English in My Life Essay

My experience in english.

English was and has been my weakest subject ever since I was introduced to it in Kindergarten, and until this day. I often understand concepts related to math and science, however, vocabulary, spelling, critical analysis, speaking, and reading are skills I find hard to master. In fact, some ideas seem to go through one ear, and out the other. I never understood English’s importance when I was a kid. I thought that grammar, vocabulary, spelling, etc. were not as important as math or science. I was unaware of how important English was when I was younger, causing me to not care much about reading, writing, or speaking. Now that I have a bit more experience in the real world, I understand that English is essential to lead on a successful life. This is due to the fact that English can help someone mentally, physically, and overtime, financially. Due to my late notice, I fell behind in English, which shows through my reading level, writing, and vocabulary. Despite the tough times and headaches that were forced upon me as an English student, I still remain diligent and put in massive amounts of effort into each assignment.

English Personal Statement Of Purpose

I was once often told that I will never be able to use English like a native speaker in my younger school years. English is my third language. To many linguist, I may be regarded as an English as a Foreign Language (EFL) student. There may even me preconceived prejudiced notions that I do not use English enough or that I do not have much use of English to be able to attain native-like proficiency in the language. I am one of the EFL learners of English who is not demotivated to learn and use the language despite obvious criticism at a young age.

Going Back to School as an Adult Essay

If it would dominate the discussion and lessons and if that meant I had to mentally remove myself mentally from the learning. Second, and instantly, I identified my self to the class as an individual whose second language was English, and how this would hinder me.

Personal Statement Of An English Learner

I walk over to the nine-year-old boy sitting across the room as I reach for my pen and sheet of paper. As I approached him, I halted. Quietly, I asked him what he needed help with. Looking confused, he asked me what the word bough meant. I froze. I didn’t know what the word meant. Embarrassed of not knowing a fifth grade word, I asked the teacher for some assistance and after she told me what the word meant I understood and was then able to explain to him that a bough is just a synonym for a branch. Noticing that David was still confused as to what he was reading, I sat beside him and allowed him to read the passage out loud to me. While I defined the words that he didn’t know and listened to him read the passage, I was able to classify him as an English learner who just wanted to be just as good as the other kids.

Essay about From Spanish to English: Becoming Literate in America

For as long as I can remember learning how to read and write was a real challenge for me. When I first arrived in the United States I was enrolled at the nearby elementary school. Being from another country I was scared and embarrassed because I was different then the other children in my class. Talking and communicating with others was something that wasn't in the interest of what I wanted to do. I sat far away from others depriving myself of what they were doing or learning. Coming from Mexico and going to a school where no other children would speak the same language that I would or even play the way I did made me believe that I was some sort of thing that didn't belong. All these contributed to a low esteemed child that was

Ap English Class Reflection

Ever since I was a child, I never really enjoyed the subject of English. Aside from me considering the subject to be boring my vocabulary always seemed to be lacking compared to my peers, and the time I spent on reading passages and answering questions about those passages was much longer than my classmates’. However, my literacy skills started to slowly develop, and I ended up appreciating English in my junior and senior years of high school.

English Language Literacy Personal Statement

I am elated to have the opportunity to apply to California State University of Fullerton's Master of Literacy and Reading program. I graduated from Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo, in 2013. There, I received my Bachelor of Science in Liberal Studies, with an emphasis in Spanish, as well as my Multiple Subject Credential. After graduation, I taught Kindergarten for two years in Greenfield, California. It was there that I learned my passion for teaching reading skills to English Language Learners. I soon realized the joy and cohesiveness literacy can bring into a classroom. For the past three years I have taught first grade at a small rural school in Shandon, California. I was extremely honored to be chosen to travel to Kansas City in July 2017, to

Narrative Essay On Diverse Immigration

My first encounter with English was at my mother’s workplace. I picked up some words when my mother spoke to customers, but had no idea what each word meant. When school started, I didn’t talk to anyone since most of them spoke English so I felt like an outcast. Still, I tried my best to do well in English, however in fourth grade kids found it humorous that I struggle when I spoke English and they would bully me. When they teased me I would get frustrated and would sit there sobbing and feeling morose for hours and hours. Finally elementary school was over and its time to go to middle school

Personal Narrative-Pursuing The English Language

I didn’t know how damaging it could be to live in an all Portuguese-speaking household until the results of my very first MCAS came in back in 2008. I was looking at the scores and saw that there was an “A” under math, which made me pretty happy knowing that it meant advanced. Then in the English section, a “W” was shown and it confused me in what it signified. Reading through the papers, it was found out that it meant a warning in the subject, which is a more diligent way to tell a child that they failed the section. At the last MCAS test, I achieved an advanced grade on both subjects, realizing that any obstacle can be turned into a great opportunity to improve oneself.

