Making Friends Through Internet Essay

Essay on face to face vs. electronic communication.

Using electronic communication comes along with many effects. One of the big effects it causes is kids become less social and they keep to themselves. The more media means the less happy they become and the more likely they are to get in trouble. Using media does more harm to yourself than anybody. Antisocial behaviors build up and people become more self-centered. “It is like they don’t want to talk to people” (Gormly 2). It shows that they are lazy, rude, and impersonal. Not wanting to talk to others ruins family relationships and social lives. Many say “it feels like their lives are continually

Essay on A Critique of “the Undercover Parent” by Harlan Coben

As the Internet developed, it brings a lot of benefits, such as getting information much quicker; however, it also brings problem. One problem that Internet brings to today’s society is children’s safety on virtual world; there are a lot of temptations attract kids on the Internet. This issue Coben discusses is a particularly controversial one because it’s hard for parents ignore the dangerous on the Internet; on the other hand, if parents surveillance kids’ privacy world, it’s really embarrassed for children. How could we solve this problem? What is a compromise way for both parents and children? Coben thinks parents should use spyware on the computer, but not surreptitious doing this; parents should tell

Growing Up Tethered Analysis

It is not uncommon for someone to exaggerate the truth or to leave out facts about themselves on the web. In fact, you may even find that the person you thought you knew on the internet is nothing like their profiles in real life. Whether it is to stand out in the crowd or to fool someone into thinking you are someone else entirely, you should not believe everything you see or read online. With photo enhancements, little white lies, and the scam termed catfishing, you just never really know who you are talking to or what their intentions are. Michele Fleming and Debra Rickwood, authors of “Teens in Cyberspace”, determine that parents and the public share the concern of teens encountering predators and pedophiles on the internet and could lead to inappropriate relationships on and off the web. The young generation typically communicates with peers and people close in age, however, Fleming and Rickwood advise “Even though many teens appear Net-savvy, they still need to be reminded of the potential dangers lurking online. There may be many friends in cyberspace but there are undoubtedly a number of

Cyp 3.3 Assignment 2

By restricting access and deterring inappropriate use. Children and young people still seem to experience some possible risks. Such as, contact with people not known to them and cyber-bullying. Which emphasises just two safeguarding issues derived from the national concerns highlighted from the e- safety policy. Therefore, to give a fuller picture of safeguarding issues more research would be beneficial. However, as stated by EUKGO (2014) not all contact young people have with people not already known to them is by restricting a child’s use of communication sites could result in lost opportunities for children and young people to socialise. Therefore, as suggested by Byron, (2014) approaching on-line risks the same as offline risks will take into consideration the bigger picture of how the internet affects the child when they are on-line and off the quote from the 12 year old girl showed, in the EUKGO 2014 “It’s easier to say horrible stuff about people on [the Internet]. It got really horrible in Year 10. Lots of people were being bullying over [the Internet]. It gets brought into school. When friends do this, it’s horrible. It makes you really upset. You don’t want to go into school

The Undercover Parent Coben Analysis

Cyberbullies can hurt children and sexual predators stalk the internet. As Coben stated, “First we've all read about the young boy unknowingly conversing with a pedophile of a girl who was cyber bullied to the point where she committed suicide”(Coben). Cyberbullies attack children, but if parents had spyware they might be able to prevent these attacks. Suzanne Choney from NBC News stated, “with recent cases like that of a 14-Year old boy posting a sexually explicit video of himself with a 14- year old girl on facebook”(Choney). Monitoring teens while on social media could save children from sexual exploits. Although spyware may protect children from the dangers, it is also an invasion of privacy. As Dr Peggy Drexler asserted “its not the fault of the social media...The best policy is to give kids their privacy”(Drexler). Spyware is an invasion of privacy and may cause children to lose trust in their parents, but it is the parent's responsibility to protect their child. As Coben stated”...but surrendering parental responsibility to a machine that allows the entire world access to your home borders on negligence”(Coben). In addition, Coben also states that every thing that children put on the internet can be seen by everyone, “Shouldn't he learn now the internet is not a haven of privacy”(Coben).

Analysis Of Ellen Ruppel Shell's Blundering Into The Future

This could negatively affect the children, because this would make it harder for parents to teach their kids manners and/or talk to them about the process of growing up. In "What Adolescents Miss Growing Up in Cyberspace," Brent Staples argues that children that have easy access to internet connection have a difficult time maturing. He points out that people who often use electronic devices have a hard time socializing in person: "teenagers nowadays are both more connected to the world at large than ever, and more cut off from the social encounters that have historically prepared young people for-the move-into adulthood." Having internet connection allows children to gain information they do not need to know (such as sex, drugs, prison, family problems, and etc.) So when their parents try to educate their children about the process of growing up, the child feels like they know everything their parent is going to say because they have already gained some information about the subject on social

Analysis Of The Undercover Parent Coben

According to, 17% of teens surveyed stated that they received an email or an online message with photos or words that made them feel uncomfortable, and only 7% of parents were aware of this. In an article titled “The Undercover Parent” by Harlan Coben, it explains about the idea about parents using spyware on their children. Everything a child types can already be seen by the world, even pedophiles or online bullies. Coben supports the idea; however, he feels that showing the article to a child is better because it can lead to a to a conversation about concerns the parents may have. Parents should monitor their children’s online behavior because they want to keep their children safe from cyber bullies and pedophiles.

