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My House (Descriptive Essay Sample)

Descriptive essays on my house, introduction.

When people choose their home, it also reflects other intricate details about all the people living in it.

In addition, in making their house a home, people tell the story of their cultural heritage and favorite traditions. Intentional or not, the elements we choose to adorn our home tells our story. The end result is always a visually unique “screenshot” of who you are, what you love, and what you aspire to be. It also reflects the quality of relationships that thrive within its four walls, through images, accessories, photos, even novelty items.

Indeed, every house has a story of its own that has to be told and shared. This descriptive essay about my house focuses on the inner and outer beauty of my home and how I have become attached to the significant meaning of each design detail.

For similar descriptive essays on houses and home design or inspirations on how to describe your house, check out the rest of our blog. You can also hire an essay writer that will write an essay for you on a similar topic at an affordable price. We will be happy to offer you some discount offers on such occasions.

Descriptive Essay Sample About a House

my house exterior

The view outside my house is a mixture of colors and beautiful scenery. First to catch people’s attention is our front yard, which features a spacious garden filled with numerous plant types such as orchids and roses. Having been professionally landscaped, it is one of the most attractive features of my home.

As visitors walk to the front porch, the walls and small fence attached to the house itself are painted white and light green, making the image strikingly attractive to the eye.

Welcome to My Home

Greeting guests, friends, and homeowners is a daintily-painted vintage blue-and-white door with a golden doorknob.  Upon entering my house, one gets a feel of the simplicity in details, punctuated by the mesmerizing smell of lavender and women’s perfume in the living room.

It is easy to see that I went with an elegant theme after taking a quick scan. A refined centerpiece table is the pièce de résistance. There is also a golden brown and white carpet with a marble vase from Canada perfectly placed on the table.

my home

Enter the Library

There is another room on the left side leading to a library filled with vintage, classic, and modern books. The 5-story shelves painted in black feature authentic pinewood.

A brown table is also seen across the room accentuated with a calendar, picture frame, and a pointed calligraphy pen. Beside the table is a tall sculpted lamp featuring delicate flower stems and angelic figures from top to bottom.

library at my house

Hovering on the wall behind the desk is a painting of a girl in a white gown underneath a tree bursting with yellow flowers.

Join Me in the Kitchen and Come Dine with Us

A quick inspection of the kitchen will show you a simple silver oven, microwave, cupboards, wooden drawers, kitchen sink, and a large refrigerator with drawings from my kids put in place by magnets.

Heading over to the dining area, a circular dining table with pink and blue chairs are thoughtfully styled to mirror the family’s love for mealtimes. Utensils and plates are shining white and glistening in the ray of the sun peeking through the open windows.

Bedrooms Are Our Sanctuaries

People would be surprised to discover that there are a couple of rooms inside my house that are not aligned with the classical theme enveloping the rest of the house.

My master bedroom is filled with collectible toys and items, housed in silver glass shelves and cabinets for people to appreciate. There is also a 32-inch flat television screen attached to the wall opposite the king-sized bed. I watch TV here nightly and make sure to save all of my favorite shows.

bedroom at my house essay

Posters of movies and cartoon characters from Hollywood films and stories are hoisted on the walls with glass frames, creating a gallery effect. The closet and cabinet for clothes and paraphernalia are all painted in glossy white and blue.  There’s also a shelf for designer shoes, slippers, and sandals that have been collected over the years.

The other two rooms found in the hallway going to the living room are the laundry and storage areas, featuring boxes of valuable or sentimental items collected in the past years.

Lessons from Decorating My House

From this experience, I have realized that a home is a place where the best memories are made. Therefore it is important to showcase these memories, whether childhood memories or recent special moments with loved ones.

It is important that the design direction makes people feel comfortable, whether visiting or living in it. You know that the design works when people experience your home and instantly have a favorite room or favorite place. It should be an area where they feel safe and at home. Rooms filled with personal accessories go a long way in setting a relaxing environment for family members.

My house is a mixture of both classical and modern aesthetics. This signifies how I have not forgotten my cultural heritage, at the same time showing off my appreciation for fresh and relevant designs. The variety of colors, pictures, and displays inside my house will surely surprise and pique the curiosity of the visitors.

A Short Description Essay Example About My Mansion

Our family mansion is an interesting mix of the old and the new. As you approach the entrance, you will come across a personalized wooden door with carvings of all the names of the family members on it.

Welcoming you to the living area is a generous 10-seater coach, with a beautifully stained console and coffee table surrounding it. This is a great place to host parties and intimate gatherings.

Our kitchen is a warm and cozy space where family and friends gather to eat, drink, and toast to a special occasion.