Personal Narrative: My English As A Second Language

I was born in Mexico where I lived for 10 years and at that age I moved to the US. I didn’t speak English at all and also, didn’t know anyone in this foreign country. I was constantly bullied at middle school because I didn’t know the language very well and had an accent when I spoke. At that moment I vowed to myself to work hard everyday and never let anyone bring me down. I started reading out loud in my room, learning how to pronounce words and finding the definitions to everything I was reading. I was also, placed in a class for English as a Second Language and was enrolled in this course for my first two years during middle school. In 8th grade I was able to transfer out of this class into a regular English class. I got an award for English

Personal Narrative: I Turned Speaking Standard English Language

Growing up and spending most of my time in school, I tried speaking Standard English. (Just because I was surrounded in that environment). Teachers always made sure all of us students spoke clearly and correctly from the very beginning. As soon as I got older that started changing; I still can speak properly, and I do, but from time to time we, young people, like to use slang and talk in our own understandable language.

Personal Narrative: My Failure In English

From elementary school to the beginning of middle school, I loathed reading and writing. It was undeniably my worst subject and my teachers could tell. With each piece of classwork and homework I turned in, they made notes on how I needed to be more descriptive, check my grammar, and try to engage my readers. I simply did not understand parts of speech, sentence structure, diction, and everything else involved with articulating sentences in the English language. As I continued getting criticism on my work, I decided that this subject was not for me. I felt defeated, and my plan was to do what it took to get by and accept my failure in English. This negative mindset continued until the middle of 6th grade when I learned about the Future Next program.

My American Life Essay

Before it was all introduced to me, my economy was primarily constructed with our own hands. I am from Western Samoa where things as I would say was a bit slow and a bit dinosaur age. We do not have Walmart or Ross or huge grocery shops that would provide us with the convenience as other. My home had the key to our Economic growth, however, did not have the consideration of the actual word outside.

My Statement Of Purpose For Learning English

My interest in learning English is due to the fact that I have always liked to challenge myself. Even though many of my friends and family warned me from majoring in English, as it would be difficult for me, I have accepted the challenge. I have always felt that learning English would increase myself confidence and have people around me impressed. This interest has also grown through my passion in learning about languages, cultures, and traditions. Where I come from, Saudi Arabia, a big number of people came from different countries and spoke different languages. I have realized that English could be a means to interact with a lot of people speaking different languages. I have also realized that English is the lingua franca of today’s world with no close rivals. Learning English actually

The Importance of Teaching English Essay

     “In the world were over seven thousand languages have exisisted, one language had become dominate. This dominant language is English.” “In the majority of countries throughout the world speak English as their second or first language, no longer just America or England.” English has taken many forms, American English, the Queen’s English, Australian, Canadian English, and several others. Even American English has taken several types of English, Jersey English, East Coast English, West Coast English, Southern English, slang English, and Ebonics. All of these languages have major variants between them, but are all of them are still understood aboard. Without English the world couldn’t operate,

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Descriptive Essay: "My Life" - Sample Essay with Key Points to Include


To write a good descriptive essay about life, you should be able to describe some key elements of your life:

Start writing an essay on your life after reading this article – it contains useful information on what to write about in the given essay. It can be needed for an admission essay or any other assignment at school, college or university. Besides, you are offered a well-written essay sample on the topic “My Life”. Follow it and finish any task with ease!

What Can You Tell About Your Life: 5 Key Points to Include

my life structure

Answering these key questions in your essay, you become closer to the fulfillment of the main goal of essay writing – to describe your personal life vividly. Besides, you can answer some other questions that are also relevant to life. For example,

Try a quicker way

Mind all the aspects that could reveal your life to the reader to the fullest extent – let your personality come through an essay. Look at how it is done in the essay sample below!

Essay Sample – My Life Is …

Life is beautiful and yet life is not a bed of roses. Though it is full of ups and downs, it has many facets of blessings and successes. To some people, life is hard, cruel and merciless. Thes people see life as punishment throughout their entire lives. They, therefore, resigned themselves to fate, believing all is finished. To them, nothing that they do can ever be good. They take delight in committing crimes and maiming others to avenge their ill-fortune. They lost every sense of direction and most times, some of them go as far as committing suicide, just to escape the injustice life has meted out to them.

But there are those who see life as a challenge, a channel of discovery and innovation, a prospect for success and a gateway to wealth. To them, life is sweet, colorful and kind. No matter the situation these people find themselves, they keep pressing on, believing in a cause, a cause to succeed and get the most out of life. No wonder an adage says, “Where there is life, there is hope.” Personally, I belong to these people who enjoy life.

