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Aug 1, 2019

Sample Commonwealth Application Essays

Provide a statement explaining:

How your proposed study relates to a particular development challenge or need at the global, national, or local level; How your proposed study relates to development issues and challenges in your sector; How your proposed study relates to your chosen CSC theme under which your course is offered; The audiences and users of your proposed study; How you will apply your new skills and qualifications when you return home; The outcomes that you aim to achieve and the timeframe for their implementation; How the impact of your work might be measured

A porous health system is an obstacle to the development of any country, especially a developing country like Nigeria. Our health system is broken and infectious diseases seem to be unperturbed, after all, they do not know borders and travel easily between countries and continents. In 2014, we had an outbreak of Ebola, a viral infectious disease. Nigeria’s success in combating Ebola can be credited to the timely intervention and collaboration of private and public entities but if we had a major outbreak of another infectious disease like Marburg or rabies, I do not think we could contain it. One of the reasons is because our health sector operates in silos. All hands are not on deck working towards achieving a common goal — a sustained and improved health system.

Using Lassa fever as a case study, the rodent-to-human transmission of the disease which was discovered in Nigeria 50 years ago is poorly understood. Veterinarians who may have some of the answers are poorly integrated into the research of this disease. Rather, infectious diseases should be studied holistically from a human-animal-ecology interface. To ensure that our health sector is equipped to keep infectious diseases at bay, we need to embrace the One Health approach. Not having enough competent hands to understand disease trends as well as a collaborative approach to tackle the menace are reasons the health system needs to be strengthened.

One Health — a multidisciplinary, cross-sectoral and collaborative approach, is not just a course. To me, it is a movement. Our society needs diverse professionals contributing their own individual expertise to challenge infectious diseases in all their forms. Obtaining a Masters degree in One Health is an opportunity to equip myself and strengthen my capacity to meaningfully contribute to the global fight against infectious diseases. I currently work in a Public Health organization and it is a different ball game from treating animals and learning about the pathogenesis of diseases in animals. It is more real now. The best part is that it is more rewarding to see that I actually have a role to play as a veterinarian in ensuring the community stays healthy through research.

In 5 years time, I see myself as a part of a movement changing the narrative of the health sector not only in Nigeria but in Africa and globally. One Health is still a grey area in Nigeria. It is not well defined or structured so I hope to be able to encourage veterinarians to join the public health space as professionals who know their art and are ready to use their veterinary skills in ensuring a healthy society especially in research and policy. I hope to be able to encourage more environmental health specialists to come on-board as we make efforts to understand the ecology of these diseases. The human medics cannot do it alone. So, in a couple of years from now, the health of the people should have improved because more effective, yet determined strategic steps have been taken.

Voluntary and Leadership Experience — 500 words

“Hall chair, we saw a female student acting weird. We suspect she is a hall resident.” Those were the words of 2 hall porters as they opened the door to my room on that Monday morning. We ran out of the hostel to the scene and saw the resident rolling in the grass half-naked! The first thing I did was to call the ambulance. I assessed the scene, saw that no one was willing to help, hence I knew I had to be proactive. I assessed the victim and saw she needed urgent attention. As I bent down to help her, she bit my left thigh. Just in time, the ambulance came and she was rushed to the clinic. She was attended to and calmed down while I had my wound examined and treated. At this time, I was the university Hall Chairperson and I was responsible for about 1,100 female students living on campus.

I recount this story because it is a reminder that being selfless, performing under pressure, and always being ready to respond is what leadership is all about. I was able to handle the situation due to the skills and leadership experience I had gleaned and I am still honing from the World Association of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts (WAGGGS). I have been privileged to serve the movement at various levels. I was the Youth Leader for my local organization during which I represented the Nigerian Girl Guides Association (NGGA) as a youth delegate at the 36th World Conference of WAGGGS in India in 2017. At this event, I presented a paper on Nigeria’s project centred around violence against women and girls. In 2018, I was selected as 1 of the 12 delegates of WAGGGS at the 62nd Session of the United Nations’ Commission on the Status of Women. In the same year, I was nominated by WAGGGS to attend the United Nations General Assembly.

In my fourth year in the university, I was team lead of an organization called UTIVA. My responsibilities included being a middle man between the school management and the organization, recruit students for the Project Management training and handle the finance. I owe my ability to pull all those off to my experience of being a Girl Guide. Just recently, I was selected as 1 of the 10 young women from WAGGGS’ 150 member countries to carry out a research on young women in governance. It has been an exciting journey and I look forward to gaining more research skills in the loop of activities. These opportunities came as a result of years of volunteerism, which translated into making me a leader. From being a faculty General Secretary, to being the Programs Associate at the organization where I work currently, I believe there is a way volunteerism prepares you for leadership. It is like servitude. It equips you to be able to serve and lead at the same time.

