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should universities require physical education essay

Should Physical Education Be Required In Schools Essay

Type 2 diabetes in america essay.

would mean that students and workers would be provided with healthy foods such as fruit

Pros And Cons Of Mandatory Gym Time In Public School

Jim trips hits his head and goes to the nurse 's office. Fat Luke is laughed at and mocked while the rest of the students are standing around doing nothing, this sounds a lot like gym these days. Why should children be forced to go through every time they walk through the gym doors? Nothing good ever happens in the gym and that needs to stop. If parents knew what was happening in the gym there would be no gym, if schools realized the zero percent positive effect it had on the students there would be no gym, if children told what happened in and protested gym there would be no gym. Parents and schools need to realize what is actually happening in the gym and why it needs to be cut or changed. The paragraphs below are here to explain that. As shown above, gym should not remain a mandatory subject in schools because gym time does not keep children active, gym time can be better spent on core classes, and gym time hurts children physically and mentally.

Student Athletes: No Pass No Play Rule

Fairness, the idea of having impartial and just treatment or behavior without favoritism or discrimination. In 1984, a specific law, named “No Pass, No Play” rule had been passed, which contrasts the idea of fairness. This rule ensures that students who lack passing grades will lose their spot on their school team. Since this rule is in play, more students will feel they should cheat more in order to pass, along with this, more kids will become obese considering they may not be on outside teams. Finally, these student athletes, who do spend time focusing in school maybe only taking one hard class, (and maybe failing) but will still not be on the team, which does not represent fairness.

Should Schools Get Rid Of Sports Essay

For years schools have bonded through sports programs, now they think they should get rid of them. Being a student in school is harder that it has ever been. The academic standards are so high, it can feel paralyzing. That's why it is so important for schools to invest in sports programs now and in the future. Schools should keep sports programs because sports relieve stress on kids and makes kids look forward to going to school.

Should Athletes Be Allowed To Skip Gym Essay

Should athletes be allowed to skip gym class? Since many students participate in varsity sports, they should be allowed to skip gym. This will give them more time for other interests and/or work. Students who participate in competitive sports should be able to skip gym class, as they already are fit and exercise more than students in gym.

Should High School Students Be Required To Take P. E Classes Essay

Indeed, while it is important for children to exercise and to learn how to keep their bodies in shape, high school students should not be required to take P.E. classes every year of high school. I think that if a student has taken at least two years of P.E. already and still don’t exercise properly by themselves having them take a P.E. class every year for the rest of their school life would be a waste of time that they could be using to study other things.

2.2 Explain The Importance Of Meeting Children And Young People With Physical Needs

This was a period of the school timetable dedicated to engaging children in physical activity. This was a compulsory part of the school curriculum. It assured parents that their children were receiving some form of organised exercise and it also allowed for children to inspired and gain a passion towards sports and exercise for the future. A minimum of 75 minutes a week was devoted to physical education (this was mandatory) during which children’s physical strengths were pushed to the limit to allow them to improve muscle control and co-ordination as well as strength and endurance.

Informative Essay: The Importance Of Recess

As a supplement to recess, physical education was given a deep consideration. Physical education classes do not provide as much of a benefit as recess. In 2001, the Council on Physical Education for Children expressed the idea of replacing recess with physical education. Although physical education gives an outlet to let out anger, like any other academic classes, it imposes serious demand on children. Therefore, a physical education class is not much of a

Persuasive Essay: Should Children Have Competitive Sports?

There has long been the debate for whether kids should be allowed to participate in competitive sports. Most people against say that sports make kids get severely injured, which is true, but only if the kid is unprotected and not in a safe environment, which is not the case with sports these days. In fact, sports promote more of a healthy lifestyle. Sports also promote life skills and help kids later in life Sports should be for all ages and kids.

Total Grade Point Average Rhetorical Analysis

I am Writing to express my opinion on the issue of having physical education grades affect your total grade point average.

