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Classification & Division Essay

Topic divided int sub-topics which are divided into categories

Classification and division is a rhetorical style that, in essay format, takes a whole and splits it up into parts and then places the divided information into various categories. While you may see this rhetorical style used within a single paragraph, it’s not uncommon to write an entire essay using a classification and division format.

A classification and division essay combines two different techniques. First, you would divide a complex and difficult topic into subtopics for clarity and explanation purposes. Next, you would determine what categories are needed and what information fits into those categories. Think of a newspaper. All of the information is divided into different parts: news, advertisements, and classifieds. Then the information is classified into different categories. For example, news may be categorized as sports, international, local, lifestyle, etc.

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classification division essay

Common Essay Structures / Patterns of Development

Classification and division.

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Classification and Division asks you to break something down into its component parts, offering an insight or analysis into the thing you’re breaking down.  You actually use classification and division thinking a lot, perhaps without realizing it (e.g., different personality types of the people you know, different types of cars, different types of activities for your children, etc.).

In college writing, in addition to grouping and classifying, you’re also asked to make a point about the groupings that offers an analytical insight (e.g., Of all the sixteen personality types that Myers-Briggs identify, the ___ type is the best to hire in a ___ type of job, for a number of reasons.)  Your point – your main idea, angle, assertion – should be complex enough for you to develop creatively.  Division and classification thought is a way of organizing and dealing with complex and/or abundant information in order to provide additional understanding.

Essays using a classification and division pattern have topic sentences and units of support for each group or class.  The topic sentences themselves should have angles that relate back to the main angle in the thesis.

View the following video for a clear definition and multiple basic examples of the concepts of division and classification. (Note that you will be expected to apply the concepts of division and classification to more complex concepts for college essays.)

View the following video for a further explanation of classification and division pattern in essay writing.

Here’s a graphic organizer for the Classification and Division pattern.

Hierarchical diagram; Top = Thesis, makes a point about types or categories of something; middle = Topic sentences (point about first type, point about second type); bottom = Supporting paragraphs (details about first type, details about second type)

Classification and Division in Action:

Make sure to read sample Classification and Division essays in the Sample Essays section of this text.

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30 Creative Classification & Division Essay Topics

Essay topic list for types of gardens

A standard part of essay writing for most students is breaking down your points in an essay outline . This idea is the main concept behind classification and division essays. Choose one of these interesting topics and explain the categories it can be broken into or how something has been categorized wrong in the general population.

Classification Essay Topics

A good classification essay describes in detail how the parts relate to the whole in a given category. Some educators suggest classification essay topics should be things you can argue have been placed in the wrong category. This type of essay would fall into the persuasive essay category.

Classification essay topics that ask you to show how something has been categorized incorrectly include:

Division Essay Topics

While many consider division and classification essays the same thing, some educators suggest division essays are an opportunity to divide a topic into important categories as a way to explain the complexity of a seemingly simple subject. This type of essay is meant as more of an informative essay .

Classification and division essay topics that allow you to divide a subject into categories include:

Classify and Divide Your Essay

As you choose a classification and division essay topic, look for those you would categorize as appropriate for your grade level and skip over topics you know you should avoid . Then, divide your essay into the standard parts of an essay. From sports topics to psychology topics, look for a classification essay topic you can back with personal experience.


Classification Essay Topics & Division Ideas in 2023

Daniel Howard

Table of contents

If you aspire to learn about classification essay topics, you have come to the right place. Classification refers to the organization of things into categories. While taking certain courses, high school and university students are required to write a categorization paper. The one part which most people find challenging is selecting one among many topics to base their paper on. However, with the guidance provided here your writing skills and approach will improve significantly. In this post, you get to:

Navigate to your preferred subject and select for yourself a classification ideas for essay prepared by our essay writers .

What Are Classification Essay Topics?

Before we get to classification and division essay topics let us give a definition for the term “classification essay”. A classification essay is an academic paper in which one organizes items into groups and justifies their categorization. This is done by explaining the criteria used in the process. The essay requires you to classify ideas, characters, and objects, among other things. They go into specific groups or categories based on individual items' attributes, traits, or themes. Therefore, when writing you have to divide things and sort those with common traits to a specific category and pay attention to one group per paragraph. Part of the writing process includes explaining the reasoning behind the placement of each item in a given category or grouping. This means that you justify the way you think when placing certain items together.  Depending on your discipline, you can choose from a variety of classification essay topics. There exist numerous classification topics per subject, therefore, we have prepared different lists in this post to ease the dilemma of choice.

