free exemplification essay examples

Free Exemplification Essays and Papers

free exemplification essay examples

Exemplification Essay: Cruising Should be Banned

Most of us have enjoyed "cruising" sometime in our lives. For many, it was one of our favorite pastimes. If you lived in the "American Graffiti" era, it was the in thing of to do. I remember when cruising was a popular activity on Main Street in Mesa for many years, until it was banned a few years ago. Now the controversy is over whether to ban cruising on Central Avenue in Phoenix. City officials are trying to reroute the weekend riders to Washington and Jefferson streets. Although cruising

Exemplification Essay: Mixing of Religion and the State

We have based the very existence of our country on the belief that complete separation of church and state is best for the church and is best for the state. However, throughout history the roles between religion and American public life remain interwoven and continue to shape our beliefs and values. In order to begin to understand the role of religion in American public life, one must first recognize that religion is present in many aspects of one's life. Even though the United States' Constitution

Exemplification Essay: Euthanasia Should Be Legalized

Jack has just been in a serious car accident. He is suffering from brain damage and paralysis. His family does not want him to live the rest of his life this way, but do they have a choice in ending the pain and suffering of their loved one? According to most state governments and countries, the answer is no; however, there is method allowed in some states to stop the pain and suffering for both the patient and his family. This method is called euthanasia. Euthanasia is the deliberate, painless

Exemplification Essay: Separation of Church and State

Because of my strong beliefs, I have been called the Antichrist, a witch, an atheist, and a Satanist. Fervent Christians have told me that my “kind” is solely responsible for the downfall of American morals. Actually, none of these labels fits me. I am not a witch because the only modern religion to practice witchcraft is Wicca (American Heritage 1381), and I am not a Wiccan. I am not a Satanist because modern Satanists do not believe in Satan as an actual entity; instead, they follow a "religion

Exemplification Essay: War and World Peace

World Peace is something that will never happen. Too many countries have too much military power and don't want to give in to any other country. War is something that the world is going to have to deal with because there has been very few years over the history of the world that have been war free. Like one quote by an unknown author says, "Peace is rare: less than 8% of the time since the beginning of recorded time has the world been entirely at peace. In a total of 3530 years, 286 have been warless

Exemplification Essay: Welfare, A Vicious Circle

It's Diana's turn at the tiny glass window. Her face burns red with shame as she is handed her monthly check. Two small children tug at her dress, their stomachs growling from a day without food. She looks down at her two children, her face filled with pain and guilt. What had happened to their happy life? With just the stroke of the pen across a divorce decree, Diana and her children were thrust into the humiliation of the welfare line. For two years now, Diana has tried to get back on her

Exemplification Essay: America Needs Leaders

Today, everyone is too concerned with the now to worry about the future. Of course, there are a few who scrimp and save a few dollars here and there so that they will have some when they retire. However, none represent the ideas or beliefs that are destined to change our society. So I ask you are all the idealists gone, or are they just too scared to stand up? Throughout the course of history there have always been those who took a stand against society in order to further

Exemplification Essay: The Dead-end of Professional Sports

In 1995 Scotty Thurman was on top of the world. Thurman led the Arkansas Razorbacks to a NCAA basketball championship with one great performance after another. After this miracle season, Thurman made a decision that would change his fortunes. Rather than come back for his senior year and get his degree, he elected to make himself eligible for the NBA draft. With a NCAA championship under his belt, Thurman was confident he was ready for the NBA, but NBA scouts had different ideas. Thurman could only

Exemplification Essay: The Need to Improve the Apathetic Attitude of Young People

Are young people in today's society enamored with themselves? Do they care about others? Are they unfeeling; show little or no interest or emotion; unresponsive, indifferent; passionless or void of feeling? What is the cause or reason for apathy in young folks today that wasn't there a hundred years ago? Quite possibly it is a lack of mental stimulation. As responsible citizens of the United States, we should decide to not put up with indifference but encourage young people to get involved in their

Cults and the Moral Decay of Society

I. Introduction A. Cults are becoming prominent in our society. B. Main points Secret organizations such as cults have been around for a long time and yet, more our emerging into our society. Cults preform acts, that are against the laws of the countries that govern them. C. More cults are emerging from society, and therefore is causing more rebellion against the spirit of goodness. II. Opposing view A. Some people believe that religious cults, are not cult at all, instead they are communities

Exemplification Essay Homeless

The holidays are a time of year where families exchange favorite memories, embrace their festive feelings, bear hot beverages near their fireplace and glance over their overly decorated ornaments. Well, that’s what we would like to believe happens around the holidays. Not everyone is able to provide and experience these festive holidays for them and their families like the many of us are able to. Some may look down and judge those who are less privileged and unable to meet the “standards” of the

Exemplification Essay: Is College Worth It?

