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10 Great Essay Writing Tips

writing essay about music

Knowing how to write a college essay is a useful skill for anyone who plans to go to college. Most colleges and universities ask you to submit a writing sample with your application. As a student, you’ll also write essays in your courses. Impress your professors with your knowledge and skill by using these great essay writing tips.

Prepare to Answer the Question

Most college essays ask you to answer a question or synthesize information you learned in class. Review notes you have from lectures, read the recommended texts and make sure you understand the topic. You should refer to these sources in your essay.

writing essay about music

Plan Your Essay

Many students see planning as a waste of time, but it actually saves you time. Take a few minutes to think about the topic and what you want to say about it. You can write an outline, draw a chart or use a graphic organizer to arrange your ideas. This gives you a chance to spot problems in your ideas before you spend time writing out the paragraphs.

Choose a Writing Method That Feels Comfortable

You might have to type your essay before turning it in, but that doesn’t mean you have to write it that way. Some people find it easy to write out their ideas by hand. Others prefer typing in a word processor where they can erase and rewrite as needed. Find the one that works best for you and stick with it.

writing essay about music

View It as a Conversation

Writing is a form of communication, so think of your essay as a conversation between you and the reader. Think about your response to the source material and the topic. Decide what you want to tell the reader about the topic. Then, stay focused on your response as you write.

writing essay about music

Provide the Context in the Introduction

If you look at an example of an essay introduction, you’ll see that the best essays give the reader a context. Think of how you introduce two people to each other. You share the details you think they will find most interesting. Do this in your essay by stating what it’s about and then telling readers what the issue is.

writing essay about music

Explain What Needs to be Explained

Sometimes you have to explain concepts or define words to help the reader understand your viewpoint. You also have to explain the reasoning behind your ideas. For example, it’s not enough to write that your greatest achievement is running an ultra marathon. You might need to define ultra marathon and explain why finishing the race is such an accomplishment.

writing essay about music

Answer All the Questions

After you finish writing the first draft of your essay, make sure you’ve answered all the questions you were supposed to answer. For example, essays in compare and contrast format should show the similarities and differences between ideas, objects or events. If you’re writing about a significant achievement, describe what you did and how it affected you.

writing essay about music

Stay Focused as You Write

Writing requires concentration. Find a place where you have few distractions and give yourself time to write without interruptions. Don’t wait until the night before the essay is due to start working on it.

writing essay about music

Read the Essay Aloud to Proofread

When you finish writing your essay, read it aloud. You can do this by yourself or ask someone to listen to you read it. You’ll notice places where the ideas don’t make sense, and your listener can give you feedback about your ideas.

writing essay about music

Avoid Filling the Page with Words

A great essay does more than follow an essay layout. It has something to say. Sometimes students panic and write everything they know about a topic or summarize everything in the source material. Your job as a writer is to show why this information is important.


writing essay about music

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Essay on Music

List of essays on music, essay on music – short essay for kids and children (essay 1 – 150 words), essay on music (essay 2 – 250 words), essay on music – types, importance and usage (essay 3 – 300 words), essay on music – for school students (class 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 and 10 standard) (essay 4 – 400 words), essay on music (essay 5 – 500 words), essay on music – written in english (essay 6 – 600 words), essay on music (essay 7 – 750 words), essay on music – long essay for college students (essay 8 – 1000 words).

Music is an art form which triggers our feelings in different ways. The soul of music comprises of rhythm, pitch, texture, timbre and dynamics. Music is used in different forms and in varied sectors and the results are beyond one’s own understanding.

Audience: The below given essays are especially written for kids, children, school students (class 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 and 10 standard) and college students.


Music is the sound produced that is pleasing to the ears. It is also a form of Art. Music can be produced through many activities, such as singing, using musical instruments or any other objects.

More about Music:

Music is an instant mood lifter. It touches the soul and helps you connect with people. It heals one’s mind. Music takes care of mental needs. It helps in overcoming disabilities of any form.

There are many genres of music like classical, blues, rock, jazz, folk, etc. Every culture has its own music. The classical music in Indian culture is Carnatic and Hindustani. Whatever be the genre, it is all equally soothing.


Music is a beautiful form of expression. It is that form of art that evolves continuously. Everyone has some form of passion towards music within them, either in the form of a desire to learn or listening for relaxation. To me music is life, and I have a strong desire to learn music in the future.

It has already been proven that music can do much more than just lifting the spirits. There are different genres of music used for calming and relaxing our mind and senses. Music has become a major part in Chemotherapy centers and even in the Pregnancy wards. When slow and melodious music is played, it lowers the blood pressure thus slowing down the heartbeat allowing us to breathe normally and to calm the nerves.

It has been proven that music can reduce the music tension that builds up around the different parts of our body including the back, neck, stomach and shoulders. More importantly, music drastically works on lowering psychological tension from our mind. Listening to music helps to reduce mental and physical stress and is highly employed in the health industry to relax and keep the patients calm.

Music is the complete package for improving our soul and mind equally. This is the reason why a long drive with slow and melodious music can change one’s mood to a happy and merry going one. It has the God gifted power to erase all the negative thoughts from our mind and to make it more positive and happy. This indeed improves our concentration and works to enhance our overall skills.

Until now, the world has not seen anything better than music to heal the inner soul and the body alike.

Music is loved and enjoyed by all people around the world in different ways. Its pleasant sound makes it an important element in a person’s life.

Hearing music makes you feel peaceful and happier in life. Without the harmony and melody of music, life becomes very frustrating.

Types of Music:

There are numerous types of music all over the world.

Below you can find the important and most popular categories of music:

1. Jazz Music

2. Hip hop Music

3. Rock and Roll Music

4. Rock Music

5. Blues Music

6. Country Music

7. Pop Music

8. R&B (Rhythm and Blues) Music

9. Folk Music

10. Fusion Music

Importance of Music:

Music is a vital part of every person’s life. It is essential in the different moments of life. In fact, during the sorrow, we hear the music.

Music not only brings happiness in our life and but also sometimes shows us the way to overcome the problem.

Unlimited Power of Music:

There is unlimited power of music like healing and relaxing. After listening to the music, people feel relaxed and forget all their worries for a certain period.

Music eases the stressed muscles of the human body. It provides calmness to the mind of a tired person too.

Usage of Music in Treatment:

Music possesses the miracle power of curing few mental disorders like rare enthusiasm, nervousness or depression. It is also helpful in curing the insomnia patients.

Music act like a mother’s love that makes us forget all our worries and only make us enjoy life.

It is right to say that music helps in washing away all the stress of our daily hectic and busy life from within. Once you hear the magical sound of music, you instantly feel harmony inside your heart. These types of experiences are exceptional. Music has no religion, caste or colour. It makes us feel connected inside our soul.

Music is a form of art. India has always had a rich history of great musicians. Good music is always a treat to the ears. In fact, it allows us to connect to our inner self.

There are different styles of this art depending on different factors. Different countries have different styles of music of their own. Depending on the sounds, we have different forms of music such as pop, jazz, folk, Latin, classical, rock and many more.

Music has that control, which can treat certain psychological sicknesses, for example, tension, not so ordinary energy or wretchedness. It is also the most amazing and supportive ways to treat the patient of a sleeping disorder. Additionally, it is the magnificent and invigorating force. We can contrast it with the mother’s affection. As the kid reliably needs the lap of his mother for overlooking everything and feels bliss. In a similar way, music serves to us as a mother to overlook each stress and tension in a melodic way.

It has the unwinding and recuperating power as well. Moreover, it encourages us to unwind, quiet our indignation down and furthermore to mend our stresses. We like to listen to different types of music, band or the vocalist and it changes from person to person. It encourages us to ruminate while doing Yoga and locate our more profound self by associating us to the otherworldly world.

It has No Barriers:

Or more every one of these things, it knows no limits. Music does not differentiate between the general population, religion, station and belief. The conventional one is altogether different than the advanced, worldwide one. Today the universe of music has completely changed. We have such a large number of specialists, vocalists, artists, writers in the entire world making wonderful music. Today there are unique establishments, schools, and universities to learn this art expertly. Today students are seeking music as a profession, as a leisure activity and a vocation as well.

Music is the essence of life. It has the power to heal people and can relieve you of your tensions. Moreover, it is always enjoyable to hear the type of music you love. People love listening to it whenever they find the time. It is an important subject in schools and a strong tool to promote culture as well. That is why perhaps music is so loved by one and all.

