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The Happiest Day of My Life Essay | Essay on The Happiest Day of My Life for Students and Children in English

July 13, 2022 by Prasanna

The Happiest Day of My Life Essay – Given below is a Long and Short Essay on The Happiest Day of My Life for aspirants of competitive exams, kids and students belonging to classes 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 6, 7, 8, 9, and 10. The Happiest Day of My Life essay 100, 150, 200, 250, 300, 500 words in English helps the students with their class assignments, comprehension tasks, and even for competitive examinations.

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Long Essay on The Happiest Day of My Life 500 Words for Kids and Students in English

There is hardly any living being who has never gone through ups and downs in his life. Life is full of incidents r both good and bad. Some of them may be forgotten with the passage of time whereas others leave an everlasting imprint on the mind. One feels delighted when fortune favours one but one plunges into despair during misfortunes. A wise man is one who is neither overjoyed in prosperity nor takes adversity to heart.

Last year, I passed the Senior School Certificate Examination. Though I had given it my best shot, I was not confident of scoring too well. Anything less than a first division would certainly throw a spanner in the path of my future career. The day before the result was I expected, I spent a restless night. Early next morning, I along with a few friends hurried to school and went straight to the display board.

The Happiest Day of My Life Essay

Starting at eye level I went down the list, with my heartbeat going up as I reached the bottom. My name was not there. With a heavy heart I ran my eyes up the list. And there! I looked again. Yes, it was my name second in the list. Not only had I secured a first division, but also stood second in my class. God fulfilled my desires. I felt grateful to Him. My friends also passed, securing good marks. In order to celebrate our success we decided to go to for a picnic.

We reached Okhla, a lovely picnic resort, at 12 noon. The heavy rush of visitors could not deter our enthusiasm as we sought out a huge banyan tree on the banks of the canal. We spread out our mats and opened up the food hamper. The lively music and delicious food swept away all the tension of the past few days. The idealic atmosphere was abruptly broken by some loud cries. The sound came from the canal side. I immediately rushed towards the canal and was shocked to see a boy drowning. He was crying for help.

I jumped into the canal and swam towards the drowning boy. After a great struggle, I dragged him towards the bank. He was in a very bad state. When I observed him carefully, I was surprised to see that he was an old classmate of mine. He was given medical aid and after some time, he regained consciousness. I was delighted to see him recovering. My joy knew no bounds because I had saved the life of a boy, who happened to be my old classmate.

It was a day of great joy and happiness. Not only did I secure the second position, but also did a brave and noble act by saving a boy from the jaws of death. This day would go down as one of the happiest days of my life.


Happiest Day of My Life Essay for Class 5 if(typeof ez_ad_units != 'undefined'){ez_ad_units.push([[250,250],'coolgyan_org-box-3','ezslot_2',139,'0','0'])};__ez_fad_position('div-gpt-ad-coolgyan_org-box-3-0');

All of us have good days and bad days in life. There are days when we achieve everything that we wish for, and then there are days when life becomes tough for us. All these leave big marks on our memories. In my life of 10 years, there have been a lot of happy days, but one of them was the happiest day of my life.

We are providing students of class 5 with two sample essays on ‘Happiest Day of My Life’ topic for reference.

Short Essay on Happiest Day of My Life of 100 Swords In English

We all have enjoyable days and bad days in life. But the most important are the happiest days of our lives. I am a class five student and has not lived life for long. Yet, I have days which were the happiest among all.

But it was too late to cancel my name from the list so I submitter a poem. I didn’t expect anything but surprisingly gained the first position. This was the first time when my poetry was acknowledged.

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Long Essay on Happiest Day of My Life of 150 Words in English

I am a class five student, and a lot of important things have not happened to me. But there are days when I was happier out of the other days. One of those days can be called the happiest day of my life.

Our school hosts an annual fest every year. All kinds of events and competitions take place during that time. More than twenty other schools from all over the city join us in this fest. Dance, music, painting, poetry and many more competitions take place.

I write poetry since Class one, but no one knows about it except some close friends. They always listen to my poems and review them. So, when the day came of the annual fest, they forced me to participate.

