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work from home essay

Working From Home Essay

Home front letter essay.

I hope this letter finds you well. It has been a while since I have last heard from you. Mom and I miss you here in the home front and we are waiting for the day the war finally ends and you get to come home. While thinking about how hard you and the other soldiers are fighting for us and our country, we wanted to find things we can do on the home front to make things better for when you all return. I know it must be extremely difficult in the war front, but I want you to know that all of us here are doing everything we can to help our nation win the war and bring our troops home.

My Writing Process Essay

Writing process is difficult to realize since it requires a lot of skills and knowledge. Definitely, not many of us can start writhing right away without having any problems such as grammar, vocabulary or organization. However, a person can become a better writer if he or she will practice writing every day and will pay attention to his writing problems. To become a good writer, I have to improve my grammar, follow specific steps in writing process, and avoid using similar transitional words.

Commentary On The Frontline Documentary Two American Families

In America today it is hard for certain families to make a living and to keep a job. College is very expensive and not many people can afford to go to college. And when it comes to finding a job that pays enough to support a family and gives you the hours you want so that you can still spend time with your family is nearly impossible. Family time is very important to sustain a healthy, strong relationship with all the members of your family. Divorce is very common when both parents work and never have time to spend time together. But money makes the world go round and if you don’t have any then you are left out to dry.

Joining A Trade School Essay

Going to college usually is an automatic thing to do for students after graduating from high school. The reasons for this obvious choice are varied. Most students and society at large are conditioned to follow this transition from school to college. Getting a college degree is considered as a must.

The Importance Of Being On Time Essay

By not managing your time well, you could disrupt not only the course of your day, but others as well. Keeping your word and showing up on time shows that you are reliable and appreciate the other person's time as well.

Essay On My Writing Process

Every student has their own writing process. Writing process ways is the student's way to have the best writing assignments and make who ever read it understand their main idea. In this essay I am going to explain my own writing process for various type. In chapter 4 by Keith Hjortshoj “How Good Writing Gets Written” which talks about how should develops their writing skills and gives them some tips that they should use in their writing process. In “Decisions and Revisions: The Planning Strategies of a Publishing Writer” Carol Berkenkotter. Berkenkotter did study and experiment on Donald M. Murray to see how professional academic writer writes and see his writing processes. In this essay I will talk about how's my writing process is the same or different from other people processes. Planning and proofreading is strategies I’m using during my writing assignment

Derek Thompson A World Without Work

In the late 19th and early 20th century, family was the foundation and core of society in America (Hussung). During this period of time, the wife was in charge of raising the children and cleaning the house, while the husband worked and provided protection for the family. A strong family unit was something highly regarded and looked upon in society. However, time has continued and American values changed. What America once viewed as important has now fallen into the background and new values have come to the forefront. America no longer follows the rule of family first, but instead we follow the rule of work coming first. The value of the once meaningful family unit is deteriorating and work is taking its place. However, despite American

Importance Of Time Management In The Military

Time management is very important as any organization or individual who want to achieve his/her goals must strictly observe time. Time management requires someone to prioritize some tasks in some way; one should label some tasks as more imp01iant than others. The key factor in effective time management is usually accuracy because when you have accurate model of reality you are in a position to determine which task is more important than other. You can only realize the real gains in time management at the top but not at the bottom. Inaccurate understanding of reality can make your missions, goals and your projects to be meaningless

Homeschooling Annotated Bibliography Essay

However, what homeschooling does provide are flexibility and freedom. The flexibility to choose materials the child is interested in learning more about and the freedom to choose where and when to spend family time together. Families are not held to an 8-3 school schedule with truants and late slips. They have the ability to plan vacations according to what works for their family, not what the school schedule allows for them. Many states have heavy regulations on homeschooling as far as the requirements and responsibilities go. However, the government in many places wants more regulations over homeschool education. Many want it to be outlawed altogether and the privilege to be taken away from families in order to have more control stating abuse and neglect on the parents part. Others want a more rigorous testing schedule and minimum educational requirements provided by the parent wanting to educate. Educational options serve to help the children not just be another number in the school system. They provide opportunities to engage students and nurture their interests in order to grow their knowledge of the working world they will eventually

Time Management Strategies In Doctoral Business Administration

Time management has been one of the most substantial hurdles of my scholastic and professional career. Many of us waste our time on things that are neither important nor necessary, instead of using that time for something of that is meaningful. To capitalize on the use of time management strategies and reach my Doctoral Business Administration (DBA) program goals. I will execute two specific time management strategies, for example, accessing and planning a weekly schedule while adjusting my daily schedule. Time management will help me maximize the use of my time and reach my ultimate DBA goals of completing each assignment.