Music Every Day:

The world is full of beautiful music and every culture and time in history has its special tune. The fact that we can listen to music every day is something I am grateful for deeply because it makes my life more beautiful. My favorite thing about music is the fact that you can find a tune that will suit almost any event or state of mind. Thankfully we are living in an age when this is becoming a fact, we can experience every day in various situations.

Music Makes you Happy:

Listening to music is not just pleasing esthetically but it also has many benefits for our mental well-being. Scientists have been talking about the positive influence music has on our brain and on the production of neural- transmitters like dopamine that gives us the feeling of satisfaction. The fact is that music is even used as part of some psychotherapy treatments and there is even evidence that it helps plants grow.

Making music can be considered one of our distinctive characteristics although singing is common in many animal species. That is why music has such a profound influence on our brain leading some to conclude that it is even part of our evolution and the reason we are humans. Music can be inspiring and it can comfort us in time of need, it is present when we celebrate something and also when we just want to make the dullness of everyday life go away. Music is one of our best friends and sometimes we do not give it the proper gratification, especially in the present age when it is so widespread and common.

Music as Identity:

The other major feature of the music is the fact that it is a strong marker of identity. Every ethnic group and nation have their own set of instruments and tunes they are well known for. When you think about Scotland you imagine the back pipes and the music they make, when you think about Germany there is the trumpet.

The wonderful thing about music and the instruments used to make it is the fact that it can be played by anyone and in many different locations. This has created so many variations of sound and styles that we can talk about an ocean of music or several oceans.

The 20 th century has thought us many lessons about music and about the power world-renowned music artist can have over the public. Once this characteristic of music was discovered an army of producers sprung up to take control of that power and to divert it toward more materialistic goals. That has not changed the influence music tunes will have on our identity and the profound influence it has on our daily lives. Stopping and thinking about the influence it has on us makes my spine shiver as does the idea of a world without music. That is why I think we should support every person who wants to create music and make our lives more beautiful.

Music could be defined as a collection of sounds and melodies. This would be a simplistic idea of what music is and would not fully describe the place that music occupies in our lives. Music is more than a collection of sounds and melodies. Music is life, love and that place we go to find solace.

From time immemorial, music has formed part of our history as human beings. From the old romantic empire to the reign of the Greeks, people have depended on music as a source of solace and comfort.

History of Music:

Historians do not agree on the origin of music. Some claim that music predates the existence of humans themselves. However, historians agree that there are certain periods in history that has contributed immensely to the growth of music in the world. These periods introduced distinct sounds which are still prominent today.

The first period is the medieval era which dates from the 6th to the 16th century. During this era, only monophonic and polyphonic sounds existed. Then we moved to the renaissance which was marked by experimental sounds and rhythms. Other periods such as the baroque, classics and romantic periods also brought about several innovations in sound.

The final period, which is the 20th century, is where we are currently. Technology has taken over how we make and perform music. Thus, we produce sounds through the use of electronic component and perform in the same way. This period is also notable for introducing jazz and electronic music.

Genre of Music:

There are countless genres of music and new ones keep emerging on a daily basis. While some are a combination of already existing sounds others are a total break from the norm.

Below are the few popular music genres:

1. Pop – Also known as popular music is a combination of several sounds produced for a large audience.

2. Rhythm and Blues – Just as the name implies, this is a combination of two prominent styles. It has an infusion of soul music delivered through rhymes.

3. Electronic music – As opposed to the use of natural instruments, electronic music employs the use of technology to develop unique sounds.

4. Rock – This music form has its root in America. It is notable for its combination of string instruments and heavy sounds.

Music in its basic form is a combination of sounds and melody. Why then is it so important to us? The following are some of the reasons:

Music is Universal:

Citizens of the world are divided by language, race, and a host of other things. However, one instance when the world is in unity is when we connect to the same melodies. Music has the capacity to remove all of our bias and prejudices. In this sense, it can be regarded as a social tool. People who have no business speaking to each other instantly connect when they listen to music they both love.

Music Makes Learning Easy:

This has been validated throughout history. You probably remember the nursery rhymes you learned when you were a kid. Somehow, the music stays with us for longer periods of time. Even when we forget the words of a song, the melody never leaves. In addition to the above, music helps retain our mental focus.

Music Relaxes:

The importance of music would not be complete if we do not mention its therapeutic nature. Though some form of music can make us tense and anxious others help us reduce stress and anxiety. This is especially important due to the nature of the world we live in.

Music is an important part of our lives. It dictates our mood, controls our thought and affects our relationship with others. Man’s history cannot be fully written without the impact of music on our lives.

Music as we know it is a form of art and a cultural activity with its medium being sound that is organised with respect to time. Definitions of the term music should generally include some common elements like rhythm (with its associated concepts like articulation, meter and tempo), pitch (it governs harmony and melody), the qualities of sonic of texture and timbre (we sometimes refer to these as the colour of musical sound). All of the different and various types or styles of music might tend to omit, de-emphasize or emphasize a few of the listed elements of music.

Music can be performed with a wide variety of vocal techniques and instruments, the vocal techniques can range from rapping to singing and there are some pieces that are solely instrumental while some others are solely vocal (examples are songs that have no instrumental accompaniment) also pieces that put together instruments and singing.

When we want to address the term in a general form, the different activities that describe music as being a form of art or a cultural activity are the examination of aesthetic music, the study and knowledge of music and its history, music criticism and the creation and making of music works (symphonies, tunes, songs and so many more).

Elements of Music:

There are a lot of different elements or fundamentals of music. Based on the description of the element of music that is being used, the different elements of music can include structure, form, articulation, expression, dynamics, colour or timber, voice allocation, style, texture, harmony, melody, rhythm, tempo, pulse or beat and pitch. We can differentiate the elements of music by describing the elements of music as “rudimentary elements of music” and “perpetual elements of music”.

1. Rudimentary Elements:

Around the 1800s, we used the words “rudiments of music” and “elements of music” interchangeably. All of the elements that were described in manuscripts talked about the parts of music needed to become a successful musician. Writers like Estrella in recent years use the words “elements of music” in a very much similar way. A definition that almost accurately describes the usage is: “the rudimentary principles of an art, science, etc.: the elements of grammar”. The curriculum of the UK changes to “interrelated dimensions of music” poses a shift back to the use of rudimentary music elements.

2. Perpetual Elements:

The emergence and the start of study into psychoacoustics around the 1930s. There came the discovery that there are four attributes that are psychological and belong to music. They are timbre, time, loudness and pitch. While rudimentary elements can vary based on the personal preference of the writer, perpetual elements on the other hand always consist of a list of proven or established discrete elements that can be manipulated independently to get the desired musical effect.

The curriculum of music of US, UK and Australia feature the music elements prominently. Each one of the curriculums identifies texture, timbre, dynamics and pitch as elements, which makes all of the above listed elements agreed universally.

A list of the official three versions of music elements are listed below:

1. USA – articulation/style, harmony, form, rhythm, dynamics, texture, timbre and pitch.

2. UK – structure, tempo, duration, dynamics, texture, timbre, pitch.

3. Australia – structure, form, rhythm, expression, dynamics, texture, timbre, pitch.

Music has contributed a lot to our society. In the world we live in today, music has become a major business. Music industry describes all of the businesses connected and related with the sale and creation of music. The industry of music is made of composers and songwriters that create different new songs with musical pieces. The sale of music is a very lucrative business and we now have online music stores like Apple’s iTunes, Spotify, tidal and so many more. Musicians also get paid a lot of money to perform at concerts and make special appearances. The industry employs a lot of other people and is a source of livelihood to millions of people worldwide.

Music therapy helps in a lot of way. It is a highly interpersonal process where a therapist that is trained employs the use of music and its various facets- spiritual, aesthetic, social, mental, emotional and physical to assist clients in improving or maintaining their health. It is safe to assume that music cuts across every area of our lives and it has had a positive impact on a lot of things. It is also important to note that there have also been negative effects of music on our society.

People love music because it is a form of entertainment but do they really understand music for what it is and not just the sound? What is music? Is it just the melody, the lyrics, the art of performance or the people doing it? Music is basically an art and a cultural activity that is in form of organized sound. Music is appreciated all over the world and it is different for everyone.

