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high school life and university life essay

School, School Life And Life In High School And University

The shock of education: how college corrupts by alfred lubrano.

I agree do with Alfred that college students change once they go to college they start grow apart from their families. They don’t have time to speak with people like friends and families there’s a lot of work that they need to do. Alfred gives an example of how school work can come in between students and their family “the scholarship boy must learn to distance himself from the family circle in order to succeed academically, Rodriguez tells me by doing this, he slowly loses his family”. This quote shows us that student may want separate themselves a little bit from thee family in order to focus more in school but in doing that they start to lose that connection they had to their family.

Persuasive Essay: Why Schools Should Start Later?

School days are not supposed to start before 8:30 a.m. for middle and high schoolers. This fact is supported by the American Academy of Sleep Medicine that links early days to car accidents along the roads, depression among the young teenagers and increase in poor performance academically due to early school days. Teens struggle through the challenge of waking up very early in the morning so that they can be at school at the right time. Research implies that teens should get at least eight to nine hours of night sleep for their good health. Various sponsors such as the American Academy of Pediatrics and Centers for Disease Control have the strong advice on why schools should start later. Nevertheless, by being able to sleep more before school starts, students will be able to become well rested, more attentive in classroom settings, and better learners.

Let Teenagers Try Adulthood Analysis

High school is one thing that a vast majority of people have experienced. Several of those who are acquainted with the high school experience are well aware of how terrible it can be; it is "the mouth of a great demon biting and chewing and smushing people in the face" (Jesse Andrews) leaving us in ruins after we graduate. It is a place to put awkward teenagers that adults do not want to deal with. It is a place where individuality and dissent are encouraged, but also crushed. High school is simply irrelevant and overwhelming and it must be reevaluated.

Persuasive Essay: Should Schools Have Later Start Times?

What would you do with two more hours of sleep each night? Many students would say that it would help them complete school work and get enough sleep to not be tired throughout the school day. Students who are not well rested show up to class drowsy and not ready to learn, however students who get decent hours of sleep each night come engaged and ready to learn. Schools in the United States should have later start times because it is important for teenagers to get eight to nine hours of sleep at night and people’s bodies are not built to get few hours of sleep.

School Start Times Research Paper

Imagine staying up until the wee hours of the morning to finish the homework that had been accumulated during the day, only to have to get up a few hours later to catch the school bus, knowing that succeeding in class the next day would be short of a miracle. For many students, this scenario is not only feared but a reality they must face. The American Academy of Pediatrics states, “About 90% of high-school-aged adolescents get insufficient sleep on school nights…”(“Early Start Times and Depression”). Because of the lack of sleep students face, it poses serious problems for them the next day inside and outside of the classroom. Countless schools across America start earlier than the recommended

Compare And Contrast High School Musical

Most high school students are subject to an everyday routine consisting of having classes all day, having to talk to teachers and go to extracurricular activities just to go home to study and sleep. If you have ever watched high school musical growing up you may have thought about what high school was really going to be like when you get there. Kids wonder if it will be similar to the movie or if it will be completely different than they thought. High school and high school musical have their similarities originating from everyday life when in reality they differ in the reality of students, teachers, classes, sports and musicals.

Ohio State Academy Benefits

I personally believe that the Ohio State Academy would be a tremendous opportunity for me. I see the Academy as a way to get accustomed to the rigor of college, as well as an opportunity to push myself academically. It would allow me to graduate from college quicker, which would enable post-graduate studies to be a more feasible option. Rather then continuing to be held back in my education, the Ohio State Academy would let me excel past high school curriculum. Another major advantage of this post-secondary program is the, although counter-intuitive, ability to be more involved in my high school extracurricular activities. This is because of the nature of a college schedule, rather than a standard seven hour, five days a week schedule of high school, the college schedule would be more flexible as there is less lecture time in college and more independent studying.

High School Has Impacted My Life Essay

High school has impacted my life in so many ways. High School taught me so many things, from personal relationships to creating a relationship with my education. As a freshman, I made a huge amount of mistakes and I regret doing foolish things, but I’ve realized, I was only maturing into the young adult I am today. Freshman year, I was out of focus and I was only trying to find myself. I would also prioritize other things and ignore my parent’s advice, where they would tell me to focus in school and give it my full attention. It took me about 2 years to find myself and know where I belonged. My behavior has improved, I know how and when to approach people. I’m also more involved with my education and I make goals for myself. I’m done having

Sleep In Adolescents: A Case Study

It’s 6:00 A.M. and the alarm clock pierces the blissful silence with an ear splitting shriek, startling Chase awake. Immediately, a mixture of exhaustion, discontent, and irritability washes over him and he groggily forces himself out of bed to get ready for school which will start at 7:30. Throughout the day, Chase attempts to cope with the lingering drowsiness and boost his energy with quick naps at his desk. He’s tried to solve the issue by going to bed around 9:30-10:00 but seldom falls asleep quickly, often not until much later, only to star the process again in the morning.