I submitted my poem on the topic ‘Friends. I was not expecting anything but surprisingly gained the first position. I was called on the stage, and my poetry was read out aloud. I got a Gold Medal, a certificate and a gift hamper.

My parents didn’t know that I write and they were shocked. That made the day happier. This was the first-time others appreciated my poem.

10 Lines on Happiest Day of My Life in English

Frequently Asked Questions on Happiest Day Of My Life Essay

Question 1: Why was it your happiest day?

Answer: It was my happiest day because I got a gold medal for the first time. My poetry got appreciated for the first time as well.

Question 2: Was that the only day you were happy?

Answer: No, I have happy days often, but that was the happiest day of my life, no doubt.

Question 3 : Is this day special to you?

Answer: Yes, this day will always remain special to me. No matter how many more happy days come across in my life, getting the first gold medal for my poetry will always be one of the bests.


Happiest Day of My Life Essay

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Not long ago, I was walking toward our local park with my two friends. It was the afternoon on the great sunny Friday, my favorite day of the week. It was rush hour, around 6'o clock in the evening to be exact, the time when people are just getting off from work.This occurrence was very unforgettable to me because, I learned a very important lesson at the end of my stressful situation that happened during the middle of my experience which is to be a bigger person for difficult situations.

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I had always assumed that my legs were strong and that I had decent muscle control, however, this thought was proven wrong at the beginning of my junior year in high school due to a detrimental injury. It was the first game of fall league for basketball, and within the first five minutes I had succumbed to an injury. Tearing my ACL and Meniscus has taught me to continue improving on my strength, not let this one injury keep me down, and to keep a positive mindset.

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I was in my room when my mom said “after you finish your lessons in school we can go shopping at Forever 21”. So I did all my school work then we took a ride to Bremerton. First we went to Bath and Body Works, we both got body spray and my mom got lotion. After that we went to H & M and I got a green bomber coat and a couple of shirts. We went to check out and my mom asked the lady if she knew where we could find Forever 21. She gave us the directions so we went off to find it.

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Later that day my mom came to me and asked if I wanted to go to Kayli's house for a sleepover. Excited, I ran to my duffle bag that was thrown in a corner of the living room to pack my things. Once I was was dropped off, we quickly went into her house to start playing

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My friend JJ is really funny. Every time I’m sad he always makes me laugh. The funniest thing he does is when he dances. It may look weird when you first see it, but then after a while it becomes funny.

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Jordan woke up Monday morning telling herself this will not be a boring day. She was going to make an impact on someone. “Ding ding ding!” her alarm clock yelled. “Another day, but today is an extraordinary day!” she yelled with joy. She got up from her bed wearing only sweatpants and a tank top and she wandered to her computer to check her email, like she does every day. She looked at all of her 24 boring emails; bills, emails from work, and more bills. She hated it. But at the end of the row of usual emails, one caught her blue eye, and without hesitating she clicked on it. The mysterious email was from the White House! “WHAT?!” “Drew! Come here!” she yelled to her husband. “What’s wrong?” he asked. “I just got a random email from the White House saying that they want me to fly to Washington D.C and have a meeting with the president!” Jordan said with enthusiasm. “It must be fake” Drew said with a smirk. “No, they’re paying for everything, my ticket, a hotel room, everything”. She said smiling with her jaw wide open about to touch the ground. In 7 hours, she would be meeting the president.

A Humorous Day-Personal Narrative

One day a dad his daughter and her brother went shopping to Walmart. The dad bought a new tv, and it was very shiny when they got to the cash register he realized he did not have enough money. He had saved five fake one hundred dollar bills from the Fun Fair, so he pulled them out and said: “I am buying this tv it says it is for five one hundred dollar bills and no tax included.” The register said, “are you sure?” He looked and said your right, but the dad carried white out with him everywhere he went he whited out the tax word that said tax included very expensive tv. So the dad and his children quickly carried out the tv when the cash register scanned and said: “here you go have a nice day!” The dad said back “we will thank you.” They carefully

