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Managing People from a Global Perspective

reflective paper example global perspectives

About this course

In this business and management course, you will learn how to achieve organizational success through positive and growth focused employee management.

You will learn current strategies for managing people in a complex, volatile global context. Starting with the basics of achieving optimal team success and the importance of managing both task and process. You will also focus on the characteristics found among high performing teams, as well as characteristics needed for success in exceptional genius/virtuoso, virtual and multicultural teams. You will also examine how to shape others’ behaviors in a global environment via basics of operant conditioning, the “3 Rs” and reward design.

Additionally, the course explores the concept of culture as applied to organizational and location-based perspectives. You will examine personal experiences of workplace change, concepts and strategies for overcoming resistance and managing change. Relating in a multicultural environment, you will also explore strategies for balancing generosity and productivity, as well as how to avert, evaluate and overcome conflict among employees.

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Reflective Paper - Team Element Example

By: Sharvani Sivakumar

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Global Perspective Reflection

reflective paper example global perspectives

Show More Every semester, I meet with my counselors to make sure I’m registering correctly so that I graduate as scheduled. She noticed that I needed one more course to meet the credit requirement to graduate. She pointed out that the course Education Global Perspective course would work with what I have already registered for and I thought it sounded very interesting. The only concept that I wasn’t excited about was when my counselor informed me that the only option was online Personally, this was my first experience with an online class because I thought that many negative circumstances would occur. First, I thought it wouldn’t accommodate to my learning style. I do much better if I have interaction with the educator and listen to a lecture, or so …show more content… I was surprised how much more I learned by being expected to read articles and relate them to our life experience or discuss what I thought to be interesting or strange. By writing the information that I have read helped me remember the content without worrying about their being a test. Third, I thought managing my time for the class would be harder than when attending a regular lecture course. I thought since I was attending a course that it was easier to remember that an assignment was due, but it was actually easier to manage my time because I had more time to work on my assignments. Finally, I thought working with a group that I have never met or will meet was going to be even harder than when physically attending class. Usually, working with a group is really hard because there is always work, school, or other activities preventing one member from not being able to do …show more content… It gave a different light to their culture then the one created when September 11, 2001 occurred. It helped me understand that though that was a group fighting in the name of their religion against a country they believe trying to stop them, that didn’t mean it was majority of the Islamic culture but that was a few. The best example was a Bones episode I found while reading this section and decided to watch. Within the episode, they have a man named Arastoo Vaziri interning under Brenden who was raised in an Islamic community and learned the Qur’an within his education . Arastoo Vaziri stated, “This was not the work of religion, it was arrogance, it was hypocrisy, it was hate. Those horrible men who hijacked those planes hijacked my religion that day too. They insulted my God. So no, this isn 't too difficult. It 's a privilege to be able to serve this victim, to be able to show him care and love that was so absent that day” (Bones: The Patriot in Purgatory, 8.6, 2012). I believe this to be true and have a different image of those who are Islamic instead of our arrogant, bias image based on an accident performed by the few. The only change I wish that would occur is the equal education for women and those who are

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My college journey: my experience as a special education.

There is so much that can be learned from willing taking feedback from others. In my first year of teaching, I thought that for the most part I knew what I was doing and had teaching under control. It was not until I received my first observation results and they were far from good but that there was a lot that I still had left to learn. After reviewing the notes and scores that I was given, I sent him an email wanting to meet with him so that we could go over the results of the observation. The words that came out of his mouth were not ones that I wanted to hear.…

Reflective Essay On My Portfolio

It seemed like all we were going to do was write a paper every other week and then discuss it. I was afraid that I was going to constantly be pressed for time and I was not going to succeed the way I needed to in this course. Looking back at my progress this semester I am glad I had to take this course. It has inspired me to become a better writer and feel more confident and be more successful in my work. I felt more comfortable with the non-academic paper, because for me it was easier to write about.…

