McDonalds Company Corporate Social Responsibility Essay

Competition is an integral part of any firm’s functioning; the choice of the means, strategies, and tools to enhance the firm’s competitive advantage is often the key to understanding the roots to its success or failure, as well as the issues connected with its competitive behavior.

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Every business owner wants to be successful, and wants to receive the highest revenue possible. Nevertheless, there are always certain limitations, requirements, and factors that produce a complex influence on the firm’s functioning and predetermine its profitability.

Business stakeholders should always keep in mind that the firm cannot function in an isolated way; the strategic success of any company depends first of all on the way it attracts customers. One of the effective tools to improve communication with customers, to raise the corporate image and reputations, and to preserve a positive social image, is to get actively involved in the corporate social responsibility (CSR) issues.

They are nowadays recognized as one of the dominant factors affecting the company performance; CSR has become particularly important under the conditions of the modern economic crisis when large corporations cooperate with worldwide NGOs and governmental authorities in order to help states overcome the problems of unemployment, hazards to health, and inequality of people (Royle 2005, p. 42).

The majority of large and successful corporations pose corporate social responsibility as one of their top priorities in business operations; it is evident that this way they manage to cater for their customers and to create the constant, stale, and reciprocal relationships with their clients.

In case corporate social responsibility standards are kept to, there is always much more customer confidence loyalty. As in case with McDonalds that is the subject of the present paper, the mission statement of the company clearly states that the main task of the company is to create unique and unforgettable experiences for their customers (McDonald’s Corporate Responsibility – Values in Practice).

The present mission statement is clearly customer-focused, which will surely create a positive feedback from customers feeling that they are valued.

It is true that the core assumption lying in the basis of the Porter’s model is that the industry structure produces a strong and inevitable influence on the firm’s performance.

The five forces outlined by Michael Porter include the threat for businesses because of the entry of new market participants, the intensity of rivalry firms experience inside the market segment, the pressure from product substitutes or very similar products of rivals, the bargaining power of buyers and suppliers (Ormanidhi & Stringa 2008, p. 57).

Therefore, engagement in CSR activities falls within the framework of ‘intensity of rivalry’ – all fast food leaders in the field have strong positions, and they can easily survive even under the conditions of fierce competition.

McDonalds is the $40 billion company that employed about 1.6 million workers worldwide in 2005, and reported serving 46 million of customer a day (Royle 2005, p. 45). McDonalds has been involved in the corporate social responsibility activities for a long time, since its administration realized the potential for the corporation in the socially responsible approach.

Even upon a glance at their CSR philosophy, one can assume that McDonalds provides 10% of Americans with their first job, and has become the number one job training center in the USA, which creates a highly positive reputation and image for the company and improves its position regarding its competitors (Royle 2005, p. 45).

There is a great number of corporate social responsibility activities in which McDonalds is currently involved; upon viewing its social responsibility page at the official McDonalds website, one can see that there are the following CSR activities McDonalds pursues:

  • Proper care about nutrition and well-being of customer
  • Expanding the food menu for children with proper attention paid to their unique needs
  • Education and information provision about useful nutrition
  • Implementation of the forestry policy
  • Popularizing environmental considerations on product packaging
  • Provision of financial and volunteer support for Ronald McDonald House Charities (RMHC)
  • Proliferation of volunteer activities through an online management tool
  • Publicizing all production and transportation processes through the “from Farm to Front Counter” program (McDonalds Corporation Worldwide Corporate Responsibility 2010 Report 2010, pp. 6-10).

It is not only a strong focus on the customer satisfaction but also considerations of profitability that make the CSR activities of McDonalds effective. There is a feasible contribution that McDonalds makes to the economies of the countries in which its major markets operate, such as the USA; for example, the expenditures for philanthropic activities in 2006 constituted $13.6 million, while the 2009 figure equals $19 million.

The McDonalds Corporation paid $493 million of social taxes in 2006, and the figure rose to $568 million in 2009 (McDonalds Corporation Worldwide Corporate Responsibility 2010 Report 2010, p. 10). However, at the same time the corporation experiences substantial gains deriving from the introduction of CSR initiatives.

For instance, the electricity consumption rates have decreased considerably to the level of 1.68 9 kWh/TC, 100% of meat-producing plants go through thorough certification and analysis, and more than 90% of employees receive their professional certification in the McDonalds-owned Hamburger Universities (McDonalds Corporation Worldwide Corporate Responsibility 2010 Report 2010, pp. 7-10).

The popularity of CSR activities has been realized by all leaders in the fast food market, which is proven by the active engagement in such actions by other US leaders in the fast food industry such as Burger King, KFC, and Pizza Hut (Royle 2005, p. 45).

The present observation supports the claims of Ormanidhi and Stringa (2008) about the applicability of the Porter’s Five Forces model to the assessment of CSR activities as well, since they contain the element of competition for the customer loyalty as well.

The deep involvement in community work, volunteer work, and other types of CSR activities called philanthropic activity by the company are first of all driven by the effort to reduce the negative impact of such Porter’s force as ‘pressure from substitutes’. There is a clear indication on the emphasis put by the company administration on authenticity of their products and services.

Even their mission statement claims about the creation of unique customer experiences for each single client coming to a McDonald’s restaurant. In addition, the business objectives published at the official side of McDonalds indicate the wish to take care about customers’ health, and to place their customers and commitment to them to the core of their corporate values.

