United States until 1976. However, the American penal system has incorporated capital punishment since the earliest settlements were founded in the early 1600’s. The first recorded execution in the United States occurred in 1608 in Jamestown, Virginia when Captain George Kendall was executed just one year after the Jamestown settlement had been established after he had been convicted of being a spy for Spain (Part I: History of the Death Penalty). Over the next 250 years, several states moved toward abolishing capital punishment altogether. While there has been serious push towards ending capital punishment, more than half of state governments within the United States cling onto their right to execute criminals who perform truly heinous crimes.

To Kill A Mockingbird Capital Punishment Essay

The first known use of the death penalty in the American colonies happened in 1608, in the colony of Jamestown. During the Revolutionary War capital punishment was very

Abolishing The Death Penalty In The United States

The United States’ views on the death penalty were heavily influenced by Britain. Britain has had a lengthy history with implementing the death penalty. The first known legal execution in the United States was in the colony of Virginia (Reggie 1). Daniel Frank was executed for theft in 1622. Although this is the first recorded legal execution in Virginia, this was not the first execution in the United States.

Is the Death Penalty Applied Fairly?

The death penalty has been a controversy in the United States justice system since its commencement (Bakken & Morris, 2010). Although extremely controversial, it has stood the test of time as the definitive penalty. Numerous countries are at present bring an end their death penalty law. Contrary to that, the United States has thirty eight out of its fifty states with death penalty still operational. It seems the United States needs the death penalty more than ever before due to rising rate of sever violent crimes across the nation. Statistics shows that since the early nineties roughly around 355 people have been put to death through death penalty and approximately 3300 are still waiting on death row. Similarly since 1976 around 552 felons have been put to rest through death penalty across the United States (Bakken & Morris, 2010). If you break these deaths down according to the methods utilized about three hundred ninety-four by lethal injection, one hundred forty-one by electrocution, eleven by gas chamber, three by hanging, and two by firing squad. Almost half of the 1976 executions have taken place within the last five years, which includes 52 that took place this year. Even though the death penalty has brought countless gooey criminals to end, the course of death penalty that it is founded on is inconsistent one.

The Cons of the Death Penalty Essay

“…Over 600 people were falsely convicted and 35 faced death for crimes that they did not commit…”(Johnson). The death penalty is an ineffective and expensive way of dealing justice to the American people. It is easier and cheaper to send someone to prison for life than to have them face the death penalty and be executed. Capital punishment is an unnecessary punishment because criminals are already managed at prisons.

The Death Penalty Is Justified

The Death Penalty has been used in the United States since the very foundation of our nation; the first recorded case was the execution of Captain George Kendall in 1608 in the Jamestown colony as it was believed Kendall was a spy (DPIC). Americans have seen executions throughout history and are somewhat exposed to the idea but the 21st century is a very different place than the 17th century. This century is a time of equality and rights for people of all

Essay about The Death Penalty Deters Crime and Saves Lives

“I don’t think you should support the death penalty to seek revenge. I don’t think that’s right. I think the reason to support the death penalty is because it saves other people’s lives.” -- President George Bush

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Argumentative Essay About Death Penalty

death penalty essay agree

Argumentative Essay: The Death Penalty In Texas

The death penalty has its pros and cons, to take another life or to not. There are thirty-four states that use the death penalty and sixteen states who don’t. Texas is the the top state that practices the death penalty. I support the use the death penalty, not just for “eye for an eye”, (Death penalty procon). I believe in the use of the death penalty only in severe cases. Serial killers, rapist and child molesters I believe cannot function in society, nor will they ever be productive citizens. Capital punishment is away of keeping our society a little safer. The US spends 4% or 49 billion dollars to feed, cloth and entertain murders and rapists. Also “that death penalty cases are estimated to generate roughly $470,000 in additional costs…

Argumentative Essay: The Death Penalty Case In Texas

According to the DPIC (Death penalty information center), the average amount spent on a single death penalty case in Texas is about 2.3million, which is almost three times the amount spent on an inmate put in the highest maximum security for forty years. For crimes that require or call for the death penalty, I support life in prison without parole instead of the death penalty because it is too expensive; cost a lot more than an inmate spending life in prison, does not reduce or deter crime rate,…