My perception on music may be focused on the rhythm and another person’s perception may be focused on the message being delivered. Music has been in existence since the beginning of time. Transformations have occurred with modernization and civilization. However, some music is still deep-rooted into culture and has not been influenced by the changing times. Music is of great importance in humanity. Although music is appreciated worldwide, it is faced with challenges.

Genres of Music:

Music is a whole world in itself that is full of diversity. Music is classified into different genres and the genre defines the aspects of music like rhythm, instruments, art of performance among others. There are many general genres of music in the world. Blues, classical music, jazz and reggae are the most common genres that are listened to across the globe. Other genres include rock, pop, folk, electronic, country and hip hop music. All these genres difference in terms of the sound they produce. Genres like rock, electronic and jazz use a lot of sound combination.

Folk music is basically about culture and tradition and they always remain unchanged and uninfluenced by the changes that take place in the world. Blues, classical and reggae music are almost similar in term of sound use instrument use. It is important to consider genres of music when selecting the type of music to listen to. For educational purposes, the genres of music are not commonly used because they teach on the technical aspects of music at school. Artists can be defined by the genre of music that they sing for example hip hop musicians are known to praise money, cars and fancy fashions like chains.

The reason why music is appreciated widely is because of the impact it has on the lives of individuals. Man’s interaction with sound is unavoidable because music is everywhere. Music is listened to by people for different reasons. Music is significant in our lives as entertainment, emotional response, and a way of creating income and in education.

In entertainment, music dominated the entertainment industry because it has the ability to reach everyone. Music is widely spread as it is found on the internet, in media platforms like radios and televisions, in live performance concerts, in churches and schools. Countries have also adopted music in legalities like the national anthems. Music is significant to both the culture and the economy.

Music in emotional response is widely used and that is why psychologists and psychiatrists have invented the use of music in therapy. Music triggers emotional responses. In normal life situations, when a person is sad, listening to sad music makes them even sadder but listening to happy music helps to rejuvenate the mood. Spiritual music is also important in emotional response. When worshiping God, people have learnt to use music in praise and to create a worship environment by triggering remorseful and humbling emotions in people through worship songs.

Music is a source of income for majority of people in the music industry. Although some people just do it for the passion and as a hobby, most of them gain income that is substantial t sustain their lives. Despite from wealth creation, people gain fame from music. People who have created music hits are famous and wealthy and some young musicians look up to them for inspiration and as role models.

Music is important in education as it is an art that is taught is school. In all levels of education, music is significant and is appreciated in schools. Taking music as a subject is different from what we know from the outside because it involves the technical and theoretic aspects of music that we cannot gain from just listening to music. Music can also be pursued as a career at colleges and is a career path that required hard work, determination and commitment just like any other career.

Challenges Facing Music:

Music is faced with challenges which affect both the artists and the music industry. Artists are faced by challenges such as financial insufficiency to fund their music production. Producing music is expensive because you need to go through a recording studio, which are usually costly and most people cannot afford.

The music industry is a bit biased in terms of finances because there are some people who can be very talented but yet lack money to produce their music while there are rich people who are not as talented but they can afford to produce their music. The line of poverty will never be eradicated because in most situations, those with financial abilities will always have an upper hand.

Drugs and substance abuse is another major challenges that is faced by artists. Most artists especially those in the secular music industry abuse drugs which could end badly for them some die of drug overdoses and some spend most of their time in rehabilitation facilities. The music industry has been highly condemned for advocating for drugs especially hip hop artists who always sing about drugs and money. Drugs and substance abuse is a major problem that is rooted in music.

The music industry faces a marketing challenge. Music is produced and then each artist is supposed to market their song for them to gain sales. In marketing, activities such as tours, concerts and media marketing are expensive. The marketing is therefore challenged and the music industry may incur financial loses during marketing.

In conclusion, music is a wide field and it is beneficial to the society. Music is to be respected and adored for its goodness.

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writing essay about music

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writing essay about music

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music essay

How to Write a Music Essay? Music Analysis Essay Sample, Music Essay Topics

writing essay about music

So, you’ve been assigned to write an essay about music. It might seem a bit confusing at a glance. After all, musicians are more used to dealing with notes, not words. But in actuality, music is a very rich topic that can be approached from a great multitude of various perspectives.

Every person has some degree of passion for music. And as such, every person can muster at least some inspiration to address this sort of assignment.

What Is a Music Essay

There is little sense in googling “What is music essay” or similar prompts. At its core, a musical essay has very little difference from your plain old essay writing assignment. It follows the same principles and structure. And you still have to make an adjustment for the essay type.

Any essay writing music enthusiast can come up with a dozen interesting topics off the top of their head. It can be about the abstract and the feeling certain melodies or instruments provoke within you. Or it can be as dry and technical as possible, discussing the intricacies of musical theory.

writing essay about music

Music Essay Outline

A 5 paragraph essay setup is the golden standard of essay writing. In case you are not familiar with the basic essay writing music structure, let’s go over it again. Here’s how it looks:

You always start with a general introduction to the subject of your essay and an explanation of why you've chosen this particular topic. You don't usually go into details here, but it depends on your target audience. You follow it up with a thesis - a factual statement that serves as a foundation for the rest of the essay.

Body paragraphs contain your arguments. It’s usually one paragraph per argument. You can then dedicate a separate paragraph to an overview of possible counterpoints. Finally, you make a short summary in conclusion, reiterating your points and stressing your thesis once again.

writing essay about music

Types and Formats

There are many different types and formats of a music essay. And it’s not just the genre that makes the difference. Apart from basic types like an explanatory essay and argumentative essay that you are familiar with - there are many variations. We will go over some of the most common and interesting types of music essays. We will also provide some music analysis examples for you to draw inspiration from.

Music Therapy Essay

A music therapy essay deserves its own spot on the list of types and formats. It's a very interesting type of music essay that overlaps with clinical psychology and its applications. Music therapy and its effects on people have been studied for a long time. Yet as music changes, students get an opportunity to explore different effects of it on the human psyche. 

Concert Report

A concert report is a pretty straightforward choice if you are a fan of these sorts of events. But even if you are not  - visiting one out of interest is an experience in and of itself. There’s nothing like being in the middle of a crowd united in their passion for music.

You may like the band, and you may dislike the noise. Whatever your personal feelings may be, they are guaranteed to be strong enough for you to be able to easily work the essay writing music. And this, in turn, will help you structure your thoughts showcasing all the benefits of music essay writing.

Song Analysis

Song analysis is probably the best choice for an essay on music, especially if you have never done essay writing music analysis before. You have definitely done something like this in your head before - listening to the song, thinking about what it makes you feel, analyzing the melody, the drums, the lyrics. A song analysis essay is pretty much the same thing. When dealing with the lyrics alone, you might find that a poem analysis has the same flow. Just this time, you’ll have to put it in writing.

Pick a familiar song, put it on, and start working. You’ll notice that thoughts form themselves, and the process is almost seamless. Below you will find the first of our music essay examples.

Song Analysis Sample

Performance or media comparison.

When you write an essay on music and don’t want to focus on one composition (or a single version of a composition) - you can opt for performance or media comparison. It will allow you to work with several sources at the same time. For example, you could compare two covers of a single song.

If you are making a comparison for the first time, it might be a good idea to pick tracks that are very much different from each other. A rock and a lofi version of the same composition is a great place to start.

Historical Analysis of a Piece

For this type of essay on music, you’ll have to be a bit of a history buff. Some people prefer to enjoy the sound itself without getting too much into who performs the composition. On the other hand, hardcore music fans frequently dive deep into the personal life of their favorite singers and musicians. And it doesn’t really matter whether you prefer rock songs or classical music.

If you are one of the latter, you’ll have no trouble writing a historical analysis essay on one of your favorite tracks. And even if you're not - you might find yourself uncovering some interesting facts about your playlist that add to its charm. That’s another one out of the long list of benefits of music essay writing.

How to Write a Music Analysis Essay?

When you are writing a music analysis essay, your best bet is to take your source material and break it down into separate components. It’s much easier to do when you are familiar with how music theory works. But even if you don’t - it’s not that hard to do. Try to look for aspects you understand well.

For example, you could break it up by instruments. Vocals, strings, keys, drums, etc. Each part of a band contributes to the overall sound of the composition in its own unique way. And if you dissect the song, you might find that even when analyzed separately from each other, each instrument creates its own melody.

