Personal Narrative Essay : A Beautiful Day Of My Life

Personal narrative essay : a beautiful day in my life.

One beautiful day i was feeding my horses and chickens, suddenly i spot something moving in the woods, i hear mom call for breakfast but i wanted to see what was moving out in the woods. I called back to mom “be right there”, and i headed toward it, i was near it, a moment later it was gone. I walked 1 step in the woods to make sure ,and i heard mom call “come on”

Personal Narrative Essay : The Best Day Of My Life

One hot and sunny day my parents, little brother, and I wanted to get out of the house. So we decided to got to the park and play on the playground. It was so hot outside that we were sweating just from standing but it was a great day. Not only was it was a great day but it was also a great day because it was the day I was going to ask my parents if we could get a dog. I was so excited to ask that I was getting goosebumps. I began to walk towards my parents and when I reached them I asked the question.” Can we get a dog please?” Both my mama and dad looked at each other and said one day we will be able to. It wasn’t a yes but it wasn’t a no, so I knew that there was a chance that I could get one.

Personal Narrative Essay: It's The Big Day

August 24, 2016, It’s the big day. First day of school! It was a big deal for me because it’s my first time attending school here at James Logan High School. I woke up early in the morning so I can get ready immediately, I don't wanna be late on the first day. When I got up, I feel like I don't want to go school and I just want to get some more sleep. Hahaha. Had breakfast then took a shower, I can't help myself from getting nervous because I'm new here, I keep thinking about what if I get lost? What if all of my classmates are good at English? What if I can't make any friends? I kept thinking about things as I get ready for school. Once I got dressed, I packed my lunch, then my father drove me to school. I tried to focus on what am I going to do. My first period is algebra, we were introduced and the teacher was nice

Personal Essay-Personal Narrative

Walking on the street on a cloudy day I decided to go to a coffee shop. I was talking to a friend and noticed someone awfully familiar. When I tried to identify, him he walked out and I rubbed it off as not important. Then I noticed he left his wallet on his table. I dashed out the door to look for him, he was nowhere to be found. I started to wonder will I ever be able to give his wallet back?

Personal Narrative Essay : A Personal Experience In My Life

I remember when it happened, it was a sunny day and I decided to take my new pink, sparkly bike and go for a bike ride along my newly paved street. I plopped on my helmet and began to peddle along the sidewalk. I could smell the sweet flowers as they whizzed by me, until I realized that I was no longer peddling. I pushed and pulled on the small brakes sitting on the handles as I began to speed down the hill. I could feel my heart beating out of my chest as I sped closer and closer to the electrical pole until I bashed into it.

A Personal Narrative Essay : The Life Of My Life

Wake up, eat, pasture the sheep, eat, and hit the hay. This was my routine for as long as I could remember and I was ok with that. Life was great just me and my fat sheep, that’s all I really needed and of course my cheese and milk . No one really came around because my kind is known to be wild savages and lawless, and there not completely wrong, I could never see eye to eye with anyone so it’s probably best that I lived solo. My home was a mountainous cave just right for my size. The rugged walls and hard floors to others might look uncomfortable but not to me, I was content as ever. Today started same as always I awoke and made my way out to the fields. The early morning rays of sun kissed the rolling hills and I stood still, captivated by the beauty. I took in the warmth that made the hair on my skin rise. I watched as two birds hovered in and out of trees singing a song of whistles on repeat. I made my way through the trees on the look for some more firewood with my sheep not far behind getting all chunky just for me. After hours out on the pasture I started to head home with my boughs on my shoulder and my sheep to the right of me. My day wasn’t over yet, I threw the wood in the cave and closed it up with the boulder I called a door. I took a seat and got to work milking my ewes and to be honest the job was pretty ew. I can’t complain though because that was my supper and man it tasted bomb. I finished all my chores and poked at the fire thinking that this day was

It was a Friday night as most outings are, when the accident happened. They’re still trying find out what happened and who did it. There was nearly 60 people there when it started, but when it ended there wasn’t nearly as many people as before. The town is still getting over the whole thing. I can hear the screams of everyone and the colour of the flames and the smoke coming out of the house. It took the fire crew half an hour to get there, and it wasn’t even outside of the town. Everyone involved is still in shock or trying to get over it like everyone else.