Essay: A Personal Narrative-A Humorous

The second baton went out of control and hit Judge Amy right in the head! She did not get hurt, yet Grace dashed off the stage sobbing hysterically. Erin exclaimed, “ Let’s give her a big round of applause everyone! Alright well that’s it, the competitions over! Time to tally up the results!” The contestants anxiously lined up on stage waiting for the results. They could feel their hearts beating through there chest and there palms all sweaty. “ For the first time ever,” Erin said excitedly, “ we have a tie!” Gasps fell across the crowd. “ Why!” and “ This has never happened!” Erin announced, “ The winners are, Jessica, Grace, Lauren, Kate, and Rachel! Everyone won because everyone deserves the crown!” Everyone let out a happy cheer and they

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Dinner was excruciating. I don't know why I allow myself to live like this. After we got home I went straight to my bed, and immediately began sobbing into the life size teddy bear, that has been stuffed in the corner of my bed for as long as I can remember. I complained about how tired I am of trying to live a happy life. I wrap my arms tighter around the giant bear, as if he may spring to life and offer me the comfort no one else cares enough to give me.

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I woke up one day and I was shaking. I was shaking because today I got up in front of the crowd to get my diploma. My 8th grade graduation was today! I could not walk, or speak. Stuff went through my head, “Am I going to have to speak in public? Will everyone laugh at me for doing a mistake?” I was terrified but excited. I did not know how to describe it, Territed? I graduated with luck and it will never happen again.

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There is one far distant memory that I can never seem to get out of my head. When I was much younger, maybe 8 or 9, my family and I went to the Hawaiian islands on vacation. As everybody else that visits the islands, we of course went to the beach. I had no idea at the time that I would have such an intense experience that would change me for the rest of my life.

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Joy arrived at my house that morning and we both decided to watch Titanic, one of my favorite movies. I knew it a definite potential of calming me down, although I was quite mistaken. Every five minutes I was looking down at my phone, anticipating to see a message from my dad. After twenty minutes of constant anxiety filling the room, Joy jumped out of her seat and decided to take us all on a shopping trip. Shopping is one of my favorite hobbies, so I was first to accept this much needed trip of enjoyment. I knew I could never make it through the day sitting at home staring at a blank screen.

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A day I will never forget was the day that I graduated high school. All the emotions were overwhelming and hard to handle sometimes. It was hard to accept that one of the biggest chapters in my life was about to be over and I was about to start an even bigger one. Just the thought of not knowing what I was supposed to do with the rest of my life made the last little bit of my senior year, very stressful. I then found out that not knowing and being undecided was perfectly okay and I was ready to begin my freshman year at Saint Petersburg College.

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It was finally the day I got to see my mom after two whole months. She moved to Florida to find a house down there so I could move down with her. For two months it was basically misery. I have never been two weeks without her, let alone 2 months. I was heartbroken and she was too. We talk every day to every two days, but yet it was still horrible. Even though my grandparents tried to keep me happy and busy, I still missed her horribly!

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April 22nd, 2016, was a very emotional experience for my family and me. The day started off like any other day for us. We were invited to a friends going away party that day, so we went. While we were there, the atmosphere was so exciting; everyone was laughing, smiling, making new friends, and just having a good time all around. My friend had invited my brother and I to go outside and play on the swings and we did. We challenged each other to see who could go the highest and talked for a little bit, until I felt a buzz in the back pocket of my jeans. It was my phone, so I pulled it out to see who was ringing me. It was my Mom; I thought she was just going to check up on my brother and me. So, I pressed the little green button on the lit up screen and put

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Answer the questions below according to the instructions given. Please note that responses to BOTH questions must be included in the same submission in order for your examination to be graded; otherwise, it will be returned to you for revision.

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The next morning I woke up to a quiet and dark room, I rolled over to grab my phone and check whats up. To my surprise it was 11:18 am and leo and I were in bed still. We were supposed to get on the road and meet up with elise by noon and it would be impossible to be punctual by now. I was freaking out when leo groggily said.

