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why is education important in our society essay

Write An Essay On The Role Of Education In Our Society

Education in david foster wallace's this is water.

Benjamin Franklin once said, “Some people die at 25 but are not buried till 75.” Franklin’s quote relates to This Is Water in the fact that David foster Wallace discusses ways on how to not die once a person has finished their schooling. The goal is how to wake up and realize that thought this day will be the same as the last it will differ based on how I wish to look at it; not as a boring old routine that countless people follow every day, but a means to an end. Towards one day waking up and realizing that the hard work has done something, retirement. The education people will or have received will teach them how to think, so that we realize not everything is as self-centered as people once believed it was. In the speech, David foster Wallace, discusses the real reason behind our education and what it can do for people as a whole.

John Taylor Gatto's Against School

The purpose of education is to improve our thinking which can lead to success. Defining modern schooling and its effectiveness proves to be quite controversial. Based on how the unsatisfactory system is run and the claim that it produces immaturity causes people to start questioning if mandatory schooling is really necessary to achieve an education.

College Still Pays Off: Article Summary

Just how awful has the student loan strain become? Rhetoric of crisis influences the present popular discourse, while very few voices call for tranquil, noting the average number of student indebtedness is approximately equal to the cost of a new car. concealed by the aspect and attention captured headlines, though, it is a more embarrassing picture exposing that all classes and groups of students will not bear the increasing debt hardship equally: women, students of color, and Low-income household students are more greatly affected by this escalated debt. I have currently revealed the 30,000 dollars is the typical amount of debt that students will acquire after attending college for four years. Though the cost of college is increasing, a variety

Outliers Analysis

Education is the backbone to society. A society that is uneducated cannot think rationally. The education of youth guarantees our future. It is the foundation and the building block which ensures each generation will succeed when they reach adulthood. Success as a student is influenced by both internal and external forces. Internal forces, such as mental and physical health, along with external forces such as the length of the school year and day, and parental involvement will have a major impact on a student’s success in education.

Don T Sleep There Are Snakes Analysis

Malcolm X once said “Education is our passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to the people who prepared for it today.” In the western world education plays a vital role in shaping our future; it determines if we will survive or fail in the world we created for ourselves. Our world is constantly changing and it requires a society that is well versed in understanding the problems deriving from cultural differences and tolerance of one another’s beliefs and perceptions. With the power of education we are able to deal with the problems of economic, government, religion and culture differences.

Satire About Poverty

Our family can only eat whatever we grow on a small plot of land located a short way from our house. We have no other form of income so if we are unable to pick anything to eat from the land we go without food on that day. This happens a lot and we regularly go several days without any food at all. When we do pick vegetables from the land it’s very rarely enough for the whole family to be fed so my husband and I have to decide who will eat that day. You can see my younger children crying a lot, it’s because they are so hungry.”“The only source of water for our family is a shallow well situated near to our field. The water is very dirty and the children regularly get sick

Persuasive Essay On Education

Everyone involved in our life has helped raise and teach us about almost everything as they all played a role in our lives. But how exactly did they play a role in our lives? In my opinion, they educated us on things that our time in school did not. In school, they teach us the same four subjects each year: English, Math, Science, and Social Studies. However, they are not teaching us things that we would have to learn from experience later in our lives. They are not focused on teaching us what to expect when we reach the age of adulthood, they are focused on teaching us about the subjects appointed by the Department of Education (DOE). This is the issue we face every day with the school system because although it is great to have a better understanding in these subjects, they should also focus on teaching us how to prepare for the real world. I strongly believe that they should be teaching us how to save money, how to be a better candidate for a job application, and how we are are going to need to be independent. Education should not just be about our academics or else we will never get anywhere. It should also be about how to prepare yourself for real-world problems.

Compare And Contrast The Education System Between Uk And Usa

Education is a basic need of every human being. Every country has their own education system with a motive of “to make their people well educated and civilized”. Schools, colleges, universities, Affiliation Boards, teacher, lecturers, professors, students etc all these entities form the system called an educations system. So we can say that:

Argumentative Essay On Education And Education

Education is a huge issue that not only affects kids and their parents, but their community as well. Schools teach young kids to become the next generation of engineers, technicians, and political leaders, working towards creating a better future for their country and their community. Teachers have the unique job of creating the future leaders of the world, and preparing them for both college and life beyond, by putting a special push towards math and science, the so-called “foundation” of our society. The hard truth is, no one can be anything they want to be. Some people are simply not cut out to be engineers, doctors, or psychologists. Modern day schooling forces students to fit a mold only a select few can fill by creating too much structure and having an overbearing emphasis on math and science, when other, less structured extracurricular activities can promote respect, discipline, and teamwork.

Argumentative Essay On Education

In this essay, the writer would like to analyze education as the process of receiving and absorbing knowledge of a person at school or university, not self-study. Second, according to Human

Education: The Key To Success

Knowledge is a very powerful thing that can change our lives. Today education is considered as one of the basic need of life along with food, shelter and water etc. It is a very broad word because with the help of education one can acquire knowledge. The basic goal of education is to provide pathway to the people which they need for a successful life.