Critical Thinking Self Assessment Essay

I really didn’t think that there was so much to it and I feel that it is going to be a very effect use in my education. As I am working on my degree in human resource management I know that I will have to use critical thinking as many employees I am going to have to work with will have issues and I will have to use my critical thinking skills to work out the problem. Within the organization that I am working in I use it every day but didn’t realize the different forms of critical thinking and it has opened my eye more on how to use it. This class has been a great skill of knowledge and I look forward to using it in the…

Time Management Reflection Paper

Not inly time management, but organizational skills was a major technique to learn as I went through my first semester. I always wanted to learn to use a planner during schooling but I never actually did it until this semester. With all these new projects, assignments, and study sessions to keep in track the use of a planner became very vital. To solve this I downloaded a planner app onto my phone that alerted me through the week, and this way of organization helped me tremendously compared to if I wrote things in a planner. Everyone learns and studies differently so in order to really succeed you must find what works for you, and how to keep everything in order.…

Personal Dimensions Of Learning

I now have a better understanding of the ways that I am hardwired to learn, and how to manage my learning patterns in a manner which would allow me to get so much more out of the material. As my knowledge of learning has progressed throughout the class, so have my study habits. I have always been somewhat haphazard in my study habits. I would study or do homework whenever I felt like it. I would attempt to complete a whole assignment in one sitting without actually understanding the material, nor would I take time to reflect on past assignments and lessons learned and apply that knowledge.…

Strengths And Weaknesses Of A Remedial Class

Before I would not have a process on how to write an essay I would just do it and turn it in thinking it was great how it is but in writing an essay it is never finalize as I learned from Dr. Moreno because there is so much more that can be done. As a result, my writing has improved so much since part A because I learned to have a process for writing such as others editing my work and brainstorming. My writing still needs work because I still have trouble with academic vocabulary that I will expand on soon. In the future for my writing I would love to see it better than it is now because it is the one thing that is going to be used for the rest of my life. Overall, this class taught me so much such as research, conducting data, and blogs.…

Reflection On Personal Reflection

In my opinion my writing process improved a little. Now looking back at the first day versus today 's date, I am glad I proceeded with the class. It has taught me not to be afraid of writing and to be confident in my work. All my essays were difficult for me to write. When it comes to writing I am too hard on myself.…

Reflective Essay On Ewrt 211

Because I mold my ideas into the sentences without proper thought out or any pre writing. My essay didn’t have good structure and flow, so it was hard to understand. Since I go into 211, I learned so many good lessons that help me improve to become a better writer. I learned that writing is not just about the thought, but I also have to organize my ideas to match my topic sentence and other bodies paragraph. This way my essay won’t talk about the same thing over again and again.…

Macdonald And Elbow's Reading And Thought By Dwight Macdonald

Essay 1 Writing essays to some is a simple assignment of writing down ideas, to others it could be a long process of analyzing, organizing, and writing which could be overwhelming. Readers who spend more time reading and analyzing an article will have an easier framing their thoughts and drawing better conclusions of the text. In his article “ Reading and Thought” Dwight Macdonald, He sends the message that most people now don 't spend enough time analyzing their reading. People aren 't taking the time to stop and think about what they 're reading before expressing their opinions. Most people miss out on the opportunity to be well informed and make compact decisions based on the little information they could retrieve .…

Reflection On The Tutoring Process

Take for example, in the beginning of the semester, I would try to read through the an entire paper with a student, but would never be successful in doing so because I worked on tackling every concern that I came across. However, as a recalled in my own experience, it is much more valuable to the student to learn one meaningful skill rather than forcing them to learn multiple, small lessons in forty-five minutes. Ever since, I have made a conscious decision to find one concern in a student’s paper and put most of my energy into teaching them how to remedy that one area of…

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reflective paper example global perspectives

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Igcse global perspectives reflective paper

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reflective paper example global perspectives

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reflective paper example global perspectives

Igcse Global Reflection Report

Iep reflection report.

