Descriptive Essay About Travel

descriptive essay travel

Show More Dive in. Do not try to see or hear; you can’t. Just feel. You feel the exhilaration of adventure. You feel the adrenaline rushing through your body like lightning and the tremendous thumps of your heart. You feel one with nature and the beauty that she shares with you in that moment. You feel out of control, but you feel free. I was born into a family who loves to travel, thank God. There is nothing like traveling places to experience new adventures and to meet new people. Every place that you go, the climate, the land, the culture, the language, the beliefs, the food, the social norms, and everything in between is unique. That is why my family fills our breaks from school and work, or fills the days supposed to be at school or work, with traveling. It is new and thrilling every time. You never know what will come your way in a place that is unfamiliar to you. All you do know is that a small part of you will be different than it once was when you step onto the plane, boat, car, or train to come home. I remember getting off the plane in Montego Bay, Jamaica. The air was warm and met your skin like a hot breath. I did not know what the next week …show more content… They flowed harmoniously into each other, like how a perfect man-made koi pond would, but this was natural. The waters were crystal clear, but pools were so deep that they looked black at the bottom. Surrounding us was the rich Jamaican forest, full with thick ivies and ferns as far as the eye could see. While standing in the midst of this beautiful forest, time had seemed to freeze. The memories that we were creating were so intimate between us and the natural realm. No creatures were seen, and the only people there my family and our gigantic Jamaican tour guide, Dex. In all seriousness, Dex would lay down on top of rocks that a small waterfall rolled over, and the water would come to halt, revealing secret water coves and caves. This man was

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Traveling: an argumentative essay: the way to travel.

Whenever I think of traveling it’s like the sun came up. I get all excited and giddy and can’t wait to start browsing the net for information and then start day-dreaming about what I’d do there, where I’d go and what I’d eat. And when the moment of departure arrives I just forget all about those plans and dreams and start living the moment. I choose to go with the flow and that has gotten me in some very nice places so far; emotionally and physically speaking. When I first started I used to have an unhealthy approach on how to travel.…

Personal Essay: The Importance Of Traveling To California

I don’t believe we are really aware of how much there is to life than what we see on a daily basis. This trip is what made me realize how important and beneficial traveling is for us. It was the most mind-expanding exposure I have ever seen, and I wish everyone could experience the same journey. As hesitant as we can be, we need adventure and we crave it. How…

Robert W. Lin Leadership Philosophy

When you choose to focus on it, it grows and warms you from the inside out; radiating outward and influencing all those with whom you interact. I’ll be the first person to laugh at myself to find the joy in any moment; this is how I live in joy. 3. Curiosity: Curiosity is the opposite of judgment, the opposite of comparing and contrasting. There’s always something more to any given situation beyond the story you’re telling yourself.…

Personal Narrative: A Trip To Lake Tahoe

I was mesmerized, and in awe of the beautiful surroundings of mountains and the lake. Everything in Lake Tahoe has meaning to it, and that meaning is life. How precious and beautiful is life? Everything I see is living and has colors and scents. There are many pine trees in lake tahoe and the scent of them is uplifting and relaxing way better than the smell of pine cleaners.…

What Are The Dangers Of Extreme Sports Essay

Extreme sports are dangerous, but they bring us that adrenaline rush and happiness. There are so many different extreme sports and some of the most dangerous are Wingsuit Flying and Base Jumping. Most people should try extreme sports and have some fun with them. The first reason on why extreme sports are a good idea is because they can benefit kids with…

FGCU Reflection

This was my favorite because it was the driest of the whole nature trail. There was moss hanging from an Oak tree. The tree seemed to be within both the dry and wetland. I found a piece spider plant growing upon a branch on the ground below. It also seemed to need little water in order to survive.…

Backdrop Analysis

In fact, wearing proper wader can make a lot of difference to your entire fishing experience. Neoprene material is even more comfortable and seems to hug your body altogether. If the morning is cool and the day is long, you can prefer it. Neoprene offers warmth despite not being weighty or bulky. Hunters and anglers spending most part of the day fishing out in extreme cold conditions, they can use the wader.…

Personal Narrative: My Trip To Florida

We needed to ride a taxi so we could get to the Florida Cruise Lines and we were early. We took a restroom break…

Chris Mccandless's Dream Of Freedom In Into The Wild, By Jon Krakauer

The longing adventure was in his blood, even if he was scrounging for food or scaling a national park, he loved the feeling of it. After going on many adventures, whether they be successful or not, he realized how much this experience brought him happiness. Chris enjoyed the feeling of always moving, having a new adventure around every corner, things which brought him joy. “The joy of life comes from our encounters with new experiences, and hence, there is no greater joy than to have an endlessly changing horizon, for each day to have a new and different sun” (Krakauer 57). Chris was urging Franz to experience what he loved to experience, changing scenery and going on adventures.…

My Influences And Learning Experience In My Life

Coming this far, and getting myself into college blows my mind after being raised without a lot of money or external expectations beyond the agriculture I was born into and built by. This place here and all of its trials are a gift to me. The hours of homework and studio time is nothing but the best chance I’ve ever been given. Because you can’t go back, or at least I can’t go back, the one weekend I’ve went home, I wanted only to be here. I’ve had to learn so many things just to survive the past that the present is enjoyable and exhilarating for…

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Descriptive Essay About Vacation

Descriptive essay vacation.

