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<p>All passenger flights are controlled with diversions in mind</p>

Diversionary tactics: why planes end up where they do

<p>Martin Lewis gives top money saving tip for those booking holidays soon</p>

Martin Lewis gives top money saving tip for those booking holidays

French general strike hits uk travellers, simon calder what’s my best option to fly to hong kong from the uk, is it safe to travel to turkey’s tourist resorts, easyjet pilot turns plane around to show passengers northern lights, cloudy skies cut chances of spotting northern lights for third night in a row, pilot makes 360-degree turn so passengers can see northern lights, airlines and eurostar make cancellations amid france general strike, jet2: where did it all go right, air fares soar ahead of half-term as geneva flights sell for £1,300, easyjet passenger breaks suitcase to avoid paying baggage fees, what is ‘wet leasing’ and why is british airways doing it, flybe collapse: from staff to refunds, what happens now, easyjet air fares soar by a quarter as flight bookings surge, easyjet raises profit outlook amid record bookings, what are your rights if your heathrow flight is cancelled by fog, all the new flight routes from easyjet and ryanair this summer, simon calder why am i being charged £220 to fly to tenerife, drunk easyjet passenger jailed after grabbing flight attendant by neck, how this couple avoided the cost of living crisis and made a profit, 100+ new air routes signal a return to adventure in 2023, what are my travel options during border force strikes at uk airports, simon calder looks back at the highs (and many lows) of travel in 2022, family’s two-day trip for ‘nothing’ as disneyland flight cancelled, thousands of travellers stuck at keflavik airport due to heavy snow, glasgow airport: dozens of flights cancelled as snow closes runway, stocks gain in london as global markets boosted by softer us inflation, snow leads to hundreds of flights cancellations, ‘we just want to get home’: snow freezes in passengers at uk airports for days, passengers’ rights explained as snow closes manchester airport, easyjet plans to run full schedule despite strikes, glasgow airport open again after suspicious package triggered lockdown, easyjet cabin crew to visit retirement homes, man grabs flight attendant by the neck after she tells him to sit down, rolls royce successfully tests hydrogen plane engine in world first, easyjet cuts losses and insists britons will not ditch holidays amid cost crisis, easyjet flying high after covid crisis, easyjet and rolls-royce conduct world-first hydrogen test, easyjet is recruiting empty-nesters and over 45s as cabin crew, new low-cost transatlantic airline to launch in belfast, passenger dies onboard easyjet flight, katie edwards rejoice easyjet has solved the cost of living crisis, easyjet’s ‘cost of living’ package holiday sells out in 24 hours, easyjet plane has near-miss with drone after it hovers within 10 feet, cheap rail fares shift passengers from air to train, easyjet launches 28-day holidays that are ‘cheaper than staying in uk’, which italy flights are affected by strikes this weekend, cancelled flights: how to get a refund and compensation, flight numbers down, air fares up, reveals european aviation report, simon calder what is the united arab emirates’ policy on prescription drugs, ‘record summer bounce back’ at easyjet despite disruption costing £75m, electric planes: the future is flying high above essex, easyjet investors hope strong summer sales boosted loss-making airline, half of air travellers would fly with covid, poll shows, disabled man left to ‘hobble’ through airport after wheelchair damaged, simon calder what’s the best way to buy currency for touring egypt, holidaymakers urged to ‘watch exchange rate movements carefully’, cargo plane ends up in water after landing at montpellier airport, easyjet to invest in new planes and optimise descents to reach net zero, easyjet switches ‘green’ aviation focus from electric to hydrogen, stranded travellers slept on floor of ‘rodent-ridden’ schiphol airport, flights disrupted as french air traffic controllers walk out, which flights are affected by france air traffic control strike, easyjet flight turns back to manchester after ‘technical fault’, easyjet: how passengers wrongly denied boarding can get compensation, simon calder should i renew my passport before travelling to croatia, should i book a flight through an online travel agent (ota), expert simon calder answers your latest travel questions, british man held in greece after ‘drunken brawl’ on easyjet flight.

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EasyJet passengers queuing to check bags at Gatwick

With six weeks to save summer, can easyJet climb out of the chaos?

Delays and cancellations spoiled half-term for many, but those flying with our biggest airline had it worst. Now the firm is scrambling to tackle problems with staffing, IT and more

O n the tarmac at Gatwick at the start of half-term, thousands of miles from the Cyprus seaside destination where their plane should have already landed, a cry that spoke for countless passengers filled the cabin: “I don’t need this … It’s out of my control, completely out of my control.”

The cry came, worryingly, not from a passenger but from the pilot of the Wizz Air plane, and was captured on a TikTok video that went viral. Now, with chaos gripping the industry , airline and airport chiefs seem to be floundering victims of circumstance just as much passengers and pilots. So where do the problems lie – and will they be fixed in time for summer?