To put things bluntly, writing an informative essay is pretty time-consuming. Dedicate enough time for essay writing. Ideally, you want to be able to take your time, allow yourself some breaks, have a buffer for proofreading and editing, and then still have a safety gap before the due date. You shouldn’t be in a rush when you are writing an essay on music (or any essay for that matter). Otherwise, you will find the quality of your writing deteriorating rapidly. Below you’ll find another one of our music essay examples. It’s an example of a music review essay.

Need help with nursing essay? Get medical school personal statement help .

Tips on Writing a Music Essay

Here are some tips on how to write a decent music essay. Before you even get to your music essay introduction - have another go at your subject. Listen to the song you’re going to write about. Read about the history of a band member. It doesn’t matter how well you know the subject of your writing. Refreshing the memories in your mind will put you in the right creative mood.

When looking through music essay titles, don’t think too much about which one to pick. Just choose the one that speaks to you and go with it. Time is money, and you don’t want to waste it on such a basic thing.

Once you figure things out with your music essay titles, find a music analysis essay example to reference in terms of structure and writing style.

Try not to get carried away too much. Music is a topic that inspires creativity. But you should always keep the essay structure in mind. It’s very easy to go overboard in your body paragraphs. Stick to your plan, keep it short. If you can’t fit all your thoughts into one paragraph - make it two or spend some time editing the unnecessary stuff out.

How to Choose Music Essay Topic

Normally, in an academic setting, whenever you write an essay on music history or theory, your professor will provide you with a topic. However, there are instances where you’ll be allowed free reign. This is your opportunity to show your creativity and passion for music.

Your best bet is to pick either a topic that you are knowledgeable about or one you are interested in learning more about. It can be the history of your favorite band or the musical analysis of an unusual composition you’ve heard recently. Choosing a complicated topic is probably not a good idea unless you are sure you can take it. It might sound interesting, but if it’s too much hassle - you’ll get bored pretty quickly.

writing essay about music

Music Essay Topics: List

If you can’t muster enough inspiration to come up with a decent topic (something like “what is music essay” is probably not the best choice) - don’t worry. Here is a list of 30 cool music essay topics you can pull from essay service review or get inspired by:

30 Best Music Essay Topics

Music Style Essay Topics

Music Argumentative Essay Topics

Music Essay Sample

Here is the music essay sample from law essay writer for you to check:

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Music Essay

writing essay about music

Music : Music And Music

definition of music is very different to many people. Some say that music is the arrangement of sound and silence. Others like myself say music is that and much more. Music is an aural form of art that is used to express emotion and touch the hearts of the listener through the use of phrasing, dynamics, style and tone color. Music is a very universal art form. There are not many people in this world who do not listen to at least some form of music weather it be pop or rock music on the radio, or

The Music Of Music And Music

will be. For instance, in the music section of my Perceiving the Performing Arts class, our Professor made the class, consisting of musicians and non-musicians, sing the next chord that he was going to play and we all successfully did. Just like with language, in a simple sentence we can assume the next word. Like in this sentence “the piano is out of __,” we expect the next word to be “tune.” This is because there’s some kind of neural connection that we have between music and pleasure. So how does

Music And The Music Of Music

been in both chorus and band, along with general music classes through fifth grade. Although, I did not have very much knowledge on music history or the many different music composers. My knowledge in music was mainly revolved around music theory and harmony. When the semester began I was not positive what was in store for me, however what I was sure about was two things. One, I would love whatever we learn for I have a deeply rooted love for music. And two, I would leave this class with an abundance

Music And Music

What is music? To know what it is, we are required to understand what is the designation of music. Music is a vocal or instrumental sound to form a harmony and expression of emotion. Music has always been and still is one of the greatest heritage that we have as a human being, that’s the reasons why people called it the universal language of human kind. No matter where we are music is always there around us and that show’s how important music is for us human beings. Without music, we don’t have the

Music can help people in many ways. Music is known to help people with memory and languages problems by helping them remember and learning how to speak again. It can also improve your health and productivity and it serves as a form of expression, as well as a way for teenagers to understand and identify some emotions that they might be feeling. Listening to music is also good for people who are under a lot of stress, so they can relax and sleep better. Because taking music lessons can also improve

Music : The Power Of Music In Music

popular, musicians can be influential in everything they say, whether that be to the media or in their music. Their lyrics become so influential, that people take them quite literally, and can even act upon some of the things sang by the lyricist. Although this can be dangerous at times, like with Marilyn Manson being blamed for school shootings, musicians reserve the right to speak freely thru their music, much like everyone has the right to free speech. Musicians are beloved celebrities because people

The Music Of Music

Music collections is one of the most important stage in multimedia content and the collections are very huge. A single iPod can hold as many as 10,000 songs, such collections are searched by title, composer and performer, which allows for basic storage retrieval of music. This system contains many features which include 1) Harmony 2) Rhythm 3) Instrumentation Access to this features supports in turn benefits individuals: 1. Tell me the song that goes. (query by example) 2. Could you increase the

Music And Music : The Power Of Music

without I always say my music. I think music is something everyone should have in their life because it does amazing things for people’s lives some even say it’s the window to our soul. Music can change people mentally and physically which is why I think it’s so powerful. Playing an instrument is something that can require you to be independent and responsible for your own practicing which helps and can resemble when developing life skills. When listening and or playing music it does something chemical

Music In Music : The Language Of Music

The Language of Music Language is used in many different ways. It is generally used audibly and physically, but people know it through verbal exchange and writing. While it is common to use the language in stories and education, another commonality is through music. Music and songwriting is an art that creates a story by combining words with rhythm and in some cases, musical instruments. With the love for music and singing, my choral director, Michael Ushino, made an impact on my life through the

Music And Music : The Influence Of Music

constantly stuck in the mind. Music is all around; whether it be at concerts, in elevators, the car radio, or in movies. Music is adaptive and suits everyone in their own style. Music shows how everyone is unique. Several different factors in life influence what music everyone listens to. Growing up, my father and brother, Jacob, influenced me the most. My dad came home from a two week trip, driving his semi-truck, with music that would change my life. He played the music for me and Jacob and we both

Music : The Means Of Music And Music?

in this case music is my prefered form of art because it is meaningful to me in a spiritual, academic, and creative way. However most communities are extremely wary about music and its effects on us. They are saying that it is just a hobby and what we are experiencing is a placebo effect that educators in music have placed in our heads. But in this attempt to persuade and state the truths about the non-coincidental things happening in the minds of a musician. To show that playing music is no hobby

Music : The Meaning Of Music And Music

listener can listen to the beat, the lyrics, anything about the song, and connect with it. Music’s unlike anything else. Music can mend a broken soul, send a message, or a way to identify with, unlike anything else. Hundreds of songs resonate with me, that I can identify with. Yet others aren’t going to resonate or identify with the same songs that I do, that is what makes music, music. Something that can have so abounding different affects people, yet can accomplish what other methods cannot. Methods

Music And Music : The Importance Of Music

Music is more than just jamming in the car with friends. It has brought diverse groups of people together for as long as mankind can remember. On chilly summer nights communities gather in the park to listen as folk bands play their classic tunes. Cultures share their individualised music with those around them so others gain a higher appreciation for their culture and what it encompasses. Music defines history, personality, culture, and how times have changed. Music gives more than just awards and

Music And Music : The Impacts Of Music In Globalization

Music in Globalization Esmael Abofakher ILSC Toronto “When words fail, music speaks.” Shakespeare, that’s what put the music on the top of the global languages for connecting people to each other however from any countries belong. Globalization of Music is very important because music is global language, makes people closer and music as treatment for many people. I. Music is global languages between all the people around the world. A. Music is the universal language of all mankind. 1.

