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online dating essay conclusion

If you’re single and want to date, this modern, technology-filled world is overflowing with opportunities to make connections online before taking the plunge in person. Whether you’re juggling a super busy schedule that makes it challenging to meet new people or you simply prefer to get all the potentially awkward first conversations out of the way in a format with much less pressure, you may find that starting the search for a real-life partner online holds a lot of appeal.

The options for connecting online are plentiful and diverse. Some sites use elaborate technology to match your personality and preferences with other singles, while others have a more basic approach that requires a little more hands-on effort by users. If you’re interested in giving online dating a try, many of the sites offer free trials, although some features may be quite limited without a paid subscription. Let’s take a look at what a few of the top sites have to offer. is the oldest major dating site that is still in operation. Launched in April 1995, it is a source of both long-term and short-term relationships. According to research conducted by , the site has an overall rating of 4.9/5.0, with the highest marks in popularity, ease of use and features. Since its inception, has earned a respected international reputation and operates in 28 countries and 38 languages. Of the more than 15 million active users, the gender ratio is close to even at 49% men to 51% women, and the site caters to both heterosexual and LGBTQ singles.

online dating essay conclusion

A comprehensive profile takes about 30 minutes to complete, although signing up via a social media account may speed up the process. A paid membership gives you access to seven daily matches based on potential profile compatibility. Additionally, you always have access to mutual matches to view mutually compatible profiles and reverse matches to view profiles of people looking for someone like you. You can also see your history of likes, favorable ratings and winks and read your inbox messages. 

As a very nice extra perk, you get a six-month subscription free if you don’t find a match within the first six months. Pricing varies based on the time period selected, and site navigation has a simple layout.

eHarmony started in the year 2000 and took the blossoming online dating world by storm with its use of psychological, scientific attraction approaches that considered skills, temperaments, goals and personality traits in its matching algorithms. Two decades later, the site focuses exclusively on heterosexual men and women older than 18 who are interested in long-term relationships and contributes to about 2% of new marriages in the U.S. The ratio of men to women ratio on the site is 48% to 52%, and the overall rating is 4.7/5.0, with safety earning the highest individual rating.

online dating essay conclusion

Setup for the site takes a little longer due to the comprehensive personality assessment that evaluates dealbreakers as well as likes. You will only see profiles deemed compatible, and you can then filter them by city or by age. If you still feel nervous about making first contact, even in an online setting, the site offers pre-written conversation starters to help you break the ice. 

eHarmony is available in more than 190 countries and is easy to navigate. It doesn’t offer the six-month free extension offered by for not finding a match, but it does offer a free three-month extension if you aren’t satisfied with your first three-month membership. Monthly pricing varies, depending on the membership term chosen.

Now a popular, user-friendly online dating platform, Zoosk started in 2007 as a Facebook application. The aim at the time was to provide young people with a platform to find both casual and long-term relationships. To achieve that, the site equips singles with in-depth tools for dating and communicating. It has an overall rating of 4.7/5.0, with features, ease of use and value earning the highest ratings. Like eHarmony, it has a ratio of men to women of 48% to 52%, but those numbers derive from a much larger user base of more than 40 million users in more than 80 countries.

online dating essay conclusion

The platform uses behavioral matching to connect potential partners and caters to both heterosexual singles as well as LGTBQ singles. You can filter searches based on age, location and religion as well as physical characteristics like body type and height. Zoosk’s built-in SmartPick feature also makes suggestions based on your user behavior on the site. The site allows you to view online users and write auto-reply messages for simplicity.

You can send likes or smiles for free, but a subscription is required to read or send messages. Subscription prices vary based on the length of the subscription.


With an overall rating of 4.4/5.0, is well known as a trusted site for Christian singles to find dating and long-term relationships. The site first went live in 1997 as a Christian alternative to some of the dating sites that were popular at the time. It has been estimated that the site is responsible for about 29% of all Christian marriages between couples who met online. The user base consists of more than 16 million Christians around the world from a variety of denominations and beliefs.

online dating essay conclusion

The site caters to singles of any sexual orientation but is not open to those who identify as non-religious. You select various preferences when you set up your profile, including details about your religion and the relationship you’re seeking as well as what you want in a partner to help the site match you with compatible profiles.