Personal Reflection On The Purpose Of Education

The purpose of education is to create the “catalyst”, - the interest, the imagination, the self-confidence, the enthusiasm for further knowledge that helps a person grow beyond what they believe they can be. Education should help develop skills and knowledge, so students can be productive members of society. The more knowledge you have, the more opportunities you have in life. I think back to my childhood and the teachers that made an impact in my life. I want to be that catalyst for students. I want to send them out into the world being able to realize their full potential and capable of thinking intensively and critically.

Essay On Importance Of Information Technology In Education

Education is an important thing for all people, especially to students who will grow up and will develop advanced countries. Education is not only to go to school but also education can be obtained everywhere now, for or example, at home. Parents can teach their children. By using the sophisticated technology now, education can also be easily found.

Education As An Instrument Of Social Change Essay

One of the most formidable and potent tool of social change is Education. The society can bring about pertinent and much sought after desirable changes through education and modernize itself. By creating the right kind of ambience and by providing ample opportunities and experiences, education can enable an individual to cultivate and groom himself for adjustment with the emerging needs and philosophy of the changing society and aid in the can transformation of society as a whole. A sound social progress needs careful and meticulous planning in every dimension of life, be it political, economic, social and cultural. Education must be tailored to suit the needs of the society

The Importance Of Education In The UAE

Education is most vital among all of us. Education plays a very important role in our lives. For living an expensive life or for living a better life, you should be educated. Education is that which converts a person to live a superior life and even in a social well-being. Education is the one that doing something useful in our coming future. It helps a person to show their best by their mind and spirit. It gives you a lot of knowledge in all the fields. Education plays an important role in the personal growth. The more you have knowledge the more you grow and me able to face the difficult world. Being educated and achieving degrees help you to be prepared in being a part of the reputed organizations, companies and institutions. Education will help you to decide what is good and what is bad for you. A person who has good education will be a good citizen and more responsible worker. Without education a person is incomplete. So education makes a man right thinker and a correct decision-maker. This topic is about the education in UAE. Like any other country education has an equal importance in UAE.

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why is education important in our society essay

The Importance of Education in Our Society

The Importance of Education in Our Society In our culture today, there is a huge emphasis on education, especially higher education. Society basically says the more educated you are, the better off you are. That is pretty much true if you live by the means of society. The basic idea that education, especially a college education, is something that people should pursue even into their adult years is not by any means a new idea. Every society has specialized individuals who fulfill certain positions that require extended education. In some cases, these people are known as shamans, priests, or professors, or they may be doctors, mechanics, blacksmiths, or artists. In all these professions , some form of higher education is necessary. It could come from an apprentice or rigorous private study, or it could take the form of a formal higher education. Whatever the form, the meaning is the same, gain knowledge and use it. The idea of education has been a big part of each and every culture on earth. However, as we all know, there are many questions on what it means to be educated in the form of higher education: questions we, as students, must face sooner or later. Here I am, my junior year in college. In a couple of years, I will be either prolonging my education or out in the real world trying to make a living. I must ask myself these questions: What is the purpose of my higher education? What exactly am I learning? Is the education I am receiving here at the University of Arkansas going to be good enough for a future employer? If I am educated does that mean I am trained to do only one thing? Am I one-dimensional? First of all, what does it mean to be educated here at the University of Arkansas? In other w... ... middle of paper ... ...rked fears of the return of the university system geared toward the wealthy. Society needs the higher educated, because the educated do serve a purpose. Not everyone is as blessed as the fortunate few to have obtained a higher education. Society needs professionals (doctors, lawyers, and engineers). It also needs artiest, essay writing professors, philosophers and politicians. In certain ways the educated owe it to the society they came from to make it a better, more diverse living environment, for everyone including themselves. Education is not just what your major is, it is also what you learn along the way. It's about learning about life and who you are. All the while becoming specialized so that you may contribute to yourself and society. It's a journey, and for those of us fortunate enough to embark on that journey I hope that we make the most of it.

In this essay, the author

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Essay on Why is Education Important

Education is the real wealth for the human being. It never diminishes and is useful throughout life. Education unlike other wealth like property, jewelry never gives you loss in life. Educated people are the real jewels of society and nation. The importance of education must be inculcated in a person right from childhood.

Short and Long Essay on Why is Education Important in English

I will enlighten you on the importance of education through these essays. It will be useful for students of classes 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, and graduate students in getting a general idea and way of writing essays on the topic.

Why is Education Important Essay 10 Lines (100 - 150 Words)

1) Education is a necessity for all human beings.

2) Education is important for gaining knowledge.

3) Education gives us the power to put our thoughts and ideas before society.

4) A good education helps us to attain a good career in the future.

5) Educated people are loved and respected everywhere by everyone.

6) Education is the strength to bring a positive change.

7) It is important for the development of both people and their country.

8) We can also generate good communication skills through education.

9) It helps us to make correct and healthy decisions in life.

10) Humans can differentiate between wrong and right through education.

Poor Status of Education in India - Short Essay (300 Words)


Education is most important for the development of the entire human race. It develops in us the capability to understand the different phenomenon in nature. Education gives us the power to express our ideas and inculcates decision-making capability in us. The higher percentage of educated people in the nation fosters the progress of that particular nation in the world.

