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fashion is harmful essay

Essay On Negative Effects Of Fashion

Baby boomer generations in the 1960's.

When the Baby Boomers generation emerged, it was already “considered to be a very different generation than its previous ones” (Owram, 1997). The Baby Boomer Generation not only witnessed some of the greatest social changes in history during the 1960s and 1970s, but also participated in them, just like the Civil Rights Movement as well as the Women Right’s Movement, which created the expectation for this generation to give its next generation a better world than the one they found. However, the Baby Boomers created a societal trend towards a thinner body standards for females which caused the women’s image to decrease all the way until 1959, setting a limit during the 1960´s until now.

Foodland Induction

At North Adelaide Foodland I am made well aware of how the owners want the business to run. When I started work at Foodland I underwent induction which included a tour of the store. During the induction I was told about the store uniform. Each shift I am required to arrive in black slacks and shoes along with the shirt and tie provided Romeo’s Foodland. Each worker is required to look neat and wear the name embroidered shirt and tie. The uniform is beneficial for customers as they can locate any worker quickly if need be as the red tie and white shirt stands out.

Aphrodite Greek Analysis

The people believed in the worship of multiple gods, a polytheistic society. Most Greeks and Romans were deeply loyal to the gods they worshipped and tended to find inspiration from their worship of gods and muses. Hence their love for their sculptures of curvy naked ladies, tales of mythology because of the taboos attached to them and the freedom to choose their religion of Gods or deities. (MindEdge, 2014).

Fin-De-De-Siecle Splendor Character Analysis

Fashion also changes in accordance with shifting social values. For example, in “Splendor” fashion reflects growing care for the environment. “These are fake

The Culture Of Teenagers In The 1950's

How do most adults see the younger generation? They are young people who have bad manners, no respect for the elderly, they are real tyrants, they do not stand up when elders walk in, they do not listen to their parents or teachers, they talk in the presence of adults, and they eat gluttonously (Socrates). It really has not changed much since then. This cycle seems to repeat itself over and over. According to Brake, “Young people have always suffered from the envious criticism of their elders” (1). Teenagers in the 1950s received just as much criticism than teens today. The idea that teenyboppers in the 1950s went crazy

Women In The 1930's

Although still not entirely popular or accepted, women also began to emerge more and more in postsecondary education. Women were only seldom allowed to go to college in the beginning of the 1920’s and when they did, they attended an all-women's school. By 1921 a woman was enrolled in a college that did not traditionally allow women (Benner). This was a monumental step for women’s educational rights. Women were allowed to graduate and become nurses or teachers, the only careers seen fit for women. This was a limitation for women, but this limitation only encouraged women to surpass their expectations and push the limits of what they could achieve as strong and successful members of society.“...by the end of the decade, women represented 47%

Why I Shouldn T Have Dress Code Essay

Students should be able to wear whatever kind of cloths they want to school because its freedom of expression. There shouldn’t be a dress code mainly because some people can’t afford the clothes the school wants the students to wear. Then there parents would have to worry about there kids getting in trouble at school. The kids should be able to dress the way they want and not have to worry about buying clothes you can’t even wear to school. Students should be responsible with what they wear it might not be perfect but they shouldn't be told exactly what to wear.

Essay On Sexism In Fashion

Fashion, or rather the fashion industry, is ageist, sexist, racist, fattist and fascist, but only in so far as today’s society is. This industry is merely an extension of capitalism, and as such its only concern is generating as much profit as possible. Trying to include and represent all different types of people is very low on its priority list, so it continues to perpetuate harmful societal patterns, be it on purpose or not.

Similarities Between The 1950's And Today

The 1950s and today share many similarities and have many differences, particularly in the categories of fashion and music. The 1950s marked the beginning of one of the largest economic booms in United States history and spurred the rise of clothing as an important part of culture. With the country going through many societal and cultural changes, fashion showcased one’s place in society and became a way to express conformity and individual identity. One difference between the 1950s and today is in the formalness of clothing; in the 1950s, people dressed in fancy clothing to school, work, and at home. Most men wore suits and women wore extravagant dresses. Today, most people dress in casual and more revealing clothing, such as jeans and sweatshirts.

Essay On Miscegenation

Although the thirteenth amendment, abolished slavery, rights for black weren’t all of a sudden made equal. In the early twentieth century, African Americans in the South and in many parts of nearby border states were banned from associating with whites in a host of institutions and public accommodations such as school, hospitals, waiting rooms, railroad car, and more (Patterson par.1). Eventually facilities were desegregated. However, that does not mean life for all was fairly equal. People began to accepted having a blend of races where ever they go, but when it came to blending sexually, that turned some individuals’ stomachs upside down.