Personal Narrative Essay : The Life Of My Life

Lights; red and blue. Handcuffs; silver and waiting. A jail cell; cold and desolate. Each of these words describe things that a criminal would have seen before being introduced to their fate. What do a criminal and little Anna have in common? More than one would think, but that is to be explained later. Before I committed my deed, I would describe my childhood as a dreamlike bliss. I lead a pretty charmed life-two parents, a sister, a soon-to-be brother, and an iridescent, teal-colored room. What more could a seven year old ask for? But really, my life was pretty fantastic. I was a clueless little girl with a Dora Explorer(cultural allusion) haircut and larger than life bow to match. However, one day I made a dreadful mistake that haunted my childhood; I robbed the Easter Bunny. You're probably wondering how I could have possibly robbed something that doesn’t exist, but my seven year old self would tell you otherwise in a heartbeat. To me, the day I robbed the very real Easter Bunny was a day I will never forget.

Personal Narrative Essay : My First Day In My Life

It was a beautiful Monday morning. The dew on the grass and the smell of fresh flowers made everything appear great, except for the fact that my mom wasn’t feeling well. I knew something was wrong, because she’s never sick. She is the type to deal with pain and not bother anyone about it, so when she said she was skipping work, I got worried. She told me to get ready for the bus, but I refused. I needed to help her. I was an only child and my dad died when I was younger. If I left her, she’d be all alone. I gave her some Aspirin for her headache, suggested she lie down, and told her I wasn’t going to leave her side. She demanded (in her quiet, kind voice) that I must go to school. I didn’t want to argue with her, so I finished getting ready and walked down to my bus stop. As I was waiting for the bus, I felt a sense of concern. “Should I be leaving?” I thought. As the bus approached, I stood up tall, took a deep breath and hoped that this day would get better.

Personal Narrative Essay : My Experience In My Life

It was the last day of summer and were was headed over my Aunt's house to spend the day with them, It was a nice and beautiful day. The sun was shining, and the leaves on the trees were moving. As we arrived we saw My cousin’s were outside Playing around. They were running around, and having a great time. “I thought maybe I should go out there and play with them. So I went outside as well with my older cousin, he told me he wanted to teach me how to ride a bike for the very first time. I thought “ this was gonna be pretty scary”.

Personal Narrative Essay : A Beautiful Day In The Day

It was early in the morning. We had just finished packing up our tents and camping gear. My hands were dirty and messy from playing in the dirt in front of the picnic table. We had been camping with the girls in my church. I had an amazing time.

Personal Narrative Essay : The Day That Day In My Life

As I walk out the door all alone… Thud Thud I hear loud footsteps like someone was walking towards me. I turned around and all I saw were the leaves falling off the trees and pure silence. I tell myself I’m hallucinating. I look to my front and start walking. A mysterious man was walking towards me. He was dressed in all black from head to toe. With his black sunglasses on, I couldn’t tell if he was looking at me. I started to shiver but he passed me. I suddenly turned around to see if he was looking back at me. But he wasn’t there anymore. I started wondering if all the things I saw were just hallucinations. At that moment I heard a loud scream. I thought it sounded like a girl. I immediately took my phone out and began dialing 911. I turn around not knowing what to do and I see the man holding a baseball bat. Then everything went blank.

“Yay, you can do it now,” exclaimed my mom as I was riding my bike for the first time without training wheels. We were in our neighborhood on a sunny afternoon in summer. My mom was watching me with excitement in your eyes of what I could do. I was on my pink princess bike, at this time I was 5 ½ years old. I was riding my bike in front of our house and around the circle. My dad was cutting the grass, but stopped and watched me for a minute or two and started clapping as I ride my bike. I went inside to get a drink, but I was back outside in a flash because I didn’t want to get away from my bike. I didn’t want to get away from my bike because it was the best thing that has ever happened to me.

Personal Narrative Essay : A Beautiful Day

One beautiful day, I was feeding my horses and chickens, suddenly I spotted something moving in the woods. I heard Mom call for breakfast, but I wanted to see what was moving out in the woods. I called back to Mom, “Be right there!” and I headed toward the woods anyway, I neared it, and a moment later the shadow was gone. I stepped into the woods to make sure, and I heard Mom call, “Come on, your Pancakes are getting cold.”

