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Find Chemistry Research Topics for Your Paper

Updated Aug 2021 Choosing the right topic for a paper is not an easy task, considering that you risk encountering major difficulties down the road if you pick a topic that is too general, too complex or too narrow. To help students like you, we’ve come up with a fresh list of interesting chemistry topics that you can cover in your next paper.

Tips for Writing Chemistry Research Papers

chemistry research topics

Writing a top-notch chemistry research paper is not an easy thing to do, especially if you’re swamped with other work. We understand that a student’s life is filled with difficulties, but writing a paper shouldn’t be one of them.

You can make this entire process much easier by taking a methodological, step-by-step student’s life approach to it. Start with the essentials and build up from there – and before you know it, you’re left with a top-shelf chemistry research paper that will not only land you a fantastic grade but will leave a lasting impression on your teacher.

Picking the right topic is the pinnacle of any research paper. The proper topic will not only dictate the properties of your paper but will serve as a base for the content you build upon it. Coming up with an original topic is difficult, but it almost always pays off.

Most universities will have a set of rules for writing a research paper, which can include anything from the subject matter to the formatting. We implore you to follow the formatting rules because if your paper is improperly formatted, your grade can suffer regardless of how well-written your paper is.

Researching a topic isn’t the most fun thing in the world, but there are a few ways to make it more dynamic. Finding the best medical research topics will be far easier than finding something broader such as biology research topics . Rather than browsing Google Scholar for hours on end, step out into the broader internet and try to drive inspiration from there.

YouTube channels such as NileRed, blog posts on popular chemistry blogs, or even publications – the sky’s the limit when you’re seeking inspiration, and once you do get inspired, doing research will be a piece of cake.

You can always theorize on anything that you like. You can theorize on basically any field of science, and in some areas, it’s mostly about theory. In chemistry, however, it’s all about blending theory and practice together.

While you can get inspired to become the next big thing in the world of chemistry, and you may be able to theorize something out of this world, if you cannot logically draw it out and put it into practice – it’s not going to be great for your research paper. Fall back on existing studies, think of something unique, and try it out before.

High school chemistry research topics

High-school chemistry is fascinating due to the real-life applications you can discover through experiments and studies. Students who have to write chemistry papers prefer topics that are more practical than abstract. If you want to write a paper and be excited about the results you are going to get, explore our list of research topics for high school students.

Chemistry research topics for college

Chemistry gets more complicated in college, but the rewards are as great as the challenges. Course material usually relates directly to problems or issues of our daily lives. By writing a research paper, you discover the truth behind real-world processes or activities.  Choose from the following topics to write a compelling paper.

Interesting chemistry research topics 

chemistry research topics for high schoolers

Chem undergraduates are passionate about their academic discipline, so they enjoy researching intriguing aspects in your field. There’s so much to learn and discover that the real challenge is choosing a topic. If you want to write original papers, check our list. As a professional research paper writing service , we feature research ideas that relate to important issues of modern society. Get your inspiration below.

Organic chemistry research topics

Do you have to write a paper on organic chemistry? This is where you must focus on the structure, properties, composition, or reactions of carbon-containing compounds. This is one of the most rewarding parts of chemistry, where every study leads to a real-life practical solution. Whether you’re buying research paper or writing one by yourself,  choose a topic that you’re passionate about from the examples below.

Inorganic chemistry research topics

Inorganic chemistry covers everything regarding the synthesis and behavior of inorganic chemical compounds. This is where chemical innovation and invention reign. You can focus on your paper in these top research-areas below.

Chemical engineering research topics

Are you a chemical engineering student? Do you want to write a paper that will impress your professor and help you learn more about your field? Explore these intriguing topics.

Computational chemistry research topics

Computational chemistry is a promising research area research for chem scientists. Even if you’re at the beginning of your academic career, these are some challenging, yet approachable topics you can write about in your next research paper.

Analytical chemistry research topics

In your first analytical chemistry class, you discovered that this is the discipline that studies and analyzes matter using various instruments and methods. This is a vast area of knowledge, so if you want to narrow down your interests for a research paper, look below at our list.