Nowadays, a lot of people are thinking college isn’t worth the time, effort, and money. It has its downsides; college isn’t for everyone, there are those that fail to graduate even within six years of schooling, it’s expensive and it’s not always of good quality. What they don’t realize is that college has more benefits than disadvantages. College is worth it because it is a steppingstone to the future. It can help uncertain students discover what they would like to do for their careers. Workers

Exemplification Essay: It Is Never Lupus

Nearly 1.5 million Americans have a form of lupus, according to The Lupus Foundation of America. 72 percent of Americans age 18-34 have never hear of or know little-to-nothing about lupus. When my coworker (we will call her Cindy) mentioned in passing that she had lupus all I could think of was Dr. House from the television series House saying “It is never lupus.” This had been my take on this disease ever since watching the show. So when I dug deeper with Cindy, I learned that individuals go years

Exemplification Essay: Immigrants For Work

My ancestors came from Ireland to Massachusetts. They lived in town near Manchester, called Beverly. My great-great-grand father worked in a factory, while my great-great-grand mother was a stay at home mom and housewife. Like most immigrants, they came for the freedom and opportunity that the United Stated provided. There was a heavy job demand in the United States because of the expanding factories and industrialization, which is perfect because immigrants needed work. Coming to North America

Exemplification Essay: The Wisdom Of Socrates

Socrates had an interesting view on what wisdom was. Various times, Socrates claimed that he was ignorant and lacked wisdom. Socrates even goes as far to say that he has reached for someone far wiser than him, but failed to find such a wise person. It is clear that Socrates is in fact wise and knows may things. During his trial, Socrates brought up his accusations. He claims that his wisdom is that of any human being, limited. His prosecutors claim that through prophecy, there is no man wiser than

Exemplification Essay: The Iceman's Murder

The Iceman’s Murder About 25 years ago, a mysterious body was found in the Ötztal Alps between Italy and Austria. Originally thought to be a hiker lost in the mountains, one of many that share that similar fate. However, upon closer inspection, it was discovered that they had instead found a corpse from 5300 years in the past. This was exciting as they had just found the world’s oldest mummy. While most scientists thought he died in the cold up the mountain, some had doubts, and while studying the

Exemplification Essay: Abortion is Wrong

For years many different people from many different walks of life have had different opinions about abortion. For some abortion is never wrong, for others under certain circumstances it is O.K., and for still some others it is never right. Abortion is wrong not only because it goes against what God has said, but also because most women are so rushed into and unsure about their decision they regret it later in life. Although the Bible ; the old testament used by Jewish believers; both the new and

Exemplification Essay On Texting And Driving

LOLZ, PUT THE PHONE UP Death is inevitable. No one is immune to its reach or can out out run its henchmen. Death can be, however, eluded to a certain extent. Take for instance, texting and driving; it is easily avoidable though many people take it upon themselves to text, email, and call while driving. Texting and driving is illegal, it is also one of the leading causes of traffic accidents among teenagers. Teenagers are the biggest culprits among drivers who text, unfortunately borrowing this habit

Exemplification Essay: The Legacy Of Tupac

When I was younger I would often hear people talk about Tupac, whether it be other rappers or even adults but at the time I had no idea who he was I knew of him but I didn’t know any of his songs, how he died or even what type of legacy he left behind. I would often watch rap interviews and a common theme that was brought up was they were inspired by Tupac, so in my head I’m thinking “who is this guy if he inspires some of the greatest rappers of my generation, he must be the king of rap.” Then around

Exemplification Essay: Tyrone's Phenomenon

On october 15 1999 there was poor guy named Tyrone he was 18 years old and live with his mom and his three brothers named Lebron and Andrew. Lebron was 15 years old and Andrew was 12 years old. Tyrone was 5’7 tall his skin color was brown and has green eyes his hair was faded he was born and raised in compton. Every morning at 6:00am Tyrone would have to wake up and his brothers and get ready for school because the bus came at 7:00am. Lebron would be the lazy one who wanted to sleep more. Tyron

Exemplification Essays

Essays can be broadly classified into four types: Descriptive essays, Argumentative essays, Narrative essays, and Expository essays. An argumentative essay discusses both sides of an argument before taking a stand. An exemplification essay is a type of argumentative essay, where the thesis and claims are primarily supported by specific and detailed examples and data to illustrate the argument being made.

Structure of Exemplification essays

A good exemplification essay should follow the five-paragraph structure―introduction, three paragraphs that discuss the core of the argument, and conclusion. The introductory paragraph must end with the mention of the thesis statement. A thesis statement puts forward the main claim or the argument that is addressed in the essay. The next three paragraphs form the body of the essay. The first paragraph should explore one side of the argument by providing examples supporting the claim. The second paragraph should discuss the other side of the argument by using a set of examples as proof for the claim. In the third paragraph, the writer needs to pick a side and form his/her decision by comparing examples supporting the two conflicting aspects of the argument. The concluding paragraph should reiterate the writer's viewpoint about the argument.