No Pass No Play Sports Essay

Sports may seem alarming at first glance, but digging deeper, it is present that sports aid children in their present and future endeavors. Not everyone lives the same lives. Some people use sports to get away from stressful situations. In the article Pro/Con: Academic eligibility requirements, author Phillip Allen states, ” What if, hypothetically speaking, a student suffers from abuse at home and cannot focus in school? Sports may be one of the few constructive outlets for this student. But then again, how can they be expected to consistently maintain their grades in such a hostile circumstance?”(Allen 2). In a classroom, children sit all day and don't get exercise. Dr. Frank L. Smoll states, “All children and youth need vigorous physical activity as part of their daily lives, and sports provide the benefits of exercise and the potential for acquiring a sense of accomplishment.” (Smoll 1/2).

Obesity In Australia

Physical education may be very beneficial for student’s health, but it really should be the student’s choice. There are some students that aren’t the best at physical education and are behind in grades. Although helpful for people’s health, this is unfair to make it compulsory especially when they aren’t good at it. When year 11’s and 12’s are doing SACE subjects, for people that aren’t that skilled in physical education they would be wasting a subject where they could actually be doing something they enjoy and something they’re good at. Doing that would then bring their ATAR score down and perhaps prevent them from getting the right marks for the university of their choice. Debatewise agreed by indicating that “Students should be allowed a choice. Lots of children don’t want to do this. If their parents agree, why should they be forced to (or forced to lie in producing a sick note)?” This statement shows that if the student and the parents do not wish for the student to do physical education, why should

Argumentative Essay: Are Sports Good For Kids?

The last reason, which it the academic benefits, proves that you shouldn’t take away the sports for school. The kids that play sports benefit in the classroom a lot more than regular students. A study shows that “The exercise programs may actually enhance the development of specific types of mental processing known to be important, for meeting challenges encountered both in academics and later in life.” Also, the athletes are improved since high school.

Physical Education Persuasive Speech

Position Statement- Physical Education is should be mandatory for students in High School because it helps combat obesity, it benefits students in many ways outside of the gym and it promotes a healthy lifestyle.

Role Of Physical Education In Schools

The United Nations High Commissions for Refugees (UNCHR), are using sports and play programmes to encourage young people, particularly

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Physical Education Should Be Mandatory in Schools Essay

Childhood obesity and disease in schools essay.

While children are at school, it is the board’s job to make sure they stay healthy and active. So the problem question is, are today’s children getting enough physical education? Today’s children are indeed not getting enough physical education and schools should continue the P.E. program because of childhood obesity and lack of basic activity which will provide students with a healthy future. Childhood Obesity First, children need to continue physical education because of the growing

Prairie Ridge: The Cost Of Mandatory Physical Education

Mandatory high school physical education tries to pawn off a healthy lifestyle on teenagers who frankly don’t care. Without mandatory physical education, students will be able to take control of their education and the costs of mandatory gym will be filtered back into the school in more purposeful ways. Prairie Ridge should offer weights, total body fitness, and cardiovascular to students as an elective who wish for that break in between academic classes. Requiring physical education does not mean

Persuasive Speech Outline

Physical Education Topic: Physical education should be mandatory in high school. Organizational pattern: Problem-solution Specific purpose: My purpose is to inform my audience about why physical education should be mandatory for all years of high school. Primary audience outcome: I want my audience to reevaluate their time in physical education, Also understand its importance to them in the long run. Thesis statement: California Department of Education should establish physical education as a Mandatory

Mandatory Physical Education Research Paper

The number of obese children more than tripled since 1971. Physical education should be a mandatory class, because at least one in three children in the U.S. are overweight or obese. Obesity is causing a huge amount of health problems that previously weren't seen until adulthood. If all children had PE class every day, it would help reduce the number of children affected by obesity and children would develop a habit of daily physical exercise. Some health problems obese kids are getting can be

Education Of A School 's Physical Education Program

education in a school system equally. Looking at it from this standpoint, we can say physical education will have meaning when all of these factors are contributed and put together. We have to work together to implement physical education in the schools, but it will all be worth it in the long run (France, 2011, p.51). Staff, as stated from the article written by Huberty, is a big part of a school’s physical education program. Most of the participants and staff from this study believe physical