The will to succeed or fail lies within an individual jurisdiction. You can live life to the fullest with utmost satisfaction and fulfillment if you determine with all your mind, body and soul to succeed. On the other hand, life can be miserable to you if you take everything for granted and wait on fate to play itself out. The setting of goals and strategic plans that will strive no matter the odds which may move against you is one of the basic things needed to get the best out of life. These goals which must be result-oriented should be followed up consistently even if things seem blurred or unyielding at first.

Also, the mind is the center of everything. It controls your thoughts and beliefs. A focused mind has never failed. A positive mind helps one to discover talents and potentials. Great men and women, both living and dead, had their minds focused on something and nothing deterred them from achieving their dreams. Each of them had a belief, should I say faith, which they held onto, they nurture the belief, focused all their attention and live on it. And today, we have benefited in one way or the other from their inventions and great ideas.

Life is a challenge. And for anyone to succeed in life, he/she must be ready to show the stuff they are made of. He/she must be ready to sacrifice time and build up the mind frame toward success. What is happening in our environment should not influence or affect us in our daily quest for success in life. Instead, we should control the happenings around us.

Life is so easy, yet many people rush and miss what they want to achieve in life. Don’t rush in life. Take one step at a time. Each step should be properly planned before being launched. Steady, balance, mark and shoot. And before you know it, the sky will become the beginning of your success.

All the great men of today, has one way or the other tasted the other side of life but they did not cower. Instead, they were renewed to redefine their goals; they ride on with faith, believing in their potential, focusing their mind on something, knowing fully well that in every black cloud there is always a silver lining.

I take life to be very simple and do you know what? Life is to be enjoyed. What about you?

As you see this essay is a chance to express your life philosophy and values to the readers and give them a sense of who you are. For example, the admissions committee can make sense of you as a potential student in a college you’re applying to or vice versa. So don’t pass up this chance to reflect your personality in this essay by describing what your life is like in details and how it has shaped you.

The ‘Into’, ‘Through’, and ‘Beyond’ Approach to Writing an Essay

writing process

So, you have the right framework for writing the descriptive essay on the topic “My Life”. Don’t waste time and start writing immediately – the early start makes easy stages!

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essay english in my life

Essay About English In My Life

Vietnamese immigrant experience.

I’m a Vietnamese immigrant. I came to the U.S in October 18th, 2010. The funny thing is it was my birthday; the day that I felt real loneliness for the first time. It wasn’t an outgoing boy neither in my birth country so it became even harder for me to fit in. So loneliness was my biggest challenge that affected my academic achievement.

Explain Why I Came To America Essay

For an eight year old girl to fly by herself from Africa to America was a little scary especially when she's traveling by herself for the first time. I remember the day I first enter the USA. I was in the airport looking around waiting for someone to get me , while I was looking around I saw strange things i never seen before . I was alone at that moment seeing other people interact with each other. At that moment I looked up and saw the sign USA and realized I was in America. I was a little scared , thinking to myself , am I really in america. I have never been away from my country, Sierra Leone. I was born in sierra leone, I grew up with people who speak the same language as me and had the same skin color as me. The reason why I came to the USA and left everything behind was because my parents wanted me to live a better life, have more chances in my education and have more opportunities . It was pretty hard living everything I was used to behind.

The Most Significant Challenges When I Came To Usa

I have faced my challenges in my life. However, I had faced the most significant challenge when I came to United States. I did not know english when I came to United states. I also struggled with learning phrases.

Mike Rose's Essay What College Can Mean To The Other America

Mike Rose is an internationally recognized writer, educator and specialist in composition. In his essay, “What College can Mean to the Other America”, Rose starts off by dating back to nearly 50 years since Michael Harrington wrote “The Other America”, to put an emphasis on the similarities of the society 50 years ago, compared to present day. Rose writes an exceptionally moving essay about the rigid school system, and how it forsakes students who cannot afford tuition fees. He paints a very vivid picture of the students he encountered. Those who were not able to pay for their tuition, and how inauspicious it currently affects them.

Reflective Essay: An Immigration To The United States

Struggling to learn English affected me because I realized someone would not always be able to translate for me. This challenge made me realize that I needed to progress because It will help me be successful. I still fight against this challenge every day, at times I do not understand what people say to me when they talk to me, but I do everything to understand. One thing I am starting to do is writing in a notebook It is not easy because every time I have to use Google translate to be sure that I write and say the word correctly.

