20 excellent essay writing ideas on winter dreams by scott fitzgerald.

This list of essay questions will help you find the right topic for your Winter Dreams assignment. These questions could also be used as a way to get you thinking about the story and then you can figure out some interesting topics to do for your paper. Make sure you read the story, at least, two times to get a feel for the text and during the second reading take notes that you can refer to for your essay.

20 Excellent Essay Writing Ideas

Use one or more of these ideas to get your mind thinking of an appropriate topic for your writing on Winter Dreams by Scott Fitzgerald.

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winter dreams essay questions

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winter dreams essay questions

The Observation of the American Dream in Winter Dreams

desired was beyond me, but it is just that, a dream. Freud would reassure you that this dream really meant that I had a desire to migrate or get away, this leads me to wonder what he would say about the American Dream. The American Dream is explained as the desire to be rich and look beautiful doing it, to live forever but never age, to be successful for effort not race. Fitzgerald was able to capture the inner voice of the American Dream in Winter Dreams. As you read about Dexter, the main character

Despair and Alienation in The Snows of Kilimanjaro and Winter Dreams

Kilimanjaro and Winter Dreams While some readers enjoy the genre of mysteries, others enjoy romance or westerns. But for some people the tragic tales of someone’s despair and alienation from someone or something they love is just what they want to read about. Ernest Hemingway’s styles have evolved throughout his career and I feel The Snows of Kilimanjaro represents the ideas of a man who is greatly in despair and alienated. As well, F. Scott Fitzgerald’s writing of Winter Dreams portray a sense

The Importance of Loss in Scott Fitzgerald's Winter Dreams

The Importance of Loss in Scott Fitzgerald's Winter Dreams In the traditional Romance narrative, there is some desirable object whose consummation is the driving preoccupation of the text's protagonist. The aspiration of the Romantic hero is to capture that elusive object that will, nevertheless, consistently out-strip him. These heroes are intimately acquainted with the pain of the loss and suffer deeply for feeling so acutely. However, loss itself, is essential to the equation and is

Comparing My Antonia And Winter Dreams

The American Dream has been a major foundation of American culture. The American Dream is considered to be the belief that everyone can obtain a better life and that their dreams and goals can be achieved, regardless of any circumstance or social class. It is a very common idea for everyone, but it is something that is viewed in various ways. In Willa Cather’s “My Antonia” and F. Scott Fitzgerald’s “Winter Dreams,” both authors compare the idea of success based on wealth and social relations. Both

Winter Dreams

Fitzgerald Essay- Prompt 5 Money may be able to buy ones happiness but not necessarily satisfaction in life. Fitzgerald's characters in “Winter Dreams” and Great Gatsby had money, but not satisfaction throughout their life. One can have satisfying materials, do satisfying things, and obtain satisfying qualities. Characters in “Winter Dreams” and Three of the most satisfying materials that a person could own is a home, money, and a car. At least one of these items is essential for a person no matter

Winter Dreams And The American Dream

“Research Paper: Winter Dreams” In “Winter Dreams”, by F. Scott Fitzgerald, Dexter’s dream can be related to the American Dream, but Fitzgerald represents it negatively, basically saying that the reality is the American Dream can never be reached. F. Scott Fitzgerald's life is a tragic example of both sides of the American Dream; the joys of young love, wealth and success, and the tragedies associated with excess and failure which shows through in this story (F. Scott). The American Dream is what every

Foreshadowing In Winter Dreams

Empty Dreams In the book Winter Dreams by F. Scott Fitzgerald, the main character, Dexter Green, chases unattainable ambitions of success, wealth, and the “ideal” woman. Throughout the book Dexter struggles with his ever changing, empty dreams. Although at first glance the reader might assume Dexter is solely trying to pursue the ideal woman, Judy Jones, a more in depth look reveals that through the attempt to obtain Judy’s affection, Dexter is trying to achieve the greater symbol she represents