Online Rhetorical Strategies

A study done by BMC Public Health showed that children start to show interest toward the Internet during their late years in elementary and middle school. This, therefore, helps spur the idea of teaching children and young adult on how to use the Internet safely and to start teaching at a younger age now. BMC and the British Journal both agree that medical professionals and teachers are not informed enough about the dangers that the Internet holds to be able to help and “treat” the children who struggle with cyberbullying. They believe that every individual should be aware of the issues that are often caused by social media and the Internet so that others can protect themselves and help others before they are blackmailed. Teaching Internet safety is essential with the constantly growing social networks and advancing technology in today’s society where almost everything is computer based and anyone can see

Persuasive Youngwood Essay

Unfortunately, children are also exposed to a world where their personal information can be available to people around the world, and they might be threatened or intimidated by others. Youngwood is aware of the fact that parents cannot isolate their children from the digital world. Therefore, he recommends parents to stay updated with latest technologies to supervise their

Why Have Kids Run Wild On The Internet?

The internet is much like the outside world but it is also very different.For example on the internet a random teenager can talk to a grown man or woman across the world from them and gain perspective on that side of the world and other useful skills,but what if that man or woman is a dangerous person and is wanting to exploit or use the teenager,that is what parents are afraid of and although it is a very possible thing to happen if the child is old enough they should be able to at least suspect something and learn from that experience on not to trust strangers.

Safety on the Net Essay

Cyber predators are always lurking through the internet to find our children to abduct and sexually abuse or in some cases even murder them. It is vital that all parents understand that children can be indirectly victimized through conversation, through instant messages like Yahoo, MySpace, and Facebook, as well as the transfer of sexually explicit information and material. Computer-sex offenders will even entice a

An Inside Look at 0nline Dating Essay

Online website allows individuals to contact and communicate with others through the Internet each. It follows the sociological principle of social networking. The quest of love has inspired people to invest in much thoughts and efforts in the process of building a romantic relationship. Thus, online dating becomes a popular tool for building a relationship or starting a relationship nowadays. In addition, in order to accomplish the goal of finding the perfect partner there are many steps involved in this process.

The Dangers Of The Internet Essay

Kids need to know how dangerous the internet really is before being exposed to it or have spyware installed on their computers, so their parents their parents can help them. One family was shocked when they saw “online messages a predator had posted in a chat room posing as a depressed and lonely 14-year-old girl looking for friends.” (3) The example shows how people can just have a picture of someone else and practically be them and no one will know, and this can be dangerous for the parents and kids. Even if you think someone is real you need confirmation about it so you know for sure. Another said that he “had Googled the word ‘sex’ and my nine-year-old

Social Information Processing Theory Research Paper

The relationships developed online are prone to be more fragile than day to day relationships. It also involves the fact that in online relationships, people tend to be less inhibited which can have either positive or negative impact on the relationship. On one hand it opens up the person to share his/her dreams, desires and feelings and help in strengthening the relationship in long term ; while on the other hand it can make a person self-absorbed and completely insensitive towards the consequences of their

A Good Friendship Is The Foundation Of A Great And Fruitful Relationship

True friendship is the foundation of a great and fruitful relationship. Some of the characteristics of a friendship include accepting each other despite physical or social shortcomings, being kind and considerate towards one another, and being honest and open with each other. Therefore, friendship is based on emotions and thrives on one’s unique passionate disposition. When the subject of friendship is considered, various social concepts come to mind including, but not limited to, trust, honesty, support, and giving without expecting anything in return. The formation of friends through an online platform is inherently difficult, and only a few friends are made virtually. Therefore, in this essay I will review some of the research related to strangers interaction with each other. Support this argument by reviewing various literature and evaluating how different authors perceive the subject of online communications on Facebook strangers “friendship”. It is notable that the works of literature under consideration have used empirical data and will be critically analyzed to make sure extrapolations by measuring various themes, including behavioral attitudes, false identities, and impression management.

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Essay Service Examples Sociology Friendship

Can You Make Real Friends on the Internet? Essay

Everyone needs friends but the question is why do we need friends? Whether we realize it or not, friends play a very important role in our lives. A friend is your support system away from your family. They are there through your sadness and happiness; they make the good times better and ease hard times. They are someone you can share your troubles, secrets, and joys with, who can understand your thoughts, feelings and help you when you need it the most. But in a world where technology is increasingly expanding, in which the Internet plays a major role in the lives of most people today, it has become easy for people make friendships online. The term friend has transformed into someone you only know through a screen. Although they bear some minor similarities, the differences between real life friends and online friends are profound.

A real-life friend can actually physically be there for you and with you. They know you better, they know every bit of you because you share experiences together in person. You can enjoy their company in real life. A real-life friend is there to comfort you with a hug when needed. You can spend time together, go to the park, go out to eat, go to the movies etc. It is easier to communicate and understand someone because everything can be said face to face. With face-to-face contact, you can communicate in a variety of ways, verbally, with your body language etc. When you talk to someone in person, you are able to read that person’s body language, facial expressions and listen to their vocal tone which helps you better understand them. For example, in a face-to-face conversation, you are able to understand someone’s message. If someone were to say, “I hate you!” in a high voice and throw up their hands, you would automatically be able to know your friend is upset at you by their verbal tone and volume, the way they look at you, and their body movement. Your friend could also be saying, “I hate you!” in loving, and jokingly way. In this case they would laugh, and smile after saying that. It is overall just easier to express your thoughts and feelings clearly. This also makes it easier to spot one’s true colors/ personality. When someone shows emotion, such as the expression on their face when you hangout, when they smile etc., their presence either makes you feel happy or sad. You learn about one’s personality through observing their emotional character when they are standing directly in front of you. At the end of the day, it’s not the words that make you connect with someone it’s how the person makes you feel. Therefore, you are able to realize if you like them as a person. It is easier to identify the truths and lies and perceive someone’s intentions because you can see their actions and emotional behavior up close. Real life friends are more transparent because their body language and actions speak more than their mouth, therefore it is harder for them to lie. For example, if someone stutters, their voice shakes, they can’t make eye contact with you, etc. In essence, it’s more obvious when someone isn’t being truthful because you can see them acting differently. Although there are many great things a real-life friend has to offer, making real life friends isn’t that easy. People in real life don’t always give you a chance. I think most of us can agree that we all have some prejudices and I think that is one thing that holds face to face friendships back. people often times look at someone and perceive them as not worthy because of first impressions. They walk by them and move on to different people without actually getting to know what the person is like. I think that is why real-life friendships are frustrating for most people because there are a lot of really nice people out there that could make an amazing friend for someone but instead others are hung up judging them. This makes it hard for some to make friends sometimes because they feel like they will be judged, labeled or turned down by first impressions. It is easier for someone to judge and turn you down when they can see you, what you look like, etc.

