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Pandoras Box

Each of the Greek gods gave her a gift of skill, and aptly named her Pandora, meaning "all gifted." The messenger god, Hermes, with his winged sandals, took Zeus' ghastly creation down to earth, and with her a box given to her by the gods with instructions that it never be opened. One of the gifts that the gods had bestowed upon Pandora was a lively curiosity. After restraining her eagerness to view the contents of the box, Pandora finally lifted the lid and mistakenly released all nature of evil

The Myth of Pandora´s Box

The myth of Pandora’s Box has always been one that has caught my attention. According to The Free Dictionary by Farlex, Pandora’s Box is defined as “a source of extensive but unforeseen troubles or problems,” (Pandora’s+box, Farlex). To me, it is very fascinating to think that one person, Pandora, can be responsible for majority of the evils in the world. Also the controversy between hope being a good thing or a bad thing catches my attention. These are some of the main reasons that I chose this

Pandoras Box, And Greek Mythology: Pandora's Box

Don’t open Pandora’s Box; a common phrase derived from Greek Mythology. Pandora’s Box is an artifact relating to Greek Mythology with evil spirits in it. Mythology is the myth of a certain group or culture of supernatural beliefs. Myths normally relate to gods, or supernatural heroes. They are also linked to spiritual and religious beliefs. Myths are generally things that have happened over a period of time in history and the theory or myth has been told over and over. Greek mythology is beliefs

Essay On Pandora The Destruction Of Mankind

Pandora: The Destruction of Mankind In Hesiod’s myths Theogony and Work and Days, the formation of the female species is created. Both myths illustrate how the new female species is the doom for mankind. Pandora is a figure used by Hesiod to explain how females first came to be. Hesiod’s anger and bitterness towards women is seen in both texts. Hesiod perfectly describes his feelings towards females when he says they are evil and a curse for mortal men. Hesiod uses women as a way to explain the

The Primal Scattering of Languages: Philosophies, Myths and Genders

the mode of Pandora’s Box' (Steiner). This paper will take this other conjecture, the myth of Pandora, first woman of the Greek creation myth, as its point of departure, not only to offer a feminized version of the primal scattering of languages, but to rewrite in a positive light and therefore also toreverse the negative and misogynist association of Pandora with "man’s" fall. But, rather than exposing the entrenched patriarchal bias in mythographers’ interpretations of Pandora, my foremost aim is

The name Pandora means “all-gifted”. Pandora is known as the first human women created by the gods. It’s said that she was supposed to be made specifically by Hephaestus and Athena, by the orders of Zeus. Hephaestus was a building god and much like a blacksmith he made weapons for the other gods. Athena was a warrior and she was known as the goddess of wisdom. Even though these two gods were assigned to make her, all the gods pitched in. They made her by casting gifts for her, such as beauty, and

Prometheus Research Paper

Among the many Greek gods, there is the story of Prometheus and Pandora. This particular myth is about the creation of man and how the evils of the world came to be. Prometheus and Epimetheus are brothers, Prometheus being bright and Epimetheus being foolish. Prometheus is the god that goes on a dangerous quest and endures suffering for the betterment of man, namely to bring fire to man. The story starts with Gaia, the goddess who marries the sky and creates the world, bringing forth animals

The Greek Nyth Prometheus

enable her to torment mankind. They named her Pandora. Pandora was given a gift of a box filled with all the evils in the world and was told not to open it. What does she do? She opens it. And released all the evils into the world, hope alone remained in the box. Aeschylus, on the other hand, uses the figure of Io as a sweet, innocent woman who was tormented by the gods and whose ancestor will free Prometheus one day. He doesn’t even mention Pandora and the punishment of mankind. Io refused to

Pandora And Prometheus Research Paper

English The story of Prometheus and pandora began when Prometheus, the god of war, was assigned with the task of creating mankind. Prometheus had assigned Epimetheus ( his brother) the task of giving the creatures of the earth their various qualities, such as swiftness, cunning, strength, fur, and wings. Unfortunately, by the time he got to man Epimetheus had given all the good qualities out and there were none left for man. So Prometheus decided to make mankind stand upright as the gods did

Pandora's Box By Hesiod

The myth concerning the creation of Pandora and her opening of “Pandora’s box” is one of the etiological stories surrounding the formation of women and their archetypal role in society. Pandora was meant to be a punishment to manhood due to Prometheus’ (Forethought) trickery when he misled Zeus to choose a lesser portion of an ox that was split between him and man, and also when Prometheus stole fire and gave it to mankind without permission. In order to reprimand Prometheus and mankind for their

Free Essays on The Crucible: Theme Development

Salem society let loose by the revelation of witchcraft. Rebecca nurse warns that 'there is prodigious danger in the seeking of loose spirits. I fear it. I fear it. Let us rather blame ourselves!' But her warning is not heeded and a pandora's box is opened. We see the greed of Thomas Putnam; the quest for revenge on those who have wronged them, carried out by Martha Corey and Abigail Williams; Ann Putnam's jealousy of the fertile Rebecca Nurse and Abigail's jealousy of Elizabeth Proctor;

Pandora In Hesiod's Theogony

Hesiod tells the story of how the curse of Pandora came to be in his writing. In his two works Hesiod, Works and Days and Hesiod, Theogony that contain the story of Pandora are both writing in a slightly different perspective. However, at the end both have the same meaning to them. That Zeus created women as a punishment for men. In developing this meaning in both poems Hesiod uses a few different things in each story as oppose to telling the same story for both. Hesiod, Works and Days and Hesiod

My Wonderland

god-mothers for with the way they look after those children not giving them a chance to feel the absence of the much needed ‘mothers-love’ , they deserve to be called nothing else but that. The place is somewhat like the way the world was before Pandora opened the box for it is full of children with glowing faces that reflect nothing but sheer happiness. The truth remains that they have had a horrible past or that they know that they have missed out a lot of things in life but they keep all the pain tucked