Characteristics of Good Classification Essay Topics

A good paper starts with your choice of one among many topics for classification essays . You need to pick a classifiable topic. With such a topic the individual parts integrate to form the whole in each categorization. The right choice is made easier by working with a familiar topic which you know well. A good topic for a classification essay is one which is:

Additionally, it is important to have some background on the selected topic so that you can tackle the paper with ease.

How to Choose a Classification Essay Topic?

When choosing your preferred topic for a classification essay, it is important to remember traits of a suitable subject matter as they are essential to the process. If your professor has issued instructions on how to handle the assignment, then you need to spend time reading said instructions carefully. Once you feel that you understand the task, you can proceed to pick a classification and division essay topic. You can make an excellent choice by paying attention to the steps below:

Once your choice has met these criteria, you can commence creating a paper. Browse through the ideas below and read our next blog on how to write a classification essay to nail your task. 

Classification Essay Topics List

Finding a resource where you can look through a list of division and classification essay topics eliminates dilemma and indecision. Without guidance, the search for a subject could be time-consuming and maybe confusing. The main benefit is being able to save time and use it to focus on writing your paper. This is because each discipline has numerous ideas for classification essay topics. Here is a list of the top 10 topics one might explore.

Classification & Division Essay Topics

This category requires one to place items, ideas, or given information in suitable groupings. For example, animals that are capable of living under water should be grouped under aquatic animals. On the other hand, you can also identify miscategorized things. For example, your professor may give you instruction to write a persuasive paper defending the argument that an item has been placed in the wrong category. However, such division and classification essay topics are common and it is important to practice writing classifications as you earn points based on your categorization writing skills. In most cases, instructors allow students to choose their own classification essay idea. The following is a list containing topics from which you can acquire division essay topics. These are subjects that could apply in case you need to argue that a certain element has been placed in the wrong group.

Select the one to your liking and share your instructions if you want to buy essay at StudyCrumb .

Unique Classification Essay Topics

Sometimes, items that belong to a given class may have a peculiar property that sets that particular item apart. Most people find unique classification topics for essays interesting because they are both informative and contain surprising facts. At times a sub-group may emerge within a category. That usually happens when something within said category has a unique feature which sets the item apart. For example, bats are mammals but they have flight capabilities. Other times it is the lack of a shared feature like in the case of kiwis as flightless birds. Papers topics based on peculiar properties are challenging and exciting. The following are examples of classification essay topic ideas based on uniqueness.

Interesting Classification Essay Ideas

As identified earlier in this post, picking an interesting subject for discussion is important for ensuring success in your paper project. Interesting ideas for a classification essay are plentiful. The ideas are interesting because they captivate readers with fun facts and intriguing information. Some are controversial, and others are elusive in nature. Here is a list of classification and division essay topics ideas to choose from.

Funny Classification Paper Topics

For entertainment purposes, sometimes, you may be asked to write a paper based on your choice of funny classification essay topics. They usually address a light-hearted subject matter. The following list gives you a few funny topics for a classification paper.

Easy Classification Essay Topics

Easy topic for division and classification essay is based on the principles of division papers. This list allows you to have a unique topic you can address creatively. The essay topics usually involve placing items into groups with a focus on the justification of their classification in divisions based on shared characteristics. An example of such an essay topic would discuss placement of animals that share a common ancestry under the same species. Afterwards, you need to justify your reasoning behind the decision to put each item into a specific group. The list below includes classification essay ideas for the categorization of things.

Classification and Division Essay Topics for Students

Students are often required to write papers based on categorization as the main theme. Such a paper requires each student to pick from topics for division and classification essays and write an academic paper on the selected topic. In this category, you need to choose one among a list of classification or division essay topics which is classifiable and then select a way of ordering objects into groupings using logical arguments. A student's paper must have a thesis statement, the main object categorization statement, followed by a purpose and justification for the grouping.