The Story of My Life Essay

This explains the beginning of my life all the way to the end of my life. My life from the beginning was very fun as I grew up living with my mom’s friend and my friend. But there were a lot of fights and I was very hyper back then. I have ADHD so back then when I was little; I was very hyper and wouldn't stop moving around the place. I always was annoying back then and never seemed to get my homework done at school.

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A Beautiful Day Essay

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Taylor White Sonic Bloom 2013 Sonic Bloom is a beautiful extravagant festival in a tiny mountain town near Glen-Woods Spring in Colorado. People from many areas of Colorado drive hours and hours to come to this beautiful festival. People from out of state take days to travel just to come together to enjoy three days. Everyone is here for one specific thing, which is the love for music. Music is something that people can understand and use to connect with one another. That’s honestly what festivals…

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Adventus The day was dawning. A huge crowd of Romans was filling the streets of the city. On the bank of the river Tiber, where many granaries were situated, grain was being unloaded from ships by dock-workers. Slaves, who had been imported from Africa by slave dealers, were being lead from ships, bound by heavy chains. A beautiful girl came out of one ship, which just now had arrived from Greece. She was holding a letter written to Haterius in her hands. Her luggage was being carried by a slave…

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Eng. 111 White page 1 5/24/13 Professor Geary “It’s so beautiful” What is beauty? If you think it’s just the girls on the cover girl commercials or maxim magazines, you couldn’t be more wrong. The Merriam-Webster definition would say “the quality present in a thing or person that gives intense pleasure or deep satisfaction to the mind, whether arising from sensory manifestations.” Often a shape, a sound, maybe a person. I believe everything has a…

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september 16, 2013 ok well, it’s “just another day” and usually people that you haven’t talked to in months go on and on about how great of a friend you are and how they wouldn’t know where they would be without you. that’s pretty gay if you ask me, but maybe it’s ok to be gay for a day. i don’t know, i think you’re pretty rad and you have an amazing taste in music. you’re also attractive, not sure if you think so, but i do. i like how your eyes are two different colors/sizes. i like how your…

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udhtjduhnr db f f b r r r t t tb tbf bf. fbrn jdnff f f r t t r. r r fbfbfdhdhjsnejfbfnnfnfhfbb f fjfjffjfjjfjrjrjhrrhrhfht g ryhydhuy Xnrbr d d. d d d dnd gk c vn fnf cfngfjd, v hvnchcn cnv. vnv vb vhfnfhfnfh fbd fnf. Fbfnhfbfbfbf fhfbbf fbf bfbvhjrghdbfv yr ndnfhfnnfnfnnhhdhrbfhhfnfbfbfbfbbfbf bfbf dbnd Ndbfbfb f f hfhdhdhfhgrgrgrgrgg re ydhdhrhrhhrhf3hryfbf bc fndbbf d f f dbbdbfhrh&hhhhhh&h&&hhhhchcjdnnfh db bf hrhrhh r hfhfhfhfhfhfhhfhfhfhfhhfhfhfhfhfhhfhfhfhhfhfhfhhfhfhfhfh hehrhdjdidjdjufjrurjdn…

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Doug Teague Jenny Box English Composition 1 17 November 2014 A Perfect Day in the Deer Stand There are so many things to enjoy in the deer stand such as listening to all animal noises around you, watching the sun rise or set, or watching some of God’s beautiful creation. When I sit in the deer stand, I enjoy listening to the animals walking through the woods and making their distinct sounds. The sun rise and set are two of the most amazing things…

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A Beautiful Day at the Park

essay on beautiful day

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It was an ordinary Friday afternoon, just like other ordinary afternoons. The sun was shining brightly, provoking a yearning within me to enjoy the outdoors. I positioned myself on one of the two wicker lounge chairs. They sat diagonally on the front porch, allowing the perfect angle for me to bask in the daylight. After fidgeting to get comfortable, I cradled my belly while tucking into myself and let the day seize me. Birds chirped high in the trees while a gentle wind rustled the leaves. The sun’s rays embraced me like a warm blanket, leading me into the solitude of my own daydreams.…

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Flecks of sunlight would flutter through the branches, playing peekaboo before hiding again. The warmth of a summer day was like a blanket in winter and I fell in love with the way the comforting heat made me feel. It was inescapable. I felt nothing but peace during those walks. Often I’d lay my back upon the hard…

