How to Write the Texas A&M Supplemental Essays: Examples + Guide 2022/2023

texas a&m supplemental essays


Located in aptly named College Station, Texas, A&M University has evolved significantly since its founding nearly 150 years ago. The Agricultural and Mechanical College of Texas was originally formed to teach military tactics and the agricultural and mechanical arts (the A&M in the school’s name is a symbolic nod to this past), alongside traditional classical and scientific studies.

Today, Texas A&M is a premier research facility with the triple distinction of holding land-, sea- and space-grant designations, while its Corps of Cadets is the largest uniformed body outside the national service academies.  

Although Texas A&M is rooted in tradition, it’s by no means stuck there. Its long-term vision focuses on four pillars: transformational education; discovery and innovation; impact on state, nation, and world; and university as a community. Understanding this vision can help you write essays that reflect those same morals and values.

For deeper insights into these pillars and how this public university envisions fostering long-term student success and making a global impact, read through its strategic plan and vision for the decade ahead . And to get a better understanding of what Texas A&M is looking for in its Aggies, a by-the-numbers look at its offerings, from enrollment and tuition statistics to student life and financial aid information, is available on its Common Data Set . 

Note: Texas A&M now accepts applications via the Common App (new for 2022) and ApplyTexas . It’s worth pointing out that the maximum word counts for A&M’s supplemental responses vary based on which application portal you’re using. We’ve noted the word counts for both portals below.

What are the Texas A&M University supplemental essay prompts?

Tell us your story. What unique opportunities or challenges have you experienced throughout your high school career that have shaped who you are today? (Required, 10-750 words for Common App, recommended 500-750 for ApplyTexas)

Optional: If there are additional personal challenges, hardships, or opportunities (including COVID related experiences) that have shaped or impacted your abilities or academic credentials, which you have not already written about , please note them in the space below. (250 words for Common App; max. 439 for ApplyTexas)
Short Answers: Describe a life event which you feel has prepared you to be successful in college. (Required, 10-250 words for Common App; max. 439 for ApplyTexas) Tell us about the person who has most impacted your life and why. (Required, 10-250 words for Common App; max. 439 for ApplyTexas)

For Engineering Applicants: Describe your academic and career goals in the broad field of engineering (including computer science, industrial distribution, and engineering technology). What and/or who has influenced you either inside or outside the classroom that contributed to these goals? It is important to spend time addressing this question as it will be considered as part of the engineering review process. (50-500 words for Common App; max. 539 for ApplyTexas)

How to write each Supplemental Essay Prompt for Texas A&M University

How to write texas a&m supplemental essay prompt #1.

Essay prompts don’t get more open-ended than this. While it may seem overwhelming to have such a broad prompt, it’s actually an amazing opportunity. You now have the latitude to share with A&M something about who you are beyond your grades and test scores. 

If you’re applying to other colleges using the Common Application or Coalition App and think you need to write a second personal statement for A&M to match this prompt, don’t panic . Here’s some valuable advice for you: Choose a subject for this essay that can also answer a prompt for other schools on the Common App (which sets a max limit of 650 words) and/or Coalition Application (which suggests but doesn’t strictly limit your essay to 500-650 words).

If you’re applying to A&M through ApplyTexas, they suggest this Topic A essay be 500-750 words , but that’s just a suggestion—you won’t be penalized in any way for going over (or under) that suggested word budget. Things are a little different if you’re applying through the Common App: Your max word count is 750, and you’ll paste your Topic A essay into the A&M Questions section of the Common App (max of 750 words). You’ll want to not also submit your Common App personal statement when you’re asked if you want to include it or not (A&M won’t consider it, and it’s likely the same essay as your Topic A anyway).

In either case, we recommend you spend only the number of words necessary to tell your story in a concise, complete, and compelling manner, without going to extremes one way or another.

We know that you’re thinking. “Can I really use the same essay for all three application portals?”

All the prompts for these application systems are so broad and open-ended that you can pretty much write about any topic (well, almost any). But, more importantly, by focusing on writing one main essay for three application types, you can spend more time drafting and revising it so that it’s really, really great. #efficiency

“But what if I’m not applying to other schools using the Coalition Application or Common App?

Then write your deepest story. 

What do we mean by that?

There’s so much to say about writing your personal statement that we’ve created an entire step-by-step video course . Oh, and it’s pay-what-you-can. :) But if you want the short version, check out this free, one-hour guide . It covers the three core parts of writing a great college essay: brainstorming your topic, structuring your essay, and revising it to make sure it’s doing its job.

This essay, written for the University of Texas at Austin, does a great job at answering this Topic A prompt.

I am fascinated by the ways that microscopic biomolecules like proteins, fats, sugars, and nucleic acids come together to create an incomprehensibly complex organism. The systems of the body are vast and intricate, and yet, one tiny mistake can be the difference between health and disease. Biology is about searching for that one small missing piece, the single A out of 3 billion, swapped with a T, that can mean the difference between normal hemoglobin and single-cell anemia, a disease that comes with a lifetime of complications. From the little boy hunched over his science kit to labs in AP Bio, my search for that special missing piece has continued to drive me down the many important avenues of my life. My mom signed me up for my first acting class when I was 4, and I jumped right into my role as a male Glinda the Good Witch, complete with sparkly pants and vest. I was hooked. On the day of the show, racked with nerves, I stood in front of the crowd of parents as I did my best to remember what seemed like a bajillion lines. I fell in love with the cheers of proud parents and bored siblings. Afterwards, I ran over to my parents and begged them to sign me up for another show. Although my initial performance was not exactly what one would call moving, as I grew, so did my dedication to discovering how to portray a realistic emotional arc of a complex character. Acting, to me, is about finding the missing, hidden piece and unlocking the mystery of a character's dreams and motivations. Another mystery I’ve come to marvel at is the complex, intricate ways that numbers can model situations. I love looking at a confusing question, seemingly unrelated to anything I’ve learned, and stripping it down to its basic concepts. For example, the limit as x approaches 1 of (4(-2+x)-4)/(x-1) is just asking for the slope of the line y=4x-8, where x is -1. From Algebra I to AP Statistics and AP Calculus BC, math has become a game, as I scavenge for the missing pieces that can turn a dataset of 100 heights into the probability that a randomly selected person is 5-feet tall. When I discovered the world of politics, I became engrossed in the moral dilemmas, ethical trade-offs, and the profound effects the people we elect can have on society. I watched with disgust as same-sex couples were denied the right to marry, migrants were locked in cages, cops shot unarmed Americans, and mass shooters massacred hundreds while politicians offered little more than “thoughts and prayers.” Searching for the missing pieces of justice, I have turned my outrage into action—organizing and attending protests, educating friends and family on current issues like climate change and presidential abuse of power, and leading a voter registration campaign at my high school. From the newsie Davey's righteous anger, to the DNA double-helix, to local linearization, to gun reform, my search for the missing pieces in the world around me comes together to assemble a portrait of the person I am today. But, like the world around me, my portrait is still missing pieces, especially when I try to sort out the puzzle of my future career. Will I be a lawyer, crafting complex arguments, defending the civil liberties of the neglected and abused? Or a lawmaker, working to create a more just system of laws that benefit the masses, not just the top one percent? I’m not sure, but one thing’s for certain: My search for the missing pieces of my life has taught me to look beyond the easy, obvious answers, and instead work to devise multifaceted solutions to intricate world problems. As I continue my quest, the question is: What other pieces will I find along the way? (643 words) — — —

Tips + Analysis

Look for unusual connections. Remember that admission officers want to see the unique sides of you that don’t come through in the four corners of your application. This student takes a potentially simple theme—missing pieces—and uses it to show dramatically different sides of himself: acting, math, politics, and biology. The result? We walk away with a better understanding of who this student is and how he’ll contribute to a college campus.