Sociology Of Fashion

Fashion is more common in current society than in the ancient tribes or peasant communities. Modern society is an open one where class differences are not as severe as in primitive society. Its urban and mobile class structure allows people to develop its own personality taste and implement its new course. The modern world is more open-minded to differences and consequently places few restraints on the cycle of fashion. Our principles of judgment have also changed. Nowadays the individual is evaluated more by observable externalities than by his descents, his personality or his authentic accomplishments. The clothes a man dresses in, the language he speaks, the behaviors he demonstrated have more credence in ascribing a status than his simplicity, patriotism and

Essay On Fast Fashion

Death rate of fashion has increased as a result of the changes in the lifestyle and the society. The society has become more accessible and people are now looking for a change. And this change was marked by the introduction of “Fast Fashion”.

Essay On Social Problems In Society

Social problems are issues which are considered to affect majority if not all members of a society either directly or indirectly. Whenever people come to live together in a social setting, conflict arises from their differences in opinions regarding political issues, religion, ethnic issues, cultural practices and other health and hygiene issues. In such a situation, we can say a society inevitably develops social problems. The various social issues present today vary from society to society, and as such, we cannot say that all societies face similar social issues. Social problems facing the societies encompass economic, political and human life issues within society. We can also include poverty, wealth, religion,

Essay About Popular Culture

In the contemporary living of the humankind in the 21st century, the popular culture plays a vital role in our own lives especially in youth. Hence, we future teachers and all adults must be more acquainted and involved in advancing our critical understanding to everything we read, watch and hear in all sorts of media than the youth to guide them properly in attaining more accurate and holistic knowledge inside or outside the classroom.

Reflection About Fashion

Heraclitus once stated “the only thing that is constant, is change.”, nothing exemplifies fashion more than this statement. As a person that is constantly demanding herself to grow and change, fashion is the one thing that can keep up with me. It is the only constant in my life that I have a stable relationship with, due to its shape shifting nature which resembles mine. A part of change for me was always aspiring to be bigger, better, and bolder; I apply all of those concepts when it comes to fashion and design. In addition, fashion and creation were always a form of escapism for me as it didn’t cage me in ways; the freedom that came along with self-expression was a form of liberty I never knew I could experience. I was always a self-aware

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Negative Effects Of The Fashion Industry

The effects of fast fashion on the world.

How fast fashion is affecting the environment is a very serious topic since this type of consumerism in the United States is heavy on supply and demand, and because of that shoppers want it all and want it now which is basically fast fashions motto. The way to make these pieces of clothing heavily rely on cheap materials that can be made quickly, so that is polyester and cotton being made in big factories that emit out toxins into our earth. Cotton being one of the most used fabrics takes a lot to be made into a single garment. Uzbekistan which is the 6th biggest producer of cotton had faced many conflicts during production since cotton uses so much water to be made it has dried up the 4th largest lake the Aral Sea because of how much we need to produce cotton fashion. (Prospectjournalucsd) Buying these cheap garments that become unwearable after 5 times (Forbes) of wearing it usually gets thrown out after and producing more waste that gets put into our waterways since theses garments shed easy and through washing them can “find their way into oceans and on the shores everywhere.” (Sweeny) So with the help of shoppers, being able to cut down on the purchase of fast fashion can help aid in keeping the ecosystem in order.

The Impact Of Fashion On The Fashion Industry

In the 21st century, the fashion industry remains prominent as it continues to rise in an era of global trade. Developing in the late 19th and early 20th century, the fashion industry was on the rise with newer technologies that stimulated new manufacturing practices and further improved the growth of a soon to be “multibillion-dollar global enterprise” (Major). Fashion is a an art that conveys human expression through clothing, in which many individuals are willing to spend money on and experience whether upscale or simple. Therefore, parts of the fashion industry affect and influence the quantity and quality of clothing as shown by the many manufacturing processes of both the ready-to-wear and haute couture industries, the many types of commercial advertisements and media produced by the marketing branch, and by the profit margins of different companies within the fashion industry.

