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Ethics In The Workplace Essay

Ethics in the workplace is a very important thing to have. Without a sense of ethicality in the workplace there are many things that could go wrong. You could even end up losing a job because of a lack of ethics, or other consequences could be felt due to a lack of caring or morality. The workplace is a place that you should show respect and dignity, and a deeper sense of ethics is very important in order to uphold these senses of morality . Workplace ethics, which include such things as behavior, integrity, commitment, teamwork, and other things, are important, if not required, in most workplaces and can help to improve performance and morale for workers and employers. Behavior is defined as the way in which one acts or conducts oneself, especially …show more content…

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Teamwork is key in many situations in a workplace. Without it, many tasks could not get done and efficiency would go way down. It doesn’t necessarily mean that you are working with a huge group of people, teamwork could be between two people. Without cooperation, however, no two or more people could get anything done, or would at least do it very poorly. When you are part of a workplace that consists of more than yourself you are inevitably going to work with others. Even the CEO of a company has to meet and work with others from time to time. So teamwork is a vital part of your ethicality in a work environment and should be readily available to you at a moment 's notice. Without it, you are surely not going to get along well with others or have a very happy career. Commitment, teamwork, integrity, and your behavior are certainly very important factors in workplace ethics; however, they are not the only things that make it up. There are many principles that you should show when in a work environment, but I believe that I have covered many of the most important ones. Just remember that you need to show a good behavior, be committed to your job and your employer, work well with others, and always be honest and morally sound. If you stand by these principles you will surely show good workplace ethics, and will be liked by those around

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ethical workplace essay

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Ideas and theories are passed down from one generation to the next; whether it be genetic or from teachings that the elders have instilled in the youth. My family instilled a strong work ethic from the time I was born. The work ethic they have placed in my mind has influence how I approach sports, from playing to now coaching, and even my major. Baseball was my first love. There was nothing I loved more than going to my brother’s Ohio State baseball games when I was younger. The sights, the sounds

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The main I had was about no work ethic and I am talking about no work ethic Is no motivation and no excuses the best way to not have no work ethic In life Is to not have a lack of laziness and no motivation , make’s np goal’s In life at all . For a example to get a good job you would need to have motivation and have a goal Is like If you want It so bad Is like how bad do you really want that job . But however you would really need to have to have a good goal’s to reach that goal like for gas

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meanings I have experienced in my time already, the most important by far would be forming a hard and honest work ethic. This kind of integrity has proven to support me in my accomplishments throughout my life and will continue to do so in the future. Circumstances leading to the formation of these principles are my drastic change in location, my increasing involvement in agricultural work, and my explications of life lessons. To begin with, coming from an extraordinarily urban suburb in Dallas,

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A Strong Work Ethic He was just an average guy. Nothing special to most people, I guess. But to me, my dad exemplified the epitome of a hard-working, loyal employee. He hardly ever called in sick; and if he did, he was really sick. He never dreamed of arriving late, clocking out early, or shirking his duties. He was glad to have a job that provided for his family and spoke proudly of his job with General Motors. I can still recall him going off to work in his freshly-laundered, navy

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The most significant idea I have encountered this year is that in order to become successful, we need to maintain a strong work ethic. I developed this idea from a combination of leadership skills that I have gained and applied in different environments, and participation in various activities this past year. Work ethic is comprised of maintaining a strong sense of responsibility, teamwork, discipline, and integrity. As a student and worker, I have learned that I need to possess responsibility for

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friends, education, and a hard work ethic. Without one or the other, they all fail. Without a work ethic, I would never have the motivation to get an education, or even attempt to prosper in life. Having a strong work ethic is a characteristic that everyone should have in order to be successful. My work ethic was driven by my parents at a young age and this helps me to gain respect for bosses, professors, and coworkers. It also gave me dedication through hard work, during my high school volleyball

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of responsibility. Children today do not know the meaning of work, because parents have given in and gave these children everything. Today’s work ethic has changed from earlier generations, and that is why today’s generation is becoming self-centered. The Missing Today: A Strong Work Ethic (2016) states, “Working hard is not something that comes naturally. Today’s parenting has led to a generation of children that were never taught to work hard”(pg.1). Working hard is a learned habit that parents are

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goes the same for everyone as it takes an active effort to accomplish anything one desires in this reality. However, this is where my story deviates from the normal linear progression as my story involves strenuous tasks that managed to define my work ethics and my writing capabilities. At the same time, exposing my impotency to deal with literacy. Going on this long journey called life, I was able to explore myself and the things I wanted to improve upon. Sitting at the dining room table, I wrote

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I myself believe that a six-hour workday is more of a compatable work ethic for workers and employees because it helps to improve the work place, workers become more focused, and it also helps workers gain energy to start an objective by staying motivated. An you may either agree or disagree with me, but remeber everyone has their own shared oppinion. For instance, It will help improve the workplace because, it will gain more money towards your paycheck and company. I with no doubt have experienced

