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45 Examples of Fun Facts for an “About Me” Introduction

Fun Facts About Me

You meet someone new, and you’re having a great time until they ask, “So tell me about yourself.” Your mind immediately goes blank. With all your years on this earth and many personal experiences, where should you even start? Instead of deflecting with facts about goats or a random story about your English teacher, you can stay prepared with some fun facts about yourself.

What To Mention in an “About Me” Introduction

Whether you’re setting up a website, online profile, or resume , you’ll probably have to create an “about me” at some point in your life. The problem: There’s a lot about you to be put in what amounts to a paragraph.

The exact facts that you include in an “about me” can vary widely based on the platform and audience. In general, you want to include:

Beyond that, the world’s your oyster. Fun facts, personal strengths , the names of your pets. You should mostly stick with positive things . Avoid getting too personal.

What Is a Fun Fact?

Fun is an admittedly subjective concept. Some people find jumping out of planes fun. Other people find jigsaw puzzles fun. Some people think neither or both are fun.

Ultimately, a fun fact is whatever you make of it. It should be a little tidbit of information that also entices your audience — whether that’s one other person at a dinner or the entire internet — to learn more about you.

How Do I Write Fun Facts About Me?

There aren’t too many rules or guidelines for a fun fact. The main one you should stick with is to keep it short. A fun fact shouldn’t be longer than one sentence. If someone wants to learn more, you can, of course, oblige them with a more in-depth explanation.

It can be tempting, but don’t try too hard to be weird or completely out there with your fun fact. People are capable of connecting with the barest details, so even if you think talking about your cat or your favorite t-shirt is mundane, other people might find it more relatable than an oddball story about running into some niche celebrity.

Fun Facts About Your Childhood

We were all kids at some point, and that naturally came with some weird stories and aspirations. Maybe you wanted to grow up to be a dinosaur. Maybe you spent the entire fifth grade eating only chicken nuggets. 

Hypothetical Fun Facts About Me

Hypotheticals ask that all-important question: “what if…” The best thing about hypotheticals is that everyone can have one, and they also provide a real glimpse into your life without revealing too much actual information about you.

Fun Fact Favorites

As a kid, you could form entire friendships based on favorite colors, animals, and flavors of ice cream. Surprisingly, adulthood isn’t so different!

Quirky Fun Facts About Me

Much like fingerprints and potato chips, we are all unique individuals with our own quirks and idiosyncrasies. Distinguishing yourself is an important part of a first impression. You don’t want to alienate other people, but showing off a bit of your unique side can demonstrate your humility and sense of humor.

Pop Culture Fun Facts About Me

Consuming popular culture and media is a way of life for so many people, and it can be an easy way to connect to other people. Just be aware of your audience. Based on the audience and any generational divides, some pop culture references may not stick.

Now that you have all these prompts for fun facts, you can add them to your “about me” essay , "about me" page , or online profile. They can also be a great conversation starter if you meet someone new and need to fill in an awkward silence.

It’s also a helpful reminder: The next time you think “I don’t have any interesting facts about me,” you’re totally wrong!

Fun Facts About Me? 60 Interesting Fun Facts About You to Share

When an interviewer is looking to learn more about you as a person, they might ask you to tell some fun facts about yourself. Here are a ton of fun facts about me that are safe to share in any setting.

Fun-Facts-About-Me?-60-Interesting-Fun-Facts-About-You-to-Share Image

How to Answer “Tell Me a Fun Fact About Yourself” in an Interview Setting

Tell me three fun facts: 3 quick + easy fun facts to share in your interview, when i was young, i wanted to be a [job profession] because [story]., the most embarrassing thing that ever happened to me at work was [embarrassing thing] and i learned [lesson learned]., my favorite word is [word] and why. (bonus points for obscure words or words that don't exist in english.).

essay interesting facts about me

60+ Fun Facts About Yourself That You Can Share 

Random facts about me:, your high school superlative. did you win the best laugh (*don’t use it if it makes you seem arrogant or conceited.), the most money you've ever won on a scratch-off or lottery ticket, your favorite food to eat or your favorite comfort food, your favorite food to make, your hometown, especially if it’s vastly different from your current location, your most-prized possession, a prized object you carried everywhere with you as a child (extra points if you still have it), the first book you ever remember reading, more random fun facts about me, your favorite book and why, a formative memory or your earliest memory—especially if it pertains to the job, the color of your first bedroom (my nephew used to ask this when he was 3 years old, and i think it's a great question), a "secret" talent, celebrities who share your birthday, something you believed was true when you were younger (like thinking that the world was black and white because photographs were) , a "quirk" about you (e.g., "i am always 20 minutes early for everything."), the one type of food you would eat for the rest of your life if you had to pick, your favorite podcast, your first favorite movie, your first memory from early childhood, the weirdest coincidence you've ever experienced, how you "found out" about santa claus or the tooth fairy, a funny award you won as a kid, your first car, your childhood celebrity crush, your biggest pet peeve, a superpower you wish you had and a superpower you'd hate to have.

essay interesting facts about me

Geography Facts About Me:

Where you born and where you lived for your first year of life, how many states you have visited in the united states, your travel bucket list, the best place you've ever visited , the most incredible natural phenomena you've seen , the wildest travel story you have to share , how many times you moved in your childhood, the best city you've ever visited , the coldest or hottest temperature you've ever experienced, the longest you have ever walked (both distance and time) , the farthest you've ever driven, the fastest you've ever run a mile, the strangest place you've ever fallen asleep, miscellaneous fun facts about me:, your newfound passion project, you have an identical twin, you're really good at rollerblading, chess, or a sport, a story about a strange or funny encounter with a celebrity, a superstition or conspiracy theory you're interested in (tread lightly here, though. aliens are fun conspiracies. a global plot against humanity not so fun.) , your first childhood crush , an embarrassing story that makes you laugh in retrospect, more miscellaneous fun facts, your favorite comfort-binge tv show, the first concert you attended , you have double-jointed thumbs or "toe thumbs" , the last time you had "church laughs"—aka you were laughing hysterically in an inappropriate place, random facts that you know (like the ends of shoelaces are called "aglets") , something you can repeat by memory (like the 150 prepositions or every state capital) , your favorite type of art (+ why), funny fun facts + stories about me:, the story of your first date, the worst job interview experience you ever had (and what you learned from it), an embarrassing story from your teenage years (don't act like you don't have one), a time your biggest fear (something silly, like bugs) made you act irrationally, the funniest thing you misunderstood as a young child (like thinking the world was black and white when pictures were black and white), how you earned a childhood nickname, the worst thing a sibling ever did to you (think funny, not traumatic), a 100 percent humiliating story that always makes folks laugh.