My family likes to take a vacation at least once a year to a different place we’ve never been before. We’ve gone to places like Michigan, Minnesota, and Wisconsin. One of the things that makes it possible to do this every year is that we drive to our destination. This past year we didn’t know where we wanted to go we were struggling to find somewhere we would all be happy. At this time it was the middle of the winter and I was itching to go fishing and I knew that this trip would be around spring break so I wanted to go to a well known fishing area and start the season off right. I had always wanted to go to the Lake of the Ozarks because I knew that the fishing there was good and it was in driving distance so I suggested it and my family

Long Vacation Essay

For the last few months, I had been passing through a nightmare. The spectra of the examination haunted my days. Now it is over, I have returned to my village home, with a heavy load off my mind, and with the intense relief that it has brought me, there has come to me something else, - not a nightmare, but a problem. How indeed am I going to pass this long, long vacation?

Vacations can be immaculate moments of life in which common people live, love, laugh, and relieve stress. However, how can a time of relaxation, quality time with family, and genuine human connection, turn into something dark and sinister? This is the question every member of my family asks, any time we go on a trip or vacation. Whether or not we are slackening in the plains of South Dakota, the mountains of Tennessee, or even the coast of Florida, disaster creeps into our heads and soon, our realities. Tornadoes, wildfires, and hurricanes have plagued the regions we seek to dilute the soul and only follow once we have left the region do we realize we have yet again out run catastrophe.

Descriptive Essay On The Ocean City

After traveling for 3-hours, my family arrived at our beach house in Ocean City Maryland. After making a quick trip for groceries, we decided to go to bed and set alarm clocks for early in the morning. After a good nights sleep, I woke up to the pleasant smell of bacon and eggs. After feasting on a delightful breakfast, my brothers and I began to get ready for the beach. We went down the creaky wooden stairs of our beach house and unlocked the storage room located beneath the home. I decided to carry both of the floral umbrellas while my brothers took the portable beach chairs. After grabbing all of our gear, we headed back up the weathered stairs and towards the distant sand dunes. As we approached the entrance of the sand dunes, the satisfying sounds of the ocean's waves started to become closer and closer. Once we traveled closer, the vivid orange sun began to ascend from the deep sea. At this early point in the morning, the sand walkway enclosed by

Reflection Paper On Vacations

The reason why I wanted to talk is the following; you can agree or disagree or make adjustments that can possibly work for us.

Bystander Effect Research Paper

On November 5th, 2012 in Staten Island, a woman named Glenda Moore had tried to escape the storm of Hurricane Sandy with her two boys -- Connor, 4, and Brandon, 2 -- to try and head towards dry land. On the monday morning Glenda risked driving herself and her two boys to safety in their blue Ford Explorer, only to get trapped in the catastrophic waters. While trying to get her sons out of the car quickly, she soon got separated from them, leaving them stranded and unknown of their surroundings. Frantically calling for help, Ms. Moore goes to her neighbors house yearning for help from him, but, he leaves ignoring her. On Thursday morning, both of the boys bodies were found lifeless. This is why the state of California needs to introduce a bystander law.

Vacation Experience Essay

Have you ever been on a vacation to paradise that turned out to be a nightmare? That was the experience we had on our first foreign vacation as a family. We had been to Florida’s wonderful beaches many times during my childhood but then decided that we wanted to change things up a bit. We pondered where we wanted to go for our vacation and decided that it was a good idea to go talk with a travel agent. She recommended many destinations, but we decided on Cancun, Mexico.