Looking back on their situation two years ago, airlines might welcome the current turbulence: back then, with coronavirus sweeping the world, most had not flown a passenger for months. More aviation businesses were tipped for demise than for a swift recovery. Even in early 2022, much leisure travel was ruled out by the Omicron variant.

But demand for holidays and flights has boomed: airlines are back to about 85% of 2019 flight capacity around Europe. However, an industry that lost many of its staff – thousands made redundant, others lured to other sectors, some gone after Brexit – has yet to fully replace them.

Discussions over where the fault lies have animated government and industry meetings. Were furlough schemes generous enough? Were travel restrictions scrapped too suddenly? Were aviation businesses too slow to respond?

EasyJet and BA planes parked at Gatwick

Passengers tend to blame the airline they booked with – and much of this blame has fallen on easyJet . Britain’s biggest carrier cancelled hundreds of flights, many just before departure, upending the plans of tens of thousands of passengers – again. A withering letter from the French pilots’ union accused managers in Luton of presiding over “unprecedented chaos” – cancelling viable flights and waiting too long to scrap others.

EasyJet can blame external factors – chaos at Schiphol in Amsterdam, air traffic control issues, even freak weather – but competitor Ryanair, which is operating more flights now than in 2019, has flown on. Like British Airways, easyJet has also suffered the self-inflicted mayhem of a huge IT failure .

BA, though, chose to chop hard and early, cancelling many summer flights after a dire Easter rather than risk more last-minute failures. EasyJet has not yet followed suit.

Some sources say the board, led by chairman Stephen Hester, may get twitchy. Chief executive Johan Lundgren , who pledged to use data to reduce disruption and cancellations when he took the job in 2017, and chief operating officer Peter Bellew, formerly of Ryanair, would probably be first in the line of fire.

A spokesperson said: “Since April, easyJet has been operating around 1,700 flights and carrying around 250,000 customers every day. However the ongoing challenging operating environment continues to have an impact and we are sorry for the cancellations in recent days. EasyJet remains absolutely focused on our daily operation and continues to monitor this very closely, and will not hesitate to take additional action as needed.”

The airline claims not to have direct recruitment issues, and retains a similar level of standby crews as pre-Covid. It did, however, take rows of seats out of its A319s to cut the numbers of crew needed on each flight.

Despite low pay and antisocial hours, the perceived glamour of cabin crew jobs still brings plenty of applicants. (This is less the case for security and ground handling jobs.) Yet across the industry, new recruits have waited months to clear background checks.

EasyJet has suffered particularly at Gatwick, where it is by far the biggest airline. The airport, part-mothballed during Covid, made many employees redundant; those that stayed faced pay freezes and an uncertain future. This year, the Unite union won a startling 10% wage rise from easyJet’s outsourced ground handler, DHL, underlining the shift in power in the labour market.

CEO Johan Lundgren portrait

Much of the customer experience relies on such contractors, in check-in and bag handling. Delays and cancellations can be caused by the knock-on effects of a problem at a different airport – fuelling what has risked becoming an unseemly blame game.

Difficulties can snowball, particularly for budget airlines with quick turnaround times: delayed boarding means schedules slip not just for crew, whose hours are limited for safety reasons, but for outsourced staff who might serve several airlines. They can further escalate when, for example, the bags of passengers who miss a flight because of congestion at security have to be taken off the plane. And more staff are needed to help those stranded.

Heathrow boss John Holland-Kaye has warned that it could take 18 months to get the system fully staffed. Individual firms and airports that say they are confident in their own recruitment still express doubt about the rest of the system that keeps flights aloft. And analysts wonder about resilience: an industry that was nearly bankrupted can barely afford to employ surplus staff – and not on the kind of long-term contracts that would entice many in a tight labour market.

Meanwhile, the perennial stings of summer, air traffic control strikes, are likely to recur. Even without these, an ominous Eurocontrol note last week warned that several air navigation services did not have capacity for the flights planned, and that the next six weeks would be “extremely challenging for many airports”.

BA took the plunge in late April and cut 10% of its capacity until late October, about 100 flights a day. Should easyJet have cancelled more flights? Airlines and travel companies, hungry for revenue, had long noted the huge pent-up demand from customers desperate to travel abroad this summer, whatever the cost. Some were still using vouchers or refunds from trips booked back as far as 2019.

Equally, many fear that customers will tighten their belts when it comes to winter and booking for 2023, when huge energy bills will widen the cost of living crisis. Higher wage and fuel costs will push air fares up sharply this year.

Ryanair’s Michael O’Leary was uncharacteristically magnanimous about easyJet’s turmoil in recent interviews, even as his own airline trumpeted its zero cancellations in the past month: “We all make mistakes and we’re all human.” His own airline is threatened by Spanish strikes, though Ryanair , largely Stansted-based and with few flights at Schiphol, has avoided some of easyJet’s worst nightmares.