Obviously, it is a clearly beneficial competitive strategy, since the principle of ‘stakeholder democracy’ is fully retained at each level of the corporation’s functioning (Royle 2005, p. 42).

Another popular CSR activity that McDonalds has implemented only recently is the online discussion blog “Open for Discussion” initiated by the company in order to engage in closer and more active communication with customers and stakeholders on health and environmental issues (Fleck, Fieseler, & Meckel 2009, p. 1).

It is an experimental form of communication between the complex body of an organization and its stakeholders that proved highly successful and beneficial in terms of ensuring the implementation of corporate business objectives, tracking customer satisfaction, and monitoring the feedback received from customers as well.

The present feature of the McDonalds CSR activities is also directed at reduction of the ‘pressure of substitutes’ factor from the Porter’s five forces model of competition. There is a clear advantage in communication tools that McDonalds employs, and the CSR activities it undertakes provide the corporation with a confident competitive advantage, and customer loyalty in the industry with very easy entry conditions.

Arriving at a conclusion in the discussion of McDonalds CSR activities ensuring its sound competitiveness in the market of fast food, one should assume that the company has chosen the correct focus of its CSR initiatives, and manages to secure its leading place in the global fast food production and service.

The competitive business strategy of the company is highly adjusted to the current needs of all stakeholders, including investors, shareholders, customers, and international controlling institutions. The business strategy of McDonalds is focused on environmental protection, care about health and well-being of clients, education for staff, and adjustment to customer needs.

The company also ensures transparency of its processes (e.g., through the “From Farm to Front Counter” manual). In the industry offering more or less standardized and comparatively cheap products, the present strategy wins a leading role, positive reputation, and beneficial social image for McDonalds, ensuring its profitability and diminished impact of Porter’s five forces of competition.

Fleck, M, Fieseler, C, & Meckel, M 2009, ‘Micro-Dialogues in Cyberspace – McDonalds Blogging Efforts in Communicating Corporate Social Responsibility online. The 59th Annual Conference of the International Communication Association , Chicago, IL.

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Royle, T 2005, ‘Realism or idealism? Corporate social responsibility and the employee stakeholder in the global fast-food industry’, Business Ethics: a European Review , vol. 14, no. 1, pp. 42-55.

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Corporate Social Responsibility for McDonalds

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Corporate Social Responsibility of McDonalds

Posted by Matthew Harvey on Jul-19-2022

At EssayPandas , we help MBA and EMBA students finish their corporate-level case study projects. For example, Corporate Social Responsibility or CSR Analysis of McDonalds mainly relates to the subject of Business, further touching upon sub-topics like organizational development, value proposition, corporate governance, economic development, ethics, leadership, and social responsibility.

Corporate Social Responsibility or CSR Analysis of McDonalds helps ascertain the company's responsibility towards the three P's, i.e., Profit, People, and Planet. This CSR Analysis will help the managers at McDonalds figure out their social responsibilities and run their business operations following the global business norms. Here below is a quick rundown of the CSR case solution. Contact us for further help in custom CSR Analysis.

1. What is Cooperative Social Responsibility 

Carroll’s CSR pyramid explains why and how business organizations should realize their responsibility towards society. The model was introduced by Archie B. Carroll in 1979, who highlighted four key corporate social responsibility (CSR) dimensions into the framework- economic, legal, ethical, and philanthropic responsibility. The economic responsibility lies at the bottom of the pyramid because without achieving the economic objectives, a company cannot fulfil its legal, ethical, and philanthropic responsibilities.

According to Carroll, CSR refers to the business behavior that is economically profitable, compliant with the law, is ethical and socially supportive. The primary business responsibility is to make profits and comply with the law, and then go beyond these obligations by taking discretionary initiatives.

In 1991, Carroll categorized the CSR model into four dimensions by using a pyramid, which illustrated how businesses could build their character along the four tiered pyramid. Since its introduction, the model holds strong relevance to the contemporary business environment. Although, the pyramid design is still under discussion and at often criticized for not considering the contextual factors, the model can be practically applied to understand the corporate social responsibility efforts of any business organization. As the model is easily understandable, it makes practical application for organizations easier, as they understand how they can build their character to reach at the top of pyramid.

Overall, the model provides a conceptual framework for organizations, and encourages them to think holistically while formulating CSR strategies. If any of the level is missing, the organization cannot reach the highest CSR level.

In this report, the CSR strategies of McDonalds are analyzed by applying the Carroll’s pyramid model.

2. Model application on McDonalds

2.1 corporate social responsibility (csr) objectives of mcdonalds.

McDonalds aims to reach the carbon neutrality, reduce environmental externalities, promote voluntarism among employees and donate to the charity. Company is committed to the highest social responsibility standards across the whole supply chain. McDonalds ensures that all its suppliers comply with the environmental standards, take care of workers’ safety, treat them with respect and dignity and adopt environment-friendly manufacturing processes. To achieve these CSR objectives, McDonalds is taking various economic, legal, ethical, and philanthropic initiatives, which are explained in the next section.

2.2 Dimensions of corporate social responsibility

2.2.1 economic responsibility, economic responsibility of mcdonalds.

McDonalds fulfills its economic responsibility by focusing on the practices that support long-term business growth, while accomplishing the set philanthropic, environmental, and ethical standards. Company balances its economic decisions with the overall impact on society. It offers products and services that society needs, and makes a profit from them to continue business operations.