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Rethinking Work Ethic for the Age of Convergence Work sucks. These words serve as the tagline from the American cult classic Office Space, a 1999 film that satirizes the everyday office life of a group of white-collar cubicle dwellers. Likewise for many folks off-screen, work can feel monotonous and meaningless at times. Gallup found that on average in 2015, only 32 percent of U.S. workers felt actively engaged in their jobs (i.e., emotionally invested and focused on creating value for their

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Niall Ferguson’s article, “The World; Why America Outpaces Europe,” reflects upon how Max Weber’s conceptualization of the Protestant Work Ethic explains the United States’ economic edge over several European nations. Weber’s key causal argument, as described in his influential essay, The Protestant Ethic and the Spirit of Capitalism, is as follows: “For though the development of economic rationalism is partly dependent on rational technique and law, it is at the same time determined by the ability

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educate employees, both about themselves and life in general, either indirectly or directly. In Climbing the Golden Arches, nineteen year-old Marissa Nuñez discusses the work ethics she gained while being employed at her McDonalds. Within her essay, Nuñez mentioned how she faced both pleasant and unpleasant circumstances at her work, all which prepared her for her future career. As an individual who worked at McDonald’s, Nuñez learned how to fulfill her role of being an employee by becoming an expert

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British Association of Social Workers 5 1.1 Ethics in social work Ethical awareness is fundamental to the professional practice of social workers. Their ability and commitment to act ethically is an essential aspect of the quality of the service offered to those who engage with social workers. Respect for human rights and a commitment to promoting social justice are at the core of social work practice throughout the world. Social work grew out of humanitarian and democratic ideals, and its values

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Title: A New Work Ethic Dr. Jason Carthen Business Ethic 309 January 29, 2011 A New Work Ethic Business ethic is the study of what constitute right and wrong. Or good and bad, human conduct in a business context. Moral standards are different because they concern behavior that is of serious consequence to human welfare that can profoundly injure or benefit people. The conventional norms against lying, stealing, stealing, and killing deal with action that can hurt people. Morality serves

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Social Work Ethics vs Personal Ethics Shacoya Collins Indiana University 13 October 2017 John Fitzgerald Kennedy once said, “One person can make a difference but everyone should try” (John Fitzgerald Kennedy Quotes 2005). Everyone can be a change in someone else’s life, if they set aside their own beliefs to help someone else who may have different beliefs. Comparing my values to those of the social work code of ethics will show the converging and diverging between the two with a focus

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How a nursing assistant, or a NAC, behaves in a work environment is called work ethics. Work ethics can be a collection of respect for religion, political or moral views, and over-all caring for your patients. This also includes deciding what may be best for both you and the patient. Respecting a patient or resident’s religion may play a very large role in a NAC’s working experience. They may have to deal with many religious people who may disagree what the NAC believes, but that’s okay. A NAC

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Royanna Triviso Ethics in Social Work Page#1 It is an it is imperative that the social workers are equipped with theoretical of understanding of domestic violence. Social workers are aware that domestic violence is an issue that affects multiple of clients. As well as basic skills for assessment and intervention, for example, danger assessment and intervention, for example, danger assessment and safety planning and resource connection. The social profession is to ensure that we educating

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Benkova. K., an author of the article Social Work Ethics as Applied Ethics, describes “ethics as a systematic drive to understand our individual and social moral experience in such a way that enables establishing rules which are to govern people’s behavior, to define values which are worth sticking to, and also to encourage such character traits in people which oneself is worth to develop”(Benkova 2009). Social workers are responsible for human physical and emotional well-being. In order

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to high standards the company boats are unreasonably high” (Kantor and Streitfeld, 2015). There are not necessarily standards by which employers and businesses HAVE to treat their workers, but it seems like there is an ethical problem in the Amazon work place according to this article. In this paper we will look at

Work Ethic History

American work ethics have drastically changed throughout history. Work ethic is the belief in work as a moral good. Work ethic has improved over the years from people rallying against work conditions and treatment in corporations. Also, demanding the funding of schools back in the Great Depression era has shown the improvement of work ethic. Over the years as people continue educating themselves they became more aware of their work environment. They are taking on the responsibility to improve their

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Workplace Ethics and the Code of Conduct


Workplace ethics is usually described as the manner in which the employees in an institution manage themselves and their general attitude towards work. The mode of operation of a firm and the inherent perception regarding it by the competitors and society forms part of the workplace code of conduct. The reflection of effective implementation of workplace ethics amongst institutions is exhibited by how they relate with their clients and suppliers, their interactions with other firms, the way they undertake their activities, and their internal and external communication mechanisms. The essay aims at highlighting the desirable employee workplace code of conduct, the benefits and importance of workplace ethics, and the eminent ethical issues in places of work.