Free membership includes a limited set of features. Premium membership has different price points, depending on the term. The site’s premier mobile dating app launched in 2016.


online dating essay conclusion

Don’t Let This Cause You to Avoid Dating Online

What do you think.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Online Dating Essay

Writing an essay about online dating? It will be helpful to read through some examples first. Below, you will find one such online dating advantages and disadvantages essay.

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Online dating refers to an activity through which individuals socialize and get to know each other on the internet (Elisar 1). In developed countries, online dating has become a normal activity. In the UK, it is estimated that online dating sites attract up to 10 million users every month. The history of online dating can be traced back to the late 20 th century when the internet was invented. When the internet was first introduced to the public, people used to communicate via chat rooms. With time, spammers and criminals invaded the chat rooms and compromised their usability. It was not long before dating websites emerged to protect those who wanted to socialize on the internet. Currently, dating sites have attracted millions of users becoming one of the most preferred means of interacting with people on the internet. Despite its popularity, there are risks associated with using these services. This paper focuses on the merits and demerits of online dating with respect to dating in a more traditional way.

Advantages of Online Dating

Unlike offline dating, online dating allows the user to interact with millions of people without having to travel. With offline dating, individuals have to travel across cities, regions, and sometimes countries. This is not only time consuming but also costly. It is estimated that using offline dating can cost an individual up to $100 in a single night. The cost is higher because it requires an individual to visit popular joints, bars, hotels, or nightclubs and have a snack or a drink. Even so, there are no assurances that the time, attempts, and cash would yield a positive result. On the other hand, online dating will cost the user little or no money. Some sites charge little monthly fee whereas others charge no fee. The monthly fee charged by these websites are insignificant compared to the money spend on offline dating. Similarly, there are more risks associated with having to travel to meet strangers compared to meeting them online. As suggested above, it is apparent that online dating increases the scope of search for those who are single. When singles join online dating sites, they get the opportunity to interact with millions of users. With offline dating, these people would not have interacted because they come from different offices, cities, regions, or countries. This implies that through online dating, singles can increase their scope of search. Online dating increases the chances of individuals who might not otherwise get the chance to date offline. Individuals who are unable to attend social events or meetings regularly such as busy professionals, disabled, and single parents will find online dating sites useful unlike offline dating. Similarly, individuals with small social circles such as tourists and recent divorcees will find online dating useful compared to offline dating. Other individuals who will find online dating useful are people who are shy, people who would like to know more about their friends before meeting them, and people who do not enjoy loud social situations associated with offline dating. Another reason why online dating is preferred over offline dating is that it allows singles to meet other singles with equal interests with ease. Through offline dating, singles will have to date a number of other singles for them to meet like-minded partners. As such, those who have met their partners through offline dating attribute their success to fate. Through online dating, the success does not depend on fate because the service allows the users to filter their potential matches based on age, height, race, interests, and careers. Equally, online dating unlike offline dating allows users to conceal their anonymity and have control over their relationships. In the society, there are individuals who are reluctant to let unfamiliar persons into their lives straight away. Online dating will come in handy for such individuals because through it they can be able to control their relations without giving out too much information about themselves. Certainly, interacting online and finding strangers okay should not be considered as a guarantee that they are satisfactory. For this reason, the ability to control your privacy while interacting is appropriate.

