reflective essay about nature and nurture

Reflection On Nature Vs Nurture

It was several weeks ago, that the class discussed the polarized concept of nature vs. nurture, by which nature refers to one’s inclination to rely on natural instinct or self-interest to determine their future as opposed to nurture in which one relies on the care and influence of family. Dr. Miller challenged us to consider the ratio in which nature and nurture determine our actions. I self-concluded a rough 3:1 ratio where the nurturing effects by friends and family determined a majority of my actions. I now realize that for a majority of my life my choices were heavily influenced by those closest to me with only rarely taking a moment to know what I wanted. In my childhood I took great influence from my older brother by going into the same …show more content…

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It was my chemistry teacher that influenced me into majoring in Chemistry. In my freshmen year of college, when my roommates asked if I wanted to go somewhere or do something my typical response was “Sure, I don’t care.” I had almost always let others choose my actions. After reading the AFAM 2000 autobiographies this semester, I realized the weakness behind such reliance on outside influence. From the readings, it was typically a forced disconnect from family and childhood friends, or a willful disconnect in the case of Anne Moody, that set a future path to reliance on their own nature. Reliance on self and natural instinct allowed their path for truth and equality to be determined by themselves and themselves only. Such a reliance, more developed by experience, proved to be a powerful force in their quest for mass influence. In the words of Kendrick Lamar, "I spent the first twenty-three years of my life searching for answers, till one day I realized I had to come up with my own." I realize now that though the influence of friends, family, teachers might be beneficial in progressing my life, I must not make it what they are a part of

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Personal Reflection on Nature vs. Nurture Debate Argumentative Essay

Personal Reflection on Nature vs. Nurture Debate Argumentative Essay essay

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The psychological concept that I will be discussing and explaining is the nature vs. nurture debate/question. The reason that I have chosen this topic is because I am very interested in how long the debate has been going on. I also wanted to research it further to explorehow it affected the way I grew up andimpactedthe personthat I am today. People need to realize that this is a very important debate/question because it applies in everybody’s life, because this is what determines the type of behavior and personality that you have. “Nature vs. nurture is probably the developmental question that gets the most attention” Charlton, Sobel & Sobel, 2018, p. 132).

You can see why thistopicinterests meso much.It is aquestion that gets tons of attention throughout the psychological world. It is debated nationally among psychologists,and I wanted to learnmore about it and be able to understand it,so I could apply it to my own life and experience. Everybody should want to learn more about this debate because it plays a big role onwho you are today. The nature vs. nurture question is a debate on how the changes that we go through during life areeither based on genetics or environmental factors (132). A lot of people seem to think that it is either one or the other, but as time has gone on and people have done further research on it, they are starting to realize that it is most likely a mix of both. There are two core concepts ofthis psychological topic, they are nature and nurture.The first one is nature, which is described that“human behaviors, attitudes, and personalities are the result of innate biological or genetic factors” (Garcia, 2013, p. 1).

reflective essay about nature and nurture

In other words,the waywe act,and different aspects of our personality is a direct result of ourgenetics. The nature side of the debate believes that who you are cannot be changed because you born with it. Whatever genes that your parents passed down are what makes you who you are. For example, if somebody is very shy and has a timid personality, the nature side would say that they were born that way and they must have inherited a gene for being shy and timid. The other core concept is known as nurture, which is described as “the behaviors, attitudes, and personalities that result from life experiences and experiential learning” (p. 1).

In other words, our actions and personalities are changed and shaped fromthings we have experienced within our lives,and the effect that the environment has had on us. The nurture side believes that no matter what genes you are born with, they can be changed depending how and where you are raised. For example, a kid who grew up with very loving and caring parents that always provided for himwilllikelybecomea loving and caring personas he grows olderbecause thatis what he saw when we weregrowing up. Depending on how you were raised and the type of environment that you were raised in results in the type of person you will become.The nature vs. nurture debate is applicable in my own life because it has helped me better understand who I am and how I got to become the way that I am.