Online or in real life you have a friend to talk to when you need it. Both can be just as understanding, caring, and loving towards you. Although a virtual friend cannot physically comfort you, they can still talk and listen to you just as much as a real-life friend when you need to be heard out. Both can bring you happiness and make you feel better when you are down. They are there for you to share your troubles, secrets, and joys with. But just as much as a friend can be genuine, a friend can come and go real, or online. Both can lie and hide their true identity. Yes, obviously a friend online can hide their physical appearance and a friend in real life cannot, but a real-life friend can hide their true colors and not be honest with you. For instance, in person, a friend may hang out with you and pretend to like you but then go behind your back and say mean things, or spread absurd lies and gossip. A face-to-face friend can act like themselves when they are with you but then outside of spending time with, they can act different with others. Someone online friends can be a different person behind the screen, physically and emotionally. An online friend and a real-life friend can pretend to be someone they are not. You can’t always pick up on someone’s truthfulness no matter if you interact with them face to face or not.

essay about online friendship

It is often times easier to talk to people online. It may be easier for people who struggle with the pressure of real-life conversations and socially awkward. I myself am pretty shy in real life so sometimes it is difficult to make friends. I can understand why people turn to making friends on the Internet. it is so much easier to start a conversation, discuss real life problems, let out emotions, and say what you really feel and think with someone who will always listen and is just one click away. With online interactions you cannot right away judge or turn someone down based on their appearance. Your appearance doesn’t matter, you can any weight, any race, size, sex etc. People online are more likely to give you a chance because they meet your personality first. They meet who you are inside first and therefore, you are no longer known by what you look like, how you dress, how much money you have, how popular or awkward you are. Online friends give you a chance because they can’t judge the book by the cover in a sense.

An online friendship can be a genuine relationship, but of course it has its disadvantages. There are many potential dangers when it comes to online friends. There are strange people online. People’s personalities are often times different than real life. They may be lying to you for attention or exaggerating about their life to seem better, worse, or happier than you. It is easily for someone to lie about who they are because they don’t have to show their appearance. You can’t see the persons face when you’re talking to them therefore you don’t know for sure if someone is who they say they are. They could be an online predator, a murderer, rapist, pervert, scammer, even someone you know trying to play games and possibly get to you for all you know. You don’t know an online person’s agenda and intentions. You don’t know if they really do want someone to talk to or if they are trying to get something from you. Their motives may be bad. You just don’t know who you’re dealing with. Online friends can’t be there for you physically. We all sometimes need comforting and a hug or two. But an online friend can’t be there to hug you and show that they care for you. An online friend may be able to relate to you and understand your personal thoughts, feelings and point of view, but in real life they don’t know everything that is going on. They can only agree to what you think is bad through what you say. You can’t spend time with them, you can’t go do fun spontaneous activities or go on adventures, such as go to the beach, go bike riding, go bowling or even go on a walk to talk. FaceTime is one thing but you can’t make true memories. With an online friend, it can also be difficult to communicate and comprehend emotions without body language because you can’t perceive emotions through the screen. You can’t see the delivery of the words being said in a message. In a text there are no facial expressions, gestures, tone, body language, etc. for you to react to and understand. There may be emojis to show how someone feels but they aren’t always accurate. It also may be hard to put things into context when someone writes something because it’s hard to make out the true meaning of it. Is it sarcasm or is it a joke? For example, if your friend texted, “I hate you!”, you wouldn’t know if that person is joking or saying it in a meaningful matter.

It is important to recognize that although we can make friends online, online friends are different from real-life friends. A real-life friend knows you and can be there for you in person. They meet your exterior and interior. An online friend is so close, yet so far. They are digitized and can only be so much a part of your life. Sometimes all we need is someone to discuss our life problems with who is understanding and not biased, and whether that person is found in an online friend or real-life friend is completely up to you. An online friend or a real-life friend, sometimes friendships will change and grow apart. It is not fair to say that having online friends or real-life friends is better than the other, but there’s something irreplaceable about, real human contact.

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essay about online friendship

Argumentative Essay On Online Friends

Online Friends Example Nowadays, technology plays a significant role in all our lives. Friends come and go but online friendships stays unless you deleted them on your friends list. For instance, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Tinder are the most common websites on where to add friends even without meeting them yet. You can call and talk using this applications and you can also send chat messages anytime, anywhere. If you are trying to find your long lost friends from elementary or high school, you can simply start to search and look them up on Facebook and once they pop, go figure just click their name and request to add them as your friend. In addition, there is also FaceTime, Skype and Google hangout where it is very …show more content…

In this essay, the author

Offline friends does not mean real friends either. You might see and talk to them every day but they are not always there for you when you need them. They are not there if you need some help, in any situations where you need to talk to, and even stay out of your life when they sense that you are in such a big problem. Argumentation For many teens, social media sites like Facebook and Instagram are the most common spots for meeting friends online. According to PewResearchCenter 76% of all teens use social media on which Facebook is the dominant platform where 71% of all teen are using it. Online friends are not really different from real friends. Some friendships work better when they are behind the screen. Nobody will judge the way how you look, what you wear, etc. Research suggest that people who choose to stay loyal to few close confidants in your younger years is better adjusted by middle age than those who need to chum up with many. Description Online friends are not really too different from real friends. For some people, friendship is all about affiliation, intimacy, or close relationships. It is