Workplace Code of Conduct amongst Employees

A strong employee ethic in workplaces is nurtured through the establishment of habits and systems that facilitate efficient and effective achievement of tasks and interactions among personnel in the place of work. Every staff is required to observe punctuality with respect to timely coming to workstations and completion of projects (“The Value of Strong Workplace Ethics,” 2020). Additionally, both the employer and employee should be individually held accountable and take responsibility for the resultant errors and omissions in any task due to their actions. The workplace culture should also ensure that the staff remains focused, free from all distractors, for the successful and timely accomplishment of tasks.

A truly ethical workplace requires every employee to take the initiative of ensuring that that they have the self-drive to always engage in activities that are productive and beneficial to the firm without being compelled. Indeed, employees should endeavor productivity by avoiding obstacles that hinder them from delivering their best in the assigned tasks. Individual employees ought to exhibit dedication while undertaking their assignments (“The Value of Strong Workplace Ethics,” 2020). Furthermore, the staff should uphold professionalism as part of their work culture, which entails remaining polite to others and decent dressing. Finally, the employee should show their willingness to improve. The character is demonstrated by their positive desire to accept feedback and criticisms, which is also essential in their career advancement.

Benefits of Workplace Ethics

First, employees of an institution enshrined with workplace ethics strive to nurture teamwork amongst themselves for the benefit of the organization. They also work collectively in meeting the predetermined targets hence facilitate enhanced productivity and growth of the firm (Leonard, 2019). Notably, such a company is assured of integrity towards the protection of its asset as the personnel take care of the equipment and machine, thus decreasing costs of maintenance.

Additionally, ethic-anchored work settings enjoy smooth decision making and efficient implementation of strategies, reputable company image, and products in the public domain, and alleviated adverse legal matters. Amazingly, the firm is able to penetrate novel business frontiers, thus scaling the stature of its success and business growth assurance (Leonard, 2019). Finally, an excellent ethical culture promotes a responsive, courteous, and superfluous environment amongst workers with the least plights. The company also becomes easily adaptive to the attributable transformations in the digressive market setting it operates in.

Workplace Ethical Issues

Harassment and discrimination.

It is a prerequisite for all employers to offer equitable employment chances, recruit and train a multi-dimensional workforce. However, some firms fail to enforce these policies and foster workplaces that uphold respect for all sorts of people (Sudsakorn & Rattanawiboonsoom, 2018). Some qualified candidates and employees face harassment and discrimination based on their gender, ethnicity, age, race, and physical abilities. On the verge of averting the high legal and ramifications costs associated with the misconduct, most firms repel the unethical mindset through the provision of alternative perspectives, which are all-inclusive.

Unethical Management

The unprincipled conduct is usually associated with the managers and is exhibited through actions such as manipulation of report figures and inappropriate utilization of company resources and funds. Research has depicted that the abuse of the governance in authority contributes to approximately sixty percent of the misconduct experienced in workplaces (Sudsakorn & Rattanawiboonsoom, 2018). Remarkably, the action can imperceptibly transpire in the form of inapt acceptance of handouts from suppliers, bullying, or the occasional skipping of the stipulated standard processes.

Destructive Workplace Culture

Some organizations face the challenge of unethical leadership, which concentrates on soliciting bribes influencing data and figures on sales or adversely bulldozing employees and corporate partners for financial and personal favors. The culture results in oppression and disrespect of the personnel in the company (Sudsakorn & Rattanawiboonsoom, 2018). The situation aggravates through the repopulation of the institution with like-minded individuals to propagate their interests. The hiring of similar toxic mentality personalities eventually results in discrimination during recruitment, leading to further ethical problems and legal implications.

Inappropriate Use of Institution Tools and Technology

Indecorous usage of the company internet and technology causes the firm to incur extreme costs from staff performance, time loss, and company returns. A recent study showed that about sixty-four percent of employees browse websites not related to work in the course of a workday (Sudsakorn & Rattanawiboonsoom, 2018). The frequently visited sites include the news feed in the social media platforms and result in the abuse of company technology, tools, and time.

The thesis has explored some of the aspects relating to workplace ethics. Indeed, ethics are crucial in the development of a company as it describes the diverse circumstances which influence the functioning of the firm. The more an institution follows its ethics, the more sustainable and successful it becomes. Every organization should avoid unethical practices for the efficient accomplishment of its targets and corporate social responsibility.

Leonard, K. (2019). Workplace values and ethics. Houston Chronicle . Web.

Sudsakorn, C., & Rattanawiboonsoom, V. (2018). Ethical business culture and its impact on unethical behaviors in the workplace: Conceptual implications. PSAKU International Journal of Interdisciplinary Research , 7 (1), 132–140.

The value of strong workplace ethics. (2020). SpriggHR. Web.

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Workplace Ethical Issues Essay

Workplace ethics refers to moral principles and values governing proper behavioral conduct in the place of work (Barry & Shaw, 2013). Work ethics guide the managers as well as employees to do the right thing even if doing the wrong thing can equally be rewarding and satisfying. Therefore, workplace ethical issues involve a plethora of ethical dilemmas and ethical abuses that come into play in any job.