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Upon arriving at the state park, the beautiful trees of autumn welcome you along with the variety of faces unfamiliar to you, walking around care-free. The trunks of the trees were all sorts of sizes with multitude colors; the trees were particularly brown, like milk chocolate. While some trees were bare, others possessed a thick collection of leaves, fanning out like the mane of a lion. The collection of people walking among the fallen autumn leaves creates an everlasting sound—swish, swish, swish. The faint sound of the lake brushing against the sand murmurs in the distance, inviting you to…

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We begin our story in the small, beachy forest town of Nopicopolople (pronounced Nop-ee-cop-el-lop-el). Every day, the sun rose brightly over town, and waves crashed upon the beach, creating ripples in the sand. The cool breeze swept over the grass, carrying the sweet scent of dandelions and lavender with them. Every night, the moon shone brightly, letting the sun rest, ending the day with an alluring sunset.…

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The thick tree lines and vast open fields bring a sense of freedom and grandeur. The brilliant light shining like beacon of hope with the soft calming breeze flowing across the field is refreshing and pure like a baby after a warm bath. The air seems to be free and clear of the city’s poisonous air pollution and the soft sounds of birds makes it all too refreshing, like a beautiful day on the beach. With quiet clean monuments and buildings dancing across the landscape, the look of peace and quiet seems to be present at last. As the blue crisp skies begin to darken across the brilliant blue pond, the shimmering light hitting the trees is as beautiful as the sun setting on the Catalina Island on a bright blue day with soft clouds flowing across the sky. I have the taste of fresh fruit on my tongue in my mouth as I take a long deep breath, and realize how much the soft green grass adds to the peacefulness in the park. I can hear the cheerful wildlife scampering beyond the tree line, like young children frolicking in their mother’s front yard. As the quiet darkness sets in, and with the city brilliant lights in the background, the serene park makes the bustling city seem peaceful once…

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While sitting at the shoreline I am reminded why the beach is my peaceful spot, with the screeching sounds of seagulls scurrying about for food along the shore line, the smell of barbeque cooking, loud music coming from the jeeps passing by, and families coming together. Being relaxed and at peace I allow myself to drift off for a peaceful nap. I am soon awoken by the tide coming in, I open my eyes, and to my surprise, I see the setting sun hanging in the sky like a red-orange balloon off in the distance. I find myself alone on the beach. The surf has ceased to crash on the shores, the placid waves gently roll onto the sand. The sky is transformed into a colorful horizon; filled with endless streams of purple and…

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I looked around. It was a peaceful day. The sun beat down on my exposed neck through gaps in the trees, and the leaves rustled lightly in the breeze. I closed my eyes for a second to admire the subtle sounds and smells of nature.…

A Beautiful Day

information about how people treat one another in society in terms of: power, individualism, masculinity, rule-orientation…

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Justice, behavior, influences and growing up are the themes in the short story “Sunday in the park”, written by Bel Kaufmann. We meet a family in a park on a Sunday afternoon. What was supposed to be a nice trip turns into a conflict.…

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On a hot and muggy morning day, my brother and I decide to go outside of my grandfather’s house into the backyard. Once we open the door, we see to our attention, a mass amount of deer just sitting around in the backyard. We decide not to move and sit down to watch. My father and grandfather came out quietly to see what we were looking at, but once they got out on the porch they’re eyes widened. My grandfather’s backyard had turned into a hangout spot for deer’s to cool off on a muggy day. This particular day was a hot day, but a cool one as well, because we all sat under a horizon of trees that shaded us from missing this rare moment. A moment where there was complete silence, yet so many words were said.…

In the short story, “Sunday in the Park” by Bel Kaufman, a mother and father are relaxing at a park on a Sunday afternoon with their child, Larry, who is playing in the sandbox. Everything was seemly peaceful until another child playing in the sandbox throws sand at Larry. Larry’s mother tells the other child not to throw sand and to her surprise the child’s father encourages him to continue throwing sand. The mother was rendered speechless by the father of the child’s lack of empathy, and so the father of Larry, Morton, decides to step in. When Morton tries to reason with the other father, he goes threatened with “’You and who else?’“(Kaufman 1) Feeling intimidated, Morton decides to retreat with his family. The mother criticizes Morton for being weak and not being able to stand up for the family and his son. Enraged and embarrassed the father complains about the mother’s way of disciplining the child and tries to take it upon himself to properly discipline his son. The mother not wanting him to scold or discipline their son in anyway, threatens him with the same threat that the father of the other child said.…