Through the kitchen is our dining room, and in the spotlight is our 12-seater dining table with a tasteful table setting. Indoor plants adorn the corners of the room, giving it a fresh and romantic vibe.

Finally, our master bedroom is a safe space and joyful haven for the family, with a large flat-screen television and mini-bar ready for a night of entertainment. I am really proud of the home that we’ve built and the people living in it. My parents invested a lot in its design and I am always happy to welcome people into our space.

How to start a descriptive paragraph about my house?

It’s important to be prepared with specific adjectives about your home. As you are taking the reader on a literary tour of your house, it is good to write in a way that “directs” their attention to each detail. Pretend you are taking them from room to room and are describing the look and feel of each one, pointing out key elements to take note of.

How to describe a house in an essay?

There are both emotional and technical descriptions to consider in writing an essay about a house. It’s important to have a mix of both. The technical descriptions literally and figuratively provide structure, while the emotional descriptions tell the story. Don’t be afraid to shine a light on the most minute details if they are an important part of the house’s narrative.

describe your home essay

Home — Essay Samples — Psychology — Positive Psychology — What Does Home Mean to You

describe your home essay

What Does Home Mean to You

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What Does Home Mean to You Essay

Remember: This is just a sample from a fellow student.

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describe your home essay

Paragraph Buzz

A very beautiful collection of My Home Essays. We have got an essay on every form, short and long. You can find a suitable one for your needs. I am sure you will find the best one for yourself. 

Essay on My Home in 200 Words

We are a big family living together in a big house. I love to live with my family and that’s why I always enjoy living in my home. We live in a village near Ahmedabad. It’s a very beautiful village and only a 1 hour drive from the city . My grandfather built that two-storied building for the family.

We are a joint family still now. We have 13 family members in total. Still, now that’s a big building for us. There are 10 bedrooms and each bedroom has an attached toilet. The location of the house is near a small river. And when I come to my veranda on the west side, I can see a very beautiful natural view.

We have a good internet and electricity connection in our home. That’s why our life is not that much different from city life . Although, we don’t need to face all the traffic problems here. There are so many reasons why I love to live in my home.

This is the place where I find peace. Wherever I stay, I always feel homesick and I want to get back to my family. And I know everyone is like this because we have some extra affection for our home. 

My Home Essay in 300 Words


Home is where we are born, live, and spend the sweetest time of our life. We all love and enjoy living in our home. Today I am going to share lots of information about my home. I will tell you how much home looks and how we are living there. 

I live in a small village near Azamgarh, UP, India. My village is one of the most beautiful places here due to natural beauty. My father never intended to move from here because he loves to stay with the people of this village. 

We have a very big and old house here in the village. Because we are a joint family with my 4 uncles. My father is the oldest son of his dad and that’s why he controls everything. My uncles, aunties, and their kids are living here together with us. 

We are a big family. Our home was built almost 50 years ago. My grandfather built it by marble stone. This is one of the most beautiful homes in the village. It is two-storied and there are almost 25 rooms in the building. 

I love to live here a lot. There is a huge garden in front of the house. My father tries to paint the house every year, and that’s why it looks very beautiful. 

We have to spend a big amount of money on the maintenance of the home. I feel this house is the safest place for me and I feel a lot relieved when I am staying there. 


Everyone loves their home and they love to live there like me. It doesn’t matter how your home is, but everyone loves it. Because it’s the place where we were born, and it’s the place where our family lives. 

Essay on My Home in 400 


To me, my home is the best place to live in. The first reason behind it is my mother is here. We all have immense affection for our own home. We all have a home and we love to live there. Today I am going to share some important things about my home. 

My home is located in Bandra, Mumbai. My father built this home almost 20 years ago. This neighborhood was not that much crowded before and only a couple of buildings were here. But now it has been a really important place for the entire city. 

The value of land is pretty high here. We are very lucky that my dad made this building for us. It is a three-storied building. We live on the 2nd floor and the entire building is on rent. We make a good amount of money from this rent. 

We are living in a unit with two bedrooms. Each bedroom has an attached toilet. And there is an extra toilet too. There are very beautiful kitchen and a dining room. 

My mom keeps the entire home very neat and clean. Especially she keeps the living room very beautiful. The living room has some beautiful paintings and I love them a lot. 

My Room: 

My room is the most beautiful room in the entire building. My room is full of beautiful dolls, paintings, and different types of toys. My bed is very small but very beautiful. My dad bought that for me from Canada. 

I have a very beautiful veranda there and I can enjoy the beautiful outside view from there. My reading table and chair are also beautiful. I can use my computer there too. Overall it’s a very beautiful set up for me. 

Garden at Front of My Home:

There is a big and beautiful garden in front of our home. The garden is completely made by my dad. He has worked very hard for the garden. It has been so beautiful because of his hard work.