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An ethical issue is defined as an illegal, unethical, or irresponsible act made against the employer, and it jeopardizes the employer’s business. Ethical issues arise when workers including the managers and the subordinates are given the responsibility of making decisions about alternative courses of action. This paper discusses a few ethical issues that arise in the workplace.

Harassment of the co-workers or clients is one of the major workplace ethical issues that involve violation of the employers’ workplace ethics policy. Harassment in any workplace may involve unsolicited sexual advances, interferences with work performance through intimidation, or non-compliance with the conditions of work. Sometimes illegal harassment can be based on sex, religion, age, disability, race, or color.

Johnson (2007) provides that harassment does not only involve violation of business ethics, but also involves a breach of the federal laws. Sexual harassment is the common ethical issue many workers experience at their workplaces and it is propagated by both the management and regular employees.

Basically, sexual harassment of any nature makes the workplace hostile and causes distress among the sexually abused employees. According to Bredeson and Goree (2011), the most common ethical issue within sexual harassment is a dual relationship that involves sexual relationships between employees who share professional responsibilities.

Furthermore, sexual harassment occurs when employees engage in unethical intimate relationships, which in turn affects their professional decision-making process. Consensual relationships at workplace between a senior employee and a junior employee can become dangerous.

This may happen because a senior employee has more authority to affect the working ability of the junior employee if their intimate relationship breaks.

However, if this happens, the subordinates should report the act to the relevant authorities because it is improper for any person to use his/her authority to demand favors or create a hostile work environment (Barry & Shaw, 2013). Therefore, it is advisable to avoid consensual relationships with co-workers to combat ethical dilemmas and workplace distress.

Substance abuse is another ethical issue that crops up at many workplaces. It may involve dependence on stimulating substances such as alcohol and other addictive intoxicating drugs. Addiction to any substance becomes a workplace ethical issue when either a manager or a regular employee’s work performance and productivity are impaired until they use the substance (Johnson, 2007).

Alcohol is the most abused substance, and when the employees carry alcohol to workplaces or use in the workplace, it raises serious ethical questions. Generally, substance abuse can be a serious ethical issue if not handled with care since it can create a hostile work environment, and consequently jeopardize the productivity and performance of the entire workforce.

In addition, confidentiality is a workplace ethical principle that becomes a familiar ethical issue when it is violated (Johnson, 2007). For instance, the disclosure of an employee’s personal information or the employer’s business strategy to rival organizations is a major violation of the workplace ethics.

Actually, protecting the employees from privacy invasion creates trust and perhaps increases their productivity. However, when confidentiality is violated, serious ethical implications may occur, which affect the business negatively. Work ethics require that the clients’ private information or the co-workers personal information be accessed by authorized individuals only.

Conflict of interest is another common workplace ethical issue. It refers to a situation whereby an individual’s interests affect or influence his/her workplace judgment, actions, or decisions. Conflicts of interest are virtually unethical and illegal because they negatively affect workplace performance, decision-making process, and relationships with other participants (Bredeson & Goree, 2011).

Conflict of interest is a serious ethical issue, which should be avoided or resolved immediately it appears because it may result in professional misconduct in the workplace. Despite workplace ethical issues being endless, organizations can devise moral or ethical policies to protect their employees from ethical violations.

For instance, an organization can develop a workplace policy based mission, vision and code of conduct, and ensure that each employee understands the code of ethics.

In addition, the organization can provide workplace ethics training for employees, create a legal office to deal with employees ethical issues, and research all federal and employment laws relating to whistle blowing to avoid making decisions that lead to negative ethical implications (Bredeson & Goree, 2011).

In summary, ethical issues exist in almost every workplace because workers often face situations, which involve ethical dilemmas. Moreover, when ethical issues are not resolved in time, they result in a hostile work environment making it harder for the employees to give their maximum potential.

Thus, it is imperative for employers to respond appropriately to every ethical issue that arises in the workplace to make the workplace safe and friendly.

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Johnson, C. (2007). Ethics in the workplace: tools and Tactics for organizational Transformation . London: Sage Publications.

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Ethics: Ethics And Ethics In The Workplace