Narrative Essay On Mexican Culture

The world is in constant change and social changes are necessary in order to maintain a balance within social groups and communities. I am a 46 Mexican and as Mexican I can say that Mexican culture is full of beliefs and taboos. Gender, age, social class, language and spiritual practice have influenced my life. Mexican culture is one of the cultures with a marked gender inequality. Mexican culture is full of maleness. I have faced the maleness since I was a child in an indirect way. My mother was never allowed to work during the 13 years of marriage. My father said that women have to stay home taking care of the children and house chores. It was not a problem with my mother and my siblings because women in my mother’s close social group were housewives, but after my parents got

Essay On English Language Learners

The United States is a place of freedom. We are a mixing pot that unifies as one. Many religions, cultures, and languages make their home in the Unites States. Many foreigners see the U.S. as an opportunity to seek better lives and education, but when it comes to foreigners and native-born non-English speakers that do not yet know English, it becomes a little more difficult to go about an average day let alone make a better future. Children in school often become English Language Learners, or ELL, to assimilate to the American standards. It is a hard journey for both the students, families, and the teachers. But, their journey is not taken alone since there are about 5 million English language learners in the United State.

Colloquial Latino American Language Essay

Language is the foundation for any organism day to day interaction, language is not limited to spoken language, but also includes body language and gestures. Through language people connect and form bonds with each other; from personal experience, I have found this is to be essentially true when living in a foreign country and speaking a language that is not the primary language spoken in that country. One may not know anything at all about the other, but an instant connection is made when you hear a familiar language or the language of your childhood.

Edward P. Lazear: Fixing The Immigration Problem

few propositions about how to fix the United States immigration and also explains why immigration is a problem in the United States.

Personal Narrative: Moving To A Deaf School

When I turned into a freshman, I decided to transfer to a deaf school for my high school years and graduated there. By then, my struggles with my writing and reading were improving by working hard. IN my freshman, there was an English teacher, Mrs. Copeland-Samaripa, a strict teacher I ever had seen and I failed this class once because of lack of my doing in homework and tests. I didn’t want to repeat the grade so I decided to work hard by studying notes for test and turned homework in on time. For next two years, I really didn’t learn lot about writing because of different teachers weren’t taught me very well then in my senior year, a bearded man, Mr. Dirk, came in my life. He decided to teach the class with “start over” English but in the

Puente's Story Of Being A Chicana

I discovered my love for English throughout my Puente classes. It exposed me to my passion for writing and learning new things. An example of this was when we read “ Borderlands” by Gloria Anzladúa which deals with how we identify ourselves composed of poems and written text. Explaining her story of being a Chicana; someone who is Mexican American dealing with the differences of both cultures. As a Chicana, I am grateful that Puente introduced us to this type of material. Assisting us to further our comprehension of the subject and ourselves. Being a Chicana is a person who despite being a minority and lack of privileges they have the strongest passion to succeed.

Benefits Of Learning A Second Language Essay

Learning a second language has many lifelong beneficial other than just understanding the language itself, mainly if learned at a young age. Learning a second language can be done more efficiently as a young kid, and can open up many doors for later in life while being mentally advanced. When it comes to learning a second language, the younger you start the easier you will begin to learn your second language. Younger brains learn much easier than older brains because the brain is designed for language learning to take place between birth and adolescence (the period following the onset of puberty during which a young person develops from a child into an adult). The brain is much more accepting

Benefits Of Student Exchange Essay

Many people plan to see the world or to travel at some point in their life and have new experiences but few ever get the opertunity to do so either due to work, school or simple problems in everyday life. The few that do however get the chance to travel abroad and see the world might not be able to do so until they are very old or have retired. Because of this I propose a program that would allow students to see the world while they are still in school, realitively unbrudened by things such as work or worry of money, bills or insurence. The program I have in mind is known as the student exchange program. The student exchange program allows for a student to leave their country of residence and take up residence in another country all while still going to school and studying within the country. With this program in mind I believe that it could be benificial for students to not only see the world but also learn about culture, gain unique opertunities and learn independence.

Advantages Of English As A Global Language

We can’t deny that English has become an international language for communication between all mankind , it is the common language between most of the countries , English is a global language which is spoken as a native language and a second language in most of the countries , and we noticed that people who use English as a second language are way more than people who speak it as a native language , it is taught in every country in this world , it is using as a medium language of understanding between the teacher and the learner , you can see it in banks , supermarkets , in road signs and in international web pages, it is the language that you see and hear every day, so speaking English become a must , also we can’t ignore the fact that English is the language of global communication at medical , tourism , trade and other elements of language use , So English is so important in our various lives aspects. So in this essay I am going to discuss the reasons of how English become a global language and is it a good or bad thing? and what is the advantages and did advantages of spreading of English?

Reflection About Language

First of all, my experience of learning English was a great process which took fifteen years as a Turkish native speaker. When I was seven years old, I started to learn English and I am able to learn languages. When I was five years old, I was watching cartoons in English and in my opinion it was so helpful for me to learning a new language. I have been learning English for fifteen years including my college life. I studied American Culture and Literature in Bilkent University. Thanks to my department, I had a chance to improve my English.

More about Essay About English In My Life

Related topics.