The True Cost Of The Garment Industry

Everyday, millions of consumers in the United States contribute to the harsh treatment, under paid, and sexual abuse of factory workers all over the world. The garment industry, one of the largest in the world, generates over 3 trillion dollars a year yet the average monthly wage is 21 dollars a month, 80% of whom are women, and including children ages 5 to 14. While most apparel used to be manufactured in the United States, in the past decade a majority of manufacturers have moved operations overseas due to loose regulations according to the huffington post (Badal). The current trend of fast fashion comes at a much greater cost than we are all aware of, The True Cost, a documentary by Andrew Morgan highlights fashions “unadvertised sins” such as unregulated production, toxic garment dyes harmful to both workers and the environment, and attempts by the factory workers to form unions that end in violence (Wilson).

Fast Cheap Fashion Lucy Siegle Summary

The primary purpose of this essay uses persuasive writing to get her point across. Informing the reader about the eco dangers of buying outsourced clothing material. Most people often want the cheaper alternative without going to the flea market or charity clothing banks. But all the clothes get worn down, shrink, fade or just deteriorate in the end because the fabric is unsustainable. Resulting in the t-shirts and jeans to be tossed away and put into a landfill. Where they have been found to transmite “more than three million tons of carbon dioxide emissions”. (Siegle, 7)

Barenblat Fast Fashion

In this article, Barenblat outlines some of the key reasons as to why fast fashion is detrimental for women and the environment. The author supports her claim by suggesting fast fashion is expensive for the planet, encourages young women in poverty to work in sweatshops, and leads to million tons of landfill each year. This information in the article is useful because it provides relevant statistics on the damages caused by the clothing industry.

Andrew Morgan The True Cost Analysis

The True Cost, by Andrew Morgan, was a truly eye opening documentary on what price workers who make our clothes have to pay in regards to their health, finances, and sacrifices they have to make. Most of us purchase clothes and do not think twice about where they came from, who made them, and impact it is having on our society. Stores such as H&M and Forever 21 sales clothes for very cheap prices; however, the more the prices are reduced, the more the environmental costs are raised. Our society revolves are materialism and most believe our clothing portrays who a person is, to a certain extent. If this is the case, our clothes may be saying more about ourselves than we think, if we are wearing clothes that workers in other countries are paying a price for.

Sweatshops Poor People Better Off Summary

In the book, Overdressed: The Shockingly High Cost of Cheap Fashion, Elizabeth Cline, a journalist and the author, writes about the lack of ability of disposal we currently possess for the massive amounts of textile waste. She wrote, “The rate of disposal is not keeping up with the availability of places to put everything that we're getting rid of and that's the problem." Millions of tons of textile waste are generated globally per year. There are many efforts to cut down the amount of waste by recycling, shredding, and exporting to developing nations. According to the United Nations, The US is the leading exporter of second-hand clothes. Very poor nations like India benefit greatly from imported second-hand clothing. These methods to cut back on textile waste are proven to work, but they don’t solve the problem, they just lessen it. Part of the problem with fast fashion and textile waste is that many of the clothes being mass produced are made out of cheap petroleum-based fibers. H&M received a lot of backlash for this, spurring them to release a more eco-friendly line of clothing, using organic cotton.

Walmart Working Conditions

Fifty years ago almost all clothes sold in the U.S. were made here. Now almost 98% of the clothes sold here are made in other countries. For big retailers like Walmart, and Forever 21 they are able to sell clothes at low prices due to clothes being produced in other nation “where labor and other costs are less expensive,” as stated in “The Real Cost of Fashion.” How this works? Well, an example from “The Real Cost of Fashion.” Says, “For example, it costs $3.72 to manufacture a denim shirt in Bangladesh. To make that same shirt in the U.S. costs $13.22. Lower costs mean U.S. stores can sell clothes for less and still make a profit. For U.S. shoppers, it means more clothes in their closets and more money in their wallets to buy other things.” But three years ago, a tragedy occurred in a building in Bangladesh. 1,127 workers died while about 2,500 workers were injured when the building collapsed. This building contained five factories which made clothes to sell in the U.S. and Europe. Officials then discovered the owner of the building illegally added more floors and let the companies place heavy gear that the building wasn’t sturdy enough to support. According to “The Real Cost of Fashion,” Bangladesh’s government “temporarily closed about 20 factories for safety violations. It also announced plans to raise the country’s minimum wage. Bangladesh has some of the lowest-paid workers in the world.” They get paid less than $2 day. It

Subheading Issues

The fashion industry fuels the message that “the way to solve your problems is to consume more.” Therefore, making people buy things they don’t really need. Currently there are “80 billion clothes sold a year” and “40 million garment workers.” This industry encourages people to buy things based of their wants and not their needs, sometimes people buy clothes they never wear in their life so this means that these poor people working in sweatshops are getting abused and producing clothes for no reason.