Middle School Transition

The transition from Middle School to High School is extremely different on many levels. Many people that have already made their transition describe their Middle School experience as demanding and challenging. Be aware that in High School, you are given more freedom and opportunities. The size of the school is changed drastically. You need to come to the reality that you are surrounded by peoples who are four years older than you, adults. This allows you to be more prepared to enter college and the “real world”.

Death Of Ivan Ilyich Essay

You all have been obsessed with meeting expectations and grades for the last four years of your life. Checking power school two, three, four times a day. Making sure that GPA stays right where you want it to be. You have been so self absorbed with this that you have completely lost focus on what truly matters. It's more than getting an A on that math test, more then getting into that ivy league school. High School is more than all this, its about finding out what in life will make you happy. Not just chasing some small irrelevant goal. This is why I strongly recommend that you read this book, The Death of Ivan Ilyich.

School Starting Times

Has this ever happened to you?. It’s a quarter till 12 and its a School night and you’re just finishing the last math problem. Your dreading the fact that you have to get up in less than 8 hours. Then your not alone. Only 20% of adolescents are getting the recommended 9 hours of sleep.Adolescent have later sleep schedules than adults which makes them not able to fall asleep till 11 pm. With school starting less than 8 hours away. Adolescent are not getting the sleep they need. Yet this problem has not been solved. Early school starting times negatively affect High school students; therefore schools should start later.

Essay On Being A Student Athlete

Most of the people consider that being a student is the most enjoyable and stress free part of our life. This is the stage where we are exploring different things in our environment. Being influenced by someone in good or in bad things. This is the stage wherein we have a lot of ambition or goals, that push our limits in order to achieve it in the future.

Argumentative Essay Homework

Homework is an on-going topic of debate that has been being questioned for decades. In my opinion, I don’t think that homework is essential to students due to the effect it has on your mental and eventually your physical health and it is starting to affect their school life. Is the amount of work we get actually helpful to students? Is it too much for students? How is homework affecting my child? These are some of the questions that have been asked by parents, teachers, and researchers alike; and in this essay I will provide the answer to all these queries.

Stress In College Students Essay

Various studies across the globe have emphasised that students undertaking professional courses, are subjected to higher stress. Excessive stress could lead to psychological problems like depression and anxiety.

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Similarities Between School Life And University Life

high school life and university life essay

Show More School Life V University Life: School life V University life, two of the most important experiences in every person life. School is known as the preparation for university; you spend 12 years of your life at school preparing for university. University studies are known to be harder, but that doesn’t mean that school is easy. High school students are always excited for university and university students always miss school but they also love university life. The question is which part of your life is better, is it school life or is it university life? High school is known as a first step to higher level of education , also the preparation for university. In the article “School Life: The Golden Period Of A Child’s Life,” Neeharika (2010) writes that as a child we always wanted to grow fast and live the life of an adult but as we have grown our responsibilities became far greater then when we used to be kids. Topics in high school are just the basics that give an …show more content… The common similarity is if you fail in school or in university you have to repeat your school year or the subject that you failed in university. Failing as I mentioned is kind of a similarity but the biggest similarity in my point of view is the hard working to pass your school year or your university course, for both high school and university, you have to study hard to achieve a good grade and pass. Without hard work students would not pass their school or university year which makes it the most important similarity between school and university. According to Neeharika (2010), in “School Life: The Golden Period Of A Child’s Life” she says as university you are the judge of your own actions good or bad, you are always a judge when it comes to taking an action. As she also mentioned that a university student is not always free to do whatever he or she

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Four most important years of everyone's life.