Controversial Chemistry Research Topics

While it might not seem like it, the way that our understanding of chemistry evolves can be quite controversial. Here are some high-end unique topics on the controversy of chemistry:

Essential Chemistry Research Topics

Chemistry, along with physics, is one of the essential sciences, so here are some of the essential topics that will get you a broader understanding of the field:

Environmental chemistry research topics

The threat of global warming has led to a new academic discipline, environmental chemistry, which studies the effects of human activity on natural environments and other interesting aspects related to the natural world. Write a paper on a popular topic to arouse your reader's attention.

Physical chemistry research topics

Many students consider physical chemistry one of the most difficult courses in college and wonder “Can someone do my research paper for me ?” If you want to take your knowledge of physical chemistry further, you can cover a topic from below with the help of a professional writer.

Biochemistry research paper topics

Do you want to know everything about proteins, enzymes, acids, and carbohydrates?  Explore these topics.

Chemistry is one of the more refined sciences out there. Throughout human history, it has been used to cure, kill, and explore – nowadays, chemistry is known as the bane of all students, and if you’re studying chemistry, it’s safe to say that you might have a hard time doing so.

No matter how much you love the subject matter, no one expects you to be on your best game every time, all the time – but we have a solution. If you need a research paper, you might want to give us at Study Clerk a try.

We’re staffed by seasoned industry professionals who would be more than happy to take the workload off your shoulders and help you with anything by writing a top-quality chemistry research paper!

Order your paper now!

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chemistry research topics for high schoolers


295 Captivating Chemistry Research Topics for Science Students to Explore

Table of Contents

What are Chemistry Research Topics?

If chemistry is your major, possibly you might fall into a tough situation if your professor allocates you an assignment.  However, if you have access to some leading topics, perhaps, your work might appear easy to you. Before, moving to the chemistry research topics list, let’s first explore the subject briefly.

Surely, chemistry is an extensive subject that applies various study techniques, hence scientists classify it into five core branches. To illustrate branches like physical, organic, inorganic, biochemistry, and analytical chemistry needs further exploration, offering you great research scopes.

How to use Chemistry Research Topics?

Perhaps, choosing efficient chemistry research topics is not a simple task, mostly when it comes to writing a research paper.

Chemistry Research Topics

How to write Chemistry Research Topics?

Since, organization is the key to write a chemistry research paper, hence you ought to follow the guidelines given below:

Chemistry Research Topics

Basic chemistry research topics.

Easy Chemistry Research Topics

Basic Chemistry Research Topics for Assignments

High-Quality Chemistry Research Topics

Chemistry Research Topics for Achieve A+ Grade

Interesting Chemistry Research Topics

Outstanding Chemistry Research Topics

Lucrative Chemistry Research Topics

Amazing Chemistry Research Topics

Good Scoring Chemistry Research Topics

Intriguing Chemistry Research Topics

Unique Chemistry Research Topics

Catch Chemistry Research Topics

Chemistry Research Topics You Might Not Want To Avoid

Chemistry Research Topics for Exam

Popular Chemistry Research Topics

Chemical Research Topics- The Final List

Innovative Chemistry Research Topics

Chemistry Research Topics for Academic

Chemistry research Ideas for College Students

Final Thoughts

If you have reached here, possibly, you might have found something interesting in this blog. So, you need to follow the correct writing procedure, if you want to draw the attention of your professor. Moreover, ensure that your chemistry assignment is unique as well as has sufficient research scope. Furthermore, choose a research topic that seems interesting to you because you need to manage it till the end.


chemistry research topics for high schoolers

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Geology Research Topic

146 Best Geology Research Topics for Academic Writing

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Best 218 Chemistry Research Topics That Will Boost Your Grades

Table of Contents

Are you struggling to find the best chemistry research topics? Don’t worry! We know how difficult it is to search and find the right topic for a chemistry research paper. So, to eliminate all your troubles, here in this blog post, we have listed the best chemistry research topic ideas for you to choose from.