Dyed Chemical Water: A Case Study

With manufacturing moving overseas, we should realize that with it moves the dyed chemical water. Countries such as Bangladesh dump their wastewater in ditches that can be see when driving to textile mills and manufacturing plants (Cline, 2012, pg. 123). With environmental forces such as global warming, we are overlooking the waste the fashion world is creating. Instead of donating to The Salvation Army or Goodwill, “a tremendous amount of clothing is in fact not getting recycled but getting trashed” which means consumers aren’t realizing where their used garments are really going (Cline, 2012, pg. 123). Cellulosic fibers seem to be environmentally friendly because they come from cotton, flax, and bamboo. Even though these fibers start off

Why Do Bangladesh And The United States Of America Have Different Levels Of Development? Essay

Bangladesh is a small nation compared to other countries such as the USA. Bangladesh is located within Southern Asia, bordering with India and Burma. Bangladesh has a total area of 148,460 Square Kilometers. The Climate is quite hot due to the proximity to the equator. There are some natural resources such as Crude Oil, Natural Gas, Arable Land, Timber and Coal. The main Environmental Issues in Bangladesh are a lack of land forcing citizens to live in areas that flood a lot, Many Waterborne diseases, Overpopulation, Soil degradation and Deforestation.

Ethical Issues in the Fashion Industry Essay

Fashion is everything to society and the media. The fashion industry has transformed into a necessity in the life of people. Everyone wants to look good, feel fabulous and feel as if we belong with everyone else. The envy and desire to wear certain things and look a certain way all come, from wearing the latest fashion handbags, accessories, dresses, shoes, and the list goes on. But, when is considering fashion into an individual’s life going too far to the extreme? Many do not consider the whereabouts of fashion materials and how the environment is affected by the mere existence of certain garments. Some may believe these objects grow on trees. But that is clearly not the case. Even though it would be nice. The fashion industry as a

Cause And Effect Of Fashion

In today’s society, fashion rules the teen and young adult generations. Billions of dollars are spent each year on designer brands such as Gucci, Louis Vuitton, and Off-White. At the same time that these large amounts of money are being spent of materialistic aspects of fashion, people in third world countries are struggling greatly. Instead of money being spent on expensive clothing, it could serve a greater purpose by being donated to countries who are in dire need. Absurd amounts of money in first world countries are spent on designer brands, while third world countries struggle to even get their hands on any clothing.

Negative Influences Of Fashion

Teenagers are exposed to numerous different pressures of having perfect bodies, and attractive faces. Whether they get the advice from magazines, television, or the internet, many girls and boys want to achieve society’s idea of exquisiteness and “perfection.” Since these outlooks are huge supporters to the adolescents’ low self-esteems, these are the prime reasons for the high numbers of cases and operations done.

The Issue Of Sustainability Of The Apparel Industry Essay

There are a large amount of social and environmental problems within the global apparel industry.

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fashion is harmful essay

Essay On Negative Effects Of Fashion

Fashion and Its Impact on studies:- 1) Fashion: Definition:- (1) A popular or the latest manner or clothing , Hair ,beautifying or behavior. (2) A style of doing something in connected from we also say that fashion is the aspect of describe something. Who dictates the fashion? Traditional signs have always shameful what we are demanding ,but so have natural signs and capped crown. Red-top and slick blast on what Hillary Clinton costumes .Even people 1700s over fashion glossy to see current style. Organization:- To bend a list of correct trend with in the fashion industry, we bothered quantity probes connected to the uniform group and observed at their once-a-month volume. …show more content…

In this essay, the author

 It is way of colorful keep and analyze the concentration of life-time .  Having a greater mode sense of fashion can also help you financially or help you to get a job according to your taste .  Negative effects of fashion on students: IN spite of many positive effects fashion have many negative effects that are directly influence on students. It is believed that fashion is corrupt the young creative thinker and they are thinking about the new fashion trend and way of life to get these trends clothing and accessories all the time . However other negative effects of fashion on student include:  Fashion is highly effect the life of students. They spend a lot of their time and money on it, they waste their useful time which they should be spending on subject field .  At field of territory place they are not able to study properly because they spend a lots of time in checking cloths and other fashion styles of each other .  The styles or fashion of their favorite celebrity are also effect them very much. They often caught by smoking due to them .  Desire to look Nice can take over life history and

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fashion is harmful essay

The Negative Impact of Fast Fashion on The Environment and The Society

Table of contents

Fast fashion: argumentative essay, effects of fast fashion, what can be done, environmental issues, social issues.