Objectives during the Award 250 words

As a Commonwealth scholar at the Royal Veterinary College studying One Health, I hope to acquire knowledge about how to control infectious diseases across the human-animal-environment interface. This opportunity will equip me to fully understand the principles that underpin these diseases in a socio-ecological setting with improving global health as the goal.

I believe social capital and the ability to build a network of genuine professional relationships is one of the most important assets a leader can have. Further, I currently work in the public health sector and this has revealed to me that this sector in any developing country, especially Nigeria, is broad and complex and as such, building relationships, establishing partnerships and collaborating are all essential to achieving impact. During my scholarship, I want to polish my networking skills and build a strong nexus of individuals. This network would be a seasoned resource to tap into in my work as a one health expert. A collaborative effort of cross-sectoral multidisciplinary leaders will come in handy to tackle diseases of global health and food safety importance.

Nigeria lacks data and quality research that can be employed in eradicating infectious diseases. This lack may be due to the scarcity of competent hands with an in-depth understanding of complex disease trends e.g. disease monitoring, surveillance, diagnosis, prevention and control. If granted this scholarship, I hope to embark on a research project which borders around a specific infectious disease endemic in Africa and the roles animals and the ecology play in its transmission.

Career Plans in the 5 years following the Award * 250 words

People who know the importance of giving back to their immediate community and their nation as a whole play a major role in effecting change across various sectors. Upon completion of my Masters degree and returning home to Nigeria, I see myself working in a place such as the Nigeria Centre for Disease Control, ensuring the protection of the health of Nigerians across the country.

I also plan to share my experience, skills and knowledge gained with my veterinarian colleagues to help them understand the crucial role we can play in achieving a healthy world. For example, one of the largest public health projects in Nigeria, the Regional Disease Surveillance Systems Enhancement (REDISSE) program, has members from the Nigerian Veterinary Medical Association (NVMA) on its technical and steering committees. REDISSE aims to strengthen national and regional cross-sectoral capacity for collaborative disease surveillance and epidemic preparedness.

As I grow and achieve more, I plan to influence the health system especially in policy from an executive stratum. This I intend to follow through by pursuing a dual degree in Public health and Business Administration — MPh/MBA. This dual degree will strengthen my One Health foundation and prepare me to influence the health system from a strategic and practical systems thinking viewpoint. Though I will devote my honed skill and harnessed knowledge to working on disease surveillance and epidemiology as well as health emergency preparedness, I look forward to having a significant short-term impact in Nigeria.

Long-term Career Plans * 250 words

I see myself actively contributing my efforts within the one health space on the long run. I want to keep investing in myself and seeking new ways for people from different disciplines to join efforts to ward off infectious diseases through periodic simulation exercises for both professionals and the students who will end up becoming one health champions. This would be a stepping stone in the implementation of the Tripartite Zoonoses Guide (TZG), a guide recently launched by the World Health Organization (WHO), the United Nations’ Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) and the World Organization for Animal Health (OIE).

As I grow in the space, I will also keep adding capacity to my gender activism. As a member of the world’s largest movement for girls and young women, I have seen that the female gender is at the fore of many health issues. Not so much has been done in the area of amalgamating gender and health. In as much as one health brings infectious diseases to the purview of a multidisciplinary team, I hope to be able to chip in the importance of considering gender and health as a piece.

Conclusively, after I must have gathered a wealth of experience in the field, I see myself contributing from a high level of decision-making like the FAO, OIE or WHO. Research and collaboration are not just enough to have a sustainable health system, there is a need to have individuals who know their onions making decisions that will shape global health.

Personal Statement * 500 words

I grew up in a very remote environment. I was born into one of such families that were considered elite, so the people in the community made frequent visits to our house to discuss their familial and personal challenges with my parents. It was the kind of family you could refer to as being average. I grew up hearing many sad stories ranging from inability to afford school fees, refusal to go to the hospital because spiritual homes were perceived more effective, domestic violence, to resistance to send the girl child to school. Though my family was considered to be exposed and privileged, I knew deep down that I wanted more and there had to be more to life than what I had seen and heard. The level of exposure and education in my community was below standard for so many reasons and this was evident in the way the community as a whole approached issues especially health.