Gun control, global warming, abortion, veganism, etc., are some of the popular topics for an exemplification essay. Let's understand the nitty-gritties of writing an exemplification essay through the topic “Is global warming real?” When you are arguing for the topic in this case, it is not enough to state that global warming is a real issue. You also need to clearly detail examples that prove your point. When you question the existence of global warming, you need to cite examples that disrupt the concept of global warming. In the end, you need to compare both sets of examples and make an informed choice.

Here is a comprehensive list of sample exemplification essays from various genres:

Popular Topics

Free exemplification essays

My real life hero.

The ways of being a hero you have to do something thats is helpful and extraordinary awesome. So the rules is stages of being a hero Ordinary World, Call To Adventure, Refusal Of The Call, Meeting The Mentor, Crossing.....

Drivers and Their Bad Habits: Should People Pay More Attention to the Road?

According to Hensley Legal Group, a crash last year by a drunk driver happened every fifty minutes. Two people in Bicknell, Indiana, were killed when they were rear ended by a driver driving at an excessive rate of speed and crashing into the back.....

Bad Parenting

Everyone thinks about the time that they are going to become a parent. It seems all lovely and nice until you grow older and things turn out to be different. Oftentimes not everyone in the world is not fit to be the....

Medieval Islamic Society

Tales from the Thousand and One Nights is a collection of short stories that were written somewhere around 8th century C.E. in the Middle East. The book is fiction, however this work of fiction can be used...

Moral Relativism and Objectivism

In order to identify myself as a relativist or an objectivist, I must partake in an internal self examination of self. I find this to be as frightful examination as going to the dentist for a root canal...

The Importance of Art

Unlike any other medium, art dissolves the barriers of communication built by language, social norms, gender, and economics. In this capacity, art transcends societal divisions and has the power to convey the human experience...

American Democracy Essay Example

The United States is not a complete democracy. The United States continuously missed out on representing a majority of its people, but continues to work towards being closer to a complete democracy.

Human Nature Essay

Authors use poetic devices to help express ideas in their writing. Anyone can simply tell their idea, but authors are effective at using poetic devices to show their idea.

The Minimum Wage Essay Example

When someone thinks of minimum wage, they think of the pay that is given out at their local Mcdonalds, but people must understand that minimum is so much more than that.

Race and the Criminal Justice System Essay Example

Does civil rights even still exist ? The answer to this question would be “who really knows anymore”. Or how about the rights of an African American man...

Where Does the Solution Lie? The Obesity Essay Example

Michael Moss exposes the tricks of the food industry in his article “The Extraordinary Science of Addictive Junk Food.” Moss makes it apparent that obesity is on the rise and has become an increasing epidemic that affects all ages.

Behavioral Changes. Behavior Essay Example

Behavioral change requires time and conscious action. Furthermore, according to recent studies on average, it takes up to 66 days to turn a new behavior into an involuntary response (Wardle, 2009).

The American Court System Essay Example

Visuals are one of the most convincing pieces of evidence that can be used to justify a claim. When images are manipulated, individuals begin to question their optic senses and doubt the value of pictures, even though they have long been regarded as an indisputable truth.

The Importance of Higher Education Essay Sample

This paper will provide a synopsis of the history of higher education funding in Illinois, a review of the societal changes that have impacted funding, and a discussion of the way those changes might influence the turnaround of Illinois public higher education funding.

Teenage Drug Abuse Essay Example

Teenage drug abuse has been a problem worldwide for many years. However, the percentage of drug use in teens hasdrastically increased over the years.

Frankenstein Essay Example

Addiction, obsession, and judgmental minds are three potentially harmful qualities of the human race. Society fusses over every detail of the human body’s virtue, figure, and how people present themselves.

A Mental Disorder Analysis. Personality Disorder Essay Example

A stigma has aroused around the fact that women are now making themselves heard. Our world is based on a foundation of our own sexuality.

Essay on Fashion Modeling. the Unrealistic Expectations from Real Women

In the real world, the modeling industry is notorious for only hiring certain women and having a very set in stone standard of beauty.

How Do I Define Myself Essay Example

It’s hard to align how you define yourself and how you let others define you. I see myself as a creative, nerdy, tech theatre geek who enjoys music, Marvel, and hockey.

Into the Nightmare. Essay on Literature

If you were wondering in what ways does transformation play a role in stories meant to scare us?

Observation of PlayStation 4 Essay Example

Since 1994 PlayStation have been a great gaming console made by Sony. PlayStation has a wide variety of game selection for just about any one's taste.

The Analysis of the Book Montana 1948 Essay Example

Have you ever thought about that one single decision that changed your whole Life or had a big impact in your life.

The Role of Music Essay Example

The famous actor Johnny Depp once said, “Music touches us emotionally, where words alone cannot.” Music is a form of art which I believe is extremely inspiring.