The Greek Attitude Towards Women as seen in the Works of Hesiod

The Greek Attitude Towards Women as seen in the Works of Hesiod Hesiod leaves no doubt that the existence of women is on balance a terrible thing for men. Zeus ordered Hephaistos to create women as a punishment for his having been decieved.. Women were to be a poisoned gift for men, which "all shall take to their hearts with delight, an evil to love and embrace" (W&D, 57-59). In the Theogony women are called "a great plague" because they are "ill-suited to Poverty’s curse, but suited to Plenty"

Cloning: Opening a Pandora's Box

Cloning: Opening a Pandora's Box What Dolly is to biology can be likened to what nuclear bomb is to physics. And just like the latter, Dolly brings with it a host of controversies. Dolly redefined nature the same way Fat Man and Little Boy redefined warfare in 1945. The impact to the human civilisation is what makes both Dolly and nuclear physics so great, and controversial. It needs not take long for everyone to realise the Pandora's box that Dolly has pried open, even for someone who knows

Icarus: Fraudulent Claim Against His Insurance Company After Setting Fire

Introduction Icarus’ store is facing bankruptcy and so he plans to file a fraudulent claim against his insurance company after setting fire to his own store. In order to do so, he hires Prometheus, an arsonist. Icarus knows there is a risk in burning down a building so he instructs Prometheus to set fire at 2 a.m. expecting no one to be around. Prometheus asked his partner, Daedalus to help set fire. Unfortunately, Prometheus used too much gas creating such a large fire that the lumber yard next

Hesiod’s Theogony

as king of the gods, providing one of the first characterizations of his temperament, and second, it serves as a mode of explanation for those evils in the world which plague mankind. Caught between the “Birth of the Olympians” and the story of Pandora, lines 509-572 of Theogony, serve as an intermediary to enhance its preceding and subsequent stories. The “Birth of the Olympians” is the first introduction of Zeus into Hesiod’s world, beginning as “Rheia… was about to give birth to Zeus our father…”

Heros and Villans in Mary Shelley's Frankenstein

In the classic horror Frankenstein, Mary Shelley distorts the role of the antagonist and protagonist. By depicting her antagonizing character known simply as the creature or at times the monster as a lonesome unnatural being, reluctantly existing outside of society a sympathy is provoked and the murderous creation though frightening, becomes more of an underdog than a villain. In a similar fashion, Shelley's protagonist the mad scientist Victor Frankenstein, who's ambition to create life artificially

Hesiod: Why Pandora Is A Blessing

choose. After Zeus discovered this trickery, he and the other gods put ingredients together to create a woman called Pandora. Pandora is a ‘gift’ to Epimetheus. The poem writes “Prometheus had said to him, bidding him never take a gift of Olympian Zeus, but to send it back for fear it might prove to be something harmful to men,” (Hesiod, Works and Days, 85-90). Just the fact that Pandora practically comes with a warning label as a being harmful shows

gregory peck

he stumbled upon the making of a film. He says it was one of the most memorable experiences he’s ever had (Fishgall 29, 30). In the fifth grade, Peck performed in his first play, not knowing there would be many more to come. It was called “Pandora’s Box”, based on the Greek myth (Fishgall 31). Peck would not return to the stage until college. While in high school, although being shy, he participated in sports and various organizations. He was a member of San Diego High School’s rowing and football

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Pandoras Box Essay

Genetic engineering & bioethical concerns.

Bioethics is a relational field of science that deals with the intersection of biological scientific practices and ethical concerns raised by these procedures. Genetic engineering is a relatively new scientific practice and is greatly concerned with the field of bioethics, as it raises many worries revolving around the blurred moral lines of manipulating a person’s genome.This method of engineering the human genome originated from the idea that cancers and other terminal diseases could be cured by essentially switching off harmful genes that could code for these ailments. Moreover, the origin of moral and even financial concerns with genetic engineering can be traced to the potential marketing of gene manipulation as a commercial product where parents can choose what genes to alter in their unborn child, in an order to produce a super baby. Finally, a great deal of research, as well as ethical protests, have been put into potentially altering a person’s lifespan to yield humans who exhibit the ability to live much longer lives than currently possible. Genetic engineering is a dangerous and morally wrong scientific procedure that if pursued will bring harm to the general population and destroy the ethical boundaries of science within bioethics and scientific research.

Should Genetic Engineering Be Allowed Essay

This essay will inform readers about Genetic engineering using scholarly journal articles to define Genetic engineering and give reasons for and against in order to convince readers why G.E. should not be legal on humans. Although it is said that there are benefits to Genetic Engineering, the numerous risks and complications greatly outweigh the benefits. Genetic engineering is not approved by the FDA in the US, not only because it is unsafe to our health, but also to our society. Genetic engineering will lead to future complications such genetic inequality, countless health risks, and eugenics.

The Ethics Of Genetic Engineering

Biotechnology interventions are used to advance human brains and our future to the extreme. The process of genetic engineering is very unpredictable and dramatic that it will have a major effect on its environment. Human genetic manipulation is considered unethical and dangerous for the most part. Human genetic alteration is illegal in many countries, but it is used in some places to cure gene diseases. The process of changing the genetic DNA of when a baby is born can be passed down the line of the persons. Swapping bad and unwanted genes for a better one is part of the process. There are many potential advantages gained from this operation as well as some dangers. Considering the ethical implications of the gene enhancement the result might cause a gene problem. The advanced technology application can make a huge different especially improving the quality of a human being by fixing an unwanted and inheritable gene defects. Many people are affected

Genetic Modification Pros

Genetic modification, especially the production of “designer babies,” has been acclaimed as the next great medical beneficiary to humanity, and also regarded with disdain and fear as a product of man playing god, neo-eugenics, and perpetuating inequality. The benefits to society, such as alleviating medical anomalies and bettering both length and quality of life, outweigh the moral panic and outcry that is a response to scenarios that are unlikely to ever even develop. Society should embrace genetic engineering and modification to improve humanity as a whole.