Showcase your knowledge. It’s perfectly OK to show you know what you’re talking about when it comes to your favorite subject. But there’s a way to do it without losing your reader in complex lingo. This student is obviously well-versed in biology and math, yet he weaves slightly technical explanations of the biological component of hemoglobin and the limit of X in a conversational way that displays genuine curiosity and interest without over-jargoning the essay.

Don’t be afraid to have fun. It’s easy to think your personal statement has to be super-serious and to the point. After all, your future is at stake here, right? But we’re confident in saying schools are also looking for students who enjoy life, seize opportunities, and have a sense of humor about the things life throws at them. This student shows he’s well-rounded by balancing the serious topics of migrants’ rights and LGBTQIA+ equality with the descriptive visuals of him as “Glinda the Good Witch, complete with sparkly pants and vest.”

End with a clear “So what?” This student takes the opportunity at the end of his essay to restate his theme about searching for missing pieces. And then he leaves us with a takeaway—a “So what?” moment that demonstrates he’s still just as curious as ever: “But, like the world around me, my portrait is still missing pieces, especially when I try to sort out the puzzle of my future career.”

how to write Texas A&M Supplemental Essay Prompt #2

Optional: If there are additional personal challenges, hardships, or opportunities (including COVID related experiences) that have shaped or impacted your abilities or academic credentials, which you have not already written about, please note them in the space below. (Max 250 words for the Common App; max 439 words for ApplyTexas)

If you’ve already filled out your Common App, this might sound like a familiar question. And that’s great news for your typing-weary fingers! If you’re using the Common App for your A&M application and you’ve already completed the Additional Information and COVID responses, you can leave this blank. If you’re using ApplyTexas to submit your application , you can use your same answer for this question as you’ve done on the Common App. 

And if you haven’t gotten started on either, here are our can’t-miss tips.

Resist the urge to use the whole word count. Instead, use only the space needed to say what you need to say. No more, no less. This is especially true if you’re completing this prompt for the Common App, where you’ve likely already completed responses to the COVID-19 and Additional Information sections and you can’t think of what on earth more you could possibly write about. Which brings us to …

Say something new. Don’t repeat things you’ve already included elsewhere in your application. This would be the place to explain how the lack of Wifi impacted your grades during remote learning or to add important details about the nonprofit organization you started that didn’t fit in your activities list. If you’re not sure what to include, head over to our guides on How to Use the Common App Additional Information Section and How to Write About Coronavirus/COVID-19 in Your College Essay & Application.

Don’t feel obligated to fill it out at all . This section is optional (really!). So don’t feel like you have  to write something just because there’s space there. You want to add value to your application, not empty words. Little frustrates (and bores) an admission officer more than reading a whole lot of nada .

how to write Texas A&M Supplemental Essay Prompt #3

You might panic at the two different (like, really different) word counts for the same essays in the different portals. But let’s take a deep breath together first. Inhale. Exhale. Better? 

Now, in the past, Texas A&M has described these as responses required for you to move through the application. Your response can be a few sentences to a few paragraphs, depending on what you have to say about the topic. So as we encouraged you earlier, use the word count needed to answer the question and tell the story you want to tell. No more, no less. And don’t open an ApplyTexas account just to get extra word count. When you choose your words wisely, you can tell a great (amazing, even) essay in just a handful of words. More isn’t always better, y’all.

Although we don’t have any A&M-specific responses to share with you, but we do have these tips on brainstorming and writing your responses:

Understand your response is about more than answering the prompt. If you simply address the prompt, you’re missing out on a huge opportunity. While you must describe the person and event, that’s not really what admission officers want to read about. Instead, read between the lines and be reflective. How have you changed because of this person/event? What have they taught you about yourself or the world? How is your perspective different because of them?

Make lemonade from lemons. Your response doesn’t need to be all sunshine and roses and puppy kisses. We’ve all met people we don’t get along with and gone through traumatic or upsetting experiences. But often, something amazingly positive can come out of it. That’s  the story to tell—the transformation you went through and the insight you gained. 

Consider the obscure. The 2020 election. Malala Yousafzai. Immigration policy. George Floyd. All are very important and relevant, but as an essay topic, they might be a little too common and make it harder for you to stand out. But what about the 5’0” basketball player on your team who taught you a lesson in overcoming obstacles. Or learning to ride a bike as a 16-year-old? These more obscure (even mundane) topics can be just as (sometimes even  more impactful) than those making headlines.

how to write Texas A&M Supplemental Essay Prompt #4

This is another one of A&M’s “short answer questions,” so follow the advice for Prompt 4 when considering how long your essay should be. Now that we’ve clarified length, let’s talk content. This is a by-the-numbers “Why Major” essay , covering the events and people who led to your interest in engineering, what you’ll do at A&M to further this interest, and what you’ll do in the future.

The example below was written by a student applying to UT, and while UT’s prompt is slightly different from A&M’s, it does touch on many of the important points you’ll need to cover in your essay.

