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Psychology Paper - Acts of Kindness

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“Too often we underestimate the power of a touch, a smile, a kind word, a listening ear, an honest compliment, or the smallest act of caring, all of which have the potential to turn a life around. ” (Leo F. Buscaglia) A simple act of kindness can ease one’s fears, touch one’s heart, and rekindle one’s faith in humanity. Kind behavior is among one of the most significant features a human can possess, however, as our lives become cluttered with all the burdens of our society, it becomes easy to lose track of what we live for.

The Three Acts of Kindness

When my teacher presented the three acts of kindness project to us, I started to question whether I have been selfish or selfless in my everyday motives. I came to realize that performing random acts of kindness is something that needs to be incorporated more in my life on a regular basis. Therefore, I was eager to get started with my 3 acts.

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I have fallen guilty to selfish acts more than I am proud to say. I have underestimated the simplicity of taking a couple seconds out of the day, to act on kindness, towards a complete stranger.

With that being said, when I came across a homeless man, leaving Walmart, I had all intentions on doing my first act. As I rolled down the window, to give the man money, I dug through my wallet and realized all I had left was a twenty dollar bill.

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I looked up to hint I did not have any money, but I could not get myself to tell him no. Along with the sadness and pain you could see in his eyes, there was a sense of hope there as well. I took out the twenty and handed it to him. Never in my life have I been so proud. The warm sensation I got all over, knowing, not only did I shock the man, but I shocked myself, was worth it.

No amount of money would compare to the feeling I had right then. We as humans have a way with losing sight of the little things, that should be the outmost important. For example, until this project was presented, I would overlook the simplest acts of kindness others would do, almost as if I expected them to do it. I started to turn into a person I could not recognize, and would not be proud of.

Therefore, I decided to take matters in my own hands. I was on the internet researching and came across a disease called Progeria. Progeria is a rare genetic condition that produces rapid aging in children. There are less than a hundred kids in the whole world that currently suffer from this condition, making Progeria the rarest of rare diseases. After doing some research over it, I came to a website that allow others to become involved with Progeria fundraising. I decided I wanted to help advance their mission in finding a cure for children with this disease. I followed all the steps by printing out the papers to fill out, sending them back in, and waiting for a phone call.

I received a phone call back and I will be holding a Progeria fundraiser, here in Tyler, Texas, at the beginning of the year. Sometimes people need support and encouragement, from those around them, to be reassured that people do care as do I. One day on my way to school I decided to send out a forward, through text, to everyone in my phonebook. I sent “People will let you down, God never will. ” I had many responses saying I absolutely love that quote and saying how beautiful it was. However, I had one response from a friend saying, how he needed to see that and thank you for sending it.

For a couple days afterwards I sent a different text, along the same lines, every morning to him. I stopped sending the text one morning and did not hear from him for a while. A couple weeks later I woke up one day and have never felt more depressed than I did right then. I had received some news about my health that was not as good as we had hoped. At that moment I just wanted to give up and I was at, what I thought was, the end of the road for me. My phone goes off and I look at it. My guy friend that had thanked me for sending the text before sent me a message saying, “No.

Don’t give up hope just yet. It’s the last thing to go. When you have lost hope, you have lost everything. And when you think all is lost, when all is dire and bleak, there is always hope. ” – Pittacus Lore. He told me that something told him to send me a text that morning randomly, like I had done so to him. At that moment I knew there was a reason I sent out those texts to my friends, weeks before. One act of kindness will lead to another act of kindness even if it takes a while. This reassured my faith in humanity by showing there is kindness out in the world.

Though kindness should be unconditional and free from expectation, with only goodwill in mind, this is almost never the case. With these simple acts, we have the power to demolish our arrogant, hateful lifestyles that surrounds us, by potentially turning a life around one by one. These times of contentment could be multiplied if every one would live with a better conscientiousness of those around them. I have come to realize that if you live your life being grateful and are considerate of those around you, your life will be much more prosperous.

I believe in random acts of kindness. The smallest things that can make you smile. I believe that if you do something nice for someone, they will take that act of kindness and spread it out to people they come across throughout their day. It’s the smallest things that make the biggest differences. For example, holding the door for someone who has their hands full or smiling at a stranger as they pass by. It’s these little things that let people know someone cares.