Building Baby From The Genes Up, Ronald M. Green

We are living is a world where very soon it will be possible for people to create ‘designer babies’ that have all the features they wish for. In the article Building Baby from the Genes Up, Ronald M. Green talks about all the positive impacts that genetic modification of human beings can have on our future generations. Green acknowledges some of the negatives such as parents creating perfect children and being able to give them any trait the parent wants. However in the end he comes to the conclusion that the positive impacts of getting rid of genes that cause obesity, cancer, learning disorders, and many other diseases and disorders, outweighs the negative aspects. Richard Hayes, author of Genetically Modified Humans? No Thanks, takes the stance that we should not be able to change anything about human beings through genetic modification. He believes that once we start modifying a few features, it will slowly turn into every parent altering as many of their babies’ genes that they want. While he does acknowledge the positive impacts of getting rid of negative genes such as Tay-Sachs, he believes that it is not worth the risk of having parents manipulate all their future children’s genes to their liking. Green and Hayes stand on opposite sides of the debate about genetic modification of human beings and this essay will explore the similarities and the differences of their articles.

Ronald M Green Genetic Engineering

Genetic engineering is a process that has been dreamed of for generations by the most ambitious of scientists. With current science making this once far off dream a reality, two men were quick to throw their opinions into the air, making their stance clear on the subject. In “Building Baby from Genes Up” Ronald M. Green encourages people to embrace the inevitable benefits that genetic modification will shower upon the world. Contrasting this article is the more reserved Richard Hayes with “Genetically Modified Humans? No Thanks”, in which he warns of the harm it will undoubtedly bring to humanity.

New World Or Gattaca Style Dystopic Future Development Of Effective Prevention And Treatment Strategies For A Great

The last 150 years have seen the origin of—and rapid expansion in—human knowledge involving the nature and mechanisms of trait and disease inheritance in human beings. Advances in genetic research hold great promise for the future development of effective prevention and treatment strategies for a great many, often devastating, heritable conditions. However, these advances also raise a series of policy, legal and fundamentally ethical questions concerning what we should and should not do with the knowledge and technology we acquire. These questions are numerous and both imminently practical and speculative, ranging from the exhausted, yet still largely unresolved, question of the moral status of the human embryo to fears about slippery slopes into a Brave New World or Gattaca-style dystopic future characterized by designer children and a genetic underclass.

Social Argument Against Designer Children

Parents wish for their children to be perfect and, more so, healthy. Through the advancement of modern technology and science, giving birth to a child of desired hair color, body type, and without any physical or mental ailments could be a reality for all parents, whether or not they are carriers of certain genes. Genetic modification, sometimes called “germline editing,” has the potential to allow for medical doctors and scientists to not only change certain characteristics of a human embryo, but to also alter the future of humanity itself. While this process has many proponents, the modification of the very essence of human life has some people worried. This is, in fact, uncharted territory in the scientific world, and the extent of the possible

An Immoral Injustice: Designer Babies

Although having a “designer baby” is not provided as a public possibility yet, the choice is in the near future. A designer baby is defined as a child whose genes were altered or selected to make sure a specific gene is attendant. Lee M. Silver, Princeton University microbiologist, predicts that the future will hold two human species, naturals and the gene-enriched (Preface to 'Genetic Enhancement of Human Abilities' n.p.). The gene-enriched refers to people with designer genes chosen by parents who have had the same done to them. This technology will first prevent birth defects and later diabetes and heart disease. As artificial genes develop to be common, the technology may be used to prevent drug and alcohol addictions, mental diseases, and eventually to create humans with synthetic characteristics (Preface to 'Genetic Enhancement of Human Abilities' n.p.). Parents will walk into a fertility clinic, choose the desired traits, and pay for the procedure. The fertility procedure to merge three people’s genetic material is currently being contemplated by The Food and Drug Administration (Smith 6).

The Ethics of Genetically Enhancing Children Essay

The term designer children is unnerving at first to many. The idea of parents designing the genetic makeup of their offspring makes children seem like a commodity in a genetic free market. Thoughts of a dystopian society like the one in the film “Gattaca” come to mind. However, taking an immediate repugnant stand against genetic enhancement is not well-founded. A more open-minded inspection of the issue reveals that the idea of parents improving their children’s life prospects through genetic engineering (provided it is safe) is, at its core, not unethical. In fact, some genetic enhancement in addition to correcting deleterious genes to prevent disease is a moral obligation. It is moral to make rational decisions using the science and

Promethean In Frankenstein

By his decree, a virgin, the first woman, was fashioned out of clay and given gifts by all the gods. All except Hermes, who gave her perfidy and lies. Named Pandora, she was offered to Epimetheus. Prometheus had warned his brother of accepting gifts from the ruler of Olympus, but Epimetheus was enchanted by her beauty and welcomed her. With her, she had brought a large vase, which is incorrectly named “Pandora’s Box”. When Pandora had arrived in Epimetheus’s house, she opened the vase and all of the illnesses of life escaped and spread throughout the world. Hope alone stayed. Thus with the arrival of the first woman, came misery (Aldington et al

Should Genetic Modification Be Allowed Essay

In society, newly introduced ideas and morals are viewed upon with mixed feelings, including the process of genetic modification, which has yet to prosper or to crumple. The topic of genetic modification is introduced and detailed upon within the articles “Expert Groups Says Embryo Genetic Modification Should Be Allowed” by Will Dunham and “UK Scientists Seek Permission to Genetically Modify Human Embryos” by Ian Sample. They delve upon the idea that the process of genetic modification can be appropriately used in which to prevent certain unnecessary and unwanted diseases from developing, ultimately saving lives, and can provide further insight for human development. Additionally, they discuss the point that genetic modification is still at