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essay about online friendship

Show More Online Friendships The Internet in this day and age is larger than ever. A person can connect with someone from across the world with just the click of a button and this technology has caused people to not only connect, but form close relationships with people they would have never had the chance to meet before. This raises the question, is befriending people you meet online safe? Talking to people you meet over the Internet can actually be beneficial to many teens and, especially in shy or anxious teens, these relationships should be encouraged. It is easy to find others with common interests online, and starting these relationships can easily lead to meaningful friendships and a support system right at your fingertips. Many lives, including …show more content… When I first made my Tumblr account back in 2013, I would see all these accounts having fun with their online friends. Sending cute asks, funny threads riddled with inside jokes, it was something I wanted to experience for myself. I finally had my chance a year later. My favorite youtubers, AmazingPhil and danisnotonfire, made a sim on their gaming channel, and the fandom went wild making blogs for different objects around its house. We had a big skype chat that eventually dwindled down to seven people, but those seven people were some of my closest friends. That Skype chat meant so much to me; it was my escape, a place where I really felt like I …show more content… It didn 't matter that we only knew each other through the Internet; we trusted each other. That is also where I met my best friend. After a year of being in the group, I became even closer with two girls, one from England and one from Finland. We were inseparable, and I wouldn 't have traded them for the world. There was even more trust than before. We had regular skype calls and stayed up late texting about anything and everything. I even knew some of their real life friends; we exchanged Instagrams and snapchats, and I even became good friends with my Finnish friend’s friends. However, just like offline friends, not every friendship lasts. Offline friends have fights and the same can happen with online friends. Fairly recently, after a summer full of constant arguments, my friend from England and I got in a bad fight, and I ended the friendship. My offline friend even told me the situation reminded her of when she had to break off from her old offline best

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This led them to have one of the first chat room meet-ups which prompted other sites and people to do the same. Today, simply searching "chat room meetups" will show a huge queue of results of businesses, groups, and sites who 's main purpose is online meetups. Sites and events like these are strengthening already strong online friendships, and in a way lighten people up to the idea of making friends online. These meet-ups show people that just because someone meets another person on the internet that doesn’t mean they can never see them in real life. Never seeing the person they met is one of the main reason people mock and feel disinterested in making friends…

Are Children More Social

Social media is a crucial part of communication these days. Kids from all over the world can talk to each other. You can make friends you never would have dreamed existed. All because of a few simple apps. These apps have also evolved to make communicating easier.…

Informative Essay: The Use Of Social Media

As Benjamin Miller said "the beauty of social media is the ease of finding people like you." We can meet hundreds of people who are just like us everyday. In our group there were a few international students who could speak from personal experience how much social media made their transition easier by…

Dating Apps Flourish

I think that the main key to personal happiness lies in that as it is so important to find a person with whom you have a special relationship, and whom you know and love very much. The Internet gives a great possibility to chat with new people and with the Cupid’s help you can find the right person. It is not unusual anymore to hear from couple that they met online. Everyday more and more people sign up to different social networks looking for love online. Various applications certainly have revolutionized the way singles meet.…

The Dangers Of Social Media

This is what the Social Media App is made for, the benefits. The different benefits include making new friends and interacting with others, building relationships, and the overall experience to network. When you make new friends over the internet you find people that relate to you or who has similarities with you. Just like making friends in real life and connecting with others. Although when you 're connecting with others on the internet you also talk to people from the different counties around, different parts of the city, different states and somewhat internationally.…

Social Networking: Can It Be Important To My Life?

Social Media has advancement in technology, it has also making communication grown. It is now easier and cheap to communicate and connect with people across the world. social networking help people who travel over the world stay in contact with friends or family. Example of the social media like what’s app, snapchat, Facebook, YouTube, and imo. allows every individual to express their feelings and beliefs to friend and family member as well as our love once.…

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These games are extremely addictive to college students. Students drop out of school just to play videogames and upload their footage on YouTube. Needless to say, there are thousands of people who make a living out of recording themselves playing videogames. Multiplayer games allow groups of friends to play together and strengthen their bonds. I used to play with my group of friends online.…

How Is Facebook Beneficial

On the other hand, Facebook is a great tool in many different ways. You can read the news, catch up on current events, and play games. The games are unique because unlike most gaming platforms, Facebook enables other users to “help” you out, or send virtual gifts in the games. Also, more adults use Facebook than any other social media site so connecting to grandma and grandpa has never been easier. This means your parents may be following your every move, so keep your account…

My Long Distance Friendships

I have met numerous people over social media; in fact, I met my future college roommate in a group chat on Facebook. It has gotten easier to make new friends on social media because of things such as the suggested friends option on Facebook or the discover people to follow on Instagram. Social media helps us make connections with people and maintain them by helping us stay in touch with them. People barely try to make friendships work without social media today so imagining life without social media sounds like there would be a decline in friendships at all. Although when social media was just an idea, people actually maintained friendships by meeting up or talking in person but in today’s generation there are more social media outlets then I can count on my fingers.…

TMI: Is The Internet Always Better?

The internet is always the first solution to anyone’s problem. People spend hours playing pointless Facebook games and reading posts of people they do not care about. Today’s generation is addicted to being online, author Daniel Solove states this in his article about Google as he talks about how addicted most of the young people are today. “Many of us today – Especially teenagers and children- are spending more of our lives on the internet. And the more we’re online, the more likely details about our lives will slip out into cyberspace” (37).…

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essay about online friendship

Persuasive Essay About Online Friends

The theme of deception in the crucible.