At the University of Texas, I plan to major in Mechanical Engineering with a focus on preserving the environment. The Bridges to the Future Credentials Program will enable me to research sustainable energy systems under Dr. Dongmei Chen and take Energy, Technology, and Policy, where I will learn about different clean energy technologies and their positive environmental effects. I can then use what I learn in class by joining the UT Solar Vehicles team to raise awareness for solar energy. Through my previous research on lithium-ion batteries in high-school, I can help produce a hybrid vehicle with a solar-powered lithium-ion battery which can be used on days with no sunlight. In the Walker Department of Mechanical Engineering, I plan on bringing my previous experience coding autonomous robots, recording sensory feedback, and creating chassis to research intelligent mechanical systems utilizing AI. I plan to participate in the Engineers for a Sustainable World program by working with mechanical, electrical, and robotics engineers to invent automated devices that make workers more efficient. UT offers the Longhorn Energy Club, an organization supporting energy-related events and fundraisers. People with various STEM careers discuss their opinions and debate on current events related to energy such as renewable power generation and cost-effective fuel cell technology. Through conversations I’ve had with NASA engineers and astronauts, I offer a unique perspective on how current technology is both harming and helping society. Furthermore, through Habitat for Humanity, I have been able to construct four new houses and raise $30,000 to help fund future projects. Not only is the fundraising and building process enjoyable, but every new house gives one family a secure setting which they previously may have never had. I would like to continue giving homes to those in need through the UT Habitat for Humanity program. — — —

You’ll find a step-by-step guide to writing the "Why Major" essay here , and we strongly  recommend reading through it, because this is probably not the only essay of this kind you’ll have to write. But here’s the TL;DR version, along with analysis of how the example essay above hit the right points:

Imagine a mini-movie of the moments that led you to your interest, and create a simple, bullet point outline. Can you find (and describe) the unique influences that set you apart from other aspiring engineering students? Detailing how you meticulously cut out and put together a kinetic hummingbird sculpture will be far more intriguing and memorable than those connecting Legos (no pun intended) with a passion for engineering. The A&M prompt doesn’t ask for students to describe their influences, but if it had, this student could’ve expanded on his lithium battery research or told a story about his conversations with NASA scientists and how that changed the student’s course of study.

Put your moments (aka the “scenes” of your mini-movie) in chronological order, as it’ll help you (and the reader) see how your interests developed. Bonus: This structure also makes it easier to transition between paragraphs. This student keeps each experience in its own paragraph, making it easy to see his academic and future goals.

Decide if you want to include a specific thesis that explicitly states your central argument—in this case, what you want to study and why. This thesis can be at the beginning, middle, or end of your essay. This student chooses to start his essay with a clear, to-the-point declaration of his academic focus.

Write a draft! Don’t forget to address each part of the prompt (in this case, your past, present, and future with engineering).

Special thanks to Julia for writing this post

texas a&m supplemental essays

Julia published her first “book” on the elusive Pika in elementary school and has been writing fervently ever since. She’s thrilled to unite her quirky love of grammar and master’s in psychology to help students tell their most meaningful stories. Her favorite punctuation mark is the apostrophe because, in the words of Imagine Dragons, it’s “a symbol to remind you that there’s more to see.”

Top values: Collaboration | Family | Productivity

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texas a&m supplemental essays


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texas a&m supplemental essays


Texas A&M University 2022-23 Supplemental Essay Prompt Guide

Texas a&m university 2022-23 application essay question explanation.

The Requirements: 3  essays of roughly 500 words

Supplemental Essay Type(s): Community , Oddball , Additional Information

Texas A&M University believes that diversity,, is an important part of academic excellence and that it is essential to living our core values. Describe the benefits of diversity and inclusion for you and for the Texas A&M campus community. Please share any personal experiences that have shaped your views. (No word count provided)

Admissions officers want to know that you value diversity and will contribute to inclusivity on campus, so share a story that demonstrates your commitment to that goal. When have you engaged with people from different walks of life? What did you learn or take away? How does expanding your horizons benefit both you and your community at large? You can also address how you will contribute to diversity on campus. Consider why your particular background or experience will be useful in an academic setting or can enrich or inspire others. Were you raised in an indigenous community? Do you identify as transgender? Have you lived on four different continents? What has influenced your identity? What do you believe and how will your worldview bring something of value to the community at Texas A&M?

Describe a life event which you feel has prepared you to be successful in college. (500 words)

This prompt is incredibly vague, which is kinda awesome because it sets you up to talk about almost anything you want. Which life event has sparked personal growth? What do you think it takes to be successful and how do you embody those qualities? Maybe a parent’s fragile health situation challenged you to take on more responsibilities than the average teenager, preparing you for the hard work ahead. Or perhaps you learned to love your football team’s playback sessions, as they forced you to routinely examine your mistakes, welcome constructive criticism, and guide you toward self-improvement. Whatever story you choose to tell, be sure to infuse it with personal details that no one else could include in their essay.

Tell us about the person who has most impacted your life and why. (500 words)

Who is the first person to come to mind when you read this prompt? The person you write about can be someone in your immediate circle, larger network, or on the world stage. Remember that the person you choose is going to say a lot about what you value and respect in others. Maybe an adult in your life has served as a mentor and role model for you, or perhaps the person who has impacted you most is a close friend and confidant. Once you identify the person you’d like to write about, be sure to summarize who they are to you, how they have impacted your life, and how you’ve changed as a result of knowing them.

If there are additional personal challenges, hardships, or opportunities (including COVID related experiences) that have shaped or impacted your abilities or academic credentials, which you have not already written about, please note them in the space below. (250 words)

Let us start by saying: this prompt is not for everyone. If your GPA has not dramatically increased or decreased during your high school career, move along. If, on the other hand, you’re thinking, “Yes! An opportunity for me to explain!” then read on.  Your transcripts are like Garfield Minus Garfield . Sure, we can see that something’s changed from frame to frame, but we don’t know why. Grades need context. Admissions doesn’t know why or how things happened—good or bad—so ake a look at your grades and note any anomalies or odd jumps/drops. Think back to that time in your life and tell your story. Maybe your family struggled with financial instability or the loss of a loved one. Maybe you started meeting virtually with a tutor and climbed from a fall semester C in geometry to a spring semester A. No matter your story, you are not alone in your journey of ups and downs—high school is a veritable war zone of distractions and possibilities. And, remember, everyone loves a comeback. 

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How to Respond to the Texas A&M University Supplemental Essay Prompts

texas a&m supplemental essays

Texas A&M is located in warm and sunny College Station, Texas. If you are set on becoming an “Aggie,” then crafting winning responses to the Texas A&M supplemental essays will help your application stand out from all other applicants. Keep reading our guide to learn how to best respond to the Texas A&M prompts! 

Breaking down the Texas A&M supplemental essay prompts

The Texas A&M supplemental essays may seem overwhelming at first. There is one optional prompt as well as a prompt just for engineering majors. So, be sure to know which prompts to respond to. 

Here is a breakdown of the Texas A&M prompts : 

Tell us your story. What unique opportunities or challenges have you experienced throughout your high school career that have shaped who you are today? 

This prompt is an extremely open-ended and broad question. Therefore, you can take this as an opportunity to elaborate on anything you are proud of that was not included in your Common Application or Coalition Application . 

To begin, you should create a list to brainstorm ideas. Write down the most impactful opportunities and challenges that you encountered while in high school. Once you have narrowed down your list to two or three  of the most important and influential events, it is time to write your response! 

The important thing to do when responding to this prompt is not to just simply state the events but expand on the “why” of your prompt. 

Think about the following questions to help expand upon the prompt : 

Whatever you write, be sure that you are telling your story. You want to be truthful and true to yourself and your interests. Being authentic will help the Texas A&M admissions officers see just how unique you are.