essay interesting facts about me

Interesting Facts About Me:

Your non-traditional career path, your hobbies, volunteer work, and interests outside of work, an sfw story that is almost too good to believe, a skill you learned in the last few years , your biggest personal goal for the new year, a time you broke a bone or the story behind a scar (as long as it isn't traumatizing for you to share) , have you had your appendix or tonsils removed, something you're irrationally afraid of (like bugs), a recurring dream you have had + what you think it might mean, tip 1: don’t think too hard about it + have fun with it, tip 2: be honest and genuine.

Tip 3: Find a Creative Way to Relate Your Response Back to the Job

What not to say when answering “tell me a fun fact about yourself” in an interview, "there isn’t anything especially interesting about me.", self-deprecating jokes or negative self-talk, information that is too personal, unprofessional moments or anecdotes.

essay interesting facts about me

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25 “Fun Facts About Me” (Perfect For Introductions)

25 Examples of ‘Fun Facts About Me’ to Use In an Introduction

Why fun facts work during an introduction, when to use a fun fact about yourself, tips for choosing the best fun fact about yourself.

Summary. To answer a “fun facts about me”, keep it brief, relevant, and appropriate to the setting. Some great examples include talking about your travel dreams, personal hobbies, or favorite types of food.

The initial introduction between strangers can be plagued with awkwardness. A great method for breaking the tension of being unfamiliar with someone is to offer a fun fact about yourself . While the facts that add up to who you are might not seem super fun initially, there are a lot of interesting details you can pull from your experiences to use during an introduction.

Key Takeaways:

“Facts about me” prompts can be found at job interviews, networking events, or icebreaker activities.

Sharing a fact about yourself in an introduction is a great way to make the experience unique.

Be appropriate with what you share because others might interpret it differently.


While sharing a fun fact seems like the perfect way to break the ice and be memorable during an introduction, many people aren’t sure about what information to share. If you’re wondering what exciting details you can exclaim, read through the following 25 examples of fun facts you can use about yourself during an introduction.

Where you would go if you could travel anywhere right now. When you’re stuck in a conversation that feels like it’s at a dead-end , mention the place you would travel right now if you could go anywhere in the world. This topic might hit a little closer to home since most people have been itching for a trip during Covid.

The things you’re allergic to. Your allergies have been a hassle for your entire life, but they could come in handy when it comes to introducing yourself. While some people might not have any allergies to contribute, it can still spark an interesting conversation .

Your favorite type of food. Favorites are a common choice for people trying to contribute fun facts about themselves. If you’re going to delve into your favorites, mentioning your favorite food can be a strong topic choice. Once you’ve stated your favorite dish, it could lead to an invitation for a meal to further the interaction.

Your favorite ice cream. Similar to sharing your favorite meal during an introduction, an ice cream flavor that you enjoy can be a good way to kick off a conversation. Everyone has an opinion on an ice cream flavor that they like, and providing yours can make the discussion a little more lighthearted.

Your go-to cocktail order. If you aren’t in the mood to discuss your food choices, maybe talk about your go-to drink order instead. A person’s cocktail choice gives the conversation somewhere to go, even if the other person doesn’t drink. It’s a simple question that teaches everyone in the conversation more about the other party.

The last song you played on Spotify. Music preferences are often held close to a person’s heart. Instead of using the cliche of your favorite type of x, look back at your Spotify to disclose the last song you played. It’s more specific and might lead to the other person in the interaction being interested in hearing the song.

Your guilty pleasure TV show. While everyone has a favorite movie or television show that they robotically recite when asked, people are less likely to share their guilty pleasure in this department.

The languages that you’re fluent in. Another great strategy for introducing a fun fact about yourself is by explaining the languages you’re fluent in. Sharing the languages that you speak provides more context about who you are as a person.

A strange talent that you have. If you’re a person who has a strange talent lurking under the surface, this could be a neat fun fact to mention during an introduction. Perhaps you’re a ventriloquist or know how to ride a unicycle. Whatever the skill is, be sure it is appropriate for the situation.

The names of your pets. The family’s furry members are an important part of your life, and mentioning their names can lighten up an otherwise difficult introduction. If you don’t have any animals at the moment, saying some of the funny names of your childhood pets can also work as a fun fact about yourself.

The best place you’ve ever been to. Your travels are something you can always use as a fun fact during an introduction. Think back to the best trip you’ve ever taken and where it was. After mentioning the name of the best place you’ve ever been to, you can also explain why it’s your top destination choice to keep the conversation rolling.

What you wanted to be when you grew up. The childhood fantasies of what you would grow up to be can be a wonderful fun fact to include during an introduction. It’s interesting to see how your childhood aspirations lined up with your eventual adulthood career, and it can ignite a spirited discussion about the way things turned out.

Your nickname. This fun fact only works for people who have a nickname to share. However, if that’s you, mentioning your nickname can create an immediate bond during an introduction.

The #1 item on your bucket list. Before exiting this world, most people have a few things that they’d like to do first. For you, that might be visiting Italy, learning another language, seeing a particular music artist live, or something completely different. Narrow down your bucket list item to the top spot and use it as a fun fact when introducing yourself.

What would you pick if you won a sweepstake that gave you a lifetime supply of anything you wanted? This is a fun question that taps into your values and preferences. Whether you choose a lifetime supply of chocolate or gasoline says a lot about you in an easygoing way.