Chemistry is a branch of science that deals with the structure, composition, and properties of elements and compounds, the changes they undergo, and the natural laws that describe those changes. It is a complex subject that uses various study methods and contains a lot of chemical reactions and experiments. If you are a high school student or college student pursuing a degree in chemistry, then you can’t escape from submitting a chemistry project assignment or research paper.

Chemistry Research Topics

To write a brilliant chemistry research paper and score top grades, a good chemistry research paper topic is what you need first. Generally, identifying a topic for chemistry research is challenging, and most importantly, it requires a lot of effort and time. But, once you identify the right chemistry research topic and are clear with your objectives, then you can confidently structure and write an excellent chemistry research paper by including the introduction, methods, results, and discussion related to your topic.

How to Select a Chemistry Research Topic?

As said earlier, for writing a research paper, you must need a good research topic. In general, chemistry is a broad subject that contains a lot of research topics and areas. So, while you are in the topic selection phase, narrow down your research and try to choose the chemistry research topic that is

Most importantly, before finalizing your topic, check whether or not the research topic you have selected meets the research paper writing requirements shared by your instructor.

Interesting Chemical Research Topic Ideas

When it comes to writing a chemistry research paper, you have plenty of research topics on various branches of chemistry such as analytical, physical, organic, inorganic, and biochemistry.

List of Chemistry Research Topics Ideas

Listed below are a few interesting chemical research topics that will help you to get top grades. Go through the complete list of ideas and pick a topic of your interest.

Chemistry Research Topics for High School Students

Physical Chemistry Research Topics

Also read : Outstanding Physics Research Topics To Explore and Write About

Organic Chemistry Research Topics

Inorganic Chemistry Research Topics

Chemistry Research Topics

Biochemistry Research Topics

Analytical Chemistry Research Topics

Nuclear Chemistry Research Topics

Green Chemistry Research Topics

Advanced Chemistry Topics for Research

Read also: Interesting Science Research Paper Topics To Deal With your paper

Innovative Chemistry Research Topics

Final Words

From the list of the best chemistry research topics suggested in this blog post, you can choose an ideal topic and write a high-quality research paper. But remember, writing a chemistry research paper is not an easy task. To write a well-structured chemistry research paper, you must have reliable academic sources and strong analytical and research knowledge to work on your research paper topic.

If you need assistance in completing your research paper on any original chemistry research topics, then reach out to us and get chemistry assignment help from our team of professional writers who are experts in the field of chemistry. We are well-known for our quick and excellent academic research paper writing service. Just write your requirements to us and receive a plagiarism-free, innovative chemistry research paper matching your requirements before your submission deadline.

chemistry research topics for high schoolers

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Race and Ethnicity Essay Topics

167 Compelling Race and Ethnicity Essay Topics

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Jacob Smith

I am an Academic Writer and have affection to share my knowledge through posts’. I do not feel tiredness while research and analyzing the things. Sometime, I write down hundred of research topics as per the students requirements. I want to share solution oriented content to the students.

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kink research laboratories

Chemistry research paper topics.

If you are pressed for time, selecting interesting chemistry research topics becomes a hard task. This kind of pressure often makes students settle for less practical research topics as against original, practical, and new ones. You should remember to work on analytical and researchable topics that your readers will find exciting and unique.

Such topics you want to write about in chemistry should be the ones you are excited about. Here, we have detailed a comprehensive list of chemistry research topics that can help trigger your writing. Our writers can help you select high-quality, unique topics.

Chemistry Research Topics for High School Students

Just like every other required subject in your school curriculum, a good performance in chemistry with excellent grades increases your chances of getting into the university. Here, our experts have prepared some highly important chemistry research topics for high school students:

Chemistry Research Topics for College Students

It is expected to have more difficult research topics for college students than for high school goers. In the same way, professors at colleges expect more from college students. You can still choose to write moderate, quick, and straightforward papers based on your writing level. We have some general helpful ideas on chemistry you might want to consider here:

Chemistry Research Topics for Undergraduates

It is easy to figure out that research topics on chemistry for undergraduates might seem the most difficult. But they don’t have to be. Here we have listed chemistry topics you will find to be highly informational.