For some, easyJet’s travails are simply the bad luck that can befall any airline, magnified by its size, the state of the industry, and the half-term rush. Other carriers are not immune: KLM flew empty planes back to its Schiphol hub rather than add to the congestion; Lufthansa last week cancelled 900 summer flights; Tui, BA and Wizz Air have suffered late cancellations. And as Wizz’s boss, József Váradi, last week told weary staff – as he watched a £100m share price-linked bonus ebbing away – it was causing “huge reputational and financial damage”.

Can it possibly be fixed in the six short weeks before the summer holidays? More staff are joining the industry all the time, and security clearance is speeding up. Covid restrictions may ease further. Border queues for Brits holding post-Brexit blue passports may, possibly, diminish.

But don’t bank on it. As some insiders suggest, passengers may have also forgotten just how grim and crowded a peak-season airport normally looks. It’s the price of a holiday. Welcome back.

Most viewed

EasyJet Continues to Struggle With Flight Cancellations

Sneha Bhowmik, Reuters

June 6th, 2022 at 3:49 AM EDT

A little more than a week after cancelling around 200 flights, EasyJet is now faced with fresh flight cancellations and delays, adding to the travel chaos at European airports.

Peden Doma Bhutia

Low-cost carrier EasyJet cancelled 80 flights on Sunday due to the ongoing challenging operating environment.

The European airline, in its statement on Sunday, said it was working to help customers rebook flights and find hotels.

Flight-tracking website FlightAware showed EasyJet canceled 98, or 5 percent, of its flights. It also showed that 822, or 45 percent of its flights were delayed.

Earlier in May, EasyJet had canceled over 200 flights due to airport delays and other restrictions impacting travel during school holidays.

“Customers are being provided with options to rebook or receive a refund as well as hotel accommodation and meals where required,” it said.

The European airline has been hit by a string of problems since the removal of Covid restrictions led to a rebound in travel , with many British airports struggling to recruit enough ground staff while EasyJet has also struggled with IT problems.

(Reporting by Sneha Bhowmik in Bengaluru; Editing by Lisa Shumaker)

Copyright (2022) Thomson Reuters. Click for restrictions

This article was from Reuters and was legally licensed through the Industry Dive Content Marketplace . Please direct all licensing questions to [email protected] .

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Tags: coronavirus recovery , easyjet , european airlines , flight cancellations , flight delays , travel recovery

Photo credit: EasyJet has been hit by a string of problems following a rebound in travel. Vince Airports

EasyJet cancellations: Budget airline axing 40 flights a day for the rest of June

EasyJet has been forced to cancel hundreds of flights after experiencing IT problems.

Around 10,000 EasyJet passengers have had their flights cancelled today (13 June) after the airline axed 64 flights.

On Monday, the budget carrier canned 44 flights to and from Gatwick airport, its main base. Some passengers at Bristol, Luton, Glasgow, and Manchester have also had trips scrapped.

The news comes as the airline trims its June flight schedule with “pre-emptive cancellations” of roughly 40 flights per day for the rest of the month.

On Friday, chief operating officer, Peter Bellew sent a message to staff claiming the decision would “increase resilience across the network”.

“Making these cancellations is not something we take lightly but what’s worse is to cancel our customers’ plans on the day that they are ready to fly,” Mr Bellew said.

Today’s news come after a difficult few weeks for the air carrier, in which thousands of customers have been hit with last minute flight delays and cancellations.

Which EasyJet flights were cancelled?

On Monday, at least 64 flights were cancelled to and from UK airports including Gatwick, Stansted and Manchester.

Most of the cancellations were short haul flights to destinations in Europe, but Egypt-bound passengers at Manchester airport also had their flight scrapped.

The chaos looks set to continue for the rest of the month, with hundreds of flights pre-emptively cancelled.

One twitter user described the situation as an “absolute shambles,” while another accused the carrier of “ruining their holiday.”

The latest chaos comes after a horror few weeks for the budget carrier.

Over the Jubilee weekend, the airline cancelled dozens of flights - stranding would-be holidaymakers at the last minute.

On May 26, some 200 easyJet flights were cancelled to and from airports across the UK including Gatwick, Stansted, London and Manchester.

The issue was said to be an IT glitch that forced the airline to call off hundreds of flights departing throughout the afternoon. It also caused significant delays later in the day.

Many of the flights were reportedly cancelled at the last minute, even after boarding had been completed.

“Our flight to Gibraltar was cancelled yesterday after a full day of waiting and even boarding the flight,” one passenger wrote on Twitter. “All day we were told that our flight would be on until it got to 5:15 and we were told it was cancelled before the attendants.”

The company released a statement apologising for the disruption.

"We advise customers due to travel with us today to continue to check Flight Tracker to check the status of their flight before making their way to the airport,” the company added.