The biggest take away from this class is how well I understand the parts of an IEP now. I’m able to look at an IEP and not feel so overwhelmed on what sections are supposed to address. Also, I feel that all of the assignments that we completed have be in a logical order and have help us format a strong IEP. Each school district or school system has their own special ways of facilitating the IEP process, I feel like I understand more of the next step in my school district’s process. I work with a wonderful team that appreciates learning about new ways to make IEP strong. For example, I shared with my work team the idea of using different high lighter based on the different goals in a

Climate Change Has Negatively Affecting Canada

Climate change is more serious than we take it. If it continues, everyone will parish. Climate change affects us in many different ways. It causes animal population numbers to decrease, slows down transportation to the north, and causes flooding and the rise of the sea level. Global warming exists, and it is not only affecting the environment.

Persuasive Essay On Climate Change

Currently, long period of drought, tropical storms, as well as rising sea levels are really and truly existing phenomena resulted from climate change (Global Climate Change: Evidence 2008). Evidently, human activities are the major causes, some people, however, still intentionally disregard that their patterns of behavior are leading to the irreversible climate issues, such as the American Republicans. In order for our Earth to restore to health, national governments as the most commanding organizations within countries have to come up with effective, efficient, and corresponding strategies to guide their citizens to adapt the existing climate change and more importantly to prevent from potential man-made disasters, respectively.

Traer Vs Anthropocene

It is evident since the advent of agriculture that human interaction has drastically altered the face of the earth. There is no doubt that human interaction is applying more and more pressure to the planet and to us humans as well, it is not only an issue of climate change. Drastic climate change can alter the world as we know it. Natural wonders, feats of humankind, and almost all infrastructure is threatened by the era we live in. In the modern age, we spend a great amount of time dedicated to discover the scope of the change humans have caused unto the Earth, it allows people to study patterns and possibilities while making observations. Individuals are trying more and more ways to inform society of the Anthropocene and suggesting that

Climate Change In Michael Pollan's 'Why Bother?'

In the article ‘Why Bother?’ Michael Pollan, a Professor of Journalism at the University of California, examines the dangers of climate change and how ordinary citizens can reduce its effects on the environment. Although most scientists are concerned and have warned nations of its disastrous effects some still deny the existence of climate change. As if melting ice caps and the ever-increasing blue waters were not enough proof, some citizens believe that climate change is an “unproven theory or a negligible contribution to natural climate variability” (Hall 3). Nevertheless, citizens who believe in global warning can change how they live for the better. Growing a garden, reducing the use of fossil fuels, and proper use of land can improve climate

Jfk Assassination Persuasive Speech

For sheer audacity, nothing beats Kennedy's speech to “...land a man on the moon and bring him safely back to the earth.” He could have said, “We will make the biggest pizza pie the world has ever seen and have every American eat a slice with the Soviet Union watching on live TV,” but that wouldn't have fired up quite the same fires of passion and imagination, or unleashed the tremendous wave of innovation the moonshot did.

Nt1310 Unit 1 Reflection Report

I attempted taking business coarsest at a online secular college while trying to be a team owner operator with my husband hauling oversized Frieght with my husband. That seemed to me at the time like it would be a piece of cake. Well between just not having the available required free time, and having the steady required internet connection, I had way too many other demands and distractions, and I was bottom line, spreading myself too thin and shorting myself the necessary time to really study and apply myself as much as I thought I would be able to, which in turn, became extremely overwhelming and discouraging. To top it all off, my mother and my husband’s both, health took a turn for the worst which added to my responsibilities, as well as

Canada And Climate Change Essay

Thesis statement: Canada has to carry out important task of dealing with climate change as a leader in the world. It should have definite purpose that can get most people to understand before acting.

Nikolas Kozloff's No Rain In The Amazon

The writer of the novel No Rain in the Amazon, Nikolas Kozloff, discusses how the global climate change greatly affects the Global South, countries such as Brazil and Peru, and indirectly affects the Global North, countries like the USA and Canada. Kozloff delves into problems individually through each chapter and relates these problems back to the fact that the Global North is indifferent to the problem because it does not directly affect them. In the introduction, Kozloff states that “the media is paying more attention to the phenomenon and the public is becoming more informed,” (1). Also Kozloff introduces that throughout his novel he “criticizes the Global North for ignoring climate change,” (4). Chapter one discusses the Global South’s growing frustration with the lack of action from the Global North. The