For example, I am a very shy and reserved person which is the total opposite of my parents. I believeIexhibit these behaviorsbecause I was nurtured to be this way. Growing up my parents were strict, and I was always punished if I did something bad or wrong. By them parenting me this way I believe it shaped me to bequiet and shy becauseI did not want to get in trouble and I knew that there were consequences for breaking the rules.Another way that this is applicable in my life is my sister. She was raised by the same parents as I was and under the same circumstances. The difference isshe is very outgoing and loud just like my parents. Even though she was raised in the same environment as me we are two different peoplewith two very different personalities.

I think this has to do with nature. By comparing both my sister’s personality andmy own personality,it allowed me to realize that both nature and nurture play a role in the development of someone. You cannot simply say it is nature or nurture.Instead, I believe it is combinationof aspects from both nature and nurture. This is proven by my own life.I am shy and reservedbecause of how I was raised, but my sister even though was raised the same as me is very outgoing and bold. The nurture side had more of an effect on me growing up whilethe nature side had more of an effect on my sister growing up.

One challenge to the nature vs. nurture debate is that there has not yet been proven evidencefoundsuggestingthat behavior and personality is based on 100% genetics or 100% environmental factors. “Human behavior and personality are most likely the result of a complex interplay between genetics and environment” (Garcia, 2013, p. 1). Unless evidence is foundprovingthat our behavior and personality is based 100% on either nature or nurture then this long debate will continue.I believe a big part of this challenge comes from people not wanting to admit that our behavior and personality is partly due to both nature and nurture.

I feel like they know inside them that it is a mix of both but just do not want to admit it.The biggest challenge to this topic is the extremists on both sides. You have the people who are only on the nature side and believe in nothing but that, and then you have the people on the nurture side who believe nothing but that side. Since they are extremists,they will not hear what the other side even has to say therefore not seeing it from any other point of view besides their own.Because of these people who only strongly believe in nature or nurture make it hard to say it is a mix because they will not budge on where they stand.

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reflective essay about nature and nurture

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reflective essay about nature and nurture

Reflection About Nature Vs Nurture Theories

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reflective essay about nature and nurture

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Reflective Essay: The Role of Nature and Nurture in the Formation of our Personalities

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reflective essay about nature and nurture

Initially, the main question that I was interested in was what plays a bigger role in the formation of our personalities: nature or nurture. It was common sense to me that both nature and nurture played a huge role but what I wanted to know is if some of our characteristics can be predetermined from our birth, based off the line of genetics that has been passed down for generations? Or is it more dependent on the environment that we were raised in, based off certain critical or influential moments. These contrasting questions were spurred by a mere curiosity of how people work. The whole concept of why people act the way they do has always intrigued me. But I soon realized that this question was just too broad to cover the wide expanse of topics it could cover. I found myself having trouble finding works that were useful as they were just too general and ambiguous, and ultimately led me to wonder if I could even write an eight to ten page paper. However after researching this topic more in depth and from specific standpoints, including scientific studies using genetic testing, statistics and other quantitative research; analytical studies based on the work of psychologists, philanthropists and more; I am no longer spurred only by a mere curiosity. I have learned that over my research that this question is much deeper and more relevant than I had ever thought. These question can be related to a wide variety of topics including the LGBTQ community and whether it is possible due be born homosexual due to a “gay gene” that researchers have linked; substance abuse and why children of those with alcoholic or drug abuse tendencies are more likely to also have them; depression and if some people have a greater chance of being depressed due to chemical imbalances of hormones in the brain that are passed by genetic; and the list only goes on. With these new questions in mind finding relevant works became easier as I was looking for more specific details that served my purpose. Now, I have no doubt that I can not only write an eight to ten page paper but also learn about topics that are big issues in our world today.  Overall my research has given my a new perspective on how people really work and I look forward to researching more in depth about it.


