A Worn Path

by Eudora Welty

A worn path essay questions.

How is the complexity of the issue of race depicted in “A Worn Path”?

The protagonist of the story is an old, impoverished black woman of no apparent consequence—which in itself is a commentary on race relations in the South since the story was written by a white woman. Imagery, characterization and symbolism all contribute to the portrayal of how race relations nearly a century after the abolition of slavery remain complicated and intricately threaded into the very fabric of daily interaction. The white hunter, for instance, is presented as both a benevolent assistant to Phoenix and a threatening figure of control and authority. The white women in charge of dispensing medical advice and health care are represented in a way that comments upon the systemic prejudicial bias toward blacks in the South.

What is point of the many small difficulties that obstruct Phoenix as she makes her way along the worn path?

At one point Phoenix gets her skirt caught up in a prickly bush and has to carefully extricate herself so that the material doesn’t get damaged. At another point she must cross a river with only an unsteady old log acting as the bridge. Taken individually, these obstacles don’t amount to much more than merely unpleasant impediments, but collectively they symbolically represent the distinctly evil legacy of bondage and suffering that results from slavery. The thorny bush is nothing less than a pointed allusion to the crown of thorns forced down upon the head of Jesus Christ. The act of Phoenix closing her eyes while crossing the makeshift log bridge takes on the broader implications of a spiritual leap of faith in trusting God to help her find her way though she is—if only temporarily—blind. Every obstacle and hindrance that Phoenix overcomes on her way to her destination likewise takes on greater significance as representations of the obstacles that everyone faces as they blaze a trail across the worn path that trails behind their own life.

From what point of view is “A Worn Path” told, why was it chosen and how can a reader tell?

The literary point of view at work here is what is known as third-person limited perspective. Such a point of view facilitates the reader's developing of empathy for Phoenix because it is through her consciousness that all the events and discourse with other characters take place. The use of perspectives that provided less insight into the mind of Phoenix or expanded the point of view to allow the events to be seen through the eyes of additional characters would result in a far different tone. At the same time, however, by choosing not to delve without limitations into the mind of Phoenix, the limited third person experience also allows the reader to experience the journey of Phoenix along that worn path from just enough distance that it becomes possible to see her in the ways that other characters see her.

What is the significance of the unseen character of Phoenix’s sick grandson?

The fact that the grandson is never seen, only referred to and not a direct actor in the narrative is actually quite significant. The very fact that he stands in direct contrast to the protagonist of the story relative to his tender age versus her advanced seniority indicates that he is symbolic of the future. Extrapolating from the text that the overarching theme of the story is the effect of race relations, a strong argument can be made that the grandson represents not just the future, but the future for blacks in America. That he is an unseen character suggests that the future of race relations also remains unclear and uncertain.

What does the ending of the story imply?

The ending of “A Worn Path” can seem ambiguous at best and anticlimactic at worst. The nod, the turn and the carefully stepping down the stairs on Phoenix's way out, however, are actually of incredible significance and import. Again, individually, these actions may not count for much, but collectively they represent the commencement of yet another struggle that lies ahead for Phoenix and—by extension—blacks living in America. The utter lack of any sort of Aristotelian cathartic resolution is, in reality, far from ambiguous, but the lack of a satisfying climax speaks volumes. No sooner has Phoenix successfully completed one task that proved to be far more difficult and time-consuming that it should have been than she is forced to set upon the another arduous journey to complete another minor task that should not be so difficult: buying her grandson the paper windmill he desires. Such is the hardship of not just one individual, but an entire culture. On the other hand, it is possible to see that Phoenix has succeeded in navigating the human world and is heading back into the nonhuman world, where her medicine will bring life to her grandson. She is figuratively heading North to a sort of freedom that is reminiscent of slaves in slaves narratives heading North to escape bondage.

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A Worn Path Questions and Answers

The Question and Answer section for A Worn Path is a great resource to ask questions, find answers, and discuss the novel.

Who did the hunter think Phoenix was going to town to see?

During her journey, Phoenix has an altercation with a dog that comes after her. She hits the dog wih her cane, but falls over in turn. At this point, a white man—a hunter—helps her from the spill she took into the ditch. He starts out nicely by...

Phoenix falls because?

She trips over a black dog into a ditch.