Flexible Work Schedule Essay

World had make transformation for working time or schedule by producing “work flexible schedule”. Many people like the new transformation. This is because people can make a dual income at the same time. There are many people in moderate class so they need to get a more job to support their-self or family. To increase their income, they need to get two jobs. By the existence of work flexible schedule, people can make two jobs in one day. For example, people can make an online business at home and at the same time, they can do their jobs at home. This thing wouldn’t take much time to round their business. If they have free time, they can continue to complete their work task at home. For students, they also can get a job if all of Malaysia’s company using work flexible schedule. It is does not interfere with student learning because students can divide their time within working and study. The advantage of dual job at the same time is, people can get more income and gain more experience. They also can get more knowledge and get many friend but the advantage is people which do not know how to manage time will get a problem to complete their work. They will be more stress and their productivity will decrease and it will influence to their

Work Life Balance Report

In today’s society, it is common for employees to have many challenging responsibilities in their life other than work, for example, commitments involving parents or children, education or sports commitments or personal interests outside of work. People want to escape work for a greater sense of well-being and to reduce stress levels. A poor balance between an employee’s work commitments and their other responsibilities can lead to low productivity as well as high stress and absentees. Meanwhile, employees with better work-life balance often have a greater sense of responsibility, achievement, ownership and control of their working life. If an employer helps an employee to balance their work and home life, the organizations can be rewarded by increased loyalty and commitment. Employees will also be able to focus more on their work and to further develop their career in current organization.

Advantages Of Remote Working

A Forbes survey revealed that remote workers are much more likely than non-remote workers to feel valued at their jobs. This is important for employee morale as it will make certain that people will work better and will be more likely to stay in their jobs for longer, decreasing turnover and cutting the costs of recruitment and employee training.

Virtual Learning Pros And Cons

Time management, lack of discipline, less direct contact, and less accountability and feedback from peers and educators are all ways that show that virtual schooling is not the best choice of education. Traditional education makes sure that students are able to learn from structured schooling. Although virtual schooling may have advantages, it does not always help students get the results they want.

Disadvantages Of Flexible Work

Today, most of the employees when they want to choose jobs, they are not only looking on how much salaries alone, instead they explore other benefits that jobs can offer to them. One of the benefits that employee will look for is does the job they want to apply offers flexibility especially in terms of work schedule. This is because many employee already have other demanding commitments and the recent changes in the nature of work, along with the introduction of new technologies (cell phones, email and other means of electronic communication) have led to many employees struggling to balance roles in their work and personal lives (Hayman, 2009; Hobsor, Delunas & Kelsic, 2001). Therefore, employees hope to get a job that allows them to do other commitments without disrupting their commitment to work. This is reason why flexible work schedule become one of factors for employees to consider when want to choose a suitable company to work.

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Essay Service Examples Life Work

Work from Home: Essay

WFH has been defined in various terms over the four decades, namely remote work, flexible workplace, telework, telecommuting, e-working. These terms refer to the ability of employees to work in flexible workplaces, especially at home, by using technology execute work duties (Gajendran and Harrison, 2007; Grant et al., 2019). Gajendran and Harrison (2007) define teleworking as an ‘alternative work arrangement’ in which workers perform tasks anywhere that can normally be performed in key workplaces during at least part of their working hours, using digital media to interact with other people outside and within the organization, in particular, they stated that ‘elsewhere’ refers to ‘at home’.

The WFH has positive effects on employers and employees. The benefits include, but are not limited to, reduced commute times, avoidance of office politics, use of less office space, increased motivation, better gender diversity (i.e., women and careers), healthier workforce with less absenteeism and turnover, higher talent retention and job satisfaction and better productivity (Mello, 2007; Robertson, Maynard and McDevitt, 2003). In contrast, the disadvantages of the WFH include the blurred line between work and family, distractions, social isolation, and employees who bear the costs associated with the WFH. According to Purwanto et al. (2020), the WFH has certain disadvantages, such as homeworkers have to pay for electricity and Internet costs themselves. Collins and Moschler (2009) found that workers were isolated from their co-workers and the managers were concerned about reduced productivity when working from home. In addition, the relationship between employees could also be affected (Gajendran and Harrison, 2007). The workers might be distracted by the presence of young children or family members at home work (Baruch, 2000; Kazekami, 2020).

work from home essay

Due to Covid-19, many employees cannot drive to work. It can be helpful to identify what types of work cannot be done from home as lawmakers seek to target social security contributions to those who need them most. Performing at home is an important tool in predicting economic performance during these or later periods of social distancing. A recent study by Dingel and Neiman (2020) found that 37% of work could be completed at home during the Covid-19 pandemic in the US, e.g., financial work, corporate governance, professional services and science. Those involved in health, agriculture and hospitality cannot be done at home. Although the acceptance of the WFH has increased worldwide, academics argue about its advantages and disadvantages. According to the 2018 American Time Use Survey, less than a quarter of all full-time employees work from home on an average day, and even these workers typically spend less than half of their working hours at home. Home workers generally earn more. If we assume that all occupations involve the same number of hours worked, 37% of work that can be done at home accounts for 46% of all wages.