Music : The Relationship Between Music And Music

The relationship between music and mood has been studied as far back as ancient Greece. Since then, scientists and researchers have been using music in therapy in an attempt to change and explain emotions. While the beliefs behind the ability to change one’s mood have changed over the millennia, from the idea that the planets control human emotions to modern-day music therapy, it remains an accepted belief in psychological research that listening to music has an impact on the mood and emotion of

Music, Music And Music

society has evolved, but through music. It has been a vessel used to evince key emotions when words do not seem to be enough. The dulcet hum of the violin or even the sharp notes from an electric guitar are more than enough to express those intangible, yet impressionable feelings that cannot be fully appreciated through words. However, combine words and music together and the composer has a tool that can awaken a thousand souls all at once. Over the millenniums, music has had a profound ability to

Music : My Music And The Joy Of Music

Family and friends represent the joy of music. Music has different meanings, but to me music is the way I express my emotions and thoughts. I like to listen to happy songs not anything sad that will make me cry because in the end, thinking positive, positive things will happen. The music I listen to reveals my personality and the way I act in life. When making a playlist, I add songs not by what year it is but what makes me smile and remember all my good memories that go with it. When I was

caused Beethoven to become a genius in music performance and composition. Imagine if he wasn’t made to learn about music. Since he is one of the greatest influential composers in music, his knowledge wouldn’t have been passed down through the generations. Students shouldn’t be forced to learn about music like Beethoven was, but they can choose to love it on their own. They can only get this opportunity if music programs are added to part of their education. When music education classes are added to the

Music : How Music Is An Art Of Music

According to, music is defined as an art of sound in time that expresses ideas and emotions insignificant forms through the elements of rhythm, melody, harmony, and color. Though this definition is not incorrect, I feel music is much more than that. I have been a huge fan of music for a very long time. Being a member of the marching band since middle school has helped further make music an even larger part of my life. I am currently a member of the Marching Musical Storm Marching

The Importance Of Music In Music

Music plays a vital role in human entertainment, history, and society. Dating back over a thousand years, humans have used sounds to create captivating music that intrigues an audience by providing entertainment and emotional release. Music is performed in many forms, including concerts. I will be discussing a Piano Trio Delizia, more specifically, the composition Trio Op.1 No 1 by Ludwig Van Beethoven in E flat major, that was performed on October 11, 2017, in Marlboro Art gallery at Prince George’s

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Essay on Music | Music Essay for Students and Children in English

February 16, 2021 by Prasanna

Essay on Music: Music is a part of all of our lives, from when we’re growing up to when we’re old. We grow up to the sound of our mothers singing us lullabies so that we’d go to sleep. Music is one of the most calming and soothing things if you let it be. It comes from melodies and tunes strung together by people who sing and play musical instruments. The power of music shows in the simplest of things, such as when you absentmindedly tap your foot to a beat or hum a tune unknowingly.

Music is not only created by people, but it is also all around us in nature. In the mornings, when the crickets and the birds chirp, it is music. The loud sound of the waves in the ocean swishing, the whistle in the wind, and the sound of trees and leaves rustling are all their own forms of music.

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Long and Short Essay on Music in English for Students and Kids

For different age groups, there are different types of essay on music. There is a long essay on music which consists of 400-500 words, and a short essay on music of 150-200 words.

Long Essay on Music in English for 500 Words

Given below is a long essay on music consisting of about 500 words. This essay is suitable for students of classes 7, 8, 9 and 10, and also for those who are writing competitive exams.

Music is something that we all enjoy in the course of our lives. It is the sound that is brought together through a harmony of instruments and singing voices. It is something that is part of us ever since we enter this world. Our mothers, fathers and grandparents sing us lullabies so that we can sleep peacefully. In the mornings, we listen to the birds chirping and the leaves of plants and trees rustling, and even this is like music to our ears. Music is everywhere, and all you have to do is open up your ears to hear it.

Those who know how to create music using instruments and their own bodies are called musicians. There are different kinds of instruments – percussion, string, brass, woodwind and piano/keyboard. Percussion instruments include drums, bongos, the triangle, tambourine, tabla, dholak, etc. and they are the ones responsible for giving the main beat to a song. String instruments include the harp, guitar, cello, violin, etc. and they give rhythm to the music.

Brass instruments refer to those that you have to play with your mouth, such as the trombone, trumpet, the French horn, etc. In these instruments, you blow air into the instruments to create vibrations. Woodwind instruments follow a similar concept using air/wind, except that these instruments are made of wood and the sound profile is higher pitched than brass, for example, the flute. The piano/keyboard consists of a set of keys that have a range of pitches.

When musicians put one or more of these sounds together in harmony, it creates what we know as music. However, that’s not all to it; music can be even one of those instruments, such as the strumming of a guitar, a melodious tune on the piano, a catchy beat on the bongos, etc. When you add another voice to an instrument, it is called singing and is a vital part of the music. When people who play different instruments come together to play them together, it is called a band.

There are many different genres of music, too, such as rock, pop, classical, blues, jazz, R&B, hip-hop, etc. All of these genres of music are characterized by how the instruments work together. For example, rock music is often louder and has more pronounced percussion and string instruments, while jazz is a genre where the saxophone is very prevalent. In today’s world, we see a lot of combinations of genres such as pop-rock, classical rock, etc. One of the newest genres of music is electronic dance music (EDM) which consists of loud percussive beats and is very popular to young people.

They say that music is a universal language, meaning that you don’t necessarily need to understand the words in a song to enjoy the music. In this way, music connects people all over the world with its universal language. I love listening to music especially because of this reason. Music has the power to unite people, make us feel at peace, make us feel understood; it is something to dance to, bond over, and even listen to when alone. Music is not just sound, it is its own language and it communicates so much; it is a beautiful thing.

Short Essay on Music in English 200 Words

Given below is a short essay on music consisting of about 200 words. This essay is suitable for students of class 6 and below.

When we talk about music, we are talking about all the instruments like drums, piano, guitar, etc. and how they get together to make a sound that is pleasing to our ears. We all have some songs we love to sing and dance to, right? Wouldn’t life be a little boring without music? It is something we all need to enjoy our days slightly more than we already do because music adds more colour to our lives.

When you hear the sound of nature – the pitter-patter of raindrops, the whistle of the wind, don’t you feel calm? And don’t you feel like dancing or shaking your head when someone puts on your favourite song? Well, this is the effect that music has on all of us. Listening to our favourite songs can automatically put us all in a good mood. Our moms singing us a song before we go to sleep is a peaceful memory, and that is music, too.

Music Essay Conclusion

Music is a universal language and it is one of the best things that bring all of us humans together. It has the power to make us all feel happy and this is why people all around the world love to listen to and even play music.

10 Lines on Music Essay in English

FAQ’s on Essay on Music

Question 1. Why do we call music a universal language?

Answer: Music is called a universal language because it doesn’t matter where in the world you are or what language you speak, you will understand the music because it’s the sound and not the words that matter.

Question 2. What is a genre?

Answer: Genre in music refers to the categories into which we classify the music of different kinds. There are tonnes of genres in music such as jazz, blues, rock, classical, etc.

Question 3. What are the kind of musical instruments?

Answer: The five kinds of musical instruments are percussion, brass, string, woodwind and piano. They all have their own important purposes in music and add distinctive sounds to songs.

Question 4. What are the effects of music?

Answer: Music can have some really powerful effects on a person, where someone feeling down may feel a lot better after listening to heir favourite songs. It has a calming and peaceful effect on people.

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Essay on Music and its Importance in English for Children and Students

Sri Chaitanya AITS

Music is one of the most beautiful creations of art. It has the power to heal our mind, body and soul by its soothing effect. Different people have different taste in music and it works as a therapy for them. Music aids in expressing ourselves. It can help in healing conditions like depression, Alzheimer and insomnia. It also helps us rejuvenate and connect with ourselves as well as those around us.

Long and Short Essay on Music and its Importance in English

Here are essay on music and its importance of varying lengths to help you with the topic in your exam.

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After going through these music and its importance essay you will know the benefits of music as a medium of connecting to self and others; music as a therapy for many physiological and psychological ailments; healing and calming power of music and its several other benefits.

You can go through all these essay to get the best one for you:

Short Essay on Music and its Importance (200 words) – Essay 1

Music has a divine power. It is a great source of entertainment. It binds people together. It brings back several fond memories from the past. It helps us connect with our inner self and also serves as an excellent medium of self expression. Music is loved by the mankind and is essential for its well being.

Music has been one of the main sources of entertainment since the ancient times. During the earlier times, when there were no televisions, internet connection, video games or any other way to keep oneself entertained, music helped people combat boredom. It also helped them connect better with each other. People sung folklores and danced to their tunes.

Musical instruments came into shape slowly and they took music to a different level. Today, music is a full-fledged industry which has become a source of income for many. Besides offering entertainment, music is also known for its therapeutic power. It calms the nervous system and heals many physical and mental ailments.