A funny memory from your childhood. Within the years of your childhood, there are probably at least a few comical memories. For people with strong storytelling abilities, telling one of these funny memories could be used as a fun fact during an introduction.

Your goal for the year. Having a New Year’s resolution or year objective is fairly common. Speaking about your goal for that year does not only lessen the awkwardness of an introduction but also holds you accountable for following through with it.

The most embarrassing thing that’s ever happened to you. Embarrassment leaves your cheeks red hot at the moment, but after a while, that initial pain turns humorous. Embarrassing moments are things that people prefer to forget, but they can be useful during an introduction as a fun fact.

What you were known for in high school. The person that you were during the four years of high school is completely different from who you are as an adult. In retrospect, thinking about what you were known for in high school can be comical. It can also be a fun fact to share about yourself when making an introduction.

The career you almost ended up pursuing. Deciding what career path you’re going to head down is a process. You likely considered a few different ideas for potential careers as a young adult. Mentioning the career you almost had during an introduction is an interesting fact that can open up the conversation to many more questions.

The instruments that you know how to play. Another potential fun fact to use during a less than interesting introduction is bringing up the instruments that you know how to play. Talking about your musical inclinations can create a deeper dialogue during an otherwise stale interaction.

Your biggest fear. Everyone has a fear that they make it a mission to avoid. Heights, deep water, or dogs all scare someone out there. While most people don’t think of their phobias as the perfect way to start a conversion, mentioning it can be a good fun fact to use because it humanizes the speaker .

Your weirdest secret hobby. If you have a weird hobby that few people know about, it could be a great fun fact to bring up during an introduction.

The celebrity you’d most want to take on a date. Talking about the celebrity that you’d want to take out on a date if given the opportunity is a playful and fun fact to get through an introduction. It makes the other person in the conversation smile and they think about the answer for themselves, which turns into an effortless conversation.

The first thing you’d buy if you won the lottery. Many people have an idea of the first thing they would buy if they came into an obscene amount of money. Some people would rush to pay off all their debts , and others would immediately purchase a yacht.

We’ve all exchanged pleasantries with a stranger and felt that awkward hang of silence in the air after exchanging names. The introduction phase when meeting a recruiter for an interview, engaging with a new friend, or going on a first date can be overwhelmingly uncomfortable and dull.

Sharing a fun fact about yourself breaks through the monotony of an everyday introduction . It gets the other party involved and can take the conversation to new depths.

Here are some common times when you might be asked “tell me a fun fact about yourself:”

Job interviews. Interviewers sometimes like to kick things off with an icebreaker question like this to make you comfortable. It can also be used to wrap up a more formal interview by giving the interviewer a glimpse of your personality and life outside the profession.

Networking events. Business conferences and the like are places where it pays to be armed with some quick conversation starters like fun facts about yourself. Letting people know more about yourself outside of your relation to the field helps build stronger bonds.

Icebreaker activities. Icebreaker games are common at school, large corporations, and any sort of club or group where new member induction is common. If you know that you’ll be meeting a bunch of strangers (who are also meeting each other for the first time), you can bet that having a quick fun fact about yourself will come in handy.

Even with a list of fun fact examples laid out for you, it can still be difficult to choose the right one for you to use during an introduction. To help you figure it out, read through the following tips for choosing the best fun fact about yourself.

It’s relevant to your personality/life. While there are many fun facts out there that you could turn to during an introduction , the best move is to pick one that’s relevant to you. If your weirdest hobby is playing basketball on the weekends, then you probably should choose a different prompt. Focus on facts that match your life and personality.

It’s appropriate for the introduction. Don’t let the word ‘fun’ distract you from the fact that an introduction needs to be appropriate . Fun fact that cross boundaries aren’t going to further the conversation, it’ll only make it more awkward. If you think your response might be ill-fitting, it’s best to just choose another fascinating fact.

You can explain it briefly. The purpose of a fun fact is to propose a compelling tidbit of information that eases the transition from strangers to friends during an introduction. For a fun fact to be effective in this capacity, it must be explained briefly.

How do you answer fun facts about yourself?

Answer fun facts about yourself by using something relevant and appropriate. Consider the situation you are in and try to find something that ties to it. For example, if you are meeting a boss for the first time, you could share what your travel dreams are so that your boss as some sense of what you might be working towards.

Are fun facts about me necessary?

Technically, no, sharing fun facts about yourself is not necessary, but it is helpful. Sharing a fun fact about yourself helps loosen up any situation where you are meeting people for the first time. Your fact helps place your face to your name because people can have something to attribute you by.

What if I don’t have a fun fact about me?

You are mistaken if you think you don’t have a fun fact about yourself. Everyone has something unique about themselves that they can share. Your fact doesn’t have to be the “funniest” or most unique, in fact, sometimes it can be inappropriate to try to be too funny. Your fact simply has to be something that lets others learn a little bit more about you.

Indeed.com – Ultimate List of Team-Building Icebreaker Questions for Work

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Matt Warzel a President of a resume writing firm (MJW Careers, LLC) with 15+ years of recruitment, outplacement, career coaching and resume writing experience. Matt is also a Certified Professional Resume Writer (CPRW) and Certified Internet Recruiter (CIR) with a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration (Marketing Focus) from John Carroll University.

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Starbucks is known for its delicious fresh brewed coffee and its dedication to employees, customers and communities. Starbucks is one of the largest companies in USA and it is based in Washington. The company keeps its customers on their toes with new products and loyal customer deals. Every year the company is introducing something new and interesting. This strategy and approach keeps the company on the top and customers coming back for more. Starbucks sells high quality food and brands for affordable prices. Recently, the company launched a wine collection in addition to the coffee. Now, customers can enjoy a coffee in the morning and a wine after work. This strategy will bring more revenue to the company and will put the Starbucks on the map with other great small shops. The brand has also positioned itself best coffee brand in the market by providing attractive store design, unique environment, elegant taste and high quality coffee beans (Kotler & Keller, 2009).

Argumentative Essay: Is Nature Or Nurture?