One important thing to remember throughout your response is that you are not just listing facts and details. Rather, you should weave together your thoughts in an organized and easy-flowing way. Your perspective and interpretation of the events that quite literally changed your life is what the admissions officers are looking for. 

Before submitting your answer to this prompt be sure to ask yourself these questions : 

Prompt #2 – Optional

If there are additional personal challenges, hardships, or opportunities (including COVID related experiences) that have shaped or impacted your abilities or academic credentials, which you have not already written about, please note them in the space below. 

This question is completely optional, so therefore, do not feel pressured to answer. Only answer this question if you have suffered academic or other types of hardships from COVID. 

Make sure you are not repeating anything that you have already written about in your application. This prompt is the opportunity to elaborate on circumstances that may have affected your grades, clubs, or anything else found on your application. 

If you choose to respond to this prompt, make sure that you are divulging the full truth. Do not beat around the bush and be specific with facts.  Explain any COVID-related hardships you may have experienced and how they negatively affected you.  

Texas A&M University believes that diversity is an important part of academic excellence and that it is essential to living our core values. Describe the benefits of diversity and inclusion for you and for the Texas A&M campus community. Please share any personal experiences that have shaped your views. 

With nearly 74,000 students , Texas A&M welcomes people from all walks of life. Students come from different states, countries, and cultural backgrounds. Therefore, this prompt wants to ensure that applicants are comfortable in diverse environments and are open to inclusivity. 

To help brainstorm ideas of diverse perspectives you may hold or may be familiar with think about the following:

However, these are not the only things that make a human being  diverse. Rather, you can touch upon socioeconomic status, hobbies, and places you are from. To begin this prompt, start by acknowledging and addressing the benefits of becoming a part of a diverse group at Texas A&M. 

Think about the following questions to help brainstorm your introduction to this prompt: 

Now that you have written and acknowledged your diversity perspective, think of specific examples in which diversity and inclusion affected your life. In addition, think of specific times in which any personal experiences shaped your life and your views. 

To help brainstorm ideas of examples in your life think about the following questions: 

Essentially, you should choose one event or experience that shaped your perspective and helped you promote diversity and inclusion. This should be an experience that you had while in high school. Therefore, it can be a volunteering, work, or hobby experience. 

The most important thing is that you are describing this experience, your role, and how your perspectives were changed from this experience. 

Lastly, you should try to connect what you have learned back to Texas A&M. What resources does Texas A&M have to help you contribute to the diversity of their community? Research Texas A&M for clubs, organizations, or events that you want to be a part of. Perhaps even discuss an organization you would like to bring to campus in order to contribute to the diversity on campus.   

Prompt 4 – short answers

There is no maximum or minimum word count associated with this prompt. However, these are short answers, so be sure to stay short and sweet with your answers ! Your response can be anywhere from a few sentences to a few paragraphs . 

Short answer 1

Tell us about the person who has most impacted your life and why.

Right after reading this prompt, someone popped into your mind. Who was it? However, if you are not content with this person try brainstorming impactful people in your life. 

Think about the following to help you brainstorm people: 

Once you have determined who has had the greatest impact on your life, describe them and your relationship with them. Are they a friend? Did you read their book every night? Are they still alive? Once you have introduced this person and your relationship to them, highlight how they impacted your life. 

Questions to consider: 

Short answer 2

Describe a life event which you feel has prepared you to be successful in college.

This is an extremely broad question. Therefore, try to narrow down your most influential life event. 

Consider the following questions when brainstorming for this prompt’s response:

Once you have narrowed down to your most influential life event, you should then describe this event in a narrative way. After describing said event, detail how it has impacted you. What have you learned that will make your college experience more successful?

Prompt 5 – Engineering majors only

You have selected a major in the College of Engineering for either your first or second choice major; therefore, please address the following prompt: Describe your academic and career goals in the broad field of engineering (including computer science, industrial distribution, and engineering technology). What and/or who has influenced you either inside or outside the classroom that contributed to these goals? It is important to spend time addressing this question as it will be considered as part of the engineering review process. If you have chosen an engineering major for both your first and second choice majors, you will see the same question twice and may provide the same response to both questions.

Ultimately this question asks you to narrow down your engineering goals for a better understanding of you as an engineering student. Think about which field of engineering you specifically want to pursue and then think about what future goals you have for yourself. 

Consider the following questions:

After addressing the answers to a few of these questions, it is then important to address any experience you have had in this engineering field. 

Consider the following questions: 

Lastly, you should tie your response back to Texas A&M. 

Think about the following questions to help you tie your response back to Texas A&M

Final thoughts on the Texas A&M supplemental essays

The Texas A&M supplemental essays might seem a little daunting at first. However, there is no need to worry if you read every prompt carefully and outline your responses prior to writing. This will help you narrow down what to discuss in your prompt responses.

The most important thing is to be authentically you. Texas A&M is looking for unique, creative, and ambitious students to join their incoming freshman class to become part of their Aggie community. So, just be yourself!

Once you complete your Texas A&M supplemental essays, be sure to check over your writing for any mistakes and that you are answering the questions completely. Best of luck on your academic journey! 

Additional resources

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Check out our following guides to help you navigate through college admissions: 

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Learn about your future as an  International Freshman .

What Do I Need to Apply?

Admission application.

Prospective students can submit their applications through ApplyTexas or  Common App . The application you choose will not affect your admission decision.

NOTE : On average, it takes 3-5 business days from the time your application is successfully submitted for Texas A&M to receive it. Monitor your email address which you provided on the application for the Application Acknowledgement communication.

The application essay is your chance to set yourself apart from other applicants. Texas A&M cares about more than your grades and scores, we want to know what makes you you!

Apply Texas and Common App Essay: “Tell us your story. What unique opportunities or challenges have you experienced throughout your high school career that have shaped who you are today?"

Read through our essay and application tips to get a step ahead on the competition.

Essays should be submitted as part of the application or uploaded in the Applicant Information System (AIS) .

Non-Refundable Processing Fee

A $75 non-refundable processing fee is required to complete your application.

The application fee can be paid through ApplyTexas or Common App , or to pay with a credit card by phone, call 979-458-5155.

Self-Reported Academic Record (SRAR)

If you need help, see our SRAR FAQs and video tutorials ..

The following applicants are required to submit a high school transcript:

Note: If a rank is not provided by the high school for students to enter in their SRAR a rank will be assigned.

If Applicable

High school curriculum requirement (texas private high schools only).

Students who do not meet the State of Texas Uniform Admission Policy (UAP) must provide Exemption Form 3 .

Best Method: Upload in the Applicant Information System OR  Mail

Permanent Resident Card or I-551

Students who are not U.S. citizens but are permanent residents (or have applied for permanent residency) need to provide a copy of the card.