Deception is the act of deceiving someone, or in easier terms that means to trick someone into

William Deresiewicz Social Media

William Deresiewicz blames Social Media for the lack of genuine friendships these days.In the text he states ““… has destroyed its own nature and that of individual friendship itself.” Social media is isolating us, but also tricks us in to thinking we’re connected. Seeing them all together in one place makes us feel closer to them, but we are not actually closer. “There they are, my friends, all in the same place. Except, of course, they're not in the same place or rather they're not my friends”. Deresiewicz blames social media sites like Facebook, Myspace and Twitter for the altering of friendships. When we use to take pride in a small group of friends we now have hundreds online. "...Once we decided to become friends with everyone, we would

Summary Of How Facebook Ruins Friendship By Elizabeth Bernstein

In “How Facebook Ruins Friendship” Elizabeth Bernstein argues, that social media aids in people reconnecting with childhood friends and allows them to become better acquainted. In contrast, she states, that taking your relationships online adversely affect them. She believes that social media ruins friendship instead of allowing it to blossom. Bernstein also argues that the problem relies beyond the means used to communicate. The problem that Facebook friendships face subsists in the content that is posted. From narcissistic, obnoxious, boasting, and passive aggressive posts the spectrum of instances that allow friendships to be ruined via the Internet is broad and easily implemented. Though there are steps that can be taken to minimize uncomfortable

How Is Technology Ruining Human Interaction?

On social media you cannot see the person you are speaking to’s facial expressions, you can’t hear their tone of voice, and cannot see their body language. Which can cause some people to take the things you say the wrong way. Experts also believe that even though you might have all the friends on social media might be a bad thing. In the article “ Is technology ruining our friendships?” Lauren Tarshis says “ Rosen also worries that some kids might mistake the “friends” on their social media feeds for true friends. In tough times, you don’t need some to like your picture or share your tweet. You need someone who will keep your secrets and hold your

How Facebook Makes Us Unhappy By Maria Konnikova

She states that the Internet seemed to make the users feel more alienated. To support her assumption, she provides research findings which confirmed that the use of Internet had a significant detrimental effect of overall well-being. Facebook also cause problems in relationships, by increasing feelings of jealousy. A group of researchers

Clifford Stoll Isolated By The Internet Analysis

In the essay, “Isolated by the Internet”, author Clifford Stoll explains that recent research, conducted by psychologists Robert Kraut and Vicki Lundmark, suggests that frequent use of the Internet has had a generally negative effect on the psychological well being of its users. Using examples from Kraut and Lundmark’s previously mentioned research, Stoll asks, “Will the proliferation of shallow, distant social ties make up for the loss of close local links?” The question Stoll raises here is entirely valid, and just as concerning; as the more time one spends online, the more time one subsequently spends alone, away from people he or she could be potentially interacting with. I believe Stoll’s concerns are completely justified as today, (falsely comforted by shallow, superficial relationships,

Examples Of Dystopia In Fahrenheit 451

What would life be like if there were no reason or purpose to things? How would people respond to fake emotion, or react to artificial interaction? Would anyone be willing to do anything about it? Does this society sound like an exemplary utopia or a detrimental dystopia? Or do all of these factors seem to relate to life today? In the novel written by Ray Bradbury, Fahrenheit 451, the society described was meant to be a utopia, where all was believed to be right, yet the society literally obliterated into a dystopia. Even though the civilization depicted in Fahrenheit 451 was a fictional dystopia, the ideals and way of life of that society can be connected to both the mental and physical actions of our current community.

Should Online Time Be Limited Essay

One reason why the Internet shouldn 't be Limited is because in the article 9 positive effects of social networking on teens it says," communicating online is simpler than communicating personally virtually chatting with an acquaintance allows teens to learn more about each other thus strengthening the trust between the two parties." This helps boost our self-confidence with other people. Our communication skills become better and it is easier for us to do. This also makes it easier to communicate with others that we do not usually communicate with. It is easier to do group projects if we are not able to meet up outside of school. Is also a good way to educate ourselves and to inform ourselves about things

What Is The Satire Novel Feed By M. T Anderson

This is the case of contributing writer, Nicole Henry, which wrote “Social media helps build real relationships”. (Henry). Henry states that social communication doesn’t replace traditional forms of contact, but “adds on them, increasing the overall volume of contact (Henry). This is a main argument against Anderson’s problem, furthermore it goes deeper into how technology such as social media is helping people such as young adults achieve a better sense of connecting to each other through such applications online. In the article “Connecting Community: On- and Offline” by Barry Wellman, further goes against Anderson’s claim that such communication applications are used for keeping in touch with long distance friends or relatives that such face to face meetings are impossible. (Wellman). Wellman further supports his case by stating “If they email someone they have not already met in person, they are frequently arranging a face-to-face meeting.” (Wellman). Wellman explains that most people only have “cyberdates” stay strictly online; they either schedule a in person date or their relationship fades away. (Wellman). Anderson has some strong supporting arguments supporting his claim on how social communications affect social relationship’s, but the other side of the rock always has a strong backing

The Pros And Cons Of Technology And Social Media

As previously stated, social media helps kids stay connected with friends and family from different parts of the world because “Online communication is particularly cost-effective and easy to use, allowing adolescents the opportunity to initiate, build, and maintain relationships with family, peers, and even strangers across varying distances” (Anthony, LeCory, and Williams, 494). Even though online communication is keeping people connected, the use of technology at a young age has an impact on adolescents’ personal development. The friendships, children have on social media might not be as meaningful as they seem. The article, Trends in Adolescent Development Impacting Practice: How Can We Catch Up, states that “[…], youth are unlikely to virtually “disconnect” from their peers when they are alone, instead choosing relief from momentary feelings of loneliness or unhappiness over a period of renewal and self-reflection” (Anthony, LeCory, and Williams, 493), this indicates that adolescents do not know how to deal with their emotions. Going online might help the individual temporarily, but if they see or read something that triggers a certain feeling it can make them feel

Persuasive Essay On Social Media

Today everyone is obsessed with social media. People are easily influenced by almost everything they come across on the internet including appearance and body image. In todays generation it is so common to be unhappy with the way you look. All this is due to societies high standards on the way we “should” look. With social media you can do many things, including pretending to be someone you are not.