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Psychology Paper - Acts of Kindness

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Random Acts of Kindness Essay

Essay by BayleeS21   •  November 12, 2015  •  Essay  •  2,496 Words (10 Pages)  •  14,716 Views

Essay Preview: Random Acts of Kindness Essay

Random Acts of Kindness

Baylee Sutton

Tennessee Wesleyan College

Dr. Dick Pelley

October 26, 2015

            According the online psychology dictionary, kindness is a benevolent and helpful action intentionally directed towards another person, it is motivated by the desire to help another and not to gain explicit reward or to avoid explicit punishment.  (Psychology Dictionary)  If everyone performed a random act of kindness every day, the world would be a much better place that it is now. It is very important to give others kindness and worry about the ones in need rather than just yourself. Being polite to the people around you can really make the atmosphere around more positive. Kindness is like a boomerang, it always returns. I was once told, “It takes more muscles to frown than to smile.” Positive psychology is the scientific approach to studying, understanding, and promoting healthy and positive psychological functioning. It can relate to kindness. (Feist, G. J. and Rosenberg, E. L. 2010) I thought about the several acts of kindness that I have encountered, and how they relate to psychology.

          Random acts of kindness can go a long way in helping people out. Something as little as helping an elderly lady unload her groceries can brighten up someone’s day. An important reason to be kind to others is because it is contagious. I know if I see someone being nice to someone else, it motivates me to be like that and help someone out in any way I can. I believe that more people should do random acts of kindness more often. People are not as kind as they used to be, which in my opinion, we need to be nice and think of others more now than ever. If everyone were to perform at least a couple acts of kindness a week, the world would be a much better place. Random acts of kindness can be anything from giving a stranger a compliment to walling your neighbor’s dog. People that are kind to others tend to be happier and live much fuller lives. Here are a few little things I have done in the last semester.

       The most important act of kindness I done this semester is I paid for a veteran’s food. I was at Bojangles getting breakfast before school and I noticed this man wearing an army uniform. Instantly I gave the cashier another twenty and told her to pay for the guy behind me and I told her to keep the change for herself. Hopefully by doing this it will let other people know it is okay to actually be nice to others first. I have so much respect for veterans and I feel like everyone should do a pay it forward for them. They are risking their lives for ours every day.

       Volunteering can be an exciting, growing, enjoyable experience. It is truly gratifying to serve a cause, practice one's ideals, work with people, solve problems, and then see benefits. I have volunteered in many hours, but one experience that I enjoyed and thought about the most was volunteering at an animal shelter back home in Crandall, Georgia. I love animals and it was exciting knowing that I could help them find a home. When I arrived there, I got a tour around the shelter. All I could see was happy or sad animals, but the shelter was extremely clean. There were three volunteer workers at the shelter. I would let the dogs out according to size and age, and while they were outside, I would clean out the pens and put clean shavings, food, and water in each pen. I also walked and played with the dogs that needed attention. When they are walking around and not in their cages, you can see the joy in their faces. Seeing them happy made my heart warm. This was an act of kindness because no matter what, humans or animals, you should always treat them with respect.

     I have lost numerous valuable objects and I have been very lucky to have some of them returned to me by someone who found them. I consider that as an act of kindness because the person could have easily keep it and not give it back to me. One time, I lost my wallet during a softball tournament in Crossville. I was petrified and I thought I was never going to find it. I had a debit card and about hundred dollars in it. Thankfully, I had my number in the wallet. Someone called me when they found it and gave it to me just like I had it. I was so thankful.  

     Over the summer the same thing happened again but vice versa. I was babysitting and I took the kids to the park. While I was pushing one of them on a swing, I noticed something under the shavings. I kicked the shavings off and noticed it was a wallet. I looked inside of it and it was full with credit cards and cash. I knew someone had to flipping out over losing this. After looking in it, I realized it did not have a number in it but it had an insurance card in it. Immediately, I thought about taking it to the police station. When I arrived there, I explained everything and then they looked up the name from the insurance card. After they found who it was, they let me follow them to the house to return it. When I returned the wallet to the owner, I instantly felt like a better person. The owner tried to pay me for returning it, but I did not take the money from them.

        Another random act of kindness that I have done is I have helped elderly people with their bags at grocery stores and retail stores many times. Every time I see an elderly person loading their car, I go over to them and help. I hate when someone walks right by and does not ask them if they need help. Many elderly people say that our generation is just horrible and I agree with them. It is not hard at all to ask someone if they need help, especially elderly people. I have a huge heart for older people. They have been through rough times and I believe they deserve some of the most respect behind veterans.