Classification Essay Topics for High School

Classification topics for high school are limited to subjects covered leading up to the high school level. Some are meant for entertainment purposes and similar audiences as high school students. Usually, they are descriptive in nature. The following is a list of topics for classification essay usually covered in high school.

Classification Essay Topics for College Students

Most classification topics for college students revolve around social issues, and scientific research relevant to various disciplines studied at college level. To familiarize you with topics in your subject area, we have made a list of good classification writing topics. Please find a topic that suits your paper instructions from the following list.

Reeber that you can find various essay topics on our educational platform, like argumentative essay topics , persuasive essay topics , etc.

Classification Essays Topics by Subject

Finding an appropriate subject of categorization can be a rather tedious task. That is why we have taken the responsibility to compile interesting topics on various subjects and categorize them under relevant disciplines. Each of the topics for classification and division essays listed below is matched to its relevant subject. Therefore, you will find a list of fifteen subject-related classification ideas under each subject division. All you need to do is pick the one you are interested in and build your paper on it.

Classification Essay Topics on Business

If you are studying business in college or university, you can select a topic from our collection of classification essay topics ideas under this subject. Business is a fascinating subject that has a variety of controversial challenges and peculiar aspects that you can focus on when writing your paper. Some classification topics on business include:

Division and Classification Essay Topics on History

History is jam-packed with interesting events, cautionary tales, and transformations. It also brings us life stories of people who accomplished great deeds and not only brought fame to their names but also inspired great changes in society, government, and people's lives. History is a vast subject. You can write about anything historical, including what is on our list of classification essay topics on history. You can decide which subject you find most categorizable and base your paper on one among our compilation of division classification essay topics ideas.

Classification Essay Topics on Politics

Almost everyone in society has a political opinion making this a popular subject. Politics and government affairs are easy to explore, making this field relatable to most students. There are many aspects of politics and governance. The two subjects are broad in that you can take a peek at past and current events. This allows you to expand your search for materials for discussion and support of any topic sentence of classification topic ideas you pick. Given that politics is broad, we have compiled a list for you. Select a topic on the classification essay genre of politics from the list provided below.

Educational Topics for a Classification Essay

As far as classification essay topics on education go, most topics relate to academics and factors that influence learning outcomes. Education is a broad topic, and it is multifaceted. The phenomenon makes it possible to develop classifications for the different facets. If you are struggling to find topics for classification papers on education, please consider the ones listed below.

Classification Essay Topics on Psychology

Regarding psychology, two things come to mind. Psychology addresses issues related to the human mind and behavior. When cataloging in psychology one could consider categories such as attitudes, emotions, therapy techniques or physiological aspects. If you are looking for psychology classification essay topics, please do not hesitate to pick one from those provided in this article. You can also check out some classification division essay topics on other subjects within the same post. Below are the ones for the subject of psychology.

In case you are looking not just for classification topics but cause and effect essay topics , we have more blogs for you.

Classification Essay Topics on Art

Art is about how people express themselves in creative ways. The subject includes diverse techniques, styles and categories as well as interpretations. Art is broad which means that hunting for a topic for classification essay ideas may be time consuming. When writing about art, you are advised to focus on a single aspect of the subject and avoid general topics. If you are short on topics for a classification paper, see the list that follows for inspiration. Forms of classical music

Classification Ideas for Essay on Science

Science is interesting in that it continuously challenges the limits of world knowledge. Scientific disciplines have multiplied in numbers throughout the years. Each scientific discipline has sub-divisions. Grouping starts at the core, which is science itself and then split into sub-categories which create new classification topics on science. If you are looking for a classification and division essay idea, please look for one among those provided in this post.

Health Classification Essay Topics

The healthcare industry has so many possible classifications. It is possible that you may find yourself overwhelmed by a plethora of classification topic ideas on health. We intend to assist you by providing you with a list of excellent classification and division essay topics ideas. The topics include:

Bottom Line on Classification Essay Topics

In this post, we have addressed how to tackle classification & division of essay topics to excel in writing. Your success in writing a classification paper depends on your choice of a topic. The topic must meet the selection criteria outlined in this post. Each unique topic of classification essay provided above will assist you in identifying a subject of discussion that suits your needs and one that aligns with your professor's instructions.