Argumentative Essay: Colorado's Death Penalty System

Currently, 18 states have formally declared the death penalty to be illegal. Most states are currently on “hold” or are not aggressively implementing the penalty. Colorado, has shown a growing trend to lack the will for executions. Governor Hickenlooper gave a reprieve in 2013 to our last death row prisoner scheduled to be executed citing the death penalty is a flawed system. Just this year, the new Denver District Attorney, Beth McCann, said her office will not seek the death penalty.…

Argumentative Essay: Is The Death Penalty?

Does the death penalty deter crime, especially murder? Is the death penalty just? Should the death penalty be reformed? The death penalty also known as capital punishment continues to be an issue of controversy for many years. It seems that public opinion on the death penalty has changed over the year and is still changing, but there are still other people who believe that the death penalty is a good punishment and will continue to believe. Most of the time in my life, I often hear “An eye for…

Death Penalty Argumentative Essay

The Death Penalty should not be allowed in any country because of its bad influence. The death penalty has the risk of executing an innocent person. Everyone in death row has the right to a second chance to life. Sometime there is no evidence for execution just because of what they did. Other countries use the death penalty to punish their political opponents. The death penalty is a bad thing for inmates family because it's a reminder of what the government did to their loved one. When put on…

Argumentative Essay: The Death Penalty Debate

Another opposition is that the death penalty is done painlessly and humanely. In Josh Sunburn’s article he gives insight on an example of when a man was killed with cruel and unusual punishment. This mans name was McGuire (41). McGuire was sentenced to death because he kidnapped, raped, and murdered a pregnant girl (Sanburn 41). The time had come for McGuire’s execution and he was strapped on to the gurney and had two IVs on both of his arms (Sanburn 41). The executioners then released the…

Death Penalty Argumentative Analysis

The death penalty is a controversial and heated topic. While some have strong reasons to be in support of it, others have strong reasons to be against it. The reading by Nathanson, the news article I have selected, and the movie Last Dance either implicitly or explicitly give reasons to be against the death penalty. Berns presents an argument in support of the death penalty. I will analyze these sources and consider the multiple perspectives in a critical manner. I will begin by analyzing…

Argumentative Speech On Death Penalty

capital punishment. And my son. Today, I Barbara Teller will inform you all on how the death penalty is just a desperate attempt in search of “justice” blinded by emotions, to prevent other families to go through what I did. You would have thought that throughout the years we would have evolved from this form of punishment that is revenge caked by law, unfortunately not. My son was put to death for the 1992 murder of 70-year-old John Watson of Covington. But no hard evidence had proven he was…

Argumentative Essay: The Death Penalty In America

Caleb Barwick 11 August 2017 Death Equals Peace Should murderers, rapists, and terrorists be let back in society after serving time in jail just to repeat the crimes they already committed? Well, with the death penalty this will not be a problem. With the death penalty that is not possible for that to happen. The death penalty is necessary for punishment because it can help cut down on terrorism, Americans prefer it as punishment, and it is needed for serious crimes. The death penalty is a…

Argumentative Essay: Death Penalty And Deterrence

murder is Death Penalty. Death Penalty and Deterrence Many studies have been conducted to see if imposing death penalty has reduced murders. There have been no conclusive proof that the death penalty had an inverse effect on the murder rates. Although some people believe that sentencing and executing criminals will cause other criminals to think twice before committing a murder, there have been no conclusive proof of this statement. “According to a survey of the former and present presidents…

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Death Penalty Essays

About the death penalty.

The death penalty has been a method used as far back as the Eighteenth century B.C. The use of the death penalty was for punishing people for committing relentless crimes. The severity of the punishment were much more inferior in comparison to modern day. These inferior punishments included boiling live bodies, burning at the stake, hanging, and extensive use of the guillotine to decapitate criminals. In the ancient days no laws were established to dictate and regulate the type of […]

Does the Death Penalty Effectively Deter Crime?