How Social Media Affects Relationships Essay

During these days, it seems as if nobody can live without checking their social media accounts, whether it’s Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter. Many people, especially young people, have been consumed with the use of social networking. Nobody can take their eyes off of their phones, and that has resulted in real relationship connections withering. When a family is eating together or watching a movie in the living room to have some family bonding time, children lose attention and instead focus more on what 's going on in social media. When people hang out with their friends, they are still consumed with their phones even though

Children’s lives have quickly shifted onto the Internet in the twenty-first century. Even the President of the United States has nearly forty thousand Twitter and Instagram posts. Social networks are websites that allow users to interact over the Internet. There are 600 million Facebook users across the globe (Rosenwald 2). 300 million visit Twitter every month (Maney 3). So many people are on one network online, social media has essentially become a second world. That being said, social media should not be encouraged to the public. At first use, social media does not seem dangerous, but it is. These sites diminish its user’s privacy to the point that it is accepted (Anderson 1). Not only do social networks hurt us, but users use it in a way for emotional self-harm. People constantly compare their real life to others virtual lives (Stephens-Davidowitz 1). Additionally, social media tends to make users less social in reality, contrary to the name. Modern technology is not always a good thing, sometimes it needs to be limited.

Disadvantages Of Social Media Essay

Social media is an online service, platform or site that focuses on building and reflecting of social networks or social relations among people who share interest or activities. Some famous sites are Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube. The generalization of the internet makes us live conveniently and fast. We live in time where communication is possible without having to exert so much effort. We live in the time where social media is the main medium of communication. Twenty-first century learners spend a lot of free time online. They use it extensively to get global access. It becomes a raging craze for everyone nowadays. Although social media may have change the world for the better, it may also cause distraction to students, it changes the way they interact with others and it causes psychological changes or other health problems. It is quite obvious that using social media has its benefits. The negative impacts, however, are not as apparent.

An Essay On Impact Of Social Media On Youth

Online social media is a term used to describe the interaction and activities between individuals or groups of people, exchanging different ideas over the internet. Social media has a huge and significant impact on young people as they are gaining popularity all over the world. Children grow up in an environment surrounded by smart mobile devices, computers and interactive social networking applications such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

More about Persuasive Essay About Online Friends

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Online Friends Making

essay about online friendship

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Laney college.

In her article “Online Friendships” which appeared in an internet magazine Current Health 2, Jan Farrington talking about the advantages and disadvantages of online friendships. First of all, she lists how online friendship affects teens in real life. Teens spend a lot of time to connect with real-world friends online. Patricia Hersh, the author of A Tribe Apart, said online communicate is important in teen’s life. Second, it’s a good thing for teenagers to hang online. Researchers at Carnegie Mellon University found that online chatting is a useful way for teens to keep in touch with them real-world friends, and it can shorten the distance between teen and their friends. Also you can make new friends from internet. But life online is sometimes unfriendly, for example, rumors run away, and arguments exacerbate. However, Hersh said that teens will be more emotionally online than in real life, that is, cyberspace is a space where teens can be real themselves. Third, we need to be careful when we go online. Make sure that you won’t tell your private feelings with a stranger, and try to be sensitive with hurtful comments, to avoid bulling things happen. Eventually, a survey found that teens just spend a less time to contact with friends online. So author suggested teens to spend more times to keep up with friends in the future, and online is a convenient way to stabilize your friendship. Online friendship has some benefits for teenager, and it is important in teen’s real life, but teen should be careful when they use it.…

Life Span, Online Friends

What is the role of online friends in the social development of today's adolescents? In what way are online friendships the same as and different from conventional friendships? Can adolescents learn interpersonal skills, such as revealing oneself to others and respecting diverse viewpoints in the cyber environment? Write a one page (times new roman font & double spaced) essay on the subject. Remember to cite the references.…

Computer Literacy: The Social Web

Who would have thought 50 years ago that a person could socialize with complete strangers across the world with just the click of a button? The web is full of useful and important scholarly information, but it’s not just about business and education. Along with posting pictures, videos, and blogs, the web is available for a plethora of other options. It’s full of fun sites for people of all ages and with different interests. One way to enjoy the web is to visit a social networking site. Sites such as Facebook, Zorpia, Friendster, and Bebo allow you to personalize a profile, join groups, share thoughts and pictures, and add different applications. Online communities are created by people connected together to share common interests, goals, and purposes. With technology advancing at such a steady rate, the future possibilities of the social web are endless. Although these sites are full of interesting things to do, there are also some downfalls to having an account online, such as…

Argumentative Essay Template

Using the internet to socialise is an increasingly popular activity. Some of the most popular websites for this are Facebook, twitter, bebo, msn and many others. Social networking is when you speak to other people through the internet. Facebook is by far the most popular with over 500 million users and 250 million of them logging in everyday. Twitter is not far behind Facebook with over 177 million users. With social network sites you can keep in touch everyday and you can share your photos and news with hundreds of people. There are many advantages and disadvantages of socialising on the internet.…