Assignment 1: Scene Analysis

The young girl was rescued from a hotel pool after being found submerged for over three minutes. Fortunately, James was able to save the girl using his surf lifesaving skills that prepared him for emergency situations such as these. He mentioned that he “just went into autopilot”, and was able to effectively save the life of the three year old girl. His extensive training as a surf life saver prepared him to stay calm, assess the situation, and perform CPR in a stressful situation. He begun by first checking the young girl’s pulse which was non-existent at the time. Because she was unresponsive, he then moved straight into CPR which was an important decision that increased her chances of survival. James’ family members were also present at the scene and tried their best to remain calm and help James in whatever way they could. In the end, after several days in an intensive care unit, the young girl made a full recovery. This positive outcome was no doubt due to James’ quick thinking and first aid preparation. If the Chadwick family had not been there on the day of the accident, it is possible that the child may not have

After traveling for 3-hours, my family arrived at our beach house in Ocean City Maryland. After making a quick trip for groceries, we decided to go to bed and set alarm clocks for early in the morning. After a good nights sleep, I woke up to the pleasant smell of bacon and eggs. After feasting on a delightful breakfast, my brothers and I began to get ready for the beach. We went down the creaky wooden stairs of our beach house and unlocked the storage room located beneath the home. I decided to carry both of the floral umbrellas while my brothers took the portable beach chairs. After grabbing all of our gear, we headed back up the weathered stairs and towards the distant sand dunes. As we approached the entrance of the sand dunes, the satisfying sounds of the ocean's waves started to become closer and closer. Once we traveled closer, the vivid orange sun began to ascend from the deep sea. At this early point in the morning, the sand walkway enclosed by dunes, hadn't heated up from the sun, so the sand had a soothing feeling of cool sand between each toe. Upon reaching the shore, we noticed that not many beachgoers had set up their

Descriptive Essay On Vacation

The only sound that filled my ears was my keyboard clicking as my fingers raced across it. I had been procrastinating from finishing this assignment all evening, but I knew I needed to get it done. The burning sunset was shining through the windows as I was finishing up. It was a peaceful silence, until I heard the soft whispers of my parents that ignited my sense of curiosity. I was concentrating hard; doing my best trying to make out the hushed words that were being spoken.

Hawaiian Beach

Stepping out onto the beach one early morning I could hear the waves softly crash along the shore. Numerous birds nesting in the palm trees began to stir, and sing out early morning greetings. Although the sun had not yet come up, the beach was alive with surfers, like myself, preparing to some catch some waves. It was Christmas Eve, although at this Hawaiian beach it was a balmy seventy five degrees. I took in a deep breath, allowing the salty air laced with a smell of tropical flowers to fill my lungs. Wading out into the cool water, I hoped onto my board and paddled out farther from the shore to wait for the next big set of waves to come in. By this time, the sky had lightened up to a pale blue, but yet still streaked with the blackness

Epic Vacation Essay

Are you planning an epic vacation but are torn about what destination to set your sights upon? Rather than lament over brochures and travel blogs, take a moment to think about your favorite fictional characters and where they would enjoy going if they ever got the opportunity. This infographic collects iconic quotes from 20 characters and creatively matches them up with fantastic travel destinations. Care for a beach stroll at sunset with the swashbuckling hunter Dean Winchester? Or perhaps you would rather embark on a sweeping adventure across the 2160-mile Appalachian trail with Bilbo Baggins! If you are seeking a more intellectually stimulating exursion, join Sherlock Holmes as he cracks bewildering cases in London, England. For those intrigued

Descriptive Vacation

Everyone can imagine their own perfect getaway. My vacation to Orlando became the magnum opus summer trip. Before, most of my vacations with my family consisted of locations in Oklahoma and Texas. However, Orlando provided serendipitous moments of my life.

It was April break and my family and I were heading down to Florida for the week. When our flight landed in Miami it was late. We went to a place called the Wynwood Walls, this place is a few blocks of street art that are just amazing. The coolest piece there was a big whale with a whole society inside of it. It was late afternoon when we got back to the hotel for dinner. I got a fish sandwich, it was great! After our dinner the sun was starting to set. My family and I walked out onto the beach and the water was sparkling in the evening sun with a ocean breeze coming over the ocean. Our hotel was great, the beds were extremely comfortable and we had a ocean view with the beach right in front of us!

Planning Your Perfect Vacation Essay

After you choose your destination the next thing you must do is reserve your airfare and hotel. This may be tough because there are many websites and travel agents that you can go through. I have found that it is cheaper and easier to go through You can book your hotel and flight all together and pay one low price. I have also found that flying with Southwest Airlines is very cheap and they have many one way stops all across the country and for a cheap hotel that is very nice I recommend the Extended Stay America.

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Tips on efl teaching and learning, descriptive essay, travelling broadens the mind.

It is often said that travel broadens the mind. Describe something that happened to you or someone you know, which illustrates this.  

Before you go on to read my two compositions, I suggest you follow the link and read this reporter’s article first: Does travel really broaden the mind? 

Having taken many trips in my life, I can now say that not only am I respectful of the ways and cultures of the people I am visiting, but I also know how to respect myself and my ways. This attitude was formed by my first trips, but which I had not noticed before travelling with somebody who had a different travel attitude.  