Can customers apply for compensation?

If your flight is delayed or cancelled by the airline, you are entitled to compensation. A passenger on a cancelled flight is entitled to a seat on the next available flight to your destination - even if it is with a rival carrier.

You are also entitled to accommodation, food and drink if you are stranded for an extended period of time. Airlines may require you to book your own accommodation and keep the receipts.

An EasyJet spokesperson indicated that passengers on cancelled June flights would be offered compensation.

“We are informing customers in advance to minimise the impact on their plans and provide the option to rebook before travelling or receive a refund," they said.

A series of problems at easyJet

The disruption this week comes as the aviation industry struggles to keep up with a spike in travel bookings following the removal of travel restrictions in most countries.

Last month, easyJet was also forced to scrap hundreds of flights due staff shortages.

Is the aviation industry in crisis?

Easyjet is not the only airline to be dogged by problems in recent months.

British Airways announced last month that it had been forced to reduce its schedule by 10 per cent. Roughly 8,000 round trips have been scrapped between March and October.

Airports around the country have also seen chaotic scenes with lengthy queues and “mammoth” delays due to a lack of staff.

Outside of the UK, Schiphol airport in Amsterdam is also in turmoil. It has got so bad that Dutch Airline KLM has halted ticket sales for flights from the airport between now and Monday citing staff shortages.

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Bali is banning tourists from renting motorbikes to crack down on bad behaviour, island authorities have revealed.

Why is Bali banning tourists from renting motorbikes?


EasyJet to cut more flights this summer after apologising for current chaos

The airline, which is among many grappling with staff shortages after two years of pandemic-related turbulence, says it cannot confirm how many flights will be cancelled in the coming financial quarter.

By Sharon Marris, news reporter

Monday 20 June 2022 11:34, UK


EasyJet has announced plans to cut more flights over the busy summer period, as it apologised to customers for failing to "deliver the service they have come to expect from us".

The airline has blamed issues such as staff shortages in ground handling and at airports, as well as air traffic control delays for increased turnaround times, delayed flights and cancellations.

It is among a number of airlines grappling with the same problems as the industry struggles to move into the peak season after two years of coronavirus pandemic-related turbulence.

A number of flights will be cancelled into and out of Gatwick in response to the airport's announcement last week that it would introduce flight caps in the coming few months to help it cope with a staff shortage.

It is thought this could mean the cancellation of up to 10,000 of 160,000 flights on sale for July, August and September, although EasyJet's chief executive Johan Lundgren said the airline had not decided how many cancellations there might be during those months.

A similar system of flight caps has also been introduced by Amsterdam's Schiphol airport.

The airline said: "In response to these caps and in order to build additional resilience, easyJet is proactively consolidating a number of flights across affected airports.

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Credit Suisse has announced the resignation of chairman

FTSE 100 takes £75bn hit as Europe becomes new focus of Silicon Valley Bank fallout

Jeremy Hunt

Budget news - live: Pensions and childcare changes go further than expected - but have we seen 'giveaway to rich'?

Budget calculator

Budget 2023 calculator: See if you are better or worse off after Chancellor Jeremy Hunt's statement

"This provides customers with advance notice and the potential to rebook on to alternative flights."

The majority of passengers are expected to be rebooked on flights the same day, it added.

Please use Chrome browser for a more accessible video player

Simon Calder

Mr Lundgren said the airline was not struggling to recruit people. Instead the struggle is getting security clearance for new employees, adding that ID clearance is taking 14 weeks, compared to 10 weeks previously.

He said Brexit, which ended the ability of Europeans to move freely to the UK to work, was also having an impact.

Mr Lundgren added: "Delivering a safe and reliable operation for our customers in this challenging environment is easyJet's highest priority and we are sorry that for some customers we have not been able to deliver the service they have come to expect from us.

"While in recent weeks the action we have taken to build in further resilience has seen us continue to operate up to 1,700 flights and carry up to a quarter of a million customers a day, the ongoing challenging operating environment has unfortunately continued to have an impact which has resulted in cancellations."

In the financial quarter ending 30 June, easyJet said it plans to have operated 140,000 flights, carrying 22 million passengers.

This means capacity will be 550% of what it was during the same period last year, when the industry globally was still affected by coronavirus restrictions.

Read more: Gatwick cuts summer flights as Heathrow boss warns it could take 18 months to fix staffing issues Why is there travel chaos at UK airports and how long could it go on for?

The airline said that the number of passengers being carried in April and May was seven times the number seen during the same months last year.

Capacity in the quarter ending 30 June is expected to be around 87% of the level seen in 2019 - the most recent year of normal travel conditions - with the quarter ending 30 September expected to be around 90%.

Last month it had said it expected to operate at 90% of 2019 capacity this quarter and around 97% in the fourth quarter.