Working from home has become a priority of government policy to deal with the pandemic. In doing so, the regulations must take into account the practicality for each employer and each staff both part-time and full-time workers, as some effects can arise for both groups in the same situation.

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Working From Home Essay Example

The benefits of working from opens up a new range of possibilities for the way businesses can work and structure themselves. With the outbreak of the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, home working has given some employers the flexibility they need to continue their business operations while prioritizing staff and customer health and wellbeing as part of their public health responsibility. Also, before the coronavirus pandemic, working from home was on the increase as many employers identified the benefits that it can bring to their business and the improved work-life balance for their employees.

When working from home, one gets to enjoy many benefits, more flexibility and eliminates commute with the risk of being infected. It will reduce fuel and traveling expenses. Working from home can make it easier for employees to create a better work-life balance and take care of their health. It eliminates most of the traditional aspects of going to work, dressing in business attire, while reducing social interaction and standard means of accountability. Depending on your preferred work style and culture priorities, it could either be positive for you or negative. Since remote work tends to be more flexible, employees can better manage their personal time in the event that they have an appointment or to take care of families. 

Individuals who work from home encounter fewer social distractions from coworkers, which can lead to improved productivity in the workplace. Additionally, it takes you away from any work politics, sometimes it becomes difficult to cut yourself from any embarrassing moment, and you having to choose between your co-workers and your boss. When you are working from home, you cut yourself from all the unnecessary things that waste your time, like attending meetings or taking breaks frequently or indulging yourself in gossips. When you do the task in your home, it creates a sense of responsibility as you are far away from your workplace and work desk, which inculcates in yourself a sense of authority as well as responsibility. 

Employees also have the opportunity to balance time, which can help them return to their work feeling more energized and motivated. You can also communicate with fellow coworkers and family members without having fear of being infected. This will increase your productivity while keeping your interest at a maximum level. You can even take breaks at your leisure. However, this requires self-discipline and motivation enough to manage time responsibly and complete job with effectiveness and efficiency. 

During the pandemic it’s a challenging time for all of us. COVID-19 has brought uncertainty and disruption to every business and has led to a lot of abrupt changes to how we get our jobs done. Employees utilize their telecommuting skills which often requires using technical applications, such as online meeting, communication and team collaboration platforms. You are able to develop technical skills that you may not typically use in a physical workplace. There has to be consistent communication between teams and managers, which likely requires more emails, phone calls, video calls and chats in messaging platforms. To ensure the business stay afloat more and more employees hosting virtual events to stay connected with one another in a face-to-face way, even if it’s mediated through a screen which could be Zoom, Skype and WhatsApp, Google Hangouts and some are even free to use. Some requires internet connections.  

With the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic being the primary topic on the news and concerns increasing over the economic impact of government shutdowns some persons have trouble maintaining a positive state of mind. However, maintaining a positive attitude can help better support your fellow coworkers to make rational, proactive decisions to handle the weeks and months of changes the pandemic comes with. A positive attitude improves your ability to solve problems, make decisions, use creative thinking and judge objectively. Having your positive state of mind can help you and your team identify the best technology platform to keep productivity at a high level working from home.

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work from home essay

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Work From Home Essay

Work from home essay , this is the most common job of nowadays and many of us are opting for it as a full-time profession.

Research suggests that working from home, rather than in the office, makes your workday happier and more productive.

Work From Home is an inspirational guide to achieving the work/life balance and attaining a better quality of life.

Work From Home Essay 150 Words

Here is the short essay on work from home within 150 words. Learn more about work from home.

With so many students looking for ways to earn some extra cash, you can’t blame your kids for trying to find a way to work from home. But before you hand them their laptops and tell them it’s up to them to figure out how, here are some pointers from someone who’s been there.

Working from home is quickly becoming one of the fastest growing fields of work these days. You can be your own boss, and there are so many benefits.

Working from home can be a significant way to make money on the internet. Since you save travel time, you’ll have more time to keep your business going. You will get a better perspective on your tasks by doing work in your own surroundings.

If you decide to work from home, you can save on transportation and living costs. On the other hand, working from home has a number of disadvantages. Although, it’s very convenient and comfortable to work at home, it’s not appropriate for everyone.