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A Worn Path study guide contains a biography of Eudora Welty, literature essays, quiz questions, major themes, characters, and a full summary and analysis.

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A Worn Path essays are academic essays for citation. These papers were written primarily by students and provide critical analysis of A Worn Path by Eudora Welty.

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a worn path essay questions

A Worn Path

A Worn Path

By eudora welty.

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A Worn Path Questions

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illustration of an older black woman, Phoenix Jackson, walking through a forest on a path

A Worn Path

by Eudora Welty

A Worn Path Questions and Answers

What are the first three obstacles phoenix jackson encounters in "a worn path", how is phoenix viewed and treated by the white people she meets in "a worn path", what is the irony in "a worn path", in "a worn path" by eudora welty, why does the nurse mark the medicine as charity in her book  , traditionally, a quest is a journey in which a knight overcomes a series of obstacles in order to perform a prescribed feat. in what way is phoenix's journey a quest in "a worn path" by eudora welty, what is significant about setting the story "a worn path" in december and during christmas, phoenix says she is an old woman without an education does she nevertheless seem to have any knowledge that the other characters lack, what is significant about phoenix's poor eyesight in "a worn path", what is the climax of "a worn path", what are five conflicts in "a worn path", in "a worn path" by eudora welty, how does phoenix jackson react to the three physical obstacles she faces, in "a worn path," at what obstacle does phoenix display her tremendous skills and balance  , is the grandson dead in "a worn path", because phoenix is old, she has trouble seeing things such as the scarecrow which she mistakes for a ghost. how do her mistakes contribute to the impact of the story, why is phoenix taking the long trip to town in "a worn path", in "a worn path," what do the following represent: eyes, barbed wire, the dress, withered cotton field, the scarecrow, trees silver in their dead leaves, in a worn path by eudora welty, how does the hunter address phoenix, what is the significance of the title of eudora welty's story "a worn path"  , how does she explain where she is going to the hunter how do we know how much old phoenix loves her grandson, what is the time period in a worn path by eudora welty, explain phoenix jackson and the journey she makes to the town of natchez., of what does phoenix learn self-knowledge at the end of her quest in "a worn path", the hunter in "a worn path" is a  (a) protagonist  (b) flat character  (c) round charater or (d) none of these "a worn parth" by eudora welty, in paragraph 52 of “a worn path,” phoenix laughs at the black dog “as if in admiration.” what does she admire about him, and what does this attitude tell us about her, what is the character, language, setting and symbolism of "a worn path", what is phoenix jackson's position in the society that is described in the story "a worn path", what are some literary devices used in "a worn path" by eudora welty, how does the setting foreshadow the story in “a worn path," by eudora welty, in "a worn path," why is it significant that the grandson cannot speak, from the description of phoenix in "a worn path," what do you conclude about her economic condition how do you know that she has taken the path through the woods before is she accustomed to be alone what do you make of her speaking to animals, and of her imagining a boy offering her a piece of cake what does her speech show about her education and background, what is the point of view used in "a worn path" by eudora welty, what is the significance of the windmill in "a worn path", phoenix jackson and the phoenix of mythology have similar characteristics. discuss how they are related in "a worn path" by eudora welty. , name a round character in eudora welty's "a worn path," and give three examples of how welty developed the character., in "a worn path," how are the elements of poverty and racism portrayed, how does the story "a worn path" prove the unconscious heroism of phoenix jackson, what is the plot structure of the story "a worn path", name one physical characteristic of phoenix jackson., what do the attendant's pennies represent, who is the antagonist in "a worn path", how does "a worn path" end, when you think of a typical hero, what comes to mind what qualities does phoenix share with the typical hero what qualities does she have that make her an unlikely hero, how would i describe phoenix jackson's traits with support from "a worn path", write a precise, well-developed sentence that states as fully as possible the theme of the story "a worn path." remember to avoid cliches or oversimplification., how are birds used as symbols in "a worn path" by eudora welty, in "a worn path," what does welty accomplish by withholding the purpose of phoenix's journey until the end of the journey, like many classic works of literature, "a worn path" features a journey and a quest. discuss the elements of plot and structure that dramatize phoenix's journey. what are the obstacles to her quest, and how does she overcome them, analyze phoenix's language in "a worn path." what is conveyed through her speech, what is significant about setting the story in december and during christmas, what is the setting of "a worn path".