First and foremost of all are the issues of the materialistic concerns of the rich. Jay Gatsby, a young rich bachelor, had so many personnel possessions because he wanted Daisy, the first love of his life, so much that she was the equivalent of ³Winter Dreams² to him. Gatsby¹s silk shirts being tossed over his head out of his dresser is a good example of how his money means nothing to him and how he would give it all away to have Daisy. Also his eccentric cars were the center of attention because of

Analysis Of Winter Dreams

Winter Dreams Analysis To divorce an adored wife for a woman who will undoubtedly never love back seems unreal and comfortless. But for Dexter Green, in “Winter Dreams,” by F. Scott Fitzgerald, this will become a heartless reality. Dexter Green makes it his most important goal to capture the love of a beautiful young woman. However, the girl has no interest in having a long-term, serious relationship with Dexter. Dexter will, unfortunately, find out the hard way that his goal will be fulfilled under

Winter Dreams Sparknotes

In the short story “Winter Dreams” was set in Minnesota where love is about to take a turn. In the short story winter dreams, Dexter Green, son of the owner of the second-best grocery store in Black Bear, Minnesota. The spring begins to thaw and the first golfers brave the course. Dexter imagines beating the golf club’s most esteemed members. At work, he walks into Judy Jones, who, attended by her harbor, asks Dexter to carry her clubs. Dexter can’t leave his post, and Judy gets angry and tries to

Examples Of Winter Dreams And The American Dream

Is a Winter Dream a reality or just an illusion? Winter Dreams was published in December 1922. F. Scott Fitzgerald is most known for his novel The Great Gatsby. Fitzgerald likes the common theme of failure trying to accomplish the American Dream, and false corrupt forms in which the dream really exists. His secondary themes include wealth, power, beauty, and economic class. Fitzgerald likes to write about love, corruption and, fantasy during the Jazz age. Winter Dreams is about a middle-class boy

Analysis Of Winter Dreams And The American Dream

of the American Dream has dominated American Literature. The overall idea of the American Dream is that every United States citizen should have an equal opportunity to achieve success and prosperity through hard work, determination, and initiative. “Winter Dreams” by F. Scott Fitzgerald is about the realization of the true desire of the American Dream including status, wealth, and ability and the realization it is realistically unattainable. A myth associated with the American Dream is that even the

Winter Dreams Research Paper

Winter Dreams There are many ways in which “Winter Dreams” is like and unlike a fairytale. “Winter Dreams” had the potential to have a fairy tale ending. Beginning the story, F. Scott Fitzgerald made the story seem predictable. The reader would have predicted a happy ending like a fairytale. An ending where the ambitious young man gets the beautiful girl of his dreams. Sadly, the story doesn’t end that way. The story had many similarities and differences considering the plot, atmosphere, tone

Winter Dreams Literary Analysis

Winter Dreams follows the life of Dexter Green as he pursues wealth and societal affluence in the hopes of winning the love and affection of Judy Jones, a spoiled socialite from a wealthy family who he first met when he was an adolescent while caddying at an exclusive golf club. As a result of this meeting and the embarrassment he felt in his role as a mere caddie; Dexter makes the irrational decision to quit his caddying job and begin his quest for upper-class social status. The author recapitulates

Analysis Of Illusion In Winter Dreams

Analysis of Illusion in Winter Dreams How far should someone have to go in order to impress someone in whom he or she is interested? At a young age it is instilled for one to be himself or herself and never to allow anyone or anything to change him or her or make him or her forget their morals. It could be inferred that as children, we are taught this, because with the changing of ourselves only to impress another could soon lead to unhappiness or emotional instability within oneself. In F. Scott

Literary Analysis Of Winter Dreams

F. Scott Fitzgerald. A man to revolutionize the way we look at modernism and the dream all americans have. The short story “Winter Dreams” by Fitzgerald is about a young man by the name of Dexter that falls in love with a young rich women by the name of judy. Judy is made of old money whereas Dexter has always worked to make the money he has to be in the same “social class” as Judy. Although Dexter has the money to hang out with those people he is still left out in most parts of the story. Judy cheats