Chemistry Research Topics for All Academic Levels

Irrespective of your research level as a student, you can find exciting topics ranging from inorganic to organic chemistry very applicable. However, differences may only exist based on the depth and complexity of the research.

Such differences show that high school students research more on general materials and methods. At the same time, undergrads usually get more involved with real-time laboratory experiments. Research topics about specific areas include:

Inorganic Chemistry Research Topics

•Applications of inorganic chemistry in forensics

•Applications of radioactive elements

•The five states of matter

Organic Chemistry Research Topics

•Differences between ketones and aldehydes

•Prospects and potentials of sugar strands in medicine

•Latest discoveries in organic chemistry

•Forms and usage of hydrocarbon fuel

If you are interested in chemistry-based research and you need some form of help, you can be sure to find relevant topics on our site.

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chemistry research topics for high schoolers

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Chemistry Research Topics That Will Knock You Off Your Feet

Updated 29 Dec 2022

Finding suitable chemistry research topics is not an easy task to accomplish, especially if one struggles with several topic ideas or looks at bordering disciplines. Most Chemistry students in the United States often seek for most popular and easy ideas, which is not always efficient as successful paper should be original. From experiment rules and mole reaction to organic and inorganic fields, topic should be researchable and analytical in order to help undergraduates understand how research basics work. You can fulfill all these requirements with the experienced assistance of our academic research paper writing service .

Offering chemistry help online , EduBirdie expert team can guide you not only in choice of relevant research topic, but will follow initial grading rubric rules, including professional editing to make final assignment custom, accurate, and well-structured. Our mission is to make Chemistry homework interesting, affordable, and plagiarism-free as we take you towards success!

chemistry research topics for high schoolers

Interesting Chemistry Research Areas

As one sees chemistry topics for research project, it is crucial to choose something that interests you and can fully reveal innovative approach to studies or laboratory work. For example, one can combine biology with genome analysis, which will lead to study of NanoChemistry - innovative and hot topic! Remember that Chemistry is never limited to study of periodic table elements or acids dissolution that most might remember from school lessons. What most students fail to see is that there are many areas of chem fields to discover, including:

5 Tips For Successful Research & Writing

Read also: Find experts when you pay for paper .

Choose From 50 Chemistry Research Topics

Have a look at best chemistry research topics collection for inspiration and creativity boost. Select the one you like the most, modify it for better research.

Controversial Chemistry Research Topics

Essay Examples Relevant to Controversial Chemistry

Innovative chemistry research topics.

Essay Examples Relevant to Innovative Chemistry

Need more writing assistance?

Connect with our top writers and receive a paper sample on chemistry crafted to your needs.

Essential Chemistry Research Topics

Save your time with free essay samples on Essential Chemistry

Hottest chemistry research topics.

Essay Examples Relevant to Hottest Chemistry

Analytical chemistry research topics.

Save your time with free essay samples on Analytical Chemistry

20 chemistry research topics ideas for high school.

Essay Examples Relevant to High School

Read also: Trusted lab report writing service will provide you with a high-quality paper.

Professional Writing Help

Lack of reliable sources, urgent deadlines, formatting rules or failure to understand initial instruction often makes Chemistry assignments impossible to complete. As engineers deal with complex scientific data, even slight inclusion of thermal processes or laboratory reactions of certain compounds can ruin entire work. No matter how difficult or specific your assignment may be, chemistry experts at EduBirdie can complete your research paper and assist you through every writing stage.

From excellent chemistry research topic choice and thesis statement, our paper writers online can be chosen based on subject, credentials, and work type required. With affordable prices and unlimited free revisions, our visitors always come back with new tasks because each assignment is written from scratch, including proofreading and professional term checking.

Leave a message or ask questions by contacting our 24/7 online support and let us take care of your academic success!