Doctors around the world have started including music therapy as a part of various medical treatments as it helps in a speedy recovery. As a part of this therapy, the patients listen to music. They also compose music, play different musical instruments, and write lyrics, dance and chant. Music is indeed a great way to boost the quality of life.

Essay on Music and its Importance (300 words) – Essay 2


Music is a great medium to connect better with oneself. It is also a fun way to connect with our friends and family and make new connections. Two people with similar taste in music connect instantly. Those who are fond of playing the same instrument or have flair in writing same kind of poetry also gel along really well.

Music Helps Establish a Connection with Self

Connecting with one’s inner self is an essential factor in leading a positive and wholesome life. The best way to go deep down and connect with oneself is through meditation. While many people try to meditate only few are able to do it successfully. Most people find it hard to sit in silence and dive deep inside. Their thoughts usually wander making it impossible to concentrate. Many people find this activity boring and tend to give up after few attempts. Music can make this process easier.

Music can calm the mind and help us focus better. There are many guided meditation audios and videos that can help you meditate with ease and develop a connection with your inner self.

Music Helps Establish a Connection with Those Around

Why do you think social gatherings have soft music being played in the background or a full blown DJ installed? Well, this is because music has the power to build a positive atmosphere and also connects people instantly. People often make new friends on the dance floor and also strengthen their bond with the existing ones.

Many songs make us feel nostalgic. This feeling of nostalgia binds us with our friends and family. Listening to such songs in their company is a great way to connect with them even if we meet them after a long time. Music helps in making several new memories too.

If you find it hard to meditate and establish a connection with your inner self or are trying hard to recreate that bond with your old friends then try music as a medium to further these aims.

Essay on Music and its Importance (400 words) – Essay 3

How Music Aids in Self Expression?

One of the problems people face today is lack of self expression. Most hesitate communicating their inner most feelings due to the fear that no one will understand. In fact, in this fast paced world, people are so busy that no one even bothers to listen to what the other person has to say. Holding on to thoughts and bottling up feelings is the worst a person can do to himself. Self expression is necessary and one of the best ways to do so is by way of music.

Why is Self Expression Important?

We are all dealing with something or the other. While we may be capable of handling our issues on our own; however, sharing our feelings and coping mechanism with others can help in lowering our stress to a large extent. It serves as a vent.

It also fetches support from those around us. Research shows that people who have someone to hear them out are happier compared to those who don’t. Those who keep their feelings to themselves often end up lonely and many even develop conditions such as anxiety and depression.

Music Can Help with Self Expression

Now, even if you have people around to hear you, you may not be able to share your thoughts and feelings with ease. Self expression is important but not easy. However, it can be made easy with the help of music. Music has proved to be of great help when it comes to self expression.

The power of music is such that just by playing a musical instrument such as drums or flute or guitar, you can convey how you are feeling or what you going through. You can express even the most intense feelings with the help of music. Another way in which you can express your self is by writing lyrics. This is a great way to communicate your feelings. You can write the lyrics of an existing song or a mix of different songs or even spin new lyrics. The idea always is to express yourself.

You don’t have to be a great musician or writer to do all this. Don’t worry about the outcome. Just follow the process and it will help in true expression of self. This is a way to liberate oneself and see things from a different perspective. Whether someone hears out your composition or not, you will feel liberated once you express it and vent it out by way of music.

The importance of self expression needs to be understood by everyone. Expressing self can be difficult for many but it is essential. Music definitely serves as a good medium for self expression.

Essay on Music and its Importance (500 words) – Essay 4

The Healing Power of Music

Music is not just a source of entertainment but has an amazing power to heal. Music therapy has been declared as a therapy that can work wonders on people suffering from different kinds of mental as well as physical ailments. Many institutes run special music therapy sessions to help people get rid of conditions such as depression, anxiety, cardiovascular problem and insomnia. Music also forms a part of many other medical treatments.

Types of Music Therapy

Music therapy is broadly divided into two categories. These are as follows:

In active music therapy, the participants (those receiving the therapy) create music using different musical instruments. They also write lyrics and sing songs. This includes working on new compositions or remixing the earlier ones. The idea is to shift the patient’s focus from his physical or mental condition to something positive. Creating music can be therapeutic. Since these are group activities, they help participants connect with each other and make new friends. This also helps in the healing process.

During this type of music therapy session, the therapist plays musical instruments and sings songs. The participants sit quietly and listen to him. Many times soft healing music is played on a recorder and the participants enjoy it. This is often followed by a discussion between the participants and the therapist.

Both types of music therapy offer a calming effect on the patients. They work on different levels and help in healing various medical conditions. Most music therapists offer a mix of both these therapies to heal their patients. Many music therapy sessions also include dancing, clapping and chanting loudly. Clapping and Chanting fill the atmosphere with positive energy and render a soothing effect.

Impact of Music Therapy

The effects of music therapy have been astonishing. Research shows that patients who received music therapy as a part of their overall medical treatment recovered faster compared to those who only received other medication. It has largely been accepted that music can heal both physical and emotional pain.

More and more hospitals, clinics and rehabilitation centres have thus started incorporating music therapy as a part of many treatments. They also recommend people to inculcate the practice in their routine life even after they recover. This is because it boosts health and offers better quality of life. A music therapist or coach can help in this direction.

How Does Music Therapy Work?

These days, most of the physical as well as mental ailments stem from stress. Stress mostly occurs when a person fears about the upcoming events in his life or is unable to cope up with the bad experiences of the past. In today’s times, very few people are able to enjoy the moment they are living in. They continually fret about the future or regret their past.

Music helps in shifting the focus to the present moment. So, it helps in combating stress that arises from the fears that lie ahead and the guilt or resentment from the past events. The decrease in the stress level plays a vital part in the healing process. This is a great way to improve both mental and physical health.

Music therapy works for people of all age groups. It is an effective way to relax, combat stress and fight various illnesses. It is recommended for everyone whether he/she is suffering from some ailment or not.

Long Essay on Music and its Importance (600 words) – Essay 5

Music calms our mind and relaxes our body. It is one of the best forms of art. Composing music can be as great an experience as listening to it. Singing can be even more exhilarating. Both verbal and non-verbal forms of music offer a soothing effect to our senses. The benefits of music are uncountable. Here are some of its benefits for which we should be truly thankful.

Music Calms Our Mind

Music helps in getting rid of negative thoughts and emotions. During our day we are faced with several situations that raise our stress levels. Small things such as getting stuck in a traffic jam, clash of opinion with friends/siblings/parents or even a piece of news read in the newspaper can cause stress. Music helps us unwind. It makes us forget these unnecessary things that can otherwise keep our mind occupied the whole day and hamper work.

It is a good idea to turn on your favourite song or play a musical instrument of your choice whenever you are feeling low. This will distract you from the unnecessary thoughts in your mind and calm your senses. It can uplift the mood instantly.

Music Improves the Power to Concentrate

Studies reveal that music can boost your power to concentrate. As we sit to study or work, our thoughts often wander and we are unable to maintain focus. This way a work that can be accomplished in one hour may take two-three hours or even longer. Music has the power to keep us focused in the here and now. It does not let our mind wander and thus helps us concentrate on what we are doing rather than thinking about something completely different. It also increases our attention span.

Music Creates Better Self Image

Music has the power to connect us with our inner self. It takes us to the deep recesses of our mind and helps us understand who we really are and our purpose in life. It also helps us find out our hidden strengths. Thus, it serves as a great means to create a better self image. This further helps in boosting our confidence level.

Music Helps Combat Fears

Each one of us is dealing with some fear or the other. While some are worried about their future others keep stressing about their past events. People also suffer from different kinds of fears such as fear of walking on a busy road, fear of staying home alone, fear of travelling via aeroplane, fear/ nervousness of attending a social event.

While some of these fears are momentary others are inherent and difficult to overcome. Music can help combat fear and make you feel better during situations that make you anxious. Just keep your earphones with you. Plug them in and play your favourite music to distract your mind and calm down during such situations.

Music Renders Strength

Music renders strength by helping people connect better with themselves as well as those around. It aids in better self expression. One can express verbally as well as non-verbally by way of music.

Music also serves as a coping mechanism for things we cannot let go. Many such things keep our energy levels down and hinder our productivity. Music helps us cope up with such feelings and thus renders strength. It can bring about a positive change in our life and increase our sense of control. It supports healthy feelings and hence bars the possibility of various physical as well as mental health problems.