The Importance of the Psychology Anthropology Essay Example

There are so many subfields of psychology and anthropology that don’t get much recognition.If they do get recognition, they are soon forgotten or eventually make a comeback.

The Role of Modern Technology Essay

Technology is no problem. It is just the way you use it. In Are you a child, if so you should be on you device for no more than 2 hours.

Why We Should Never Give up Essay Example

Sometimes going against someone’s wishes to do what is best for yourself may be the toughest decision, but in the end, it will be the most beneficial for the future.

Why is it Necessary to Take a Chance Essay Example

In Walter Lippmann’s essay, “taking a chance”,we see a perfect example of just that. In the author’s writings, he lays down his argument about his viewpoints on a certain book he’s reading, by using his critical word choice, along with changing his point of views...

Thoughts About Suicide Essay Example

The most deadly obstacle to humans is not a lion, crocodile, Ebola, or the Black Plague it is suicide. Suicide takes countless lives every year.

A Dystopian Society Essay Example

Have you ever heard of a dystopian society? How about women in the suffrage of losing their rights? Do those issues really exist? The real world is beginning to look like the dystopia in The Handmaid’s Tale due to the inequality of women’s rights.

Changing with the Textbook Essay Example

Textbooks are a main component of education. Not only are kids in school acquainted with textbooks, but people up to their 80’s are familiar.

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Exemplification Essays Examples

As one of the most frequent topics that you will encounter as a college student, an exemplification essay is a type of writing where you should talk about examples related to some topics. For example, you should talk about some processes where you provide an explanation and estimate various exemplification examples. Before you look into several ideas, you must remember that there should be an argumentative statement. As an alternative, you may say that Metallica is the best metal band out there. It would be insufficient to state so without any proof, which is why you should provide examples. Some other topic that you may choose would be turning to a personality where you talk about qualities. When you provide an argument about why someone is honest, you provide examples. It’s the reason why it’s called an exemplification. 

Before turning to a study of exemplification essay topics, you should turn to essential structure parts that must be there in your essay: 

Don’t forget to check our exemplification essay examples and have a look at our exemplification checklist that will help you make sure that nothing has been missed! 

Keep your examples realistic and remember to stay honest by choosing those examples that are valid and verified. The same relates to the sources that you use, which helps to keep things reliable!

Control And Manipulation In Shakespeare’s Othello

To be able to handle or control something, typically in a skillful manner is manipulating. In other words getting someone to do things that make them do what you want. The more control you have over an individual the more likely they will do whatever…

Gender Stereotypes In Macbeth By William Shakespeare

Majority of people have experienced gender stereotypes that are entrenched in today’s society throughout time. The conformed idea of gender norms is expressed by women being portrayed as sensitive and fragile, and men as tough and powerful. Stereotypes similar to these are contradicted throughout William…

Gender Stereotypes In The Wolf Of Wall Street

Martin Scorsese, an American-Italian filmmaker produced and directed “The Wolf of Wall Street” that was released to the public in 2013. This film tells the story of Jordan Belfort, who was a stockbroker living a luxurious life on Wall Street in the late 90s. Belfort…

Behavioral and Emotional Damage of Children in Orphanage

According to the UNICEF (United Nations International children’s Educational Fund) an orphan is a child under 18 years of age who has lost one or both parents by any cause of death. Statistics show that there were nearly 4000 million orphans in the world in…

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The Theory of Knowledge: Analysis of the Fifth Tok Question

The production of knowledge requires accepting conclusions that go beyond the evidence for them In this essay we will analyse and discuss the fifth ToK question «The production of knowledge requires accepting conclusions that go beyond the evidence for them». We will first talk about…

Embracing Consensus and Disagreement for Robust Knowledge

To interpret the title we must first understand the term “robust knowledge”, by defining knowledge as justified true belief, suggesting that knowledge itself already is of absolute quality. This makes the task problematic and so I have interpreted robust knowledge as a notion in which…

The Role Of Compassion And Teamwork In A Medical Setting

The necessity of compassion and teamwork are recognized as essential tools to improve patient satisfaction and enhance the development of communication to solve health conditions of patients. This essay highlights the concept and significance of both ‘teamwork’ and ‘compassion’ and draws relevance as a current…

The Effect Of Christopher Columbus’ Voyage On The World

The factors that inspired people to undergo such a journey despite the risk of failures and danger would be similar to Columbus’ in which Columbus sought after admiration from the royal highest of King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella, wealth, and major accomplishment that leads to…

D-day: a Day that Changed the Course of History

Many people did not know that one day in history could change destiny. If D-Day never happened the Nazi Party would most likely still be ruling the all of Europe. It could have positioned them to rule most of the world. Hitler would have been…

Dehumanisation As The Main Cause Of Evil

Since its birth, humanity has seen conflict. Chaos and genocide. Good and evil. Most people wouldn’t hesitate to call Hitler evil or any other perpetrators of the like. But these killers, murderers, rapists, thieves, were human beings. Hitler was a rebellious delinquent who desired to…

The most popular topics for Exemplification Essays

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free exemplification essay examples

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Exemplification Essays

This kind of university paper deals with various topics with an intention to prove one's argumentation (thesis statement) by turning to numerous examples. You must provide a clear illustration of how something becomes possible as a result of a certain action or an attitude. Our essay examples will help you to get a starting point, so you can continue with your task. The most important is to provide something that can help you defend your primary position. Do not forget that some paper samples can be used as an example of correct formatting and structure. Exemplification only sounds challenging when you do not have a good reference. Therefore, just download the most fitting essay example and get things done!

