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46 Essay Prompts for Elementary Kids

Essay Writing Ideas for Elementary School Kids—

Journal writing is a time-honored pedagogical tradition, helping kids engage with their budding vocabularies, penmanship, and reading comprehension, all while getting to use their imaginations and process their own thoughts and feelings. In other words, journal writing rocks.

Essay Writing Prompts for Elementary Kids

That doesn’t mean any ol’ journaling session is effective, however. If you just toss kids down at their seats with notebooks and pencils and tell them to have at it, they’re likelier to produce rambling absurdity than they are well-constructed ideas. That’s not to say absurdity and freedom don’t have their place, because they do – but that’s what free-writing is for, not structured journal time.

With that in mind, here’s a starter list of essay writing topics that give your student’s structured journaling time some direction. Use these essay prompts for elementary students to help kids get better at personal essay writing, learn to use those budding language skills, and express their ideas more effectively!

Excellent Essay Writing Prompts for Elementary Kids

Elementary Essay Topics for Students

I hope you enjoyed these essay topics for kids.

More Writing Resources for Elementary Students

Until next time, write on…

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Sincerely, Jill creator and curator

Elementary Essay Prompts for Kids

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Spring Writing Prompts

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Writing prompts for elementary students

Get youngers students writing with our writing prompts for elementary students. If your younger students need some visual inspiration, we've also included a few visual elementary writing prompts.

Candy around the world

Minions for a week, flying carpet.

Writing Prompts for Elementary School Students

Tim Platt/Getty Images

Writing is an essential skill and an important part of elementary school studies. However, writing inspiration does not come easily to every student. Like adults, many children experience writer's block , particularly when an assignment is extremely open-ended.

Good writing prompts get students' creative juices flowing , help them write more freely, and ease any anxiety they may feel about the writing process. To integrate writing prompts into your lessons, ask students to choose one writing prompt each day or week. To make the activity more challenging, encourage them to write without stopping for at least five minutes, increasing the number of minutes that they devote to writing over time.

Remind your students that there is no wrong way to respond to the prompts and that they should simply have fun and let their creative minds wander. After all, just as athletes need to warm up their muscles, writers need to warm up their minds.

Elementary School Writing Prompts

If you're looking for more writing ideas, try our lists of journal prompts  or ideas for writing about important people in history like Martin Luther King Jr .

Watch Now: 12 Ideas for Great Persuasive Essay Topics

essay topics for elementary level

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50 Essay Topics for Kids

50 Essay Topics for Kids | image: notebooks and paper airplane

Hi friends! A while back, after I did a post of story ideas for kids , I got requests for essay topics for kids. I thought it was a little out of my wheelhouse, though, since I’ve never taught children. But then I thought, wait a minute…I’m married to someone who used to teach middle school English! So I invited Mr. Donovan to guest post today. Take it away, honey…

For these, I tried to think about 5th and 6th grade writing topics, but the truth is, most of these writing prompts would also work for kids much younger, and some of them would work for older kids. If you’re a busy teacher or homeschooling parent, I hope you find good ideas you can use.

While this list focuses especially on persuasive writing, it offers a wide range of subjects. I think many students will feel strongly about them since they know about them firsthand, and they may have fun writing about them. Some prompts may encourage students to try to persuade through the use of humor and personal stories, while others may lead them to compare and contrast two things or use logic and/or ethical arguments to support their points of view. Hopefully, their strong feelings will lead student writers to experience persuasive writing as an essential tool for their success.[spacer height=”20px”]

50 Essay Topics for Kids | fun creative writing prompts for busy teachers and homeschoolers (image: stack of spiral notebooks)

Personal Narrative Essay Ideas

Persuasive Essay Ideas

Compare and Contrast Essay Ideas

50 Essay Topics for Kids | image: Open blank notebook and pen

If you have other ideas for easy essay topics for middle school, let us know in the comments. And if you liked the list, please share them on Facebook, Pinterest, or Twitter—we appreciate it, and busy teachers might appreciate it, too! Thanks for reading this, and have a great day!

– Gill Donovan

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11 thoughts on “ 50 essay topics for kids ”.

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This is a great list for home schooling parents and self-paced learners. Thank you for sharing.

PS Please hit me back sometime with a comment on my blog

' src=

Hi! Thanks, Naomi! I’ll stop by your blog in just a sec.

' src=

These are so great! Thanks for posting Mr. Donovan! This list can also be used to connect with grandkids. If I answer some of these questions about my own life, the answers will likely be something of interest to my grandchildren and wouldn’t it be great to have them write on the same topics for me to read. Thanks again for your experiences with young people that make greater connection possible.