Banning Designer Babies : An Experimental Technique

For years the discussion on designer babies has been up surging and is now at the forefront of many medical and academic discussions. An experimental technique, known as gene therapy, birthed the idea of designer babies (“Gene Therapy”. GHF). This very experimental technique, why, uses healthy genes to treat, or rather prevent diseases that could be passed down from parent to child. However, scientists have ventured to further expound on the concept of preventing disease to a more cosmetic and superficial approach. The more imposing science of gene therapy would attempt to take science further into the realm of altering physical characteristics ultimately allow parents to choose their babies eye color, gender, and other physical characteristics that have no bearing on the child 's well being or health. The term now coined as “Designer Babies” is used to describe how by using gene therapy, parents can quite literally design their babies employing genetic screening combined with in vitro fertilization to alter otherwise naturally occurring physical appearances. Whether or not this revolutionary new science should be banned in the United States has become a very controversial topic in the U.S. igniting the strong opinions of scientists and politicians alike. Those in opposition believe that gene therapy is unethical, arguing that science is pressing toward a level that is morally perverse by allowing science to create the next generation instead of

Designer Babies Pros And Cons

With the advance of technology in genetic engineering in recent years, scientists are now capable of modifying embryos. This leads to a new debate whether or not the parents are allowed to have their children’s genes modified, thus create designer babies. Not only those children are free from genetic diseases, they also have some desired traits like being smart or tall. While there are numerous advantages for in gene editing, there are also a few worries about the dangers it could bring.

Pros And Cons Of Human Embryo Modification

New technological advances and scientific methods continue to change the course of nature. One of the current controversial advances in science and technology is the use of genetically modified embryos in which the study exceeds stem cell research. Scientists have begun planning for research involving human embryos in the genetic modification field. Many technological developments are responsible for improving our living standards and even saving lives, but often such accomplishments have troubling cultural and moral ramifications (Reagan, 2015). We are already beyond the days in which virtually the only procreative option was for a man and a woman to conceive the old-fashioned way (Reagan, 2015). Genetic modification of human embryos can be perceived as a positive evolution in the medical process yet it is surrounded by controversy due to ethical processes. Because this form of genetic modification could affect later born children and their offspring, the protection of human subjects should be a priority in decisions about whether to proceed with such research (Dresser, 2004). The term Human Genetic Engineering was originally made public in 1970. During this time there were several methods biologists began to devise in order to better identify or isolate clone genes for manipulation in several species or mutating them in humans.

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Pandora's Box Essay Examples

pandora's box essay example

pandora's box essay example

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pandora's box essay example

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Demeter and persephone by lottridge, the face in the pool by osborne, and pandora's box by gadd: how greek mythology uses women as men's scapegoats, feeling stressed about your essay.

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pandora's box essay example

Essay on Pandora: Greek Mythology and Pandora’s Box

PANDORA’S BOX In Greek mythology, Pandora was the first woman. As Hesiod related it, each god helped create her by giving her unique gifts. Zeus ordered Hephaestus to mold her out of earth as part of the punishment of humanity for Prometheus' theft of the secret of fire, and all the gods joined in offering her "seductive gifts". Her other name, inscribed against her figure on a white-ground kylix in the British Museum is Anesidora, "she who sends up gifts," up implying "from below" within the earth. According to the myth, Pandora opened a jar, in modern accounts sometimes mistranslated as "Pandora's box", releasing all the evils of humanity—although the particular evils, aside from plagues and diseases, are not specified in detail by Hesiod—leaving only Hope inside once she had closed it again. She opened the jar out of simple curiosity and not as a malicious act.[6] The myth of Pandora is ancient, appears in several distinct Greek versions, and has been interpreted in many ways. In all literary versions, however, the myth is a kind of theodicy, addressing the question of why there is evil in the world. In the seventh century BC, Hesiod, both in his Theogony and in Works and Days, gives the earliest literary version of the Pandora story; however, there is an older mention of jars or urns containing blessings and evils bestowed upon mankind in Homer's Iliad. The immortals know no care, yet the lot they spin for man is full of sorrow; on the floor of Zeus' Show More

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pandora's box essay example

Prometheus Overview Essay example

Prometheus; Pandora; Prometheus and Io Zeus gives the task of creating humans to Prometheus and his brother Epimetheus. Epimetheus, whose name means “afterthought,” grants the animal kingdom all the joys of creation—fur, wings, shells, and so on—until there seems to be nothing left for man. He appeals to Prometheus for help. Prometheus takes over and devises a way to make mankind superior to the animals. First, he gives mankind an upright shape like that of the gods. Then, he travels to the…

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pandora's box essay example

Religion And Myth In Christina Rossetti's Goblin Market

In greek mythology, Pandora’s Box was believed to contain the evils of the world. Similar to Pandora, the woman who ended up opening this box out of curiosity, Laura let her inquisitiveness take over her, causing her to disobey Laura by letting the goblins’ offers charm her. Both her and Pandora went against warnings of respected figures in their lives. Just like Pandora opened the box, Laura “clipped a precious golden lock… then sucked their…

Words 772 - Pages 4

Why Are Greek Myths Important

one thing in common: they are all from Greek mythology. Greek mythology plays a big role in our lives, although many don't know it. Greek mythology has influenced our language, movies, and names of businesses and sports teams. But why do we enjoy these ancient myths so much? We enjoy them because they teach us important life lessons and the characters are great role models. Many words that we know today, such as titanic, odyssey, and echo, come from Greek myths. For example, in the myth “Zeus and…