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chemistry research topics for high schoolers

chemistry research topics for high schoolers

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Chemistry Research Topics

Research paper writing

Academic writing

chemistry research topics for high schoolers

Choosing a good topic is not an easy task, especially when it comes to writing a research paper or creating a project on chemistry. There are a lot of relevant issues in this field, but you should find and focus on one that reflects your knowledge and skills. It should be widely discussed in the academic community and related to topics that have recently been considered in the class. What is more, it should be interesting to you because it is essential for students to enjoy research activities.

In this article, we offer you the lists of chemistry topics which will definitely help you take the first step in writing a chemistry report .

High school chemistry topics

Chemistry is one of the major school subjects, along with Mathematics, English, Physics, Biology, and History. Good grades for writing assignments on Chemistry are important for GPA as it increases your chances to enter a university. Therefore, it is crucial to be attentive to all educational tasks and choose areas of research in which you are well-versed. Feel free to pick one of the following topics in chemistry, prepared by our academic writing service for high school students, or use them as examples:

Organic chemistry topics

organic chemistry topics

Organic chemistry occupies an important place in the general education course. That is why a lot of students prefer choosing issues from this category for their academic papers. We have divided topics into groups to make it easier for you to find a suitable option.

Organic compounds structure:


Alcohols and phenols:

Amines and their derivatives:

Carbonyl derivatives:

Carboxylic acids:

Synthetic polymers:


Chemistry projects topics

Research project on chemistry presupposes that students conduct some experiment, record their observations, and draw conclusions. You can consider one of the following topics:

Chemistry presentation topics

If you are going to speak during your lab lesson, a presentation on one of the following topics will definitely help you impress your teacher and other students:

interesting chemistry topics

Interesting Chemistry Essay Topics

The topics above are focused on widely discussed problems, having a controversial character and presupposing an innovative and original approach to the research. Since the chosen issue is quite unusual, you have an opportunity to make a discovery or present some new information for the readers:

We hope that this article has helped you to choose a suitable research direction. Of course, first, you need to discuss the choice of a topic with your teacher and make sure there is enough reliable information in the library or on the Web. Then it will not be difficult to receive a high mark for an academic assignment.

If you find it challenging to write a research paper on your own, our experts are always ready to lend you a helping hand and do all the hard work. Do not hesitate to contact us anytime and forget about academic worries!

chemistry research topics for high schoolers

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chemistry research topics for high schoolers

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chemistry research topics for high schoolers

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chemistry research topics for high schoolers

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List of Chemistry Research Topics for Students

If you are studying chemistry at any level of your education, you are bound to be asked to work on some project or thesis. Finding a topic can be harder, so we bring you a list of chemistry research topics for students from all levels.

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List of Chemistry Research Topics for Students

The Old and Clichéd

One of the most common research topics in middle and high school chemistry is “Properties of Acids, Bases, and Salt Solutions.”

Chemistry is a subject filled with chemicals and their properties, their formulas and their structure. And obviously, that is just the beginning. If you dig deeper, the world of chemistry is far more intriguing than just its compounds and their reactions. When you’re learning chemistry, somewhere along the way, you will find yourself having to make projects and write research papers, and it’s not always easy to come up with an interesting yet relevant topic to work on, despite the hours of brain racking.

So, we bring you the solution. Given below is a list of chemistry research topics for different levels, starting from middle school and ending with postgraduate research. These research topics cover both organic and inorganic chemistry and everything in between. And we hope it helps you come up with something fun and workable.


For middle school and high school students.