Current Status of Education in India

The status of education in India has greatly improved at present as compared to the past. The literacy rate in the year 1951 was about 30% and that of the year 2017-18 is 77.7%. The female literacy rate is 70.3% and the male literacy rate is 84.7%. There is a significant rise in the literacy rate if we compare it after independence from the present.

The south Indian state Kerala with a literacy rate of 96.2% is the state with the highest literacy rate in India. Andhra Pradesh with a literacy rate of 66% is the state of India with the lowest literacy rate. The most noticeable thing is that the female literacy rate in India is very less than the male literacy rate. Women's education must be fostered in the nation so that the female literacy rate can also be improved.

Effect of Covid-19 on Education

Education was greatly affected because of the closing of schools and colleges during the Covid-19 pandemic. It is said that adversity gives rise to new things. The online mode of education has emerged as a new method of receiving education during the Covid-19 pandemic.

It facilitates the students to continue their studies at home with the help of mobile phones and internet connection. The offline mode of education has been replaced by the online mode of education during the pandemic situation. It clearly depicts the importance of education in our life.

Education is regarded as the most powerful weapon that can change the life of people and make them knowledgeable. We all must understand the importance of education in our life and try to make aware of the same to others.

Why is Education Really Important for us - Long Essay (1000 Words)

A strong and good foundation is necessary for making a good building and in the same way education is most important for making a person a civilized citizen of society. Education provides us a way of living and teaches us the values of our life. Better education and learning give everyone a better perspective of the world. It is very important for children to understand the importance of education.

What is Education?

Education is a Life learning process. This process begins from birth and goes on till the death of humans. We learn at every stage of life. We attend different institutions to attain a good education. In general, if we talk about education it is simply not about scoring good marks in the examination. It is about what we have actually learned in our life. Education is about gaining knowledge inculcated with good habits and values and skills. It enhances our personality and character and propels us towards becoming successful in our life.

Importance of Education

Education - Act of Applying Learning into Practicality

We go to schools to complete our initial stage of education. Further, we achieve higher education from university colleges or going abroad. The basic thing we need to understand is the real sense of education. Education is not merely attaining higher degrees from the reputed institution of the nation. It is about putting it into practice whenever needed.

If we simply talk about keeping our area clean by proper waste disposal and do not practice the same. Many times we have seen people even after reading and understanding long chapters of waste management and cleanliness throw garbage and wrappers here and there. This brings a question in our minds that what difference is created after being educated.

Therefore the real meaning of education is proved only when we apply whatever learned in a practical way. This can only bring a change in society.

Importance of Education to Children

Education is crucial for children. It helps them to realize and understand their future goals in their life. A child starts learning immediately after birth. Initially, the parents are the educators of a child. The children must understand the importance of education. It will help them to understand the importance of time and responsibilities in their life. The parents must inculcate the habit of reading in a child from starting as this develops the interest of the child in books and gives them knowledge. Anything, when imbibed from starting, makes the students prepared for the future.

Is Education Really Important for us?

The process of attaining knowledge and becoming educated most probably opens all the doors of success in our life. Life is not meaningful until we have dreams. In order to fulfill our dreams education plays an important role. The education system in India needs to implement some changes and that has been reflected in the New Education Policy 2020. The education of the person should not only be judged by academic records. Skill development must be made necessary. It is not necessary that each one of us is good at studies. Education is not bound to a particular field i.e. studies. It simply means learning about everything. Education is like an investment that always benefits only and does not incur any loss. Thus we state that educated is very important for all of us.

A nation is known always by its people. Education helps people to achieve their aim and understand the world around them. It also sharpens the intellect of people and makes them responsible citizens of society. This in turn leads to the progress and development of the nation. Education can only bring this change in our society and nation.

FAQs: Frequently Asked Questions

Ans . The education we receive in school is termed formal education.

Ans . Germany is the nation in the world that charges no fee up to higher education.

Ans . The foundation of modern Indian education was laid by the Charter Act of 1813.

Ans . Horace Mann, an American Educational reformer, is known as the father of education.

Ans . Education provides skills that easily open the door of opportunities for people thereby employment helps reducing the poverty.

Why I am Interested in this Job

Essay on Why I am Interested in ...

Is Technology a Bane or Boon

Is Technology a Bane or Boon Essay

' src=

Ankita Yadav

Ankita has completed her master's degree from Banaras Hindu University (BHU). She is interested in blogs and articles writing very creatively and elaborating her ideas and views on different topics for her readers. She is a nature lover along with the spirit to save the environment from destruction. She loves traveling and explores her creative ideas in her writings.

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Essay on Importance of Education for Children and Students

Sri Chaitanya AITS

Essay on Importance of Education: Importance of education tells us the value of education in our life. Education means a lot in everyone’s life as it facilitates our learning, knowledge and skill. It completely changes our mind and personality and helps us to attain the positive attitudes. We must give importance to the education than other targets in life as it is the only source of real happiness in our life.