There are different types of flower plants in the garden. I love to work in the garden. It has added huge beauty in our home. I love the garden a lot. I am planning to add more plants there. 


That’s all about my home. I love my home very much and I love living there with my family. It’s a very important place for me because my family lives here. 

My Home Essay in 500 Words

My Home Essay in 500 Words

A home is a place where our heart is. We all love to be with our family and it’s only possible when we are living with our family. Today I am going to share all about my home. My home is very special to me.

My home is located in Banani, Dhaka. This is a very reputed area in the city. When my father came here to build this home, this place was not that much value and only a couple of buildings were here. 

But now it has been the most important place in the country. It is the perfect place for operating a business based on Dhaka. Our building is two-storied. We live on one floor and the other one is on rent. 

It was designed by a very good architect and the building structure is pretty good. We color it after a regular break and that’s how the entire building looks very beautiful. The people live here for rent, they are also very happy about our house. 

They always say that they love to stay here forever. We have got a good bonding with them. On our floor, we have two-bedrooms, three toilets, one kitchen, and a dining room. There is lots of space for the living room there. 

My parents decorated the room properly and made it a perfect living room. My room is one of the most beautiful parts of the entire building. I have got everything in the room. My veranda is on the west side and I can see a bit of a natural view from there. 

Sometimes I come out and sit there with a book in my hand. I have a big wardrobe to keep my clothes and a big bookshelf to keep my books. My computer table is also very beautiful. I love to work on that. 

We don’t have any cars, that’s why we don’t require any parking space. But we have enough parking space in front of our house. It will be required because we are planning to get a car soon. Overall, my home is amazing and very interesting to me. 

Why Do I Love to Be in My Home?

There are so many reasons why I love to stay in my home. First of all, I think I feel some extra comfort here. Everything is very easy and effortless here. I love to live with my family. 

And that’s another huge reason behind living in my home. When I go away from my home, I feel very homesick. I want to get back home as soon as possible.

Happiness doesn’t depend on the size of the house, but on the attitude of the family members. We are a very happy family living together happily with lots of love and fun. Our house may not have a lot of luxury but we feel very comfortable and safe here. 

Essay on My Home in 600 Words

Essay on My Home in 600 Words

‘Home is where the heart is’, it’s a famous quote about your own home or homeland. Almost everyone has their own home and they prefer to live in their home. In this essay, I am going to talk about my home.

I always think that my home is the best place for me to live in this world. We all feel special when we stay at home. When you go away for a few days or a week, you can realize how much you miss your home and get homesick. 

I have a very beautiful home. It was built by my father 10 years ago. It’s a two-storied building located in Delhi, India. My father shifted himself here with the entire family. He struggled a lot before building this house here. 

There are some beautiful things that I am going to share with all of you about my home. First of all, let’s talk about the rooms. We have a total of 10 rooms in the building. The terrace is very beautiful with lots of beautiful flower plants. 

My reading room and bedroom are on the 2nd floor. I love to live there. But our kitchen and dining room on the first floor. My parent’s bedroom is on the 2nd floor too. My elder brother and sister and my grandma live on the first floor. 

Our living room is also on the first floor. This is a very well decorated room with two beautiful sofa sets and a big screen Television. I love spending time in the living room. My sister made this room very special with her own interior knowledge. 

When any guest arrives at our house, we let them sit here. There are some mind-blowing paintings too on the wall. We have got a well decorated and complete kitchen. My mother and maid cook food there. My mom can cook delicious food. 

The dining room is pretty big and we all eat together there. My father never tolerated eating separately. My room is also very big and I try to keep it neat and clean always. My sister helps sometimes to keep my room organized. 

There are so many reasons that are why I love to be in my home. The first reason is my family. When I’m living in my home, I can stay with my family. And I love my family a lot. 

It is very easy to live with them. When I live outside of my home, I can feel how hard it is. Everything in my home is very familiar and known to me. I don’t need to go through any hardships while I’m here. Food is a huge issue for me. 

It’s hard for me to digest outside food. I love eating food that is cooked by my mom. My sister also cooks sometimes. She can cook well too.

Who Lives in My Home?

There are six members in my family. My two siblings, parents, and my grandmother . We’re a very small and sweet family. 

All members of my family are very caring and loving. They all love me a lot and that’s why my home has been more interesting for me. 

That’s all about my home. I love this place and that’s where I love to live. This is an amazing place for me. All the things that are related to my home are very fond of me. I can’t stop loving my home. Wherever I live I want to get back to my home. 

10 Lines Essay on My Home

Here is a beautiful and short 10 lines essay on my home. This short essay is very easy and important for the students. 