For information about submitting the Permanent Residency Card, see the  Document Submission Page .

Senate Bill 1528 Affidavit

Resumes .

Resumes should only be used if you run out of space on the application. If you've accomplished so much your application can't handle it, this is what a resume is for. Struggling to figure out what belongs? We've got you covered with Accomplishment Tips .

Upload in the Applicant Information System

Official Test Scores

Texas A&M University is test optional and will not require ACT or SAT scores for freshman applicants. We encourage students who have test score to send them. The submission of test scores will not create any unfair advantage or disadvantage for those students who provide them.

For additional information regarding test scores for the Spring and Fall 2023 semesters, read our FAQs under "Test-Optional Admissions.".

Letters of Recommendation 

Once submitted, you will not be able to see your letters of recommendation. We will consider the first two letters received as part of your admission file.  Letters of recommendation should be uploaded via the  Applicant Information System or sent through the  mail .

When Can I Apply?

What happens after i apply, notification of decision.

We make admission decisions on an ongoing basis throughout an admission cycle. Applying early does not guarantee an early decision. Once a decision is released it will be posted in the Applicant Information System.

Top 10%: Students who qualify for Top 10% admission will typically receive a decision within three weeks of completing their admission file. 

Students in Holistic Review: All students applying for spring admission will receive a decision by early December. Most students applying for fall admission will receive a decision between January 1 and late March.

Applicants who apply to the College of Engineering and have a complete admission file by the Early Action Deadline of October 15 will receive a communication regarding their admission decision by mid-December. The communication will notify the student of admission or deferral to the January-February decision timeline.

Admissions Decision Appeals 

Every applicant who was not admitted through automatic admission criteria to Texas A&M University has had their application file considered through an extensive holistic review  that considers both academic and non-academic factors . T he review process is ve ry thorough — therefore,  it is unusual for an admission decision to be reversed.

F or an appeal to have merit, it must bring to light new  and compelling academic and/or personal information as well as details pertaining to extenuating circumstances that were not addressed in the original application. The appeals process is not a re-review of an existing applicant file and appeals will not be  considered  from applicants who are not submitting new information.

Guidelines for Submitting an Appeal:

Basis for an Appeal:

Supporting Documentation:

Information Not Considered:

Who is eligible to submit an appeal?

Any student who has received an admission decision from Texas A&M and can present new and compelling academic and/or personal information, including extenuating circumstances, that were not addressed in the original application. How do I submit an appeal?

Appeals are submitted  in AIS —  however, you must first contact an admissions representative at a  Prospective Student Center  to activate the appeal option. You will be asked to answer a series of questions to qualify your appeal. If you   present information that quali fies  for an appeal  as  outlined  abov e , the admissions representative will then enable your appeal. You will be required to submit your appeal along with any supporting documents through AIS. All documents should be submitted at the same time. What kind of situations can someone appeal?

You may appeal about a variety of things, including significant academic or personal achievements that were not disclosed  with  the original application. For an appeal to have merit there must be new and compelling information such as a grade change, medical condition or extenuating life circumstance.  You  are encouraged to submit any supporting information  you  feel will help the committee make an informed decision. Can I appeal if I was offered to participate in   TEAM ,   PSA or Engineering options?

You may appeal any admission decision if you meet the criteria to do so — however, since it may take some time for a final decision to be reached, it is not a good idea to put off any required paperwork necessary to participate in   TEAM ,   PSA  or Engineering options  if these are in any way a possibility you would consider. I have been admitted to another university. Should I wait for my appeal decision before accepting the other offer?

Since there is no guarantee that your appeal will be granted, it is always a good idea to have a backup plan. Most universities require students to accept their admission offer by May 1.  How long do I have to submit an appeal?

Appeals must be submitted by April 1. What happens after I submit an appeal?

After submitting your appeal, the committee will consider all new information and make a decision about your request. It’s important to remember that only new information will be considered. The appeals process is not a re-review of an existing file. Once a decision has been made, it is final. How long will it take to receive a decision?

The time it takes for a decision to be made can vary. In some cases, a decision may be reached within a couple of weeks. In other cases, decisions may involve questions that are more complex and so it may take longer. All students will be notified of a decision no later than May 1. Appeal decisions will be posted  in AIS . Who will make the decision?

All appeals are reviewed by an Admissions  Decisions  Appeals Committee  which is comprised o f representatives from Admissions, Financial Aid and the academic colleges . The committee will meet weekly or more often if deemed necessary. May I speak with someone on the Admissions Appeals Committee?

No, members of the Admissions Appeals Committee are not available to speak with applicants by phone or in person. Can someone submit an appeal on my behalf?

Appeals will only be accepted from the student, not a parent/guardian, teacher or alumni. What is the likelihood that my appeal will be granted?

Historically, few admission decisions have been changed through the appeals process. There is no guarantee that any appeal will be approved or that any specific factor will increase the odds for an appeal to be approved. Appeals are considered on a case - by case basis.

Tracking Your Application Status

After you submit your application you will receive an email with your Universal Identification Number (UIN) and instructions to access the Applicant Information System (AIS) at the Howdy Student Portal via the Applicant tab. Check regularly to make sure all your documents have been received.

Allow 2-3 weeks to process each document you submit. Documents you submit within one month of the deadline may not appear on your AIS checklist until after the deadline. Please bring any questions about your file to our attention immediately by clicking "Contact Us" in AIS.

What Happens If I Get In?

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Texas A&M University Supplemental Essay Guide: 2021-2022

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Not sure how to approach the Texas A&M essay prompts?’s guide to the Texas A&M application essays will breakdown the Texas A&M essay requirements and show you exactly how to write engaging Texas A&M essays to maximize your chances of admission. If you need help answering the Texas A&M essay prompts, create your free or schedule a free advising consultation by calling (844) 343-6272.

Texas A&M Essay Guide Quick Facts

Does Texas A&M have any supplemental essays?

Yes, there are two Texas A&M application essays. The Essay tab of Admission’s Freshman Application Page , lists the Texas A&M essay requirements. You’ll find both Texas A&M essay prompts there. In the first essay, you’ll share a bit about your high school career. The second, is an engineering-specific short answer question.

Does Texas A&M require a supplemental essay?

Yes, the Texas A&M requirements require all applicants to write Texas A&M application essays. While there are two Texas A&M essay prompts, there is only one required Texas A&M essay. Only students applying to the College of Engineering need to answer both Texas A&M essay prompts. 

To summarize, students applying as engineers will write two Texas A&M admissions essays. All other non-engineering students will write one Texas A&M essay. Now that we have established the Texas A&M essay requirements, let’s write those Texas A&M admissions essays!

How do I write my Texas A&M supplemental essay?