➼ Structure of an Atom

➼ Element Location on the Periodic Table

➼ Groups of Elements in the Periodic Table

➼ Thomson’s Discovery of the Electron

➼ Rutherford’s Nuclear Atom

➼ Bohr’s Model of an Atom

➼ Ionic and Covalent Bonds

➼ Chemical Bonds Between Atoms in Molecules

➼ Solids and Liquids Held Together by van der Waals Forces

➼ How to Write Balanced Equations

➼ Conversion of a Molecular Substance’s Mass to Mole

➼ Oxidation and Reduction Reactions

➼ Properties of Acids, Bases, and Salt Solutions

➼ Strong and Weak Acids and Basics

➼ Types of pH Tests

➼ Diffusion of Gases

➼ Dalton’s Law of Partial Pressures

➼ Standard Temperature and Pressure

➼ Graham’s Law

➼ Solutes and Solvents

➼ Chromatography

➼ Carbon and its Compounds

➼ Protons and Neutrons

➼ Nuclear Fission and Fusion

➼ Radiation and Radioactive Isotopes

➼ Intermolecular Forces

➼ Metals and Non-metals

➼ Acids and Bases

➼ Elements, Compounds, and Mixtures

➼ Solids, Liquids, and Gases

➼ Chemicals that Trigger Food Allergies

➼ The Role of Marie Curie in Modern Chemistry

For Undergraduates (College Level)

➼ Transport of Trace Metals in Groundwater

➼ Chemical Speciation of Heavy Metal Ion Using Supported Liquid Membranes

➼ Destruction of Chemicals on Metal Oxide Films and Nanoparticles

➼ Applications to Solar Energy Conversion or Electrocatalysis

➼ Synthesis of New Materials, Structural Chemistry, and Applications in Catalysis

➼ Design, Synthesis, and Characterization of Molecule‐based Magnetic Materials

➼ Fundamental Studies of the Diels‐Alder Reaction

➼ Design, Synthesis, and Self‐assembly of Supramolecular Polymers

➼ Enantioselective and Diastereoselective synthesis using Reissert Compounds

➼ Isolation and Structural Elucidation of New Natural Products with Anticancer Activity

➼ Sulfonate and Carboxylate Ion‐containing Polymers

➼ Nanomaterials for Photocatalysis and Photoelectrochemistry

➼ Room Temperature Ionic Liquids

➼ New Materials for High Efficiency Solar Cells

➼ Effects of Mixed Salts on Aqueous Interfaces

➼ Computational Modeling of Aggregation Phenomena in Petrochemical Mixtures

➼ Strategies for Low-energy Recycling of Plastics

➼ Molecular Catalysts for Carbon Dioxide Conversion

➼ Cyanobacteria Conversion of Fatty Acids to Fuel

➼ Evaluating the Structure and Function of Intrinsically Disordered Proteins

➼ Chemistry of Biological Systems

➼ Characterization of Biological Systems

➼ Surface Spectroscopy

➼ Alcohol Poisoning and Fetal Alcohol Syndrome

➼ Aldehydes and Ketones as Flavoring Agents

➼ Chemistry of Vision

➼ Chemistry of Nicotine and Caffeine Addiction

➼ Resin Polymers

➼ Nuclear Magnetic Resonance of Organic Compounds

➼ Biological Chemistry of Sulfur and Selenium

➼ Inorganic Nanostructured Materials

For Postgraduates

➼ Alpha-Arylation and Alpha-Vinylation of Enolates: New Reactivity from the Urea Linkage

➼ Directed Covalent Assembly in the Solid State: Towards Predictable Solvent-free Synthesis

➼ Dynamic Structural Science at the RCaH

➼ Supramolecular Crystal Engineering of Porphyrin-Fullerene Assemblies

➼ Dynamically Adaptive Metal-organic Nanopores

➼ Boron Porphyrin and Corrole Complexes

➼ EPSRC Impact Acceleration Fellowships at RCaH

➼ Selective Chelators for Beryllium

➼ The Forbidden Crystal: Penrose Tiling with Molecules

➼ Novel Antimicrobial Polymers

➼ Fully-Integrated Continuous Flow Processes for Access to Forbidden Chemistries, New Reactivities and Sequential Complexity Generation

➼ Time Resolved Spectroscopy of Solar Energy Harvesting Complexes

➼ Development of Catalysts for Green Chemistry

➼ The Synthesis of High Thermal Conductivity Polymer

➼ A Study of the Adsorption of Silicate on Magnetite and Maghemite

➼ Modeling the Self-assembly of DNA Multi-arm Motifs

➼ Predictive Modeling of Ligand Binding to Flexible Proteins

➼ Synthesis of Boron Halide Complexes of Polypyrrolic Macrocycles

➼ Modeling Techniques for Optimization of Polyurethane Formulations

We hope that these topics have sparked some ideas in you and helped you formulate your assignments (pun intended)!