It added: "We believe that these capacity/cost impacts are a one-off this summer as we would expect all parties to build greater resilience in time for 2023 peak periods."

Responding to easyJet's announcement on summer flight cancellations, Rory Boland, editor of consumer magazine Which? Travel, said: "EasyJet has caused chaos and distress for passengers over several weeks with a constant stream of last-minute cancellations.

"While reducing the number of flights it operates may be the most sensible option in delivering a more reliable service over the summer, it yet again leaves passengers panicking about whether their flight or holiday will be cancelled or delayed.

"The summer holidays are just around the corner, so easyJet must immediately provide clarity on which flights are being cut.

"Crucially, it needs to start playing by the rules and rerouting its customers, including on flights with other carriers.

"That's the legal requirement and the very least the airline can do for customers it has left in a mess."

EasyJet shares were down more than 2.7% in early Monday trading.

EasyJet cuts more flights to try to manage disruption

LONDON, June 20 (Reuters) - Low-cost airline easyJet (EZJ.L) said on Monday it was cutting thousands more flights this summer after London Gatwick and Amsterdam airports reduced capacity and it battled staff shortages on the ground and in the air.

The British carrier said it expected to fly about 90% of its pre-pandemic capacity in July, August and September, down from the 97% it had scheduled last month, which would have been around 160,000 flights.

EasyJet said a tight labour market for crew, compounded by a 14-week wait for new staff security checks compared to around 10 weeks previously and limitations on European hires due to Brexit, had reduced its resilience further.

London's Gatwick airport, where easyJet is the biggest carrier, said on Friday it would limit flights because of labour shortages. read more

Amsterdam's Schiphol, another major base for the airline, has also imposed a cap, leading to a 16% cut in planned flights during the peak season.

Latest Updates

View 2 more stories

EasyJet Chief Executive Johan Lundgren said reducing the schedule now would minimise last-minute cancellations that had a bigger impact on customers.

"It is necessary to build further resilience into the flying schedule this summer by proactively cancelling a number of flights, providing customers with advanced notice and rebooking options," he told reporters.

An Easyjet Airbus aircraft takes off from the southern runway at Gatwick Airport in Crawley

European airlines and airports shed thousands of workers during the COVID-19 pandemic, leaving them unprepared to cope with a resurgence in demand after restrictions were lifted. read more

Lundgren said easyJet would make the cuts shortly. Gatwick and Amsterdam would be a focus, he said, but there were also operational problems across Europe, including in Paris and Geneva.

He said the airline had recruited more crew than ever before for the summer but security checks were holding up deployment.

He said a "huge amount" of applications were coming in, but the carrier could not accommodate all the EU workers it had before the pandemic. It had turned "down a huge number of EU nationals (...) because of the situation after Brexit".

Bigger problems, he said, were staff shortages on the ground and air traffic control restrictions, resulting in aircraft not returning to base and crew stuck in the wrong place.

He said there would be a cost impact, including from booking customers on other carriers on occasion, but he could not quantify it at this stage. The airline has not set financial guidance for the year.

Shares in easyJet, which are trading at 20-month lows, were down 3% in early deals.

Our Standards: The Thomson Reuters Trust Principles.


A jump in the cost for Wall Street banks to insure bonds against default on Wednesday was another worrisome indicator of credit stress for investors amid the crisis at Credit Suisse and at U.S. regional banks.

Why did EasyJet cancel flights? All you need to know about the airport disruptions

Holidaymakers have been warned over NINE days of planned strikes expected to cause chaos this summer

Easy Jet, why did EasyJet cancel flights?

EasyJet passengers have been left in limbo at the airport after EasyJet cancelled more than 200 flights  - and now there are further disruptions with planned strike action.

The low-cost airline, which operates flights at airports across the UK has come under fire from holidaymakers who have been left stranded at the airport unable to board their flights as they planned to jet away for the half-term holidays (opens in new tab) .

But an urgent travel warning is issued this week for Brits heading to Spain as easyJet cabin crew plan NINE days of strikes - three 72-hour stoppages at fortnightly intervals from July 1 with hundreds of staff expected to stop work at easyJet bases in Barcelona, Malaga and Palma. 

The staff walk-outs are set to run from 1st-3rd July, 15th-17th July and 29th-31st July, with the final three days coinciding with widespread train strikes (opens in new tab) .

An easyJet spokesperson told The Sun (opens in new tab) , “We are extremely disappointed with this action as we have made considerable progress towards a new collective labour agreement and so would like to continue a constructive dialogue with them.

“Should the industrial action go ahead there could be some disruption to our flying programme to and from Málaga, Palma and Barcelona during the strike period.

"However, at this stage, easyJet plans to operate its full schedule and we would like to reassure customers that we will do everything possible to minimise any disruption,” they added.