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In summary, where will I ever find a place so majestic yet serene? No place will ever replace my time in the woods. Time will never stop to let me be out there forever, so I’m going to enjoy while it lasts. The ridges form my heart, and the creeks running through them my blood. The fall leaves drifting down the stream represents the colors of my blood, soft, sweet, and loyal. After all, never will I find a place that’s as close to my heart as the woods in the luscious…

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I walk out onto the dew filled grass. I can feel the dampness beneath my feet. I can smell the aroma of lilacs blooming around me, the birds chirping gracefully, the rising sun so beautiful, peeking over the vast trees, nothing but the sounds of nature.…

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I went to check on my brothers and they were ready to get me from tossing water at their face then I ran and from them, and I saw the living room door was open I went there, I couldn’t believe my eyes the house was shining sparkles and decorated and the smell made me sleep,but not Sam my brother he was trying to take a cookie secret but I caught him and he said I didn’t touch even though I didn’t say anything but I thought to take one to we all sat in the couch looking are the living room the picture they paint and cool decoration, we all ready except my brother my mom made them eggs and dad in bathroom they ate after that got ready went out to go to the car we buckled up and head the road I was excited during the ride and ready to go to the mosque finally 10 minute ride went out from the car the car and the men's go to the 1st mosque and the women go to the mosque beside it got there went to the men’s mosque it was crowded got started to pray we finish allot of people start shaking hand giving money (the best part) and I looked through the window and saw behind the mosque is jumping houses I was so excited I waited until it was ready and they started passing treats and they gave me one and they made an announcement that the jumping houses are ready, I went up to my dad and said, “Can I go he smiled then he said you can go.” Sam and I rushed to get their and took my shoe off while…

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My parents opened up the new restaurant with the party money and my family got the business going. When i turned 15 i didn’t want to celebrate my birthday because I wanted a party and not just a plain party. One day when it was just me and my dad and my mom at home they were saddened by the fact that we didn’t get to celebrate my turning of age, so they made me a promise and said, ” when you turn 16 we can throw you a quinceanera.” I was hesitant at first because i cant turn 16 and have a sweet 15 it just wouldn’t make sense but then i thought to myself that i should be grateful for what my parents do for me. So, we started planning the party once again. I didn’t want to get my hopes up once again just so something could ruin…

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My family always has something planned for me whether it is going out to have dinner, or just cooking an amazing dinner at home. As I had driven back home, I had a huge smile on my face from the excitement of being able to spend my day with my family and my boyfriend. Unfortunately, when I had gotten home from school, there was nothing planned for my birthday. My birthday was proceeding very unpleasant, which was not what I was expecting. “I will take you to the mall and let you buy…

Personal Narrative: My Trip To Tennessee

So it was getting closer to Thanksgiving because that next day was the day for us to get Thanksgiving dinner ready. I had everything and i really enjoyed being in the kitchen with my aunt Rhonda but I didn't know my aunt invited some friends of hers over for Thanksgiving dinner. Some how things started to come up missing and it became one big mess people started blaming others for their things that's missing or either arguing over it. So my big brother Rob, and i went on to investigation mode to find out what I already knew was true but he just wanted to be sure. Even though I knew who was stealing things I wanted to be sure too also i wanted everybody else to know and see what i saw in those people that's the reson why i kept my distance from them.…

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essay on beautiful day

Descriptive Essay On A Beautiful Day

Epilogue to john steinbeck's of mice and men.

The woodlands by the ranch were peaceful, not alarmed by the breeze of death and sorrow that followed the men as they marched through the canvas of green. Alerted by the footsteps of the men, the rabbits scuttled back into their burrows. The trees swayed in the glistening sunlight that bounced between them, igniting the woodlands with light. It was quiet, but death intruded on this harmonious atmosphere. Laying in the arms of George, Lennie looked as calm and peaceful as a kitten cuddling its owner. Unlike George, Lennie looked the opposite. Sadness crept up his face and regret shone in his eyes. He was feeling anything but calm and wanted to scream at any possible second. Flowing through his mind were the memories of him and George. He remembered