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A Worn Path Essay

Literary analysis of a worn path.

“A Worn Path” by Eudora Welty is one of the best short stories to illustrate the topic of symbolism. It provides wonderful examples of symbolic representations. The journey of one old black woman provides enough realism to portray the backdrop of poor black people in the rural south after the Civil War. The words of the story tell only of a woman’s lonely journey to the town of Natchez, Mississippi for medicine. However, the underlying sense of the woman’s responsibility to a sick grandson gives way to the major prejudices forced upon her. While the tone of tone of the story is simple, its message is quite powerful. The obstacles that the old woman must overcome provide a symbolic backdrop of determination and the will to live.

A Worn Path Compare Contrast Essay

Different readers sometimes see different aspects of a story. As the rReaders, you learn about the different lives of the characters and how they fit into the story. In the novel Silver Sparrow and the short story “A Worn Path,” the reader you learns of two African American women, Dana Yarboro and Phoenix Jackson. These two women are the protagonists, and . Iin the stories, these women both overcome tremendous greatest obstacles. Through the women’s lives, their African American heritage, and symbolistic items the theme of Silver Sparrow and A Worn Path is truly brought to life.

Analyzing “a Worn Path” by Eudora Welty

11. The human nature that is seen when Phoenix encounters the scarecrow is happiness. She is glad that is a scarecrow and begins to dance with it. It seems like it is demonstrating life and Phoenix is happy that she is still alive at her old age. The scarecrow also scares away crows that usually symbolize death, so the scarecrow is scaring death away and Phoenix is happy because she is old and she might die soon. Nobody wants to

A Worn Path

Phoenix also brought back memories of my deceased great-grandmother who suffered from a severe form of dementia. The emotion that I felt from the comparison involved a desire to escape the past association with my great-grandmother’s illness and on the same token it caused me to want to finish the story and to find that

I think the trip to the city to get the medicine represents the mythological trip that the Phoenix takes to the sun to die. I say this because by going on this journey Phoenix is using the last of her energy and will probably die soon after it. On her way to the city Phoenix faces many obstacles. One obstacle she faces is old age “Seems like there is chains about my feet “ she says this because her old age has left her almost immobile. The first actual obstacle she comes across is the scarecrow who represents death or the grim reaper because he is described as wearing all black and is trying to get her to come with him. Another thing that links the scarecrow to death is the simple fact that he is in a field. The next obstacle is the white hunter who tells her to go back and represents evil forces ” Well, granny you must be a hundred years old and scared of nuthin I’d give you a dime if I had any money with me. But you take my advice and stay home, and nothing will happen to you”. He is lying about having no money so she steals a nickel from him, a trivial amount of money for him that won’t be missed so we the readers find ourselves justifying the theft.

A Worn Path Analysis

The setting of this story describes to be in “December a bright frozen early morning, far out in the country” (Welty 418). Introducing the story with a vivid description of where it’s going to take place. Welty introduces the setting in an easy manner for the readers to learn where it takes place. In the setting, throughout the story we know that Phoenix, travels through the woods tell their own stories of human intervention. Phoenix walks "along a path through the pine woods" (Welty 419). She comments later, '"Up through pines,' she said at length. “Now down through oaks” (Welty 420). Welty gives you a vivid prospective of where she is leading Phoenix in the story as she describes the paths and what she sees. Welty also elaborates on the time of day, keeping you in mind of how clear, the sun is beating on the old woman’s faces as she is walking in the same path she takes all the time to go to the city. Also the setting is in the depression era. In the source it says “Phoenix journeys through the forest to Natchez, her path takes her from a nonhuman natural world into a space impacted by

Eudora Welty 's A Worn Path

In the short story, Phoenix, an old Negro woman almost in her late years, takes her last journey through the woods like she had done for the past years, since her grandson got really sick by swallowing lye. In this journey Phoenix phases difficulties. Her old age made her hallucinate about her getting a marble cake given by a young child. Her difficulties to walk and her poor eye sight made her striped dress get stuck in the branches. Even though she went through all of these obstacles she was determined to go get her grandson’s medicine. Once she got closer to her destination she came across this White Hunter, who points his gun at her. Phoenix gets scared because she thought he saw her get a nickel which had fallen out his pocket, while she distracted him. Then she continued her journey until she saw her destination. When she got there she asked a white lady that was carrying gifts, to tie her shoe laces because she was entering this big building. Once she tied her shoe laces Phoenix continued, until she