Importance of Education in Society | Importance of Education for Children | Importance of Education in our Life | Article on Importance of Education for Women | Importance of Education for Adults

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Long and Short Essay on Importance of Education in English

We all want to see our kids going towards success which is only possible through the good and proper education. Every parent tells their kids from childhood about the importance of education in the life and all the advantages of education to make their mind towards better study in the future. Make your kids and children habitual of writing essays, participate in debates and discussion and many more skill enhancing activities in the schools or at home using such simple essays. We are here to help you all parents in making your kid’s better future by providing simple essay on importance of education. Following importance of education essay are easily worded and given under various words limit especially for students. You can select anyone of these according to the class standard:

Importance of Education Essay 1 (100 words)

Better education is very necessary for all to go ahead in the life and get success. It develops confidence and helps building personality of a person. School education plays a great role in everyone’s life. The whole education has been divided into three divisions such as the primary education, secondary education and Higher Secondary education. All the divisions of education have their own importance and benefits. Primary education prepares the base which helps throughout the life, secondary education prepares the path for further study and higher secondary education prepares the ultimate path of the future and whole life. Our good or bad education decides that which type of person we would in the future.

Importance of Education Essay 2 (150 words)

In such competitive world, it is must for all to have good education. The importance of higher education has become increased in getting good job and position. Proper education creates lots of ways to go ahead in the future. It makes us strong mentally, socially and intellectually by increasing our knowledge level, technical skills and good position in the job. Each and every kid has their own dream of doing something different in the life. Sometimes parents dream for their kids to become a doctor, IAS officer, PCS officer, engineer and other high level positions. There is only one way to all dreams which is good education.

Students who are interested in other areas like sports, game, dance, music, etc continue their further study together with their specialties in order to have degree, knowledge, skill and confidence. There are many boards of education such as UP board, Bihar board, ICSE board, CBSE board, etc according to the state. Education is a very good tool which benefits all through the life.

Importance of Education Essay 3 (200 words)

Education is very important tool for everyone to succeed in life and get something different. It helps a lot in lessening the challenges of life difficult life. Knowledge gained throughout the education period enables each and every individual confident about their life. It opens various doors to the opportunities of achieving better prospects in life so promotes career growth. Many awareness programmes has been run by the government in enhance the value of education in rural areas. It brings feeling of equality among all people in the society and promotes growth and development of the country.

Education plays a paramount role in the modern technological world. Now-a-days, there are many ways to enhance the education level. The whole criteria of education have been changed now. We can study through the distance learning programmes after the 12 th standard together with the job. Education is not so costly, anyone one with less money may study continuously. We can get admission in the big and popular universities with fewer fees through the distance learning. Other small training institutes are providing education to enhance the skill level in particular field.

Importance of Education Essay 4 (250 words)

Education is must for both men and women equally as both together make a healthy and educated society. It is an essential tool for getting bright future as well as plays a most important role in the development and progress of the country. Citizens of the country become responsible for the better future and development of the country. Highly educated people become the base of the developed country. So, proper education makes the bright future of both, the individual and the country. It is only educated leaders who build the nation and lead it to the height of success and progress. Education makes people as perfect and noble as possible.

Good education gives many purposes to the life such as enhancement of the personal advancement, increase social status, increase social health, economical progress, success to the nation, set goals of life, make us aware towards many social issues and gives solutions to solve environmental problems and other related issues. Now-a-days, education has become very simple and easy because of the implementation of distance learning programmes. Modern education system is fully capable to remove the social issues of illiteracy and inequality among people of different race, religion and caste.

Education develops the people’s minds to a great level and helps in removing all the differences in the society. It makes us able to become a good learner and understand every aspect on life. It provides ability to understand all the human rights, social rights, duties and responsibilities towards country.

Importance of Education Essay 5 (300 words)

Education is an essential tool for bright future for all of us. We can achieve anything good in the life using the tool of education. Higher level of education helps people in earning social and family respect and unique recognition. Education time is a crucial part of life for everyone personally and socially. It provides a person a unique standard in the life and feeling of well being. Education provides ability to solve any big social and family and even national and international level problems. No one of us can unseen the importance of education in the life in every aspect. It turns the minds towards positivity in the life and removes all the mental problems and negativity.

It changes the people’s thought by bringing positive thoughts and removing negative thoughts. Our parent plays a great role in turning our mind towards education from childhood. They try their best to give us good education from the popular educational institutions. It provides us opportunity to gain technical and highly skilled knowledge as well as enlarge our views all over the world. Best ways to enhance the skill and knowledge level is to get practiced of reading news paper, seeing educational programmes on TV, reading books of good authors, etc. Education makes us more civilized and better educated. It helps us in making better position in the society and achieves dreamed position in the job.

It makes us able to become a good doctor, engineer, officer, pilot, teacher, etc in the life whatever we want to become. Regular and proper study leads us towards success by making a goal of life. Earlier the education system was so tough and people from all castes were not able to get education according to their own wish. It was very tough to get admission in the proffered colleges because of high cost. But now it has become so simple and easy to go ahead in the education.