     During middle school, I would help with the special needs children. This was an amazing experience for me and I would love to go back and do it again. Every morning I would go to my homeroom, check in, then go to the special needs classroom. I would help them with activities they did and I would also help them clean up and go to the restroom when they needed to. The children absolutely loved me. I honestly believe that I had a lasting impact on their lives. I think that they deserve just as much respect, if not more, as we do. These kids are human as well.      

     Back home I would always help my grandma out around the house. She would always try and pay me for it, but I would never take the money. I would clean her house, mow her yard, fix her hair, etc. I would do anything she needed me to do. I feel like I am paying her back for taking me in when I was younger. She knew she did not have the money to take care of me like I needed it, but somehow she made it work until my adopted parents were able to take me in. I still go to her house every weekend to help her clean and cook for my parents, uncle and us. Last summer, she fell and broke her hip. She was not even close to having enough money for surgery, so I thought of an idea to help her pay for it. I put together a fundraiser online to earn money for her surgery. I would speak at school and in church about what all was happening and why I was doing the fundraiser. After a few weeks of having it up online, I made more than enough money for her surgery. I even got to buy her some new things for around the house. I will always be there for my grandma whenever and wherever she needs the help.

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The Random Acts of Kindness: Key Issues

Introduction, works cited.

In today’s world, not many people understand what kindness actually means and what benefits may be observed. For example, a man is confident of his kindness when he holds a door in an elevator or gives a seat to a pregnant woman or the elderly. However, it is necessary not to confuse kindness with ordinary decency. The value of kindness is usually disregarded, and individuals forget about compassion, selflessness, and happiness that are associated with the chosen concept. This presentation focuses on the action known as a “random act of kindness,” when people are ready to offer their help to the whole world, regardless of the existing social, financial, or ethical inequalities. During the pandemic era, such attitudes are highly appreciated because a person alone cannot resist the COVID challenges alone, but society, as a whole, is able to survive, demonstrating kind and supporting behaviors. Random acts of kindness have their unique backgrounds and solid outcomes, and it is high time to find new reasons for sharing positive emotions and helping each other.

Millions of modern people are preoccupied with a variety of complex goals, difficult plans, and high expectations. Relying mostly on their technologies and the already established standards, society has forgotten about simple but essential values and qualities like kindness, support, and mutual help. Random Acts of Kindness is an idea that aims at the restoration of old traditions and human factors that were in demand in former times. However, it is not enough to expect kindness from someone, but it is better to become the authors of kind thoughts and actions. It is always easy for people to wait for something good from others, neglecting the possibility of real contributions to social development and community perfection. Random acts of kindness are created by people and for people, and this type of cooperation is probably the last chance not to lose humanity in a constantly changing world.

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Random Acts of Kindness

a random act of kindness essay

We may never know the long-term effects of doing good deeds or cheering up a stranger with a small act of kindness. Whether spontaneous or planned, […]

We may never know the long-term effects of doing good deeds or cheering up a stranger with a small act of kindness. Whether spontaneous or planned, acts of kindness can be contagious and set off chain reactions of more people being kind to one another. We hope these essays on kindness might spark small random acts of kindness from you.

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a random act of kindness essay

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a random act of kindness essay

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Evaluation of Two Random Acts of Kindness Introduction Fredrickson (2008), a scientist and author, relays if we all do one random act of kindness daily we might set the world in the right direction. The direction indicated by an act of kindness is due to the possible chain reaction, which sparks others to 'pay it forward ' to others, creating a case for sustainability. My acts of kindness are evaluated in terms of person values and consumption; both can accrue to sustainability. The First Act My first

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Have you ever wondered how it feels to do a random act of kindness or receive something nice from someone without knowing it? A couple of reasons how a random act of kindness feels is it makes you feel like you accomplished by helping someone, and you would feel very thankful if someone did the same to you, in the same way you can inspire someone to do a random act of kindness too. To begin with, helping someone makes you feel like you accomplished something even if it's holding a door for someone

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see in the world,” Ghandi once said. So how can you, a single person in this big world, make a difference? Performing random of kindness, of course! Acts of kindness bring out the good in everyone, make others happier, and encourage us all to be kind, even in the smallest of ways. By demonstrating random acts of kindness, we can make the world a better place. Random acts of kindness can bring out the best in everyone by showing there is true goodness in every person. In 1944, polish pianist Wladyslaw