The balance between one person’s right to freedom of expression and the right of another person to protect one’s integrity is often fragile. It is difficult to correctly state the personal comments are in order and which go against the rule of diffamation. The word diffamation has as many meanings…

Words: 1425

Pyke, A, the guy (2016). The $2.4 billion effects of marijuana in Colorado are a lesson for five states seeking legalization. In this post, Alan Pyke discusses the economic effects of the legalization of marijuana with a focus on Colorado. Through citing that the weed industry has become one of…

Words: 1655

Identifying the impact of divorce on children, some of which can be either positive or negative in nature. Many families around the world have been through a divorce journey that has contributed to their break-up (Fagan, Patrick and Aaron Churchill 2). Positive consequences of divorce on children; it can give…

Facebook ads is the practice of advertising on social medial for making money. It’s an example of what is called “paid social”. Paid social helps the users to find business that are based on their interest and goal in the ways that they behave online rather than in the paid…

Words: 1005

Divorce’s influence started as a myth in antiquity. Divorce, like a flaming bush, spread the message that it has an effect on children’s thinking and attitudes toward marriage. It was previously said that if the parents were angry, the rest of the family would be as well. As a consequence,…

Words: 1437

Fast food companies are during a race to re-invent food and food perceptions to stay their market distracted from the very fact that their products lack quality, healthy ingredients. KFC Double Down Burger The KFC’s Burger consists of boneless pig meat, liquidities of cheese and sauce fixed together between two…

Words: 1878

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Adoption is a concept that has no clear meaning of any sort. Different persons interpret it in different ways in regards to the context and viewpoint it is derived from. The concept can, however, be interpreted in terms of four distinct viewpoints, including what it means for the adoptive parents,…

Words: 4387

Marriage has always been an essential part of life. It refers to the marriage of a man and a woman, except for gay couples, it refers to the slavery of two men. Gay marriage is a subject that has sparked intense discussion among people all over the world. Most societies…

Date Evening Courier Question Two: Problems in the advertising department Evening Courier is a newspaper printing group which worked six days of the week except on Sundays. They were the sole sellers in towns with little populations like 200,000, hence they served as a monopoly by monopolizing the customer market…

Words: 1647

Photography was a trendy business not until the beginning of the 18th century. The arrival of mobile phones with high-quality cameras has destroyed the market, resulting in a decreased profit margin for people venturing into those fields. Individuals in the photography industry spoke about the low turnover of the company…

Words: 1733

Democracy may be clarified when one person’s act receives one vote, it is a government practiced by persons either personally or by elected members. A constitution is the written or unwritten basic laws that determine the organization of a government, its supervision, delivery, and limits on the duties of the…

Words: 2688

Any of the traits defining American modern popular culture originated in the course of the 1920s. This time largely stood out as the most significant transformative period in the history of the American culture because it produced a vast generation of authors, artists, and musicians who belonged to the most…

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Exemplification essays


Essay guide

Essay examples, exemplification essays.

Most essay types sound a little too complicated for beginners, but they really are not. Once you understand what is required of you, you ate able to get it done easily. Now, what is an exemplification essay? The accepted exemplification essay definition can be simplified into an argumentative essay. In this type, the writer is to give a solid argument of how events occurred and how they shake things up. It is right to say that there is no right or wrong answer with this essay type, as what matters most is the writer's ability to prove their points.

There are several exemplification essay topics one can explore as long as they are able to provide well-thought-out arguments that allow the reader to reach their conclusions on how events occurred. These essays are only complex in that you have to think deeply, argue clearly, and apply as much research as possible. If you need help, you can check out exemplification essay examples on our site for more insight.

How to Write an Exemplification Essay

If the topic for the essay is not given, the first thing to do is find one that agrees with your target audience. You can check online exemplification essay examples free to get ideas for your own work. The next thing when writing is to assemble the resources since you do not want to be unable to back your thoughts up along the way. Having an outline that you will follow makes the whole process much easier.

The structure has an introduction, body, and conclusion, even as you can see from any free exemplification essay sample. That will guide you through the writing process. Once you are done exploring your arguments and citing your sources correctly, you can then proofread and edit your work.

Exemplification Essay Examples

Exemplifying leadership.