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Sirens Mythological Monsters Essay

ancient Greece where they were called Sirens. In Greek mythology, Pandora was the first woman of their time, and she is said to have accidentally released the troubles of the world by opening a forbidden box (Rankin NP). This is similar to today’s Biblical story of Adam and Eve and how Eve released the troubles or sins of the world by eating the forbidden fruit from the tree. Pandora’s curiosity and foolishness which drove her to opening the box were ultimately viewed as the typical attributes…

Words 1040 - Pages 5

Research Paper On Ancient Greek Mythology

Rohan Barkley U0821967 Classical Mythology Paper #1 The stories, themes, and morals of the Greek deities directly influenced the people of Greek society back in the day. Various details and aspects of myths involving these deities portray what was really essential to the ancient Greeks. The stories themselves reveal information regarding how the ancient Greeks should behave, what was necessary, and how they should perceive certain concepts or entities. The themes of beauty and pride are illustrated…

Words 1177 - Pages 5

Ancient Greeks lacked knowledge on why certain things happened Essay

Ancient Greeks lacked knowledge on why certain things happened. Without scientific answers, like we have today, the Ancient Greeks created their own answers about the world and why things happened. These tales were called myths. Greek mythology included poems, art and theatre. The Greeks tried to explain the beginning of the world by using Gods and Goddesses. These Gods had supernatural powers. Each God was usually in charge of a certain element of earth. For instance Hades was in charge…

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Pandora's Box Essay Example

pandora's box essay example

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The story of Pandora parallels the story of Adam and Eve in Book of Genesis, the first. Pandora was the first mortal woman in Greek history, while Eve was the first in Hebrew history. Both women had something forbidden to them, since they were both ordered by their respective god to leave a certain object alone. Though in the end, they could not resist the urge and brought evil into a world that had previously been perfect and without sin. The two stories have yet another similarity, as the Snake in the Bible tempted Eve to eat the forbidden fruit, Hermes and Hera gave Pandora the qualities to want to open the box. Without the cunning mind and curiosity given to her by the god and goddess, the box most likely would have remained closed forever.…

Role Of Pandora In Greek

First, Zeus commissioned his fellow gods to make a beautiful woman from clay and bring her to life. When this was done, he and all of the gods taught her how to behave and get on in society. Now, Zeus was ready to bring revenge to the world. He put Pandora on the earth and offered her in marriage to Prometheus' brother, Epimetheus, who, though he had been warned not to, accepted Zeus' beautiful gift and married Pandora. As a wedding present, Zeus gave the happy couple one thing: a small with a large lock and instructions never to open it under any circumstances. All was well until one day, eaten away with curiosity, Pandora could not restrain herself any longer: she opened the box, sending out awful things which were shaped like biting moths. Out flew such things as sickness, famine, and poverty, all biting Pandora and leaving her with awful wounds. At this she screamed out in pain and slammed the box shut, filled with regret for her actions. She was too late, though, for when her husband rushed in and found her with the box, all of the…

Greek Mythology: Pandora

In Greek mythology, there are many Greek gods and goddesses but one individual is blamed for all the bad in the world. Pandora was created in Mount Olympus out of earth and water; she is defined as endowed with everything and is the name of the first woman on the earth. She was described as charming and beautiful and characterized as mischievous and foolish. Many gods and goddesses gave her gifts, she was given; curiosity, boldness, grace, desire, beauty, a sweet singing voice and a soul. Revenge is the key word to use as for why Pandora was created. She was created to be a punishment towards Prometheus, because he stole fire from Mount Olympus and gave it to living mortals on earth who were cold and hungry after being…

Latin to English: Translations

The form of the woman was created from earth by Vulcan. Clothes of silver were donated to her by Minerva. Also a golden crown was given to by Vulcan; Jupiter donated to her jar. The gods did love beautiful women. The gods did give to her a gift because, her name was Pandora…

Symbolism In Elie Wiesel's 'Prometheus'

Prometheus was the kindest of all the Titans or even the gods, but one day, Zeus ordered that everyone was forbidden to interact with the humans. Prometheus could not stand to see humans- let alone anything- suffer and to watch them go extinct because Zeus threw a fit, so he gave the humans fire in order to live. When Zeus found out about it, he became enraged and killed him a hundred times, then chained the titan to a large tree, only to watch mankind. Then, as he was not satisfied, Epimetheus’ story comes into place: Zeus asked Athena to make him a daughter, and after she did so, he called her Pandora, and offered her as a wife to Prometheus’ brother. After he accepted, Zeus gave them a beautiful box as a wedding gift, which had a note that read “DO NOT OPEN” which was obeyed for many months. One day while her husband was not home, Pandora’s curiosity got the best of her, so she opened it, and all the terrible things in the world flew out, no matter how fast she closed it. Famine, disease, murder, and much more flew out of the box, making her sad. But following everything, a small bug crawled out of the box, and smiled at the woman. The bug was named…

Dangerous Knowledge - Frankenstein

Prometheus began his journey as a demi-god that “sided with Zeus in the war with the Titans” and helped bring about victory (Edith Hamilton, 71). Forethought, the meaning of Prometheus’ name, gave him the ability to see things before they happened and bestowed more wisdom “than the gods” to him (Hamilton, 71). Due to his brother’s error and without Zeus’ permission, Prometheus took upon the task of creating mankind. That creation angered Zeus because he realized how much love Prometheus had for the people and not for gods. As a warning to Prometheus, Zeus created women “who are an evil to men, with a nature to do evil” which in turn brought suffrage to all men (Hamilton, 74). When Prometheus realized that his people were suffering and because he favored mankind more than anything else he stole fire from the heavens and gifted it to them. He allowed his hubris to drive him further into doing more for the humans and less for the gods. Failing to learn from his first mistake he repeatedly challenged Zeus, ultimately resulting in his downfall. Although the fire brought warmth and comfort to the people, they soon learned of its unseen dangers that they could not control.…