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Work from home essay 250 words.

Here is another Work From Home Essay in English 250 Words for you. This will give you an idea how work from home really works.

Working from home can sound so appealing. While it is only a dream for many people, this dream can become a reality when an individual chooses to work from home with their computer.

Some individuals wish to work at home in addition with their day task. They hope that they can earn money from home besides their day job.

On the off chance that you are one of them, here we likewise help work at home job. To begin with, there are various sorts of work from home assignments you can pick.

There is no doubt, it is not simple to discover a decent authentic organization that offers genuine work from home position.

From boredom to your boss: These days, more and more people are becoming their own bosses. More than ever, working from home is a viable alternative to a regular job.

The reasons are many: flexibility, freedom from office politics, etc. In fact, millions of Americans are now self-employed whether they work from home or an office space outside the home.

The Internet has become another great part of our daily lives and our universities have noticed the demand. Work from Home on the Internet is a service familiar to teachers who at times cannot make it to their classes.

It’s hard to miss the growing trend of working from home; and while it requires some dedication to turn this part-time job into your full-time income, it can be done!

Home telecommuting has become more and more popular in recent years. It not only makes sense to work from home sometimes but can be a real smart business decision.

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Work from home essay 500 words.

This work from home essay upsc will help students for their preparation. With it’s advantages and disadvantages.

People who choose to work from home have numerous reasons. Some of these are financial, some are personal and others just want an opportunity to work for themselves. There are many things that you should consider about working from home before you begin your home-based business venture.

It is possible to make money at home and work part time, or a living from the comfort of your own home. Many people are turning to this method of work due to rising costs of getting a normal job.

You can now do it right from the comfort of your own home with no boss stressing you out and maybe with no pressure and no overtime. This way you will be able to have a free schedule that you choose yourself and set hours of work. Money can be made easily just by using your computer.

In order for you to understand this, first, we need to know what the term “work from home” means. It means that the employees leave their workplace and go home so that they can do their duties.


The idea of telecommuting or telepresence replaces the work environment and things become much easier for those who have never experienced it before.

There is nothing to be surprised about because the number of people interested in this type of job is rather large. But since you are not alone in this situation, it makes it possible for you to enjoy great benefits.

Many people across the world are getting interested in work from home. They are shift to online jobs and freelancing career because it is the easiest way to earn money.

You can do this job from your own home at any time. It provides financial freedom and also you can learn many tips and tricks to earn money fast through internet marketing.

There are many reasons why someone may consider working from home. Some people find that the money they earn is sufficient for their personal needs and does not require working full time. Today there are many sites that classify composing as a home job.


There are numerous countries and geographic areas where the concept of “working from home” is unacceptable. In other words, if you are from a country that has embraced this concept, you probably wouldn’t be able to work at a different country.

There are many disadvantages of this as you have to spend a lot of time with computer screen by sitting, you have faced many health problems like eye problem & back pain and so on.


The Benefits of Working from Home Who hasn’t heard the saying “work smarter, not harder?” Well, it is a catchy phrase but the effect is lost on most people. People who work from home can attest that working remotely has lots of benefits. Not to mention, they do not mind the freedom of time and location it gives them.

Working from home is very helpful for other people’s life as well as your own. It is not only having an extra income, it can be a business strategy that can be useful in the future. You can do it part-time for now and full-time later or full-time forever.

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  1. The Pros and Cons of Working From Home

    Working from home means you won't have access to immediate information about important business processes until someone in the company communicates it to you. Make sure to stay connected with your physical workplace through constant communication whenever you have questions or concerns. Disproportionate work-life balance

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    Flexibility - Working from home means, you can work at any time of the day. There is no set timetable, and you take on work when you have time. This means you can work for a few hours, and take a rest. Or just work when you have time to spare. This is a great way to keep yourself relaxed, and enjoy the pleasure life has to offer.

  3. Work from Home: Essay

    WFH has been defined in various terms over the four decades, namely remote work, flexible workplace, telework, telecommuting, e-working. These terms refer to the ability of employees to work in flexible workplaces, especially at home, by using technology execute work duties (Gajendran and Harrison, 2007; Grant et al., 2019).

  4. Working From Home Essay Example

    When working from home, one gets to enjoy many benefits, more flexibility and eliminates commute with the risk of being infected. It will reduce fuel and traveling expenses. Working from home can make it easier for employees to create a better work-life balance and take care of their health.

  5. (BEST) Work From Home Essay

    People who work from home can attest that working remotely has lots of benefits. Not to mention, they do not mind the freedom of time and location it gives them. Working from home is very helpful for other people’s life as well as your own. It is not only having an extra income, it can be a business strategy that can be useful in the future.