Exemplifying leadership

The Exemplification Essay

The Exemplification Essay

Exemplification Model Essay: Violence on Campus

Exemplification Model Essay: Violence on Campus

What is an Exemplification Essay Structure?

When you check out any exemplification essay example online, you see they follow a similar structure. They will usually have an opening statement that forms an introduction, the body, and the conclusion.

The Introduction

A good opening statement is catchy. It makes the reader want to explore the topic even further, and it gives you a good sense of how the argument will be. You could start with an anecdote, a fact, or a statistic. The more dramatic, the better your opening may be. Once you have opened, let the reader in on what the write-up is about. This opener is what they need to know whether the essay will be worth their time or not, so there is pressure to make it as good as possible.

This part is going to form the bulk of the write-up, and so you want to take your time. Here, you want to think of your audience. They deserve deep thoughts, a clear argument, and examples to support your thoughts, and so this is what you should aspire to give them. You have enough space in this segment to express yourself coherently, so take the time to deliver the best argument ever. If the argument seems a little too complex, you could support your thoughts with analogies and/or stories to make the essay more understandable.

The Conclusion

After exploring your exemplification essay ideas and making a coherent argument, you can wrap it up with a summary of your discussion. This doesn't have to take too much time and space since it will be just a way to highlight what you have already discussed. You want to avoid statistics or to introduce new information at this stage since it will confuse your entire essay. In short, the conclusion provides closure to a good essay.

Outline and Format of an Exemplification Essay

When writing an exemplification essay outline, there are a few things to remember.

Steps in coming up with an outline for a template that supports exemplification essays:

Think about Statement

Arguable thesis means that it can be argued. It must either state or refute an argument about your topic.   To be debateable, a thesis must have some possibility of being true.   However, the thesis should not be universally accepted as true. Instead, it should be something that people can disagree with.   A thesis can be both an observation or an opinion.

observation + opinion (the "why") = thesis

Seeing if your thesis creates a powerful antithesis is an excellent approach to determine how strong it is.

Common thesis pitfalls:

Do you Need an Exemplification Essay Sample? You're at the Right Place

We know the effort it takes to write these types of essays. We also know time may be of the essence and so you may not have all the time to read instructions online. An example of exemplification essay has more visual appeal as it shows the way you should go about writing your own. If you are struggling with this, we are here to make it easier for you.

We have plenty of samples written by experts in various fields. It doesn't matter what your specialization is as long since we already have writers in every field. We could help in either of these two ways; send you a sample from our archives or write one that suits your preference. Just contact us and let us know how we can be of help.

Also, Check out these Exemplification Essay Topics

Sometimes, you will be given a topic to explore. Others, your educator may require you to come up with these topics. Here are thoughts you can put together when coming up with ideas for a sample exemplification essay:

· Relevance of a topic and how it stands out. It could be demonetization, technology, or mental health.

· Find out if there are enough resources to write the essay. Nothing's worse than being stuck with good exemplification essay topics simply because there is not enough material online or in books.

· Try to keep your personal opinion in check, so they don't overshadow the subject matter.

· Brainstorm a few good topics for exemplification essay, then narrow down to the best.

· Keep the study within your field since you have a better understanding of how things work there.

· Minimize distractions so that you can do your best work yet.

Plausible exemplification essay topics list:

There are so many ideas you can write about depending on your target audience and industry. These are only a few.

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Exemplification Essay Examples

Hittler’s approach to war doctrine and his success .

Introduction War has often been viewed as an intentional and violent act meant to compel opponents into accomplishing an intended purpose. However, numerous debates have…

Impact of Historical Incidents on Hostage Crisis Negotiation

The 1972 terrorist attack on the Israeli Olympic camp in Munich had a great effect on the manner in which countries handle hostage-takers. The incident…

Social Problems Works and Discretion

Summary/Abstract In this paper, a sociological issue described by German Lopez emerges. The sociological aspect that arises from this article is that of the social…

Corporate Social Responsibility of Sainsbury

Introduction Corporate social responsibility is one of the topics that has existed for a long time. Today, corporate social responsibility is practiced by many organisations…

Motivation in Advertisement

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free exemplification essay examples

Exemplification Essay Topics: Free Examples of 50+ Themes in 2023

Exemplification essays allow scholars to validate a specific argument. In this case, the primary goal for writing an exemplification paper is to use a real-life example to prove that a particular point remains valid. Moreover, failure to make a suitable selection for essay topics leads to weaker papers that may discourage the target audience from reading through. Then, prudent learners begin the process of selecting a topic by brainstorming ideas. In this case, they generate unique ideas that may lead to debatable issues. Further on, other essential techniques include gathering relevant research to validate arguments and selecting the most compelling topics. Prudent writers rely on peer reviews to choose the most suitable exemplification essay topics. In turn, actual papers must contain an introduction that catches the reader’s attention. Besides, the body section should have excellent and compelling examples to support a thesis statement, while the conclusion should bring papers to a logical closure.