The economic expectation is considered basic social responsibility, because society expects McDonalds to become profitable so that it could incentivize the investors to invest for business continuity. In its origin, society considers McDonalds as an institution that produces and sells goods/services to make a profit in a way that benefits all stakeholders. How McDonalds fulfils its economic responsibility?

McDonalds fulfills its economic responsibility by taking the following initiatives:

These all economic initiatives are helping McDonalds in fulfilling its economic responsibility so that it could remain sustainable and continue its business operations for benefit of all involved stakeholders. Relevant stakeholders

By taking economic initiatives, McDonalds fulfils its responsibility towards- shareholders and investors who expect the company to generate an attractive return on investment, customers who expect high product quality at reasonable prices, and employees who expect a fair and safe work environment. Fulfilling these all economic responsibilities provides the foundation of CSR pyramid.

2.2.2 Legal responsibility legal responsibility of mcdonalds.

Legal responsibility of businesses involves compliance with the set rules and regulations. McDonalds is expected to ensure compliance while functioning within society. These basic rules reflect society’s viewpoints of codified ethics, and determine how McDonalds could conduct its business practices in a transparent and fair manner. Local, regional, and national level legislators define these laws and regulations, which ensure that the business makes a profit without compromising over the greater good of society. In order to avoid the lawsuits that may result from the non-compliance, McDonalds has appointed a compliance officer on a high-level position in the organizational chart to ensure the business meets all basic legal responsibilities. How McDonalds fulfils its legal responsibility? Relevant stakeholders

Overall, McDonalds is a law abiding, a social responsible enterprise that operates within the regulatory boundaries, and complies with various laws like environmental, criminal and labor laws. All major stakeholders including customers, suppliers, employees, regulators and general society have expectations from McDonalds to behave like a responsible legal entity, and McDonalds fulfills all its legal obligations towards societal stakeholders. Inability to take care of the legal rights of any stakeholder group could damage the McDonalds’s reputation, and company may also face expensive lawsuit.

2.2.3 Ethical responsibility ethical responsibility of mcdonalds.

McDonalds has an ethical responsibility towards all key stakeholders. Fulfillment of ethical responsibility requires McDonalds to operate in ethical and fair manner. To embrace ethical responsibility, McDonalds treats all concerned stakeholders including customers, suppliers, employees, investors, and leadership fairly. The ethical responsibility extends beyond normative expectations. By taking the ethical responsibility, McDonalds embraces activities, practices and standards that are not necessarily written down but are expected by the society. It could be difficult to differentiate between ethical and legal expectations as legal regulations are based on ethical premises but the ethical expectations go beyond basic laws. How McDonalds fulfils its ethical responsibility?

McDonalds fulfills its ethical responsibility by taking following initiatives: Relevant stakeholders

McDonalds recognizes and respects the evolving moral and ethical standards that are adopted by the society. Management prevents infringement of ethical standards while pursuing business objectives, and acknowledges that the ethical behavior and integrity goes beyond compliance with basic laws and regulations.

2.2.4 Philanthropic responsibility philanthropic responsibility of mcdonalds.

Philanthropic responsibility denotes the McDonalds’s aim to make world a better place to live. Other than fulfilling the legal and ethical expectations of society, McDonalds also fulfills its philanthropic responsibility by getting actively engaged in the volunteer work. The company dedicates a specific portion of earnings on charity. How McDonalds fulfils its philanthropic responsibility?

In order to fulfil the philanthropic responsibility, McDonalds takes the following initiatives: Relevant stakeholders

The fulfilment of philanthropic responsibility enables McDonalds to meet the expectations of society and the general public. It strengthens the company’s brand image, and effective communication of the charitable work increases the stakeholders’ trust over business operations.

Multiple stakeholders indirectly benefit from the company’s philanthropic work. Like investors benefit from improved brand image, customers prefer brands with a socially responsible image, and employees take pride in getting associated with an organization that takes care of society. The society and general public for which the philanthropic actions are taken are the stakeholder group that derives direct benefit from the company’s philanthropic work.

2.3 Critical success factors of McDonalds’s corporate social responsibility

McDonalds has been successful in implementing economic, legal, ethical and philanthropic CSR initiatives. This section outlines some factors that are considered critical for CSR success.

2.3.1 Human resource

McDonalds has knowledgeable, skilled and competent employees who are responsible to implement CSR initiatives. Workforce owns the company’s CSR objectives, and is skilled to accomplish them.

2.3.2 Integration of CSR in strategic decision making

McDonalds has not only integrated the CSR into routine activities through a well-planned change process, but also considers CSR objectives while taking important strategic decisions. Such integration is vital for achieving the CSR objectives across all four dimensions.

2.3.3 Stakeholder relationships

McDonalds understands that successful implementation of CSR initiatives requires the company to manage close relationships with all key stakeholders, including customers, employees, supply chain partners, and general society. To do this, the company tailors its communication and relationship management strategies according to the relevance, importance and impact of each stakeholder group. McDonalds also ensures that all CSR initiatives are effectively communicated to relevant stakeholders through appropriate channels.

2.3.4 Benefits evaluation

McDonalds has identified CSR performance measurement metrics that are used to evaluate the return on investment. Through benefits evaluation, the company convinces the investors about how investment on various CSR initiatives is benefitting the business in either direct, or indirect manner.