Childhood Obesity

As a child I rode the school bus to and from school with my best friend Nicole. She always sat in the seat across the aisle from me because I could not sit with her. Last month we flew to Vancouver. Nearly ten years later I was still unable to sit with my best friend. Nicole is 397 pounds and takes up two airplane seats. There is a new concern that arises daily regarding healthy lifestyle choices. The rates of hypertension, strokes, cardiovascular disease and diabetes have all increased. The increasing

Mandatory Physical Education I

Current high school students are becoming fatter, slower, and less motivated than past students. Many of these young people would prefer to be sitting passively in front of the television rather than to do something physically active. Most high school students believe they do not have sufficient time, opportunity or guidance to participate in physical activities. The ideal place in which students would be able to find adequate time, opportunity and guidance are in the high schools themselves. Politicians

Should Gym Class Be Mandatory For All Grades?

Should Gym Class Be Mandatory For All Grades? Physical education is good for students physically, mentally and socially. Taking proper care of their body can and will result in an unhealthy life and life style that could follow them for the rest of their lives. Schools all across the nation are full of obesity children. One of the problems is obesity, which is a growing epidemic in the United States, and it is said that seventy eight percent of Americans are not reaching basic activity level approvals

The Importance Of Physical Education In Secondary Schools

Physical education should be compulsory in secondary schools including 11 and 12 Physical education classes are one of the most important classes in middle schools and high schools offered. Sports class is essential for the healthy growth and development of young students. However, there are many negative impacts on physical education that a lot of students do not want to participate in it. Moreover, a research in an Irish high school on how sports classes affect scholastic achievement, this study

Should Gym Classes Be Paid?

Finally, it can help with students performance in school. P.E. should be mandatory everyday in every state across the country. Gym class hells students begin good habits that can help during adulthood. sciencedaily.com stars that, " Childhood is a time when we form many of our habits, that we're going to hold onto until later." It also implies that by experiencing bad things that involve physical activity as a child, people then often decrease on physical activity time during adulthood. It is easy to

Physical Education For A School Setting

Physical education being mandatory in a school setting is a very controversial issue in our world today. Many general education teachers think it is a waste of time, students are not learning, and/or more attention should be focused strictly on classroom studies and schoolwork. Therefore, the number one question is, should physical education in a school setting be mandatory? A debate between two high school students was divided equally. Mara Cobb, a senior from Kentucky, describes, in a typical

Economic Costs Of Childhood Obesity

(The Impact of Physical Education 3) “The U.S. Surgeon General attributes the rise in childhood obesity, in part to, school cutbacks in Physical Education (PE), and urges all school systems to mandate daily PE that last at least one hundred and fifty minutes per week for elementary schoolchildren.” (The Impact of Physical Education 3) Research shows exercise aids children in maintaining a healthy body weight, strong and healthy muscles, strong bones and joints, improves sleep, school attendance is

High School Diploma Should Not Required A Gym Credit

to do certain physical tasks such as riding a bike, maintaining my balance, and running, but my mother insists that I continue to participate in daily activities. Currently, as a junior at Franklin Towne, I am required to take physical education in order to receive my diploma next year. I am dreading next semester due to the fact that I am much uncoordinated and many do not know about my problem, therefore they tend to joke about my physical abnormalities. A high school diploma should not require a

Financial Literacy In High School

the natural, physical growth of mankind, the expected mental development from adolescence to adulthood requires much more nutrition than a well-balanced diet. Unfortunately, it is apparent that some children are not provided with proper parental guidance during the most crucial years of adult development, and due to this tragedy, the neglected youth relies solely on the state’s public educational system to further develop necessary qualities of a successful adult. Throughout grade school, children are

Obesity And Its Effects On Obesity

days, it should register that obesity can develop at an earlier age, and that is where the work should begin. If our five year olds are sitting on the couch all day eating their third Mcdonald 's meal

The Role Of Physical Education In The Universities - Essay Example

The Role Of Physical Education In The Universities

Extract of sample "The Role Of Physical Education In The Universities"

The Role Of Physical Education In The Universities Physical education is a must because it teaches the students more than what their education teaches them. It provides them food for thought. It makes them realize their strengths and how they will develop their own selves in the coming times. Physical education relies on strength of body and mind. It is important that a healthy mind leads to a healthy body. The culture around the person also becomes very good if physical education is provided to the students regularly.