The debate in psychology whether and to what extent our aspects of behavior are either genetic or learned characteristics has been going on for a long time. Genetic is the nature side of the argument. Learned refers to the nurture side of this long debate. Some people are so caught between the two extremes that they say it is both, but the argument of which is more important is still relevant. The first person to question this idea was Francis Galton.

Student Swot Analysis

As a student one of my strengths is organization. I can say I can keep my school materials and notebooks organized in a way that I and others can comprehend. The reason I can say I am organized is because, I have hardly ever had in the past or present any issues with trying to find homework or assignments because I always kept my materials for each class organized and in a place I could easily find. Another strength I have is social skills. I can believe that I communicate with others well in a group. The reason for this is that I can explain topics in a group if someone does not understand, I can say that this skill came with confidence to speak up and trust myself.

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'I have a lot of interesting and unique things' - unique about me

msw1225 2 / 1   Jan 7, 2012   #1 Here is my essay so far: - Describe five unique or interesting things about yourself. I am a person who has a lot of interesting and unique things so that I believe that my life looks dynamic. The first interesting thing about me is that I was born on Christmas. Many people have remembered my birthday, so my family, relatives and friends celebrate my birthday with three or four birthday cake. The second interesting thing is that I can play various sports such as ice skating, ping pong, tennis and so on. For instance, I was my city's representative player when I was young. I won the first prize many times, so I have a lot of gold medals. Thirdly, I played cello for five years. When I learned cello only one month, I participated in the school orchestra. Even though I was not perfect, I enjoyed orchestra and gained confidence. After that, I participated in a cello competition, and I won the first prize. I came to realized that I am a person who has great courage in front of many people. Fourthly, I have many friends who are foreigner such as Turkish, Brazilian and Mongolian. I am friendly and not shy of strangers. While I attend college, I learned other cultures and languages from them. I consider that relationship among people is very important for learning and living my life. I also want to add other thing about helping other people My parents help others. For instance, my father gives free medical services in church for people who can't afford to pay for their health insurance. My mother helps the children who are foreign by compassion as a sponsor, so my parents send them money and card. For this reason, I am accostomed to helping children and people.

bestcrayons911 2 / 7   Jan 7, 2012   #2 i think you've got the right idea, but this essay focuses more on what you can do, not who you are as a person. i like the parts about having courage in front of people and being accepting of people of different nationalities. i would expand on this, maybe add some examples/stories or just describe in more detail.

Live Bold and Bloom

58 Fun Facts About Yourself That Everyone Wants To Hear

You’re about to embark on an adventure of sorts.

It involves being social, which can be daunting when you are engaging with people you don’t know well.

But you know that good relationships have to start somewhere.

Whether you are on a first date or a job interview, being prepared to share something interesting about yourself is an excellent icebreaker.

Knowing what to share about yourself is the hard part because we’re often not prepared when the situation arises.

If you were to make a list of “fun facts about me,” what would you include?

How to Come Up with Interesting Facts About Yourself

1. “one of my favorite things to do is…. “, 2. “right now, i’m reading about….”, 3. “if i could have any superpower, it would be….”, 4. “one thing i know i do well (or better than most) is….”, 5. “i look up to….”, 6. “one thing i cannot live without is….”, 7. “something i’d love to get rich by doing full-time is….”, 8. “the people i grew up with influenced me by….”, 9. “i would love to meet (and even have lunch with)….”, 10. “one struggle i’ve had that has made me who i am is….”, 11. “my perfect day would start with _____ and end with _____.”, 12. “if i could live anywhere in the world, it would be….”, 13. “one thing on my bucket list is….”, 14. “my best friend is my best friend because….”, 15. “an accomplishment i’m particularly proud of is….”, 16. “one very memorable summer, i….”, 17. “one thing i use every day that i could probably live without is….”, 18. “the most embarrassing thing that happened to me at work was….”, 19. “i volunteer at….” or “if i were to volunteer, it would be for….”, 20. “my favorite comfort food is….”, 21. “i’d most like to be remembered for….”, 22. “if i won the lottery, the first thing i’d buy would be….”, 23. “if i could make anything happen for someone, i would….”, 24. “if i could keep any animal as a pet, i would choose…”, 25. “if i could win a lifetime supply of one type of clothing, it would be…” , 26. “if i had to eat one type of food for the rest of my life, it would be…” , 27. “my dream home would be…”, 28. “if i had to be trapped in a movie or a video game for a day, it would be…”, 29. “my favorite type of art is… because….”, 30. “my most embarrassing moment was…”, 31. “i know it’s crazy, but i love to eat…”, 32. “when i was growing up, my parents made me…”, 33. “as a kid, i once did this really stupid thing, and it was…”, 34. “i can’t stand it when. . .”, 35. “before i started my career, would you believe i was a…”, 36. “have i told you about my crazy uncle joe”, 37. “instead of the job i have, i’ve always dreamed of being. . .”, 38. “not many people know this about me, but when i was younger, i…”, 39. “one thing i’m very afraid of is…”, 40. “when i was a teenager, i never told my parents that i…”, 41. “if i had to do it all over again, i probably wouldn’t…”, 42. “one of my favorite life hacks is ….”, 43. “if i could go back in time, i would change _______ so that ______.”, 44. “if i could get paid to blog about anything, i’d write about…”, 45. “if i could download a how-to book directly into my brain, it would be for… “, 46. “if i had to leave my native country, i would go to ______ because _____.”, 47. “one thing i wish i’d learned before i left home is… “, 48. “a tv series i’ve watched all the way through more than once is…”, 49. “the last time i made a fool of myself, i learned…”, 50. “if i could have the world’s best collection of something, it would be…”, 51. “if i get to choose my next life, i want to be…”, 52. “my hidden talents and skills are…”, 53. “if i could do anything, my dream job would be…”, 54. “my dreamiest dream vacation is…”, 55. “my biggest fear of all is…”, 56. “my secret guilty pleasure is…”, 57. “the season i love most is…”, 58. “i could watch this movie a hundred times…”, how much you hated your last boss, the state of your love life, your financial situation, politics or religion, your family plans, anything potentially controversial, bonus: how to answer, “what are 3 fun facts about yourself”.