2.3.5 Long-term view

Finally, it is very important to hold the long-term view. Top management of McDonalds understands that investment on CSR initiatives cannot give a tangible economic return in the short run. Therefore, management adopts a holistic view while evaluating the CSR benefits for the organization.

After understanding the critical success factors for successful CSR implementation, next section now discusses the drivers that motivated the McDonalds to actively engage in CSR activities.

2.4 Drivers for McDonalds’s CSR efforts

2.4.1 brand image.

Strong brand image is a powerful driver behind McDonalds’s CSR efforts. Company uses CSR as a tool to differentiate itself from competitors. The CSR initiatives have helped McDonalds in positioning itself as a socially responsible entity, due to which it is trusted by existing customers. CSR initiatives have also generated a positive brand image in potential customers’ minds.

2.4.2 Regulatory pressure

Although, adoption of certain CSR initiatives (like ethical and philanthropic) remains voluntary, but the regularly pressure to ensure active engagement in CSR activities is gradually making CSR inevitable. For instance, the government’s rising pressure to reduce the carbon footprints is pressurizing company to engage in environment protection initiatives.

2.4.3 Customer pressure

Customers are becoming increasingly vigilant of business’s social and environmental performance, and prefer brands with positive CSR image. McDonalds responds to this pressure by taking CSR initiatives that meet customers’ expectations.

2.4.4 Competitor pressure

Considering the impact of CSR on tangible and intangible business performance, competitors are widely adopting CSR as a tool to achieve business objectives. It has created an environment in which investment on CSR efforts has become almost inevitable. McDonalds has to invest on CSR to remain relevant in the intensively competitive market.

3. Conclusion

To conclude, business organizations must understand the importance of corporate social responsibility to ensure long-term survival. McDonalds considers CSR a mandatory practices that can no longer be ignored. By investing on economic, legal, ethical, and philanthropic CSR activities, McDonalds has successfully improved its brand image in stakeholders’ mind. By taking initiatives for the environment, social welfare, and benefit of broader stakeholders, McDonalds has gained positive media coverage, which has strengthened its positioning in a competitive marketplace.

Customers feel satisfied when they purchase product from a company that helps the community. Employees also take pride in getting associated with a socially responsible organization, and winning the investors and shareholders’ trust over business operations also becomes easier when business demonstrates its ability to meet the expectations of all stakeholders without compromising over economic objectives.

By wisely investing on the CSR initiatives, McDonalds has been successful in boosting its long-term growth and profitability. While living in a globally interconnected world, it is important for businesses to collaborate with all stakeholders and take care of each other’s’ needs that could eventually benefit themselves.

Although, Carroll’s CSR pyramid model provides valuable guidance about how companies can ensure their long-term survival, but model does not provide guidance about how businesses could avoid the clash between CSR and business objectives. Model also focuses on only four CSR dimensions and does not identify the contextual variables that may positively or negatively influence the firm’s ability to implement CSR strategies.

4. References

Anyalebechi, S. M., & Owugah, L. (2022). Contradictions between Carroll’s Pyramid of Corporate Social Performance Model: A Case of Shell Nigeria. International Journal of Development and Public Policy, 2(5), 183-201.

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Carroll, A. B. (2016). Carroll’s pyramid of CSR: taking another look. International journal of corporate social responsibility, 1(1), 1-8.

Claydon, J. (2011). A new direction for CSR: the shortcomings of previous CSR models and the rationale for a new model. Social Responsibility Journal.

Ehie, I. C. (2016). Examining the corporate social responsibility orientation in developing countries: an empirical investigation of the Carroll's CSR pyramid. International Journal of Business Governance and Ethics, 11(1), 42755.

Gholami, S. (2011). Value creation model through corporate social responsibility (CSR). International Journal of Business and Management, 6(9), 148.

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Schwartz, M. S., & Carroll, A. B. (2003). Corporate social responsibility: A three-domain approach. Business ethics quarterly, 13(4), 503-530.

Štreimikienė, D., & Ahmed, R. R. (2021). Corporate social responsibility and brand management: evidence from Carroll’s pyramid and triple bottom line approaches. Technological and Economic Development of Economy, 27(4), 852-875.

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Community Social Responsibility of McDonald's and A

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Many companies use Community Social Responsibility (CSR) initiatives ranging from small sponsorships or programs to funding entire initiatives themselves. CSR’s are mainly used to gain positive press and publicity. Sometimes this is not the case and cause some groups to disagree with your initiative. For this assignment the CSR initiatives that will be looked at are; McDonald’s’ Ronald McDonald House Charities (RMHC), and A&W’s use of hormones and steroids, rather its lack thereof, in its products.


McDonald’s is an American fast-food company founded in San Bernardino, California in 1940. It has grown to become one of the most recognized businesses worldwide with locations in over 100 hundred countries. In 1974, Philadelphia Eagles member Fred Hill’s daughter became sick and was diagnosed with Leukemia, he and his family found themselves out of a place to live while she received treatment at the hospital (Forbes, 2013).

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With support he was able to raise funds for a place to stay for families struggling with sick children in the hospital (Forbes, 2013). Reaching out for more support fast food giant McDonald’s agreed with its name being added to the charity. Ronald McDonald House Charities was then formed and would continue to grow to more than 64 different countries in 2018 (RMHC, n.d.).

Ronald McDonald House Charities has four initiates to its CSR approach. These initiates include Ronald McDonald Houses which are homes built to provide support and resources to families in need to help keep them together. Ronald McDonald Family Rooms located inside of hospitals to provide a safe place for families to rest and recoup together.