After you’ve reviewed the Texas A&M essay requirements, you can begin brainstorming topics for your Texas A&M essays.  Remember, there isn’t a perfect topic or a formulaic approach to writing your essay. Your Texas A&M admissions essays are an opportunity to infuse your application with your life, personality, and voice. Rather than trying to impress Admissions with your Texas A&M essays, go for honesty! That means being true to yourself and your experiences. 

No matter what topic you end up choosing to write about in your Texas A&M essays, it is important you remember your audience. Your Texas A&M application essays are part of an application, so you need to appeal to the needs of your reader: the Admissions team. They are looking to get a sense of who you are and how you’ll add to the vibrancy of their student body.

Here are three questions you should keep in mind when writing each of your Texas A&M admissions essays:

Now that we have our essay goals in mind, let’s move on to the first step: brainstorming. We have provided the 2021-2022 Texas A&M essay prompts below. You’ll find a breakdown of how to approach each question, as well as tips for writing Texas A&M application essays that will help you stand out in admissions. 

Texas A&M essay – Question 1 (Required)

Tell us your story. What unique opportunities or challenges have you experienced throughout your high school career that have shaped who you are today? (no word limit).

The Texas A&M essay prompts do not have specified word limits. Because there is only one required Texas A&M essay and this prompt is open-ended, we suggest sticking between approximately 500-700 words. Remember, if your essay is too short, you may not be telling a complete or detailed story. Too long, and you may not keep your reader’s attention.

Generate ideas

This Texas A&M essay is going to be about cause and effect. As you brainstorm , split your page into two columns: “Opportunities/Challenges” and “How I Was Affected.” The first column addresses the “what” part of your Texas A&M essay. The prompt asks about plural opportunities or challenges. Therefore, it is important you write down as many memories you can think of, as you’ll likely be picking more than one to include in your Texas A&M essay. Also, this prompt specifically asks about your high school career . Restrict your brainstorming to high school memories. 

The second column will be the “why” of your Texas A&M essay. Why is it important for the admissions team to hear this story? For each opportunity or challenge, write a corresponding bullet point that summarizes what you learned, how you grew, why you were proud of yourself, or why it was important to you.

Look for patterns

Once you’ve completed your brainstorm, start looking for patterns or ways to group your experiences. Was there a particular class you grew in? Perhaps there was a challenge that later reappeared as an opportunity. Or maybe there’s an aspect of your personality that shined through in multiple situations.

Whatever you settle on, be sure to refer to the three objectives before you start drafting your Texas A&M essay. This breakdown has already helped you be sure you are responding to the prompt, so you need to be sure the story you’ve outlined will reflect something about who you are and how you might positively impact Texas A&M’s community.

Tell your story

All that’s left to do is tell your story. As you begin drafting your Texas A&M application essays, be sure you aren’t simply listing facts or details. Instead, string them together with your thoughts, feelings, and interpretations. Even if the events on paper are simple, your voice is what makes will make you stand out .

Essay Draft Key Questions:

Texas A&M essay – Question 2 (Required for Engineering Applicants)

Describe your academic and career goals in the broad field of engineering (including computer science, industrial distribution, and engineering technology). What and/or who has influenced you either inside or outside the classroom that contributed to these goals? (no word limit).

According to the Texas A&M essay requirements, all applicants to the School of Engineering must respond to a second prompt and write a total of two Texas A&M admissions essays. Neither of the Texas A&M essay prompts has word counts, so there is no specific word limit for your Texas A&M essays. Because this question is more straightforward, we suggest keeping your second Texas A&M essay between 300-500 words.

Although the topics are different, both Texas A&M essay prompts are cause & effect questions. For this brainstorm, split your page into two columns: “Academic and Career Goals” and “Who/What Inspires Me.” List out what you hope to learn and the kind of work and research you might want to do at college as well as the kind of positions or work you’d like to hold or be involved in post-graduation (including grad school if you’re already thinking of attending). Remember, whatever you include on your inspiration list needs to have “contributed to these goals,” so as you list people, topics, or events, also write down how they helped lead you to your goals. 

Focus on what’s important

Once you have all the information and details you’d like to include, all you need to do is write about them in a way that shows who you are and what is important to you. For example, if you already know the kind of job you’d like to have one day, you could start with your academic goals, reflect upon your inspirations, and end with your career aspirations. Or if there was one pivotal moment that has defined your path, maybe start with that moment and tell the story of how that has led you to have the goals you have today.

Everyone’s goals and inspirations will be specific to them. However, a strong Texas A&M essay should focus on your passion for engineering. Let that passion shine through in your writing, and you’ll be sure to have Texas A&M application essays that will blow the admissions team away. 

What does Texas A&M look for in essays?

To begin, you should think of the Texas A&M essays as a chance to introduce yourself. They’re also an opportunity to set yourself apart from other applicants. Therefore, you’ll want to write your Texas A&M application essays in your own voice and show how your unique experiences have impacted how you view the world. The admissions team cares about more than just your grades and test scores; they care about the person behind the numbers.

Although it is not specifically mentioned in the Texas A&M essay requirements, it is expected your essays have the correct spelling, grammar, and punctuation. In addition to telling your story, the admissions department is looking for Texas A&M admissions essays that are clear and polished. Excellent editing and proofreading are a must. The less distracted your reader is by little mistakes, the easier it will be to focus on the story your Texas A&M essays are telling.  

Tips for writing Texas A&M essays

In addition to providing the Texas A&M essay requirements, the university has a College Readiness page with resources and tips to help you through the application process. Be sure to review these tips on the website or below.  Approaching the Texas A&M application essays can be daunting. CollegeAdvisor offers 39 Essay Tips from Admissions Experts that will you navigate the writing process.

Answer the question

Our guide has already broken down the Texas A&M essay prompts to be sure you’ve answered the question completely. As you settle on a topic, be sure to use your Texas A&M admissions essays as an opportunity to touch on something not mentioned anywhere else in your application. Although the Texas A&M essay requirements don’t specifically tell you to, providing new information will help give the admissions team a full picture of who you are and the experiences that have prepared you for college.

Be authentic

We’ve said to “use your voice,” which is just another way to say be authentic. While it is important you keep your audience in mind (and specifically use language appropriate to the formality of a college application), it is also important you stay true to who you are. There’s no need to try to sound smarter or funnier or more serious in your Texas A&M essays than you do in real life – Admissions wants you to be yourself. 

Focus on details

The details you include will make your Texas A&M application essays stand out from the rest. Even if your circumstances or experiences seem like everybody else’s, your experience of them is what makes them special and unique to you. Being specific will also help bring your story to life and help drop your reader into your shoes so they can better understand who you are and what you bring to the table. 

Proofread your essay

Proofread, proofread, proofread! Grammar or spelling mistakes aren’t the end of the world. However, they do distract your reader from what is important: your story. Whether or not you are a strong proofreader, have a second pair of eyes on your Texas A&M essays. A teacher, counselor, or guardian is a great place to start. Even a fellow peer can be a good resource. Most importantly, your reader should give feedback on both grammar and story. This will ensure your final draft is as polished as it can be. 