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reflective essay about nature and nurture

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Reflection Paper On Nature Vs Nurture

reflective essay about nature and nurture

Show More Psychology is the study of behavior and mental processes; when studying psychology one area that seems to always be important and in the foreground is nature vs. nurture. The reason why I find the ideology of nature vs. nurture important is because it has been the foundation for this class since the first day of the semester. Throughout the year, I changed my opinions on which of the two were more important, as though I was pinning one against the other. It was for this reason, it seems appropriate to end the semester reflecting over how much are we actually influence not only by one or the other, but how both play a significant role in our daily lives. This should also not be the case for humans, but for other species. Understanding how the …show more content… Around the middle of the semester I changed my viewpoint believing nurture might have a more influencing in shaping who we might become. Since most people normally associated with people who are similar to them, changes of personality and mentality are swayed to be more like each other’s. I mainly notice this when observing how my friend group had transformed after choosing my major. The friends I now socialize with leads me to make a decision I normally would not have made before. A great example of how this has been done in psychology study is through conformity. The definition of conformity is, “there is a change in behavior, belief, or both to conform to a group norm as a result of real imaged group pressure” (Book 354). A great example of this showing how nurture greatly influences a person is the Sherif Study. Participants were placed in a dark room and ask how the light had moved. The first time the participants did the test they were alone, while for the rest of the test they were with two other people and could hear each talk. During the first test the average estimate differed greatly from each person, but the group came together that answer became more of a group norm (Book 354). Though this example may not seem to fit in the nurture category fully, the definition for nurture states, to be influenced through environment and experience. This …show more content… Though we learned about behaviorism towards the middle of the year, it was not until looking back over the semester that I realize how nature and nurture both a role with this. The idea of fight or flight can be seen as being part of nature, from a young age the mechanism to survive has been encoded in our DNA, for this reason Albert hearing a loud noise would cause him to be terrified and respond in either trying to fight off the danger or try to get away. It is from this idea that John Watson can then influence the nurture aspect and make Albert afraid of the mouse. Through using the loud noise and presenting the mouse to Albert. Albert, associate the mouse with the loud noise and becomes terrified of the mouse, even if he was not before. As a result of conditioning Albert to be afraid, the nature aspect of his brain tells him to get away from the mouse to ensure that he is not in danger. As a result of the experiment we see how both nature and nurture play a role. Nature in keeping Albert safe, though is fight or flight response, while nurture being Watts and changing Albert perspective into being afraid of the

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reflective essay about nature and nurture

Human Nature Versus Nurture: a Reflection

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Behavioral Psychology

Nature Versus Nurture

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reflective essay about nature and nurture

Nature vs Nurture, a Reflection

Psychology 100 Reflection Essay 1April2013 Reading our psychology text‚ many topics have stood out to me‚ but none more than the Nature versus Nurture and Human Diversity topic. What makes a person unique? Does our environment or genetic makeup determine how we will act as we grow up? Will I be influenced by the actions of those I associate with? Will I act like my parents? Am I genetically predisposed to follow in the footsteps of my parents? After I finish my degree‚ I plan to be a social

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PSYCHOLOGY 201 Experiencing Psychology Writing Assignment Nature vs. Nurture One of the oldest and most studied questions within all disciplines of psychology is the nature versus nurture debate. What influences us to think and act the way we do- nature or nurture ? Use your text to get a better understanding of the meaning of NATURE and NURTURE (See Chapter One for a refresher). Write about your views on the Nature vs. Nurture Debate. Remember‚ YOUR opinion doesn’t have to be MY opinion. I want

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Nature or Nurture ? Personality is the particular combination of emotional‚ attitudinal‚ and behavioral response patterns of an individual. It is the sound total o the multi-dimensionality of an individual. It is the sounding of one’s upbringing as a person. Personality is the reflection of how we are cared by our family‚ friends‚ government‚ society‚ etc. There are two factors that affect personality. These are nature and nurture . Many of us would try to look deep into ourselves and try to answer

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reflective essay about nature and nurture