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change. However changing a community, even a miniscule amount would require a planned, long effort by multiple people, or would it? What if a few people from a community start doing random acts of kindness whenever they have a chance or see fit? Then the people who the group affected will go out and do another act of kindness, if we can keep this process going, it could lead to a change in society. Not all of the people will continue it, but if a few from each occurrence keep the message going, this could

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A perfect society would consist of an atmosphere where random acts of kindness were a normal part of everyone’s daily life. Not only does one experience a sensation of relief and joy whenever performing an act of kindness, the deed also affects the person whom the kindness was directed towards. A random act of kindness is a widely known subject. However, the effects of the action are not as well known. In today’s society, between all of the cars, cellphones, money, jobs, new technology etc. it becomes

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Acting in Kindness Together A random act of kindness by definition is understood to be unsystematically acting in goodwill without any expectation of return or benefit to oneself. According to the Random Acts of Kindness Foundation (RAKF), there is a “kindness movement” in progress. The main goal of this movement is to help create a better world by increasing awareness and spreading acts of kindness. (Random) Scott Adams, creator of the comic strip Dilbert, proclaims not to believe that an act of kindness

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about it and how I try to apply it in everyday life. My personal philosophy for life in general is to try to treat everyone with understanding and kindness, no matter what kind of day I have had. The most important concepts I attribute to this philosophy includes, not making snap judgments when I first meet someone, always try to do a random act of kindness at least once a week if not once a day, and learning that I do not always have to be right, but being open to new ideas and perspectives. There

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whether you have committed a crime or an act of kindness. There are many ways in which this can be shown including when performing good deeds and executing crimes, nevertheless, in some cases, there are also occasionally some extended exceptions that leave the victim's families incomplete. We live in a society in which spontaneous good deeds do not occur as much anymore or are not spoken of. These minor acts benefit both the person who executes the act and the person who acquires the result in

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Myers, Fl I had the chance to experience the meaning of such a quote in the production of A Christmas Carol, titled after Charles Dickens story. As a central figure in the play, Scrooge’s character development throughout the play acts out a major theme of the power of kindness and cheer in relationships in the production. As the protagonist of the play, Scrooge’s decisions and actions are central to the theme and development of the production as a whole. Throughout the first part of the play it becomes

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situations. I will do whatever it takes to satisfy or help a people who needs it. To become a more generous person, I plan to volunteer at a hospital all summer with my brother and donate money from mowing lawns to Random Acts. Misha Collins once said, “Conquer the world one random act of kindness at a time.” I have been following this quote for years, and I plan to continue so someday I will be as generous as

personal statement

My past research experience was exciting to be a part of. My colleagues and I chose to study the different reactions to a small random act of kindness. My group and I decided to conduct the random act of kindness at our local college. We thought the hallway by the cafeteria, was a great spot to conduct our experiment. The results concluded were different then what I expected. The results of my experiment were fascinating. For instance, when one of my colleagues attempted to hand out the flowers

Positive Psychology Interventions

found that positive interventions tend to be addictive and self-sustaining. I would like to analyze the effectiveness of PPI’s by speaking about my own experience participating in three PPI’s: “Expressing Gratitude”, “3 Good Things” and “Random Acts of Kindness”, to see if I can agree with Seligman’s argument. My journey of the process started with the PPI “Expressing Gratitude”. The task instructed to write down five things one is thankful for, each day, for a week. Wooh, Froh & Gerahty (2010) defined

Pay It Forward: A Positive or Negative Impact on Society?

back and forth until we came to one cessation: every single idea was a prodigious idea. Our group had no choice other than to complete multiple acts of kindness towards human beings in our surrounding areas. The first act of kindness that my group permitted involved paying for a stranger’s meal in a random dining establishment. We had to commit this act separately as our schedules clashed aggressively. On a secluded note, I decided to dine in at McDonald’s with a group of acquaintances and watch

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affected by your thoughts, emotions, and ideas. Your ideology is composed of: your core values, aspects of positive and negative thought, how you behave when you don’t have distractions, how you cope, what you 're grateful for and how you demonstrate kindness, and the things that add meaning to your life. It it all comes back to your core values however. Your core values, while developing over time, help show who you are as a person. Mine include: freedom, integrity, and enjoyment. I dislike being tied

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happiness to other human beings as well as your own self. This world is full of places to go, people to see, and things to eat. Sometimes we can be so blind on having such a fun time with friends or family that we miss having an opportunity to do a random act of kindne...