Disadvantages of Online Dating

Despite its popularity, there are some disadvantages associated with online dating with respect to offline dating. Unlike when dating through conventional ways, it has been established that most of the people using online dating sites are liars. They lie about their attributes, jobs, properties, salary, and their marital status. Notably, it has been identified that men lie about how tall they are, while women down play their height. Similarly, Toma and Hanrock did a study on the physical appearance of those using online dating (Knox 135). In their study, they noted that the lesser the attractiveness of individuals, the higher their chances of enhancing their profile pictures on online dating sites. With the use of offline dating, such lies could have been eliminated. Similarly, with the use of online dating some people have been able to lie about their marital status. Research shows that 30% of those using online dating are married and often lie about their marital status (Knox 136). There are instances where married men have been able to maintain several simultaneous online relationships with other women. These men managed to lie to several women and made wedding proposals to a number of them. Although the same situations can happen during offline dating, it should be noted that the extent of lies perpetuated through conventional dating is minimal and less severe compared to the lies perpetuated on the internet. Another disadvantage associated with online dating is having unlimited number of options. On the internet, a soul searcher can find hundreds of options. The more the number of options, the less a user will be able to scrutinize each profile. Through offline dating, an individual’s option is limited. This implies that he or she will have enough time to access the character of the potential partner. Equally, it has been found that many of those dating online have higher chances of breaking up compared to those dating through conventional ways. This can be attributed to the many options presented on online dating sites. Therefore, when hurdles arise in a relationship an individual will opt to dump his or her partner in favor of a better option. Unlike through conventional dating ways, online dating increases the risk of meeting sex offenders and scammers. Because users can conceal their identities when using online dating, sex offenders find the sites attractive for their ill motives. These cyber criminals can overcome the security measures put by the owners of the website by using fake names. Therefore, those using online dating sites should be weary of such individuals. They should not give out their home address, phone numbers, or other private details in a hurry. In general, there are a few risks of meeting sex offenders or scammers through conventional dating compared to online dating. Another major concerned faced by those using cyber dates is security. Despite the fact that the owners of dating websites have put in place security measures, some cybercriminals can manage to crack them and steal information from their users. By obtaining the users’ email and passwords, cybercriminals can get access to the users’ messages. On the contrary, there is no security issue concerning personal information when an individual dates through conventional ways.

In conclusion, it should be noted that there are benefits and risks associated with online dating. Its advantages are online dating allows the user to interact with millions of people without having to travel, it increases the scope of search for those who are single, increases the chances of individuals who might not otherwise get the chance to date offline, and allows users to conceal their anonymity and have control over their relationships. Despite its popularity, there are some disadvantages associated with online dating with respect to offline dating. Unlike when dating through conventional ways, it has been established that most of the people using online dating sites are liars. They lie about their attributes, jobs, properties, salary, and their marital status. Another disadvantage associated with online dating is having unlimited number of options. Similarly, online dating increases the risks of meeting sex offenders and scammers. Lastly, a major concerned faced by those using cyber dates is security.

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The Crazy World of Online Dating


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Essay on Online Dating

Online dating essay introduction paragraph.

Online dating is when people meet and decide to date over the internet. With the coming of the internet, people could chat online and keep in touch and with time chatting online led to people dating online. Subsequently, internet sites specific to this need have come up. These days, people find it easier to meet mates online than face to face. Individuals are being more receptive to this kind of dating though it has its naysayers. The internet is not hampered by geographical or physical boundaries. The prospect of meeting exciting people and curiosity that often accompanies meeting new people makes online dating an attractive option. It has completely changed and revolutionized the way people meet their dating desires (Coffey, 2007).

How to Date an Essay Example

The popularity of online dating keeps growing every day. Everyone who practices online dating is looking someone they are compatible with and can carry on a relationship with. Before, a person could go to a public place where he has a chance of meeting a partner. With online dating, that place is only a log-in away. In addition, individuals can explain themselves better online by writing about themselves on their profiles and providing information for those who may be interested. The can emphasize on their unique and strong points and describe themselves creatively.

Let’s find out together!

As a result, information about people is available. People can take their time and find out as much information as they want before making a final decision. Individuals can now choose partners who share their likes and dislikes. Individuals can choose the type of partners they want and also the kind of relationship they want to have with them. Whether someone is looking for marriage, the occasional hook up, dating or fulfillment of other desires, the internet has a vast variety of preferences for everyone's taste.