The role of the universities is important because they teach more than just education. Their role is greater than just teaching. They teach the students to be physical educated and know about their strengths and weaknesses before moving ahead in life. Life is full of expectations and it is important that physical education is provided to students so that they can be fully equipped to meet difficulties in life. Therefore physical education is important as it teaches so much more than just education.

Education is limited to classroom only while physical education is within the field or play area of a school or university. It is important that physical education is given to students so that they become stronger and their minds can open up in a very good way. Their strength would focus on building up the society within the future. Also physical education is a must in today’s times because it puts the students ahead of those students who do not receive physical education. These students remain alert and very active on a day to day basis.

They can do their work tasks in a very quick way and get rid of the problems that are within their lives. Their minds become stronger and thus they are always on alert about the environment where they live in. It is a fact that physical education takes care of the mind and the body more than just education, which is boring at times. The sports and fitness classes within universities and schools are important because they look to make the students very fit and sporty. The physical education is necessary as so much more takes place than just physical education.

The students become very fit and their bodies come in proper shape. They look like active citizens of the society. They start contributing more and more when they are physical educated. These sports and fitness classes bring the best within the students and make them look like good human beings. An active mind is made if there is physical education imparted within the students. It is a well-known fact that physical education brings success to students. They work hard and give in their best at all times.

The efforts and hard work shows that their physical education is for their own goodness. Success is achieved if physical education is given to students. They become happy and then remain good citizens of the country. They get educated and receive good grades. Later on in life, they get good jobs and move ahead with changing times.

CHECK THESE SAMPLES OF The Role Of Physical Education In The Universities

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should universities require physical education essay

should universities require physical education essay

should universities require physical education essay

In Loco Personal Trainer

Exercise improves cognition, so it's time for colleges to require physical education throughout a student's undergraduate experience, writes Karen Costa.

should universities require physical education essay

When it comes to how the brain works -- and what we in higher education should know about it -- a fundamental finding is that exercise improves cognition. In fact, that is the first rule that John Medina, the founder of two brain research institutes, cites in the best-selling book Brain Rules . Thus, while we largely accept that in loco parentis has long been out of vogue at colleges and universities, the vital importance of exercise to healthy brain function asks the question whether institutions should more fully adopt the role of in loco personal trainer.

“Physical education is like cognitive candy,” Medina states. When we move, and especially when we move with vigor, blood and oxygen flood the body, including the brain. Like a high tide beating away at the dunes, new pathways are formed where there were none. When we sit, and especially when we live primarily sedentary lives, our blood and oxygen are less like an ocean and more like a stew.

The fact that exercise improves cognition is not correlative; it’s causative. We can begin here, or better put, perhaps we can begin again. The sad fact is that, while exercise improves cognition, physical education requirements at colleges and universities are vanishing.

In a recent article discussing a new requirement at Oral Roberts University that mandates students wear fitness trackers, Michael Addady set the context for ORU’s bold move: “As of 2010, only 39 percent of colleges mandate physical education, down from 97 percent in the 1920s.” ORU is ironically modern in its return to the past, additionally so through their use of wearable technology to implement this requirement.

In the face of copious evidence that exercise makes our brains work better, and working within the underlying and obvious assumption that brains are a crucial factor in student learning, what conclusions could we draw from higher education’s move (with the exception of some institutions like ORU) to distance itself from physical education? Is it because …

As I promised in a previous essay , the brain will leave you with more questions than answers. Which of those conclusions are valid on your campus, if any? It is with these possibilities in mind that you can begin a conversation about brain rule No. 1 at your own institution. Start by asking: Does my institution require physical education courses? If not, why not?