Winter Dreams And The Great Gatsby

In F. Scott Fitzgerald’s Short Story, “Winter Dreams”, he suggests that the American Dream is a desire for glittery things. On the concept of the American Dream that a person’s success depends more on his or her efforts than on factors such as class or race. Dexter wanted to have the glittery things, but he didn’t want or need them as badly as Judy because he wasn’t raised in the same environment. He felt that he didn’t like Judy at first because she has the glittery things. Once she mature and

Winter Dreams Relationship Analysis

which made them all very relatable, for me, as the reader. Furthermore, there was a very notable dynamic in all of the relationships in these past five weeks. I will commence with the relationship of Dexter and Judy from the story, Winter Dreams by F. Scott Fitzgerald. Their relationship had a very inimitable dynamic to say the least. Dexter was most certainly smitten by Judy. He was

The American Dream In F. Scott Fitzgerald's Winter Dreams

responsibilities to pursue their own pleasure” (23). An American who reached for opulence himself, F. Scott Fitzgerald observed these realties first hand. In his short stories, “Winter Dreams” and “The Diamond as Big as the Ritz,” Fitzgerald expresses the emptiness of the wealthy and criticizes the popular obsession with the American Dream in the 1920s. Fitzgerald was born in St. Paul, Minnesota in 1896 into a reasonably affluent

Comparison of the American Dream in The Great Gatsby and “Winter Dreams”

The short story of “Winter Dreams” was written around the same time that Fitzgerald was developing ideas for a story to turn into a novel. While The Great Gatsby wasn’t published until 1925, “Winter Dreams” débuted in 1922 and the similarities between the novel and short story were done on purpose. “Winter Dreams” became a short draft which Fitzgerald paralleled The Great Gatsby after, but also differentiated the two in specific ways (“Winter Dreams” 217). The main characters are both men, Jay Gatsby

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winter dreams essay questions

Winter Dreams by F. Scott Fitzgerald

Winter Dreams Essay Topics & Writing Assignments

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Dexter strives to lead a successful life. From the time he is a caddy to the time he is a successful businessman in New York. In that time, he wants things that glitter. Nice clothes, respect and Judy are also coveted by Dexter. 1. Do you think Dexter's being named Green is symbolic of his desire for riches? Why or why not. 2. In what ways does Judy glitter? 3. How does respect compare to the material possessions Dexter tries to attain?

Dexter strives to lead a successful life. From the time he is a caddy to the time he is a successful businessman in New York. In that time, he wants things that glitter. Nice clothes, respect and Judy are also coveted by Dexter.

1. Do you think Dexter's being named Green is symbolic of his desire for riches? Why or why not.

2. In what ways does Judy glitter?

3. How does...

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Winter Dreams

Winter Dreams

By f. scott fitzgerald.

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Winter Dreams Questions

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illustration of Dexter Green walking and thinking of Judy, as shown by a thought bubble