Those stories sparked up a desire to see a change and be the agent. I studied Veterinary Medicine because I wanted to be different. In a typical African home, some courses such as Human Medicine, Accounting, Engineering and Law were considered as the only successful fields. I wanted to break the status quo and prove that success is not confined to a particular area of expertise. While studying, I became an activist on issues concerning equal rights and health. Veterinary Public Health lectures were always my best because I could relate to what was being taught and tie it to the greater good of the public.

I could see how I fit into the system — being able to impact and effect a change I had always wanted to see. I wanted to be able to counsel those families that would come to our house. I wanted my advice to be different from what my parents would say. I wanted a community that would bust myths and break the stereotypes. I did not want to be in tandem with harmful health solutions. I wanted to be able to prove that Veterinary Medicine was not just about dogs and cats, as perceived by my community including my parents. I wanted to be able to contribute whatever skills I have acquired to ameliorating pain, alleviating suffering and contributing to the wholesome health of my community. And Veterinary Medicine offered me skills to do these and more.

Doing all this was not easy. Being a girl child with these dreams was difficult as girls are still stereotyped and conditioned into roles based on their gender. It had to be a deliberate choice to succeed! My choice to enter the public health space upon graduation from the university is to live up my dreams — lightening the darkness engulfing the thoughts of the people in my community.

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I enjoy writing. Veterinarian by training, with a focus on global health especially how to tackle infectious diseases from a human-animal-ecosystems interface.

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Commonwealth Shared and Masters Scholarship Essay Samples and Formats

Commonwealth Shared Scholarship Essay Samples and Commonwealth Masters Scholarship Essay Samples

Commonwealth Masters Scholarship Essay Samples

Commonwealth shared scholarship essay samples, tips on writing a winning commonwealth masters or commonwealth shared scholarship essay, commonwealth shared scholarship essay and commonwealth masters scholarship essay samples and tips.

Commonwealth Scholarship Development Impact Essay

How your proposed study relates to development issues at the global, national and local level development issue connect to your chosen csc theme and the wider sector., how you intend to apply your new skills and qualifications when you return home, what you expect will change in development terms following your studies including.

How the impact of your work could be measured

Provide a detailed outline of your proposed study/research., provide a detailed plan of your proposed study..

Describe the skills that you expect to gain from this scholarship and your career plans once you return home afterwards.

Objectives during the award, career plans in the 5 years following the award, long term career plans, summarize the ways in which your personal background has encouraged you to want to make an impact in your home country., voluntary and leadership experience, how to write commonwealth shared scholarship and commonwealth masters scholarship essays.

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Commonwealth Scholarship Essay Examples

Type of paper: Essay

Topic: Education , Finance , Economics , Gender , Development , Students , Mathematics , Success