Thanks, Jessie! Interesting take on the list! I suppose I could actually use the list to connect with my own nieces and nephews.

' src=

These are fabulous! I often simply want my children to practice handwriting, but I’m at a loss when they ask me what they should write. This takes care of two problems with one awesome solution! Thank you!! 🙂

Hi, Lisa! So glad you can use it in this way. Thanks for letting me know.

' src=

as a mom of three boys, I find the list insightful into the minds of kids.

Good to hear this–as I was working on it, I kept circling back to try to decide whether or not the subjects would appeal to kids. So thanks!

' src=

Having taught thirty-one years in elementary school (many of those years in 5th and 6th grade), this is an awesome list. I would have used some of these for sure. Teachers are the biggest thieves.🤣

When we had creative writing time in my class, I always wrote too. I wanted my students to know that I looked forward to this time. Teachers set the atmosphere. After a time, the kids quit asking, “How much do we have to write?” and instead asked, “Mr. Springer, can we write about this?” Giving students time to share is another key to putting a value on the written word.

Thanks, Pete Springer! As someone who taught 6th grade for a year, I know what a fine achievement it is to bring students to want to write in class and to feel comfortable enough to share their writing. Sounds like you taught some wonderful classes. Great to hear you’d have used these.

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I have a essay website in tamil language and iam nearly out of content ideas, you give me a new list of essays for my website, thank you

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50 English Essay Creative Writing Topics for Kids in Middle School


Wondering which topic to pick up for your next essay? Essay writing is nowadays an essential task given to students of all grades. No matter how daunting it may appear to you essay writing allows students to build up a disciplined, logical and rational communication approach towards a topic. Before picking up an ideal essay topic, it is important for you to understand the characteristics of the essay.

What are Essays?

An essay is a formal piece of writing that may describe, analyze, argue, or present a writer’s opinion on a particular topic. An essay has three parts –

Introduction – It presents the essay topic to the readers. The last sentence of the essay is generally the thesis statement that states the writer’s perspective about the topic.

Body Paragraph(s) – There are generally one or more body paragraphs written in an essay which explain the topic introduced earlier in the introductory paragraph. The writer can provide examples, facts, and evidence to prove their points.

Conclusion – It presents a short summarized version of the essay and concludes what the writer expressed in the essay. A conclusion includes something for the readers that they may take up from the essay.

We understand writing essays could be an overwhelming task. Learn how to fight with procrastination  and develop time management skills here!

Types of Essays

An essay can be categorized differently based on its purpose, whether a writer wants to present their opinion, an argument, an explanation or convince the readers. No matter what type of essay you write you must be aware of the topic and to gain that knowledge you must research well. English essays for students are generally of four types –

Narrative Essays – These types of essays follow the concept of storytelling. As the name suggests, the writer narrates their experience in a narrative essay. There can be a number of fun essay topics in this category where you can explain bizarre incidents happened with you.

Descriptive Essays – These types of essays are explanatory in nature. They describe a place, object or any other concept. It is just like painting a picture – including the details and giving complete information about the topic to the readers.

Persuasive Essays – If you are a beginner in essay writing choose a simple essay topic for kids and follow the above-stated format for writing the essay. These types of essays are written to convince the readers about a particular idea or opinion of the writer. The writer needs to present a logical approach and support their arguments with facts and evidence.

Expository Essays – These essays provide a rational analysis of a topic. These essays can be argumentative, comparison-based or problem-solution based. The writer needs to include facts and evidence to support their arguments here. They do not involve the personal opinions of the writer but theories and facts.

Learn to write leave applications & personal letters here !

English Essay Topics for Kids

Do you know how important it is to choose an interesting essay topic? It can straightway put a good first impression on your teacher as they assess your essay. Moreover, it will be much easier for a student to prepare an essay if they topic intriguing for them. It’s time to end your search for Essay writing topics in English as we have brought you 50 best essay writing topics.

Our essay writers have brainstormed to come up with topics of English Essays for students and children that are not only informative but engaging.

Are you ready to begin with your essay? Pick up a topic that interests you the most and begins writing. All you need to do is a little research and give way to your creativity. Do not forget to maintain the format of essay writing. Make sure you write an eye-catching introduction and effective conclusion and we are sure that your teacher will assign you better grades.

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Writing Topics

How do I use writing topics in my classroom?

essay topics for elementary level

Do you want to inspire your students to write great narratives, essays, and reports? Check out these grade-specific writing topics organized by mode (explanatory, creative, and so on). Or search for writing topics that relate to a theme, such as “life” or “animals” or “family.”