ethical workplace essay

Show More Workplace ethics refers to a set of principles that outlines the good and wrong behavior in an organization. Workplace ethics are the aspects that enable a company to be profitable in its efforts. Every organization has specific guidelines that every employee has to observe. Workplace ethics facilitates teamwork and high morale of employees (Donaldson 83). Companies that encourage ethics initiatives have high productivity than companies that take corporate ethics as a compliance issue. These companies also have high employee retention. For a person to be considered as ethical, the person has to conduct him or herself according to the right, and wrong principles. Ethics involves using procedures of decision making that are based on integrity, …show more content… Other situations of ethics may involve using the internet inappropriately and harassment. It is important to know the various aspects of the workplace ethics and differentiating between right and wrong. It is also important for one to know certain things that should not be done in the workplace. Ethics of an employee are very important to the employer. There is a need for workplace ethics in any organization for it to have a consistent success. If a workplace does not have ethical standards, the employer may have a risk of losing the key employees, and customers (Donaldson 83). Some of the workplace ethics include integrity, respect, responsibility, fairness, and caring. Some of the unethical behavior includes lying to supervisors, misrepresenting worked, lying on a report, misuse of the assets of the employer, and lying to co-workers, vendors, customers or the …show more content… Good ethical behavior brings profitability and also establishes good relationship between employees and customers, for fact. I agree with this fact because I seen it worked at my workplace. One day one of my employees decided to help an elder costumer with her shopping even thought he was off the clock already. He didn’t mind spending 30 minutes of his own time to help her. As a result the costumer was satisfied and gave a good feedback about the employee. Actions like that one are good example of positive ethical behaviors because it creates a good image for the business. It also motivates other employees to engage in positive ethical behaviors. Because of his action my supervisor rewarded the

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CEO, Jim Sinegal, focuses on employees and by extension, customers. Due to the happy and engaged employees, Costco continues to improve in regards to product mix and sales, as employees in the warehouse are happy to give their feed back to headquarters ( By investing in their employees Costco has provided their customers with a sustainable business that provides them with excellent customer service as well as more and better products at low prices. This results in expanding and reoccurring business from happy consumers, proving that companies that have ethical business practices yield greater…

Business Ethics: The Importance Of Corporate Governance In Business

Effort is the importance things in the business. It happen all in the time because it is ultimately of great importance to the bottom lines of business. The business can successful if they combine the forces of two or many extremely powerful companies. The company can success when both of partnership have the good reputation in terms of track record and business. The best way to get a good reputation is to ensure that your company has a strong tradition of ethical business…

The Code Of Ethics In The Workplace

This is much benefited because it helps the company run smoothly and helps with it be successful. It helps with the effectiveness of the product as…

Ethical Issues In The Workplace

Ethics plays a role in every aspect of business life and is essential to operating a successful operation. Unethical financial reporting, workplace harassment, employee working conditions, workplace diversity and equal pay for work performed are the major ethical issues that if left unaddressed will lead to major problems within an organization. The results of these ethical issues are as numerous as the issues themselves but can be highlighted by businesses losing productivity, employees quitting and in some cases organizations going out of business altogether. Good leaders must find ways to minimize unethical behavior and help their organizations build a culture of ethics and accountability. Financial Reporting Financial reporting is a key…

Implications Of Ethics In Organizations

The ethical conduct by top managers is a source of motivation for the employees since they find a purpose in their operations and find returns for their good ethics through quality products and profitable returns. Employees become loyal when their leaders’ actions are not questionable and they reflect integrity expected in the…

Employee Hiring Ethics

Ethics and Code of conduct in Employee Recruitment The most important aspect of any enterprise is recruiting the best talent, despite the process being significantly challenging. The need for diversification of skills and abilities enhances the development of a robust and complete team with the capacity to deliver under different circumstances. Human resource managers have an obligation to design and implement programs that are non-discriminative to ensure a fair and efficient process is achieved. Ethical employment and recruitment decisions are important in maintaining a workplace culture towards the right direction and in turn enhancing competitiveness and profitability (Collins, 2012). The increased costs in employment litigation cases…

Ethics In The Workplace Essay

Some issues may be black and white, lots of ethical issues involve gray areas. Misrepresenting time or hours work is unethical. Lying to supervisors is unethical. Lying to co-workers, customers, vendors, or the public is unethical. Misuse of your employer’s assets is unethical.…

Staff Motivation And Motivation

The manager of Just Desserts stated “good communication is very effective as you are able to create a relationship with your staff” (see appendix 5). 20% of the staff who took part in the survey said that one of the ways they were motivated was by communication. This method is good because it improves the relationship between the manager and the employee. A good relationship will create trust between the worker and the manager, as the manager will be able to rely on them to get the work done correctly and efficiently. In addition, it will reduce possible conflict within the workplace which will lead to a more comfortable environment for the staff and the manager.…

Virtue Ethics Of Stakeholder Theory In Today's Society

It is more ethical to focus on the benefits of all parties involved in business operations for each of the ethical theories. A utilitarianist would say that the greatest number of people are affected when using the stakeholder model, so the greatest benefit for the greatest number of people is the priority. A deontologist would argue that the individual acts that make up a business are what is important, and still the stakeholder theory argues that business operations should be ethical to all its aspects, whether that be economically or environmentally. Virtue ethicists reiterate the character of the individuals that make up the company, and it is important to act in such a way that reflects what is ethically right. Each of the three ethical theories argue that the stakeholder model is what is ethically correct, and this model should be instituted to all business operations.…

Social Networking: A Code Of Ethics In The Workplace

When most people hear the word “ethics” they think of business. Business ethics are very important because if you are an employee you don’t follow the company’s ethics, it may lead to termination of your job there. Most companies will have a code of ethics, also known as code of conduct (Krizan et al. 86). “A code of conduct publicly announces the values and beliefs of the organization and makes the company expectations a part of the work culture,” (89).…

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ethical workplace essay

The Importance Of Workplace Ethics

Ethic paper: ethical dilemmas in the workplace.