Importance of Education Essay 6 (400 words)

Home is the first place of education and parents are first teacher in everyone’s life. In our childhood, we get first impression of education from our home especially form our mother. Our parents let us know the importance of good education in the life. When we become three or four years old, we sent to the school for the proper, regular and sequential study where we have to give many exams and then we get a pass certificate for one class. Slowly we go ahead by passing our one by one class until we get passed successfully till 12 th standard. Then start preparations for getting admission to the technical or professional degree which is called as higher study. Higher study is very necessary for all to get good and technical job in the life.

We become a well educated person in the life by the efforts of our parents and teachers. They are real well wishers of us who helps us in leading our life towards success. Now-a-days, many governmental programmes have been implemented to enhance the education system so that everyone may get access to the proper education. Lots of advertisements are shown on the TV and news to make people aware of the advantages and importance of education especially in the rural areas as people in backward or rural areas do not want to study because of poorness and improper understating towards the education.

Earlier the education system was so tough and costly, poor people were not able to get higher studies after the 12 th standard. There was so much differences and inequality in the society among people. People of higher caste were studying well and people of lower caste were not allowed to study in the schools and colleges. However currently, the whole criteria and theme of education has been changed to a great level. There are many rules and regulations have been made and implemented by the Indian government to make education system accessible and less costly for all level of people. Most importantly the distance learning programmes has made higher studies so simple and cheap so that people from backwards areas, poor people and people living good life may get equal access to the education and success in the future. Well educated people make the healthy pillar of the country and lead it ahead in the future. So, education is the tool which can make every impossible thing possible in the life, society and nation.

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Persuasive Essay: Why is Education Important in Our Society?


Education is more than just learning from books, and it is a shame that a lot of schools do not see that it is more than just a curriculum and school score. A good education can teach a child how to learn so that the child may take up independent learning as an adult. Education may also teach a child how to reason so that a child does not grow up to be ignorant.

I will show you the two best reasons why education is important in our society.

Persuasive point 1

The biggest selling point for education in our society is the fact that it helps people learn “how” to learn. It is not about the knowledge they accumulate, it is the way a child is taught how to “learn” things. A child may come away from school not knowing a lot of the course, but if that child has been taught how to learn, then that child may become an adult that learns everything he or she needs in life. Otherwise, that child may grow up to be a person that cannot see the obvious because he or she cannot reason and consciously learn new things.

Persuasive point 2

Education teaches people how to reason, and if they are taught how to reason well, then they help subdue their own thoughts of ignorance. For example, there are lots of posts and websites on the Internet about childhood vaccinations and how dangerous they are. Ignorant people than never learned how to reason will look at them, believe them and support them. If a person is taught how to reason then he or she will know how to recognize empirical evidence.

That person would look at all the people in the US that have had childhood injections (most of them) and then look at all the people with autism. They would reason that if childhood vaccinations caused autism then most of the people in the US would have autism. If a person is taught how to reason then that person may see how people that smoke seem more likely to develop emphysema than people that do not smoke. They would then reason there is a link between smoking and emphysema. This sort of reasoning can be taught in schools, and if children are not taught it then they walk around risking their children’s lives by not vaccinating them, and walk around smoking because their daddy smoked for years and it never hurt him.

If education is not seen as important, then one day it will just be all about school scores and hitting the factors of a curriculum. There will be a day when children start to hate learning because school put them off it for life (this already happens in some cases). Plus, without education teaching people how to reason things out and teaching them how to separate what is fact from what is faulty evidence, then our society will become more and more ignorant until a smarter country simply marches over and takes our country from under out ignorant noses.

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Essay The Importance of Education in Today's Society

Worth The Cost Of College

As young adults graduate from high school, they wonder whether they should pursue a higher education or not. The debate on the cost of college and its worth has been a highly discussed topic for decades. Most kids most likely won’t attend college because they claim it’s too expensive and it’s not worth the cost. But college is more than just a building with an expensive price tag that people attend, it’s an experience, it’s a segue to personal and financial prosperity.

Linda Lee's The Case Against College

High school graduation marks the start of young adults’ lives, a time where they are expected to decide what they want to do for the rest of their lives. Many young adults are pressured into attending college, whether they have determined their goal or not, but is it necessary? “The Case Against College,” an article written by Linda Lee, a mother who has questioned the former belief that college equals success, claims that “not everyone needs a higher education.” College, though beneficial to many, is not for everyone and should not determine an individual’s life.

Role Does College Play In Social Reproduction

Recently there has been a lot of debate about the importance of college education. Students are asking if it’s worth the debt to attend a four year university or community college. Some are thinking what are the benefits of a degree is in the workforce. With college tuition increasing and state fundings lowering, low income students are struggling to attain a higher education. College institutions should have a role to provide students higher education and equal opportunity to students to increase social mobility yet intergenerational reproduction of privilege has produced inequality in education.