Words: 1250

Published: 02/15/2020


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I believe education is important backbone in the economic development of many countries. Just as planning for harvest begins with sowing of a seed, education is very vital in the development of most countries and even the development of the individual’s life as a whole. Therefore, the development of countries and individual’s sense of awareness calls for education of the individual’s whole being. I believe the acquisition of skills through education is important in the acquisition and formation of the human capital. Therefore with the scholarship offered to me to acquire the education will be a strong investment on me as an asset as well as a physical capital that will in the future after my education will create a great return to help improve my country. I believe my country has not advanced that much due to the limiting factor of lack of human capital to help them advance as such I believe when I acquire the education, I will be a great asset to the growth and development of the country as well as help impact lives of others that may not have received the same opportunity. Over the years, there has been tremendous development in schools with lucrative educational options. However, the schools request for a form of payment to gain the access to acquire the education that I so long for to help me make change in my country, village and to the community around me. With the education, I am sure I will be able to contribute to the labor force which will in turn help contribute to the human capital of my country thereby increasing the chances of the economic development. However, contrary to the common believe, I believe that it is not only education that is the panacea of economic development. Education is however a great determinant to economic success. In other words, if the education does not encourage the development of economic activity, the demand of the educated workers will be weak and even those who will be in school struggling to generate the income to go through their education system will be derailed as they will be barely able to make the income to raise themselves and families. As such, I believe the education I will acquire will not only help to liberate the economic success of my country but also improve my other chances of educating others including the authorities on the benefits of supporting the education systems that are established in the country. That said, I believe that education is the main source of great social and private rates of returns. However, spending in school is always a nightmare and school expenses get outrageous in a day today basis. I believe with the support from the Commonwealth, I will be able to stand strong against all odds that may result from the financial constraints and be a successful educated man. Mathematics is my passion and I believe with the education in Mathematics, I will be of great support to my country’s development agenda and backbone to their financial and other Mathematics required areas. I have been excellent in Mathematics throughout my undergraduate level and with the experience I acquired for the years of rigorous training in the course, I am positive that I am fully baked and ready to face the higher learning institutions of Mathematics. I am sure with the support from the organization, the future illumines bright and I will be able to go through the course with the determination and dedication all geared for achieving greater class achievement. I will be able to report back to the organization with lots of hope at the end of every semester recess and I am positive that there won’t be any disappointment and you will all be proud of having brought up such an all rounded student and the success will be for us all. With my undergraduate degree in science, Mathematics, I will be able to produce the academic requirements of me and perform well to be able to realize the dreams. As a progress in my country, I believe the acquisition of education will help me eliminate the stereotypes that have been established about the gender inclination towards the education of specific gender. I will be an ambassador for all gender and educate the society about the benefits of education being completely gender non specific. This will ensure a progress in the schooling received and the distribution of education resources and programs equally to enable the ladies alike just as men to achieve the education that is useful for the cohesive development of our country as a whole irrespective of gender or other affiliations. I believe the favoring of boys education at the expense of girls in my country will be addressed once an advocate takes the center stage in the development of anti stereotypes established. Taking the ratio equally and ensuring that the men are educated equally as they are ladies will help distribute the labor in all other parts of the country and reduce over dependence that is the main problem in most countries developing, mine alike. This requires proper education and not just schooling. Education is a huge investment that would be useful in helping convert the resources into new capital. Education has larger private benefits that goes beyond just the earnings and the type of luxurious jobs people obtain as a result of education. Not only does the school increase private investment but also the social returns that the individuals enjoy. School is associated with the positive externalities that accompany the social returns and the private benefits that arise from it. The positive social external benefits go beyond the individual benefits to the benefits the society will reap as a result of my influence on them as a result of the education that I will be endowed with. I believe the education will also lead to a higher technological progress that may not be, in most cases be captured in the private returns. Schooling will enable me improve my country’s aggregate growth as well as improve the GDP per capita of the country. Knowing the benefit that education has to the country and to the students that undergo the same education process, I will be an ambassador to a better school system and a better representation in various schools in terms of gender, ethnic affiliation and other lines in which are the representation of the country’s bouquet of diversity. The realization of these expectations will thus ensure the development of our education systems and thus the achievement of the individual and national goals. I believe given my discussions with in joining the ongoing debate for betterment of my country will enable the consideration of this dream come true. I am humbled to present this proposal to you team of esteemed learners as I pray that may my request be granted. As I have had stated earlier, the education will not only be my joy but also the joy of the entire community, you as well for having brought up another better brain to help join the walk of solving the issues at individual and national levels.

Works cited

Lucian Bebchuk & Jesse Fred (2004), Pay Without Performance, the unfulfilled Promises of Executive Compensation. Harvard University Press. Michael L. Davis (2008). Executive Compensation: The professional’s Guide to current issues and practices. Perkins, H. Dwight, (2006), Economics of Development. Norton and Company, New York.

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Commonwealth Shared Scholarship Essay Samples

Free Scholarships

The Commonwealth Shared Scholarship is a prestigious award offered to students from developing Commonwealth countries who wish to study at a UK university. This scholarship is designed to support students who may not otherwise be able to afford the costs of studying in the UK, and it covers a range of expenses, including tuition fees, living costs, and travel expenses.

To be eligible for the Commonwealth Shared Scholarship, students must be from a developing Commonwealth country and must hold an offer to study at a UK university. They must also demonstrate academic excellence, leadership potential, and a commitment to making a positive contribution to their home country upon their return.

The application process for the Commonwealth Shared Scholarship is competitive, and applicants are required to submit a number of documents, including an academic transcript, a personal statement, and two reference letters. The personal statement, in particular, is an important part of the application, as it gives the scholarship committee a sense of who the applicant is and what they hope to accomplish with their studies.

To help applicants get a sense of what a successful Commonwealth Shared Scholarship personal statement might look like, we have compiled a list of essay samples from past recipients of the scholarship. These samples can serve as a useful guide for students who are preparing to write their own personal statements for the scholarship.

One sample essay comes from a student who studied engineering at a UK university. In their personal statement, the student describes their passion for engineering and their desire to use their skills to improve the lives of people in their home country. The student also discusses the challenges they faced growing up in a developing country and how their experiences have shaped their goals and aspirations.