You likely don’t spend a lot of your spare time thinking about yourself and interesting tidbits to share with others.

But when you’re trying to get to know someone new, or you just want to keep the conversation going, it’s good to have some fun fact ideas top of mind.

Here are some ways to come up with these ideas:

If you’re having trouble thinking of enough fun facts to share about yourself, try some of the suggestions we’ve curated in this article.

You never know what will start a long and enjoyable conversation — or a lifelong friendship.

List of 58 Examples of Fun Facts about Yourself to Tell Others

Use the following examples of fun facts about yourself to start a conversation or take one in a different direction.

And don’t forget to invite your conversation partner to share fun facts about themselves.

Whether it’s a hobby or just something you enjoy doing (for yourself or someone else), if it’s a favorite thing of yours, it says a lot about what matters to you.

man hiking fun facts about yourself

And if this is the first of more than one date , this is useful information for both of you to share .

Whether you’re a bookworm or are just determined to keep learning, your new conversation partner might want to know what you’re reading this week (or today, if you go through books more quickly than most).

Maybe you’ll discover a shared favorite.

This isn’t a “DC vs. Marvel” question. Awesomeness isn’t exclusive to either camp, and adults in both can get along just fine. But superpowers are always a fun topic to discuss.

What would you most like to be able to do better than most?

Maybe you already have a superpower (or something like it). And whatever it is, you’re probably proud of it — if only secretly.

Why not admit you’re good at it? And what do you most enjoy about this ability of yours? How have you developed it?

If there’s someone you admire and want to emulate, this is the person you want to mention here, along with a brief explanation as to why.

What specific traits do you admire in them and want to cultivate in yourself? What have they done that impresses you most?

Name something you use every day — enough that you sometimes take it for granted.

Maybe the thought of living without it makes you feel naked and vulnerable, even if being deprived of it wouldn’t actually kill you (not quickly, anyway).

When was the last time you lived without it?

If you were assured of earning more than enough, no matter what you did full-time, what would you do?

Why would you do it and how would your life change?

For extra credit, what could you do to earn at least some of your income doing what you love?

The people you grew up with shaped the person you are today. And if you don’t have siblings, that shaped you, too.

What personal traits do you attribute to the people with whom you were closest growing up? What are you most grateful for?

Name a celebrity whom you’d love to meet and even have a conversation with — over lunch or at least a beverage of choice.

Or maybe you’d like to meet a dream mentor of yours and chat for half an hour or more. Whose face comes to mind?

This can get personal in a hurry, so if you want to take a step back, you can also discuss a moment or experience that changed your life.

Did anything crazy happen that challenged a belief about what was possible?

Maybe it starts with strong coffee and ends with a glass of Scotch. Or maybe the words you’ll put in those blanks are “sunrise” and “meditation.” Whatever. Go wild.

woman smiling fun facts about yourself

Just try and keep it legal (and more or less socially acceptable).

If you’re tempted to answer with “anywhere but here,” try to be more specific.

Do you prefer beachy, tropical getaways or have you dreamt of touring Europe or Africa — or exploring New York City? Let your imagination lead.

Even if you haven’t actually written out a bucket list — i.e., things you want to do before you die — you probably have some ideas here.

Maybe there’s something you’ve wanted to do but have put off for the time being.

How did you and your best friend meet, and why do you call them your best friend?

What have you been through together? What have you done for each other?

And how has their friendship changed you? Would you name a child after this person?

This doesn’t have to be a huge undertaking. Just think of a moment when you felt deep satisfaction over something you did or a challenge you faced.

Think of something that scared you — until you did it. Is it something you’ve crossed off your bucket list?

Think of a summer that stands out because of something that happened to you — or something you did — or someone you met.

What was it about that summer that made it so memorable? Would you relive it if you could?

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Name something you use in your day-to-day life that you could probably live without.

Maybe you don’t want to — or maybe you’d like to try living without it for a while?

Have you thought of taking a break from gluten, for example? Or Netflix?

Did something happen to you on a job that you can’t remember without cringing (or even feeling an involuntary shudder)?

What was it, and what did you learn from it? Who was responsible? And has it changed anything? Has it changed you ?

And if you don’t currently volunteer, for what local causes would you consider volunteering?

What causes inspire you? If you have volunteered — or if you currently volunteer somewhere — what do you do?

If a food genie popped up and said, “Today, I’m cooking your favorite meals — from breakfast to dinner and dessert. Money is no object, and you can have people over for dinner if you like.”

What’s on the menu, and whom would you invite?

What would you like your loved ones to think of when they remember you?

What do you want to accomplish that will outlast you in its impact?

And whom will it benefit most? What would it say about your priorities or about your life’s purpose?

Maybe you need a new car, or maybe you’ll just celebrate with a latté. Or maybe you’d call the realtor for that house you’ve been sighing over for the past month.

What comes to mind first? And how many people would you tell?

Is there someone in your life who needs help with a difficult problem?

If you could make anything happen for them to instantly improve their life or open a door for them, what would that be?

And would you want them to know you were behind it?

Maybe you’re a self-described dog person or cat person, or maybe you’d rescue any animal that needed a home.

But if you can think of an animal you’d love to have in your home — to share your space and to spend time with — what would it be? 

And if you already keep a boa constrictor or a large, aggressive dog in your home — and you’ve always wanted a pet monkey — these would be interesting facts for anyone who might want to come over.

This could be anything you wear — from your favorite type of underwear or your favorite socks to a sweater or t-shirt with just the right cut and shape. Maybe it’s your jeans because no other brand or style fits you as well as the ones you’re wearing. 

Whatever it is, if you could never run out of new pieces, what would you want that to be?

This could be breakfast food, sandwiches, Indian food, pizza, etc. What type of food comes to mind that you could see yourself eating every single day for the rest of your life? 

In the case of breakfast food, for example, it doesn’t have to be the exact same thing every day, but it has to fit in that category. Same goes for any ethnic food category (Korean, Italian, Mexican, etc.). 