Community College For Free Essay

College graduates can pull in higher paying employers, therefore the states can benefit by earning money off of these employers. Some children’s families cannot manage to help pay for the fees, housing, meals, books, supplies, and personal/transportation expenses, even with the pell grants and other scholarships being offered to them. Sixty percent of college students stress about not having enough money to pay for school, the other percentage are worried about not having enough to pay their monthly expenses on top of school (“College”). This in return may put a burden on society from becoming booming with well advanced and bold civilians due to the lack of interaction with college level wisdom. Student’s should all have a chance at further promoting their lives to flourish at what they believe they want to become, without having to deal with the later emotional struggles of money. Although graduates may pull in higher paying employers, the

My Son Was Accepted To A College He Can T Afford

Deborah Caldwell shares her emotional experiences with the college education system in her essay “My Son Was Accepted to a College He Can’t Afford. Now What?” that I hope will not reflect my own. I am a High School Senior who is planning to attend college in the upcoming term, going through the selection process just as Caldwell describes. Just like my mother, She takes pride in the achievements of her children and is proud they are accepted to prestigious schools for all their hard work. I see my family through her experiences as the year unfolds and I apply for federal aid. Just like many other middle class families, we are neither rich enough to afford university tuition without aid nor poor enough to qualify for government assistance programs.

Explain Why College Is Not Cut Out For Everyone

“In fall 2016, some 20.5 million students are expected to attend American colleges and universities, constituting an increase of about 5.2 million since fall 2000” (National Center for Education Statistics). That number seems to be rising each and ever year, and it almost seems as students feel like they have to go to college directly after high school. Maybe it is because they feel that they have to fit in, even if college is not for them. Although some students attend college for academics, sports, and other reasons, some students attend college for no apparent reason; with that in mind, students should take into consideration the time and money that is put into going to college.

The Decision Of A First Generation Student Essay

“Kids who are the first in their families to brave the world of higher education come on campus with little academic know-how and are much more likely than their peers to drop out before graduation” (1). Many people believe that school isn’t for everyone, and whoever goes is privileged for doing so. Countless people in the world today do not attend college, and this is mainly due to an influence of those in their family. Perhaps they are unsupportive of higher education, their parents and family members may view their entry into college as a break in the family system rather than a continuation of their schooling and higher learning. Most of the first-generation students decide to apply to colleges, because they aspire to jobs which require degrees. However, unlike some students whose parents have earned a degree, they often seek out college to bring honor to their families, and to ensure they make a decent amount of money for their future.

College Admissions Flaws

Starting in high school, students are not given equal opportunities to excel because of family background. Furthermore, the admissions process itself has its flaws—legacies, minorities, and athletes are being chosen over exceptionally gifted valedictorians. Even after college, the problems do not end; possible joblessness and student debt are unavoidable. On top of these major problems, educators and parents continue to convince kids everywhere that college is the only option to become successful, and choosing another path is heavily looked down upon. The newest generation’s life is centered around the climax of college while at the same time, more and more students are unable to attend universities because of cost or rejection, but this is a paradox. The more high schoolers work hard, the more high schoolers will get turned down to their dream schools, and the more the college admissions process effectively become a lottery, leading to “many highly talented, brilliant, creative people thinking they’re not” (Robinson). The widespread college problem has no easy fix, nor does it have a single solution. Rather than working to fix the unfixable, adults must stop putting such emphasis on the college pathway, and instead stress that there are other options. The future of the job world is unknown; there is no way to know if an expensive college education is the right choice. College, with all of its flaws, is just one option in preparing for the future; it is not necessarily the best. Therefore, the single word, “college,” should stop dividing the academic from the non-academic or the successful from the unsuccessful, and instead be considered a single path in an array of worthy

Cost Of College Essay

In today’s society, it is said that having a college degree will have long term benefits. However, for some people, they wonder if college is worth it. The reason why is because of the cost of attending college. Unlike public schools, going to college is not free. Being able to attend a four-year accredited college with scholarships is almost deemed a miracle. Being able to choose which school to fit in your price range is almost heart breaking. The cost of attendance will increase based on accreditation and location. You cannot pay for college with cash money alone. With the help of financial aid, students are given money based on their parent’s income. For some low poverty students, the hopes of getting financial aid is their way to college. For others, parents set aside a trust or college fund to give to their children. Another way students pay for college is through scholarships that they earn locally, through the state, or even on a national scale. However, when the scholarships run out, a student is forced to take out student loans, and the steps after taking the money are not told until after graduation. The student debt rate is overwhelming in this country. No one wants to talk about it because it is being swept under the rug.

Cheaper College Benefits

Society has put so much emphasis on attending college after high school, making it a social norm. During the last two years of high school guidance consolers, teachers, parents and their children begin meeting and have discussions on whats next after high school. Many parents such as the ones in the study conducted by Holmstrom, Lynda Lytle plan to send their children to college after high school. One parent stated “ what kind of economic future do they have if they are not educated.” Participating parents were from different socioeconomic backgrounds, and those who’ve attending college and some that did not were in agreement that the benefits were everlasting. When asked what they received from attending college parents gave responses such as “ I was well served, it was a tremendously exciting place, along with gaining new prospective on the world, boosting self confidences and broadening and opening their minds. Other parents expressed the ability to obtain a job they were about to provide for their families along with gaining personal benefits like health care. The parents in this study were faced with the truths of having to pay for their children’s higher education and overall they were willing to go the extra mile so their children were able to go to college and not be struggling to make ends meet in the years