Attached by the Hoip

Technology is the way people run today. Some people look at technology as the future of America. Others look at technology as a place to find old friends. Today Americans have fewer friends in the real world then they have online. William Deresiewicz’s essay Faux Friendship and G. Anthony Gorry’s essay Empathy In the Virtual World both look at technology as it is seen today. Deresiewicz and Gorry argue that people today get more attached to their technology.…

Faux Friendship By William Deresiewicz Analysis

Adults, as well as children being raised in today’s society are equipped with a vast array of advanced technological equipment so we are seeing a change in the way friendships evolve. The new type of friendships we see forming now are interpersonal communication with networking sites. This is what we refer to as digital friends and reference what is often called social-networking. “With the social-networking sites of the new century-Friendster and My Space were launched in 2003, Facebook in 2004- the friendship circle has expanded to engulf the whole of the social world, and in doing so has destroyed both its own nature and that of individual friendship itself. (Deresiewicz 151).”…

The Impact of Online Communities on Physica Social Relationships

Nowadays, people spend much time in online communities to network with virtual friends and play role plays. They provide an advantage for people with special needs who cannot leave the house, because they benefit from the accessibility of the internet. Moreover, they help people who often move to stay in touch with their friends. Nevertheless, spending too much time in online communities leads to drawbacks in the development of the user’s personality. More energy is dedicated to the virtual life than to real life and people lose track of their personalities while busy building online ones. Also, frequent users of online communities have difficulties beginning meaningful real life relationships. Virtual friendships are shallow due to the physical distance and the anonymity of the internet and it is common to have more friends than you are able to care for. Therefore, it is more rewarding to invest into physical relationships.…

In what sense are virtual communities real?

Virtual communities have emerged in many different forms on the internet from the variety of categories of websites now available. Amongst the most popular are social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter, dating websites and online gaming communities, where chat rooms and online 'friends' can be accessed at the click of a button. Many people now feel more inclined to confide in these online friends – many of whom they have never had more than an online conversation with – than their own friends and family, which evokes many questions as to the mindset virtual communities create amongst their participants. Rheingold, in his book The…

The Effect of Social Networking Sites

Social networking sites provide a easier way to communicate with friends and family , allow contact with people from around the world and give the opportunity to share thoughts with strangers.These sites have paved the way for easier communication to your friends, family, or colleagues. One example is that instead of meeting in a certain place, you and your classmates could discuss a school activity by having a conference in a certain site that you are all members of, thus saving you time and effort. Second, these sites bring people with common interests together, offer exposure to new ideas from around the world. Virtual communities are also formed, which are composed of people connected together by common interests, purposes and goals. So using these online communities can increase communication.…

Effects of Communication Type and Gender on Self Disclosure

Over the past decade, the Internet has become an astonishing phenomenon within itself. Cheng (2006) indicated this widely-used resource boasts over 800 million accessible users throughout the world today. Why the unprecedented recent growth of the World Wide Web? Many users initially began getting online to retrieve information unknown to them and to keep track of recent news. However, additional advantages of active Internet use have recently been discovered, such as communication. The Web has become known as an interactive technological device used to correspond with others on a day-to-day basis. Through online dating sites, personal blogs, and educational forums, relying on the Internet to stay in contact with others has become a societal norm. Yet, according to the Pew Research Center, social networking sites are clearly the most extensively utilized links attributed to online interaction. Recent surveys revealed web pages such as Facebook, MySpace, and Twitter have actively engaged over 40 percent of the mature adult population and over 70 percent of the young adult population (Hampton, Goulet, Rainie & Purcell, 2011). It is obvious that computer mediated communication (CMC) is becoming a prominent method of developing and furthering relationships with others.…

LH Social Network Sites And Its False Illusion Of Friendship Final Draft 1

Chayka, Kyle. "Let’S Really Be Friends." New Republic 246.2/3 (2015): 8-9. Academic Search Premier. Web. 8 March, 2015.…

The Benefits/Non-Benefits of Online Interactions

The internet has become a more and more relied upon medium in peoples' everyday lives over the past decades since its inception. People use it to do their shopping, do their taxes, research any number of topics, and engage in communications. People send emails to one another, receive online help with various problems, and carry on real time conversations using chat rooms and instant messengers. Several studies have been completed to test whether this seemingly increasing reliance on internet-mediated social communication is beneficial or detrimental to communication skills and social interaction. It has been found in these previous studies that the results are quite contradicting. Such studies that are developed to test the positive nature of this new communication medium have found that the internet is complimentary and that relationships borne online are healthy and have positive implications. One such study, "Online Chat Rooms: Virtual Spaces of Interaction for Socially Oriented People," found that online relationships are not only rich and genuine in character, but are more quickly set up and straight-forward than face-to-face encounters, cutting out the uncomfortable first meeting jitters that many people face. In an on-the-go society, this is very appealing and beneficial. Another study which revealed the positive attributes of internet-mediated communication is "Psychological Predictors of Internet Social Communication." This study concluded that online social communication is more likely to be an outlet for sociable persons, rather than a compensatory mechanism for the shy and anxious. Each study reveals that communication online is an extension of traditional social behaviors, not a replacement.…

Digital Technology and Its Impact on Social Interactions

Although recent developments in digital technology have heightened the need for communication, this may result in reducing our ability to interact socially. One of the most important reasons explaining for this phenomenon is that digital technology adversely affects communication. First of all, digital technology affects the quantity of communicating face to face. This means modern technology decreased to spend time in interacting with real people. According to the study by the Stanford Institute for the Quantitative Study of Society (SIQSS) (cited in Dixon 2005), there is a third America population who use the Internet frequently, spend less time with their family. Additionally, researchers at SIQSS reported a connection between the usage of Internet and social isolation. In fact, this research also states that average access time which takes Internet users about three hours every day doubles the time of other things. For example, 8.7% playing games, 6.5% surfing and 4.3% shopping (Dixon 2005). Not only that, 54% students survey (cited in Zanetti 2006) said that instead of going out, they spent time on using Internet. The above evidence showed that there is lack of social relationships so that people can be isolated by surrounding environment. Also, even if digital technology gave human beings to have great opportunities keep in touch each other, it could limit social interactions. For instance, one of the most advantageous using emails is that users do not need to meet others (Zanetti 2006). However, this kind of technology can not assist people to interact socially. As a result, the more technological developments we get, the more face to face communications we lose. Secondly, digital technology affects the quality of communications. Sivyer (2005) asserts with advanced in technology such as Internet and email, people can connect to those who come from many different…