General Guidelines on Exemplification Essay Topics

An exemplification essay refers to academic writing that relies on specific and vivid examples to describe, persuade, explain, and exemplify a general idea. Basically, exemplification essay topics present reliable and robust substantiation and evidence to support the writer’s main argument. Moreover, exemplification essays prove some arguments and contain clear examples to support a thesis statement . Then, appropriate illustrations help to create the reader’s interest. Also, by supplying specific examples, one adds information related to “who,” “what,” “when,” “where,” “why,” and “how” questions. In turn, such details help to elaborate on the main idea presented in a paragraph or an essay. Although exemplification essays prove some arguments, one must use good examples to relate to a topic to support central perspectives logically.

Exemplification essay topics

Types of Exemplification Essays

Students can write two types of exemplification essays to support their central arguments. For example, the first type uses multiple examples to support a central argument. In this case, writers use several illustrations to prove the main idea. Also, this type allows learners to use related examples to verify the validity of a specific argument. Then, the second type of exemplification essay is an extended example, enabling authors to use one significant example but examine all the related finer details. In turn, scholars focus on elucidating a specific model to communicate the leading case in point.

Topics of Exemplification Essays

Learners can use different topics for multiple and extended exemplification essays. Basically, the primary aim in both cases is to ensure that readers accept a specific argument or perspective. Hence, particular examples of topics for two types of exemplification essays are:

1. Examples of Multiple Topics for Exemplification Essays

2. Examples of Extended Topics for Exemplification Essays

Free Examples of Exemplification Essay Topics

The topic for exemplification essays varies from one subject to the other. Students should consider various current issues that relate to a specific subject. The following are some examples of exemplification essay topics in multiple disciplines.

1. Sample Themes in Arts

2. Examples of Essay Ideas in Technology

3. Essay Prompts in Religion

4. Examples of Exemplification Essay Topics in Business

4. Theme Samples in Music

5. Examples of Exemplification Essay Prompts in Languages

6. Sample Ideas for Essays in Health

7. Exemplification Essay Topic Samples in History

8. Samples of Essay Themes in Media

9. Examples of Essay Ideas in Science

10. Sample Topics in Education

Step-by-Step Guide on How to Construct an Exemplification Essay Topic

Exemplification essay topics focus on providing a suitable explanation for the target audience. Basically, students must pay attention when creating a relevant topic for an exemplification essay. In this case, the primary goal that a scholar must achieve when choosing a theme is to present a compelling argument that may motivate readers to accept a specific point of view. Hence, the basic steps that one should follow in choosing or creating a suitable exemplification essay topic are:

Step 1: Brainstorming

The first step in creating a topic for an exemplification essay is brainstorming relevant ideas. For instance, scholars must identify a concept that relates to an emerging issue. In this case, brainstorming allows students to generate unique and original topics for their essays or research papers. Moreover, prudent learners focus on raising many points related to their papers. Eventually, writers evaluate presented ideas to identify the most compelling concepts. Therefore, one should begin by brainstorming to identify the most appropriate title for an essay.

Step 2: Researching

Scholars have a mandate to research a topic identified to gather relevant examples. In particular, exemplification essays must have several general measures to support the intended point of view. Basically, students should take time to gather applicable sources to support their topics. For example, some of the credible sources that may help with getting necessary evidence include journal articles, books, and credible websites. As a rule, all the examples identified must support an exemplification topic directly. In turn, writers need to ensure that illustrations or supporting ideas relate to concepts obtained from reliable sources .

Step 3: Drafting a Title

Students must draft a suitable topic for an exemplification essay. Basically, the evidence gathered helps one to select the best idea from those recorded in the first step. In this case, one should engage in a critical evaluation process that can lead to the identification of the most compelling topic for a paper. As a rule, one should choose a subject supported by many and relevant examples. In turn, prudent learners draft several titles, from which they select the most compelling one. Besides, writers should not limit themselves to related ideas. Instead, authors should create diverse topics.

Step 4: Revising a Drafted Topic

Learners should revise their drafted topics to ensure that they contain a single idea. Basically, a good case for an exemplification essay must be independent. In this case, a reader must understand the writer’s intended message by reading the title of a topic. Moreover, compelling topics must be short and precise, meaning that the audience should quickly grasp the intended meaning. In turn, one should ensure that discussed issues catch the reader’s attention. Besides, most individuals focus on reading exciting papers.

Step 5: Selecting a Suitable Topic

Authors should select the most compelling topic from the list of themes developed in the previous step. For example, writers should reread titles several times to identify the most effective one. In other instances, writers request their peers to evaluate proposed topics and identify the strongest ones. Moreover, the selection process forms the foundation for writing an outstanding essay. As a rule, the selected case should contain a debatable point. In turn, exemplification essay topics require writers to engage in a debate that proves the validity of a specific point or issue. Besides, learners must ensure that the topic identification process leads to a reasonable subject.  