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The Negative Impact of Fast Fashion on The Environment and The Society Essay

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In today’s day and age, websites are brimming with online catalogs. Stores like Forever 21, Zara and even H&M are all affordable places where people can get fashionable and trendy clothing at a low cost. This low cost, up to [...]

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fashion is harmful essay

Fashion Industry’s Challenges & Negative Effects Essay

Introduction, how it is challenging, how the fashion industry affects people.

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The fashion industry is one of the newest industries that deal with the trends of items to be worn. Initially, tailors and dressmakers made customized clothing. With the advancement of technology, mass and specialized production of clothing was realized. Notably, the fashion industry consists of four critical processes, which include production of raw materials, designing and production of fashion goods, rigorous marketing, and retail sales. In this regard, the fashion industry has grown through various levels to address the needs of clothing among customers. The fundamental levels of the fashion industry include Haute couture, luxury segment, affordable luxury, mainstream brands and discount brands (Wilson 2011, p.24). For this reason, the fashion industry has influenced the manner in which both men and women are observed in society, but specifically focusing on women. When undertaking the sales and marketing of fashion products, the body images of models used is critical. As a result, the average people especially women are discriminated against. However, the fashion industry has taken into consideration the impacts of the practice and has adopted means to challenge its negative effects.

Based on the negative effects of the fashion industry on women, there are varied steps that have been taken to counter the discrimination. Since the inception of modeling, which stimulates the advertising of fashion products, skinny models are repeatedly used. After the realization of the negative effects it has on women’s attitudes and behavior, countermeasures have been adopted. Firstly, many fashion shows have banned the use of skinny models. In this regard, average women are used to illustrating the beauty of the fashion products being displayed (Manlow 2007, p.85). Furthermore, varied fashion products that meet the needs of many consumers are produced. Therefore, this trend discourages women from struggling to attain unrealistic body images, which are displayed by media or in shows.

Media manipulation of models is another crucial element that has been addressed by the fashion industry. On this note, the media continuously uses technology to alter the reality of beauty among women when marketing fashion products. For instance, fashion blogs, television adverts, and social networks adopt Photoshop software to change the body sizes of models used. Therefore, most businesses are regulated from exaggerating the reality of the models used in the fashion industry. In addition, the fashion industry undertakes publicity programs that demonstrate the real beauty of fashion products amongst varied body sizes of women. This has significantly reduced the negative effects of the fashion industry on women.

Multiple challenges exist in the struggle to reduce discrimination against average women in the fashion industry. Primarily, the fashion industry uses the media to present its ideal products. In this case, women with the generally accepted model size of fourteen are used. This is influenced by the need to attract and retain consumers who buy fashion products. The skinny models are used mainly because of their flexibility and attractiveness to the eyes of the audience (Espejo 2010, p.121). Therefore, when defining the nature of beauty amongst women, skinny models are used as the reference body. For this reason, most women begin struggling to attain the acceptable standard body sizes at a tender age. This outcome is only realized through under-eating, consumption of pills, and physical exercises. Despite this strenuous process, the majority of women do not realize their objective. Evidently, such practice leads to disparities and discrimination among women. In addition, the use of skinny models in media, runway shows, and fashion spreads instill impractical body images for the audience. Thus, it escalates the negative effects of the fashion industry.

Skinny models used in fashion industry

Espejo, R 2010, The fashion industry: opposing viewpoints , Greenhaven Press, Detroit.

Manlow, V 2007, Designing clothes: culture and organization of the fashion industry , Transaction Publishers, New Brunswick.

Wilson, R 2011, Fashion industry , Rosen Central, New York, NY. Sources of Illustrations

Fig. 1 ‘Fotosearch’, 2010, Web.

Fig. 2 ‘click your hobby’, 2011. Web.

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IvyPanda . (2022) 'Fashion Industry’s Challenges & Negative Effects'. 31 January.

How harmful Fashion is?

fashion is harmful essay

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Essay Service Examples Business Fashion

Fast Fashion Essay: Reasons Why It is a Problem

A popular trend in clothing in a particular place during a specific time period. Inexpensive clothing is created based on fashion trends, which encourages clothing disposal as a result of its fast-response system.