Keep Your Eyes of the Screen

While the Internet helps people feel connected with friends, family and even a foreign people from the other side of the world, the word “connect” has lost its value ever since social networking came to place. Society no longer has the same quality of communication and social skills. For example, when we say that one has meant people all over the world through a networking site does not mean he/she have the same qualifications of someone who has traveled the world. One must have actual life experience with people in order to gather wisdom.…

Making Friends On The Internet

Making friends on the internet the Internet is widely used among all no matter the young or old. Many use the Internet as a valuable resource and more and more people are starting to access the Internet. Therefore, in the growth of Internet technology, making friends through the Internet are booming as never before especially for the younger generations. In fact, nowadays people rarely find for pen pals anymore. Writing letters have turned into email while phone conversations have changed into online chatting. Nevertheless, making friends through the Internet have its pros and cons too. Now, fast forward a few years, making friends may no longer be a problem. The Internet affords us the opportunity to communicate not only with people who are conveniently close by but also with those who might be thousands of miles away in another continent. We can make friends of different races and cultures and this can expose us to a new language, culture and beliefs. Throughout the history of communications, I find that using the Internet is the fastest of all until now. Sending a letter is a waste of time as the Internet only needs a few minutes to make a friend. By the way, it is all too easy to make a friend through the Internet now. Thus, we do not need to write letters anymore and furthermore waiting for a letter is always wasting time. Moreover, we can also communicate with many people at the same time by using the Internet. This is far more cheaper than using the telephone. It helps to save a lot of money and precious time. Nowadays, we have the chance to see and talk to the people in the same time in the Internet by using the web cam. We can also receive pictures from our friends in the Internet in an easy and fast way. Many people find that this is very interesting and more convenient than sending pictures through the letter. In spite of that, making friends through the Internet also have its troubles.…

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essay about online friendship

essay about online friendship

Know the benefits of Online friendships

essay about online friendship

Online friendships can provide equal love and support as real-life friendships. Building online friendships is not intimidating if we tread safely says Dalilah Anna

The internet has opened up countless possibilities to our society, including building friendships online. Social media and smartphone apps have made it easy to meet new people and stay in touch with our loved ones. 

The pandemic is a rough time for everyone globally. Many people are suffering from loneliness issues, particularly the elderly, young people and those who are suffering from chronic conditions. Those who have been isolated are missing in emotional support and human interaction. Due to restricted social interactions, meeting new people and making friends have become more challenging during the pandemic. 

During these stressful times, it is still possible to reach out and connect with others via virtual events and online communities. Making friends online can be rewarding as you can expand your social circle.

There are numerous benefits of building online friendships. Here is the list of benefits:

Meet People With Similar Interests .

Simple as it seems, having a mutual hobby is the best icebreaker towards starting a new friendship. The secret to striking an interesting conversation is to talk about the things you have in common with each other. That way, the discussion will never go boring, and you won’t run out of topics to say. 

Moreover, it is crucial to have a robust support system that shares the same passion for motivating you to achieve your goals. For instance, your hobby includes preparing healthy meals and staying fit. Surrounding yourself with people who have the same interests will motivate you greatly to achieve your goals.

Online Friendships Are Great For Introverts .

Making friends online is a good start for those who feel uncomfortable or shy in approaching a group of people. Sending chat messages allows users to communicate passively without feeling the pressure of real-life daily conversations. Hence, they don’t have to worry about being tongue-tied and stuck in awkward conversations. This makes online friendships highly beneficial to introverts as it helps to boost their confidence in communicating with new people. 

Share Feelings and Thoughts Without Judgements .

Striking up conversations is easier virtually compared to talking to strangers face-to-face. In virtual communities, people are more open to sharing their emotional and personal struggles. Psychologist Leanne Hall says this is because there is anonymity surrounding online presence, which enables people to feel more comfortable sharing their problems with others with similar issues. By opening up more to others, people will slowly build trust and feel less awkward with each other. Author of Unlonely Planet, Jillian Richardson discussed in her article the importance of allowing vulnerability to cultivate deeper friendships. Being vulnerable will enable people to connect on a deeper emotional level.

Make Friends Throughout the World .

Living in different parts of the world can be a huge disadvantage to some people. After all, it is impossible to meet and hang out physically. However, this issue is no longer a barrier with the evolving social media. 

How to control your smartphone fixation

It is a good learning experience as you learn different cultures directly from the locals themselves. If you get a chance to travel to their countries, you will gain a rewarding experience by visiting the historical places and trying out the local cuisines. In addition, you will get to learn a new foreign language through virtual international friends. Having virtual international friends is the best chance to acquire a new language because it allows you to practice in a more relaxed environment compared to learning in schools.

Online friendships can provide equal love and support as real-life friendships. Building online friendships does not have to be intimidating if we practice staying safe online at all times. It is vital to stay away from the stigma surrounding online friendships so that we can build meaningful friendships with people from all around the world.

essay about online friendship

Dalilah Anna

Dalilah Anna is a freelance writer who is actively involved in community work helping the disabled and underprivileged communities. She is also passionate about tackling climate change issues and spreading awareness in ecological sustainability.

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