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forward moment that was started in memory of a young girl who died earlier in the year due to an epileptic seizure. It doesn’t matter if it’s a small act or a large one; if it makes you feel good and it benefits someone else, then it counts. Molly Friedenfeld, author of The Book of Simple Human Truths, once said: “A purposeful act or extension of kindness to another is never wasted, for it always resides in the hearts of all involved in a chain of love.” She’s right, too, even if you pay it forward just

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Treating someone with kindness and empathy can change his or her life drastically even if you don’t realize it right at that moment. In “Thank You M’am” by Langston Hughes, Mrs. Luella Bates Washington Jones treated a boy named Roger with such a degree of forgiveness you would not usually expect, considering Roger had just tried to steal her purse from her minutes before. Their interaction that night contained the power to drastically change Roger’s view on the world. Mrs. Jones’s helpful and non-judgemental

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a random act of kindness essay

Acts of Kindness: Importance of Being Kind

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Acts of Kindness: Importance of Being Kind Essay

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a random act of kindness essay

Random act of kindness

a random act of kindness essay

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For this project I chose to complete three random acts of kindness. The first random act of kindness that I completed was done at the University of Saskatchewan campus. One afternoon, I wrote the same message on roughly 10 different flashcards. My plan for this act was to pass out flashcards with kind messages on them and pass them out to students in Murray Library. Attached to the flashcards was two mini chocolate bars. The message read “Good luck studying for midterms! You can do this. I hope

Random Act Of Kindness Research Paper

When it came to choosing something to do for a random act of kindness I did not have any particular idea in mind. However, this past Saturday I came up with an idea and quickly executed it. I had just left the movie theater after seeing Trainwreck with my mom and best friend and had decided to go to Chick-fil-a because I was hungry. As we pulled into the drive-thru, I knew what I was going to do for my random act of kindness. I was going to pay for the food order of the person behind me and so I

Random acts of kindness/ pay it forward. First lets describe what a random act of kindness is. In describing a random act of kindness I would say a random act of kindness is something that you would do without looking for a reward in return. Doing a selfless act and wanting to help someone or Just assist, while putting someone in a better mood better tan the mood that they were in before you did this act. I researched that this act may be coined by Anne Herbert, who written practice random acts of

Random Acts Of Kindness Research Paper

Random Acts of Kindness for this Holiday Season Many children are taught that Christmas is when you receive gifts from others, but what they don’t find much joy in doing is giving, instead. Whether it costs money or not, it does not matter, it’s the thought that counts. Imagine comparing the joy a homeless person would have compared to a child while receiving clothes, the child would probably frown since they were most likely expecting a toy and the homeless person would be overjoyed since they

Random Act Of Kindness In Nursing Research Paper

Being a nurse, I perform “random acts of kindness” everyday. I may not realize it but just one simple task can brighten up an individuals entire day. I work in long term care in a nursing home. Many of my residents are at their end of life and do not get many visitors or phone calls from family. With 27 patients to one nurse it can be hard to give that special bit of attention to my loving residents, but after a while you learn to make time for these simple things, even if it's going to get them

Do You Have A Random Act Of Kindness Is Contagious?

Have you ever had a random act of kindness happen to you? It happened to me one time a very kind man paid for my food when I did not have enough money. After he paid for my meal I was filled with happiness. It made my day much better and it made want to do something for someone else. That is an example of how random acts of kindness is contagious. One time I watched a video on YouTube about random acts of kindness. These people found a homeless man and went up to him. When they got to

Summary Of Random Acts Of Kindness Defines Who We Really Are

In the text, "Random Acts Of Kindness Defines Who We Really Are," the author is writing to not only inform the reader about what the around a person who might judge you or say something about you that you don't like. The author makes many diverse quotes that has the same effect as the one above throughout the entire text, these types of quotes gives examples for the quote that was stated early. One example from the text states, "Small acts of kindness like leaving a meal for a homeless person or

Random Act Of Kindness Definition

I believe that kindness is a standout amongst the most vital human qualities. I think it is really nice to do a random act of kindness sometimes, and it can truly change the standpoint of another person's day. Once I got this assignment about the random act of kindness I was really glad to take part in a great deal of kind-heartedness. It’s always good to make yourself a blessing to someone else. For my random act of kindness, I distributed ice cold bottles of water to men at the race track who were