Started and influenced due to competition among clothing brands and to increase profit. Large apparel brands such as Zara, H&M, Uniqlo, and GAP would produce cheap, low-quality clothes consist of synthetic chemicals and non-sustainable dyes. These large companies manufacture their products in 3rd world countries, where the working conditions are poor, wages are low and production is bad for the environment. The clothes are then shipped to stores in Europe and North America to be sold for very low prices. Low prices encourage consumers to buy more for less, only for the clothes to end up in landfills. The decay of synthetic garments in landfills is detrimental to the environment. Dyeing and printing consume tons of water and chemicals and it also releases numerous volatile agents into the atmosphere that are harmful to our health.

With the increase of clothing production, many items are discarded and eventually thrown out after a few uses for new weekly trends. These disposable items create numerous harmful impacts on the environment, including increasing greenhouse gas emissions through landfill pollution. These great amounts of clothing waste also help contribute to global warming through water pollution. The different types of fibers used to produce clothes all have their own negative impacts. Synthetic fibers have sustainability issues and aren’t able to naturally degrade that pollutes the oceans. This harms the wildlife because various animals can consume plastics which can kill them due to the toxic compounds inside.

The different levels of government are taking the initiative to minimize the environmental impact of fast fashion. At the municipal level, Markham bans clothes, sheets, towels, curtains, and shoes from trash bags. Instead, residents drop them off at city-run street-side collection bins. Anything collected is donated to the Salvation Army and the Canadian Diabetes Association. At the provincial level, Ontario MPP Donna Skelly calls on her government to implement a province-wide stewardship program to put an end to the fast fashion cycle. At the federal level, the government requires retailers to pay taxes and duties on all imported garments. If a garment goes unsold, companies can either discard it at a landfill, and the import duty is refunded since the garment is considered unused, or recycle the material, which makes it “used” according to the government, and the duty is not refunded.

A Canadian brand called “Wallis Evera” uses hemp on its garments. It is a natural fiber (instead of a petrol-based fiber like nylon, acrylic, or polyester), and they are incredibly durable and also biodegradable. Hemp also requires very little water and no harmful pesticides, insecticides, or fungicides.

In 2007, Kelly Drennan founded Fashion Takes Action, the only non-profit organization in Canada focused on promoting sustainability in the fashion industry and among consumers. Hosting conferences like WEAR (World Ethical Apparel Roundtable) and Eco Fashion Week were also promoting a brighter future in the textiles industry.

fashion is harmful essay

Big brands are starting to take notice. Nike, H&M, Burberry, and Gap have all recently signed up for the Make Fashion Circular initiative. It aims to improve the industry’s record on sustainability and reduce global waste from fashion by recycling raw materials and products.

These policies are helping bit by bit, but they have not solved the overall issue of Fast Fashion. Fast Fashion is still a global issue, and it won’t ever go away and stop until everyone becomes aware. We need to promote more NGOs on our social media because they encourage emerging designers to pursue sustainable (not fast) fashion. But most importantly, the government should focus more on educating people about the consequences and impacts of cheap clothing, then Fast Fashion would become easier to solve.

We think that the previously stated methods towards solving this issue are very effective, but it would be very beneficial to the environment if consumers learn to purchase less or what’s necessary and to make better use out of what they currently have.

Consumers could simply change shops and buys at stores that aren’t engaged in fast fashion and purchase higher quality items that consist of harmless fabrics. Eco-friendly clothing items that are made out of organic fibers are so beneficial to the environment. Although they’re pricier, it would be worth it in the long run as they are less harmful and are more breathable.

Consumers should wear their clothes fully until they can’t be used. Once that happens, rather than throwing your clothes out, it’s a great idea to recycle your clothes because it’s very easy and doable. For example, if a sweater or a t-shirt gets too small or old, you could cut pieces out of it to make a new item, like mittens, or transform it into a “trendy” crop top. This prevents these items from contributing to landfill pollution and water pollution. It also allows people to become more resourceful and think more about how they can help the environment.

Lastly, cooperative interactions between customers and fashion companies can really help build a relationship that will allow them to collaboratively and more effectively work towards fixing this issue. If both consumers and the fashion industry continue on with their efforts and further promote awareness in Fast Fashion, we believe that there would be a list of positive results about this issue.

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Cultural appropriation is a crime in the fashion industry that many fashion designers can be considered guilty of. It is defined as “the act of taking or using things from a culture that is not your own, especially without showing an understanding or respect the culture” by the Cambridge dictionary. One of the perpetrators of this act being Valentino through his Spring 2016 collection; inspired by tribal African motifs from which the collection derives its name – ‘Wild Africa’. Another...