Another sample essay comes from a student who studied economics at a UK university. In their personal statement, the student discusses their interest in economics and how it relates to the development of their home country. They also talk about the role they hope to play in shaping the economic future of their country and how their studies in the UK will help them achieve that goal.

Overall, these sample essays showcase the passion, ambition, and commitment of past Commonwealth Shared Scholarship recipients. They demonstrate the importance of writing a thoughtful, well-written personal statement that showcases the applicant's unique experiences, goals, and aspirations. By using these samples as a guide, students can gain a better understanding of what it takes to create a winning personal statement for the Commonwealth Shared Scholarship.

We'll cover boettcher scholarship interview questions and canada scholarship for kazakhstan together with did boris johnson get a scholarship to eton along with personal statement for commonwealth shared scholarship with boxing scholarships uk as well as development impact statement for commonwealth scholarship sample and personal statement for commonwealth scholarship including boris scholarship eton also sample development impact statement for commonwealth scholarship to study in abroad after 10th with scholarship and rowing scholarships usa and gma scholarship program with personal statement for commonwealth scholarship plus development impact statement and motivation letter for oxford university .


Qecs essay example: plan of study statements.

banyakbaca india better education system

Statement 1:   Plan of study  (200-400 words)

Queen Elizabeth Commonwealth Scholarships provide unique opportunities to study abroad for a Master’s in leading universities in low and middle-income Commonwealth countries. 

Your statement should answer the following questions:  

-= See also another essay examples for QECS here . =-

I have chosen MSc Medical Physics at the Mona Campus of  The University of the West Indies  because of the rapid advancement of the medical imaging modality and its users’ limited knowledge of the amount of radiation exposure to the patient, imaging technologist and the environment. Recently, more advancements in imaging modalities and systems such as digital radiography, mammography, conventional x-ray and soon-to-be-installed computed tomography in the hospitals and various health centres in Malawi, Uganda, and Zambia have been seen. It is anticipated to increase because of its essential role in detecting, evaluating and aiding in diagnosing and treating patients.

I have been working as a senior Medical imaging technologist after graduating with a bachelor’s of medical imaging science with the task of doing X-ray procedures, ultrasound imaging and providing optimal diagnostic images. However, I have experienced in our hospitals that the amount of radiation absorbed was not measured or detected; thus, we are unaware of overexposing patients. The lack of in-depth knowledge and understanding of the principles of medical physics governing the amount of radiation exposure and the biological risk it can impose on people and the environment has motivated me to further my career in medical physics.

In my previous studies, the core subjects were more based on anatomy, radiation physics and protection, specialized imaging and research. I have been working in the radiology department for three years and have vast experience dealing with radiation.

Therefore I have chosen this specific course to enhance my knowledge to provide radiological services with more awareness of radiation exposure and threats to patients, medical technologists, the public and the environment. The critical aspect of this course is that with the advancement of technology in radiology, health providers rely on medical physicists; therefore, medical physicist training and education are also increasing to meet international standards. Therefore this course will equip and prepare me for my future career.

I want to apply for the Master of Business Administration (MBA) at the  University of Eswatini (UNESWA)  because I learned the vast practical applications of financial problems through my past internship and final year project. This caught my attention and created a thirst for knowledge to study my chosen course. I aim to work in an international field related to Business management (finance). Therefore, I want to gain deeper theoretical and practical knowledge in starting and managing innovative projects. With extraordinary hidden abilities in my studies, I will come up with the best of everything to accompany the professors and university colleagues in carrying out research and exploring big exciting industrial mysteries in the field of Business Administration.

I completed my undergraduate studies in Business administration at Islamia University of Management Sciences, Pakistan, in December 2019, with a cumulative CGPA of 3.75 out of 4.00. I was an active, somehow indulgent student among others during my undergraduate studies, very often involved in many curricular and co-curricular activities. I was up to the mark and honoured in my undergraduate class. If observed by the meritorious efforts, I remain very competent. I have passed all entrance tests conducted by the academic institution of my education with high achievements and secured 4th place in the whole district. I did my final year thesis project on “Exploring the biggest challenge faced by business and giving solutions” with a group of three members, in which I was made the Group Leader. 

I believe this master’s program will allow me to get to know Business Management and affiliate me dedicatedly to the industries that are living examples of Business Administration. I want to gain more experience in dealing with situations, people, systems and demands, which will significantly help my future career.

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