The best thing about music is that it can be listened to anytime and anywhere. You can hear it while driving or travelling by a public transport or when you are exercising in the gym or trying to relax at home. Just turn on your favourite track and enthuse yourself with positivity. Music works on different levels to promote a healthy life.

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writing essay about music

8 Tips for Writing an Essay About Music

Written by Barbara Wintergreen in Lifestyle 👁 14,046

Thursday 30 July 2020, 9.38pm

writing essay about music

In many ways, a winning essay on music is no different from an excellent write-up on any other thing. It should be based on a strong and persuasive argument and should be well-structured and coherently written.   If you disagree with this statement, check out music essay samples from various professional essay writers who  make my essay online . You will see that it is true.

So, if your educator assigns you the task of writing an analytical essay on music, you should organize yourself and start on the right foot. That said, here are some eight handy tips to help you tackle the paper and make sure it shines.

Listen and Understand the Music You’re Going to Write About

If you are writing an analytical piece about a certain kind of music or composition, you can’t begin writing without knowing what it’s about. The first step is to listen to the compositions you want or are tasked to write.

writing essay about music

Photo:  Audio Reputation

Listen to it more than once, and while at it, really think about the music. Think about the rhythm, what type of instruments you can hear, the different parts you can detect, etc. You can be writing down short notes of your thoughts as listen so as not to forget.

Research the Background Information About the Music

Once you listened and understood the piece, it’s time to do some research on it. First, find the technical bits, i.e., who composed it, when it was written, which genre it belongs to, and the particular style used.

Now, delve into more in-depth research. You want to find valuable sources, in the form of articles, journals, papers, books, etc., that you can use as your citations and references. Researching is not always easy, and you can get yourself an essay writer to do the research and writing bits for you online. Remember, just like any other college essay, your piece must be backed up with proper evidence.

Come up with the Skeleton of Your Essay

The last pre-writing step is  outlining . An outline is a structure or rough breakdown of the main points you are going to cover. Create the best skeleton by bringing together all the material you’ve gathered and then pick the strongest points.  Alternatively you can also ask someone to do my essay reviews .

Create a Strong Topic for Your Essay

Now that you have a clear picture of what you are going to analyze in your essay, it’s time to develop a unique and convincing topic. If you are not sure of the topic that you want to go with, create two or three draft topics and pick the best one once you finish writing.

Work on Making Your Introduction Stand Out 

The introduction is where you officially introduce the reader to your work. It should provide a brief explanation of the topic to get the audience up to speed. This section should stand out to make it easy to woo the reader in.  You could use a thought-provoking quotation in this section to pique the interest of the reader. Alternatively, you could offer a brief, easy-to-understand definition of the issue that you explore in your music essay. Importantly, do not forget to write the thesis statement because it helps provide a quick idea of the contents of your writing.

Elaborate Your Main Ideas in Individual Paragraphs to Form the Body

The body is yet another paramount section of your piece. It is where you lay down your supporting information and facts for or against your thesis claim. Every paragraph should provide varying stances for a good flow of thought. When writing your body paragraphs, be sure that you do the following:

End Your Essay by Recapping Your Main Idea

The conclusion should provide the reader with a quick recap of the main ideas your essay contains. Your intention here is to persuade the reader to concur with your suggestions/claims in the paper. To make things easier to comprehend, provide a short sentence to summarize each argument.

The ideal closing paragraph should have the following features:

Do not provide any new information in your conclusion.

Revise to Ensure Accuracy

writing essay about music

There’s no point in spending time crafting an essay on for you to submit a paper that is laden with mistakes. After completing the writing process, if time allows, leave your piece for about twenty-four hours. With a fresh mind, please go through it to identify mistakes and correct them.

Final Words

Handing in an excellent music essay will go a long way in ensuring that you perform well in your studies. The tips highlighted in this article will prove handy in crafting your composition. Implement them whenever you face this troubling task.

writing essay about music

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writing essay about music

Essay on Music

Music is like a universal language of life. It is basically the sound that is brought together through the harmony of various instruments. Our life would have been totally empty and different without music. It is something that every human being enjoys. It is a very powerful thing. Music helps to destress, heal, and motivate.

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Music Essay for Students

“Without music, life will be a mistake” the statement of Friedrich Nietzsche, a German philosopher, simplified the importance of music in one’s life so easily. Music has a magical impact on humans. It's the best form of magic. 

The origin of the word ‘music’ is the Greek word ‘mousike’ which means ‘art of muses’. Music is a form of art and artists decorate it. The music consists of lesser words with deeper meanings. Frequently people use music as a painkiller to escape from the pain of life.  ‘Musical Notations’ is the leading form to write music. This provides a reference to an artist so he can share with others if necessary. Music is a mood freshener and accompanies us in our pocket devices, on televisions, movies, and the most effective in live concerts.

Different forms of music have different effects on human nature. Music is the greatest creation of mankind in the course of history. A combination of deem lights and calm music encourages the listener to eat less and enjoy the food more. Listening to music positively in a car influences one’s mood leads to safer behaviour and fewer road rages ultimately minimising accidental destructions.

If the students love the music, it helps them in recalling the information more significantly along with improvement in verbal intelligence. The studies have found that listening to favourite songs helps fibromyalgia patients to experience less chronic pain. Music has a direct effect on our hormonal levels. Listening to music decreases the level of the hormone cortisol in our body and counteracts the effect of chronic stress.

The heart-touching music is nothing but creativity with the purest and undiluted form. The combination of vocal or instrumental sounds in such a way that it produces beauty and expresses emotions. Anyone can make their day by enjoying music by listening or by composting or by playing. The global facts say parents intensively use music to soothe children even to interact.

Music touches the heart through the ears. It has divine power to act as an energy booster. Some music assists in motivation while some play the best role in sympathy. Music helps us to fight insomnia. Listening to classical or relaxing music, just before going to bed, improves one’s sleep.

Though music helps to counteract depression and loneliness, people underestimate the impact of music on the human mindset in the age of irony age. On the other side of the coin, there are some types of music that can result in deleterious effects on the human mind and body. Listening to music with high decibels can damage neurons. The effect on the brain subjected to continuous exposure to electronic amplification of rhythmic music is similar to that of drugs.

Genres of Music

While talking about a wide variety of music that ranges from ages belonging to different places, cultures, and types, the list of genres is endless. However, some of the major genres of music are stated as below:

Folk & Traditional Music

Traditional music holds an impression of the culture that it represents. It is usually illustrated and sung with folk music. Folk music is taught by one generation to another vocally through singing it and by listening to it. Various dance performances are in order to make it stay intact through ages. In India, the state of Rajasthan is well known for its Traditional-folk music with its dance. Several other regions are also popular.

Art music describes the characteristics of both classical and contemporary art forms. It is usually sung by just one person and demands a high level of attention from its listeners. It is quite well known in Europe.

Religious Music

The type of music that is affiliated to the worshipping of God by singing it, is known as Religious Music. Every religion has its own style and way of singing it. Christian music is one of the most famous religious music known all over the world.

Popular Music

As the name suggests, the type of music that is popular and accessible to everyone and everywhere is known as Popular Music. Such music is composed mostly by the entertainment industry for the purpose of monetary income. As compared to other types of music, Popular Music attracts a notable audience through different concerts or Live shows.

It has gained immense popularity over a period of time and varies from country to country and from culture to culture. One can listen to it on public platforms, digital platforms, television commercials, radio, and even at shopping centres.

Popular music can be subcategorized into numerous types such as Hip Hop Music, Rock Music, Polka Music Music, Jazz Music, Pop Music Latin Music, Electronic Music, Punk Music, and many more. Among different types of Popular Music, Hip Hop Music is vividly famous, especially among the youth population. The culture of Hip Hop music originally started in New York City and now has taken over its place everywhere. The culture of Hip Hop dance has also emerged because of the same. With passing time, a lot of changes are happening in the field of Music but it will never go out of style.