Skeleton for an Exemplification Essay Topic

Writers can rely on a specific format to develop an exemplification essay topic. For instance, a suitable topic must contain a subject and debatable consequences. As a rule, the matter may be an individual, government policy, a trending issue, or any other thing that leads to specific outcomes. In turn, this basic structure allows one to use viable examples to support a particular claim for a study. Hence, a general format that an exemplification essay must follow is:

One may alter this structure based on a topic or discipline. For instance, students may decide to begin with uncertain outcomes followed by a specific subject. In turn, such a general format would appear as:

Writers alter a topic skeleton to reduce monotony when writing their essays. Basically, diversified topics help to capture the reader’s attention. Also, learners need to ensure that the title of multiple topics for exemplification essays contains a narrow subject. However, extended themes for exemplification essays should have a broad topic that may lead to adequate subject analysis. In turn, this difference determines the nature of examples that one may use to support a central argument.

Template for Exemplification Essays

Topics for an exemplification essay should be short, clear, and independent. Basically, a suitable topic should contain between eight and twelve words. In turn, extended versions of such themes may sound vague and appear unprofessional.  

2. Introduction

The introduction should begin with a catchphrase that attracts the reader’s attention. In this case, writers should include the main points that allow readers to gain adequate background information. Besides, this section must end with a thesis statement that shows the writer’s argument.

A. 1st Body Paragraph

The body section should begin with a paragraph that supports a thesis statement. In particular, writers must begin every body paragraph with a topic sentence followed by compelling examples. Moreover, the last sentence in a paragraph should summarize the main ideas and provide a transition to the next paragraph.

B. 2nd Body Paragraph

The second paragraph should contain a counterargument that opposes a thesis statement. As a rule, one should provide real-life examples that support a counterargument. Besides, writers should include explanations that can help readers to understand the intended message of this counterargument.

C. 3rd Body Paragraph

The third paragraph should refute a counterargument and show that a thesis statement holds. For example, writers must show the counterargument’s major weakness. In turn, this approach allows readers to make a suitable judgment about the main subject. Besides, this paragraph must help readers to change their minds and accept a thesis argument as a valid statement.

4. Conclusion

Exemplification essays must end with a summative paragraph. In this case, the last passage should bring a paper into a logical closure that allows readers to connect body paragraphs in a clear picture. Also, one should summarize the main points and restate a thesis statement.

Exemplification essay topics present specific arguments but require one to use real-life examples to support the central claim. In this case, students should validate central perspectives by using good examples that relate to the topic logically. Then, two types of exemplification papers should include multiple and extended models of themes. For multiple these, one should use several real-life cases to support a thesis. Otherwise, authors should break a single instance into relevant subtopics to help the essay’s central point. Hence, key tips that students must remember when writing exemplification papers are:

free exemplification essay examples

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free exemplification essay examples

How to Write in Cursive: Basic Guidelines With Examples

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free exemplification essay examples

How to Write a Critical Thinking Essay With Tips and Examples

free exemplification essay examples

How to Cite a TED Talk in APA 7 With Tips and Examples

free exemplification essay examples

How to Cite a Report in APA 7 With Tips and Examples

free exemplification essay examples

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free exemplification essay examples

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free exemplification essay examples

How to Cite a Dictionary in APA 7

free exemplification essay examples

Argumentative Essay Rubric: Master Writing Skills and Improve Grades

free exemplification essay examples

How to Cite an Encyclopedia in MLA 8: The Main Rules With Examples

Free Exemplification Essay Examples

Exemplification essay ideas are indispensable to producing a quality text in this genre. You will likely need a couple of them to understand what the assignment is all about.

This type of creative writing explains a generalization through a story. For instance, the introductory paragraph of an exemplification essay about family should contain the concept’s definition. The main body should provide an illustrative situation where family life manifested itself.

We have selected free exemplification essay examples in all possible disciplines for you to get inspired. And even if you don’t find one that completely matches your assignment, reading other texts on similar topics will mold your thoughts.

25 Best Exemplification Essay Examples

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Functional Health Assessment of the Community Alamosa

The Role of Black Abolitionists in American History

The Internet and Autobiographical Memory

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The Scholarships Office’s Lack of Transparency

Education: Scholarships for Students in Sullivan High School

Advertisement and Networking Sites

Fallacies: definitions and examples.

Characteristics that Make a Successful Negotiator

Time Value of Money

Climate Change Negative Health Impacts

Vegetarianism and Health

Target Behavior Design Ethical Aspects

Supporting English Language Learners

Is Renewable Energy a Viable Option?

Choosing a Supplier/Contractor

Personal Development Plan: Effective Acculturation

Virtual Learning Environment: Concord Consortium

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Understanding Race and Racism

Personality Formation

Feminist Movement: The National Organization for Women

Racial Profiling: Discrimination the People of Color

Change in wiesel’s understanding of god.

Exemplification Essay Examples

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