Anthem Rough Draft - Paper

Prometheus was a Titan from Greek mythology. He sided with the gods and created humans out of clay without Zeus’ approval. After Zeus discovered that Prometheus was creating humans, he decided to punish Prometheus by prohibiting him from teaching the ways of civilization to man. This made Athena chose to convince her father Zeus to teach Prometheus so that he would teach man. Zeus became furious with the actions of man and Prometheus. This made Zeus conclude that it was forbidden for the gods to give fire to man. Prometheus was upset from Zeus’ proclamation, which made him decide that he was going to bring fire to humanity. Prometheus entered Olympus cautiously to steal hot burning coals, which he placed in a fennel stalk to prevent anyone from finding out. With his success, he reached his destination of man and presented the gift of fire. Zeus angered after discovering what Prometheus did, again decided to punish Prometheus by having him chained to a rock for a great eagle to constantly eat at his liver, only for it to grow back again.…

Symbolism in "Tooth and Claw"

The cat is metaphor for sin. Junior has led a boring life and thinks the “wild and alien” (26) cat will make him more interesting. However, the cat ends up hurting him more than it helps him. “The carpeting -- every last strip of it -- had been torn out of the floor, leaving an expanse of dirty plywood studded with nails, and there seemed to be a hole in the plasterboard just to the left of the window.” (38) He underestimated the risk of taking in the cat, just as man underestimates the impact of sin on his life. He thinks he can minimize its destructive power by having minimal interaction…

Loss Of Innocence Essay (Grade Ten Advanced Placement, Non-Revised Version)

Before a shift towards the knowledge and understanding associated with experience, the loss of innocence archetype explains that a person is first unknowing, or ignorant. Innocence is often identified through a belief in, among other things, the reliability of appearances, stability & permanence, and immortality. Many literary figures concerning in the loss of innocence are youthful, although don’t unreservedly have to be so. Pandora, the first woman in Greek mythology, embodies many of these traits. In the myth Pandora’s Box, she is portrayed as being assuming and curious. Given a gift from each god, Pandora is created with the intent of her opening the vase also gifted to Epimitheus. Her decision to open the vase, as Zeus had anticipated, is reflective of her personality. She is asked not to do so, but goes against her husband’s request. Pandora believes that she will not be harmed opening the vase, life shall continue as before, and the vase is simply a container, nothing more. Primarily, this is because of her belief in immortality, stability & permanence, and the reliability of…

Evil In Hesiod's Ambiguous View Of Woman

No one can no for certain what the main author was thinking when writing about Pandora at the time, most stories state she is pure evil and some not so much, but nothing can be perfectly correct. With this article and the other articles I have read viewing it at different view points it raises more questions about who Pandora is then answers. This article is interesting nevertheless, the author dug up facts that can support Pandora being a goddess of the earth. The fact that the pithos can be considered the earth and Eris being a incentive for humans supports both claims that Pandora could be a goddess and not completely evil. The single most important thing in this article though is the fact that the author was able to see another way to view Pandora other then just a evil being. Pandora has always been told as a person who gave humans suffering and as a punishment from Zeus. The authors way of seeing Pandora as not just a evil being may bring more questions, but this is a interesting interpretation of Pandora's…

great gatsby

Prometheus, of Greek mythology, was a Titan, the forerunners of the Greek gods, who stole fire from Zeus and gave the fire to mortals. Prometheus was horribly punished for this crime against Zeus and against order. He was also the god of forethought and the molder of humankind from clay. It was his desire to better the existence of humans that led to his conflicts with Zeus. And Prometheus was a man punished in the underworld by being shackled to a rock and having his organs eaten by vultures every day to have them grow back the next.…

Ayn Rand's 'Prometheus'

“Prometheus” begins by saying, “Prometheus and Epimetheus were spared imprisonment in Tartarus because they had not fought with their fellow Titans during the war with the Olympians. They were given the task of creating man.” Prometheus represents intelligence and human progress and is the protector of mankind. When creating humans he decides to give man a likeness to the gods by having him stand upright and have the gift of fire. His intent is good but not appreciated by Zeus.…

Frankenstein as the Modern Prometheus

2. Prometheus brings man the fire which Zeus instructed him not to give to man.…

One Flew over the Cuckoo's Nest Essay Example

The harsh reality of the truth can sometimes be a rude realization. This theory is exemplified in Ken Kesey's best selling novel, One Flew over the Cuckoo's Nest. Published in 1962, the novel presents controversial subject matter and themes such as sexuality, violence, and criminal activity as the reader explores the sterile, yet quite dirty, environment of a mental institution and all of its inhabitants. Due to speculation and harsh criticism of concerned and outraged parents, there have been various occurrences of the banning of Cuckoo's Nest due to the “pornographic” scenes, profane language, and the “glorification” of crimes and violence. The light cast upon the “displeasing” diction, as well as the mature events that one may view as inappropriate and offensive, is substantially overshadowed by Kesey's literary merit and valuable insight into the harsh and uncensored tendencies of the real world. The explicit content of Cuckoo's Nest provides the reader with a valuable and important learning experience into the uncensored world of literature and reality, which students should not be deprived of, rather prepared for, despite whether or not an individual is offended, as well as offering truth and insight.…

Hesiod's Theogonoy

As Zeus was making his rise to power he had support, allies. Gods and people looked upon him favorably, he was destined to be their leader. Once he punished Prometheus they began to wonder if he was on a power trip; had he gone too far? I don't think he did. If the other gods didn't respect Zeus' authority then the needed to be punished, he is in charge for a reason.…

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Pandora's box and modern society.