Fashion, throughout history, has been and still is ever-changing and evolving however periods clearly separated in chronology and that are distinguishably different can have similarities as well. Throughout this essay, both the periods of World War I and World War 2 will be compared and contrasted to that of the era of Dior’s ‘New Look’. Specifically, in relation to these times in history, this essay will explore ‘fashion on the ration’ in times of war and the excess of fabric...

Should the use of cultural codes and garments within the Western fashion industry be regarded as a legitimate source of inspiration or a blunt theft of cultural richness for the commercial use? Should culture be legally protected? Should Western designer limit their inspiration sources to the West? INTRODUCTION Style is an outlet for inventive articulation and an impression of individual and social character. Fashion designers progressively utilize cultural codes and garments as inspiration for their designs. Past media studies took...

There is a fine line that separates cultural appropriation from appreciation. In the fashion industry, this has been a controversial issue for a while now between models and the message that they are sending, on the runway and on magazines, by wearing cultural symbols as fashion items. The media has brought this issue into the light and shown a wide variety of views that society has on this topic; however, this is not a new occurrence, this subject dates back...

Throughout the world, Paris, along with London, has been known as the fashion capital of the world and has been that way for hundreds of years. France first began to recognise clothing as a business at the start of the 17th century with the introduction of the mass amount of exports of clothing products. Fashion in France was a booming business and was first noted as a heavy investment within the countries historic seams through the marvellous and grand clothing...

Many people in the U.S. have gotten used to our consumerist society and endlessly partake in it. We can declare to being constantly bombarded by visual stimuli, bear witness to the long lines for limited-edition collaborations between brands, splurging on clothes in-stores or online, and of course, seeing the crowds of people in stores during Black Friday trying to land a “good deal”. As much as consumerism has helped the economy, it has also had its negative consequences which have...

Monopolistic competition, by definition, is when an industry has many firms that offer similar products and services but not completely identical or the perfect substitute. In monopolistic competition, there are not many barriers to exit or enter— making it easy for many firms to sweep into the market and offer similar products. The perfect example of monopolistic competition is the retail and fashion industry— specifically fast fashion. The fashion industry is one of the biggest industries in the world with...

1910s The 1910s saw changes to the women’s dress silhouette, with narrow waists and corsets giving a slim and straight silhouette. Big hats were also popular. At the beginning of the decade, Orientalism was also on the rise, with draped fabrics and vibrant colours becoming popular. Only the most daring women adopted this style however as it really pushed fashion norms at the time, few would be seen wearing the harem trouser style developed in 1911. With WW1 beginning in...

The Victorian fashion era began with Queen Victoria’s reign started in 1837 and ended in 1901 upon her death. It marked a critical time in Britain’s history and around the world. The period saw many changes in fashion, including changes in styles, fashion technology, and the methods of circulation. Various movements in architecture, literature, and the decorative/visual arts as well as a change in approach of the traditional gender ‘roles’ also influenced fashion. Modesty and propriety were a very important...

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Effects Of Fast Fashion Essay

fashion is harmful essay

Show More When most people think about pollution, they picture chemical power plants or raw sewage, never their own clothing. The clothing industry is one of top polluters of the world. The manufacturing of fashion consists of harsh chemicals that are hazardous to the environment and consumes a lot of the world’s water. For example, cotton could take up to 5,000 gallons of water to just make a mere t-shirt and a pair of jeans. A popularized trend for fashion retail is creating clothes quickly that are on demand with cheap materials. This retail trend is calling fast fashion, and it is it is causing extreme harm to the environment. While fast fashion may be satisfying consumer, it is causing textiles to end up in landfills and leaving fast fashion retailers …show more content… For example, the fashion industry on average produces 2 million tons of waste and consumes 70 million tons of water each year. These numbers have only risen since fast fashion has become popularized. The water consumption is due to the production of apparel. On average, it takes about 7,000 litres of water to produce and dye one pair of jeans. The dyeing plants and textile mills are polluting bodies of water with chemicals around the world, mainly Asia. Polluting rivers in Asia are putting communities’ health near the rivers at risk. There are many chemicals being dumped into these rivers, including azo dyes, which is one of the main dyes used in the textile industry. After use of this dye it releases chemicals that cause cancer. The Citarum River, located in Indonesia, is one of the most polluted rivers in the world since it surrounded by multiple textile factories. Due to the multiple factories dumping their waste into the river it has become one big sewer. The toxins being disposed in the river are extremely harmful to the environment and communities. There were high levels of nonylphenol ethoxylates, which is used by the textile factories for dyeing and rinsing out the apparel. This is very toxic for people to come in contact with and will burn human skin and will kill aquatic life. Nonylphenol ethoxylates are not banned in the US, but there have been environmentally-safe alternatives

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Water pollution essay.