1. Home is where our heart is, and that’s a very true saying for us. We all love to be with our family in our home. 

2. My home is very beautiful, built by my grandfather. He is still alive with us. 

3. It’s a small but beautiful house. We are totally 5 members living in the home. 

4. There are a total three bedrooms in the house. My parents share one bedroom, and my brother shares one with me and another one is for grandpa. 

5. Every bedroom has an attached toilet. And there is an external toilet too. 

6. The kitchen is huge and it looks beautiful. 

7. My mom keeps the living room well decorated and there are some amazing paintings too. 

8. The other rooms are also very good in condition and my mom take care of the entire house. 

9. We are living a simple and happy life together. 

10. I love living in this home with my entire family and I find lots of peace on that. It has some extra comfort. 

If you want to write about your house, you can follow this beautiful ‘my home essays’. We have provided tons of simple and easy-to-learn examples for you. 

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My Home. This is a descriptive essay on something or somewhere you feel comfartable being in

Essay by suheily ,  College, Undergraduate ,  October 2003

download word file , 3 pages download word file , 3 pages 4.0 2 votes 1 reviews

I believe home is where you find peace, tranquility, joy, and most importantly were you feel safe. My home is a small place. It consists of four different rooms. I can start of by describing my kitchen. For a kitchen, it is small. It has two windows but the sun doesn't really shine through them. The stove and refrigerator are right next to each other along with the sink. I could only fit a small table of four chairs, but only use two. The other two chairs are against the wall. I have no curtains just some mini-blinds. On the ceiling there is a fan, which of course is pretty big. I like the fan because it helps keep the kitchen cool during those hot and humid summer days.

My next room of the house is the living room. My living room is a pretty decent size. I have very lovely Italian furniture.

My couches have an antique floral look with cherry oak around them. My tables are all cherry oak with marble tops along with the entertainment system. During the day, my living room is filled with light. I sincerely love lighting so I can say that's my favorite thing about this room. It has six big windows and one small one. There is also the heater, which comes out from the wall. I dislike the sound of the heater's fan when it is on. The fan sounds like people whispering during a meeting when they're supposed to keep quiet. As I sit here writing, the fan is the only thing I can hear besides the sound of cars passing through the main street of Fitchburg, which is only down at the end of this street.

The next room I will describe is my favorite room of my home.

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Citation styles:

My Home. This is a descriptive essay on something or somewhere you feel comfartable being in. (2003, October 24). In WriteWork.com. Retrieved 09:26, March 04, 2023, from https://www.writework.com/essay/my-home-descriptive-essay-something-somewhere-you-feel

WriteWork contributors. "My Home. This is a descriptive essay on something or somewhere you feel comfartable being in" WriteWork.com. WriteWork.com, 24 October, 2003. Web. 04 Mar. 2023.

WriteWork contributors, "My Home. This is a descriptive essay on something or somewhere you feel comfartable being in," WriteWork.com, https://www.writework.com/essay/my-home-descriptive-essay-something-somewhere-you-feel (accessed March 04, 2023)

Reviews of: "My Home. This is a descriptive essay on something or somewhere you feel comfartable being in" :

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Home is where you are always welcome and the one place where you will always be surrounded by those who love and support you. Home to me is cornfields, friday night football games, constant flat tires, and bonfires with my dearest friends all in the small town of Adams. I’ve spent my entire life living in the country surrounded by dirt roads where those dirt roads twist and turn and eventually lead me into Adams. Adams is a town of roughly 600 people but that number is solely just a number because Adams is just a huge support group from the day you are brought into this world to the day you leave this world. Adams is a town where everybody knows everybody and people come together in times of devastation, to celebrate a Freeman Falcon win, or to watch some fireworks on the Fourth of July. I’m proud to

House On Mango Street Analysis

Home is the place where one lives permanently, especially as a member of a family or household of or relating to the place where one lives. Home can and can’t be a physical environment. It can, because you have those connected thoughts, memories, feelings, and so much more to you house. Home also can be the environment, like the people, and animals all around you. Home also maybe could not be a physical environment because, You might feel like living there since it looks nice but does not have a good surrounding environment. For Esperanza, she is not proud of the House on Mango Street that she lived in when she was young. she feels like that it’s a dump and the places around it makes her feel bad on the inside.“There? The way she said it

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Home: the place where one lives permanently, especially as a member of a family or household.

Synthesis Essay: The Importance Of Access To Home

Home is a dwelling where people unwind, mature, and can safely reside. Coates, Andreou, and Owen see home as a material structure and are chiefly concerned and focused on the importance of access to home. On the other hand, Shammas, Iyers, and De Botton view the abstract concept of home, which emphasizes that home, is about creating feelings and memories. Home is not a material place where it can be several different places and have no meaning. Home is a place where you create fond memories, feelings, and grow with the culture.

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