The death penalty in America has been effective since 1608. Throughout the years following the first execution, criminal behaviors have begun to deteriorate. Capital punishment was first formed to deter crime and treason. As a result, it increased the rate of crime, according to researchers. Punishing criminals by death does not effectively deter crime because criminals are not concerned with consequences, apprehension, and judges are not willing to pay the expenses. During the stage of mens rea, thoughts of committing […]

The Death Penalty should not be Legal

Imagine you hit your sibling and your mom hits you back to teach that you shouldn’t be hitting anyone. Do you really learn not to be violent from that or instead do you learn how it is okay for moms or dads to hit their children in order to teach them something? This is exactly how the death penalty works. The death penalty has been a form of punishment for decades. There are several methods of execution and those are […]

Death Penalty should be Abolished

What jurisdiction does the law have over one’s life? The United states was founded on the rights of life, liberty, and property. Death Penalty also known as capital punishment is a form of punishment in which a criminal is put to death because of his or her action in murder. The denial of life that is capital punishment is conflicting to what the United States was founded on. The death penalty is currently legal in 30 states and illegal or […]

Stephen Nathanson’s “An Eye for an Eye”

According to Stephen Nathanson’s “An Eye for an Eye?”, he believes that capital punishment should be immediately abolished and that the principle of punishment, “lex talionis” which correlates to the classic saying “an eye for an eye” is not a valid reason for issuing the death penalty in any country, thus, abolishment of Capital Punishment should follow. Throughout the excerpt from his book, Nathanson argues against this principle believing that one, it forces us to “commit highly immoral actions”raping a […]

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Death Penalty and Justice

By now, many of us are familiar with the statement, “an eye for an eye,” which came from the bible, so it should be followed as holy writ. Then there was Gandhi, who inspired thousands and said, “an eye for an eye will leave us all blind.” This begs the question, which option do we pick to be a good moral agent, in the terms of justice that is. Some states in America practice the death penalty, where some states […]

Pro Death Penalty

I concur the death penalty is perfect to apply in the equity community. The death penalty is a definitive discipline our general public can give one for their activities and it not all way awful. Then again it is viewed as a disavowal of human rights that advances more prominent savagery in our general public. Strict Resilience. Research shows the Organization expresses that inside the US, more than 13,000 individuals were lawfully finished since pioneer times. Strict Resilience Is the […]

Is the Death Penalty Morally Right?

There have been several disputes on whether the death penalty is morally right. Considering the ethical issues with this punishment can help distinguish if it should be denied or accepted. For example, it can be argued that a criminal of extreme offenses should be granted the same level of penance as their crime. During the duration of their sentencing they could repent on their actions and desire another opportunity of freedom. The death penalty should be outlawed because of too […]

Death Penalty is Immoral

Let’s say your child grabs a plate purposely. You see them grab the plate, smash it on the ground and look you straight in the eyes. Are they deserving of a punishment? Now what if I say your child is three years old. A three year old typically doesn’t know they have done something wrong. But since your child broke that one plate, your kid is being put on death row. You may be thinking, that is too harsh of […]

Religious Values and Death Penalty

Religious and moral values tell us that killing is wrong. Thou shall not kill. To me, the death penalty is inhumane. Killing people makes us like the murderers that most of us despise. No imperfect system should have the right to decide who lives and who dies. The government is made up of imperfect humans, who make mistakes. The only person that should be able to take life, is god. “An eye for an eye leaves the whole world blind”. […]

Is the Death Penalty “Humane”

What’s the first thing that pops up in your mind when you hear the words Capital Punishment? I’m assuming for most people the first thing that pops up is a criminal sitting on a chair, with all limbs tied down, and some type of mechanism connected to their head. Even though this really isn’t the way that it is done, I do not blame people for imagining that type of image because that is how movies usually portray capital punishment. […]

Ineffectiveness of Death Penalty

Death penalty as a means of punishing crime and discouraging wrong behaviour has suffered opposition from various fronts. Religious leaders argue that it is morally wrong to take someone’s life while liberal thinkers claim that there are better ways to punish wrong behaviour other than the death penalty. This debate rages on while statistically, Texas executes more individuals than any other state in the United States of America. America itself also has the highest number of death penalty related deaths […]