One of the most dangerous effects of water pollution is that it can lead into many infections, diseases and health issues that cause death. For instance, malaria is an illness caused by dirty water; it affects the kidney directly resulting to kidney failure. Another disease is the Travellers Diarrhoea. It is caused by sewage, non-treated drinking water; it affects the large intestine and also the liver. Imbalance in the life forms in water, when fertilizers are released into the water, the chemicals in them will lead into an abnormal growth in water organisms such as algae and marine plants, the abnormal growth will make them grow in a larger size which will block up the water ways, and thus blocking will prevent the sufficient oxygen needed by them from entering.…

Effects Of Water Pollution In China

The Pollution of the Yellow River In China, industrial plants and workers had been dumping toxic waste and sewage into the Yellow River for countless years. This water pollution had made a significant impact on the environment of the river and sea. The overpowering, deadly chemicals that were dumped in the Yellow River killed vast amounts of life in the water and endangered anything that drank from it, including the humans who lived there. Water is the most important necessity for life, and therefore it is imperative to have a clean source to drink from otherwise you are at risk of widespread diseases and even death. Under these circumstances, China is still struggling with the almost irreversible effects that came along with the toxins in…

The Effects Of Acid Rain On Aquatic Life

In general petroleum pollutes things in many ways. Oil spills from drilling wells are the most common forms of pollution to fresh water ecosystems. If petroleum oil spills into fresh water ecosystems it can be very detrimental to aquatic life organisms. The oil spills can be spilled into the soil in the ground killing not only aquatic life plants, but also plants outside of the water. As petroleum productivity increases, solvents and most importantly gasoline can be dissolved down drains and sewers.…

Water Pollution In Canada

“Every year, there are an estimated 3-5 million cholera cases and 100,000–120,000 deaths due to cholera (Enviropol).” This is completely outrageous and unfair to these people that have no option, but to drink this water. However, humans are infact the ones who are toxicating the water that they drink from by dumping industrial waste and all kinds of other trash. For this reason, they should deserve to drink this filthy water…

The Importance Of Water Pollution In Georgia

This putting us in more trouble than we already are. Industries dump their waste from the plant into streams and rivers. They are dumping toxic metals, chemicals and waste into open waterways. In effect to this, it is destroying our community, ecosystem, environment, and habitat. We need all of these to survive on this earth.…

The Consequences And Effects Of Air Pollution

Pollution is the introduction of a harmful material to any environment. This can be natural or produced by mankind. Some examples of natural pollutants may be the wastes of all animals, insects and birds, also mud, volcanic ash, etc. On the other hand we have the pollution created by humans. This is the one that has affected the environment in enormous ways, polluting not only the environment, but also ecosystems to, extinguishing tons of animals per minute, destroying land every were they need to place humans.…

Mercury Pollution

The poisonous are metals that dumped into rivers are extremely harmful to humans. The toxicity of mercury depends on its chemical form. The methylmercury is the most toxic form. It effects on the immune system, damages the nervous system, including coordination and the sense of touch, taste, and sight. Mercury poisoning is also a health risk for pregnant women, it affects the unborn child…

Research Paper On Water Pollution

Water pollution shrinks the amount of clean drinking water for everyone. Aquatic life is also being majorly affected by the pollutants in the water. Once it gets into one organism, it will get into most others in the food chain. Water pollution is extremely harmful to the environment, drinking water and all forms aquatic life. Water pollution poses a…

Fast Fashion Industry Analysis

“Fast fashion isn’t free. Someone, somewhere is paying” a famous quote by Lucy Siegle. Fashion has been a major theme of this century, and has become a way of individual’s expressing themselves and has turned into a recreational activity, but no one actually thinks about what cost society pays for this. Many clothing items bought in the United States today, happen to be manufactured in other countries. The price of clothing has many effects on the world, and might be cheaper in the US because people die in other countries to make it.…

Pollution In China, India, Russia, And Japan

Therefore this has caused thousands to seek medical treatments every year. Not only that but 40 present of all the lacks are too polluted the fish or swim in, overall each year 1.2 trillion gallons of wast gets dumped into the US water. In third there is India, India has the second largest pollution count in the world and has a huge growing economy. Around 1000 children die in India every year due to diseases caused from the polluted water. This is so serious that nearly 25% of all deaths in India are the result of the extreme air pollution.…

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