Maybe you dream of living in an elaborate “tree mansion” designed with echoes of Rivendell or Lothlórien. Or maybe you imagine yourself living in a spaceship or in a flying RV with a cloaking shield. Maybe you just want a nice apartment in Manhattan.

What fun and interesting facts about yourself would help answer this question. Don’t limit yourself to what sounds realistic. And don’t settle for what you can afford right now.

Ever wanted to be part of the cast for Jumanji — or to jump into your favorite video game or RPG to make things happen? If you had to be stuck in a movie or video game for a day, which fabricated world appeals to you most?

This would be your reality for a full 24 hours. So, if you could choose, where would you go?

Whether it’s abstract paintings, scrap metal sculpture, or something else, what art would you buy for your home if you could afford it? What artist would grace your walls (if you’re leaning toward paintings or drawings)? Or of whose art would you pay to see more?

If you can’t think of a specific artist, that’s okay. Think of the kind of art you’d put on your own walls or end tables to decorate your space. What do you picture?

Funny Fun Facts about Yourself

If you’re looking for some funny things to tell about yourself — things that don’t make you look too weird or crazy — we’ve got you covered.

Consider some of the following ideas:

We all have them. And unless you were arrested or caught running through the woods naked, you likely have a couple of embarrassing moments you wouldn’t mind sharing.

Telling a story about an embarrassing moment is a great icebreaker and is sure to generate some laughs.

Pickled pigs feet? Peanut butter and pickle sandwiches? Pizza for breakfast? If food happens to be the topic of discussion, throw in one of your favorite but strange food preferences.

You may get some cringes, a few laughs, and perhaps someone outdoing you with an equally weird or disgusting food love.

Parents do the darnedest things, and sometimes the things your mom and dad made you do when you were young are truly confounding now that you’re an adult.

Share something funny that your parents made you do as part of their rules, a family ritual, or a get-together with relatives.

Jumping off the roof? Hiding in the dryer? Seeing if the lighter would ignite the cat’s fur?

What is something you did as a kid (and survived relatively unscathed) that you now see as pretty hysterical. Once you tell your story, others are bound to tell you their crazy kid shenanigans.

Are particularly persnickety about certain things other people do, like slurping their coffee or clearing their throats?

Or maybe you have some slightly OCD behaviors yourself that might make others giggle. You wear your underwear inside out because you hate the tag in back, or you still refuse to step on a crack (even though you can vouch for the safety of your mother’s back).

Share some of your goofy-isms for some good-natured, funny reactions.

Maybe you were a clown, a toilet paper tester, or work for the Tiger King. Whatever craziness you were up to, it makes for a great story.

If you once had one of those jobs that people exclaim, “You’ve got to be kidding me?!” when they hear about it, then you might be a source of entertainment for hours.

Or whatever relative in your family who seems to be the subject of wide-eyed, laughter-filled stories.

We all have that one (or several) wackadoodle relative whose past behaviors are so off the charts that they’re almost unbelievable.

Who would guess that upstanding, law-abiding, competent you would have a relative who did that ?

Good Secrets to Tell about Yourself

Perhaps the funny things above are secrets that you haven’t spilled before, but we all have secret longings, fears, and dreams as well.

If you’re looking for something interesting to say, here are some safe secrets you might want to share to let others know more about you.

If you’re several years into a career, you may not have allowed yourself to articulate your secret desire to do something different.

This is especially true if what you really want to do seems unrealistic, silly, or not reflective of who you appear to be. (Accountant to rockstar?)

But sharing this secret dream will give others a deeper insight into who you are and what you feel passionate about.

When you start a sentence with, “”Not many people know this about me ,” you’ve immediately got the attention of the room. Everyone wants to know something others don’t know.

What is the secret thing you did when you were younger that gives a glimpse into your mindset back in the day? Or your mindset now?

What type of horror movie scares you the most? Or what nightmare scenario would keep you up at night, sitting in the corner with a flashlight and your weapon of choice?

Maybe you have a lifelong fear of spiders and imagine an apocalyptic scenario where the spawn of Shelob is taking over the planet. That’d do it for me. 

Or maybe you’re afraid of something completely different — and closer to reality. How would you finish the sentence?

Oh, we all have a few of these secrets, don’t we? And some of them would make your parents flip their lids — even today.

As long as your parents aren’t in the room when telling this secret, it’s sure to provide some gasps and entertainment for those listening. And you can finally get rid of that guilty conscience!

This can be a tricky one because you don’t want to offend anyone in the room or have something get back to a person you’re close to (ie: “I probably wouldn’t get married.”)

But there are likely some choices in your life that you’d like to claim a do-over on — some that aren’t too controversial. Maybe you wouldn’t have moved to a particular city or attended the university you graduated from.

Interesting Things About Me

Maybe you’ve learned unusual hacks for removing stubborn stains. Or you know how to turn a single meal into three different dinner menus to avoid waste. 

Whatever hacks you’ve learned to make your life easier or more fun, others can probably benefit from knowing them, too. So, share away. Who knows what hacks you’ll learn in exchange. 

Time-saving and money-saving tips and tricks are meant to be passed on and enjoyed — not kept secret. 

Most people would love a chance to go back in time and change at least one little thing in the hope that it would create a better outcome. It’s probably good that we can’t, but that doesn’t stop us from wishing. 

Humans are great at making mistakes. And even when we learn from them, it’s hard not to want to go back and fix it — if not for our benefit then for someone else’s. 

So, is there anything you’d like to change if you could?

If you could earn plenty of money keeping a blog on the subject/s of your choice, what would you write about? How much time would you want to spend each week working on this blog? 

What could you easily spend hours a day writing about? If you don’t already have a blog of your own, have you considered starting one, just so you can write about those topics? 

What would you need to get started? 

Maybe you wish someone could just download a course on “How to Be a Functonal Parent” directly into your brain — just like on the Matrix when Neo learned Kung Fu in seconds. 

How sweet would it be if you could learn something essential to your life and/or chosen career (writing computer code? building a bookshelf?) in less than the time it would take to drink your morning coffee?