The Debate of the Death Penalty

Capital punishment is a moral issue that is often scrutinized due to the taking of someone’s life. This is in large part because of the views many have toward the rule of law or an acceptance to the status quo. In order to get a true scope of the death penalty, it is best to address potential biases from a particular ethical viewpoint. By looking at it from several theories of punishment, selecting the most viable theory makes it a […]

The Controversy of Death Penalty

The death penalty is a very controversial topic in many states. Although the idea of the death penalty does sound terrifying, would you really want a murderer to be given food and shelter for free? Would you want a murderer to get out of jail and still end up killing another innocent person? Imagine if that murder gets out of jail and kills someone in your family; Wouldn’t you want that murderer to be killed as well? Murderers can kill […]

Cost of the Death Penalty

The death penalty costs more than life in prison. According to Fox News correspondent Dan Springer, the State of California spent 4 billion dollars to execute 13 individuals, in addition to the net spend of an estimated $64,000 per prisoner every year. Springer (2011) documents how the death penalty convictions declined due to economic reasons. The state spends up to 3 times more when seeking a death penalty than when pursuing a life in prison without the possibility of parole. […]

The Solution to the Death Penalty

There was not a time where there weren’t any criminals killing, stealing, exploiting people, and even selling illegal items in the United States of America. Of course, America will not tolerate the crimes done by those who believe they are above the law. Once the convicts are caught they are taken into justice. In the past, these criminals are often faced with a punishment that meets their end. That punishment would be the death penalty. Those in the past had […]

Why the Death Penalty is Unjust

Capital punishment being either a justifiable law, or a horrendous, unjust act can be determined based on the perspective of different worldviews. In a traditional Christian perspective, the word of God given to the world in The Holy Bible should only be abided by. The Holy Bible states that no man (or woman) should shed the blood of another man (or woman). Christians are taught to teach a greater amount of sacrifice for the sake of the Lord. Social justice […]

Costs: Death Penalty Versus Prison Costs

The Conservatives Concerned Organization challenges the notion that the death penalty is more cost effective compared to prison housing and feeding costs. The organization argues that the death penalty is an expensive lengthy and complicated process concluding that it is not only a bloated program that delays justice and bogs down the enforcement of the law, it is also an inefficient justice process that diverts financial resources from law enforcement programs that could protect individuals and save lives. According to […]

Should the Death Penalty be Legal in all Fifty States?

The death penalty dates back to the eighteenth century which was for 25 specific crimes. The first recorded American death due to the death penalty was a spy for Spain in 1608 located in Jamestown Virginia(DPIC). In, 1612 the Virginia governor opened up the death penalty for minor crimes such as stealing grapes(DPIC). In, 1684 Michigan became the first state to abolish the death penalty and many states and countries followed behind. During, the 1960s it was brought to the […]

Euthanasia and Death Penalty

Euthanasia and death penalty are two controversy topics, that get a lot of attention in today’s life. The subject itself has the roots deep in the beginning of the humankind. It is interesting and maybe useful to learn the answer and if there is right or wrong in those actions. The decision if a person should live or die depends on the state laws. There are both opponents and supporters of the subject. However different the opinions are, the state […]

Death Penalty as a Source of Constant Controversy

The death penalty has been a source of almost constant controversy for hundreds of years, splitting the population down the middle with people supporting the death penalty and people that think it is unnecessary. The amount of people that are been against the death penalty has grown in recent years, causing the amount of executions to dwindle down to where there is less than one hundred every year. This number will continue to lessen as more and more people decide […]

About Carlton Franklin

In most other situations, the long-unsolved Westfield Murder would have been a death penalty case. A 57-year-old legal secretary, Lena Triano, was found tied up, raped, beaten, and stabbed in her New Jersey home. A DNA sample from her undergarments connected Carlton Franklin to the scene of the crime. However, fortunately enough for Franklin, he was not convicted until almost four decades after the murder and, in an unusual turn of events, was tried in juvenile court. Franklin was fifteen […]