Essay About Climate Change

Climate change is believed to be the biggest issue facing the Earth. It is a long-term change in the Earth’s temperatures and climate (“Climate Change”, Dictionary.com). Our atmosphere is part of the reason why we can live on Earth with reasonable temperatures. Humans have been emitting unnatural greenhouse gases, like coal, oil, and gas. This is changing the natural systems that take place in our atmosphere. When all these extra gases are released, carbon dioxide stars to accumulate in the atmosphere. Climate change is a global issue because when the temperature of the Earth changes even very slightly, it can cause droughts and our crops can die. This is affecting our food supply. Also, when water levels rise even slightly, it can be very destructive for

Proposal For Global Warming

They are investigating into natural cycles and patterns and trying to figure out its results in measurable terms. However, this measurement is not precise enough to be reliable until other interconnecting factors like greenhouse gases are taken into consideration.

Bp Social Issues

BP is a British-based multinational oil company, and is currently the third largest energy company in the world. BP contribute £7.7 billion to the UK economy on jobs alone, and contribute £8.4 billion into the UK GDP. They employ 85,000 people worldwide, 18,000 of which are in the UK. From June 2014 to June 2015, BP͛s total revenue was $283 billion - $44 billion of which was profit. The majority of this profit comes from producing and selling fossil fuels worldwide.Climate change is a controversial topic that has been under discussion for several decades. While there are multiple potential causes, the main consensus is that climate change is a result of human activity, particularly in relation to the use of fossil fuels and the emission of

Global Climate Change: The Consequences Of Global Warming

The ice from glaciers, the ice sheets and permafrost are already melting and will probably continue to melt at a higher rate in the future leading to rises in ocean levels (IPCC, 2014). Furthermore, it causes the emission of methane (also a GHG), stored mostly in the Arctic regions (Shakhova et al., 2007) which in turn leads to increased heat in the atmosphere, further aggravating climate change. GHGs cause the oceans to contain increasingly more acids, which damages coral reefs and negatively influences the amount of CO2 the ocean can absorb (IPCC, 2014). Weather conditions are becoming progressively extreme and a rise in floods, hurricanes and temperatures can already be measured and will further increase in the future (USGCRP, 2014). Weather incidents could destroy forests and swamps, which causes less CO2 to be absorbed naturally. These factors combined will probably further exacerbate climate change. As soon as the average temperatures are higher than 2C relative to pre-industrial levels, irreversible effects that presumably reinforce themselves will manifest (IPCC, 2014). Moreover, some researches even argue that a cap at 2C might be overly benevolent and would not prevent severe detrimental consequences (Hansen et al.,

Danger Of Climate Change Essay

Climate change is the most rising issue of the modern world that is threatening our planet from the last few decades. In the simplest definition, the term climate change refers to the rising of the planet’s temperature, particularly an increase in the average atmospheric temperature. It should be noted that in the last few decades, many scientists and ecologists has discovered the Earth temperature is increasing at an alarming rate and has affected the planet in numerous of way. The constant change in the climate due to various causes is threatening the preservation of the Earth and its human life. It should be noted that the climate change is linked with several of the human activities that are further directed towards the global warming.

Causes of Global Warming

Researches show that the average temperature of the planet has been changed during the last decades, as a result, many problems join with it and climate change is considered as the biggest problem around the world. Climate change is one of the results of global warming and it has so many negative disadvantage impacts on earth, including; increasing the events of natural

More about Igcse Global Reflection Report

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    Updates on FDA International activities The .gov means it’s official.Federal government websites often end in .gov or .mil. Before sharing sensitive information, make sure you're on a federal government site. The site is secure. The https:/...

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    Learn people management practices and human resource toolsets to build high-performing cross-cultural and global teams. In this business and management course, you will learn how to achieve organizational success through positive and growth...

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    An overview of how to write the written reflection for the Team Project element of the IGCSE Global Perspectives.

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    I have always been somewhat haphazard in my study habits. I would study or do homework whenever I felt like it. I would attempt to complete a whole assignment

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    The most surprising finding portrayed in our outcome was the social stigma placed on schizophrenia. For example, in our country, people with schizophrenia go to

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