Many people try to get the best grades possible to get into the best universities possible. The best thing about high school is getting to know more people that didn 't go to the same middle school before. Surviving high school is important because of the next steps in everyone’s life, which is going to college and actually starting their lives as adults. In the process of actually surviving high school one must first get good grades. To get good grades, one must begin and stay organized.…

High School Careers: A Case Study

School work, volunteering, extracurricular activities, and now work? These days, high school students go above and beyond to stand out and hopefully receive admission into prestigious universities. Sadly, some fail to realize that one of these activities can decrease their likelihood of continuing their education. Part-time jobs. As college admission becomes increasingly difficult each year, students must put their academics first over every other activity they can do throughout their high school careers.…

Four Year University Student Analysis

Community college has become more popular over the years and pushing more people to school because they are aware that, “many jobs require at least a bachelorette degree for an entry level position.” (Jenkins, 2013) The choice is always up to the student and they seem to be discouraged from beginning with a community college because of the status that it can hold in our society today. Research has shown that a student who begins with a community college can do the same as a university student as long as he has the drive and motivation to succeed. When it comes down to it, the research seems to show that it comes down to the student’s actions and grades while in school, rather than the status or type of…

Dual Enrollment Essay

High school is designed to prepare mature, young adults for college. Senior year, especially, may be the most difficult for students since their college years are approaching quickly. However, for most seniors, dual-enrollment is available during their high school years. Unfortunately, taking certain college classes while in high school could be very challenging. Since students are taking collegiate classes for the very first time, some may say that the students should receive a pass because they are dual-enrolled.…

Importance Of Education In Octavia Butler's Parable Of The Sower

And once i get that test back from that lesson guess what i got! A D! I got lucky i got lucky on the multiple choice. Im a junior now and from what people have told me this is “The most important year of my high school years” well.. lets hope for the best is what i respond. Its really hard when all your friends have applied and got acctepeted into their dream colleges and your sitting here and don 't even have good enough grades to apply to a university.…

Stress Of College Students Essay

While juggling the new responsibilities, trying to succeed academically, and trying to create new friendships, as well as, coping with the loss of really good friends, it is without a doubt that the college student will be a bit stressed. Having to transition from high school to college is a major cause for a college student to stress. When in high school, there was always someone looking out for them,whether it be a grandparent, a teacher, a parent, someone was always there. When they transition to college, the only person looking…

Argument Essay: Preparing Students For College

There are many students that are able to successfully combine the gap between what they learned in high school and what is expected of them in college, many are not able to transition so smoothly. It is the responsibility of our education systems to prepare students to go to college and give them the tools they need. One solution to this problem is to provide more students to be tested before they graduate high school. This provides better retention of information than only studying. “Also, providing students with a “gap year” – a year between high school and college to gain knowledge and applicable skills would be beneficial to students.” (Williams, 2011) Preparing students for higher education is crucial for future success, to make sure that students are…

College's Role In Society

There is little to no leeway to high school students during their academic career to slack off if they aspire to apply to a highly rated college. As students work hard, they also pressure their teachers in giving them A’s, even when a professor might have given them a fair grade. In Alicia Shepard’s argument “A’s for everyone”, she discusses this pressure from the viewpoint of a parent and instructor. She examines how these students pressure their teachers and are constantly, and though this argument is placed in a college setting, many of these situations closely resemble those in high school. The pressure that these students face convert into stress as well as pressure on professors, who might be fairly…

Compare And Contrast High School And College

An active senior student of high school will often find them self trapped in a dilemma of anxiety, as they don’t have long before they undergo a huge transition. Students who plan to go directly to college find them self confused on what to expect from college, and what college will expect from them! Senior year of high school, when friends prepare to leave friends behind, and enter what seems like an entirely different reality. While these two education systems have their similarities, they have very blatant differences in the responsibilities demanded from the average student. Students are required to take on all responsibilities, in college, in order to achieve desired passing grades from their professors.…

Should There Be More Pressure To Go To College Essay

Going to an outstanding college is always the symbol of an excellent student. Nevertheless, attending a famous college is never an easy thing for many students. High school students have to keep a high GPA, finish a great deal of homework, and do well in different kinds of standardized tests. Therefore, high school students are always supposed to be the group of people who suffer great pressure. For many years, students, parents and teachers have discussed whether students have suffered too much pressure over and over again.…

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Differences Between Secondary School Life And University Life

Differences between high school and college.