Our team of professional writers provides not only consultancy services, but also comprehensive assistance with all academic tasks. We can pick a classification essay topic and write a custom essay for you. Contact StudyCrumb and get straight As.


Daniel Howard is an Essay Writing guru. He helps students create essays that will strike a chord with the readers.

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Classification Essay: Outline, Examples, & Topics

The picture provides introductory information about a classification essay.

Classification essay is a type of academic paper that categorizes subjects into specific groups. The crucial element of this categorization is to explain the logic of creating this or that class.

Division is a part of your job when you write a classification essay. That is why we will analyze it as a part of a broader theme – classification. You can also use these words as synonyms when it comes to your paper. Let’s start!

🔎 Classification Essay Topics

🎯 Classification Essay Explained

In this passage, we will discuss the main concepts that you will need later. Before we start outlining, let’s clarify the fundamental aspects.

Classification Essay. Definition

A classification essay organizes data into two or more categories. Each category should have its identifying traits. Categories also require examples that directly belong only to one of them.

Division and Classification Essay

Why division?

It is your first part of the task. You have to divide a complex issue into several components. That means breaking them down into smaller categories.

Why classification?

Then you have to combine these components to create sets. Each set should possess distinguishable characteristics and identifying traits.

Classification Essay. Goals

And here is what you should aim for when you write a classification essay:

Classification Essay. Challenges

Each type of academic writing involves some pitfalls and challenges. Here is what you need to be aware of:

The picture provides information about goals and challenges of a classification essay.

📝 Planning a Division and Classification Essay

A good classification essay starts with brainstorming ideas.

Better choose a topic that is familiar to you, something that interests you.

Use our free essay topic generator to get a unique topic!

Then, research to understand the general aspects. You don’t need to dig deep at this stage. The goal is to develop a basic understanding of your topic.

Divide your broad topic into three items. You might try different types of classification. This will help to choose the one pattern that will be the most appealing.

📐 Classification and Division Essay Outline

Usually, this type of essay consists of three parts: introduction, body paragraphs, and conclusion. Now we will explain how to write a classification and division essay step by step.

Introduction of a Classification Essay

You should start it with an engaging sentence that will introduce the focus of your paper.

Introduction’s primary purpose is to clarify the topic and to identify why you have chosen it. This part also provides an overview of the subject and explains your classification method.

*Provide definitions if necessary.

The picture summarizes the purpose of the classification essay introduction.

Body Paragraphs of a Classification Essay

Each body paragraph describes one of the categories that you’ve mentioned in the introduction. You should organize them in the same order as in the thesis statement. Start each paragraph with a topic sentence describing the approach. Then provide your analysis and more details.

The order plays a significant role.

For example, you can start with the subtopics that you consider the most essential. Then make sure you finish with the least critical subtopics. You can also reverse this type of order or create your logic.

The picture summarizes the essence of the classification essay body.

Conclusion of a Classification Essay

In this part, you have to summarize the results of your research. You can comment on each of the categories described in the main body. Emphasize the purpose of your classification. Restate your thesis and introduce your final thoughts on the issue. Analyze what you have learned and why your essay has this particular classification.

Make sure you matched the research goals that you’ve mentioned at the beginning. Remember that it is your last opportunity to introduce your thoughts.

The picture summarizes the purpose of the classification essay conclusion.

Now let’s practice.

You can choose to write about hobbies, students, or friends. Just start writing – it will give you a general idea of the task. Further, you can prepare for more complicated topics.

Here is our selection of classification essay examples:

✅ Classification and Division Essay Examples

Now that you know everything on theoretical aspects, let’s move on and practice. We prepared some essay samples below.

You can use these examples as references or for inspiration.

Classification Essay about Friends

Socialization has always been a part of human life. Human interaction is the basis of education, career, and family. People might have many different friends during their lifetime. Some of them become close. Others disappear after you graduate or change your job. In this essay, friends will be divided into three categories by the types of communication . Friends who share the same space with you. These might be school friends, neighbors, or coworkers. You enjoy working in a team with them, and you always have things to discuss. However, you admit that you will stop communicating if you don’t see them often. You can spend your free time with them or interact in college or during working hours. They are closer than just acquaintances, but you will not likely open your soul to them. Childhood friends. These are the people who have known you for a long time. They share many memories with you. Since the time you’ve met, you might have developed different lifestyles. You don’t communicate so much these days, but you enjoy meeting them from time to time. Close friends. Such friends are the people with whom you can share anything. You can trust them with your life and vice versa. They probably know many of your secrets and are always ready to help. Close friends can be your support and source of motivation in the most complex situations. All the people that you choose to communicate with can become your friends. However, not many of them can become close friends. Often, time and distance separate people from each other even if they enjoy each other’s company.