Symbolism In A Worn Path

Also during Phoenix’s encounter with the hunter, the reader and Phoenix face the possibility of her death at the hands of the hunter. Yet, even as the hunter tries to exercise his racial superiority and intimidation over Phoenix, she again never hesitates. When the hunter points his gun into Phoenix’s face her response is simply, “...I seen plenty go off closer by, in my day, and for less than what I done.” The hunter even threatens, “But you take my advice and stay home, and nothing will happen to you.” Phoenix’s answer is simply an unflinching, “I bound to go on my way, mister.” Again Phoenix symbolises the bird as she refuses to give in to even the

Decoding The Symbolism Used in A Worn Path by Eudora Welty

As phoenix walks into town, she asks a random woman on the street to tie her shoe. “Thank you missy. I doesn’t mind asking a nice lady to tie my shoe when I gets on the street”, (A Worn Path, 1280) this could be a continuation of the representation of the child-old woman analogy that I described earlier in the essay. As she finds her way into town, she finds her way to the doctor’s office, she then makes a conversation with the nurse and tells her, “We is the only two left in the world. He suffers and it don’t seem to put him back at all. He got a sweet look. He going to last. He wear a little patch quilt and peep out holding his mouth open like a little bird. I remember so plain now. I not going to forget him again, no, the whole enduring time. I could tell him from all the others to creation” (A Worn Path, 1280). I saw this as a representation of how she felt alone in the world, and how she is going to

A Worn Path By Eudora Welty Essay

On an everyday basis people are encountering challenges that stand in their way of them achieving their set goals. However, with determination the vast majority will accomplish the mission they have set out to conquer. In the short story “A Worn Path” written by Eudora Welty in 1940, Phoenix Jackson, the main character has a mission in which she is trying to complete when she is faced with many challenges. This short story is centered on the challenges that are faced by an elderly African-American grandmother as she continues on her long journey from the secluded pinewoods into the town nearby of Natchez. She has one intention in mind when she begins, to get a medicine for her chronically ill grandson no matter what the challenges are that she encounters. The one way to convey this idea to the readers is with the literary use of theme. Some of the major themes in Eudora Welty’s short story is the determination that Jackson conveys with her actions, the aspect of agism, and racism. The most important theme in this story is the emotional and spiritual strength of Jackson which enables her to continue her journey.

Phoenix's Hardships and Racism in A Worn Path Essay

Phoenix lived in a society where racism was still running strong. Yet she faced and dealt with that every day of her life. As an African-American slave, she would have toil in the fields, wondering if she would still be alive by the time the sun was setting. Phoenix is visible shaken with a run a scarecrow she believed to be a ghost. She says to image, "'Ghost,' she said sharply, 'who be you the ghost of? For I have heard of nary death close by” (Welty 24).Slave mothers would often show that same fear as they watched the shadows return from the field; wondering if their loved ones were still alive or was going to come home unharmed. Phoenix faced those same fears as a mother and grandmother. If Phoenix was caught in the

Essay on Theme of Determination in "A Worn Path"

Another example of the theme of determination in this short story is when Phoenix meets up with a young white hunter. She shows great determination as he tries to deter Phoenix from going to town, by him saying, “Now you go on home, Granny!” (3). Another way the hunter tries to deter Phoenix from her path is when he points the gun at Phoenix and asks her if she is scared. Phoenix shows great determination by standing her ground and not letting the hunter get to her. Her determination to get medicine for her grandson overpowers any fear that she might have

Never Give Up: a Character Analysis of Phoenix from Welty's "A Worn Path"

Welty writes, “With her hands on her knees, the old woman waited, silent, erect, and motionless, just as if she were in armor” (318; 85). However, Phoenix manages to regain her senses after a few minutes, explaining to the nurses, “It was my memory had left me. There I sat and forgot why I made my long trip” (318; 88). She continually takes her personal shortcomings in stride and has an obvious wit about her, which she uses to her advantage. When she is offered some pennies by an attendant, Phoenix instantly replies, “[f]ive pennies is a nickel” (319; 100). The quick thinking earns her some additional money and allows her to purchase a gift for her grandson. Despite being elderly and often forgetful, Phoenix persists in her journey with experienced fortitude.