The news comes just two months after P&O Ferries cancelled all of its ferries (opens in new tab) , and Ryanair prepares to strike (opens in new tab) as we look at what is causing the chaos at airports...

Why did EasyJet cancel flights?

EasyJet has cancelled flights because of a number of issues including air traffic control restrictions, runway works and airport handling delays for axing the flights. Earlier this week the airline confirmed its plans to cancel 240 flights at airports across the UK over the next 10 days.

A software failure forced EasyJet to cancel around 200 flights at airports across the UK - due to an IT issue but EasyJet has since confirmed that the latest round of cancellations are unrelated to the IT issue, which is now resolved.

The low-cost airline will still be operating around 1,700 flights per day over the next week, it pledged.

Why are so many flights like EasyJet being cancelled?

EasyJet aren't the only tour operator that has been forced to cancel flights this half-term, as TUI has also been forced to pull the plug on some of its flights due to a "combination of factors" causing operational disruption. Hundreds of TUI passengers received a text to say that their flight had been cancelled amid an eight hour wait at Manchester Airport terminal. Half-term holiday makers were met with a four-hour wait to get through check-in followed by security and then another four-hour delay 'waiting for a pilot '.

Speaking about one set of disruptions, a spokesperson for TUI said, "We would like to apologise for the inconvenience to our customers on flight TOM2680 from Manchester and Kos, on Saturday 28th May who were delayed to a combination of factors causing significant operational disruption.

"Unfortunately, we felt the impact to customers holiday was too great and took the difficult decision to cancel the flight. We contacted affected customers as soon as we became aware of the change and all customers will receive a full refund within 14 days. We understand how disappointing and frustrating this is and we do apologise for any inconvenience caused."

What are my rights if EasyJet cancel my flight?

If EasyJet cancel your flight there are several options available to you, and these can be requested by logging on to your booking online or via the easyJet App:

For any flights cancelled less than seven days before departure:

Flights cancelled with less than two weeks' notice:

Extra compensation may be possible for:

Passengers who receive little or no notice about their cancelled flight - and ultimately arrive much later at their destination.

Additional help available for those facing delays

Passengers are also permitted to receive refreshments and accommodation as required from Airlines while awaiting a new flight - or reimburse reasonable costs at a later date.

Meanwhile, travellers who are booked on affected package holidays booked through members of Abta (opens in new tab) have the right to alternative arrangements at no extra cost or a full refund without delay.

Can I get a full refund if my EasyJet flight is cancelled?

Yes you can get a full refund if your EasyJet flight is cancelled providing the flight is cancelled less than seven days before the scheduled departure. Passengers must be informed of their rights and offered to be put on an alternative flight - including other airlines - to fly as soon as possible, provide a full refund for parts of the ticket not used.

How do I know if my flight is cancelled?

You can check to see if your flight is cancelled by entering your flight number, airport and departure date in the FlightAware or FlightStats app. Usually air carriers notify passengers directly about any flight cancellations.

Vist EasyJet to find out more about flights and cancellations (opens in new tab) .

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Is The Clovehitch Killer based on a true story? As the film starts streaming on Netflix, viewers are asking for the inspiration behind the thriller.

By Lucy Wigley • Published 14 March 23

The Mexican-based film is storming the Netflix Top 10

By Selina Maycock • Published 14 March 23

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EasyJet under fire as flight chaos exposes carrier’s operating model

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Delays and cancellations

Below is all the important information you need if your flight is delayed or cancelled.  The best place to keep up to date on the status of your flight with real time information is via our Flight Tracker which can also be accessed via our mobile app. If your flight is more than 2 days in advance, please sign in by using your booking reference and last name or your account details. 

Cancelled flights

If your flight is cancelled, there are several options available to you, which you can request quickly and easily by logging into  Manage Bookings  here on our website or via our easyJet App: 

Visit our  Disruption Help Hub  to find out more. For information on your entitlements, please visit our  notice of rights  page. 

If you booked through a tour operator or travel agent, they will be able to help you with your travel plans. You can also choose to manage your easyJet flights directly in  Manage Bookings . If you need further assistance and your agent is unable to help you, please contact our  Customer Services Team . Remember to let your tour operator or travel agent know about any changes you make.

If your flight is cancelled, and the next available flight is not until the following day, we can offer you a hotel room for the night if you need one. Where eligible you can request a room after you’ve transferred onto a new flight on our app or in  Manage Bookings .

If you require a wheelchair accessible room, please contact our  Customer Services Team  who will be happy to book you a room that meets your requirements. 

If you’re at the airport and are unable to log onto the internet, our Ground Crew will be able to help you. 

We will always do our best to provide customers with overnight accommodation. In times of widespread disruption that’s not always possible so we may ask you to find your own accommodation. 

In this case we ask that you look for accommodation, which is 3 stars or equivalent like Premier Inn, IBIS, Holiday Inn, Hotel Formule 1, Travelodge or Motel-One.  