Classification Essay about Movies

The movie industry deals with the most expensive form of art. Generally, a film is a story or event that you can watch in the cinema, television, or stream. Each movie has different age restrictions, length, budget, cast, and many other characteristics. In this essay, movies in the advisory section will be divided into three categories by rating. General or “G” rating means that everyone can watch this movie regardless of their age. Films of such a type are mild in impact. Parental guidance or “PG” rating implies that some parts of the content can be upsetting or confusing for children. It may be the language or themes covered in the movie. That is why they require the guidance of adults for children under the age of fifteen. Movies with PG ratings are primarily mild in impact. Mature or “M” movies are not recommended for children who are younger than fifteen. The films might content violence or parts that need a mature outlook. As this is an advisory category, children can still watch these movies. However, their parents, teachers, or guardians should legally give access to these movies in their care. Advisory categories are a helpful tool for choosing the right content for children and teenagers. As thousands of new movies are released every year, it is easier to navigate knowing the classification. Advisory categories for movies are created to guide people, not to implement strict rules. That is why it is instead a recommendation, not a restriction system.

Classification Essay on Music

Music is a part of everyone’s life regardless of age, race, tastes, and occupation. Music can also be a source of income for rappers, band players, and composers. In this essay, we will discuss different types of composers according to the industries they belong to. Classical composers create music for operas, concerts, stages, and jazz performances. They are employed by performing art centers, opera houses, or orchestras. Their primary source of income is commission. Film composers. This is one of the most competitive job markets in the music industry. They are hired to create film scores and typically work during individual film projects. This type of job requires long hours of work and dedication, and a flexible schedule. Usually, film composers receive the early versions of movies and start creating scores at the time. They work on their projects till the editing is finished, and every score has a suitable duration. Jingle writers create music for commercials . They can create background music for advertising campaigns and songs or tunes used as a part of brand identity for years. Jingle writers also develop music styles and set slogan words to music. It is also a well-paid job. Composers of this type can be hired to work for a particular bland or be freelancers. There is a wide variety of job opportunities for composers. They might work directly in the music industry or join film or advertising fields. Generally, the jobs are well paid but require long working hours. The job market is quite competitive too, so it means that composers have to work hard to be flexible to gain access to big projects.

Classification Essay on Sports

Sport is a great hobby. Millions of people worldwide choose it as a professional career or recreational activity. There are different kinds of sports, which means that every person can find one they enjoy. In this essay, sports will be divided into categories by the number of people involved. Individual sports are activities that don’t require the participation of more than one person. It is an excellent choice for a hobby because you don’t need to rely on other people. You can choose the time and place to exercise yourself. For example, gym, golf, running, and triathlon are individual sports. Partner sports or dual sports are the kinds of sports or games that need two people. And these two compete against each other. Besides physical skills, you need to analyze your opponent to get their strategies. Tennis, badminton, chess, and table tennis belong to this category. Team sports require at least two teams to compete against each other. It is an excellent choice for people who are good at cooperating with others. These sports are among the most popular ones that you can watch on television. They include basketball, volleyball, football, soccer, and hockey. All the sports listed above require a high level of discipline and proficiency. It is impossible to say that some of them are easier than others. However, the approaches to training might be different. Team sports need cooperation and mutual respect, while individual sports require more motivation.

✒️ How to Write a Division and Classification Essay

It’s time to get to work now. Make sure you follow these steps when you write your essay.

Follow all our tips and instructions, and you’ll hit the jackpot!

That’s it for today.

Let us know which part of the article was the most informative.

Good luck and happy writing 😊

What are the three classifications of essay?

There r not only 3 types of essay. i.e, chronical order, process, cause and effect, argumentative, persuasive, etc.


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