            The myth of Pandora's Box is a simple story about curiosity, betrayal and revenge. There are many little parts of stories incorporated into the myth of Pandora's Box to make it the myth we know today, such as Prometheus and Epimetheus trying to do good for humans (Prometheus in particular), Zeus trying to get revenge and also the curiosity of Pandora. These are the most common parts which relate to society today.              Prometheus and Epimetheus were very kind brothers who saw that humans were struggling to live without the gift of fire. Zeus had ordered that humans were not allowed fire as they might misuse the power, but Prometheus in particular, saw how humans were struggling without it. They were cold, they couldn't cook meat and a lot of humans were very sick. Prometheus defied Zeus's orders and gave humans the gift of fire. This particular part of the story shows how sometimes we break rules for good reasons. An event in today's society where we break the rules for the good of other people is granting asylum seekers visas. These people travel from war ridden countries in leaky boats in the hopes of a new life in our country. Although it takes a long time and the process is very complex, we grant visas to most of these people because it's the right thing to do, they deserve a new life and we can see how much they have struggled to live in our country. We bend the rules and make it work.              Another part which relates to today's society is Zeus's revenge. Zeus was angry with Prometheus and Epimetheus for giving humans the gift of fire, so naturally he got revenge. His revenge was very thoroughly thought out and complex. He created Pandora as a gift to Epimetheus. Pandora was the first woman on earth and Epimetheus was madly in love with her. As a wedding gift Zeus gave them a jar with the instructions to never open it under any circumstances, which of course Pandora did. Opening the jar let out all the evils of the world, death, sickness, hurt, etc.

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pandora's box essay example

Human cloning has been quickly accepted as a modern advancement (Henry, 5). ... Scientific discovery is often implemented before society understands the results of the new idea. ... The problems were not anticipated and society was not advised about possible consequences. ... Pandora's box has been opened. ...

2. Cloning and Frankenstein

pandora's box essay example

Has modern science, like Prometheus and Pandora, unlocked a secret for which the control does not yet exist? ... Is there a lesson in this for modern Man? ... Is the fear of a loss of dignity the same as the creature's irresponsible rejection by society? ... A being that shares his differences from the rest of society. ... Like Pandora's box, once opened, unleashed or unbound, the creator loses control of it's creation. ...


pandora's box essay example

The lasting effects of MythologyMythology has had lasting effects on the influence of our society in numerous ways. ... I will reveal to you some of these similarities in regarding to our modern language, present ideologies, and the heroism within our societies. ... Hephaestus created the mythological character Pandora, whom he gave to Epimetheus along with a box in Prometheus had confined all the evils of the world. Pandora opened the forbidden box and this released into the world all the troubles of mankind. Science now knows Pandora to mean one of the nine satellites of the planet Satur...

4. Women in Ancient Greece

Antique vases and statues abound with figures of women, some carrying over to modern times. ... Not being frequently mentioned in ancient Greek sources does not imply that women were not vital to society. While lacking official political power, women contributed to the shaping of society, what anthropologists call liminal. ... Minoan Civilization circa 2000-1100 b.c.e. centered on the island of Crete, and is considered to be the oldest Greek society. ... The throne is not elevated from the other seats, indicative of an egalitarian society. ...

pandora's box essay example

In South America Darwin found fossils of extinct animals that were similar to modern species. ... Origin of Species, Darwin) The Darwinism ideas introduced into English society justified a great number of political policies and social movements. ... His studies on nature and the behavior of animals had unlocked Pandora's Box? ... The affects of Darwinism can be seen throughout the spectrum of social interaction both in the animal kingdom and the human society. ...


pandora's box essay example

Modern science can now help slow down the process of getting old. ... While Huxley fears that society will use this genetic engineering technology to better society, Silver explains that the real fear is parents using this Gattaca scenario to enhance the lives of their children. ... Once the Pandora's Box of manipulating genes, for mortality, then for more, is opened, there is no limit to the possibilities, nightmarish or constructive. ... DNA tests show that all modern dogs evolved from wolves and were initially bred by cavemen who knew nothing about the genome. ... In the 1970's...

Pandora's Box: The Beginning Of Misery

pandora's box essay example

Show More The Beginning of Misery Human suffering has been around since the beginning of time. People have fought diseases, death, and conflict. Parents teach their children to expect these things and children find their own ways of dealing with these problems. In Greek Mythology, Pandora made all of these things possible when she opened the box that held all of these miseries. The story of Pandora’s box helps explain to those who are interested in mythology where the sufferings of the world originated. Pandora’s story starts with the creation of humans. Zeus , the god of the skies, requested that Prometheus create humans to walk the earth. The brother of Prometheus, Epimetheus, was tasked with creating animals and while he was creating them, he gave …show more content… Zeus chained Prometheus to a rock for many years, but wasn’t satisfied with the results. Zeus decided to take revenge on the humans Prometheus had created. He called on Hephaestus to help him by creating misery for humans. Hephaestus, along with the other gods created the first female human to live on the earth. Each god gave the woman a gift and she was given the name Pandora, which means “She who has given all gifts.” Pandora received silver clothing and learned weaving from Athena. She was crowned with a gold crown by Hephaestus and given grace and emotions by Aphrodite. Hermes gave her gifts that would be dangerous to the men on earth, such as the ability to tell lies and beauty. The gift that would turn out to be her biggest fault however, was the gift of curiosity. (“The Meaning of Pandora’s Box - A Curse from Zeus on Mankind”). Zeus then presented Pandora to Epimetheus as a bride. Epimetheus had been told not to take any gifts from the gods by his brother, but Pandora was so beautiful that he could not resist. They got married and Zeus gave them a jar, which later translated to a box, as a wedding present. He told Pandora that she must never open the locked box because he knew the suspense would be too much for Pandora to ignore (“Pandora’s …show more content… Most people believe that when Pandora opened the box, all the miseries of the world flew out. Humans suffered from things like envy, sickness, hate, disease, and death. Pandora was only able to catch one thing, which was Hope (“Pandora’s Box: Ancient Greek Myths for Kids”). Others believe that Pandora only let Hope out after Epimetheus returned home and decided that the remaining spirit couldn’t be worse everything else she had let escape (“Pandora’s Box). Another interesting theory is that when Pandora opened the box, she let all of the good spirits out. Every spirit managed to escape without return except for one. Pandora managed to catch Hope, which was the last good spirit left for humans and the only thing left for them to rely on in times of suffering. (“Pandora”). No matter how it happened, Pandora managed to bring trouble and conflict to all men on earth. These miseries have continued to plague humans throughout history and cannot be reversed. Pandora’s story is often compared to the biblical version, “Adam and Eve”. Adam and Eve created sin when they ate from the forbidden tree, which is similar to the opening of the box. Either way a person chooses to believe, they are able to find an explanation of the suffering they face throughout their