Whether you are a student in high school or college, acquiring time management skills are a must. However, in high school you are given time management guidelines, in college you must set you own schedule and manage your own time. In high school, clocks and bells are everywhere, guiding students from one class period to another. Many high schools have warning bells, these bells warn students to hurry before they become late to class. Most high schools are usually in one building allowing easy transitions from classroom to classroom, in most cases, no two classrooms are that far apart. In

Compare And Contrast Middle School And High School

Many people endure three years of middle school and four years of high school. It is an eventful time for children between 11 to 18 years old. During the adolescent years there are hormonal changes, environmental changes and emotional developmental gains. Middle school is the beginning of transitioning towards independence under the constant eye of adults. During high school they are challenged with real-world challenges that help them transition into adulthood. The behaviors of these individuals change as the factors change around them. For every person, the experience of high school or middle school may be different. Either way, both have the same goal of wanting the student to succeed and evolve. Even so, the similarities and differences vary. Middle school and high school are alike in the areas of receiving an education, socializing with others, and having teachers while different in areas of maturity, difficulty in work, and independence.

School is one of the most important parts of a person’s life. Most people spend almost twenty years at school, ranging from preschool to college. The most important of those almost twenty years are high school and college. Both define the next stage in your life, whether it be what college you attend or what job you get. Despite the obvious of them both being ‘’school”, there are significant differences between them. They include cost, class size, workload, and one of the biggest, living on your own and caring for yourself.

High school and college have some differences and some similarities. Some major differences between high school and college is that in college you schedule your classes for a certain time through the day, while in high school you have classes one after another till the end of the school day. Also college classes are long while high school classes are about only 50 minutes. Some major similarities between the two is that you still have to study for your classes as well as you still have papers and homework to worry about. Even though both our still school and may be similar is some aspects, they are still very different in many ways.

Argument Essay: Is College Worth The Debt?

It is a prime example of narrowing student’s education while they are still in the comforts of home. There are four main sections of the UK’s educational system: primary education, secondary education, further education, and higher education. Primary school and secondary school are mandatory for all students. It is also broken up into four “key stages.” At the end of each stage, students take assessments to show their academic progress. (Between ages five and eleven, students attend primary school, completing key stages one and two. Between ages eleven and sixteen, students attend secondary school, completing stages three and four. The typical path for a student in secondary school is to study broad topics between ages eleven and fourteen, before studying topics more in depth between ages fifteen and sixteen. After secondary school, they are finished with their mandatory education. If a student elects to continue into further education, they may choose to either earn more academic qualifications through more focused studies, or to pursue vocational qualifications through apprenticeships and other programs. Further education is still free to students, yet it allows them more say in what they will be studying, much like college here in the US. A student may then elect to pursue higher education by pursuing a degree in college (“Higher Education

Compare And Contrast High School And College

Have you ever wondered about how different or similar things are going to be in the next phase of your life? Many people have had this thought especially students who are about to make the transition from high school into college life. They have so many things to think about and so many decisions to make that they might have not thought of before. When students think about these things it includes their assignments, freedoms, and classes which is what the point of this essay is about.

Balancing School

Students usually think they have to only choose two of the three. The most difficult part of keeping a tight schedule is that schedules are bound to change on a daily basis. For any plan to work, there needs to be a schedule to abide by. To succeed in meeting the triangle expectation, a strict schedule is needed and has to be followed. Learning how to say, “I have to go start studying now” can be one of the best skills you learn in college when it comes to managing school and your social life. On a college campus, freshman students can feel over committed when it comes to classes and extracurricular activities. College will become stressful, but students have to remember to live in the moment and try the best they can to manage their

Core Biology Hypothesis

However, one group will be required student to meet up with their other classmates and study in study groups in their campus’ library or study room for a total of 20 hours per week. The students in the other group will be also study in their campus’ library or study for

Personal Responsibility and College Success

Successful students must be able to balance personal responsibilities and academic requirements. Students must update schedules and calendars daily to keep-up with life’s demands.

High School Vs. College

In high school there is a certain time structure that has to be strictly followed. Students are required to be at school in their first hour class, which is the same every day until the next semester/trimester, at the same time every morning. After first hour they go on to their second hour and so on and so forth until the day is over and they are free. Day after day and year after year high schoolers wake up and follow the same routine as the day before and are

Why High School Should Not Be Extended

After school hours are spent away doing homework, projects, and assignments that teachers tend to hand out, suggesting it will aid to improve marks. Not only that, but most students procrastinate when it comes to studying for an exam that is scheduled for the next day. An average person needs at maximum eight hours of sleep daily to have a healthy mind and body. Though, because academic grades are considered to be top most ‘priority, students stay up late to try and ace the test. Significantly, college and university applications take consideration of the extra circular activities a student participates in during their studies. However, students lack in filling up that list as they lack the time to get involved. A key point to keep in mind is to realize that participating in sports and clubs, not only is important, but aid to develop social