So, what would you want to learn?

What if you had to leave the country you’ve always lived in — if it was no longer safe for you and your family to stay? Where would you go? Is there a country that immediately comes to mind? 

Or would you become a refugee, traveling through one country after another, hoping for a welcome from one of them? 

What would you be willing to do to survive and to keep your loved ones safe?

Whether it’s life skills in general or something more specific — like budgeting or cooking for yourself — most of us can think of something we wish we’d learned before we started living on our own. 

Think of something you had to learn on your own that others your age seemed to already know how to do. Did they give you any grief over it?

Maybe it’s something you wish you’d known but that no one around you could teach. Because they hadn’t learned it, either

What shows come to mind whenever someone asks you, “What series should I watch, now that I’m done with ______?” What show is so good, you’ve seen it more than once — and some episodes maybe three times or more?

Is it a fairly new show or something you remember watching years ago that you’ve only recently revisited? And why do you love it so much? Who are your favorite characters?

Pick something you wish you could forget and then rediscover as you watch it again.

Think of a time you said or did something that backfired in a big way. 

Whether it cost you a friend or just made you the butt of a joke for years afterward, what did you learn from it that you might not have learned otherwise?

If you don’t want to get into specifics, you’re welcome to generalize. And if someone asks for details, share them at your own discretion. Your rep may not be the only one at stake. 

Are you a collector? And by that, I mean, do you allocate a significant amount of money and time to building a collection of something that has meaning for you? 

Maybe you already collect something — geodes, Star Wars figures, porcelain dolls…. 

Or maybe you don’t. But if you could collect something, what would it be, and why? What would you willingly surround yourself with? And would you show them off to everyone who came to visit?

What would you want to be in a different life and as a different person? 

Maybe you want to experience life as someone of a different gender. Or maybe you want to come back as a cat — or as a dragon. 

Assuming you won’t consciously remember the life you’re living now, is there something you want to experience that you can’t experience in your current form? 

And would your new life be on the same planet or somewhere else in the universe?

Maybe you can play the harmonica or do a backflip. Or perhaps you are really great with animals or know how to cook traditional Moroccan food.

All of us have talents or skills we don’t talk about much. Often these are talents that we take for granted or assume others wouldn’t find very interesting.

But you’d be surprised at how your set of hidden abilities can impress others. After all, not everyone can make a dog stop barking on command or whip up a dish of Tagine.

The career world was your oyster when you were a kid. Nothing was stopping you from being a teacher, doctor, movie star, or whatever job seemed intriguing to you.

Life, education, and luck (or lack thereof) led you to a career that might not be the job of your dreams. But we’re sure you’ve pondered what you would do if – if you could go back and do it again. If you had the talent or skill. If you didn’t have to worry about money.

What is the job you’d be proud to tell your little kid self that you are doing now?

If money were no object, and you could go on the vacation of your dreams, consider what it would be.

Think about all of the details of the perfect vacation that would be life-changing and memorable.

We’re all scared of something — usually many things. But often, there’s that one creeping fear or anxiety that keeps us up at night and causes us to worry during the day.

You might have a phobia of something — like getting on a plane, a fear of heights, or encountering a snake. Perhaps clowns make you run away screaming, or just the idea of public speaking soaks you in sweat.

Some fears aren’t situational but just linger around us like a bad rash. You may constantly worry about getting a dire disease or dying. Whatever your particular fear happens to be, admitting it and even discussing it with a trusted friend can help you feel better about it.

A guilty pleasure is something love but know you shouldn’t do because it’s bad for you, slightly wicked, or a bit embarrassing.

You don’t need to share all of your guilty pleasures, but some might be worth admitting just for the fun of discovering that others imbibe too!

Do you sneak down for ice cream at midnight when you get the munchies? Maybe you binge-watch a trashy Netflix series or have a second glass of wine while taking a bath.

Everyone has their season – the one that makes them come alive and feel excited. Or the season triggers good memories or allows for special activities, indoors or out, that you enjoy.

Spring is often a favorite time because it marks a new beginning as trees start to bud and flowers bloom. But what can beat summer with the warm weather, days at the beach, and long, lazy days?

Autumn is awesome as the warm days start to turn cool again, the leaves turn their glorious colors, and you get to pull out your sweaters. And, of course, winter brings that warm and snuggly feeling with the holiday season and time with friends and family.

You have that one movie you just can’t get enough of. Maybe it’s a tradition, like watching The Wizard of Oz or The Grinch Who Stole Christmas every year. 

Perhaps you love a movie because it’s so well-crafted that you appreciate the art form and never tire of it. Or the movie speaks deeply to some part of you and your life experiences. 

Whatever the reason, your movie is special because it means something special to you. Talking about it with others is sure to spark an interesting conversation. 

Fun Interesting Things About Yourself Not to Say in an Interview

We know you’re a fascinating person with a life full of experiences and relationships. But the topics you’d share with your friends and family aren’t necessarily what you should share in a job interview. 

A potential boss mind find your guilty pleasure relatable, but throwing it out there isn’t likely to get you the job. Here are some fun facts about you that you want to avoid in an interview:

Really? You won’t win many points with a new boss if you’re throwing shade at the last one. Keep it classy, even if you couldn’t stand the past manager.

There’s no place in an interview for stories or shared information about you latest or previous relationships. 

When the interviewer asks you about yourself, they don’t need to know you’re looking for a new job to get away from your ex who still works at the old one. 

These kind of comments can be a red flag suggesting that you might not fit into the culture of the organisation.

Whether it’s good or bad, the state of your finances isn’t an appropriate topic for an interview. 

They don’t need to know you had to borrow money for an Uber to get to the interview. Nor do you need to wear your Manolo Blahnik pumps to scream how in the green you are.

These topics are dangerous enough around the family dinner table. 

Why would you want to jeopardize a potential job offer by making an offhand comment, however innocent, that might offend the person interviewing you?

An interviewer can’t ask you whether or not you plan to get pregnant or your relationship status, but you may find yourself letting it slip.