About My Life Essay Example

Personal narrative essays are often a part of the student’s assignments that professors ask their students to write. The most important reason for assigning such essays to the students is to develop their analytical and self-reflection skills. Mostly these personal narrative essays are based upon the life experiences of a person like narrative essay about my life could be an example of it. Here is a sample narrative essay about my life that students can consider for writing a similar type of essay writing assignment work by their professors.

Essay Sample on My Life

Introduction of My Life Essay I have been a keen learner towards new things from my very childhood; it recalls the memories about the way I used to manage my books appropriately from a very little age. As time passes I also realized the importance of many other things that surrounds me apart from my books. Then it came the time when I have to depart my home from higher education to pursue my graduate degree at Stanford College. At that time I was totally amused with the world outside my books where people are interacting with each other for ages. Then in the same year, an epiphany moment happened to me when I found my second love after books that are for the Animals. I used to communicate with them for hours and hours and tried to understand their emotions. This was the turning point of my life that raised my love for Animals to a huge account. After my College get completed a teaching job becomes a golden opportunity for me that I wanted to pursue from my childhood. It was like a dream comes true. This is how I spent the stage of my life till now and I am still a teacher giving education to the students. Main Body of My Life Essay My Love for Animals and Books I was very oblivious towards my love for the animals and my books they were the most important and inseparable part of my life. I still remember how my entire pocket money during college days went to feed the Animals in my surrounding. I never skip a day to spend my time with those loyal creatures and find it very relieving to talk with them. Books were also my all-time companion from childhood and whenever I used to travel the only thing that I did is to read and read for hours and days. I was very much inspired by the great essayist Francis Bacon that “Some books to be tasted, others to be chewed while there are some that must be chewed and digested”. This was also a reason that why I was too affectionate towards the books from a little age. Even today I cannot spend a single day without my books. I think everyone should have a crush on them as they keep us moving forward without asking for much investment. It could be a small investment that can turn up into a huge profit throughout your life. Buy Customized Essay on Story of my life At Cheapest Price Order Now People of my Surrounding The people who matter a lot in my surroundings were my parent and siblings who always acted as catalysts towards my success to become a good teacher. My mother always supported me emotionally whenever I went through the trials and tribulations of emotions during my teenage. My father never makes me feel in scarcity of money and that is how I always managed to purchase both cheap and expensive books. Money never blocked my way of loving books more and more. Most of the books were based on literature like Charles Dickens and Thomas Hardy are my favorite author along with Mark Twain. I can never forget the novel Huckleberry Finn throughout my life. My siblings, two elder sisters were always there in my bad times and I shared all my problems with them in my bad phase of life. Travel Experiences and Travelogues I also love to travel for days, months, and years and to write my travelogues is the hobby that only arises in me after I started going through international tours. So far I have written many travelogues based upon my tours to the different destinations of the world. This was the entire journey of my life till now. See Also: Someone Who Has Impacted Your Life Essay Example For Free Conclusion This is how I explored the story of my life till now and hope that my compassion for Animals and my books always remain the same. I have heard somewhere that libraries and bicycles are always good for the people as they keep us progressive without asking for any kind of investment. I am very much deep in this belief and that is why my love for books and animals rises every day. Hire USA Experts for Story of my life Essay Order Now

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I hope this essay sample has helped you understand my life. This sample essay on personal narrative could be used by the students for writing their essay assignments. You can also get a freshly written essay on the story of my life from Students Assignment Help.

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About My Life, Essay Example

Pages: 2

Words: 637

This Essay was written by one of our professional writers.

About My Life, Essay Example

You are free to use it as an inspiration or a source for your own work.

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My name is Peter, aged 32, a sales agent. At the age of 18 I was profoundly excited by winding up college studies and getting a well paying job in a leading pharmaceutical company. I couldn’t hide my joy since I knew I had  acquired financial grounding; I plunged in to lotteries  and gambling and no amount of persuasion from my relatives and friends could get me to out  of the habit. My turning point as far as dropping the habit came when I talked to a financial adviser with whom I was involved with romantically. I changed my mind, stopped the habit and channeled my time energy and money to investments and savings. Right now I take much pride in my change of mind.

Opinion 1: Newly Employed

After watching ordinary people, some young win huge amounts of money just by participating in lottery, I developed great interest and quickly embarked in a quest for procedures that one had to follow in order to win big. That was when I had just settled on my job and given that I had disposable cash I could buy tickets from lottery companies and wait restlessly for results based on draws held. Whenever results from the first draw proved negative, for example, I could not despair. Instead I would look forward to the next one with much optimism.  Severally, I could win some amounts that were not significant, depending on what I expected. It reached a point where saying that I was addicted is an understatement. I moved a head, hit casinos, won money, lost some but insatiable as I was, finally ended in debt. In addition, it affected my output at my work place

Through my escapades I was attracted to a charming lady who I came to learn was a financial consultant. Owing to the fact that I respected her immensely and of course got into the habit of asking for cash from her whenever I got broke, she was able to quickly decipher that I was in a predicament.