Privacy Overview

Project Topics

High School Chemistry Research Projects Experiments

Published on Jan 05, 2023

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Chemistry Research Paper Topics

90 best chemistry research paper topics.

Chemistry is an interesting and quite difficult subject for many people. If you need to write a paper on chemistry but have no idea about its topic, we can help you with fresh ideas. Are you puzzled by how to think of good chemistry topics? Let us help you kickstart creativity by offering this collection of 90 best chemistry topic ideas FREE.

Go ahead, read these wonderful ideas and pick up the one for your manuscript! Discover our article and find many successful topics to use for your research. Surprise your readers and teacher with a perfectly written document!

3 Tips on How to Select the Best Chemistry Research Paper Topics

For some people, it’s quite difficult to brainstorm good chemistry-related topics. Use these effective tips to get more interesting ideas.

Who Created This List of Chemistry Research Paper Topics?

For many students, it’s too difficult to fulfill their chemistry research paper on time, due to various reasons. Some students work after classes to pay for their studies, so they do not have enough time to complete their everyday tasks. Some are just lazy, others have poor skills… But no matter what the reason is, the result isn’t good because they risk getting a bad grade.

If you still want to receive high grades without spending a lot of time on your project, there is a good solution – you can order your papers online and ask professionals to do this job instead of you. It’s a great decision for those students who care about their grades but have no time or skills to complete their tasks. And sometimes, these assignments can be quite difficult, we know!

This list of 90 successful chemistry research topics was created following the main requirements of universities that ask students to write these projects. We do hope these interesting suggestions will be helpful to get fresh ideas and create an impressive chemistry project without problems.

15 Organic Debatable Topics for Research Paper

Read these interesting organic debatable topics and choose the one to write your paper. Even if chemistry is a difficult subject for many students, we want to introduce the most exciting topics that will keep you interested in writing!

We know for some people it’s not easy to select successful chemistry research topics but with our little help, you can pick up a good subject or get new fantastic ideas on writing your paper. Keep reading the article to get more great topics.

15 Inorganic Chemistry Research Paper Topics for College Students

Inorganic chemistry is a sphere of research, reactions,  and experiments. Get these 15 inorganic chemistry topics for making an extraordinary paper without stress!

We hope you have chosen some good ideas from our chemistry project topics. If you need more fresh thoughts, keep reading the article!

15 Biochemistry Research Paper Topics

So, this is a continuation of our chemistry research topics list. We know that many students are required to create a biochemistry research paper. Get interesting ideas below:

When you’re selecting chemistry topics, remember it’s better to pick up an interesting theme the most students will not use. This is your chance to surprise the teacher with a successful manuscript and get a high grade.

15 Interesting Chem Research Paper Topics

View these interesting chemistry topics we gathered here. Get new ideas for your future document and surprise your readers with successful articles!

15 Controversial Topics for Chemistry Research Paper

Discover these controversial topics to create an interesting paper. Needless to say, chemistry is connected with all life spheres, including medicine.

15 Chemistry Research Paper Ideas

Discover more ideas for your research paper to make an exciting paper to make an impression on your readers.

Get Hands-on Help w/ Chem Research Paper Topics?

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Top Relevant Chemistry Research Topics

Chemistry Research Topics

Due to its practical and theoretical nature, students find it nearly impossible to develop exciting and relevant research topics in chemistry. Fortunately, this post has got you covered with a list of relevant and exciting topics that will not only excite you but also capture the attention of your audience, including your lecturers. Let’s journey together through this and agree to break the ice.

There are things to consider before selecting and taking up a chemistry research topic for your project. They include;

These are just a few of the things to consider when choosing an exciting and more relevant chemistry research topics.