Why I Want To Attend College

Upon one`s leave from high school comes the next stage in their life, if they choose to accept

The Role Of Obstacles In College Students

A college student’s coursework requires a lot of time and dedication to their studies. Obstacles can be presented in a student’s life that can possibly reduce their continued efforts of producing quality work. Some obstacles that a student can expect to experience while attending school can be as simple as scheduling conflicts, employment responsibilities and child care issues. The average student must manage their time wisely to conquer those unexpected milestones.

Student Perceptions

In the article, Student Perceptions of Study Time, time management is revealed as a crucial skill for all college students; time management refers to how an individual uses their time. It is essential for students to practice using time management skills, to ensure that assignments are turned in on time (Bash & Kreiner, 2014). There are several ways to establish correct time management skills, such as limiting distractions, planning, and keeping a schedule (Chambers, 2015; Bash & Kreiner, 2014).

How Did The British Influence Great Britain?

Primary education starts at age 5 and continues until age 11, corresponding to elementary school in the US. Secondary education is from ages 11 to 16, and these years are a primer for taking the General Certificate of Secondary Education. Continuing education after the age of 16 is optional. Following the GCSE’s, students have the option to extend their education by registering for ‘A-Levels, General National Vocational Qualifications, Business and Technology Education Council or other such qualifications. Students in the United Kingdom that wish to enter college or university must complete one of these certifications to complete further education. (Valeria G on Prezi.

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High School and College Life Essay

High School and College are two different and polar opposite periods of an individual’s life. This is true for most of the student population in the world. The one similarity that both the periods share is that these are the times when the individual is on the verge of self-discovery and patenting a path for his and her future.

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High school is usually awkward for most people as the first year of high school is usually filled with anxiety and kind of defines the role of the individual for the remaining years in the high school. The college first-year, however, is very jovial and fun, with immense choices and a variant future looming ahead of the individual. The orientation that takes place in the first year of college helps build long-term bonds among classmates.

Another difference between high school and college is that the teachers in college are more experienced than the ones in high school. They usually have prominent and high-ranking designations. The notes are usually not provided; instead, research is to be conducted by the students. Aside from this, in high school, the teachers are there to aid and help students, while in college, the professors are present to enable the students to help themselves.

Social life is also a factor of difference between high school and college. In high school, the parents usually maintain and control the education of the student, while in college, the individual has to balance his social and academic life. This makes them more prone to making mistakes that don’t get realized until later.

In high school, the individual usually makes a choice based on the advice of the parents and the teachers. Usually, parents play a strong role in the choices that are made for the individual. In college, however, the choices to be made are entirely the responsibility of the student. However, counselors are present who can guide the student through the option available.

High school students usually live with their parents with siblings as roommates. Many have the whole room to themselves. In colleges, the student usually shares the room with a complete stranger. This is actually beneficial to the students. The roommates can help each other through the loneliness of the first few days and also help in adapting to the new college life.

Most high school students originate from the same city or state. Their interests and culture do not vary much from one another. It is easy to approach another student for assistance or social matters. Many even believe that life does not differ from their own. Colleges house students from across the world. Their varying cultures clash; this makes them harder to understand one another. This is advantageous as it provides a necessary lesson in dealing with foreign co-workers, clients or superiors in further life.

High school students usually eat food prepared for them by their parents or guardians. They do not face the necessary decisions about health and diet. However, once students enter college, they must feed themselves. They must familiarize themselves with cooking utensils, groceries, and recipes. The only other alternative for them would be to either eat the greasy and fattening food the college cafeteria has to offer or the lavish and often expensive food served in restaurants located around the campus.

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IvyPanda . (2021) 'High School and College Life'. 29 August.

Compare/contrast high school life and university liife

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Some people think it’s better to choose friends who always have the same opinions as them. Other people believe it’s good to have friends who sometimes disagree with them. Discuss both these views and give your own opinion.