Please keep the VAT invoice to claim back your expenses.

If your flight has been cancelled, we will try to get you an easyJet flight to your final destination within 24 hours of your original flight.

You can search for available flights and choose which one you want to transfer on to on Manage Bookings.

If there are no easyJet flights available to get you to your destination within 24 hours, you have the option to transfer to another airline, take a train, bus, or hire a car.

The alternative transport must be under comparable transport conditions (e.g. economy or standard fare) to your destination, and you will be entitled to claim reasonable transport costs back. If you need additional support or special assistance, please contact our team.

Please ensure you obtain a detailed itemised receipt . For more information on how to claim back expenses or for further help please refer to our expenses page, alternatively, you can contact us. 

Please note that you cannot claim for both a refund for your flight and rerouting on alternative transport.

Delayed flights

Refreshment vouchers

Depending on your delay, we will provide you with a refreshment voucher to the value of £3 or €4.50.

If your flight is delayed by 2 hours (flights up to 1500km, e.g London to Zurich) you are entitled to vouchers. If your flight is delayed by 3 hours (flights over 1500km, e.g London to Dubrovnik) you are entitled to vouchers. If for any reason we are unable to provide you with vouchers, we will reimburse you up to the same amount if you provide appropriate receipts.

If the delay is longer than 5 hours you can change your flights for a later date subject to seats being available.

Alternatively you can cancel your delayed flight and apply for a full refund.  To cancel or change your flight please speak to our Ground Crew in the airport or contact our  Customer Service team.

Overnight delays - accommodation

If the flight delay means that you are not able to depart until the following day, our Ground Crew will arrange overnight accommodation for you.

Please wait at the airport to be given the details of the hotel and the transport available to get there. We will provide transport between hotels and the airport where possible.

If we’re unable to provide you with transport we will cover taxis, buses or local metro services to and from the airports, but we cannot cover unreasonable costs such as private limousines.

We will arrange where possible, for the hotel to provide you with an evening meal (excluding alcohol) and breakfast. If the hotel isn’t able to provide you with food, we will reimburse you up to £25 per person per day (EUR/ CHF equivalent).

Please keep all receipts to claim back your expenses. 

Diverted flights

If your aircraft is diverted, we’ll do all that we can to get you to your final destination. Our ground crew will keep you up to date with alternative travel. If for any reason we’re unable to arrange a transfer, we may ask you to make your own arrangements. We’ll reimburse you for trains, buses or taxis, but we cannot reimburse unreasonable costs such as private limousines.

Claiming back expenses

In the unlikely event that we can’t arrange hotel, meal, or transport costs directly for you on the day of your disrupted flight, you may be asked to pay for reasonable costs yourself. You can claim back expenses on our  expenses page .

To check what you are entitled to under the regulation please read our  notice of rights for delayed and cancelled flights .

Unfortunately, we can’t cover other costs such as, pre-booked hotel stays, airport parking or missed activities, but your travel insurance may.

All expense claims must be supported by valid itemised receipts or invoices on headed paper as proof of purchase. We cannot accept credit card receipts as proof of payment.

Claiming your compensation

If your flight arrives more than three hours after the scheduled time of arrival, or is cancelled within 14 days of departure, or you are involuntarily denied boarding, you may be able to claim EC261 compensation. You can claim for compensation here.

If the cause of your delay or cancellation is classified as an Extraordinary circumstance (like an air traffic control strike or bad weather) you will not be entitled to EC261 Flight Compensation. To check what you are entitled to please read our notice of rights for delayed and cancelled flights . You must apply directly to us to receive your compensation.

Overbooking and denied boarding

On any given day large numbers of passengers don’t show up for their flight. Filling our planes and minimising the number of empty seats we fly is one of the ways we can reduce the price you pay for your flight.

What happens if you are denied boarding

If you are at the airport, please speak to one of our ground crew. They can provide you with information explaining how we can assist you with making alternative travel plans, claiming compensation, or how to request a refund of voucher if you choose not to travel. We will also pay for reasonable ground transfers, accommodation and food/drink expenses in line with our expenses policy until the next seat is available for you to continue your journey. You will also be entitled to compensation under EC261. To check what you are entitled to please read our notice of rights for delayed and cancelled flights .

Reasons for overbooking 

Based on our historical data, we sometimes sell more seats on a flight if we know there is a high chance of customers not turning up. There are also some occasions when we may have to reduce the number of passengers on board the aircraft because of weight restrictions or by operating on a smaller aircraft than planned.   On overbooked flights, either at Bag Drop or at the Gate, we always ask for volunteers who may be able to change their plans to give up their seat to enable everyone who wants to fly to get on board.