There are guidelines for writing and engaging in chemistry research topics to ensure that they are relevant and capture the reader’s attention. These are the major nine guidelines to focus on;

Well, are you ready for the top relevant and incredible chemistry research topics? Below is a comprehensive list of chemistry research topics that will steer you to explore new and green fields in the chemistry world.

Organic Chemistry Research Topics

Chemistry Research Topics for Undergraduates

Interesting Chemistry Research Topics

Controversial Chemistry Research Paper Topic

Hottest Chemistry Topics

Physical Chemistry Research Topics

Inorganic Chemistry Research Topics

Forensic Chemistry Research Topics

Environmental Chemistry Research Topics

Pharmaceutical Chemistry Research Topics

Nuclear Chemistry Research Topics

Computational Chemistry Research Topics

Current Chemistry Research Topics

Chemistry Research Topics for High Schools

Final Words

Having such examples of chemistry research topics as a project is sure to impact the world and ensure good grades positively. Don’t miss the opportunity; pick one and enjoy the ride.

Bioethics Topics

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Chemistry Research Topics

A great deal of people think that chemistry is something distant, attached to the huge factory and complicated researches. But what that surrounds us is chemistry, every atom, molecule and part of thing is involved in the chemical procedure. It’s possible to write literally about the chemistry of whatever. Deciding on a good subject is always an uneasy task, particularly when it comes to a study paper. There are many intriguing issues and related problems within this informative article, and you ought to find one which most fully reflects your knowledge and techniques. It must be broadly discussed in an academic area, linked to subjects considered in class lately, that you personally like since it’s quite critical for pupils to enjoy research activities.

Good chemistry research is a Profession experiment frequently ran under the guidance or direct supervision of a professor. Students take part in research projects that interact with their main regions of interest and give an chance to explore specific chemical reactions or occurrences. For students, research papers writing is essential for their professional growth and development.

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This report contains a few lists with chemistry topics for research papers which should definitely help you make the first step.

List of Greatest Topics for Chemistry Research Paper in 2019

Every year new discoveries happen in the scientific community. One of the greatest topics at the present time is those that are listed.

High school chemistry topics

Chemistry is one of the most significant school subjects along with Math, English, Physics, Biology, and History. Excellent grades for writing assignments affect term consequences, GPA and chances to go into a college. So it’s vital to deal with all educational jobs carefully and select areas of research where you are strong.

Chemistry research topics for college, for high school students, and undergraduates will fluctuate regarding complexity and access to laboratories, equipment and research foundation. By way of instance, high school students will probably be useful at studying the issues of organic chemistry because of limitations of the available gear, whilst college students will have access to more advanced tools, letting them research photons or ions.

Organic chemistry topics

The discipline of organic chemistry comprises more than twenty million chemicals that properties have been determined and recorded from the literature. Lots of hundreds of new compounds are added daily. Much more than half of the planet’s chemists are organic chemists. Some fresh organic chemicals are just isolated from animals or plants; some are manufactured by changing naturally occurring chemicals, but many new organic chemicals are in fact synthesized in the lab from other (usually smaller) organic molecules.

chemistry research topics for high schoolers

Organic chemistry occupies a fairly significant place in the general education program. That’s the reason why a lot of students prefer picking issues from this class for their academic papers. We have divided topics into classes to make it much easier for you to locate a suitable option.

Organic chemicals structure:


Alcohols and phenols:

Amines and their holdings:

Biologically active materials:

Entertaining chemistry topics

The themes below are concentrated on broadly discussed issues, have a controversial character, presuppose innovational, first approach, considering an issue chosen in an odd manner, making some discovery and proposing new knowledge to viewers:

Controversial Chemistry Research Topics

Complex Chemistry Research Topics

Critical Chemistry Research Topics

Analytical Chemistry Research Topics

chemistry research topics for high schoolers

Chemistry presentation topics

If you need more compact samples, feel free to inspect the record of the subjects we gathered for you.

Tips For Successful Research & Writing

We hope this article helped you choose a research direction that is appropriate. Negotiate a topic with a instructor and make certain that there is sufficient reliable information in a library or on the web. Then it will be not tough to get a high mark for a educational assignment.

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