Theme Of Archetype In Catcher In The Rye

In J. D. Salinger's novel The Catcher in the Rye, the coming of age archetype is inevitable, as the protagonist matures greatly throughout his physical journey. Holden started off as as sad as night, with aimlessness, pain and depression. He did not pretend the process of mourning was simple, and blind his eyes to the difficulty of accepting the loss of his brother. However, the truth is divulged here, proving to mourn, as painful and mentally agonizing. He could not easily move on with his life, go to school and make friends, when Allie was gone, forever. Dark thoughts spiraled out of control in the protagonist’s mind, constantly disrupting his state of tranquility, giving way to his physical journey. Grieve caused this dispatched sense of

Foreshadowing And Allusion In Desiree's Baby By Kate Chopin

“Desiree’s Baby” is a short story written by Kate Chopin. In “Desiree’s Baby,” Desiree is found by the Valmonde’s family, not knowing what her origin was, they took her in. Desiree grew into a gentle and loving young woman. The young owner of the neighboring plantation, Armand Aubigny, fell in love with her at first sight. Armand Aubigny and Desiree got married and had a child together.As the child was three months old, Desiree notice a difference in Armands behaviour, he was distancing from Desiree and the child. Desiree was getting axitions and mad of what was Armand behavior thoughts her and the child. Desiree was sad and wrote to Madame Valmonde. Madame Valmonde told her to come home with her child. Desiree talks to Armand if she is allowed to go back home. Desiree says good-bye to Armand and goes to the deserted field with her child and never came back. Armand was burning all of Desiree’s and the child’s materials into the bonfire. Then he found some letters from Desiree, but one was from his mother to his father, the letter said that she was grateful that Armand would never find out his mother was of slave heritage (Chopin). In “Desiree’s Baby, “ Kate Chopin uses imagery, foreshadowing and allusion to develop the ominos, mystery and sad story.

Ironic Genre In David Foster Wallace's Shipping Out

In our society, most of the time people would love to have attention and services pampered constantly but this is not something that people will receive every day. In Shipping out by David Foster Wallace, the reactor is being addressed by the idea of being overly pampered. You may have guessed by reading the subtitle that it is “on the (nearly lethal) comforts of a luxury cruise,” in the Caribbean, but the level of dangerousness cannot be determined until the reader has seen through Wallace's eyes.

The Bogeyman Stephen King Analysis

“The Boogeyman” is a short story written by Stephen King. The short story can be found in his horror story collection “Night Shift.”

Literary Analysis Of Louise Erdrich's 'Captivity'

Captivity is defined as the state of being imprisoned or confined. A tragic experience is given a whole new perspective from Louise Erdrich 's poem, “Captivity”. Through descriptive imagery and a melancholic tone, we can see the poem and theme develop in her words. Erdrich takes a quote from Mary Rowlandson’s narrative about her imprisonment by the Native Americans and her response to this brings readers a different story based off of the epigraph. Louise Erdrich compiles various literary devices to convey her theme of sympathy, and her poem “Captivity” through specific and descriptive language brings a whole new meaning to Mary Rowlandson’s narrative.

Compare And Contrast Equiano And Rowlandson

The worst bearing of both Rowlandson and Equiano has to face was being separated from their own love ones. Rowlandson was separated from her family and relations when her village was attacked then eventually lost her only child that was with her. Nevertheless, Equiano also endured tormented pain when he was parted from his sister while she was the only comfort to him at once. He was a young boy in a fearful atmosphere with nothing to convey a positive perspective. “It was vain that [they] besought than not to part us; she was torn from [him], and immediately carried away, while [he] was left in a state of distraction not to be describe”. Considering both Rowlandson and Equiano experiences their feelings contributed to each personal

Hispanic Team Changes Small Town Attitudes By William L. Holmes

I believe the first way would be the soccer team these kids are on, the War Eagles in Tangerine, seem to mimic this one very much. The first way being that this team in the article, The Jets are champions, just like the War Eagles in Tangerine, and both have an impeccable record, game wise. Another way I feel that both teams connect, is the chemistry, between teammates, the team in the article seemed to get along very well, encouraging and complimenting each other. I feel that the team in Tangerine, also does this. The final thing I noticed, was how both teams were mocked by opposing teams. In the book, the War Eagles are mocked by the opposing team in the stands, but together they get through it , and played a great game. In the article the Jets are mocked because they’re Hispanic. While it’s for two different reasons, I feel that both teams got through this challenge, and used the crudeness to make them even more determined than they were

Ray Bradbury's The Foghorn

For as long as man has known fear, lusus naturae have terrorized our imaginations: some entirely legendary; others based on bigoted knowledge. Folklore of many ancient beasts, for instance dragons, have lasted generations. Indeed we know devils do not exist, but they serve purposes other than scaring; they educate. From monumental leviathans, such as Ishirō Honda’s Godzilla, who informs of fissionable threats, or Ray Bradbury’s plesiosaurus, who gives a window en route lonely minds, to insentient revulsions, exemplified via Robert Louis Stevenson’s Mr. Hyde, monsters give mosaic slants that allegorically educate.