Effectively Solving Society’s Criminality

Has one ever wondered if the person standing or sitting next to them has the potential to be a murderer or a rapist? What do those who are victimized personally or have suffered from a tragic event involving a loved-one or someone near and dear to their heart, expect from the government? Convicted felons of this nature and degree of unlawfulness should be sentenced to death. Psychotic killers and rapists need the ultimate consequences such as the death penalty for […]

The Death Penalty and People’s Opinions

The death penalty is a highly debated topic that often divided opinion amongst people all around the world. Firstly, let’s take a look at our capital punishments, with certain crimes, come different serving times. Most crimes include treason, espionage, murder, large-scale drug trafficking, and murder towards a juror, witness, or a court officer in some cases. These are a few examples compared to the forty-one federal capital offenses to date. Our writers can help you with any type of essay. […]

Punishment and the Nature of the Crime

When an individual commits a crime then he/she is given punishment depending on the nature of the crime committed. The US’s way of giving punishment to an offender has been criticized for many years. There are 2 types of cases; civil and criminal cases. In civil cases, most of the verdict comprises of jail time or fine amount to be paid. These are not as severe except the one related to money laundering and forgery. On the other hand, criminal […]

George Walker Bush and Death Penalty

George Walker Bush, a former U.S. president, and governor of Texas, once spoke, “I don’t think you should support the death penalty to seek revenge. I don’t think that’s right. I think the reason to support the death penalty is because it saves other people’s lives.” The death penalty, or capital punishment, refers to the execution of a criminal convicted of a capital offense. With many criminals awaiting execution on death row, the death penalty has been a debated topic […]

The Death Penalty and Juveniles

Introduction: In today’s society, many juveniles are being sent to trial without having the chance of getting a fair trial as anyone else would. Many citizens would see juveniles as dangerous individuals, but in my opinion how a teenager acts at home starts at home. Punishing a child for something that could have been solved at home is something that should not have to get worse by giving them the death penalty. The death penalty should not be imposed on […]

Death Penalty is Politically Just?

Being wrongfully accused is unimaginable, but think if you were wrongfully accused and the ultimate punishment was death. Death penalty is one of the most controversial issues in today’s society, but what is politically just? When a crime is committed most assume that the only acceptable consequence is to be put to death rather than thinking of another form of punishment. Religiously the death penalty is unfair because the, “USCCB concludes prisoners can change and find redemption through ministry outreach, […]

The Death Penalty: Right or Wrong?

The death penalty has been a controversial topic throughout the years and now more than ever, as we argue; Right or Wrong? Moral or Immoral? Constitutional or Unconstitutional? The death penalty also known as capital punishment is a legal process where the state justice sentences an individual to be executed as punishment for a crime committed. The death penalty sentence strongly depends on the severity of the crime, in the US there are 41 crimes that can lead to being […]

The Death Penalty is not Worth the Cost

The death penalty is a government practice, used as a punishment for capital crimes such as treason, murder, and genocide to name a few. It has been a controversial topic for many years some countries still use it while others don’t. In the United States, each state gets to choose whether they consider it to be legal or not. Which is why in this country 30 states allow it while 20 states have gotten rid of it. It is controversial […]