Online dating is not time-bound. People can chat and meet late in the night without reservations about the time and place. Working class individuals who are busy all day have time to meet with others whenever they want. Also there is opportunity to meet people you may never have known in life. Dating between people of different races and walks of life is on the rise since mingling is on the internet is not bound by culture, tradition, religion of peer pressure, but rather by people's preferences.

People are often nervous about making moves on the people they like. The awkwardness of first meetings and uncomfortable feelings are eased by online dating. Most people prefer to meet online before meeting face to face. This makes meeting face to face easier for the parties involved since they understand their preferences before they meet. As simple as it is to meet, it is mirrored in break-ups too. Ending relationships is easier online. People who are still getting to know each other online may not be as emotionally attached and can break-up without any serious problems.

Traditional dating is random and may have plenty of obstacles before one meets someone they can have a lasting relationship with. Online dating services like find your foreign husband, adult friend finder and perfect partners int, are some of the sites where people can subscribe to find dates. The awkward question of "are you in a relationship" is not applicable since everyone on these sites is there to find companionship of some type.

Example of Short Essay about Online Dating

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There is great ease in vetting the people you meet online. You get a rough idea of what they look like, you also have some idea of how they think, you can e-mail each other and talk on the phone and you don't have to meet if you're still not sure about them. You can also work through numerous prospects without being offensive. For instance, if you were looking for a relationship face to face and you kept changing your dates, people might think ill of you but, when doing the same thing online, no one knows. Also it is more cost effective than going on face to face dates many times.

The online dating scent has a limitless supply on people. Individuals opt for this kind of dating because of the vast and exciting variety and opportunity presented. People are free to show their personalities because they know that there will be someone out there who will like what they read. Face to face dating is also complemented by online dating and couples who met face to face also keep in touch online and communicate more frequently (Fiore, 2008).

Though online dating has improved the dating scene by offering variety for everyone, others with ill intentions also use these sites for their own ill gain. It is difficult for one to tell whether a person is really who they say they are. The intent of lying on profiles may not be ill but, when it is, someone could be roped into a situation that may prove dangerous. For instance, one may be dating a criminal who will conveniently leave left that piece of information from his profile and also change his picture. By the time you find out, it may be too late.

Also, one may be attracted to someone's personality online but when they meet, there may be other factors that may not be visible online. For instance, factors like personal hygiene, funny mannerisms, facial expressions and eating habits. Online dating is also limited to people who have plenty of time to spend on the computer. This restricts the people one can meet to those who are available online only (Hancock, Toma, & Ellison, 2007).

Other than that, people may also lie about their ages to the extreme. A 60 year old woman may say that she's 25 or a 70 year old man could say that he's 35. It may convince others making them waste time on getting to know this individual only for it to break when they meet. There are certain rules or commandments that one should keep in mind while dating online. One should take care not to get hooked by spending too much time online. Also, people should be vague about the information they provide about themselves online but they should be honest about the information they give.

People should also be patient and not rush into things whenever they feel excited. People should also be careful not to be roped in by sites asking for payment and by tests to help look for perfect partners. When convinced by information online, one should move to make contact in a public place to verify the information and assess the other party. Also, people should involve their friends and let them know about what has been happening so that they can be there to help if needed (Hancock, Toma, & Ellison, 2007).

Online Dating Research Paper Conclusion

Selecting someone to be in a relationship with is a very serious part of life that should be done carefully and most effectively. The benefits of online dating are numerous. Any type of dating has its drawbacks and it is up to people to choose that which works best for them. Individuals should strive to be as honest as they can while dating online and also be wise to tricks that people may use. The dating scene has changed with most people having jobs that keep them busy. It is a tool that is helping people be more comfortable and happier in their personal lives.