Sonny's Blues And Antigone Comparison

When one thinks of the "Good Life", one typically thinks of the end goal: a happy life. However, pursuing the "Good Life" contains many obstacles that can either break you or make you stronger. In "Sonny 's Blues" and Antigone, there are characters that struggle with having different values from others, representing a conflict between individual and society. These stories have characters that put themselves first, and because of this they suffer consequences. While Antigone and "Sonny 's Blues" have very different plots, the tension shown in them between individual and society is extremely similar.

The Contrast Of Kate Chopin's The Story Of An Hour

When Richard’s heard the news of her husband’s death, he assumed Mrs. Mallard would be devastated. While everyone knew Mrs. Mallard was “afflicted with heart trouble” (57), him and her sister, Josephine, wanted to give her the news with “great care” (57). Josephine broke the news to Mrs. Mallard in “broken sentences”

Isolation In 'Of Mice And Men'

Stienback uses setting to symbolize dehumanization, loneliness and loyalty to convey a themes of isolation and how the American Dream isn’t achieveable for everyone.

Water Symbolism In Beloved

A character’s actions have a deeper meaning than what is written. In Toni Morrison’s Beloved, Beloved and her actions appear to have a deeper and symbolic message than what is put on paper. Beloved is believed to be the manifestation of Sethe’s late child. Her actual origin is unknown, but when she is first introduced, she is described emerging from a body of water. Throughout the book, her actions both appear to be harmful to the community around her, but she also aids those close to her. Beloved herself is interpreted as a symbol for past and present day times. The story of Beloved focuses on the experiences of an embodied spirit. Her traits are trying to balance between good and bad as those around her are aided in her presence.

Beautiful Place Essay

It is somehow hard for us to discover the beauty of nature in Hong Kong, the hustle and bustle city. Only when we put the work or stress away temporarily, can we truly feel how beautiful the place we are living is. As a pessimistic person, I often get stressed easily. Usually I would put myself in a quiet place, away from the crowds and the hardship I am facing. Tai Po Waterfront Park is the place that cheers me up.

Memorable Day Essay: A Memorable Day In My Life

A memorable day I my life is when I first found out I was a diabetic. I was scared and didn’t really understand what was happening. I was too sick, and for the most part out of my mind. But, what I do remember is a lot of pain and a few visitors. It wasn’t the best day and I don’t remember every detail. But I remember enough.

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Aug 1, 2013

essay on beautiful day

A Beautiful Day Essay for Class or Std 6

essay on beautiful day

A Beautiful Day is just enough to cheer one for many days. It gives the feeling of valentines day flowers. It was July 1995 when I was in Pandveshwar. I had gotten ten days leave from my school. I went to my relative house who; were residing in Darula Colliery near Pandveshwar. It

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The Most Beautiful Day In My Life Essay

I stepped out of the hotel, the big bright sun was upon us like bees with their honey. It was around 4 o’clock in the evening and I was already tired. The teachers were explaining how the hike today was going to be the hardest. Listing to them, there was a bit of regret that started building from the pit of my stomach. What if I went to Strasbourg? Would it be easier? While my series of thoughts were flashing in my mind, I opened my black bag once again to check if I had brought everything that I needed.

I was mentally checking my packing list as pools of students started filling outside the hotel. Ms. Shippey finally got our attention, she informed us that there is a 10-minute walk to Stromboli. I groaned internally and thought, “why couldn’t we take a minibus or something!”.

After the longest 10 minutes walk, my shirt had a big stain of sweat on the back, my forehead was dripping from sweat as if I decided to dump my entire water bottle on my head.