Times have changed, but not so much that some employers may still view your future plans as a liability. Even if they don’t, you don’t need to tell personal information to a stranger. 

You don’t need to share any legal situations, possibly strange hobbies, or past improprieties in an interview. Just don’t let them slip. 

Keep it professional and relevant to the job you’re applying for. Even if you’re hired, most of these topics should stay out of the workplace altogether.

How do you answer when someone asks you what are 3 facts about yourself?

Don’t get stumped with this question, either with friends or in an interview. Prepare in advance with some interesting but relevant topics that might make you a more desirable candidate. Here are some ideas to consider:

When coming up with your three fun facts about yourself, consider the audience and the setting. For an interview, think of facts that reinforce you are a good candidate for the job. 

Share some fun facts about yourself.

So, now that you’re armed with 58 examples of fun facts about yourself, which ones appeal to you the most?

Did any get you thinking about how to generate even more fun facts you can share with others?

Or maybe you’re thinking of making conversation cards that ask “fun facts about me” questions.

After all, you don’t want to be the bearer of cheesy pick-up lines or stale one-liners. These prompts remind you to relax and just be you.

The folks worth hanging out with will appreciate your authenticity and look forward to learning more about you.

Wherever you go, any of these prompts can serve as a conversation starter. And a fun conversation can lead to friendships, job opportunities, and other adventures.

May you have them all in abundance.

If you want people to get to know you, you'll need to open up and share some interesting things. Check out these fun facts about yourself to tell others.

Interview Destiny

Use this 30 Interesting Facts About Yourself Examples article to help you impress your interviewer.

30 interesting facts about yourself examples (to stand out).

by Adriana Herrera | Last updated Feb 8, 2022

30 Interesting Facts About Yourself Examples

Are you getting ready for a job interview? Not sure what to answer when the interviewer presents you with an interesting facts about yourself icebreaker such as “ Tell us something interesting about yourself or something that you are very passionate about?”

If you need inspiration to create interesting personal facts to share with an interviewer then you are in the right place! There are many interesting facts that you can share in an interview. The key is to share interesting facts that are good for a professional work environment while allowing the interviewer to get to know you as a person. 

This article will provide you with 30 Interesting Facts About Yourself Examples and the job interview tips you need to create, and share, interesting facts about yourself that are professional while showing off your personality and passions. So, if you’re ready to get started let’s dive in!

30 Interesting Facts About Yourself Examples

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How do you answer tell me an interesting fact about yourself?

The main rules when sharing interesting facts about yourself in an interview is to make sure the facts are:

For example, if you’re interviewing for a design job and happen to be an art fanatic you could tell the interviewer, “When I’m not working my hobby is to attend art shows.” As a designer the soft skills that you would exhibit by sharing that you attend art shows are: curiosity, continuous learning, and industry networking.  

To build rapport and lighten the mood the interviewer may ask follow-up questions to the interesting fact that you share. Using our example, the interviewer may follow-up and ask questions such as “How often do you go to art shows?” or “What’s been your favorite art show in the last six months?” Only share interesting facts about yourself that you can elaborate on otherwise you may end up in a situation where the interviewer asks you questions you should be able to answer but can’t because the interesting fact isn’t truthful. This would discredit you and set a negative tone for your interview. To help you brainstorm facts to share in an interview below are 30 examples to draw inspiration from. Go ahead, scroll through the examples to pull inspiration that help you create interesting facts about yourself that wow the interviewer!

30 Interesting Facts About Yourself Examples

The interesting facts you share with the interviewer will depend on your passions and industry. To help you get inspired below are interesting facts that can be used by people interviewing for a variety of roles and industries. 30 interesting facts about yourself examples:

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Interesting Facts About Yourself (FAQs)

What are some examples of fun facts about yourself.

Some examples of fun facts about yourself are:

What to say for interesting facts about yourself?

When you share an interesting fact about yourself in an interview you want it to be:

For example, if you are interviewing for an Executive Assistant position you might say something like…

“I’m unusually perceptive and good at reading people’s body language to anticipate their needs. For example, I noticed that when my last boss went into the kitchen more than two times in an hour to get water he was actually stressed about something and subconsciously using the trips to the kitchen to pace. When I noticed this I would ask if there was anything I could take off his plate. Usually, there were a couple of small things he’d delegate to me and then he would use me as a sounding board to talk through whatever he was trying to figure out or dealing with. I’ve always been perceptive to others I think that’s part of why I make a great Executive Assistant.”

What are 3 random facts about yourself?

When you answer “What are 3 random facts about yourself?” for a job interview you want to make sure they are professional and personable such as:

What are 3 fun facts about yourself job application?

Fun facts you share about yourself on a job application should be personal, true, and professional. 3 examples of personal fun facts you can share on a job application are:

What are three interesting facts about me?

Three interesting facts about you are:

Tell us something interesting about yourself or something that you are very passionate about.

When you are asked to share something interesting about yourself or to share something you are passionate about in a job interview the interviewer is looking for an answer that is:

A good passion to share is an athletic activity you participate in outside of work that helps you relax, rejuvenate, and refresh. Sharing a activity that helps you revive your energy lets the interviewer know you have practices in place to manage stress and prevent burnout.

Here’s an example of sharing something interesting and that you’re passionate about…

“I am passionate about becoming a better surfer. Being in the ocean is an amazing workout and great way to destress. No matter what type of day I’ve had I can paddle out and everything melts away. I’ve also found I randomly come up with good ideas while surfing. I have a goal to be able to surf 3.5 meter waves by the end of summer. Getting to my goal requires a lot of physical training and practice that is humbling. I’m learning a lot about myself through the process.”

Standing out in a sea of job applicants can be difficult. An easy way to become a memorable candidate is to share a fun fact about yourself. I hope the 30 Interesting Facts About Yourself Examples, tips, and FAQS, have provided you with inspiration to create your own interesting facts about yourself for a job interview. Remember, the more unique and genuine your interesting facts are, the more likely the interviewer is to remember you when they are making the final hiring decision! What interesting facts about yourself did you come up with? Share in the comments!

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