I was twenty three years old, in love, and decided to make a road trip to one of my country’s islands with my other half. We were both really excited to be travelling together and after we had settled in the capital of the island things started to take an unpleasant turn, at least for myself. Even though we had been together for quite some time, we had never actually spent a whole week together and as it happened we had absolutely different ideas as to how each of us considered or expected a perfect holiday to be. His only aspiration was to enjoy the amenities of the hotel, the beaches and the nightlife of our destination, whereas I wanted to drive through the whole island, visiting the sights and meeting the local people. Fortunately, he respected my wish and followed my lead, however I do not know if he had actually enjoyed the trip as much as I had.

After returning from that trip, I discovered something about myself, which I had not noticed before, that I had my own personal way of enjoying my travels, and that I was determined to have my way even if it meant cutting my trip short, if it did not meet my expectations. Secondly, I realised that I am curious, and when travelling I want to see how the people of the place I am visiting live, inevitably comparing their lives to mine. Had I not taken that trip, I would never have realised this aspect of myself. Therefore, broadening the mind starts from understanding ourselves and our needs first. (331 words)


To broaden the mind, to facilitate somebody to look at something from various perspectives, even to become able to try and understand the justifications of a completely opposing idea to ones own, this is what travelling helps people do. We become more understanding of the world around us and accept its diversity. This is what my first trip abroad taught me.

Having travelled extensively in my own country, I decided the time was right to travel abroad, to a culture completely different to what I was used to. I had found a travel companion who shared my interests and we chose to go to Tunisia. Nevertheless,   I was still young and inexperienced and made the mistake of not researching the country I was travelling to thoroughly! Thus, despite having been really vigilant with my itinerary and the details of the trip, I had failed to take into consideration how the people I was visiting perceived modesty. Therefore, my attire was completely inappropriate, compared to the chadors the local women wore, and the places I wanted to visit in order to mingle with the locals. Although I did not change my itinerary, I wore none of the clothes I had brought with me; I had spent the whole time wearing my companion’s T-shirts and a wraparound skirt, to cover the lower half of my body.  

I had a wonderful time, in fact the outcome of this trip whetted my appetite for the rest of my travels, since I was able to go anywhere I wanted; the local men tolerated my presence into their otherwise exclusive settings, and I respected their modesty, being properly dressed. They accepted my desire or insolent persistence to enter establishments in which local women were not allowed to, as long as   my clothes covered my body. This showed me that they were willing to accept me, if I was willing to abide by their dress-code. Thus, the East and the West, the North and the South, can mingle so long as they realise that they are the two opposites of the same coin, the one is visiting and the other is the host, and if they want to co exist, they need to go a little out of their way so that the one accommodates the other. Hence accepting one another’s differences. (387)

……… comments…….

These are two examples of a descriptive essay that you might be asked to write in the Michigan ECPE exam. As you can see the format is quite the same as any other piece of writing, there is an introduction – a main body – and a conclusion.  

In the introduction, I expressed my opinion on what I believe broadens the mind is.

In my main body paragraph I described my experience.  

And in my conclusion I rephrased my opinion, expanding a little more.

In my second essay I could have divided the conclusion into two paragraphs if I wanted to. Can you think of where this could be done?  

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"Descriptive essay road trip" Essays and Research Papers

descriptive essay travel

A road trip is the ultimate getaway. It’s the journey‚ not the destination‚ so don’t hurry. Absorb the scenery‚ visit unusual attractions‚ eat in roadside diners‚ knock back a few cold ones in local taverns‚ and strike up conversations with strangers. The unexpected is part of any memorable road trip . During 4 1/2 decades‚ the two of us have driven more than 250‚000 miles while touring the USA in a variety of vehicles including four VW campers. We have motored through all 50 states (we flew to Hawaii)

Premium National Park Service Florida

Narrative Speech 50points Due Tuesday Amanda Strickland Instructor: Droege Road Trips I. No matter how old I have been I always get excited to go on a road trip . It was always a relief when it was my chance to sit up front since we had a car full of people. II. Purpose of narrative speech is to tell about what I had done on my road trip /family reunion to Montana. 1. Topics to discuss in speech A. Mount Rushmore B. Crazy Horse C. Bad Lands D. Corn Palace E

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descriptive essay travel

A Road Trip

“A road trip to remember” Back when I was a little girl‚ I remember the first time I went on a road trip with my family when I was six years old. The summer of 1993‚ the second weekend of July‚ our family started a journey. It was a Friday‚ thirty minutes past four o’clock in the afternoon when my dad‚ invited us all‚ my mom‚ my baby brother and me to go on a three-day vacation to my dad’s hometown. A place that my dad always told me was one of the warmest places on earth full of color and

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descriptive essay travel

The Best Trip Ever And so it began‚ the countdown to what would be the best trip of my life which was about to start on the next morning and all I had to do was get my things ready that I wanted to take with me. I couldn’t wait for the day to end so that I could go to sleep and wake up and leave for Ulladulla. I had been to Ulladulla once before when I was only 4yrs old and my mum told me that I loved it and never wanted to leave. Well I was now the time of the year where our whole family would