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Explanatory writing.

Persuasive Writing

Narrative Writing

Response to Literature

Creative Writing

Research Writing

Business Writing

Personal Writing

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100 Elementary Writing Prompts Kids Will Love

100 Elementary Writing Prompts Kids Will Love With Printable

No matter what grade they are in, kids will love these fun and inspiring elementary writing prompts. The concepts are appropriate for all grades, and they will spark interest in kindergarteners and 5th graders alike.

Journal Prompts for Kids

These journal prompts will appeal to children of all ages. Kindergarteners may write a single word or sentence with help from an adult, while older kids may write short paragraphs.

Question Prompts for Elementary Students

Kids of all ages love open-ended questions that encourage them to think about their lives. These question writing prompts work for every elementary grade:

Fun and Funny "What if" Prompts

"What if" prompts get kids to use their imaginations, an important skill for a writer of any age. They'll love these fun writing prompts for kids, whether they write one sentence or a whole page:

Seasonal Writing Prompts for Kids

Kids' lives change with the seasons, from the clothing they wear to the outdoor activities they enjoy. These writing prompts have plenty of natural inspiration:

Entertaining "Finish the Story" Prompts

The key to getting children interested in writing is making it fun and imaginative. These exciting "finish the story" prompts will help them practice their creative writing :

Descriptive Writing Prompts

Descriptive writing helps kids practice the skills they need to write expository essays and narratives. These writing prompts for kids can help:

Opinion Writing Prompts

Making claims and forming opinions is important for becoming a critical thinker and mature writer. The key to inspiring great opinion writing is to ask questions kids care about:

Picture Prompts for Elementary Students

Picture prompts are a great way to inspire writing, especially for younger kids. These fun picture prompts will get those pencils moving. First, here is a set of prompts relating to dogs:

100 Elementary Writing Prompts Kids Will Love With Printable

Next, here are writing prompts that can accompany this whimsical image of a boy flying in a paper boat:

100 Elementary Writing Prompts Kids Will Love With Printable

Narrative Writing Prompts for Kids

Summarizing events and putting things in order help kids learn to organize their writing in a way readers can understand. Whether they're in kindergarten or 5th grade, these narrative writing prompts will help:

Poetry Writing Prompts

Creative writing lesson plans are a great way for kids to learn self-expression. These poetry prompts will fit in your lesson plan and work for any grade, although kindergarteners may need a little help from an adult:

Inspire Kids to Write

While these elementary writing prompts work for all ages, it's also good to inspire young students with prompts for their own grade. For instance, 1st grade writing prompts should be all about fun, giving reluctant writers the motivation to learn. As children get older, the writing world opens up. They need a variety of 4th grade writing prompts for everything from poetry to descriptive writing. No matter what age kids are, inspiring them to write is important work.

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Essay topics for 5th / 6th grade elementary school

Descriptions - experience report.

Feelings and thoughts

Fantasy essays

 The  Fantasy essays has much in common with the experiential narrative, but differs from it in one essential respect: in the fantasy narrative, the student is allowed to  transcend the boundaries of reality . It is intended to represent a fantastic experience in such a way that it is  although contains unrealistic elements ,  but does not drift completely into the irrational  and contradicts the laws of logic in every sentence. Exactly here lies for many students also died  particular difficulty of this type of essay : Quite a few overshoot the mark and get bogged down in stories that list a smorgasbord of fantastic elements in just a few lines (dwarves, magic powers, time travel, etc.) without building up a coherent plot. In this respect, it is important to incorporate the fantasy aspect into an otherwise realistic setting. Since this is often a great challenge for primary school students, one should only dare to tackle such a type of text at the entrance exam if one is a "professional essayist" and has received mostly good grades so far.


At the primary level, discussion texts do not yet have to be written. This is only required at secondary level. 

Essay topics 5th / 6th grade elementary school

Found the right topic? 

Then upload your essay now to have it corrected.

Choose topic yourself?

You can also write an essay on any topic from a past exam.

In this case, be sure to upload the chosen topic with the description so that we can evaluate the essay and see if the requirements have been met.

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The Top 20 Best Persuasive Essay Topics For Elementary School

Even our youngest students are not immune from the pressures of essay writing. While it is good practice for their later education years, and for teaching them how to argue for what they believe in, getting them to choose a topic can be extremely difficult. The key to making this a rewarding and non-punishing experience for your child is to help them make it fun. Fun is definitely relative, but here are twenty of the best persuasive essay topics that can be used in elementary school:

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