Analysis of "A Worn Path" Essay

When Phoenix's dress is caught in the bush, "it was not possible to allow her dress to tear" (87). She wore this long dress with an equally long apron made of bleached sugar sacks. Phoenix values all of her possessions greatly, including her grandson. When Phoenix was knocked into a ditch by a dog, a hunter confronts her. "He lifted her up, gave her a swing in the air, and set her down" (89). The hunter wants to show off his strength from being young, and his power from being white. He discourages her to continue and treats her with great disrespect. Though, through all of this, old Phoenix keeps her conversation sensitive with sarcasm in her words. Phoenix shows her pride and courage when the hunter points his gun in her face. She remains calm and keeps control of the situation with such a clever response: "I seen plenty [guns] go off closer by, in my day, and for less than what I done" (89). This was obviously not the first time Phoenix was confronted with death and she refused to let the hunter think he was in control by making her afraid of him. She is full of inner power which consists of her love, experience and sacrificing nature.

An Analysis of Eudora Welty's A Worn Path Essay

        Along with struggling against her old age Phoenix Jackson had many elements of nature holding her back from helping her grandson. She had to travel very far to reach the hospital for his medicine. On her way she encountered many elements of wildlife, of which she scared out of her path. Her dress was constantly caught in the brush and was in danger of being ruined as she passed a barbed wire fence. This also took place during Christmas time when it more than likely was extremely cold out side. But Phoenix's desire to help her grandson, and save his life, while also preserving some life of her own, helped her strive in completing this trip.

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a worn path essay questions

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Eudora Welty

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a worn path essay questions

a worn path essay questions

Free A Worn Path Essays and Papers

a worn path essay questions

A Worn Path

A Worn Path The story ³A Worn Path,² by Eudora Welty, tells the journey on foot of an elderly black women, Phoenix Jackson, from her home to the nearest town. She makes the journey to go to the doctor to get medicine for her sick grandson. On the trip, she runs into some trouble here and there with her dress getting caught in the underbrush and old age getting to her. She encounters a big dog that knocks her over, but is soon rescued by a passing hunter. As she gets to town, Phoenix

A Worn Path A Worn Path is a frequently studied short story written by Eudora Welty in 1941.This story is structured upon the journey of an old black Negro woman from her home to the city of Natchez to get the medicine for her grandson. The name phoenix Jackson, symbol of life in the face of hardship and death. The name Phoenix comes from an Egyptian bird and symbolize resurrection. This story takes place during Christmas season and the story mainly concern for her grandson representing self sacrifice

Tattered Trail “A Worn Path” by Eudora Welty, is the tale of the unstoppable love and care of a grandmother for her grandchild. The main character in the story, Phoenix Jackson, is an old black woman who makes a long journey into town to get medicine for her ill grandson. Despite the many obstacles Phoenix encounters along her journey, determination helps her to continue. I will analyze “ A Worn Path” by Eudora Welty in terms of symbolism and characters. First, I will analyze “A Worn Path” by Eudora Welty

A Worn Path2 "Phoenix Jackson: Mind Over Matter" Novelist Eudora Welty is often studied and adored by many readers; her much deserved recognition comes from her brilliant, deeply compassionate, and lively stories and novels (Ford 36). Like many of her stories, Eudora Welty's "A Worn Path" is set in Mississippi. In "A Worn Path," Welty focuses on an old woman's journey to Natchez and on the many obstacles that she encounters along the way. Phoenix is going to town to get medication for her beloved

A Worn Path In the short story A Worn Path, by Eudora Welty there is only one main character Miss Phoenix Jackson, who is in barking on a journey that would lead her to the desired destination. Phoenix's personality would change as she gathered more land with her persistent walking, passing through many different settings. Although the change in scenery is blately obvious it is sometimes what we over look, when trying to examine the characters attitude, or morals in different situations. The

Worn Path Knowing secret information can be a very enlightening thing. Knowing information that someone else does not helps make the reader feel more powerful. Such is the case when the reader knows of the mythical Phoenix and then reads “A Worn Path.” Eudora Welty’s “A Worn Path,” the story of an elderly grandmother’s journey to the doctor’s office for medication for her grandson, explores allusions to mythology, including the character Phoenix and her journey. “In an Egyptian tale the Phoenix