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Ronald McDonald Care Mobiles which is mobile healthcare units that comes directly to children who need it. Lastly, grants to help sponsor and support children in health care need worldwide (RMHC n.d.). Stakeholders involved in the Ronald McDonald House Charities operations include McDonald’s shareholders and customers. Shareholders are involved when McDonald’s offers special promotions such as McHappy Day when a percentage of each meal sold goes directly to RMHC. Customers are involved because their purchasing power of how much they buy during these special events directly relates to how much money is donated. Direct donors are another stakeholder because majority of the funds received at RMHC come from these individuals. Doctors and nurses who are located in the hospitals and care units that provide the medical treatment to sick children are another stakeholders. Without these people providing the medical expertise this organization would not be able to exist. Lastly, construction workers, building planners and volunteers that help build the Ronald McDonald Houses are included in stakeholders at RMHC.

Factors that can potentially get in the way of the initiative succeeding is lack of community involvement and lack of support from the public health sector. In a case study in Norway relating to the development of an RMHC facility, many members of the local community were opposed to the idea. The belief of healthcare providers including doctors thought that a private sector company should have no role of involvement when it comes to the public sector of healthcare (Bronn, 2006). They only agreed to the idea being implemented if RMHC could not be involved in the running of the facility (Bronn, 2006). Another reason for them being against the initiative is that “McDonald’s is the worst example of a firm with which a public hospital should have an alliance” (Bronn, 2006). This is thought because McDonald’s food products have been proven to be unhealthy, cause obesity, and are associated with an inactive lifestyle (Bronn, 2006). Being a CSR that is aimed to help sick children and families in need is contradictive when the products that McDonald’s is known to sell cause health problems in individuals who eat it regularly. Another group that seems to be against the idea of RMHC CSR is the shareholders of McDonald’s. Very minimal of net profits that the company earns each year is actually donated towards RMHC. This can be seen in 2011 when out of $5.5 billion earned in net profit, only $34 million was donated directly from the company, which is less than .08% (Forbes, 2013). Customers donated close to 1.5 times more than McDonald’s at $50 million in 2011 (Forbes, 2013). With McDonald’s only donating a very tiny portion of its profit towards its CSR, it can be seen shareholder profits are far more important to the business than how much it claims RMHC is.

A&W is a burger chain based out of California that advertises its meat as having no added hormones or steroids. The company has over 35,000 employees as well as over 800 locations in Canada. Recent marketing has been focused on them not adding hormones or steroids to any of its meat, which A&W says makes it more natural. However, this marketing does not excite nearly everyone as groups like farmers have begun boycotting A&W for its practices of keeping its meat more natural.

The second CSR is A&W’s no hormone or steroid meat which it uses to sell its meat as more natural and better for the consumers and animals. Since the start of this program sales for A&W have grown by 7.6% (Haney S, 2016) so clearly customers enjoy having more natural beef. While the A&W no hormones and no steroids tagline may seem good for its consumers, in actuality it makes no difference on the health of the consumer or animal and could lead to a worse hunger crisis. When A&W unveiled its new tagline of no added hormones or steroids, it was expecting that consumers would be happier knowing that the food they are eating is natural and the animals are being treated better. On the contrary to this, many farmers have become outraged at these practices and decided to boycott A&W. The article by Andrew Campbell shares the opinion that many of these farmers and says that A&W is “clearly only interested in selling a few more hamburgers because of fear”, (Campbell, 2013). Andrew sells A&W’s initiative as fear mongering scaring people into buying its burgers because they do not know better. Andrew also has a point that a small hormone injection onto its cows will tremendous ecological impacts. It is important to note that not all farmers are against A&W as it is still being supplied with beef from farmers. The majority of customers still remain unaware of the implications of no hormone beef and think that A&W burgers are better for them and the animals.

A&W’s no hormones or steroids beef does have many negatives, however, there are still reasons that a stakeholder like farmers would work with them. Although there are many ecological drawbacks to not using these hormones, the fact that they are willing to do it at all means that they care about what is in its food and the quality of life of the animals they use in its food. A&W’s CSR could be seen as a response to all the negative press thrown against McDonald’s for its use of slaughterhouses, so having a company committed to taking care of its animals despite all the criticism it has amassed is good news.

To conclude, CSRs may look good on the surface but behind the scenes there may be a difference of opinions. This is the case with CSR initiatives as well. CSR may seem all good on the outside but when you look into them a little deeper, they are usually not all great and have hidden negative points. In the examples of the Ronald McDonald House Charities, many people do not like the fact that McDonald’s only contributes a very small portion of its revenue to a charity with its name on it. McDonald’s in this CSR are taking a defensive approach, by only doing what they need to do and no more. As for A&W, many farmers are boycotting fast-food restaurants because they are using meat with no steroids and no hormones. A&W are taking an accommodative approach to the CSR initiative in that they do not have to change its products, but are doing so anyway, despite the negative feedback from some stakeholder groups.

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Community Social Responsibility of McDonald's and A

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mcdonalds csr essay

Mcdonald's Social Responsibility

Eric schlosser and charles wilson's chew on this.