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A Descriptive Essay: A Trip To Panama

and people start walking in ready to eat. The food isn’t quite ready to eat so we all sit on the couch watching tv or sitting up at the table talking. Tired of waiting around bored a few of us start a game of euchre‚ just the first of many for this trip . We all sit around the table laughing and giving each other a hard time about not making the right play or not winning in general. The mood changes from intense to laughing. it doesn’t stay the same for very long. Finally after the food is ready

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Descriptive Essay On A Trip To Florida

The first day of the trip to Florida started off with the cars on the highway being bumper to bumper; we were at a stand still. My parents spoke to me in a tone that sounded like they were using a blow horn. The first day made me want to explode‚ for my blood started to boil every time my parents spoke to me. Later on that same day‚ we all decided that it would be a good idea to go to the beach. The tension between my parents and I began to grow‚ because I just stopped talking. After another thirty

descriptive essay travel

Seatle Road Trip

Seattle Road Trip The beautiful city of Seattle was just a couple hours away. Anxious and eager to arrive in Seattle every one of us was growing more impatient by the minute as we realized there was still a while to go. We tried making fun out of anything in our sight and it even got to a point when we played with the wind as we roared 80mph down a bumpy prehistoric highway‚ boring fun. We’re going on a cruise to Alaska and our ship will be taking off in Seattle’s ports. We’ve been driving straight

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Descriptive Essay: A Trip To Port Orange

It is when you get to Nova Rd that you enter into a long road of shops both big and small. Clothes to groceries and everything in between are on one side or the other of Nova Rd. Just off of Nova Rd you will find the Sugar Mill botanical gardens‚ just a small drive up Old Sugar Mill Rd. It is here you will

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Summer Road Trip Essay Example

My Summer Road Trip The late June Texas sun was hot as it came through the window of my Caliber. I had begun my road trip to the lake house in Mineola early that morning. I had dressed for comfort‚ wearing my blue shorts and my favorite worn out tee‚ I knew it was going to be a long hot drive. As I drove down the road ‚ I soon realized that I had never been anywhere alone before. This was a new feeling to me‚ one of strength and fear rolled into one. While fighting the traffic to get out of town

Descriptive Essay: The Dominican Republic Trip

The Dominican Republic Trip A few years ago me and my family went on Vacation. We went to the Dominican Republic it was new to me. When we were at the airport they had K9 dogs‚ but instead of German shepherds they had pit bulls. Some of the airport security had M16s it was very cool to me. “This wasn’t necessary” my mom said. “This airport is way different from an American airport” I said laughing. “I bet they love them guns” my brother said. The beach was amazing the water was very shallow

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Old Trucks and Road Trips

INTRODUCTORY REFLECTIVE ESSAY George Bowden OLD TRUCKS AND ROAD TRIPS High-mileage‚ early-model truck. Perfect for work or weekend projects. Some scratches and dings‚ no serious damage. Cranky starts‚ needs lots of TLC‚ but reliable. AM/FM radio with after-factory 8-track player. Still works! Some people write their own obituaries. When I hit my early 50s‚ I drafted this classified ad as a favor to my wife‚ just in case she was inclined to put me on the market. The prompt was a visit to my doctor

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Descriptive Essay: A Trip To Coney Beach

When one thinks of summer‚ it immediately comes to mind the sight of sandy beaches‚ amusement parks and hot sunny days. Coney Island‚ an extravagant vacation playground to visit especially for the summer. I have recently had an opportunity to come to such a wonderful place that the sights are still engraved in my mind. There were other attractions that I have missed out on mainly since I had only one day there. If time was not an issue‚ I would have definitely visited more programs that they provide

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Road Trip Research Paper

Rhiannon Romero Ellen Maresh The Essay January 23‚ 2010 Road Trip “Tiiiim! Is the car all packed? Are you ready to go?” I yelled‚ as I ran up and down the stairs trying to get everything together. He answers‚ but I only half hear him. I check and double check the list in my head‚ “Food‚ check; blankets‚ check; pillows‚ check; games‚ check; camera‚ check; suitcases‚ check; gas‚ check; music CD’s‚ check; family‚ check…Lets do this!” I went downstairs to the playroom and the kids are watching

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descriptive essay travel

Descriptive Essay: A Trip To Clayton New Mexico

In the Summer of last year‚ me and my sister traveled all the way out to Clayton‚ New Mexico‚ with our nina and her husband. We were traveling in a very shiny‚ large truck on roads far off from any store or even telephone poll. The air was so clean and full of the unknown flowers scents. It took almost a whole day to reach Clayton but the long journey was worth it because we saw so many cattle‚ horses‚ and even a great lake shining the sun’s bright‚ warm‚ and soothing light back‚ the lake looked