To further aid you in hosting or participating in this conversation, I offer you the following talking points:

Optional vs. Mandatory. Kay McClenney, senior adviser to the American Association of Community Colleges, coined the now oft-repeated phrase, “Students don’t do optional.” If we believe that something matters to the success of our students, isn’t it our responsibility to mandate it? Colleges and universities have already applied this philosophy to orientations, first-year-experience courses and placing stronger limits on late registration. If we know that exercise makes our students more mentally agile, it’s time to re-embrace our role of in loco personal trainer by requiring physical education throughout a student’s undergraduate experience.

Online Students. We now know that our shift to what James Levine , professor of medicine at the Mayo Clinic and the inventor of the treadmill desk, calls a “chair-sentenced” society has dangerous repercussions for our health and well-being. Brick and mortar undergraduates must at least make the journey from their residence halls or apartments to reach their classrooms. Some element of physical activity, however small, is an inherent requirement of land-based college attendance. But what about our growing numbers of online students?

Creative solutions to teaching physical education to online students are needed. At the very least, could general instruction on the value of exercise be included in required orientations and first-year-experience courses? Could faculty members and advisers receive training on the connection between exercise and improved cognition? The good news in this regard is that we in higher education have virtually nowhere to go but up, with so little current discussion of physical education for online students.

Ecosystem Pressure. Four-year and two-year colleges are growing more interconnected. Most of us can’t scan the local paper or trade publications without stumbling on today’s newest transfer or articulation agreement. Few would question the value of seamless transfer for our students, particularly our community-college population, but what happens when a baccalaureate-granting institution removes all traces of physical education from its requirements? Whether intentionally or not, they release significant pressure onto their feeder schools to do the same.

In the face of high student attrition rates at community colleges, that makes transfer agreements a moral decision as well as a logistical one. Exercise improves cognition. Institutions that serve our new-traditional population (first-generation learners, students who work full-time, students who are also parents, students of color) cannot afford to disregard science that can potentially increase student persistence. Four-year schools can and should take the broader view on any decisions about requiring physical education courses in order to support student success at their feeder schools. At the very least, if they choose to remove that requirement for native (nontransfer) students, they should be open to flexible policies that allow incoming community college transfer students to apply those courses as electives.

Mental Health. It is no secret to anyone working in higher education that the mental health of our students is a growing concern . Again, this challenge is particularly pronounced in the community college population. Of even greater concern is how little we know about the mental health of online students.

What we do know is this: exercise is a powerful antidote to depression and anxiety. According to Medina, “Exercise is beneficial immediately and over the long term.” A recent study discussed in The New York Times found that a combination of running and meditation decreased symptoms by as much as 40 percent in participants suffering from depression. How many students on your campus could be retained if they were given more opportunities to practice emotional self-care in the form of exercise?

It’s on the Syllabus. One could happily waste hours of her life exploring the lively commentary on Twitter around professors’ use of the phrase “It’s on the syllabus” to respond to students’ most common course questions. It’s a refrain heard from beleaguered educators, particularly near the end of each term. Do students increasingly lack the ability to problem solve their way over the simplest roadblocks?

One of the most interesting of Medina’s findings is that sedentary people appear to have a particularly profound deficit in what he calls “fluid intelligence,” or the ability to think on one’s feet. If we want to teach our students to solve problems, complaining about it on Twitter is entertaining, but teaching our students to exercise might be tremendously more effective.

Medina’s recommendations to put brain rule No. 1 in his book into action include twice-daily recess for school-age children and integrating treadmills into schools and workplaces. Colleges that take brain-based teaching and learning seriously will move in a similar direction, making sure to bring the benefits of exercise to the students who need it the most.

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Karen Costa is a Massachusetts-based adjunct instructor who teaches college success strategies to online students. Connect with her on Twitter @ KarenRayCosta .

Karen Costa

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should universities require physical education essay

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should universities require physical education essay

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should universities require physical education essay

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should universities require physical education essay

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should universities require physical education essay


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should universities require physical education essay


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should universities require physical education essay



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