Travel agent or tour operator bookings

If you have booked with a travel agent or tour operator, please speak to them directly to manage your disrupted booking. If you make changes to your flights you must contact your travel agent/tour operator to let them know as this could impact your onward travel like transfers, hotels, car hire, and parking. easyJet is not responsible for these changes. 

easyJet holidays bookings

If you have booked with easyJet holidays please speak to them directly to manage your disrupted booking.

What is the new Indirect Flights option?

We work hard to minimise the impact of disruption on our customers. We are now offering customers the option to book onto an indirect easyJet route free of charge to help get them to their destination as soon as possible when their original flight has been disrupted. This means customers will be able to fly from their original departure airport to an intermediate destination and then from there on to their final destination. However, this is not an interlined or connecting flight and customers must therefore collect any luggage, re-check in and re-clear security for each individual flight.

How is this different from a ‘connecting’ or ‘interlined’ flight?

An indirect booking is made up of two separate flights and your baggage won’t be interlined between them. This means that you must collect any checked luggage and clear customs for each individual flight on the booking. As well as re-checking in and re-clearing security for each individual flight on the booking.

How will this impact my checked bags?

Your checked bags will not automatically travel onto each flight. You must collect and re-check your bags at Bag Drop for each individual flight on the booking.

Do I need any additional documents?

Please, make sure you have the appropriate documentation to enter each country you’ll travel through on the journey. This includes, but is not limited to, passports, visas and entry forms. You’ll need to cross the border and customs, then enter the ‘landside’ area at your intermediate airport to check in for your next flight. 

Will I be charged extra for selected an indirect flight?

No. If your flight has been cancelled and you book an indirect flight through the Manage Booking Disruption Portal you will not be charged any additional fees for this service.

Am I entitled to a refund for my disrupted flight?

You’re not entitled to a refund if you have selected a rerouted flight as you have chosen this as an alternative to a refund or voucher.

Will I still receive my Extra Leg Room/Upfront Seat on all flights?

We’ll always do our best to transfer your cabin bag across, but this will be subject to availability. If for any reason we’re unable to achieve this, then you should contact our Customer Services Team to request a refund.

Will I still receive my pre purchased cabin bag?

Once I’ve chosen an indirect flight, can I change my mind?

Once you confirm your selection on Manage Bookings you won’t be able to change your mind as these flights have now been booked for you. Any further changes will be chargeable as per our standard terms and conditions.

Will my special assistance reservation be added to this indirect booking?

Yes. Existing special assistance reservations will be transferred across to your new booking.

What happens if my indirect flight is disrupted?

If your flight is disrupted, you can view your options via the Manage Bookings Disruption Portal on our website or app.

What is the new Alternative Carriers option?

We work hard to minimise the impact of disruption on our customers. We are now offering customers the option to book onto a flight with an alternative airline flying the same route free of charge, to help get them to their destination as soon as possible when their original flight has been disrupted. This means customers will be able to fly from their original departure airport to their original destination with another airline.

However, this is not a connecting fight. Therefore, customers who are already at the airport must collect any luggage, re-check in and re-clear security for their new flight.

Will I still receive the same service?

An alternative airline will take you to your destination. However, their service, terms and conditions will differ from easyJet. We recommend that you familiarise yourself with these via your alternative airline's website.

How is this different from a ‘connecting’ flight?

This is a new booking with an alternative airline. You will not be connected from your previous easyJet booking. This means, if you are already at the airport you must collect any checked luggage and clear customs. Then re-check in and re-clear security for your new flight.

Your checked bags will not automatically travel onto your new flight. You must collect and recheck your bags at your new airlines check in area. Where possible, we will add your checked bags to the booking with the alternative airline. Where this is not possible, you may have to pay for your checked bags and submit a refund claim to easyJet. Please retain your receipts.

Please, make sure you check in with your new airline and familiarise yourself with any requirements they may have.

Will I be charged extra for this?

When booking through Manage Booking during disruption you will not be charged any additional fare for this service.

Am I entitled to a refund after I’ve changed my flight?

You are not entitled to a refund if you select a flight with an alternative airline as this has been selected in substitute for a refund or voucher.

Will I still receive an Extra Leg Room/Upfront Seat?

This cannot be guaranteed as each airline has their own terms and conditions.

Will I still receive a pre-purchased item (cabin bag, seat etc)?

Once I’ve chosen a flight with an alternative airline, can I change my mind

Once you confirm your selection on Manage Booking you won’t be able to change your mind as these flights have now been booked for you.

Will my special assistance reservation be added to this booking?

No, your special assistance reservation will not be added to this booking. Please contact your alternative airline to request special assistance as soon as possible if you require it.

Will I be provided with overnight accommodation if my flight with an alternative airline is the next day?

Yes, you will be offered overnight accommodation if the alternative airline fight is the next day.

What happens if my flight with an alternative airline is disrupted?

If your flight is disrupted, you will be subject to the terms and conditions of the alternative airline.

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