Music is a healer to all human emotions from sadness to depression. It is a cause of happiness. Music content has many genres to play. Emotional expressions have been regarded as the most important criteria for the aesthetic value of music. Sometimes, some crises of life are impossible to express in proper sentences and their music plays its best part. Log on to Vedantu to find exciting essays on other topics and learn how to frame one perfectly from experts.

writing essay about music

FAQs on Music Essay

1. What Role Does Music Play in Our Life?

Music is a very important part of our life as it is a way to express our feelings as well as emotions. For some people, music is a way to escape from all the pain. It gives you relief and allows you to destress yourself. Music plays a crucial role in our life rather than just being a source of entertainment. More importantly, music is something that can be enjoyed by everyone irrespective of their caste, creed, age, or gender.

2. Why is Music So Powerful?

Music is a language of emotion in that it can represent different feelings of a soul without any boundaries or limitations. When people feel really low and think that no one understands them, they listen to music. It is a good weapon to imitate emotions and reduce them. Music is something that can be felt from within our soul. Music is connected with Nature. There are numerous incidents of various singers where singing had led towards the showering of rains. 

3. How Can I Write an Essay on Music?

Get to know the topic. You can't start writing about music until you've familiarised yourself with the concept. Do research thoroughly. Understand the important points and jot them down. Then draw a structure and start writing an essay. A student needs to realise the importance of music and the belonging of its culture for a better understanding and ease of writing. Talking to different artists from this field may also help in writing the essay. Refer to this essay framed by the experts of Vedantu and compile on your own.

4. Is Music a Means of Therapy?

In this modern era where everyone is busy living their hectic life, music plays an important role in soothing one’s mental health. Over a course of time, it has been scientifically proven that music acts as a therapy for a person suffering from depression or anxiety. Even the sound of waves in the ocean helps to heal a person mentally. Thus, psychologists suggest hearing calm and soothing to gain relief from worldly distress.


writing essay about music

Essay About Writing A Song

Song analysis of danny's song by kenny loggins.

Frank Ocean once said, “When you 're happy, you enjoy the music. But when you 're sad, you understand the lyrics.” Why does one have to be sad to “understand the lyrics”? Evaluating a song and being given the ability to relate enhances one’s respect for the composer. For example, when one first listens to “Danny’s Song” by Kenny Loggins, they probably believe the song is about love, however, once a person analyzes the lyrics the realize that the song is actually a story of a couple who are having a baby boy. Their story shows how in times of financial problems, family and love stands strong. Kenny Loggins wrote this song as a gift to his brother, Danny.

Anne Lamott's Getting Started: Chapter Analysis

Which of the authors in this chapter provided you with the most useful information for improving your own writing, and why?

Ickle Me Pickle Me Too Analysis

“Ickle Me, Pickle Me, Tickle Me too,” by Shel Silverstein, follows three friends on their journey in a shoe and how they will drop everything for a great adventure.

Analysis Of The Poem 'Talk' By Terrance Hayes

Poetry is a very unique type of writing. Poetry allows people to express their emotions in a way they feel comfortable. Every poem has a meaning to it, whether it is talking about food, interest, or a moment in their lives. Readers often mistake the poet as the narrator, although in many cases this is true. Many poets are the narrators and the poems are about their personal life. In contrary though, they sometimes write about matters happening around them.

Personal Narrative: My History As A Writer

My history as a writer has been a bit of a struggle of slow development. From a young age I had a hard time with spelling and this is still a trouble area for me, even with the help of autocorrect. As I grew in age and as a writer my problematic area became not including enough nitty gritty details. My bad experiences that I recall would always involve the start of writing because I struggle with beginning paragraphs. Also, I tend to use the ending paragraph to just repeat myself, so overall my first and last paragraphs are usually shit. I find that I usually have more success when writing about something that I truly enjoy and struggle when talking about something I do not really care about. Both my parents were minimal to no help with writing

Losin Control Poem Analysis

Song lyrics are equal in poetic value and have evolved with the use of poetic devices and storylines. Many may argue that poetry may offer more of an insight artistically, but songs can be equal, if not more artistic than some poetry. In comparison to one another, their writing styles are often very similar between the lyrics and words developed. The song Losin’ Control by Russ and the poem Trust Issues by Undefined are equal in artistic and poetic value because they both have profuse uses of similes, rhyme, and narrative.

The Word Plum Analysis

Poetry is a piece of literature where the author shares his ideas of a subject or person. He is attempting to allow the reader an understanding of his feelings regarding this subject. Most of the time poetry can be very pleasing to the ear; however, at times it can be written in a manner that is odd. Some poetry is written in a way that the reader can “hear”, “feel”, “see” or “taste” elements in the poem. Some poems may rhyme while others may not need to in order to convey the message. Some poems may have a strict structural form while others may not. The writer can incorporate one of many poetic devices into his work to relay his message to the reader. Examples analyzed today include poetic sound, onomatopoeia, alliteration, rhyme, meter, and verse.

David Bowie Five Years Analysis

The song “Five Years” is a dramatic story told by Bowie. The song tells us about earth beginning to die, and in five years time, it will be gone. The song goes on to then tell us about all the things that happen in the world when the news is broken to them by the newsman on the tv. The stylistic choices used by speakers and songwriters help give the song/poem depth, purpose and add emotion. David Bowie uses stylistic choices in the song “Five Years” to add meaning to the song and add to the overall structure by telling a story of earth dying and reactions of people after hearing the tragic news. He uses mood, tone, imagery, and rhyme scheme to convey a story to entertain, create emotion, and evoke questions within the listener.

I Dreamed A Dream Analysis

I Dreamed a Dream is a soliloquy piece, sung by Fantine during act one of Les Misérables (1980). Fantine has just been fired from her factory job after it is discovered that she has an illegitimate child and takes to selling herself on the streets to pay for medicine for her daughter. It is here that ‘I Dreamed a Dream,’ is sung as a way of progressing the story and providing a realisation by the character of her unfortunate situation in life with the song being composed as a way of expressing the feelings of Fantine as she wonders where her life went so wrong as to descend to her present predicament. Throughout the song an anguished, during and impoverished Fantine reminisces on happier days and descends back to the harsh reality that is her hopeless life.

Carrie Underwood: Road To Success

Coming from humble beginnings early on, Carrie underwood has come to be known not only for her amazing accomplishments in the contemporary country music industry, but also for the genuine passion she has for the music she records. Carrie Marie underwood was born in Muskogee, Oklahoma on March 10, 1983. Growing up on her parent’s farm, Underwood lived a very modest young life, often performing numerous chores on the farm. Underwood explains that during her childhood she enjoyed things like climbing trees, catching small animals, and most of all singing ( Editors). Aside from singing occasionally while doing work around the farm, she also participated in school talent shows and sang in the church

Shitty First Draft Analysis

In the paper Shitty First Drafts written by Anne Lamott she explains how everyone writes shitty rough drafts even published writers. There is no perfect rough draft. Anne Lamott states, “That is how good writers end up with good second drafts and terrific third drafts” (Lamott 233). When writers begin their writing they are never satisfied to begin with, most do not have a plan while writing they just begin. To go places with your writing you should use your imagination and write what comes to mind. Writers often feel like they are “pulling teeth” while writing, and they certainly have a choice to write and succeed or to give up (Lamott 234).

Song Of The Abolitionist Analysis

The Song of the Abolitionist addresses the severity of slavery in the past. Its main aim was to encourage abolitionists to stand strong and protest against the advocation of slavery in the battle for freedom and liberty in the United States. It is set to the tune of Auld Lang Syne, a traditional folk song.

Why Writing Is Important Essay: The Importance Of Writing

Why is writing important? Writing is an important skill to learn and enhance. Writing allows a person to be able to express their thoughts and ideas on to a piece of paper. Writing allowed me, even from a young age, to be able to express myself. Writing allowed me to add my thoughts and feelings on to a piece of paper. Writing is a skill that is necessary for life. Writing gives you the ability to express yourself in ways that talking could not. From a young age, I loved to write. Writing acted as a scapegoat to me. It allowed me to vanish from reality. It gave me the ability to get in touch with my inner thoughts.

The Chorus In Sophocles Electra

Sophocles’ Electra is a well-known Greek tragedy, set place at Mycenae after the Trojan wars. In the tragedy Electra plays one of the most important roles among the Chorus. The Chorus often sympathises with Electra and also helps the reader (or the audience considering it was written as a play) to understand the events better. The Chorus shares emotions with Electra, such as her grief and frustration, or her joy upon the return of Osteres. In my essay I will discuss the importance of the Chorus and how to the presence of the Chorus guides the audience. I will also discuss how does the Chorus represents the Athenian audience.

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