Both Nature and Nurture Influence Human Behaviour

‛ BOTH NATURE AND NURTURE INFLUENCE HUMAN BEHAVIOUR’ The Concise Oxford Dictionary of Current English defines Nature as “persons or animal’s innate character‚ and innate meaning inborn”. This means that nature plays a large part in how humans inherit the physical characteristics of their parents‚ but also that their personalities and characters are predetermined by family genetics. The dictionary also defines nurture as “bringing up‚ fostering care” which implies learning and training to regulate

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Nature & Nurture

influence be found in the child ’s environment? This nature / nurture question is possibly one of the oldest theories debated in psychology (Bee‚ 2004). Today‚ it is commonly accepted that most aspects of a child ’s development are a product of the interaction of both nurture and nature (Bee). Both sides of the nature / nurture argument present compelling evidence of how each factor impacts development. It is no longer a question of whether it is nature or nurture ‚ which influence development‚ but more importantly

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Nature and Nurture

nature and nurture Today most people believe that nature and nurture influence human development together. Newborn infants enter the world with all sensory systems functioning and are well prepared to learn about their new environment. Newborn infants have some innate abilities when they were born. But these abilities are not enough to adapt a new environment. So they have to learn many skills and capacities about their environment. This essay will discuss nature and nurture which stronger influences

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NATURE VS NURTURE Amanda Slaven 2k Development through the life stages M1 Introduction What is the nature v nurture debate? How can an individual’s development be affected using the nature v nurture debate? Some of the areas of development I will be looking at are language how nature and nurture can have an influence on this‚ causes of behaviour why people behave the way they do‚ gender role are we born to be a certain sexual orientation or

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Researchers know that people’s features and behaviors from two types‚ which are nature and nurture . Some features are inherent from their parents‚ and something is nurture from society. Therefore‚ researchers from intelligence‚ personality‚ and weight show different impacts from nature and nurture . First‚ different people have different intelligence. Intelligence is influenced by genes and environments. From nature side‚ people get high scores that is highly heritable (chapter 3‚ p89). A person

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reflective essay about nature and nurture

Is it Nature or Nurture

Is it Nature or Nurture ? Sally Yopp Psychology 1403-04 Mid South Community College Is it Nature or Nurture ? You become a certain way because of your nature ‚ or what you are born with‚ or because of your environment which is nurture . Nature comes from genetics; your talent can be defined by natural talent‚ intelligence‚ temperament/attitude and disorders/conditions. Determination is the gray area between these too. Nurture on the other hand is your environment; your peers‚ family

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D1: Evaluate how nature and nurture may affect the physical‚ intellectual‚ emotional and social development of two stages of the development of an individual. In this task‚ I am going to evaluate how nature and nature may affect the physical‚ intellectual‚ emotional and social development of two stages of the development of an individual. Nature and nurture debate has been going on for a long time and this debate there is no conclusion to it as they both have a significant role in our life. The two

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reflective essay about nature and nurture

The Nature and Nurture I hope that a title of this paper makes clear that it really has two part‚ the first one includes definition‚ the history of nature and nurture ‚ second part includes some kınd of example and effect on education and summarize the subject what we learn in the end. This issue includes some individual differences in intelligence such as moral‚ political‚ ethical‚ educational‚ physiological …etc. these are named some of them‚ the main problem is that “how differences in intelligence

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Eric Gross Ms. Drew English 10 H 27 January 2013 Nature or Nurture The debate between nature vs. nurture has been a controversial and debated topic for centuries. It is a debate on whether or not human development is molded by their genetics or their environment. Many scientist and philosophers have debated and made their own theories for the matter‚ including Charles Darwin‚ who in the 18th century developed the theory that human development was shaped by their parents’ genetics

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NURTURE OR NATURE It has been long debated the importance of nature verses nurture . It is hard to prove one from the other since it is shown for them both to play major roles in the development of a child to an adult. I believe that my personality is a combination of both nature and nurture but I think that I am +more nurtured. There are so many behaviors that I have developed from the environment I grew up. I have learnt to respect all people from being influenced at school and by my parents