In Eric Schlosser and Charles Wilson’s Chew On This, the two authors discuss the upbringing and evolution of the phenomenon that is fast food, which much of American business thrives off of today. With nearly 31,000 McDonald’s spread across 120 countries, the habit of eating fast food has become a routine. Schlosser and Wilson examine everything from the birth of the industry, specifically circling around McDonald’s, to the aspects present today which have largely strayed from its original ideals.

Analysis Of Working At Mcdonald's By Etzioni

In " Working At McDonald's ", Etzioni claims that fast food chains are terrible and don't give significant working background or order to kids. Etzioni contends that restaurants such as KFC, and McDonalds no matter how successful are bad jobs for kids and teens. Etzioni gives brilliant defense to his contention and gives illustrations to bolster his point. He can't help the way that McDonalds trains its representatives and abandons them with no space for creativity. For instance in this article Etzioni says that in these teenager employments, “ There is no room for initiative, creativity, or even elementary arrangements “. He likewise contends that fast food chains don't make career improvement

Informative Speech On Chick-Fil-A

Locality: McDonald’s is present in more than 100 countries as it is the largest food chain.

Eric Schlosser: Facts And Summary

Eric Schlosser is an author and an investigative journalist who “tries to explore subjects ignored by the mainstream media and give a voice to people at the margins of society (1).” Mr. Schlosser uses the knowledge he gained at both Princeton University and Oxford to write extraordinary books based off his hard work and investigating. In this book, Mr. Schlosser looks at the fast-food industry and the effects it has had on people 's lives. He begins with the history of McDonalds and then branches out to the history of the associated industries of fast food. Eric Schlosser points out important issues such as good nutrition, food safety, animal welfare, worker rights and sustainable agriculture. In the book, he also questions the “Americanization” of food around the world, and its associated health issues, such as obesity and heart disease. Another main point Mr. Schlosser discusses, are the ranchers, the feedlots, the slaughter houses, and the packaging companies. Which areas that most people do not

Summary Of Fast Food Nation

The novel Fast Food Nation written by Eric Schlosser explains the monstrosity behind fast food and the secrets it holds. Schlossar talks about widely known fast food chains. He explains the secrets behind McDonald’s , Burger King, and other fast food restaurants you might eat on a regular basis. Fast Food Nation contains a detailed description of how these restaurants got started and what is inside those pre-heated hamburger, burrito, and french fries you are holding in your hand. Fast Food Nation is a well written (a bit boring) detailed book that may make you avoid fast food for a while.

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By using an appeal to logos, Kia Motors tries to convince its audience that the instant gratification that Americans constantly seek is not going to be fulfilled by wandering around the Earth trying to solve countless environmental issues. However, instant gratification is easily achievable by buying their new eco-hybrid Niro because “It’s hard to be an eco-warrior, but it’s easy to drive like one.” (Kia). By considering a problem and offering a solution, Kia Motors provided its audience with instant gratification, making them feel as though they did something good for the environment.

Business Ethics Case Study Patagonia Essay

Patagonia is a very popular clothing company that provides high quality wear designed for people that enjoy being outdoors. The provide good quality warm clothing such as jackets and flees for reasonable prices. Not only do they provide a great product, but they also make it their aim to make a positive impact by contributing to the industry and by also creating high standards and values which is something that popular brands should always do. Profitability for a company is linked to their ethical standards because it builds a reputation for the brand. It has been found that many investors determine if a company should be invested in by also looking at their social impact. We will not be exploring how Patagonia has left its mark on society.

Pestle Analysis Of Mcdonald's

The PESTLE analysis is used to analyse the external macro-economic environment of McDonald’s that presents its opportunities and threats in the short and long term. In the global fast food restaurants industry, McDonald’s focused particularly on the cultural factors that were pertinent to India, which influenced its standardisation and localisation practices to effectively deal with all the different factors and conditions in the Indian market.

Nestle Corporate Social Responsibility Case Study

Corporate businesses generally have to meet ethical, legal, commercial and public expectations. That is what is expected of the business world today. This is known as the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). However, businesses with short-term goal will rarely practice CSR since practicing it does not bring any benefit. On the contrary, the practice of CSR is an important consideration for long-term investment as it can help generate more profit in the future. In this report, Nestlé would be one of the good examples to illustrate those concepts.

Mcdonald's Strategy Analysis

Under franchising visionary Ray Kroc, McDonald 's became the world 's premier food brand by selling the rights to operate a McDonald 's store. With this model, MCD keeps overhead costs down and lets local owners deal with individual units, while food costs remain low and service remains fast for a culture increasingly on the go.

Wal-Mart: Social Sustainability And Social Responsibility

As we defined above that social responsibility is to protect and enhance well-being of living things. Every organization is socially responsible to protect the environment and they can do there much which is legally required for the organizations. The very first social responsibility of every business is that to earn enough profit to meet his expenses. If the firm cannot earn profit no social need and social responsibility can be met by the firm the firm fails.