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One day me and a couple of friends were on a road trip to Maryland to go see our brothers basketball game. We rode in my friends new car to see if it was a good running car. About 40 minutes into the ride the oil light came on. We pulled over to see what the problem was. We popped the hood to see if anything looked off but nothing looked wrong. Not too long after a cop pulled behind us. The cop asked us what was the issue with the car and asked everyone for ID’s. While the cop was checking our IDs

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A Christy Road Trip Story

★★★★.5 stars "A gritty road trip story with unforgettable characters." I came upon this book on the New YA shelf at my library. I had come in for one book. A Jennifer E. Smith novel. A lovely cute romance that would give me all the feels. I left with nearly 400 pages of intense reading material that I would gobble up in less than 24 hours. My initial thoughts were that it looked interesting. I’d heard a lot about it and never thought about reading it before. I had heard some mixed reviews

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Personal Narrative Essay: Emma's 'Road Trip'

Road Trip It all began with a simple phone call one night after dinner‚ ”Eric” my father hollered up the stairs‚ “it’s for you. It’s Emma‚ and she sounds upset.” As he came downstairs to pick up the phone‚ Eric was not in the best mood. He was tired and had looked forward to a nice quiet evening at home‚ not another stupid adventure with Emma. Thirty minutes later‚ Emma’s silver Mustang convertible swung into our driveway‚ and Emma was leaning on the horn before the car came to a full stop. Grabbing

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Descriptive Eassy on Visit for Trip

Fear On The Autobahn With definitions of difficult words One often experiences strange incidents in life. Such incidents remain etched in the memory lane. Scary or cheerful‚ my first trip on the Lyari expressway can never be forgotten. Why not‚ for it is recorded in detail in my personal diary. Before the arrival of my cousins from USA‚ I believed myself to be a sort of an extremely brave wunderkind. It all changed after that. Even my grandiloquence did not stop them from frightening me with hair-raising

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Descriptive Essay: A Trip To The Alabama National Fair

A trip to the Alabama National Fair usually is an excursion that almost anyone looks forward to‚ no matter what their age may be. As my friends and I met up to head to the fair‚ we were all ecstatic concerning all the phenomenal fair food we planned to eat once we arrived. We all discussed the wonderful stuff we planned to accomplish when we arrived at the fair. My friends and I were thrilled regarding the multitude of astounding rides we planned to ride once we reached the fair. As we approached

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descriptive essay

Anh Phan ENG 099 7248795 Descriptive Essay Grandmother‚ the inspiration of my life I still remember every picture and actions of my grandmother‚ a woman who loves me and sacrifices for me and my father most. My father grew up in the north of Vietnam‚ and my mom and my family in the south of Vietnam. For the disadvantages of long distance‚ I could not visit my grandmother and grandfather regularly. Fortunately‚ in Tet Holiday in Vietnam when I was 7 years old‚ my parents took me to visit

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My Trip to Hawaii

Friday, december 3, 2010, my trip to hawaii- descriptive essay, 52 comments:.

this brings such a vivid image in my mind. love it.

Gotta agree on dat

Wow I wish to go there some day it sounds like good fun 😘❤️😋👌

its is truly awe-inspiring !

Thanks Kalindi, this is amazing. I lived in Hawaii for couple years and without pictures I review it again through your writing. then I decided to use ur writing as an example for my students. Namaste

Thanks for my English homework haha

yhanks for english exam help

Student Excursion Tour, Student Group Tour, Student Travel Tours, Student Travel Tour Groups Comment Thanks for sharing good information !

very nicely described. 1st class

10/10-ign kappa would use this for board assignment D:

great article

Is there a metaphor anywhere?

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descriptive essay travel

Descriptive Essay About Traveling To The 1920's

Cultural changes in the 1920s.

After World War I, the U.S. experienced tremendous economic and cultural growth. New masses of technology were invented, and the entertainment business rapidly started gaining popularity. Spotlights shined upon geniuses who brought lavish amounts of culture and found ways make the country better. It is very evident that many factors contributed to changing ways of daily life. During the 1920s, American culture and society has greatly expanded into what is known as “The Roaring Twenties”.

Social And Cultural Changes In The 1920s

The 1920s represented the post-suffrage era when women made drastic social and cultural changes that affected the American women way of life. Women began to seek more rightsand equal representation through changes in social values. However, women still observed their primary responsibility for caring for the household; and also depended on men for monetary support (Martin, 1926). The essay brings into perspective, various transformations that took place in the 1920s, resulting in the diversion of the traditional norms.