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Can the death penalty effectively deter severe crimes like murders? Is this measure against human life just? Or should it get abolished? These and other dilemmas have made the death penalty controversial for years. And while public opinion often changes depending on the current affairs in the country, many firmly believe that capital punishment is righteous and prisons should continue to perform it. Overall, the United States has divided attitudes on this subject. Figures are in favor of this claim. More specifically, the measure is legal in 24 states, 24 have abolished the death penalty, and three have signed moratoriums. The penalty by decapitalization has been around since ancient times. Many inscriptions witness the practice which continues in civilized countries today. The debate is ongoing about how such an advanced democracy like the US hasn’t prohibited the death penalty. Many believe this punishment method is barbaric, so the subject opens the way for various essay examples on death penalty. The research paper or speech presentation can highlight the effectiveness of the measure, the reasons for its abolition, or the pros and cons of pronouncing the death penalty. One may also decide to outline the timeline of the punishment by execution or its effects on society. A summary of the worst executions ever is a plausible idea, too. Naturally, your work will start with an introduction, whereas the conclusion will wrap up your views. Depending on the crime committed, thesis statements can include a thought-provoking question. Undoubtedly, the controversy provides rich land for papers that college teachers prefer to assign to students. At PapersOwl, you will find many argumentative essays about the death penalty. These samples can help you grasp the structure, layout, and literary techniques that persuade the reader to adopt your position. You will also draw inspiration for arguments and counterarguments on essay topics about executing criminals. Ultimately, you can get practical help and research assistance if you’re new to academic writing. Experts at PapersOwl will compose a custom-made model piece tailored to your requirements.

Essays on Death Penalty Capital punishment has existed ever since humans started to form the first communities. What is surprising is that it has not yet been abolished in many parts of the world, and it is a matter of heated debate even in the most developed nations. More than one hundred countries have completely abolished the death penalty for all crimes, while very few of them apply it to special circumstances of national security such as war crimes. To write a research paper about death penalty, it’s important to consider that the public opinion about this issue is heavily related to the religious, cultural, political, and ideological climate. In the Western World, for example, the United States is the only country that has allowed capital punishment for decades, even though the 8th amendment of the U.S. Constitution prohibits the federal government from imposing cruel punishments on its citizens. Death penalty laws are present in the legislation of nations as different as China, India, Nigeria, Egypt, Taiwan, Indonesia and Saudi Arabia, and several others. The best way to explore the pros and cons of death penalty laws is to read an argumentative essay on this issue. Since the countries that retain this punishment are home to over 60% of the world’s population, an essay on death penalty should outline how national laws treat this topic. One of the most challenging topics to cover in an essay is the morality of the death penalty, so refer to these examples if you want to understand how to write a persuasive essay for or against capital punishment.

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Essay on Death Penalty

For and against death penalty essay sample to draw inspiration.

Hardly any other issue is so controversial and thought-provoking than a question of whether the death penalty should be implemented or abolished in any part of the globe. This controversy is a rich land for argumentative essays that college teachers like to assign to students so much. Below, you'll find a sample piece on capital punishment; it showcases applying various persuasive approaches and literary techniques to support the abolition of the death penalty. We suggest you read it attentively to draw inspiration and weed out arguments for or against executing criminals nowadays. Alternatively, you can request practical writing help online and get research assistance or an entirely original model piece on the death penalty tailored to your specific requirements.


The death penalty is an age-old punishment where a person is punished by execution for his or her crime. Death penalty laws existed since the ancient Babylonian period, and the mention of this practice has been recorded in many books and inscriptions. This practice continues even today in civilized countries like the US, despite educational, democratic, technological, and other advancements we have made as a society. In fact, the US is the only advanced democracy where capital punishment by death is not abolished. By retaining this form of punishment, aren't we exhibiting barbaric traits as a society? This is exactly what this paper argues. A death penalty is a barbaric act simply because the law should be about protecting humans and not killing them. This paper will start with a brief history of the death penalty in the US and will move onto why the death penalty is barbaric and should be abolished.

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Brief History of Death Penalty

The first recorded death penalty in the US was in 1608 when Captain George Kendall was executed in Virginia for being a spy for Spain. Since then, many people were sentenced to death in different colonies, and they were punished for many crimes such as murder, adultery, rape, robbery, witchcraft, and arson. During the 1700s, many philosophers and writers began to argue. When the nation became independent, different states established their own laws for the death penalty. It has continued as a form of practice among many states today though a lot of them have banned it (Burkhead, 2009).

Is Death Penalty Justified?

The big question is whether death penalty is justified even though it has been in existence for many centuries. The answer is a big no because killing a person does not really solve any purpose.