Is College Doomed Analysis

With tuition costs skyrocketing and job opportunities declining for many graduates around the nation, it leaves many to question the supposed benefits of earning a college degree. In high school, students are geared towards the idea a college education will unlock various opportunities for those with a degree compared to those individuals without one. Although receiving a higher education may be extremely costly, it remains important to not underestimate its true value. There are a number of factors that make earning a college education crucial in today’s society. These include the knowledge you gain by earning a degree, and extensive opportunities made available after graduation. These two factors, along with the financial security and

Skilled Trades In America

Students from all over the United States are told all through their life that they need to attend college if they ever want to be successful, however, this is far from the truth. Often schools are culprits for driving students to attend money driven colleges, in other cases it is family. While schools all too often make the push on students to continue their schooling, parents can cause the same situation, as they may not have a degree and be working a low-paying factory job. Now kids already don’t want to be like their parents when they get older, so seeing them suffer in poverty or barely above the poverty line can cause some dissatisfaction, further seeking a degree to live a life that they never got. What many

Persuasive Essay : College Prices

Many high school student and young adults who dream of becoming well educated are unable to because they do not have access to higher education due to their economic status. Nearly 85 percent of middle school aged children in the US say they would like to earn a college degree yet only 44 percent of students from poor families are enrolled by October following high school graduation (Haveman, 2006). About 59 percent of students finish their

Academic Success

A child's main focus in life has always been being successful in school in order to achieve many riches in adulthood. Many people have supported these children to reach this goal by preparing them for about two decades. In return, their family members expect them that these clueless kids return the favor by going to college. Some have put their immense effort beyond their reach, but unfortunately there is a vast majority of students that do not have what it takes both academically and emotionally to earn a college degree or to even meet their own personal standards. Although they received all the help they could get, their parents forget to even consider that what matters the most for these young adults to go to college is their own willingness

The Value of Education Essay

Learning and knowledge are highly prized in all societies, especially here in Ireland, where there is a strong tradition of respect for education. The choices that individuals make when leaving school, in particular whether to pursue higher education or not, are likely to have a long lasting effect on their lifestyle. The main purposes for a University education involve: social, national and educational purposes and for the individual personal purposes and moral development. These topics will be addressed in the following paragraphs.

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Top 10 Reasons Why Is Education Important


Most of us have grown up being taught the importance of education. But why is education important? Through your frustrating school years, you may have thought that it was a waste of time, or was just something that you needed to do in order to get a job. Truth be told, however, education goes so much beyond just getting a job and making your parents happy. In fact, it’s one of the most powerful tools out there.

What Is Education?

Education means studying in order to obtain a deeper knowledge and understanding of a variety of subjects to be applied to daily life. Education is not limited to just knowledge from books, but can also be obtained through practical experiences outside of the classroom.

Top 10 Reasons: Why Is Education Important?

There are many different understandings and definitions of what education is, but one thing can be universally agreed upon, which is the importance of education — and here’s why.

1. Provides Stability

Education provides stability in life, and it’s something that no one can ever take away from you. By being well-educated and holding a college degree, you increase your chances for better career opportunities and open up new doors for yourself.

2. Provides Financial Security

On top of stability, education also provides financial security, especially in today’s society. A good education tends to lead to a higher paying job, as well as provide you with the skills needed to get there.

3. Needed For Equality

In order for the entire world to really become equal, it needs to start with education. If everyone was provided with the same opportunities to education , then there would be less gaps between social classes. Everyone would be able to have an equal chance at higher paying jobs — not just those that are already well-off.

4. Allows For Self-Dependency

The importance of education is evident when it comes to being self-dependent. If we are we educated, then it’s something that belongs to us, and only us, allowing us to rely on no one else other than ourselves. It can allow you to not only be financially independent, but also to make your own choices.

5. Make Your Dreams Come True

If you can dream it, you can achieve it. An education is the most powerful weapon you can possibly have, and with it, you can make all of your dreams come true. There are of course certain exceptions, depending on what you’re aiming for, but generally an education will take you as far as you’re willing to go.

6. A Safer World

Education is something that’s not only needed on a personal level, but also on a global level, as it’s something that keeps our world safe and makes it a more peaceful place. Education tends to teach people the difference between right and wrong, and can help people stay out of risky situations.

7. Confidence

Being self-confident is a major part of being successful in life. And what better way to gain that confidence than with an education? Your level of education is often considered a way to prove your knowledge, and it can give you the confidence to express your opinions and speak your mind.

8. A Part Of Society

In today’s society, having an education is considered a vital part of being accepted by those around you. Having an education is believed to make you a useful part of society, and can make you feel like a contributing member as well.

9. Economic Growth On A National Level

An educated society is crucial for economic growth. We need people to continue to learn and research in order to constantly stay innovative. Countries with higher literacy rates also tend to be in better economic situations. With a more educated population, more employment opportunities are opened.

10. Can Protect You

Education can protect you more than you know, not only on a financial level, but it can help prevent you from being taken advantage of by knowing how to read and write, such as knowing not to sign any bogus documents.

Photo by  Pixabay  from  Pexels

Education is important for children.