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Guillermo de Vicente Garrote Language acquisition and disruptions Nature and Nurture : what the genes and the family determine Nature and nurture are two ways of determining the factors that are involved into the human nature . My goal in this essay is determining what are the main factors involved in the acquisition of the language in a human. By the extension of both terms‚ I will extend these two terms not only in the way of acquisition but also in the way of learning a language. Why? Because

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genes and environment to individual’s behaviors. However‚ there is still a big controversy over the nature -versus- nurture idea. Some people ascertain that the way people behave is determined by genes. Meanwhile‚ others hold the view that the experience plays a more crucial part. In this essay‚ I will discuss influences of “ nature ” and “ nurture ” in the way people act in life. It is undeniable that nature occupies some importance in behavior formation. The linguist Noam Chomsky stated that “all children

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Nature -Nurture

at The Nature - Nurture Issue Checkpoint Nature and nurture has to do with how a person becomes who they are through their personality and traits. Nature is what a person is born with‚ their traits and personality is due to their genetics. Nurture is being born with a blank slate and traits and personality a person gets comes from the experiences they go through throughout their life. They are opposite from one another. I believe that it is flawed to ask how much of a particular

“We are products of our past” Give reasons to refrain or refute this statement When trying to explore the above statement it is significant to consider both the nature and nurture debate. This statment suggests that our biology & genes help make us who we are‚ however‚ we are shaped by the impact of our past through significant turning points‚ crisis‚ early family interactions‚ dynamics‚ experiences‚ expectations‚ roles‚ interpretations and comments made about us. These aspects don’t rule us

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AllPsych Journal -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Homosexuality: Nature or Nurture Ryan D. Johnson April 30‚ 2003 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- In recent decades‚ many hotly debated topics have come under the scrutiny of sociobiologists‚ trying to determine their causation and origins. One such topic is homosexuality. Originally thought by the American Psychological Association (hereafter

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Intellectual and social development of infants Nature can influence a child’s intellectual development‚ by genetic inheritance‚ the child could have inherited Down syndrome‚ which could cause a later development with the children’s speech and language‚ Down syndrome can also affect the muscles for them to become weak. They can also develop behaviour issues‚ such as autism‚ stubbornness‚ tantrums‚ compulsive and obsessive disorders. Children with Down syndrome can also develop a brain disorder which

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Nature And Nurture Research Paper

D1: Evaluate how nature and nurture may affect the physical‚ intellectual‚ emotional and social development for two life stages of an individual Infants Physical: Nature – • Infants grow rapidly in the first 3 years of life; they are born with certain characteristics such as blue eyes‚ blonde hair. These characteristics are genetic as they are passed on from their parents to them. Nurture - • However an infant’s growth is predominantly determined by the nutrients that they receive. If an

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Essay Sample: Nature Versus Nurture

26 March, 2020

7 minutes read

Author:  Kate Smith

This sample is a great example of the compare and contrast essay writing. It presents two points of view on what influences the development of a personality the most - genetics or environmental factors. Don't hesitate to read it to see what such a type of essay should look like when written professionally!

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Nature and nurture is a hotly contested argument concerning what influences the behavior and personality attributes of individuals. Nature is entirely dependent on the genetic combination of an individual which dictates their character and appearance. On the other hand, nurture is dependent on the environmental factors that an individual gets exposed to which end up shaping his or her personality. Nature and nurture influence individuals to a certain extent because individuals get exposed to both of them in one way or the other dictating their development process.

nature vs nurture essay example

Nature principle holds that biological characteristics of individuals get inherited from the genetic makeup in their lineage. Character traits such as height, weight, vulnerability to certain illnesses and skin complexion are inherited and determined by the genetic combination of individuals. Such biological combination is usually similar amongst individuals who are blood relatives, and for this reason, they tend to have almost a uniform genetic combination. Moreover, other behavioral, mental and personality attributes are also a reflection of our genetic makeup and usually inherited from individuals’ close blood relatives (Kong et al. 2018). Through the traits, it is easier to identify closely related individuals just by looking at their appearance and conduct.