Mcdonald's Market Segmentation Strategy

McDonald's has become an icon of American fast food. It is now internationally known, with thousands of restaurants in various countries around the world. In 1940, Dick and Mac McDonald opened McDonalds’s Bar-B-Q restaurant on Fourteenth and E streets in San Bernardino, California. It was a typical drive-in featuring a large menu and car hop service. After several years in business, Dick and Mac McDonald shut down their restaurant for three months for alteration. In December 1948, it reopened as a self-service drive-in restaurant. McDonald’s Restaurant offers a uniformed menu, including hamburgers and cheeseburgers, Big Mac, Filet-O-Fish, Chicken McNuggets, wraps, French Fries, salads, shakes, McFlurry desserts, sundaes,

Organizational Analysis Of Mcdonalds

McDonald’s is a American fast food organization that was started in 1940 by Richard and Maurice McDonald in San Bernardino, California. This corporation is one of the world’s biggest chain of Hamburger fast food eateries that is serving in excess of 58 million clients day by day. The very first McDonald’s eatery was open in Des Plaines on 15th of April, 1955.One day, Ray Kroc went there in 1954 and he was so inspired by their proficiency of their activity that he pitched his vision of making McDonald’s eateries all over the America as a franchise agent. 100 m of the hamburgers sold by McDonald by 1958.The first day deal of Mcdonald’s was $366.12. There would be more than 700 McD’s all through the United States by 1965. Quality,service,value

Corporate Social Responsibility: Profit-Oriented Or Socially Responsible?

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) plays a crucial role in organizations and societies. Traditionally, CSR is a management concept that has been implemented by most of the listed companies around the world. CSR is implemented by companies to be responsible for the company’s consequences on the environment and social welfare in their business operations and interactions with their stakeholders (Unido, n.d). In the other words, CSR is a program that benefits both society and business that do not provide immediate financial benefit to the company but environmental change and positive social (Investopedia,

Mcdonald's Food And Beverage Industry Case Study

The company selected for this research is McDonald’s Australia Holdings, a patented public company in Australia. The company specializes in food and beverage products such as burgers, coffee, sandwiches, McCafe beverages, and soft drinks, among others. The primary activity of the company, which generates most of its revenues from food and beverage services, entails establishing and operating a chain of family restaurants that offer quick services throughout Australia. While the company owns and runs a smaller number of the McDonald’s Australia Holdings’ restaurants, a larger number of the restaurants is owned and ran by franchisees, who shell out the company’s service fees and rent (Buchan, 2012). The 2013 annual revenue of the

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mcdonalds csr essay

Mcdonald’s Csr Initiative to Sponsor Sporting Organisations and Events

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Csr at Mcdonald's

In: Business and Management

The most essential characteristic of an organisation is the focus on ethical behavior. By ‘doing the right thing’ internally and externally the business can create a good working environment, whereas at the same time the surroundings and the society takes advantage. Difficult is that ethical matters are based on individual principles and ideals. Resultantly, ethical matters are not easy to put into effect and easy to overlook. Corporate social responsibility (CSR) is rapidly becoming one of the principles on which modern business is built (Hancock, 2004). Areas can be identified were improvements should be made, and use it for strategies in future business plans. CSR refers to the economic, legal, ethical and discretionary responsibilities (Carroll & Buchholtz, 2000; Swanson, 1995). The organisations are furthermore faced up to social demands for which they are likely to show responsibility for. Following the organisation can respond in different ways. The different types of responding to the social demand are obstructive, defensive, accommodative or proactive (Carroll & Gatewood, 1981). Within this essay it will be examined how these CSR principles were / are utilized in the service business McDonald’s. For evaluating the social performance of McDonald’s there will be a closer look at the ethical & discretionary responsibilities and the responses proactive & accommodative. Finally it will be examined how to improve the social responsibility of McDonald’s by using the tools code of ethics and ethical structures. McDonald’s opened its first Bar-B-Que restaurant in 1940 by the two brothers Richard and Maurice McDonald in San Bernadino, California. It has grown quickly and opened the 100th restaurant in 1959. Later in 1967 it opened the first international restaurants in Canada and Puerto Rico and is today selling its products in 118 countries around the globe....

mcdonalds csr essay

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...Corporate Social Responsibility in the Supply Chain: An Application in the Food Industry Journal of Business Ethics, Vol. 68, No. 1 (Sep., 2006) Michael J. Maloni and Michael E. Brown 1.Rezumatul Articolului Lucrarea redactată în anul 2006 detaliază practicile Responsabilității Sociale Corporative aplicate în cazul supply-chainului din industria alimentară a Statelor Unite ale Americii. Printre aspectele cercetate se numără bunăstarea animalelor, biotehnologia, mediul înconjurător, politica corecta de prețuri, metodele de achiziție, sănătatea și siguranța consumatorilor dar și drepturile omului și ale forței de muncă. Ca și metode de cercetare autorii au folosit analiza și sinteza. Termenul de Responsabilitate Socială Corporativă (CSR) se bazează pe ideea că o corporație implică în activitatea sa mai multe părți cum ar fi : clienții, angajații, comunitățile guvernamentale, organizațiile non-guvernamentale, investitorii, membrii ai lanțului de aprovizionare, sindicatele, autoritățile de reglementare și mass-media. Responsabilitatea Socială Corporativă nu incorporează numai etica de afaceri, ci include caritatea, comunitatea, diversitatea locului de muncă, siguranța și mediul înconjurător. Odată cu demascarea anumitor nereguli în etica corporatistă, atât consumatorii cât și organizațiile guvernamentale și-au îndreptat atenția către practicile Responsabilității Sociale Corporative. Industria Alimentară a S.U.A. este expusă atenției publice nu numai datorită......