In the modern short story, Eudora Welty clearly develops Phoenix Jackson as a main character who indirectly manipulates other people. Phoenix, as the speaker in “A Worn Path” holds the status of an old Negro woman who continues the everyday cycle of life. Although, in reality Phoenix is an average human being, who feels she must be rewarded for living. Phoenix believes that humanity owes her something for the troubles she encounters throughout her lifetime. When Phoenix says to the hunter, “that’s

A Worn Path Detail of an elderly Negro woman’s journey from deep in the country to town, the while on mission of love. Phoenix Jackson, an elderly Negro women who is frail, old and has many handicaps, she lived during trying times and because of her race, faced many challenges while growing up, Eudora Welty brings the story, “A Worn Path”, to life through the use of the character Phoenix Jackson and symbols. While overcoming challenges her character is born. The story is based on an elderly Negro

Ambiguity in “A Worn Path” has a significant impact on the story's presentation . The story does not know the trip's purpose until the end, when Phoenix herself remembers. This ambiguity of purpose impacts atmosphere and believability and creates a more direct experience of Phoenix's trip. If the journey's purpose was clear from the start, the story would either feel different or need adjustments in writing. The ambiguity impacts how information is interpreted, the choice of narration, and the expressive

“A Worn Path” The short story, “A Worn Path,” is about an old Negro woman named Phoenix who travels a long distance to a town to get medicine for her grandson. The trip is extremely long and tiresome for an old lady but she feels that it is her duty to get her laboring grandson the needed medicine. Throughout the story, Phoenix encounters dreams, harassments, small triumphs, jolts to her pride, some flights of fancy to console her, a cause to be ashamed, and a moment to dance and preen. In her journey

a worn path

As Phoenix finally reaches the end of the staircase, she breaks through the doors and steps into the town, beginning yet another journey. She begins to make her way down the street, seeing the children play at dusk, the decorations of the festive holiday, and the sun beginning its descent. She begins her rhythmic pace. The sound of her cane echoes in the midst of the city, much like the chirping of a bird, which sings, as Phoenix walks to its beat. Phoenix sops at the window of a small store, peering

A Worn Path By Eudora Welty's A Worn Path

Phoenix Jackson’s Journey The character of Phoenix is the protagonist in the “A Worn Path,” written by Eudora Welty. She is proud, loving, and determined. You see Phoenix Jackson on her long and difficult journey to get medicine for her sick grandson. The story is told from the third-person point of view. Though she was faced with many obstacles on her journey to the city, through the devotion and love she had for her grandson we see what type of person she really is. Phoenix Jackson survives the

repeats the same journey again. As we read, it appears to be about a long journey the woman has made throughout the entire story, but by carefully examining the theme, it tells us that there is a greater message than just a long trek. In the story “A Worn Path” by Eudora Welty, an old woman whose human spirit is full of dedication, dignity and high morale overcomes tremendous obstacles of life in the name of love. Phoenix Jackson is the protagonist of the story who is an African- American woman, old and

A Worn Path Analysis

Authors use specific point of views to change the experience the reader has with the story; first person, third person limited, and third person objective provide audiences with the perspective the author feels necessary. Everyday Use, A Worn Path, and Hills Like White Elephants each represents a point of view. The story "Everyday Use" is written in first person. In "Everyday Use" by Alice Walker, the reader is introduced to Maggie, the youngest daughter, from Mamas point of view. As the story goes

A Worn Path Theme

Phoenix Jackson Everyday people come across challenges that stand in the way of achieving their goals, but with dedication and determination most will overcome that task. In the short story “A Worn Path” written by Eudora Welty, Phoenix Jackson, the main character, has a task to complete and along the way she runs into many challenges. This story communicates the struggle and reward of the journey that Phoenix Jackson goes on. One way to deliver this idea is by using the literary device theme. The

Analysis Of A Worn Path

“A Worn Path,” written by Eudora Welty, is a story about an old lady, Phoenix Jackson who faces obstacles of a poor life during the most repressed era of American History - The Great Depression. Poor colored people of the south “like Phoenix, they endured an endless struggle, if not against scurrying hogs, then against the thorny bush” explains what life is life during a racial charged time living in the south (Sykes 151). Phoenix Jackson overcomes negativity, difficulty, and impatience; yet, never