This competency is all about being able to make critical decisions in the case of ethical dilemmas and acting professionally in the work place. Although ethical dilemmas rarely have clear-cut solutions, this competency tells social workers to turn to the NASW code of ethics and supervision for guidance. That is exactly what I did for my "Ethic Paper" which you can find below. For this assignment, I was asked to interview a licensed MSW about an ethical dilemma they faced in their career, how they handled it, and how they came to their decisions. This assignment allowed me to better understand how an ethical dilemma is handled in the real world (as opposed to the many hypothetical situations we discuss in class) and also challenged my interviewing

Tyson Foods Organizational Ethics

Within this essay I’m going to discuss the Organizational ethic of the company that I’m currently employed with Tyson Foods. The brand I’m going to discuss is Hillshire brands which was a large company itself that was bought out by Tyson foods in 2014. Organizational ethics are the principals and standards by which businesses operate. They are demonstrated through the acts of fairness, compassion, integrity, honor and responsibility. The key for the companies managers and executives to ensure that all employees understand these ethics. One of the best ways to communicate organizational ethics is by training employees on company standards.

Pivotal Code Of Ethical Violations

Ethics is a great way to demonstrate how important values are based on one’s professionalism and the way one conducts themselves.

Importance Of Accountability In Healthcare

Management or leaders will need to demonstrate a priority on ethics, thoroughly communicate the expectations on ethical practice, have ethical decision making. And support the local ethical programs. Having a manager or leader that has accountability with ethical consideration has a balance of holding one true to its values and having ethical considerations on the different cultural backgrounds. This is a critical and key factor to a successful health care organization. Knowing, and understanding as a manager and influencing employees to follow standards that when something is misunderstood or unknown, owning up to its behavior on the situation can be corrected and guided to what is expected from the leader or manager and down to the employees. Having an understanding to ethical consideration and accountability will improve customer satisfaction, employee performance, and the continuum for accountability ("Ethical Leadership: Fostering An Ethical Environment And Culture",

Ethics Vs. Ethical Lens Inventory

Equally important is being ethical. My preferred ethical lens from the Ethical Lens Inventory is the relationship lens. This was no surprise to me because being fair and assuring justice for all has always been a part of me. The blind spot of the relationship lens is overconfidence in process. My personal ethics influence my decision making every day from ensuring the delivery guy gets a fair tip to finding money on the street and spending(giving) it on someone else that needs it more than I do. Being a professional I find it key to have ethics in the workplace they establish a set of standards that are used to make decisions and clarify decisions when there are gray areas relating to a topic on hand. Also to prevent professional from taking

Unit 2 Business Ethics Task 2 P1

The e-mail system is provided for the use of staff and other authorized users for corporate

Starbucks Ethical Sourcing Case Study

Ethical leadership includes efforts to encourage ethical behaviour as well as efforts to stop unethical practices. Ethical leaders seek to build mutual trust and respect among diverse followers and to find integrative solutions to conflicts among stakeholders with competing interests (Yuki, 2012).

Add Hope Code Of Ethics Essay

Human values that describe how one lives and what their term of “correct” behaviour is. It is a moral code based on set values. In the business a code of ethics describes the appropriate behaviour that is expected from employees in the workplace. It focuses on the difference between right and wrong, good and bad.

Eight Lenses In Business Ethics

Rights and Duties - Everyone has rights to do some things and to be free of some things, and everyone has duties not to violate others’ rights.

Essay On Ethical Leadership

What is Ethical Leadership some may ask. It is leadership that shows through the actions of having respect for ethical beliefs and values, and for the dignity and rights of others. Ethics is associated with the morals and values an individual finds desirable. It is a philosophical term originating from Greek word “ethos” meaning custom or character.

The Big Short Movie Analysis

Ethics is deciding what is right or wrong using ones moral principles. These two work hand in hand and are supposed to be followed by all businesses and employees. In short Professionalism is what is expected and ethics are what is expected not to do.

Ethical Leadership In Organizational Behavior

Lead by example, all the leader within a company must demonstrate his commitment to the ethics.

The Importance Of Business Ethics In International Business

Basically, ethics are at their essence which is it is the moral judgments about what is right and what is wrong. Business ethics is focusing on examine the policies and conduct within the context of commercial enterprise in an organizational as well as in an individual level. In business, the ethics in business is an applied ethics where professionals and researchers use principles and theories to solve any ethical problems that exist in business. At the quarter of the 20th century, as technologies like internet have made world business or international business all more viable, the business ethics domestically have grown in importance along with the power and significance of major businesses. So that, international business ethics take center stage as a major concern of the modern era. The earlier opinion stated that a business cannot be ethical, but this opinion is not used anymore in the modern business. Today business has belief that they must be responsible for social since they live and operate within a social structure. The key factors that make business ethics is important at the quarter of the 20th century are corporate social responsibility, corporate governance, and globalized economy.