I started to feel sticky, a great way to start a hike! We meet up with two tall men, wearing the same gear and with a pair of black hiking poles each. They were our guides, they talked to us about ways they were going to explain the geography of Stromboli. They were also strict that about every 25 minutes we would have a break, not before and not after.

essay on beautiful day

Proficient in: Volcano

“ Amazing as always, gave her a week to finish a big assignment and came through way ahead of time. ”

Listing to them at first made me feel at ease, but what came next is what causes the real shock.

The Most Beautiful Day Of My Life

5 minutes into the hike, I was done for. My legs started to feel like they weighed 1000 tons each and my throat was dry as the Sahara no matter how much water I drink. The hot sun was like my shadow, and sweat was like my second skin. I really started to regret coming to Sicily. My friends were walking ahead of me creating a cloud of ash behind them. The air quickly turned to be thick. I couldn’t breathe from my nose anymore, it felt like I had stapled my nose about 100 times, no space for the oxygen to get in. I started breathing from the mouth, but it as useful as a white color pencil.

2 hours into the hike and I could finally breathe. We were about 500 meters up, the rocks now have changed. There were all shapes of rocks scattered everywhere, they had a pigmentation of either black or dark brown. The way to walk up was narrow, and every time I walked up a narrow lane I would hold my breath and pray to god that I survive. After about 2 hours we were finally on top of Stromboli. My skin now had a second layer of goosebumps, I hugged myself as I make my way up to the final destination. The hike already seemed to be worth it. The sun was still out, but this time it gave me warmth. The blue ocean was in the background, it looked so calm, almost making it dangerous. The sky was painted a baby blue and accompanying them were birds; spreading their wings and flying away. We were standing at a point where everything looked like a Picasso painting. The teachers asked us to hurry up, Mr. Ashworth said, “This is not even the best part yet!”

A small walk and we were finally on top, looking down, we can see a beautiful cone made up of a dark brown rock; the volcano itself. Next to the volcano were two craters; they were like mini volcanoes. I was about to sit down, but a sound almost like a thunder stopped me. I looked towards the big volcanoes and the next thing I see is hot, red lava sprinkling out of the volcano, it looked like Jet d’Eau back home except it wasn’t water, it was lava. After that eruption followed a numerous amount of others. The volcanoes were magical, seeing the eruptions felt like going to Disneyland for the first time when you were a kid. The volcanoes were surrounded by the still water and directly above is the light of a dazzling sun. I sat down on the thick layer of ash, that was warm due to the eruptions. All my regrets were gone, I felt like someone who went to a concert of their favorite band or singer. After a few more eruptions, there was a thick white gas that was making it way upon us. We all started coughing, the gas-filled my lungs trying to be the replica of oxygen. Soon we were given masks and it got much better.

After spending an hour upon Stromboli, we were making our way down. The guides had asked us to wear our gaiters and they informed us that the hike down was going to be easy. I instantly fell into a peaceful state. We were going straight down digging our legs into the thick layer of brownish ash. We looked like kangaroos skipping and jumping our way down. The ash was like a mixture of sand and burnt paper mixed together. We quickly made our way down, sometimes taking a break to clear our hiking boots from volcanic ash.

Today was the most beautiful day of my life, it was magical and surreal. Even though the volcanoes looked like mountains with no vegetation on them, they were still beautiful. They belonged there and so did everything surrounding. What I realized because of this hike is that I am never going to regret this hike.

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"The Most Beautiful Day In My Life Essay.", Dec 05, 2019. Accessed March 3, 2023.

"The Most Beautiful Day In My Life Essay," , 05-Dec-2019. [Online]. Available: [Accessed: 3-Mar-2023] (2019). The Most Beautiful Day In My Life Essay . [Online]. Available at: [Accessed: 3-Mar-2023]

The Most Beautiful Day In My Life Essay

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What A Beautiful Day!

Excellence Award in the 'Legendary 2012' competition

As I walked through the main park, the wind blew gently, came up to me and kissed my cheek. I was delighted, as this was a beautiful day. My feet sank down softly, in the soft, green, finely cut grass. I held my head up high, proud of my country. The bright, shining sun, shone down on me as I walked past the blooming, blood-red roses. Children played along the footpath, catching frisbees, kicking soccer balls and rode their bikes and scooters. My heart flew out of my chest, freeing itself into the wonderful, moist air. The trees waved their arms to the friendly animals that passed along, enjoying the weather, minding their own buisness. I could not have had a better day than this, since I was born.




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