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Online Dating

In the end, even though online dating is on the rise with 33% couples having now met over online dating sites and this percentage is expected to grow to 70% of couples meeting online by 2040, there are still many aspects that fall short of giving it the ability to create strong and lasting relationships that people aim to form. Relationships formed by online dating are less successful compared to traditional dating because in the terms of safety, effectiveness in finding a good partner, and strength in the relationship they are weaker in comparison due to the mass amounts of risks associated with forming these online relationships. The first of many shortcomings in the sense it fails to provide the three key factors to create a successful relationship; safety, strength, and effectiveness. The safety of online dating is highly questionable when users of these sites put themselves at risk for lies and deceit, sexual risks, emotional and physical harm, and financial exploitation. With 1 in every 12 users of online dating sites reporting that they have experienced one if not more of these risks. Secondly, the strength of these relationships are lacking as they fail to provide the daily trials that a traditional relationship would have to overcome and in the end make it stronger. It’s clear that a solid, lasting relationship is formed when the couple goes through the struggles and conflicts that come with forming a relationship, and this key concept of a strong relationship is compromised in online dating. Lastly, the common belief is that online dating creates more successful relationships, successful meaning long term monogamous relationships, yet in a year, on average, 32% of couples who met online breakup. By comparison, only 23% of couples who met offline leave each other after a year, in the studies conducted they showed that most people believed that relationships online were forced to work and not naturally occurring as they would in the traditional dating method. Online dating is less effective than traditional dating due to the way people feel they are perceived and interpreted over the internet along with the desire to find a relationships that works in their everyday lives naturally. When it comes down to it, online dating though it works for some could never compare or compete against traditional dating.

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online dating essay conclusion

Thesis Statement For Online Dating

Dating in the 1960's.

Dating. It has always been a major aspect of the American lifestyle. From depicting relationships in magazines, to major Hollywood productions, to comic books, dating is everywhere. Dating itself has evolved, modernized and redefined itself after each passing generation. From the days where a woman 's hand in marriage was traded for land and property to the Tinder hookups of today, dating is nothing like it used to be. Thanks to an insight into the 1960 's relationship, I have been able to draw many similarities and differences between two teenage cultures that separate themselves by only 50 years. Through background research and a conversation with my wonderful grandmother, I have been able to conclude that the major changes in our dating

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I have read the dystopian novel “The Giver” (1993) which is written by the beloved American author Lois Lowry. “The Giver” is about a twelve-year-old boy with the name Jonas. Jonas lives a similar life as all the others in the community, until the Ceremony of Twelve when he got assigned the task as the Receiver of Memory. As The Receiver of Memory it is Jonas’ task to keep all the memories of the past so not everyone needs to keep this burden. Although Jonas received beautiful memories with a lot of colors and happiness he also felt grief, pain and anger. The Giver and Jonas were tired of being the only ones who have to keep the memories and feel the pain. Therefore, does Jonas leave the community so the memories will bit by bit, come back to the citizens of the community.

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Living in the technology age our constant need for technology and the internet has changed everything about a person’s daily life. Technology has replaced the ability for deep, meaningful thought and even the need for face-to-face human interaction. Today people don’t have to put in a lot of work in order to find information they are looking for. They can find it easily at the touch of their fingers on the internet. They can even have relationships on the internet. They no longer have to meet someone in person and spend time with them. They can just find them on Facebook and then start messaging each other but never have to have actual contact with them. Even the way families interact is much different than it used to be. Families no longer sit down at the table and have actual conversations they just sit on their phones and essentially ignore each other.

Rhetorical Analysis Of Meghan Daum´s Virtual Love

Online love is the new obsession of the current generation. Dating sites such as Eharmony, Tinder, and OkCupid have surfaced, claiming if people join their websites then they will find love. With so much time spent on the computer, it isn’t surprising that people form online relationships. Meghan Daum was one person who found love online, but it happened during a time when the internet and virtual love wasn’t huge and everywhere. Daum’s article, Virtual Love, was published August 25, 1997, and its purpose was to inform reader about online love and how horrible her online relationship ended.

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Share your working thesis statement and a fact about your topic for your research paper. Give a reason why you chose this particular topic to write about.