Opinion 2: Tuning Point

It is through her intervention that I pulled out. She at one sitting told me, “If your goal is to win lottery, forget it. Winning the lottery,” she added, “is a great way to create instant wealth, but playing it is definitely not.” She could joke that if I won the lottery I would have a financial burden to bear especially given that the money would be instantaneous and therefore unexpected. Upon my goals being rendered impractical, I embarked (through her advice) on setting up more realistic goals and set out to achieve them.

Karimi (2008) says that setting goals is not important. It is figuring out how to reach them that is requires dedication and effort.  With her assistance, I was able to jot down my long term and short term goals. In the short term I envisioned setting up an emergency fund with a view to paying off debts that I owed people. On the long term I made the plan on five year basis: five, ten, fifteen and twenty. Specifically, in five years I had to buy a house, send children to school in ten years see them through college in twenty years and retire in thirty. This was followed by writing down amounts of money each goal required. Suffice to say that I succeeded.

It can be seen that I started with little knowledge and self discipline.  We can learn that knowledge is only power if and when put to use. After embarking on a stringent saving regime and striving to keep money in my wallet am happy to say that ten years down the line I have not only acquired a house but also sent my children to a good school.

Works Cited

Karimi, Leah, Get Rich By Making The Most Of Your Money ,Nairobi: Quinex Publishers, 2008

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Common Sense Teaching for Japanese Children and Greater Learning for Woman, Essay Example

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My life essay

My life essay

My life essay  is a subject that shows the positive and negative aspects of my life. How do I plan for a bright future? What is the way to achieve my future goals? Who are the people around me and how do they influence me? Are they pushing me forward or are they an obstacle to achieving my goals?

My life essay describes the various stages in my life and what I have now learned and progress in my life as well as the good relations that bind me to my family and friends.

My family consists of four people, my father, my mother, my sister and me. There is cooperation between my family members.

We love the system and divide our work. My sister and me help our mother with housework. We also help our father in taking care of the garden of the house and all the birds and pets.

I like to wake up early and go to school and listen to my teachers and understand all my lessons, and play with my friends in time of rest.

When I return from school, I do my homework, then I have lunch with my family members  and talk about the important things that have happened to each of us and share ideas and solutions.

At 6 pm, the time of music class and music is my favorite hobby, so I train daily with the music school,I joined the school’s music band and became a key member.

We have played great music at the school concerts. My school entered the schools competition,  our musical group won and got the title of best player, which encouraged me to train more and more to become a famous musician.

My father encourages me a lot and buys me musical instruments that I love. My mother encourages me a lot. She listens to all that I am playing and praises me.

My sister also likes to listen to the music pieces I play, and asks her friends to come with her to the school party and encourage me .

In this way we have given you with My life essay ,and you can read more through the following link:

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English in my life

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In my language, English has only a small part. First of all, I speak tagalog all the time and my dominant language is tagalog. For example at home, we rarely speak English. Most of the time my family and I speak in tagalog and taglish. So, I’m really adjusting during my social interactions, most of my friends speak in English. However, I know how to speak in English but the problem is I lack practice that leads me to being inconsistent in speaking in English.

Now in school, this is the place where I most often speak and practice English. The school is very helpful and encouraging for me to always speak in English at all times. In short, the school makes me realize how important English is.

My English usage is very minimal. Truly, that means I’m really not that fluent in speaking in English. That’s why sometimes I tend to stutter, mispronounce and say sentences incorrectly.


Proficient in: English Language

“ Amazing as always, gave her a week to finish a big assignment and came through way ahead of time. ”

For me, that’s so shallow and embarrassing so instead I choose to speak in tagalog. But for me I will also consider my mistakes to be my motivation to improve my English. Addition to this is that I may be hesitant to speak in English but at least I’m trying to practice it. Therefore, I will continue practicing it so I will gain more confidence to speak more fluently in English.

As we all know, English is helpful, useful and important to our future. Firstly, we are in an English-speaking country.

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So in order to communicate and interact with other people effectively, we should have to learn how to speak in English. Personally, it is important for me to enhance my English language for it will help me to future endeavors and in order to socialize I have to fully understand the languages that engaged in so I easily understand ones feelings. In short, I will never stop learning, improving and practicing my English language for this will help me in my profession in the near future.

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English in my life

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Essay Sample on A Day in My Life

I will be sharing what a day in my life looks like. Now your thought must be like, day in a life!? In a blog post?? Well yes!! But before I start writing my day, I want you to comment below, what is the one thing you do daily which makes you keep going (other than brushing obvi). So, let’s start my day!