Standard Of Living In The 1920s

The 1920s in America was described as the land of golden opportunities. It was referred to as the ‘Roaring Twenties’ because the name suggested a time of uncontrolled fun, and leading economy. In 1926 the government proclaimed that the standard of living was in what was known as a booming economy. The 1920s highlighted the era’s artistic, cultural, and social energy. During the 1920s normalcy came back to politics after the wake of overexcited emotional patriotism after WWI. During this time jazz music flourished, the flapper dress redefined the contemporary woman, and Art Deco climaxed. Economically the 1920s saw the extraordinary industrial growth, increased consumer desires and demands, and a major change in culture and lifestyle. The Medias

Dbq Essay On The 1920s

The 1920s, also known as the “Roaring Twenties”, was an exhilarating time full of significant social, economic, and political change. For most Americans, it was full of the prosperity and peace that followed World War I. Middle-class life was full of leisure and class. For others, this time period was filled with hardships and challenges. Many immigrants and African-Americans faced discrimination and segregation from the rest of the United States.

1920's Social Changes

The 1920’s, or “The Roaring 20’s”, was a decade that witnessed exciting social changes. It was a time of prosperity and dissipation, bootleggers and jazz dancers, and most importantly, it was a decade of The Prohibition Era. The Prohibition Era is basically an era which banned the manufacture, transportation, import and export, and the sale of alcoholic beverages. It was meant to reduce crime, corruption, and social problems and increase the overall hygiene of America. However, this social and political experiment failed.

Social Issues In The 1920s

The 1920s, commonly referred to as the “Roaring Twenties”, is generally viewed as a time period of economic prosperity and extravagant living. However, these stereotypes were not the reality for many Americans and such illusions hid the deep cultural conflict that was bubbling beneath the surface. New, liberal ideals began to rise to the surfaces that conflicted with the traditional, conservative beliefs held by many Americans. The 1920s became a “cultural battlefield”, to quote Professor Mintz, with people clashing over such issues as immigration, alcohol, race, and evolution. A “cultural civil war” ensured as some supported the resulting “liberation” from America’s past, while others objected to the “decaying” morals that supposedly accompanied such changes. Although Americans conflicted over a number of different issues, they were especially divided over three issues in particular: immigration, alcohol consumption, and race. The cultural clashes over the issues of immigration, race, and alcohol consumption fueled the “cultural civil war” of the 1920s and deeply divided Americans, the remains of which can still be seen to some extent today.

Cultural Changes In The 1920s Essay

The 1920s carried much change in society. Some of these changes were more rights for women, jazz music, and prohibition. The people of the 1920s were disillusioned by society lacking in idealism and vision, sense of personal alienation, and Americans were obsessed with materialism and outmoded moral values (The Roaring Twenties).Cultural changes were strongly influenced by the destruction of World War I ending 1918. America needed to recover and with it youth rebelled against the norms of the older generations.

The Great Gatsby Dbq

People are partying. The word of money fills in the air. People being miserable everywhere. These events were the daily lifestyle of people living in the 1920’s. The 1920’s was a prosperous time for America after World War I because after the war, the economy raised people’s hopes of being in the upper class. This was a great time for America to start advancing toward technology and people can rely on them to get the job done. With these events happening, Americans wanted more happy days to to continue in their daily life. Relatively in F. Scott’s Fitzgerald’s story, The Great Gatsby Nick Carraway meets Jay Gatsby and he goes through the events related to the 1920’s. Also it focuses on the American Dream that people can have a opportunity

How Did The Twenties Roar In Canada

The 1920’s was one of the greatest decades of change. From personal life to political life, lots happened. Many historians have called it the roaring twenties. Clearly, the twenties did roar.

How Does American Culture Affect The Great Gatsby

    Men and women being unfaithful, the greedy getting richer. The 1920’s was a huge time of change in American culture. All the changes and advancements that took place in the 1920´s culture will have forever affected every aspect of our lives to this day. The book The Great Gatsby, written by Scott F. Fitzgerald is one of the most illustrious pieces of classic American literature written in the 1920´s. The Great Gatsby was profoundly affected by the element of infidelity, the economy, and the social class system all of which were elements in US culture in the 1920´s.