Words: 3096 - Pages: 13

...mouth. Examples! In Peru, Chevron is fighting for oil against the indigenous population. The government of Peru supports Chevron because it wants the oil from Chevron. At the same time, the government supports the police and blames the indigenous people for the deaths of the police. The indigenous people are simply fighting for their own land. Chevron, while bringing in huge profits for its shareholders, significantly harms both the earth and the people living on it in Peru. Still Chevron has a CSR program. In Thailand, Chevron launched a long-term CSR project to encourage students to develop their schools in an environmentally responsible manner, which would boost student awareness of environmental issues. Chevron cooperates with Chulalongkorn University to develop a master's-degree program in petroleum geology by providing $10,000,000.00 over the next five years. Although this is termed CSR, the reality is that the program is to provide Thai experts for Chevron. The Ronald McDonald CSR image is positive, but we know that the beef that we eat is destroying the rainforest. Rainforests cover approximately 6 percent of the earth's surface. McDonalds is the largest seller of beef. Large parts of Central American rainforests have been decimated for cattle ranching and sugar cane....

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Chappy Day Research Paper

...Some locations are visited by "special guests, sports and media personalities, politicians and entertainers as they roll up their sleeves to work behind the counter and show their support" (Marketwire, 2009). This may be the biggest draw for the crowd: seeing celebrities and local figures, "…swap their glamorous day jobs for flipping burgers" (Katu, 2007). For example, last year's McHappy Day, Senior chief Mike Metcalf of Peel Regional Police visited his local McDonalds restaurant to lend a hand, helping to raise money for McHappy Day. Some of the proceeds from the purchase of selected sandwiches were also donated to the William Osler Hospital Foundation in Brampton, ON and Credit Valley Hospital in Mississauga (Silver Creek, 2009). McDonald's also holds McHappy Days for elementary and middle schools. Students are given an opportunity to see their teachers flip burgers, deep fry fries, fill drinks and more, on their designated McHappy school days. Teachers hand out McHappy school cards to their students, which are stamped with their schools name and address. When purchasing, they give the cashier the card and $1.00 of their purchase is given to their...

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Macdonald'Scsr a long-term, trusting relationships. They must also get involved in the community to give back. There are actually two different types of corporate social responsibility to consider. The first one consists of corporations providing funding and resources for worthwhile social causes, such as donating money or employee time to charities. For many people, this is the definition used when thinking about corporate responsibility. However, another type of CSR involves putting together a real plan to produce products or provide services that are in the best interests of society. These include things like using safe materials in design and manufacture, corporate environmental initiatives, and other factors such as job creation and economic development. In order to a clearer understand about corporate social responsibility and how it impacts a business, we will analyze Macdonald’s corporation and what initiatives they made for the community. Overview about MacDonald’s: McDonald’s Corporation franchises and operates McDonald's restaurants in the United States, Europe, the Asia/Pacific, the Middle East, Africa, Canada, and Latin America. The company’s...

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Burger King

........ 6 Corporate Profile................................................................................................................ 6 Burger King Holdings’ corporate history............................................................................. 7 Burger King Holdings ownership and corporation structure............................................... 8 Market presence................................................................................................................. 10 Purchasing activities........................................................................................................... 11 Burger King Suppliers in the Netherlands .......................................................................... 11 CSR Sector Analysis ....................................................................................................... 13 Consumer health ................................................................................................................ 13 Marketing practices ............................................................................................................ 14 Labour issues ..................................................................................................................... 14...

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...Organisation Definition of Organisation “A social unit of people that is structured and managed to meet a need or to pursue collective goals. All organizations have a management structure that determines relationships between the different activities and the members, and subdivides and assign roles, responsibilities; and authority to carry out different task.” (Sources: From that statement, my understanding about organisation is a group of people that is specifically organised within their area and cooperates with each other within the group or usually define as a group of people working together to achieve common goal. Diagram 1.0: Example of chart of McDonald’s organisation As an example, in McDonald’s restaurant, there would be restaurant manager that monitor the restaurant with the help of first assistant manager. Then there would be second assistant manager that trains the trainee manager that comes from shift running floor manager. Before that, floor manager also has to train the trainee floor manager that comes from training squad. The crew member that works to serve the customer also has to train the trainee worker. Types of Organisation Diagram 1.1: Example of Types of Organisation There are 3 types of organisation that I am going to explain which are public sector organisations, private sector organisations and voluntary sector organisations. Firstly, public sector organisations are for......

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To What Extent Is Csr Beneficial to a Company’s Performance?

...what extent is CSR beneficial to a company’s performance?           The area of corporate social responsibility has been laid great emphasis recent year. Corporate social responsibility means a company concerns its business operations in an environmental-friendly way and interacts with its shareholders and customers voluntarily (Commission of the European Communities, 2001, as cited in Dahlsrud, 2008). Nowadays a large quantity of international companies have issued their CSR report and designed separate websites about their CSR performance in order to run a better business. However, opponents believe the relationship between CSR and company’s performance is neutral (Aupperle, Carroll, & Hatfield, 1985) and CSR’s benefit to a company’s performance is not obvious. As a matter of fact, even CSR performance can’t be measured easily and numerically in most cases, its benefit to a company’s performance is significant. In this paper, the elaboration will cover three most important dimensions: brand value enhancement, employee attraction and consumer relationship nurturance. To begin with, brand value will be enhanced by CSR performance. The study result of Melo and Galan (2011) shows that CSR has a positive impact on brand value. They chose a group of American corporates as target. Meanwhile, they set CSR and brand value as control variables and build a model to set up a connection between them. The numerical result shows the positive correlation of CSR......

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