As you begin compiling all the information you’ll need for your application, check out the Admissions blog for prospective students. Additionally, if you’d like more tips from Texas A&M’s undergraduate admissions team on approaching your essays, check out this video on telling your story!

Texas A&M Supplemental Essays: Final Thoughts

If the essay requirements seem daunting to you, remember that the admissions team wants to be impressed by you. There are so many types of students and people in the world. It is impossible to know who a person is by their grades and test scores alone. Consequently, the admissions teams reads the Texas A&M admissions essays to get a better understanding of each candidate as a person. Unlike the other aspects of your application, you have complete control over your Texas A&M application essays. Take that freedom and use your Texas A&M essays to show them your best, most curious self. Start early. Then, you’ll have time to brainstorm, draft, edit, rewrite, and proofread. With a little preparation, your Texas A&M application essays can wow the admissions team.

Pepperdine supplemental essays guide image: a banner that says "We're ready to boost your chances. Get one-on-one advising..."

This 2021-2022 essay guide on Texas A&M was written by Stefanie Tedards. For more resources on Texas A&M, click here . Want help crafting your Texas A&M admissions essays? Create your free account or schedule a free advising consultation by calling (844) 343-6272.

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Texas A&M's Silly Surprise Supplemental Essay Requirements: Diversity, Influential Person, Life Event

texas a&m supplemental essays

EDIT 10/25/2021: Texas A&M does not read the essays for their top academic admits, even for engineering.

EDIT 07/06/2022: Texas A&M has discontinued the Diversity short answer for Fall 2023 applicants. They only require Life Event and Person of Influence

Many applicants who rank in the top 10% and score well on the SAT are receiving their positive admissions decisions within a few days of applying. It’s absolutely impossible to conduct holistic review, i.e. reading the entire application and comparing the file against most other applicants, and release decisions so quickly. By contrast, UT-Austin doesn’t release decisions any earlier than late November because the review process takes time. So, Texas A&M is wasting the time of thousands of applicants who will gain admission even if they submitted no essays at all. Shame on their staff for burdening tens of thousands of student and school work hours for essays that won’t be read. I invite any Texas A&M staff to dispel my assertion.

In my new book Surviving the College Admissions Madness , I discuss how applicants are writing more college essays to more universities than at any other time in history. Universities that admit most or all of their applicants based on academics are starting to require essays. Essay requirements are like a computer virus infecting systems everywhere. Their importance and pervasiveness is one reason why blogs like this and admissions consulting services like mine exist.

Every time universities change their essay topics, it drives traffic to my site because I can create new posts like this one. I respond by raising my prices for future families. I feel bad for high school counselors and college advisors whose workload will now increase while their salary remains the same. A colleague of mine at an inner-city school remarked, “Yeah, that’s one reason why I’m looking to move into independent consulting.”

Parents often tell me, “I don’t remember having to write any essays in my college applications, let alone three dozen.” And they’re right. OU, for example, now requires more essays than UT-Austin despite them admitting over 80% of their applicants. Universities are so out of touch with society that you can’t do anything but laugh at this point. This post’s snarky tone reflects the frustrations that families and high school counselors share with me.

Texas A&M for Fall 2022 now requires three short answers, not including an Engineering-specific supplement .

Person Most Impacted: Tell us about the person who has most impacted your life and why. Life Event: Describe a life event which you feel has prepared you to be successful in college.

I have strong reason to believe they do not read these essays except for marginal and borderline applicants. It makes me wonder: what’s the point?

My first piece of advice that I discuss later is to simply not answer these questions at all, or write a few sentences and move on. If your academics are above Top Quarter with a 1450, then you’re almost certain to gain admission to TAMU. Don’t worry about these hoops; your time is better spent elsewhere.

These questions are so half-baked and low-effort that it’s like scribbling an answer on a worksheet just before you turn it in since you didn’t bother working on it the night before. A&M is so lazy they don’t bother updating their admissions website. Now tens of thousands of families will stress out over some bureaucrat’s whimsy.

Also, the prompt should read “Describe a life event that you feel has prepared you to be successful in college,” not which . [Insert UT pompous elitism joke here].

Moreover, this prompt dismisses that students will have already written an Essay A “telling their story” that implicitly shows how they will be successful in college. Who imagines this nonsense and thinks it’s a good idea?

More initial thoughts: UT-Austin was the first university to break from Apply Texas essay requirements common to all Texas universities in 2017 when they released three short answer essay topics. Texas A&M, ever in UT’s shadow, followed last year by requiring a surprise question about Diversity (that they’ve since discontinued). UT-Austin released their own set of silly and onerous short answer questions for Fall 2022 . Little brother tries to emulate big brother even when it makes zero sense, especially as UT casts its shadow over their transition to the SEC athletics conference.

Texas A&M will be most high achieving applicants’ second or third choices behind UT-Austin and comparable with UT-Dallas, who has recently gone entirely essay optional, understanding that fewer application barriers means more applicants. Desirable applicants will have even less motivation to want to apply to or enroll at Texas A&M when they erect barriers to apply. TAMU didn’t publish this new topic anywhere on their website, and as of July 2022, they still haven’t published them.

In my many years of serving families, I’ve never had a client get rejected from Texas A&M who was also competitive for UT-Austin. So my first suggestion is…

Don’t write the new essay topics at all

If you’re a high-achieving student ranking in the top 10% of your class and scoring an SAT/ACT 1400 or 31, you could not submit any essays at all and A&M is highly likely to admit you. If you’re outside of the first quarter or scored below a 29 or 1350, then consider putting your best effort forward on these supplements.

Texas A&M’s middle 50% range for test scores is 1160-1390 on the SAT and 26-31 on the ACT.

For many of their programs, they practice “rolling admission” where you get an acceptance a few weeks or less after applying. Rolling admissions, by definition, doesn’t include a holistic review component because there is no way to review apps and offer decisions so quickly. Additionally, holistic review necessarily must wait until most or all applicants are in to compare your “personal achievement score” with the other applicants seeking your same major.

One issue is that Texas A&M representatives tell prospective families, particularly for Engineering, that they need to submit their applications ASAP. Yet they require essays that prevent that from happening. The inconsistencies are boundless.

So my honest advice for this topic and for others is to write a few sentences at most and move on. You’re going to gain admission anyway unless your academics are marginal. Another option is to repurpose a UT-Austin short answer or another university supplement to respond to the prompts. My idealistic hope is if enough applicants opt out of writing the essays by inputting (N/A), then Texas A&M will get the hint that students are unwilling to jump through seemingly endless and unnecessary hoops.

Their recent broadcast to admissions professionals says as much: “We anticipate receiving only a few sentences or at most a paragraph or two for these questions.”