Importance Of Ethics And Integrity In The Workplace

Ethics and integrity is essential and played an important role in helping the growth of the business. Behave ethically could contribute to good performance and customers’ satisfaction. This lead maintains and expands the relationship between both parties and indirectly would increase company reputation (Bandsuch, M 2009). According to the Trevino & Nelson (2010), behave in ethics and integrity not only could stronger the relationship with the customers, but also the relationship with the stakeholders. Apart from that, ethics and high integrity could also increase the confidence of customers towards the organization (Trevino & Nelson, 2010).

The Importance Of Business Ethics In The Business Environment

For the sense of business according to Joseph (2013), ethics are constructed and decided by each business and underpins decision that an employee makes. When it comes to the business’ environment, a well-constructed ethics is a key for a considerate and responsible decision making in a business (Bennett, 2014).

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Ethics in the Workplace

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Ethics in the workplace usually consist of codes of conduct that define the nature of the ethical culture that business organization wishes to promote and maintain. These generally go beyond what is considered legal, to touch upon the concepts of respect, fairness, honesty, and extend outward through employees to customers and others who have a stake in the business’s success. While there is no one single set of ethics that works for every organizational entity, there are certain core elements that are appropriate to them all: respect, fairness, honesty, integrity, and concern for the other, whether it be another employee, the community in which the business operates, the environment, and outward to the economy.

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Workplace Ethics

Rhoden, N. (2008). Ethics in the workplace. Retrieved from

In this Internet article, Rhoden first makes the point that personal ethics and professional ethics have no discernible differences between them. Ethics, she claims, are ethics, regardless of where one is. She asserts that ethics, in order to be meaningful to an organization, must be practical and typically answer two key questions that executives want understood when considering an ethical approach within their business enterprise: “How do workplace ethics apply to practical goals of my organization and the work of my employees?” and “Is there reliable data to support these assertions?” (Rhoden, 2008). She then references information from the Ethics Resource Center, a nonprofit independent organization that exists to promote ethical business practices. The ERC assists executives and other leaders by helping to identify ethical risks inherent in their businesses, and showing them a ways to establish appropriate, higher ethical standards for the conduct of their businesses.

This source begins to define workplace ethics, and the relationship between ethics and workplace and the ability of executives to manage ethical risks.

Kerns, C. D. (2003). Creating and sustaining an ethical workplace culture. Graziado Business Review, Vol. 6, Iss. 3. Retrieved from

In this scholarly, credible, peer-reviewed journal article, Kerns declares, first of all, that ethics is about behavior. It is, when faced with a difficult decision or choice, about doing the right thing, as culturally defined (in Western culture, this means promoting the interests of others, respect, integrity, honesty, fairness, and so on in our human relationships). He then states that the purpose of the article is to help guide thinking and action “toward creating and sustaining an ethical workplace culture.” Ethical workplace culture is driven by values such as wisdom and knowledge, self-control, justice and fair guidance, transcendence, love and kindness, and courage and integrity. These values help people in business develop appropriate attitudes that reflect those values, which results in a value-driven behavior chain that is ethical. These values, in order to be meaningful, must result in behavior that is practical and reasonable. Kerns finally gives the formula for such ethical behavior as: virtuous values plus aligned action plus behavioral standards/codes equals increased ethical behavior.

This source continues to define workplace ethics, and how they are related to an ethical workplace culture and the values that drive that culture.

The Necessity of an Ethical Workplace

Ethics Resource Center. (2010). 2009 National Business Ethics Survey : The importance of ethical culture: Increasing trust and driving down risks. Retrieved from

This survey, which is done by a nonprofit organization engaged in the teaching of ethical behavior to business, discusses the results of the 2009 National Business Ethics Survey. The authors explain that in any workplace, leaders, or executives, control the behavior of the people within the organization by deciding who is hired, who is retained, who is fired, or who is promoted. Lower-level workers represent the culture of the organization by choosing those to whom they will listen, whom they admire, whether or not they ask questions when they don’t know something, and whether they acknowledge work rules publicly, but worked to get whatever outcomes they wish in private. Workers are the ones who most understand “how things are,” as opposed to how they are supposed to be. They understand how things really get done. And, the author asserts, that is the essence of ethical culture in business.

Most scholars and others agree that, in order to be successful in the long-term, an organization needs to develop an ethical culture, but one that is consistent for everyone.