I wake up around 5 – 5:30am. Some days when I am really tired, I wake up at 6am if I have class and 7am if no class in the morning.  After finishing all my morning routine, I start of my day by doing workout and kriya [you will know more about this is in my next blog] which keeps me refreshed and energetic throughout the day. I then study for a bit and somedays I have tuitions in the morning. That comes to end of my morning routine. 

My classes start from 8am and go on till 1pm and somedays till 3pm. During the breaks I like to take small walks or just be away from the screen for as long as possible so that I will be able to concentrate for the upcoming sessions. Here are some tips on how to improve concentration during these times:

The first thing you can do in the morning is to workout or meditate which keeps you energized and active throughout the day. You could also do some walking or even listen to music. 

What do I mean by active? What I meant was, instead of staying in front of the screen, go walk around or help with some household work. This keeps you away from the screen for a while so that you are all set to go for the next sessions. And also so that your eyes don’t get strained.

Make sure you at least have 6-7 hours of sleep so you can be refreshed for the next day so you can concentrate more.

It is very important to participate in class so that it is easier for you to ace your tests and also notes help you to refer to it the day before your exam which makes it a lot easier rather than studying everything in last minute

That’s it for the tips! Let’s get back to my day.

Once I am done with school, I like to relax a bit, spend some time with family and listen to music. I take rest for about an hour and have some snacks as well to get me back on track with whatever I have left over. 

Sometimes I do music practice. After this I catch up with homework and some other studying which I have to get done. By the time I am done with all this it is about 7pm. After 7pm I prefer not to keep any school work but only attend my last class which is at 8:30pm. 

In the duration of an hour and a half, I play with my mom, usually cards and then have my dinner and just chill. I prefer not to use my phone during this time. Once I am done with my last class of the day, I just check if I have done everything for the day with my to do list and responding to school messages. When I am done with all this, I keep my phone away and I spend some “daddy-daughter time” because we both are busy with our works throughout the day and we both have a common free time after 9:30pm.

We spend about 15-20 minutes together talking about what I did the entire day and about his day and what tests or anything about the following day. Now, we have come to the end of the day. I fall asleep by about 10pm or 10:30pm max. And the same routine repeats in all the weekdays! Weekends I don’t have a specific routine! That’s all for this blog! See you guys in the next one!

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essay english in my life

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My Aim in Life Essay in English for Students

essay english in my life

Essay on My Aim in Life for Students

Essay writing is an essential skill that every student must have because words are the weapon of an educated man. Because by effectively using words you can make changes that are not possible otherwise. And therefore, in the English subject, the students are always required to write an essay.

An essay is a creative writing skill, and it is an important skill for the students to develop at an early stage of their life. Because it enables the students to express themselves in such a manner that it becomes easy for others to understand them in a better manner. Therefore, here we have provided a sample essay on the topic of, My Aim in Life. 

Essay writing is a pretty creative skill to develop at a very young age for every kid. Writing an essay or learning how to write an essay invokes interest in them from a tender age. Hence every parent should encourage and guide their kid about how to write an essay. 

Here we have provided a sample essay on ‘My Aim in Life’ for a reference that you can use to guide your kids or your kids can use it directly by using our website or downloading our app. There are many more essays on various topics that are also available on our site/ app in PDF format at absolutely free of cost. Download and use these as per your convenience. 

My Aim in Life

An aimless person is just like a ship without any direction. You cannot move forward without having an aim or goal in your life. Everyone has their own aim. Everyone’s aim is different from others. Having a potential goal in life helps you to define your existence. Not only that, but a goal or several goals also help one in understanding their career goals and life goals.

Why Should you have an Aim in Life?

An aimless man can never be successful in his life. All of his goals will either be shattered or fail at a certain point. He limps in his way of life. It is crucial to have a realistic aim or goal in life. It will add a new layer of meaning to your life. 

Once you can achieve it, you will be able to find the true purpose of life and set an example for others on how to live life in the best possible way. Not only that but also achieving your goal successfully will bring immense joy and happiness in your life and for your family as well. 

How to Choose the Right Aim for You?

Generally, a person chooses their ambition or goal by getting inspired by the people surrounding them. Parents or teachers or relatives play a very crucial role in selecting an aim. Choosing the right goal as per your aptitude will help you to drive your life towards the right path. But one small mistake or choosing a wrong goal can shatter that. Hence everyone must be cautious while making this decision. 

Your aim defines your career path. So, it could be really difficult to choose a career path at a very young age, it could be possible that a person fails to reach his goal after a certain point in time. But fixing the mistake and taking the right decision at that moment will show you light in the right direction. Therefore, do not give up hope and keep trying. And, be ambitious.  