When Roommates Were Random By Dalton Conley Analysis

Now Dalton is a college professor, he is bit sad about how the internet ,although it makes connecting with people easier, it has made meeting people more difficult. We tend to value order and control over randomness, but when we lose randomness, we also lose serendipity, explains Dalton. He also talk about how as soon as students receive their letter of acceptance they try to find roommates through the

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Anderson also interviews the author, Winifred Gallagher, the author of Rapt, a book about the power of attention, who wrote the book while fighting a severe form of breast cancer. She mentions that her diagnosis can be viewed as an internal struggle of focus, due to the gravity of her situation. Anderson mentions that she realized attention was ‘ “not just a latent ability, it was something you could marshal and use as a tool” ’ (3). Anderson consults Gallagher on distraction and suggests that attentional self-control, is the focal point of whether one will invest their time productively or become distracted. I concur with this argument, because a majority of instances where I was unable to finish my assignments or work was when I allowed or continued to be distracted by technology. I felt Anderson’s use of pathos for this source was effective because it creates a sense of empathy for Gallagher and her situation; also, it’s inspiring to see someone with cancer continue to live a productive life. I am sure many readers of the article feel motivated to focus and prevent technological distractions from hindering their success.

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Using technology can be good and bad in many ways for instance if you need a ride home you can call or text your parents/friends for one. I think technology is bad even if I use it it will always be bad for us it. I use technology when i 'm bored, stressed, or sad, it helps me relax in many ways. Ever since I broke my electronic ive been more active and have been hanging out with my friends or family more often so I think it does isolate us

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In the article “Let Kids Run WIld Online” by Danah Boyd She is mainly talking about how parents should let their son or daughter use the internet without any surveillance. I get how the internet can be an easy way to encounter rapist ,terrorist ,sex offenders ,and what young people say “cat fish” in other words someone who pretends to be someone who they aren’t. There is a show on MTV where they find real people who have someone (catfish)who they try to investigate whether they might be legit or not. After the internet came out to a vast majority of people (around 2000’s) It has now been a cliche to say “be safe online”. You can’t really think for yourself if someone (most likely a parent) takes over control in this part of your life.

Rhetorical Analysis Of I Keep My Relationship Offline By Anna Goldfarb

Relationships are not bad. It is a normal part of life to fall in love with someone and want to show them off to the world. Anna Goldfarb, however, in an editorial for the Washington Post, declared otherwise. Through the use of rhetorical appeals and persuasive techniques, Anna Goldfarb’s article “I keep my relationship offline. It’s better that way” ineffectively conveys that over sharing relationships online is a negative habit.

Essay On Online Dating

Right through the 20th century, dating has changed drastically since its inception. Being single in the society is a big deal for people nowadays. Many are continuously finding an answer for this problem. But as the technology arises, it makes things easier. Even in the terms of dating, technologies find its way. Dating sites and applications has been created year 1995. Online Dating is a way for people to find and contact each other through the Internet to arrange a date, usually with the goal of developing a personal and romantic relationship. Online dating allow users to create a profile and uploading personal information including age, gender, sexual orientation, location, and appearance. Once a profile has been created, members can view

Theories Of Online Dating

According to Bauman, relationships are “the hottest talk of the town and ostensibly the sole game worth playing, despite their notorious risks” (Bauman as cited in Giddens, 2006, p. 244). Liquid love shows the transformation of modernity from solid to liquid where nothing have remains as before, constantly changing social forms are taken place at a greater speed (Bauman, 2004). That is why the conduct of online dating is much different as compared to traditional dating. According to Lim (2007), due

Persuasive Essay: The Dangers Of The Internet

There are many stories about people who meet others at the internet. And sometimes the people are honest about who they are. But unfortunate in the most cases, people lie.

Research Essay: How Technology Affects Our Lives

Technology is everywhere and we cannot escape it, it literally involves every part of our lives, whether we like it or not it affect us all. From how we work, play and live our lives, technology has created a revolution that will grow for as long as humans continue to advance in their capabilities. Technology just get better and better, what was once latest and popular yesterday is old hat today and the bottom line is technology doesn’t wait for anyone if you not keeping up with it, you will surely be left in the dust. If you compare the lifestyle of people living in the life of today’s time you will see that it is highly advanced, busy, complex and easier compared to the life of back in the days.