What Is A Random Act Of Kindness

Random Acts Of Kindness That Shouldn’t Be Random Many people have a perception that a deviant act must be something negative that unbalances the norms of society. However that is not always the case, a deviant act could be one that is positive. According to Merriam-Webster deviant is defined as “different from what is considered to be normal or morally correct.” So it comes down to what is considered to be normal behavior, and believe it or not going out of your own way to help others or being

Random Acts Of Kindness Analysis

Random Acts of Kindness During the week, I decided to engage in some "simple" acts of kindness that some people may overlook on a daily basis. The last two, I had done previously, but chose to list them here so that I can discuss my experience. I opted to do the following deeds: I let someone go ahead of me in the supermarket. I waited to hold the door open for someone. I picked up two women with a baby, who were caught in the rain as they tried to make their way to Walmart. I purchased a lunch

Random Acts Of Kindness Is A Interpersonal Kind?

A random act of kindness is a selfless deed gave by a person or people desiring whichever to assist or to cheer up an individual person or people because we go beyond duties that are expected of us and lend out a helping hand to others. Besides, this behaviour is a means by that we make an endeavour to brighten one’s day by doing something caring and considerate. Our fellow humans, kingdom of animal and kingdom of nature are the targets of our spontaneous gesture of goodwill which means by an act

Random Kindness Definition

done something for a friend or just a random person in general? Well that is a random act of kindness! A random act of kindness could be as simple as holding a door open, or helping someone with groceries. Well yes those are very simple and they are not hard, but there are also just more than that. Every day there are 30 percent of homeless people out on the streets wanting some money. Some people are kind and give them money and food! Random acts of kindness are not just for homeless people, they

Argumentative Speech On Selfishness

Introduction A. Attention grabber: What if I told you kindness is our social connection to other human beings? (rhetorical) B. Topic reveal: And when we are socially connected to others, we are happier, healthier, and live longer lives. C. Credibility establishment: In an article entitled “Happiness for a lifetime” published in the 2010 issue of the Greater Good Magazine, psychologist Sonja Lyubomirsky discusses a key insight from her research conducted with colleagues Ken Sheldon and Dave Schkade

Personal Narrative: The First Random Acts Of Kindness

The first random act of kindness that I have performed this first nine weeks was that I paid for the person behind me at Chick-fil-a. I had just gotten a sweet tea and some fries, so I paid for the person behind me. It made me feel like I had made someone’s day better, and I really hope that the person would pass it on and make someone else’s day better. I don’t really know how it made the other person feel because I didn’t get to talk to them about it, being that we were both in the drive-through

Contagious Nature Of Kind Acts

language arts classes conducted an experiment in order to demonstrate the contagious nature of kind acts. To accomplish this, they received slips of paper from Mrs. Thompson that could be transferred to recipients of kind acts to be redistributed. This produced a continuous cycle of kind acts that is still in effect, which provides the world with an example of the contagious behavior of acts of kindness. “Be kind whenever possible. It is always possible.” These are the words of the current Dalai

Misconception Of Happiness

Introduction People constantly have the desire to want more and often believe that by fulfilling those desires, it will increase their happiness. One problem is, people do not just live with simplicity in their lives, which is a direct reflection of their environment and societal factors that influence these continuous desires. Happiness is a very pertinent goal for people to reach. Today’s society has the misconception of happiness as being blinded by monetary and materialistic gains such as

Misha Collins is widely known as Castiel, angel of the Lord, from the CBS and Time Warner

even developed a fan base who have proclaimed themselves “Misha’s minions”. With the help of his “minions”, Misha has become an influence worldwide with the creation of his organization The Random Acts, G.I.S.H.W.H.E.S., and from the awards he has won as a result. Misha co-founded his organization, The Random Acts in the winter of 2009. It all started with a tweet to his “minions”, asking for a ““minion stimulus” project. The goal was to obtain US government stimulus

Evaluation Of A Patient With Post Traumatic Stress Disorder ( Somatic Inkblot Series For Assessment

Empathy Have you ever felt severe anger, outrage, or upset as a result of listening to your friend tell you a story about something that happened to them? Putting yourself into someone else’s shoes and feelings the emotions that they feel or felt in a moment they are now telling you about is a fairly good example of experiencing empathy. Connecting with others on an emotional level is very important for us to do as human beings. Empathy is important whether it be through music, education, from a