Besides, specific characteristics do not become evident during birth, and when a person reaches a certain age, for instance, during puberty, that is when the hidden attributes begin showing up. The biological clock guides such characteristics, and when the right time comes, the physical and behavioral attributes mature and become conspicuous. Such traits get programmed in a way that for them to grow visible, they will take a certain period to develop. Moreover, they are also dependent on other biological factors within our bodies for them to manifest. However, the traits still maintain the genetic combination and the similarity of a specific lineage.

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On the contrary, through nurture, an individual acquires specific attributes from the environment that surrounds them. When a child is born, for instance, its mind is black and empty. It is through its interaction with the surrounding and the people around it that will make the infant acquire some of their traits through learning, observation and aping their conducts. In other words, nurturing is dependent on the environment, experience, and learning as the individual interacts with the environment with time (Vazsonyi, Roberts, Huang & Vaughn, 2015). The way an individual was nurtured or brought up will influence their aspect of child development. Maturation will only affect biological development. The environment plays a vital role in the development process.

Similarly, the type of relationships also plays a crucial role in the nurturing, especially during child development. For instance, an infant develops an emotional attachment to its parents because of the love and affection it receives. Moreover, children who are given proper care and affection will reciprocate the same while growing up. On the contrary, infants who receive harsh treatment from their parents will develop withdrawal symptoms while growing up. Also, the infants also try and learn how and what to talk by studying the speech of those around them. The cognitive development comes from the exposer that the infant receives and conditions surrounding it.

Correspondingly, certain traits are acquired based on what an individual went through. Children who got abused or molested when growing up develop specific antisocial characteristics, for instance, being high tempered, harsh and develops particular disorders. For example, bipolar disorders manifest because an individual underwent harsh treatment which affects their psychological stability after that. Some of them become abusers and molesters in their future relationships as a way of imitating and justifying what they experienced while growing up. Imitation is a way of implementing what the individual has learned during the nurturing process by putting the lessons into practice.

Striking a Balance

However, after careful analysis, psychologists have discovered that both nature and nurture are responsible for the development of an individual. Both factors interact with each other and play a crucial role in shaping up the conduct of an individual (Lux, 2014). For example, in psychopathology, it is argued that both hereditary factors and environmental conditions contribute to the development of mental disorders in individuals. The biological combinations of people closely interact with the socio-cultural set up surrounding them. Individuals are now left to make their own choices in dictating what is suitable for them and what should be left out. Nature and nurture complement each other in shaping an individual.

Conclusively, nature and nurture are broiling discussion, and both sides have valid points to justify their stands. Nature is purely based on the fact that genetic makeup influence how an individual behaves and thinks. Similarly, the natives hold that genetic factors dictate factors such as the appearance, particular illness, and intelligence levels. On the contrary, individuals who believe in nurturing hold that environmental factors are majorly involved in the development process of individuals. Children acquire traits through learning from the people surrounding them and will try to imitate the behavior after that. However, psychologists are trying their level best to strike a balance between the two school of thoughts since both sides hold valid arguments, but both nurture and nature interact with each other during the development process. Nature and nurture cannot get treated in isolation.

nature vs nurture essay

Lux, V. (2014). Nature and nurture.  Encyclopedia of Critical Psychology , 1225-1231.

Kong, A., Thorleifsson, G., Frigge, M. L., Vilhjalmsson, B. J., Young, A. I., Thorgeirsson, T. E., … & Gudbjartsson, D. F. (2018). The nature of nurture: Effects of parental genotypes.  Science ,  359 (6374), 424-428.

Vazsonyi, A. T., Roberts, J. W., Huang, L., & Vaughn, M. G. (2015). Why focusing on nurture made and still makes sense: The biosocial development of self-control.  The Routledge international handbook of biosocial criminology , 263-280.

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Nature Vs Nurture Essay

Nature vs nurture : nature or nurture.