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Are in love? or are you going to love some one? or are you newly married then this book is for you because this helps you what steps should follow in your daily life to stay happy till end of life . Also this book guides‚ how can you and your next generation be a good human being http://www.amazon.com/Love-Forever-Badal-Chandra-Ray/dp/8182533872/ref=sr_1_1?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1364314394&sr=1-1 http://www.cyberwit.net/publications/495 http://www.infibeam.com/Books/love-forever-badal-chandra-ray/9788182533875

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Riwen Liu ESL 35 603915925 Happy Life Today‚ it is barely to find a person who is not working hard‚ even a homeless guy is standing at the freeway exit or signal stops to beg for money or food. If people are not working hard‚ they might be abandoned by society. If people don’t make enough money‚ they might not even have an apartment to live in. These are the truth of life . Just like what I saw yesterday‚ an old Mexican man was standing on the street trying to sell fruit.

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[ 500 Words ] Essay on the happiest day of my life essay in English

Today, we are sharing Essay on the happiest day of my life essay in English . This article can help the students who are looking for essay on the happiest day of my life essay in Hindi . This is the simple and short essay on the happiest day of my life essay which is very easy to understand it line by line. The level of this article is mid-level so, it will be helpful for small and big student and they can easily write on this topic. This is the Long essay on the happiest day of my life essay that will be useful for class 5, class 6, and class 7, class 8, 9, 10 .

the happiest day of my life essay

The happiest day of my life essay par nibandh English mein

The happiest day of my life was the day I sang patriotic songs for the first time in my school's freedom struggle function. Through patriotic songs, I presented the feeling of my mind to the people. When people applauded, my morale got even higher and stronger. Date 15 August 2012, when a music competition was organized in my school to commemorate the freedom struggle.

In which I also participated I was very happy and excited about this competition. I had prepared very well for this and I was confident that I will give my best performance in this competition. In my school, the competition started at 8:00 am. All the students presented their presentations in the competition. After that, my number came. When I went on stage for the first time, there was restlessness and nervousness in my mind about whether I would be able to give my performance or not.

After this, I started singing songs after remembering my parents. When I was singing the song, at that time all my companions present there were seen swinging to the tune of the song. He was also encouraging me. Distinguished teachers of my school were also present behind me. I had given a rendition of the song to the people of my country. When my song ended, all my school classmates present in my school welcomed me with applause.

When I went among my friends, my friends said that you really sang a very good song. We all are proud of you. After listening to his talk, I felt that I have given a really good performance. I still remember that day so I am very happy that it was the happiest day of my life which is not possible for me to forget. I have written that day in my diary so that I can cherish their memories and keep them with me.

How we will make our life happy: If we want to make our life happy then whatever we have achieved in our life. In that, we should try to be satisfied only then we will be able to be happy in our life. Because happiness is directly related to our mind, when our mind is satisfied only then we will appear happy. The biggest advantage of being happy is that we will always work with a positive mindset and we will never allow negative energy to flow inside us. That's why we should always make our life happy, only then we will be able to be happy in our lives, a person who is happy is always successful in life.

essay about a happy day

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Paragraph on Happiest day of my Life For Students

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Paragraph on Happiest day of my Life:   The happiest days of life one can never forget. They bring the true joy and wonderful experience that one can always aspire to achieve in life.

My happiest days were when the results were declared of 10th standard and I secured the top position in school. It was a great feeling and joyous moment for me. My parents were also very proud of me and my achievement. That day I enjoyed with my friends and family to the fullest. It was truly a memorable day which I always cherish.

From that day, I started working hard to maintain my position and to achieve success in every field of life. The success that I achieved in school motivated me to work even harder and to make my parents proud. This was the happiest day of my life and it will always be remembered by me with great fondness.

Essay on Happiest Day of My Life

I realized the real worth of smiles and happiness on the face of my father. I can never forget that moment when I saw the tears of joy in his eyes. It was truly a priceless moment for me.

There are many happy days in one’s life, but the happiest day is the one which is most cherished and memorable. For me, the happiest day is the day when I achieved success in my academics. This was a moment of great joy and pride for me and my family. I will always remember this day with happiness and fondness.

Happiness is something which one should never lose sight of. It is important to enjoy every moment of life and to make it memorable by sharing it with friends online and in real life. . Life is too short to waste on sadness and sorrow. One should always aspire to high ideals and enjoy it to the maximum.

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