Winter Dreams

by F. Scott Fitzgerald

Winter Dreams Questions and Answers

What is the symbolism behind the title "winter dreams", why does dexter really quit caddying in winter dreams  , describe the disillusionment with the american dream in the short story "winter dreams" by f. scott fitzgerald., what makes dexter "newer and stronger" than the "careless" wealthy people he meets in "winter dreams", how do dexter's views about the american dream change from beginning to the end of the story “winter dreams", is dexter green from "winter dreams" a dynamic or static character, discuss the color symbolism in "winter dreams.", in "winter dreams," what details indicate that dexter is an ambitious young man, what does the reader learn about dexter's family and social position in "winter dreams", in "winter dreams," why does dexter lie about his hometown, what does the sentence that begins “he wanted not association with glittering things. . .” in the first paragraph of section ii mean, and why is it important, how would "winter dreams" be different if dexter had married irene scheerer after all would he have been able to achieve his life's ambitions with irene by his side  why or why not  what might fitzgerald be saying about the relationship between a happy family life and ambition, identify and discuss five examples of imagery in "winter dreams" that convey the emotional intensity of dexter and judy's entanglement., what are the two ways dexter reacts when he first meets judy jones, what is the significance of the jones' house at the end of part iv, how do dexter's dreams reflect his discontent, and does this feeling subside when he fulfills his ambition to become rich , in f. scott fitzgerald's "winter dreams," what does judy represent to dexter   , why does dexter find spring dismal and the fall gorgeous and full of hope, how is dexter affected by the news that judy has married another man and subsequently lost her beauty what does dexter mean when he says "there was something in me, but now it's gone"  , what are examples of figurative language in "winter dreams", are readers expected to feel sorry for judy and dexter explain the ways in which the story inspires sympathy for the two main characters.  , do you think dexter knew his engagement to irene would not last what clues does the text provide, explain how the following quote from "winter dreams" characterizes judy jones. "the little girl who had done this was eleven—beautifully ugly as little girls are apt to be who are destined after a few years to be inexpressibly lovely and bringno end of misery to a great number of men. the spark, however, was perceptible. there was a general ungodliness in the way her lips twisted down at the corners when she smiled, and in the—heaven help us—in the almost passionate qualityof her eyes. vitality is born early in such women. it was utterly in evidence now, shining through her thin frame in a sort of glow.", is "winter dreams" still relevant today, what does the kiss symbolize to dexter, describe and analyze the character of judy jones., what is dexter green's physical description in "winter dreams" , how are the four seasons symbolic for dexter in "winter dreams", what happens when dexter meets judy jones the first and second time in fitzgerald's "winter dreams", can you explain dexter's winter dreams in "winter dreams", what does fitzgerald mean by “stuff” in line 140 explain what the reader learns from the direct address and flash forward in these lines that could not have been inferred from the narrative to this point. what type of shift does the section break signal, describe dexter's goals, what motivates him to reach these goals, and whether he succeeds in doing so., in "winter dreams," how do dexter's "winter dreams" reflect discontent does this discontent subside when he becomes rich and respected, what does judy represent for dexter in "winter dreams" does dexter really love her, why doesn't dexter marry judy jones or irene sheerer, what significance of the tune coming from the piano, in "winter dreams," what are some of the fantasies about summer that dexter indulges in at the sherry island golf club  , why does dexter quit his job in "winter dreams", how would you describe dexter green and judy in winter dreams, how would one summarize the main event/events in each of the six parts of f. scott fitzgerald's short story "winter dreams", at the end of section ii in "winter dreams", dexter says he is starting a new path for his life. why is this not true, how does being called "boy" help dexter decide to quit caddying in "winter dreams", why do you think dexter feels such a profound sense of loss when he hears about judy at the end of the story, what is the importance of the setting of "winter dreams" and how does it create atmosphere or mood in the story give examples of the settings and describe the mood., what do dexter's dream suggest he wants for the future why do you think dexter is so captivated by judy jones   these i just can't seem to answer., how does dexter feel when he plays golf with the “well-to-do” for the first time how does this connect to his american dream, in "winter dreams," what makes dexter "newer and stronger" than the "careless" wealthy people he meets, in winter dreams, why is it paradoxical that judy's smile has "no root in mirth" or even amusement, what is dexter's motivation for being a caddy in "winter dreams" how does this make dexter different from some of the other caddies, why does the narrative describe judy's house repeatedly  .