Essay On 1920s Fashion

The decade of the 1920’s - 1930’s was an era of a drastic change in fashion. Women fashion changed dramatically; however, their hemlines rose , make-up began to get popular, and their hairstyles became shorter. “The notorious flapper girl is known by all and the short sleek hair, above the knee straight shift dress and the boyish figure will never fail to be remembered.¨ ( Women had a more masculine look , but playful applied make-up onto their face. They rocked short bobbed hairstyles usually for men, and rebelliously demonstrated them in public. They began to develop a more sleek and slim look in the 1920’s. To get a more sophisticated look , women began to wear spaghetti straps and revealing more, for a more sexy look. Women dresses were created with no waist creating a more masculine look; therefore, this was an easy look for middle class woman to make at home. However, middle class women made their dresses at home to fit in with the higher

The American Dream In The 1920's

The Declaration of Independence of 1776 asserted that all men are created equal and are endowed with certain unalienable rights among which are life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. However, the exhaustion of farm land by poor agricultural planning and the introduction of the assembly line reversed the flow in the 1920s. They helped to turn the migration of the people back to the city. Many farmers returned to the cities to work for such leaders of industry as Ford and Rockefeller. The American Dream indicated not about a better life but about wealth. Historians called the 1920s, roughly the period between the end of World War I and the Great Stock Market Crash of 1929, as the Roaring Twenties or a period of remarkable changes. Over half of all Americans resided in cities and the growing affordability of the automobile forced people to be a lot active. While the decade was known as the era of jazz and flapper fashions, a lot of domains still remained quite conservative. In the novels of Hemingway, Fitzgerald, and Stein, the 1920s were also the time of deep disillusionment, the era of the lost generation. Drawing upon my knowledge of the 1920s, I would evaluate the validity of this stereotype by historical

Going Back Through Time In The Great Gatsby

Going back in time would be an extraordinary experience, because the opportunity to amend mistakes of the past would be a possibility. If having the alternative to go back through time was possible, I would stop in The Roaring Twenties. After reading Scott Fitzgerald’s novel: “The Great Gatsby”, I found myself wanting to know more about that specific time period. Fitzgerald describes that the Americans’ dreams were coming true and the possibility of acquiring wealth was made possible as the stock market prices rose. The scene that my mind plays is one where people attend fancy parties and fashion events, dressed with extravagant clothing and dancing is always a must. In this era, there were numerous inventions such as the radio, which changed

How Has Society Changed During The 1920's

During the 1920s, Americans were introduced to many new products including ready-made exact size clothing, electric phonographs, electric vacuum cleaners, and radios (The Consumer Economy and Mass Entertainment). As soldiers returned from WWI, they brought new ideas, began to challenge society’s traditions and pushed for women’s independence. The soldiers had seen a new and different world in Europe and wanted to bring those traditions to America (Jarmul). The large sacrifices of the wartime era were no longer a part of everyday life (“The Decade That Roared”). The 1920s were a time of great change in America, especially with the introduction of new products like the automobile and new appliances, along with medical breakthroughs such as the discovery of insulin.

Barber Shop Feasibility Study

There are delimitations that faced by researcher such as cannot cover the whole building as the building was rented by other business too. Other than that, researcher cannot cover the other spaces because some of it was under the authority regulations.

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Preparation starts here, descriptive essay on a bad journey, a bad journey: descriptive essay writing.

descriptive essay travel

“Travelling is a sort of educations among the younger people”, said Bacon. Perhaps, he had a disappointing journey in his mind. For it gives more experience and enables to develop more courage. Hazlitt, in one of his essays, says that a journey becomes enjoyable if one hopes to get a good meal and a good rest after a tiring journey, and adds that traveling hopefully gives the maximum happiness perhaps he had no experience of a disappointing journey which is more instructive.

It was a day of disappointments. And being an optimist I did not attach much importance to bad omens. First of all the auto I hired to the railway station rattled noisily and emitted more smoke than an ordinary vehicle can. But I had limited time at my disposal, so I decided to travel by it.

After a short distance I was panting like an extremely tired person and came to a sudden stop. It was the first disappointment. Somehow I reached the station jumping into anther auto but I found a long queue at the ticket counter. There were only a few minutes for the train to leave, yet there was no hope of reaching the ticket window. This was the second disappointment. I decided to travel without ticket and pay the fare.

Boarding the train was itself an ordeal. Despite my healthy body I was sandwiched and my luggage was mercilessly trampled upon. Still I managed to wriggle into a corner. There I found some persons smoking cigarettes. And I could not rather stand that smell nor could I move an inch. I covered my nose with my handkerchief, but the bad smell was choking me.

As expected the ticket checker came and I willingly told him about my inability to buy the ticket. He looked him about my inability to buy the ticket. He looked at me with strange eyes and all passengers stared at me. The ticker checker was not going to allow me to travel but I protested and told him that if a passenger was prepared to pay the fine, he could be allowed to travel. After much discussion, I convinced him and heaved a sigh of relief.

As I reached my destination, I was thanking god. I was thinking that I would meet my uncle and aunt with a broad smile and their hospitality would make me forget the ordeals of the journey. I was dreaming of it, while the rickshaw-puller was pulling the vehicle in a half sleep manner. To my great disappointment, I found that my uncle and aunt had gone to Chennai for a month and the house was locked. This was the greatest disappointment. I did not have much money for return trip. I did not want to recall this disappointing journey further because that makes me extremely sad. That was A Bad Journey.


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