Lawfulness Perspective

There are no concrete laws at the federal level that are against the death penalty. The one that comes closest is the Eighth Amendment of the US Constitution that states that the federal government should not impose excessive fines or award cruel punishment that amounts to undue torture. The idea behind this amendment is to restrict the government from handing down any excess punishment to any individual (The Library of Congress, 2012). Unfortunately, these laws are not concrete and clear, and in many cases, it is open to interpretation. This is why many states had their own laws regarding the death penalty even after several rulings from the Supreme Court. In 1972, for example, the Supreme Court emptied the nation's death rows by declaring all the existing statutes with respect to the death penalty as unconstitutional. Immediately, many states retooled and reworded their statutes to continue death penalty. The Supreme court further tried to abolish death penalty by reducing the crimes that come under the gamut of this punishment. In 2008, for instance, the Supreme Court overruled a ruling by Louisiana court that convicted a father for raping his eight-year-old daughter. The Supreme Court ruled that the punishment is not proportional to the nature of the crime. This ruling overturned all the state laws that awarded capital punishment for child rape. This ruling also brings up the question of what is the appropriate punishment for which crimes.

What is the Appropriate Punishment?

Death can never be an appropriate punishment for any crime simply because society does not give the criminal a chance to get any kind of retribution. When he or she is made to live for the rest of their life in a small room, there is a higher chance for them to atone the sin they committed. Otherwise, it does not solve the purpose.

For those who argue that death penalty will be a deterrent, it is not true either. This is evident in the crime statistics that the US has seen in the last few decades. The murder rate has climbed by 122 percent between 1963 and 1980, and the murder rate in New York City alone rose by 400 percent. It is much worse in other cities. A study undertaken by MIT showed that based on the 1970 homicide rates, an average American had a higher chance of being murdered than an American soldier who fought in World War II (Koch, 1985). This goes to show that death penalty has not brought down the crime rate; on the contrary, it has only increased it. This goes to show that death penalty is not the appropriate punishment if the idea is to reduce crime.

Another reason why death penalty is inappropriate is the finality of the punishment. There is always the possibility for a wrong ruling, and in such a case, nothing can be done out of it.

Divides the Society

Death penalties divide the society intensely because there are people who feel it is justified and others who think it is morally incorrect. These sections of the society are deeply divided on this subject, and the only way to unify them is to abolish death penalty entirely. Death penalty also brings up racial issues. Groups such as the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) and the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP) charge that the death penalty is applied unfairly. They contend that in the South, black men who rape white women receive more death sentences than white men who rape black women. This creates further rift in society that has battled a lot of racial issues. In this sense too, death penalty is barbaric because it creates problems between different factions of society and, overall, prevents people from living a healthy and happy life.

Moral Standpoint

From a moral standpoint, death penalty is cruel. One of the earliest opponents of the death penalty, Cesare Beccaria, believed that capital punishment is cruel. He argued that the idea of killing criminals made the entire nation more brutal. "Is it not absurd that the laws which detest and punish homicide, should, in order to prevent, publicly commit murder themselves?" (Guernsey, 2009, p.11). The worse part is that this absurdity is followed and in many cases, even supported by courts and some sections of the society. How is it moral to kill one person under the garb of punishment for another person?

In a recent case, JC Shaw was killed by capital punishment in the state of South Carolina. He was executed in the electric chair, and this is what gave him a lot of popularity, leading to his death. While Shaw died, camera crews were focused on capturing the moment, and a group of people cheered the executioner outside the death house. There was an overall sense of elation, and all this was ironically done to affirm life (Bruck, 1985). This execution and the ones that have taken place before and will take place in the future raise a lot of moral questions. For the religious-minded, it was God who created human beings and only He has the power to kill. No human being has the power to kill something they did not create. For non-religious people, there is no happiness when someone is killed. The death of another individual does not give any kind of satisfaction, even if the person is a criminal. In this sense of morality, too, capital punishment is not justified. There is no place for it in a modern society that is based on ethics and values.

Emotional Response and Is It Justified?