Nature or Nurture. Nature may be all of the genes and hereditary factors with which influence them to become who they are such as physical appearances and personality characteristics. Nurturing impacts people’s lives as well as how they are raised and all the environmental factors. In combination, these qualities can be the true identity of oneself. Many people may argue that nurture appears to a play huge factor in the two, but others may think otherwise. Not having both as a characteristic can have a negative effect on a person physically and mentally. The debate of nature versus nurture appears to be the oldest argument known to man, and it still remains to be unanswered. In the old-age argument nature versus nurture, nature may play a huge role in determining a person’s true identity.

Essay on Nature vs Nurture Debate

In reading stories about identical twins my point of view is easily understood. Various types of psychologist have analyzed the study of identical twins. It shows that individuals with the same genetic make-up can be totally different, when it comes to personality. Nurture promotes the twins to grow up as separate individuals. Its a lot better if a twin has his or her own personality rather than the same exact personality of the other half. I think this great debate weighs heavier on the nurture side. As a child my parents, and sibling overshadowed my genetic make-up. No matter how much I thought my physical traits made me behave. It did not affect me more than the things that I had seen and been exposed to. The more things that I had seen around and experienced made me the person that I am today. If my genetic make-up was totally different, to a certain extent, I am sure that I?d behave the same way that I do presently. There are exceptions to that. For instance if I were six foot five and one hundred and ninety pounds, I?d most likely be in the NBA and be really rich. I think if I was really rich and in the NBA I wouldn?t have the same worries that I have today. Even if before I were in the NBA I would have lots of attention and have a lot more confidence. So to an extent I would change a little if my genetic make-up were different. In a sense, genetic make-up is just a competitor to the environmental factors

Nature vs Nurture: Genetics vs Environment Essay

The classic debated topic of Nature versus Nurture has been and will always be a quarrelsome subject in the scientific world. Meaning, the issue of the level to which environment and heredity sway behavior and development in a person. Nature can be defined as, behaviors due to heredity. This means the behaviors is based on the inherited makeup of an individual and is an influence of the growth and development of that individuals’ all through life. On the other hand nurture is causes of behaviors that are environmental. This Intel’s the influence is from the individual’s parents, siblings, family, friends and all other experiences that individual exposed to during life. However, these concept of ideas supports the inborn genetic framework,

Nature Vs. Nurture In The Divergent Trilogy

One of the oldest debates in the history of Psychology is about Nature versus Nurture. Today, we know that both play a significant role in human’s life. Some people believe that it is genes which affects our way of life and some people believes that it is none other but our environment that greatly influences our lifestyle and some believe that both has tremendous impact on one’s way of life. Indeed in certain cases both our nature (our genes) and our environment roughly play an equal role in human life.

Nature Vs Nurture Research Paper

Both nature and nurture has influences our personal developments. An example of how nature influenced my personal development is that my dad completed high school and went to college. I think that was a big help with me because I’m doing the same thing. Some people think that nature doesn’t influence person development. People think that because your parents could have dropped out of high school, but you completed high school and went to college. Nurture also can help with personal development because the environment helps you make certain decisions. The people you hang around most are most likely to influence you. If you see your friends doing something that you know is wrong what would you do? Some people will do it too because their friends influence them to do bad things. Others will walk away because their parents are good people and they have the same good traits as their parents. In my personal development both nature and nurture influenced me. Nature because both my mom and dad are quiet people and I feel like that has influenced me because I’m quiet too. There are many other ways that they have influenced me also. Some examples would be working every day to get whatever I need. I see my mom and dad working hard so I feel like I should do the same thing. The environment has influenced me a lot also. An example of how the nurture influenced my

Nature Vs. Nurture In Mary Shelley's Frankenstein

Nature versus nurture is one of the most controversial topics of discussion among human beings. For many years, phycologist’s have been studying various people’s behavioral patterns in order to settle the debate. The argument of nature suggests that a person is born with a pre-conceived set of personality traits that determine the way they will act for the rest of their life. That is to say that all characteristics of a person, not just physical appearance, are passed down through genetics. The case with nurture states the idea that every person, no matter where they are from, is born with a blank slate. In other words, asserting that the behavior of someone is solely a result of their surroundings. This subject often comes up when a person