Answering tell us about the person who has most impacted your life and why.

The easiest way to answer this question is to discuss a favorite teacher. Other options could include an orchestra director, choir teacher, sports coach, and so on. You could discuss a family member or grandparent. It doesn’t really matter, honestly, and I don’t know what Texas A&M reviewers hope to gain from asking this question.

Answering describe a life event which you feel has prepared you to be successful in college.

This will probably be the easiest question to repurpose from the UT-Austin short answers or other supplements. I suppose any experience will do, and any of the blog posts that I share can help you share about:

a leadership experience

something related to your major

a time you overcame an obstacle

a favorite project

independent studies

a favorite extracurricular

career plans or ambitions

discussing the environment in which you were raised

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Texas Am Admission Essay Writing Guide


Application Guide

Essay examples, texas application letters and application process.

Texas A&M university has taught students since 1876, becoming the first high education institution in the state. For now its main campus harbors almost 70 000 students. The university offers 133 programs for bachelors and 175 programs for master degrees. Its five programs for professors are considered one of the best in the country.

Despite being such a renowned university, Texas A&M has a relatively simple admission process. All you need to do is to gather your documents and write one short paper if you are applying via Common Application with its standard “Why Texas A&M” essay. You also can apply via the local ApplyTexas portal with a broader essay prompts choice. But generally, all the Texas A&M admission essays are relatively easy compared to most of the other universities. It doesn’t mean that it’s easy to get enrolled: the university of such a level has a very high demand for your grades and education level. Still, if you prefer to show off your practical skills, not your essay-writing mastery, it’s one of the best variants for you.

You may use a wide collection of our Texas A&M essay examples to get inspired by their stories. Or, if you don’t have time to write essays, you may focus on gathering other documents and let our professional writers make a perfect Texas A&M admissions essay using the information you provide. Texas A&M university asks for only one general essay to be written, but it doesn’t mean that you may not take it seriously. The personal essay seems easy, but if you remember the high competition between the applicants, you’d understand that your admission essay should be polished to perfection.

University Admission Documents

To enter this university you need to gather the following documents:

Obligatory ones:

Desirable ones:

ApplyTexas and Common Application admission essays

The ApplyTexas app is the local version of the Common Application portal. The main difference between them is thaa CA allows you to apply to the universities all over the USA, and AT is state-specific. Usually you have the one essay prompt for the Texas A&M Common App version and several prompts for the AppTexas application. The Common Application essay theme is always the same: “Why this university?” You are supposed to write a personalized paper describing the benefits of the university chosen. This essay is required to prove that you do care, not just applying to any university available. The Common App Texas apply essay should be no more less than 250 and no more than 650 words. It may seem like a lot of space, but you don’t have to use all the words up to the limit. Actually, some admission committee members prefer shorter essays and give you more points for your ability to express yourself precisely and laconically.

The minimum word limit is obligatory though, the system just won’t accept the papers that are shorter than 250 words. ApplyTexas, on the contrary, has four prompts for the first-time admissions and three topics for transfer admissions. All the different universities have different requirements, so they may specifically ask you to work with A, B, C or D prompt if you are a freshmen or with a slightly changed variation for transferred students.

It’s tricky to understand the system for the first time, but usually the Texas A&M essay prompts are mentioned at the university site. The Texas A&M applicants need to write an essay on Topic A. The future engineers should also write a short discipline-specific answer. They are usually easy and change only slightly from year to year. You may check our Texas A&M engineering essay examples on our site to get the idea of what the admission committee wants to hear from you. The Topic A is usually the most specific of all. It doesn’t require lots of imagination and is focused on your own story, your background and choice of the particular university. This is the case when TexasApp and Common App essays do have a lot in common. Actually, they are pretty similar, so you may choose any application portal, the essay writing task will be equally easy.

Writing a perfect entrance essay

Despite being a simple topic, this broad range of variants make this paper one of the hardest to write properly. You should carefully balance facts and emotions, show that you did your research and learned a fact or two about Texas A&M university. Also, the uniform topic means that the admission committee members will read plenty of similar essays. So you have to make yours truly outstanding. Here are some simple tips that will help your paper shine:

Use unconventional knowledge sources

Everyone can open the university’s site and read the general information about it. Show that you spent a bit more time to decide that it’s the best place for you to be next years. Mention reading the open university forums, talking to the alumni community, attending open lectures and events or reading the professors’ works. You don’t have to, if you never did that, but if you have something to show off, do it! This essay isn’t for your logical thinking and writing evaluation only. It also shows your motivation, and motivated students are always the first to get enrolled.

Don’t try to use all the word limit

The admission officers are people, too, and they may get tired of reading long papers. You never know when they’d get your paper: in the morning or later, when they are reading them inattentively. Try to make each sentence as sharp as possible. It’s your presentation, the first impression of you as a student-to-be, so take it seriously. Ask someone to read your essay (bonus points for asking someone who was an admission officer themselves, or at least was an author of one of the Texas A&M essays that worked. Check if your paper is specific enough to not look like a general application insert-name-here text. A good test is to change the university’s name to the other one and check if the paper still can be sent as a valid application essay.

Use standard structure and the non-standard approach

Usually the admission committee expects to see the answers to such questions:

Do not try to get a “right” answer

The admission officers will see enough of the perfectly polished application essays that show only the bright sides bordering with flattery. Don’t create the image of a wide-eyed idealist if you just want to make a decent career and provide a comfortable lifestyle for you and your family. Honesty is your best option here: the admission committee wants to see real people they would work and live with, not the images these people pretend to be.

Be realistic

It’s okay to set high and challenging goals, but they still should be practical and realistic enough. You can choose to work on a scientific frontier, offer a bold interdisciplinary project or plan to establish a successful startup as a sophomore. But winning a Nobel Prize doesn’t sound like a mature goal and, moreover, doesn’t sound like a goal that can be achieved with the help of your university (at least not for the bachelor). Be university-specific. It isn’t enough to just say you love biology or science.

Try to explain why you want to achieve your goals here

Take a more narrow approach, talk about the courses that are particularly strong and effective, and plan your progress. The more your plan corresponds with the university’s curriculum, the more chances you have to get noticed as a promising student.

Mention the university’s core values. It’s all about people and perspectives. If your ethics and mindset is aligned with the university’s principles, don’t forget to tell the admission officers about it. There are plenty of talented young people, but each university tries to pick the ones who will get along with the rest. Show yourself as a friendly and tolerant person and you’ll possibly win some extra points in the admission committee’s eyes.

Wrapping Up

We gathered a broad collection of Texas A&M essay examples for you, both general and engineering ones. We do hope that they will help you to create your own perfect paper with a personal touch and ambitious plans. If you are struggling or hesitating, our authors are here to help. They have dozens of “Why Texas A&M” essays written and successfully used, so they will write that exact paper that will make your credits and grades shine even brighter.

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