Symbolism in “a worn path”

Eudora Welty uses symbolism in a worn by using objects or people to symbolize objects and ideas, for example the main character in a worn path is named phoenix Jackson which symbolizes the Arabian mythological bird that lives a very long time and dies in a fire but comes back to life out of the ashes. A web site called 123 help me says that phoenix Jackson symbolizes a sign of strength because she stands her ground “as the hunter taunts her with his gun” this shows that she is stronger than the hunter

Metaphors In A Worn Path

PHOENIX in “A WORN PATH” In the story “A Worn Path”, Eudora Welty describes an old African American woman named Phoenix Jackson walks into the town to get her grandson’s medicine. Her name “Phoenix Jackson” is the most important metaphor. Her name alludes to the mythological bird “Phoenix”. Phoenix is the unique bird which lives for five to six hundred years. When its body becomes old and it is time for them to die, Phoenix bursts into flames and then reborn from its own ashes to live through another

Obstacles In A Worn Path

Obstacles arrive in everyday life, and if one decides to push through them to get to where they want to be, it shows how brave they are, because they never gave up. Bravery is shown in the story, A Worn Path, by the main character Phoenix Jackson. Phoenix Jackson in an elderly black woman, who is frail and small. In this story we are taken along her journey through the countryside to Natchez, which is a small town in Mississippi. But, this is no ordinary journey, because Phoenix is faced with a lot

Symbolism In A Worn Path

While symbols are everywhere in the world, some are well known and others are unfamiliar. Like, in Eudora Welty’s vividly imaginative short story, “A Worn Path”, symbolism can be seen throughout. “A Worn Path” tells the tale of Phoenix Jackson-an African American woman-who deals with the oppression from whites during the mid-1900’s. Phoenix Jackson’s grandson has swallowed Lye and it is time for her to obtain his medicine from town. She begins her journey to town on a cold early morning in December

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by Eudora Welty

Phoenix in "A Worn Path" by Eudora Welty

Of all the cunning stories composed by Eudora Welty over the past 50 years, it is maybe “A Worn Path” that is most charming as far as its capacity to oppose basic clarification. The entire story is suggestive of a religious journey, while the conclusion…

Summary and Analysis of Eudora Welty’s Story "A Worn Path"

The story “A Worn Path” by Eudora Welty tells the account of Phoenix Jackson, to a great degree matured African American lady who lived in the Mississippi. Phoenix Jackson was described as a raggedy old woman. The scene began with Ms. Jackson taking her long…

Importance of Determination in A Worn Path Novel

The short story “A Worn Path” by Eudora Welty is a tale of a Phoenix Jacksons journey through the woods to get into town. The story is about an elderly African American woman who is in desperate need to obtain medicine for her very sickly…

Main Themes in A Worn Path Book

Love Conquers All In A Worn Path Eudora Weltys plot is not all that clear in the beginning of her short story, but progresses as her character carries on against all of the overwhelming forces against her. In this short story a black elderly woman,…

Analysis of Phoenix Jackson in the Essay, "A Worn Path"

The evaluation of a “Worn Path” has many meanings to it, and can be interpreted in many different ways. While some say it could be a metaphor for life, others may say it can be a literal description of the struggles of old age. In…

A Look at the Usage of Figures of Speech In, A Worn Path by Eudora Welty

Eudora Welty’s subjective short story “A Worn Path” expands on the ideas on facing and overcoming adversity. Welty uses dialogue and figurative language to show how Phoenix Jackson is affected by and responds to standards within her society. Through the use of dialogue, Welty illustrates…

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1. Phoenix in “A Worn Path” By Eudora Welty

2. Summary And Analysis Of Eudora Welty’s Story “A Worn Path”

3. Importance Of Determination in a Worn Path Novel

4. Main Themes in a Worn Path Book

5. Analysis of Phoenix Jackson in the Essay, “A Worn Path”

6. A Look at the Usage of Figures Of Speech In, a Worn Path by Eudora Welty

Eudora Welty

Fiction, Children's literature

February 1941

Phoenix Jackson, The Grandson, The Hunter, The Attendant, The Nurse, The Shopper

The story follows an elderly black woman named Phoenix Jackson. Phoenix must walk a worn path into Natchez from her home to retrieve medicine for her grandson.

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