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The article’s purpose is to pinpoint specific cultural traits that cause problems in modern relationships. It dives into the history of marriage to illustrate that our modern views on marriage and love are new and specific to the twentieth century. Cultural shifts in our individualistic tendencies are responsible for some of the problems marriages face today. The article poses the underlying idea that perhaps society’s individualistic nature is too self-centered to the point that we push out other’s needs, feelings, and happiness.

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Modern World Dating: Online vs. Real-World Relations

The modern world presents us with opportunities that people could not even think of before. Technological progress has introduced a large number of changes to our everyday lives: from the way we communicate with each other, to how we do our jobs and spend free time. Dating as part of our social life was influenced by technologies too. Online dating has transformed long-distance relationships, making them feel most more like real-world experience. Even though sending pictures to each other and having video calls seems not enough for intimate communication, it did work in the case of my husband and I. After we met in Lagos, Nigeria in 2008, we had to continue our relationships distantly since he lived in the US at that moment. For us, online dating turned out to be the perfect solution, which gave us the necessary level of emotional connection. Eventually, after two years of distant relationship we finally got married. There are still many differences that set these two types of human interaction apart. This essay will compare and contrast online dating and real-world relations, highlighting the similarities and differences between the two approaches for individuals to connect with each other.

As it was mentioned earlier, there are a large variety of things that make online and real-world dating alike. It is still possible to apply some of the major psychological principles of dating, regardless of the type of relations. Both people involved take part in exploring each other and learning their partners’ needs, habits, and characters. They can also practice mutuality and decide on the things that are good for each other (Tatkin et al. 11). In both cases, individuals talk to each other, share stories of their lives, and learn new things. Online and real-life dating need to have the attachment and chemistry between two people as the vital components for the relationship to work. Both types of connections can also have challenges that partners need to overcome as a part of the learning experience and adjusting to each other. Another thing is that individuals who date online may eventually end up meeting in real life, which is quite often the very goal they try to achieve. Online dating is similar to real-life relations in that it can still lead to a face-to-face connection, ultimately making experiences the same. It is also possible for both types of dating to have a scenario where people from different parts of the world meet and end up together as a married couple. Whether it is online or real-life communication, if individuals really love each other, and have a strong connection and mutual understanding, nothing can stay in the way of their feelings.

There is a fair share of differences between online dating and real-life relations. One of the major things that set them apart is that with online dating, a person can be introduced to people they would never be able to meet otherwise. Experiences may vary, as there can be couples who met in real life but due to the circumstances have to stay in a long-distance relationship. Nevertheless, the key takeaway is that online dating opens up more opportunities to meet new people. While, in theory, this can be perceived as a good thing; in reality, a wide variety of opportunities can also be exhausting. With the introduction of dating websites and services, the very process of meeting other people has changed. There are now systems and matching algorithms that can pick a partner based on one’s preferences. This removes the human factor, where people would try to approach each other in real life based on the initial attraction (Tatkin et al. 17). There is also a lack of trust, as no one can be absolutely sure of what the person they are talking to is really like. So, online dating requires a great deal of caution and potential safety measures to be a positive experience. Another big difference is the lack of physical contact and face-to-face communication. Individuals who date online are limited to only texting and calling each other. They cannot go out on a date, see a movie together, or get involved in other real-life activities. It is possible for each partner to change their location and pretend they are having dinner together. However, this will not change the fact that they still have to call or write messages. Even though more and more technical innovations are introduced to make online dating more lifelike, they still feel like workarounds rather than real solutions.

In conclusion, it is safe to say that online dating and real-world relations have a great deal in common. Both ways of connecting with each other allow people to learn about their partners and establish an emotional bond. Speaking of differences, online dating is lacking face-to-face communication, which is an important aspect of building a strong relationship. From my personal experience, I can confirm that individuals can frequently utilize online dating as a way of staying connected when they have to be apart for some time. Whichever way of dating it is, the ultimate goal is to meet the right person and establish a bond that would make both partners happy.

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