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Winter Dreams 2 Pages 457 Words

             F. Scott Fitzgerald's short story called "Winter Dreams" revolves around the ambitions of the character Dexter Green. Dexter meets a socialite named Judy Jones while caddying at a golf club. He is enthralled with her wild beauty, and she's also rich and selfish. Dexter's dream is to have her and to be rich. He feels that if he were rich, then he could have Judy. Dexter is engaged to Irene Scheerer, but he still desires to have Judy. He uses a metaphor of their residences to describe how he feels about Judy and Irene. Dexter says that Judy lives in an extravagant house that has many bedrooms and is filled with mystery, while he says that Irene lives in a brown stone house. This is obviously showing that Dexter would rather be with Judy. So, Dexter leaves Irene and pursues Judy. He becomes obsessed with being rich and wants everything to himself. He later realizes though that he can't have Judy because she is married to an adulterous man who mistreats her. Since, Judy is unhappy with this marriage, her beauty and charm has faded. Dexter is disturbed by this and feels lost and upset. His dream is unfulfilled and he is lost in winter.              The theme of this short story is you can't always get what you want and money can't buy happiness. Dexter's dream of having Judy isn't fulfilled and he becomes lost because of it. He thought that if he had become rich, then he could be with Judy. The narrator explains his ambition through stating, "He wanted not association with glittering things and glittering people-he wanted the glittering things themselves" (590). Dexter didn't lose his dream because she gets married. He lost his dream because her beauty faded. Everything that Judy had represented to him disappeared. Dexter felt as if he had nothing left.              The protagonist in this story is Dexter Green. His impact on the theme is clearly that he thought              ...

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Rayven Bailey

Winter dreams: analysis questions.

8. In part 1 of “Winter Dreams”, Fitzgerald describes eleven year old Jones’ mouth as,            “Her lips twisting down at the corners when she smiled.” He also went on to say that          her smile gave off a sense of “ungodliness”. Later on during part 2 of the story,                    Jones’ mouth is described as very mobile, and when she smirked it was described as          a twist of her mouth, and it was merely beautiful. This is significant, because I think         the difference in her mouth represents maturity. In fact, Fitzgerald states, “Her                   mouth gave a continual impression of flux, of intense life, of passionate vitality.”

10. The tune of the piano is significant to Green’s life, because it was played at his                      sophmore prom. This prom impacted him greatly, because he could not afford to get          in, and he remembers standing outside of the gymnasuium and listening to this                  tune. When he heard that tune again later on in life, he was in a much happier state,          and began to think that everything in his life was finnally going as planned, and it              was something he may never know again.

12. I would describe the adult Judy Jones as brain-washed by money and society. She               has grown up rich all of her life, and she is blinded by money, which is why she can’t         discover true happiness.

14. Dexter justifies Judy’s lying to him, because he is glad she has even gone through the        trouble of lying to him. Green felt like, if she lied to him, it was because she wnated to        spare his feelings, which meant that she cared about him, and his feelings.

15. When Autumn had come and gone again, Dexter realized that he could not have Judy         Jones, so he was practically depressed and defeated. This is totally oppistie of the               beginning of the story, when the fall filled him with “hope”, and a sort of “ecstatic               triumph.”

18. At the end of part IV Jones’ house is described as rigid and architectually permanent.        This house takes Green by suprise, because the house is the complete oppisite of                  Judy’s fleeting beauty. Green realizes that his big dreams of becoming rich,                           successful, and accepted by “upper social classes”, were very hollow, just as this house       had been.

20. “The dream was gone. Something had been taken away from him.” I am assuming that this means his ‘Winter Dreams’ were no longer in existence. He had let the worldly ways corrupt his mind, and was no longer the hopeful and “full of aspiration” person that he used to be.

21. Periodic Sentence: “Without elation, without an interval of moist glory, the cold was                                               gone.”

Compound Sentence: “The attitude of the city on his action was of no importance to                                                   him, not because he was going to leave the city, but because any                                               outside attitude on the situation seemed superficial.”

Compound-Complex Sentence: “Whenever one showed signs of dropping out through                                                                  long neglect, she granted him a brief honeyed hour,                                                                      which encouraged him to tag along for a year or so                                                                      longer.”

22. Dashes often take the place of other types of puncuation in informal writing, because       it indicates added emphasis, and interruption, or even an abrupt change of thought.

24. Example of Anaphora: “The strong walls, the steel of the girders, the breadth and                                                           beam….”

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