Doug Hollars Character Analysis

being shared.” (Buddha) For as long as I can remember generosity has been instilled in my life, and I will be forever grateful for that. Looking back at my life my happiest moments have been when I was helping someone else. I believe that “random acts of kindness” have the power to change not only somebody's day, but to change their life. Their are many people I have thank for shaping me into the person I am today, but their is one teacher in high school that changed my life. His name is Doug Hollars

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Random Act Of Kindness Essay

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Show More In a world so full of darkness and despair finding one random act of kindness to perform should not be that difficult of a task. Out of all the choices available I wanted my act to have meaning, to have substance, to possibly change somebody’s life. If only for that day. That is what Jesus does. He changes our lives one day at a time. You never know how your behavior will affect others which is why it is imperative to reflect His truths at all times. Your kind word, your warm smile, your gentle heart may be the difference for that one person that you interact with on any given day. On June 6, 2016, I began a nine week internship with Sherwin-Williams in Tyler, Texas. This requires me to travel the westbound corridor of Interstate-20 from Longview, Texas to the intersection of Highway 271. It is at this geographical juncture that my random act of kindness originates. This is where I met “Mike”. We have all seen “Mike”. He is the …show more content… I replied that would not be a problem and also could I ask a favor of him. Suspiciously he inquired as to what it was I wanted. “You are under no obligation”, I said, “I will still buy your lunch, but I was wondering if you would not mind if I joined you”. It was a reluctant yes, but a yes just the same. So, with two double cheeseburgers, all the way, upsized onion rings, and route 44 drinks we headed for our table. No words were spoken throughout the entire meal. Mike looked content enjoying the hot meal and I was not about to intrude on what was surely a rare occasion. Just as I was taking the last bite of my cheeseburger Mike asked, “So what gives”? I asked what he meant. He told me that nobody does something for nothing. That everybody wants something. I told him the truth. I was interested in him, as a person. About what led him to his current predicament. And if would be so kind to divulge that information with

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A simple and square snack yet perfect enough to hold off until dinner. Just the perfect amount of cheese in each bite that keeps one wanting more and more! “We take the time for our cheese to mature before we bake into every delicious cracker because at Cheez-it, real cheese matters”. Within the “Interrupting Cheez-it” commercial, examples of pathos and logos give the viewer a sensation of both dry humor and logical sense to buy their product. Cheez-itz uses examples of pathos in its…

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Similarly, when hungry one can go through Wendy’s and get a junior cheeseburger deluxe for less than a dollar-fifty and drink the water out of a water bottle that is refilled from a refrigerator door. One is full when finished eating a take-out hamburger without having to shop, cook or waste water cleaning the dishes. One can eat for under two dollars at McDonalds, Burger King, or Taco Bell as well. This is such a shame because most people would prefer to eat a healthy meal, but cannot get a hot and healthy meal at a drive through for less than two dollars. One alternative is to purchase cheap processed food like bagel bites or frozen dinners.…

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Random Acts of Kindness 1 Pages 349 Words

             For my random act of kindness I did one of the first thoughts that came to my mind. I was driving to my grandmas house in downtown Chicago during rush hour when it came to me. I was just pulling up to the toll booth, and with a quick glance in my window I decided to make this my random act of kindness. I paid toll for the man behind me. He really looked like he was fumbling around for change in the rear view mirror so I decided to pay the extra 80 cents for him. I was going to snap a picture with my camera phone but I didn't have the time too cause of all the traffic and honking. But I looked in my rear view after I got through the toll I saw him glance a smile at me followed by a thumbs up.              Once I got my assignment about the random act of kindness I was actually pretty happy. I think it really nice to a do a random act of kindness sometimes. For my random act of kindness I paid toll for the man behind me. It felt really good to do something nice and random for somebody I didn't know. When I was pulling out for the toll booth I saw the man in my rear view mirror and he gave me a big smile and a thumbs up. That also made me feel really good too. I was just thinking how nice it would be to get a random act of kindness done to me. It would really make my day a whole lot better, especially if my day wasn't going so good a nice little random act would really pick me up and put my spirts high again. Doing this assignment really made me think of the movie "Pay it Forward. "It would be great if the man I paid toll for would go a head and be so kind as to try and make someone else's day better and pass on the random act of kindness.              ...

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