Nature Vs Nurture Theory Essay

These type of studies give an opportunity to investigate does environment impact twin’s personality despite the fact they have a same genetic relationship? Or does heredity impact their personality even though they are raised up in the dissimilar environment? In addition, identical twins share the same genetic information, therefore, researchers find it’s easy to figure out whether nurture plays a major or a minor role in a person’s

Nature vs. Nurture Essay

One of the most enduring debates in the field of psychology is the controversial idea of nature vs. nurture. Throughout the endless history of the debate, no clear conclusion has been met, only hypotheses have been formed. At the center of the debate, human behaviors, ideas, and feelings are being determined, whether they are learned or inherited. Determining physical traits, such as eye color or hair color, are simple because they are hereditary traits. The idea of having a certain personality, intelligence, or ability is under discussion because scientists cannot determine if these traits are learned, or predetermined by genes.

Nature vs Nurture Essay

The importance of nurturing is nearly boundless, and there is no better evidence than the oft-cited case of identical twins who, despite identical nuclear genomes and mitochondrial DNA, will duly differ in physique and behaviour if raised (i.e., nurtured) in

Nature is of the belief that inherited traits found in our genes make us who we are. From the day we are born, we are subject to society, which play an important role in who we are by way of family, friends, and media. Any situation we are subject to has an impact on us. I remember my parents scrutinizing my older brothers about the friends in which they chose to

The ‘Nature’ side includes aspects like inhibition, desires, things one is born with, like it’s written in one’s DNA. Nurture on the other hand includes one’s surrounding. Parents, friends, tv shows, drugs, family life, all these are outside forces that would influence one’s abilities. The whole concept was coined by Francis Galton as he studied the relationship between the scientists in England and sought out the common, but hidden, factor that they all had in common that allowed them to discover. The difficulty in doing this however, was that no two people are the same making it hard to identify what could cause this scientific discovery. The solution to this problem, proposed by Galton, was to study twins in order to get as close as possible on a genetic level (Gottlieb 55). Since then, many studies have been done using twins, both fraternal and identical, in order to grasp a better understanding of this otherwise unknown

Nature Vs Nurture In Sports Essay

We know that our eye color, hair color, and height can be attributed to our genes. But what about our emotional or behavior traits? There has been an ongoing debate about whether nature or nurture matters more in determining the traits an individual will have. Nature is influenced by our genes and other biological factors. Nurture is the influence of external factors after conception, such as environmental factors and learning experiences such as our childhood experiences or social relationships. People know that both nature and nurture influence how we live, but how much of our traits are determined by this.

Siamese Cats: Environmental Analysis

Studies have shown that many identical twins would behave and perform similarly (Delvin, 2015). But, there could be limitations that was to consider. If we say that behaviour of the twins are identical due to the same DNA, was the fact that they were brought up in the same home with the same type of upbringing neglected? Though we might have the gene for a certain trait, mentally, we are shaped in the way the environment influences us, like how we can get good results if we are motivated by others to study hard, most of the time (James, 2008). Hence, nature and nurture works hand in hand to shape who we are.

Nature Vs. Nurture : The Nature Versus Nurture

The nature versus nurture debate is one of the oldest philosophical issues within psychology…nature refers to all of the genes and hereditary factors that influence who we are – from our physical appearance to our personality characteristics [while] nurture refers to all the environmental variables that impact who we are, including our early childhood experiences, how we were raised, our social relationships, and our surrounding culture. (Cherry)

The Theories Of Nature Vs. Nurture

Through history, the idea of nature vs. nurture has been a hotly debated issue. Nature, or genetics is often believed to be the most important aspect of a persons’ upbringing, as nature is something intrinsic to any one person. However, many debate that nurture, or the care and encouragement of any human life, trumps nature. The earliest evidence and rebuttals of these theories have been honed and developed over time by specific psychologists and educational theorists – all who hoped to prove their own ideas as fact at one time in history.

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