The most common reason for this irrationality is an emotional response by the society that wants to mourn for the loss of a loved one. When a close blood relative is killed brutally, the immediate family is angry and wants revenge at any cost. However, after a few years, there is only a sad feeling, and the idea of revenge is lost in most cases. In other words, time is the best healer, and people simply move on. This is not to say that the perpetrator of the crime should go scot-free. Rather, he or she should be given punishment that is rational, moral and just. Some proponents of death penalty argue that it is hard for the victim's family to know that the killer is alive and will be cared for by society (Royko, 1983). Are they going to get closure by killing the killer? Definitely not because irrespective of what happens to the killer, the victim is never going to come back to life.

Further, the reasoning behind death penalty is that the criminal should suffer the last few seconds just like his victim. The ideologies of deterrence never hold good, as is being seen in our society. Though death penalty has existed for centuries in the US, it has not deterred individuals from committing a heinous crime. As rightly pointed by Quindlen (no date, p.66), "I don't believe deterrence is what most proponents seek from the death penalty anyhow. Our most profound emotional response is to want criminals to suffer as the victims did. When a man is accused of throwing a child from a high-rise terrace, my emotional response is that he should be given an opportunity to see how endless the seconds are from the 31st floor to the ground. In a civilized society, that will never happen. And so what many people want from the death penalty, they will never get." This simply makes it a spiteful and revengeful action taken in the spur of the moment that has no implications for anyone involved. Therefore, this is yet another reason to abolish death penalty.

Alternate Choices

The US Supreme Court and society as a whole should reflect the shared values and the growing maturity of people. Awarding capital punishment is a cruel way to punish someone, and it goes against the rights guaranteed by the US Constitution. Moreover, death sentences are final and irreversible, and for these reasons, courts should rule in favor of life imprisonment. In fact, the death penalty should be abolished simply because it is barbaric. While criminals should be punished for the good of society, it does not have to be by way of death. Life imprisonment will give the same amount of retribution and deterrence as well, and this is why it is a more appropriate form of punishment.

In short, the death penalty is barbaric from a moral, legal and ethical standpoints. Therefore, it should be abolished immediately.

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Do you Support or Oppose the Death Penalty?

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I do support the Death Penalty. I don’t consider it cruel, why because some people do some things to the point they can be found guilty and they live will be taken. People don’t think about their consequences. “ If that was the case, there would be more killings by police than arrests. When murderers are confronted by a policeman, they normally surrender because of the threat of the lethal weapon pointed at them”. I don’t but then i do because some people deserve what they do but i also kinda be feeling sad.

”While many believe that the death penalty is more of a deterrent than a lengthy prison sentence, the very concept of ‘deterrence’ is argued by many as inapplicable to criminal psychology, especially if mental illness is involved source.

Criminals rarely think about the consequences of their actions and this is especially true with crimes of passion”. I’m actually happy we have death penalty, we need it for so many reasons.

Writer Lyla

Proficient in: Criminal Justice

“ Have been using her for a while and please believe when I tell you, she never fail. Thanks Writer Lyla you are indeed awesome ”

The death Penalty play a big role in life. Can’t let people get away with crimes..if they executing murderers they prevent them from murdering again. I think if those people no longer exist then they obviously cannot commit more crimes.The punishment should fit the crime, if you kill someone you should be killed too.

I also disagree with the Death Penalty. Why because i think some people deserve chances after chances so when they get that chance i hope they use it wisely.

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I feel as people are grown enough to understand what they doing, I think if you give them another chance the criminal would learn they lesson. Mistakes are made in-laws also, what if someone is killed who is actually innocent? Mistakes can be made, I feel as if you do a crime that gives you life in jail like killing, kidnap, robbery, or rape they should be killed.

You should never walk around here thinking you can get away with the crimes with any crimes matter of fact. Especially if a man rape a kid or a teenager they should be killed. Can’t rape someone and think you about to go to jail in live your life there, NO! It stated “ if it anyone commits a crime of rape shall be punished by life imprisonment at hard labor without benefit of parole, probation, or suspension of sentences. If the victim was underage the offender shall be punished by death. The death penalty should apply to killers of black people as well as to killers of whites. I agree and disagree with the Death Penalty.

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