How to Achieve That?

The first and foremost task is you have to be very careful while making the decision. An aim leads towards the right career. So, here are a few steps that you must remember in every phase of your life.

Always be Proactive

Maintain a healthy and balanced life

Stay away from negativity

Avoid procrastination

Gain more knowledge

Embrace your failures

Get expert opinions

Visualize your final destination

Track your progress

Stay focused

Every person decides at some point what he wants to become. And, in this era of modernization, I am aiming to become a doctor. Not just because my mom is a doctor but also it is a noble profession. 

Many people aspire to become an engineer, architects, dancers, interior designers etc. Amid all the other professions, there are some particular reasons behind my preference for becoming a doctor. 

A doctor is a person who saves others’ lives by treating them well. He helps people in curing all the diseases by giving them the required medicine or through surgery or various other procedures. Not only curing people by treatment but also a doctor must offer hope and joy to the patient and his family in times of difficulty. 

No One would be able to survive in this world if there was no doctor. Nothing could be greater than saving someone’s life and spreading joy in the world. 

However, it is not easy to become a doctor. I have to overcome a lot of hurdles to gain success. First I have to study hard and then I have to clear the medical entrance examination to secure a seat in a medical college first and then complete the programme to reach my goal. 

I want to be a doctor because I want to help those who cannot afford the cost of treatment of many difficult diseases. I have a goal of opening a hospital of my own that will be equipped with all the modern medical instruments. And those who require treatment but can’t afford the cost of it will be able to get treated in my hospital. I idolize Dr Devi Shetty, the well known cardiac surgeon. Hence I have decided to embark on this journey.

It is a long journey. But I am quite ambitious and I will put in a lot of hard work to fulfill my goal.

Characteristics of a Good Essay

It must be concise: Essays must always be concise. It does not mean that the essay is supposed to be the short one, but it must be of the length required to convey the idea, no more no less. In this instance, the idea of Aim in the life of the student.

It must be clear: Essays are supposed to be clear; it means the main argument or the central idea of the essay must be clear and not vague, and the same goes for each of the sentences of the essay.

For example, in the topic, My Aim in Life, if the student is writing, My aim in life is to become a doctor, then the next sentence must be something that adds meaning to it, such as because I like to help the people, and not something irrelevant, such as, I like singing.

It is very important to be successful in your life. Hence, fixing a goal and staying focused is crucial in your life. So, making a proper plan from a young age and timely execution along with the right attitude are the ultimate keys to success.

essay english in my life

FAQs on My Aim in Life Essay in English for Students

1. Why is having an aim important?

If we want to travel from one place to another then the first thing we must know is the final destination, otherwise we may keep walking and walking, and at last we get tired without reaching anywhere. And the same goes for the aim in life, if you know your aim in life then you can make a map to reach there, and therefore you can avoid wasting the time on wrong pursuits of life, instead, you can give your complete focus to your aim.

2. What aim should I have in life?

Every person has a different aim in their life; therefore, the only person who can decide about the aim of your life is you and no one other. Because the life of each individual is different and so are the circumstances of their lives, which to a certain extent affects the aim of the individual. But on the other hand, you must develop a habit of reading the lives of great people such as Nelson Mandela, because doing so can inspire you and help you find your dream.

Also, if you wish you can read about Nelson Mandela here on Vedant u.  

3. How can I achieve My Aim in Life?

Achieving an aim in life is not an easy task. You need to develop many virtues, and many good qualities and habits in your life to fulfill that aim. But the three basic things you must always take care of are:

Patience: As already said, it takes time to set a goal in life. Rome was not built in a day, hence you must wait and have patience.

Consistency: Always be consistent at whatever you are doing, if you are aiming to become a doctor, then you must work consistently in that direction.

Hard Work: No great result can be produced without great efforts, hence you have to work hard to achieve your aim in life.

4. Why is it necessary to write an essay on a topic such as My Aim in Life?

As said earlier, writing is a skill that students need to develop to express themselves. But before expressing oneself the important thing is to know oneself. And hence writing forces the students to know themselves, especially the topics such as My aim in life. Also, it makes them think and imagine the possible scenarios of their lives, and therefore it helps in the cognitive development of the child. Also, a topic such as My aim in life helps the students in being clear about their lives.

5. Why should I use the essay on My Aim in Life, provided by Vedantu?

Vedantu has a team of expert teachers who prepare all the study materials that Vedantu provides. And hence it is prepared very carefully, and the same goes for the essay on the topic, My aim in life. Since our expert teachers know the capabilities of the students according to their class, the essay is written accordingly. Also, this essay serves as an example of how to write an essay on such a topic. Additionally, the essay is available for download in a PDF file format, and it is free of cost.


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