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The evil of mortal women in homer's odyssey.

With great haste she produced gray iron and made a huge sickle and showed it to her children” (CITE) With trickery, she brought about Ouranos’s castration – an entire destruction of his manhood. However terrible this act was, it was only through this that she could free the Titans from her womb and continue succession. This is very similar to what Hesiod writes of women. While Pandora and her descendants are an evil for man, one who avoids marriage fairs no better. As this is true in the case of mortals due to Pandora, this is also true in the case of Gods.…

Norse Mythology Vs Greek Mythology

When the humans were all dead, Zeus was relieved, he thought he would never see humans again. Zeus looked down on the mountain of Olympus and he saw a couple, Deucalion, king of Thessaly and his wife Pyrrha. He instantly knew that Prometheus warned them to save them. Zeus was in good mood after nine days of no humans, so he asks tells them to “Ask a favor, any favor.” They asked to make more humans. He ordered them to start throwing “their mother's bones” behind them.…

Pandora Mythological Allusion

We all know that Pandora has some of the best music stations and that we like to listen to it, but did you know the their was a Mythological Allusion? Pandora was the first women on earth. She was created by Gods and each gave her a gift, and she was showered by gifts by the Olympians. Then the Gods gave her either a box, she was told straight from the Gods that the box contained special gifts , but they said that she cannot open the box, EVER. But, she didn’t listen, so she opened the box and illnesses and hardships in the box came out.…

Examples Of Allusions In Pandora's Box

Zeus sent Pandora to earth. Zeus thought Epimetheus should marry Pandora. Zeus sent Pandora with a small box with a lock on it. She couldn’t open the box because Epimetheus had the key. Pandora really wanted to know what was in there that one day she took the key from Epimetheus.…

The Navajo Creation Story

In the Navajo story the first punishments went back to the Nilch’i Dine’e people when they committed adultery and were forced to leave their world or face destruction by a great flood. This pattern of committing adultery and then being forced to leave continued until they fixed their behavior in the fourth world. Their punishment was the fact that the continued to have to flee for their mistakes (Navajo Creation Story). The Christian story continued from the creation of Adam and Eve and went on to talk about their crime that forced them to have to leave the Garden. Eve was tempted by the serpent to partake of the only fruit in the Garden that they were told not to eat.…

The Famous Tale: Famous Tales: Prometheus's Life

One morning, when almighty Zeus looked down upon the Earth and saw fire, he knew that Prometheus was the culprit. For this transgression, Prometheus was tied to the Caucasus Mountains where an eagle ate his liver every day. However, in his immortality, the liver grew back each night. This caused great suffering and agony to befall upon Prometheus (“Prometheus” Myths Encyclopedia). Even when Prometheus was rendered useless to help the humans due to his imprisonment, Zeus continued to punish the humans, and in turn Prometheus.…

Prometheus And Pandora's Box Analysis

One day the gods gave her a box filled with the most harmful things and they forbade her to open it.As a gift from the gods, they gave Pandora away to Epimetheus, Prometheus’ brother. Prometheus warned his brother not to accept anything from Zeus but he did it anyway. One day Pandora lifted the lid from the box and every evil known to man was released into the earth. Such things as plagues, sorrow and mischief were released into the air, however the only good thing that was in the box was hope. Next, Zeus sent one of his servants to capture Prometheus and make him reveal important information that would affect Zeus in the future.…

Hera In Greek Mythology

Hera was furious once she had heard of Zeus having a child with another, and had attempted to kill him many times. First, as Heracles was about to be born, Hera attempted to stop the birth from taking place, or to at least delay it. While he was still young, Hera sent great snakes to attack him while in his cradle, but Heracles prevailed and killed the serpents with ease, despite being under a year old (Hamilton 227, 228). Some versions of the stories mention Hera being the one who drove Heracles to madness, which caused him to kill his children. In most tales, Hera repeatedly sent monsters of unimaginable strength after him in order to take his life.…

Essay On Pearl And Blessing In Nathaniel Hawthorne's The Scarlet Letter

She is also said to be like a sprite or fairy and is very mysterious. Hawthorne first describes Pearl “whose innocent life had sprung, by the inscrutable decree of Providence, a lovely and immortal flower, out of the rank luxuriance of a guilty passion” (81). She is a constant reminder of the sin committed by Hester, and is shunned by other children because of it. Because Hester now has this child, the people know what horrible sin she committed. This is her biggest punishment.…

Argumentative Essay On Hades

This happened because it was prophesied Cronus would be overthrown by his children just as he did father, Uranus. This is where he would spend many of his first years, until Zeus would maturity and return to save them. After Zeus tricked Cronus into drinking a potion, he regurgitated Hades and his other siblings. Hades would then help to defeat the titans and gain control of the universe. This war, called the Titanomachy, would last ten years and require some assistance.…

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