Children are the future of our world, making education crucial for them. Their knowledge is what’s going to keep our world alive and flourishing.

At Childhood

During the childhood development stages, the importance of education is stronger than ever. It’s a time for children to learn social and mental skills that will be crucial for their growth and success in the future. Education at childhood also offers a chance for self-discovery and to learn about their unique interests.

The importance of education in our lives goes far beyond what we can read in a textbook. Education also provides childhood with knowledge such as how to produce artwork and make music. Education allows us to analyze what’s in front of us, and even learn from our mistakes.

Goal Building

By learning from a young age, children are given the chance to start building goals for themselves. Education means having the logic to set your mind to something and achieve it.

Importance Of Education In Society

For a modern society, education is of utmost importance. There are so many influences coming from all directions, and education can help us decipher what we should take as true, and what we should take with a grain of salt. Education can mold people into functional members of society with the right kinds of values.


Education is needed for a productive society. Our population only continues to increase, and in turn, so do our needs. We need a strong and efficient workforce of educated people to provide us with the services we need for everyday life.

Why Is Education Important For a Nation?

The importance of education is seen in every aspect of life, and is especially crucial for the growth of a nation.

The Impact Education Has On The World

With education, people can become better citizens, knowing right from wrong, allowing for a better society where laws are followed. An educated nation knows about the importance of voting, doing so with the knowledge not blindly, but also having an understanding of what their party truly stands for. Education can also help people get jobs, which is what a nation thrives on.

Inspiring Quotes On What Education Truly Is

Why is education important, and what is it exactly? While every person has a different understanding of its true meaning, here are some of the most inspiring quotes by some legendary people.

What Are Some Other Reasons Why Education Is Important?

There are endless reasons why education is so important, especially since it also has endless connotations and meanings.

Mind And Body

Our mind and bodies are connected more than we know. With a powerful, well-educated mind, so too are our bodies.

We can not only know how to best take care of ourselves, but we can feel confident and good about ourselves, which will likely have a positive effect on our physical well-being . Education has even been proven to add years to our life . To be exact, each additional year of education was found to add as much as 1.7 years to our lives at the age of 35.

Personal Growth

The importance of education even extends itself to our personal growth. By constantly educating ourselves, asking questions and wanting to know more, we can move forward and achieve things we never imagined before.

Get To Know Yourself

Education can allow us to get to know ourselves better than ever. We can learn things about ourselves, whether it be through books, courses, or even consulting with a professional.

Photo by  Burst  from  Pexels

Worldwide value.

Education is the best way to ensure a positive world value and view. Without a proper education, how else do we know what’s considered appropriate and how to behave?

While world peace may unfortunately seem like a far-fetched concept, with education we can get closer to this goal than we know. Education can teach us about our place in this world, and about our responsibility to humanity.

Teaches Values

Values are taught through education! Education exists far beyond the classroom or an exam. It’s taught at home, through what our parents and peers show us, and although not necessarily written down somewhere, such a teaching method is still a large aspect of what education entails.

Sharpens Your Thinking

Education is needed to think sharply and clearly!

Makes You Informed

Education makes you informed about the world around you, what’s going on and what kind of people are around you. Education can help you be more self-aware about your strengths and weaknesses, showing you were to shift your focus.

Logical Reasoning

When in an argument, if you aren’t well educated and don’t have your facts straight, then you aren’t likely to win. If you get upset about something, then being educated can also help you logically work through the situation and make sense of it, understanding all aspects.

Stay Focused

Education can help you stay focused and on track in the right direction by knowing what the right path is for you.

Allows For Innovation And Creativity

When it comes to being creative, in any way, shape, or form, the mind can only really reach its full potential if it’s been fed with the knowledge it needs to think outside the box.

Develop Life Skills

Education is the foundation of basic life skills and street smarts. While education might sound like a fancy technical term, it’s really everything we learn in life about how to best conduct ourselves from day to day.

Education can be the most freeing and empowering thing in the entire world!

Live Life To The Fullest

Truly living life to the fullest means being well-educated and holding a vast amount of knowledge about the world around us. It also means we continue to learn every day in all kinds of forms, whether it be from the people around us, newspapers, experiences, research, or traditional classes.

Breaks Barriers

Education breaks barriers between people, and allows people from across the globe to be empowered.

University of the People, a tuition-free , online university, is one powerful example of how education is being revolutionized – they offer students of all socio-economic backgrounds an equal chance at education.

Once upon a time, such a thing wouldn’t have been possible, but today such places like UoPeople have proven that these barriers truly can be broken through to receive higher education.

You Become Your Highest You

Education can allow you to become the best, fullest version of yourself, learning about what interests you, what you’re good at, becoming self-aware and conscious about the world around you. It can help you establish your place in this world, and feel complete.

Education In The Modern World

Education today is more important than ever before, and has reached new heights with new understandings of what it truly entails. Ask yourself “Why is education important?” and it will surely not be the same as anyone else’s answer.

While in modern society, holding a college degree is considered to be highly beneficial for a successful career and to be socially accepted, it is not the only means of education. Education is all around us in everything that we do, so use it wisely!

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