National Academy of Engineering. (2006). Importance of ethical behavior in the workplace. The Ethics Office at Texas Instruments Corporation. Retrieved from

This article, which comes from the ethics office of a major national corporation, is a series of advice points from The Ethics Office at Texas Instruments Corporation. The advice was written by either Glenn Coleman, the Manager of Ethics Communication and Education, or Carl Skooglund, Texas Instruments Ethics Director. These men offer nine advice points that could be listed as follows: a) ethical standards play an important role in protecting company assets, b) damaging acts are not always obvious, and sometimes the most damaging of these are the least obvious, c) people sometimes engage in what these men term subtle subversion, but there are ways to combat this, d) other “silent saboteurs,” e) how to act with ethics that are unquestionable and with integrity, f) the “small stuff” is the big stuff, g) still other silent saboteurs, h) intangible crimes that are easily rationalized (such as taking a pen), and i) help with making ethical decisions when the answer is not obvious.

This article continues to explain the importance of having an ethical culture in business, as it contributes to the health of the organization and to its reputation.

Corporate Ethical Behavior

Baker, T. L., Hunt, T. G., and Andrews, M. C. (2006). Promoting ethical behavior and organizational citizenship behaviors: The influence of corporate ethical values. Journal of Business Research, Vol. 59, Iss. 7.

This study, published in a highly regarded business journal, examined the outcomes of ethical behavior in work organizations in terms of a model of antecedents, such as corporate ethical values, organizational justice, and organizational commitment. 489 members of the National Association of Purchasing Managers were surveyed and compared with what was predicted by the model developed by the authors. The results of the study indicated that the data obtained from the survey fit the model of antecedents very well. The authors suggest that there are important implications for managers, and they point to the need for future research in this area.

An organization may be ethical in its relationship with its employees, but can certainly be unethical in its relationships with its customers, vendors, and others who have a stake in the organization’s success. This article begins to help us understand the importance of an ethical framework that not only enculturates those within the organization, but extends outward to customers, the community, and others who have a stake in the organization’s success.

O’Brien, G. (2014). Olympic lessons for business: Failure can build resilience. Business Ethics. Retrieved from In many businesses and organizations, there is a belief that perfection is not only possible, but that it is a strategic business plan for how one moves up through the ranks and become successful. O’Brien, an Olympian writing for this Internet business magazine, debunks this belief by suggesting that having an attitude of “we are the best” can lead to unethical behavior even on the part of good people. People being driven by, or corporations being driven by, expectations that either implicitly or explicitly tells everyone that no mistakes are made or can be made encourages people to hide the mistakes that they do make, sometimes disastrously. Failure, according to the author, can help people be more honest about the work that they do and more honest with themselves about who they are when they do that work. The author additionally suggest that it is important to link the company’s values to its business strategy. And ultimately, in good organizations, everyone understands clearly “how we do business. This article continues to look at an organization of responsibility not only to its own employees, but to those outside of the organization who either benefit from the organization’s success, or who work for the organization’s success. An ethical framework, to be genuine and effective, must be consistent both internally and externally.

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Essay Service Examples Life Work Ethic

The Meaning And Importance Of Work Ethic

The textbook definition of work ethic is as follows: “The principle that hard work is intrinsically virtuous or worthy of reward.” What this means is that the greater a person values the work they are doing, the better that person’s work ethic. In other words, if a person finds the work they are doing to be meaningful or of importance, that person is more likely to develop a ‘work ethic,’ or an increase in willingness to do that work. In my opinion, just about any kind of job holds a certain amount of importance. As long as a person can see that, they should be able to motivate themselves to carry out the task at hand.

As an employee, I would find a good work ethic to be of great importance to myself and fellow employees. If we see our own work as important, we would be motivated to carry it out, exercising a work ethic. As a manager, one could argue a work ethic to be of even greater importance. Employees can be very easily influenced by the way in which a supervisor or peer would react to a situation. If one person has a positive attitude, that mindset is likely to spread.

If I wanted to implement a good work ethic among my employees, I would be certain that everyone knew how their job benefited the company as a whole. Motivation can be inspired by the idea of reward or positive consequence as a result of carrying out a task. Work ethic has a direct tie-in with motivation, as motivation is what inspires work ethic. A person with a good work ethic should find it easy to motivate themselves to complete a task, particularly if the reason for the task is clear to that person.

ethical workplace essay

Personally, I find that I can carry out tasks more easily if I am alone or in a small group. Thusly, this could be something to improve on. I have difficulty working with a large amount of people, particularly if the task at hand is unclear. One way I might be able to improve on this could be pushing myself to work with other people more often, and get used to the feeling of being a part of a team. This is important in a working environment, as a successful business requires all parts of a team to work

together successfully. Teamwork is a very important skill to have when on the job. I know that as an employer, I would want to avoid hiring employees that have difficulty working together, as this may hinder the quality of the work done. As long as a group of people is able to get along and work effectively with each other, the effectiveness of such a team should be more than adequate to easily tackle most problems they face.

In conclusion, work ethic is a very important quality of effective teams as well as individual workers. It benefits the people working, as well as who they are working for. A positive attitude when carrying out tasks is also beneficial to everyone involved, as it is often inspired by a good work ethic. Overall, an effective team must be able to work together well, and exercise good work ethic, as well as a positive attitude.

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