Today more and more tourist are visiting places where conditions difficult such as sahara deseret or the antartic .what are the benefits and disadvantages for tourist who visit such places, in some countries, an increasing number of people are suffering from health problems as a result of eating too much fast food. it is, therefore, necessary for governments to impose a higher tax on this kind of food. to what extent do you agree or disagree, animals are in danger of extinctions. some people say we should protect only those animals, which are useful to humans. do you agree or disagree, small shops in towns and villages are closing and replaced by big stores. explain your opinion. do you think it is good or bad.

high school life and university life essay

High School Life Vs College Life Essay

Life is plenary of experiences; some are good and some awful. These moments in life makes you learn a great deal. I have had my experiences too. I studied nursery, high school, university, and done several jobs. High school is a school where students are edified their secondary education, whereas in college students get their higher education and are awarded a specific degree. High school and college are two different chapters in every body’s life. Every student who is eager to get a degree must surpass these two milestones. On the basis of my experiences, I shall compare high school life with college life. First of all, high school and college life are quite similar when it comes to preparing students for a career in the future. They both make it sure to teach you things which will help you in your future. High school and college have the same sort of courses, just a little advance in the college. Similarly, not only high school but also college have the similar structure of teaching. College, just like high school have tests, homework and the terrible final exams. In order to get good grades in high school, students need to work hard; similarly, College also have strict basic rules just similar to high school, just as students cannot talk on their mobile phone in high school; likewise, students are not allowed to pick up a call while attending a …show more content…

In this essay, the author

High school looks simple to students while College looks more advanced and essential to students as compared to high school for the reason that it brings interesting and brand-new stuff to their lives. We can say that high school is much simpler as compared to college. College has an advance level of subjects, thus requires plenty of time, struggle as well as commitment to studies. It is true that college is occasionally exhausting; although, I still consider that life in college is more entertaining and fascinating as compared to high

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Transition from Highschool to University Essay

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2. Definition

3. students’ transition, 3.1 separation, 3.2 transition, 3.3 incorporation, 4. issues affecting students’ transition, 4.1 expectations of students prior to commencement, 4.2 the most common issues faced by first year student, 5. conclusion.

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High School vs. University

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Every September, high school graduates must prepare for the drastic transformation from high school to university. High school is a teaching environment which a student acquires facts and skills. University is a learning environment in which a student must take responsibility for thinking and applying what you have learned. This step in life students will either adjust to or struggle with. High school students are told university life is exciting, unpredictable, and entertaining.

Also, students are informed university life is costly, demanding, and stressful.

In order to adapt to the transition, students must understand and recognize the different teaching styles, testing, and grading. Teaching styles change as class sizes vary. Teachers in High school cover course material in depth and over a long period of time. Professors cover textbook material quickly. High school teachers check homework, remind students of incomplete work, and approach students if assistance is needed.

Professors do not check completed homework and will assume students can complete the same tasks on tests.


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It is left up to the student to communicate with their professors in order to receive extensions ensuring the student will not be penalized. Professors do not approach students or notice students who are struggling. Therefore, students may approach professor in given office hours for one-on-one help. Finally, in university due to large class sizes and minimal lecture time keeping up with assignments and readings is critical.

Cramming the night before a test and receiving a good grade is more likely to occur in high school, where testing in subjects is very frequent.

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Preparation for testing becomes more crucial in university because tests are infrequent, covering large amounts of material. Also, students in high school may be awarded a make up test normally without an explanation. Whereas in university, in order to receive a make up test a reasonable explanation must be given.

Review classes are given in high school to help prepare students and give them a clear idea of the material that will be tested. Rarely, are review sessions provided for university students, if they are, professors expect participation from students who attend. Success on tests can be mastered by applying acquired knowledge to new situations or to solve new problems. The grading system becomes very important as students enter university. High school students are used to courses that are usually structured to a “good-faith effort”.

In high school grades are given for most assignments. Students are also given grades for consistently good homework, which may help boost marks when test grades are low. Students who may not have a good overall mark occasionally have the opportunity to complete extra credit projects. Comparing this to university grades on tests and major papers usually provide most of the course grade. Extra credit projects are not normally allowed to raise a grade in a university course.

Therefore, the “good-faith effort” is important in regard to the professor’s willingness to help students achieve good results; it will not substitute for results in the grading process. Adjustment is required for a high school graduate to be successful in university. Before entering university, high school students must be aware of these differences. Therefore, they must know how to adapt to new teaching styles, to successfully prepare themselves for testing, and the changes in grading systems. Recognizing these differences before entering a university can help prepare students for greater success.

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High School vs. University

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How is College Different from High School?

Here are a variety of ways in which high school and college differ. Understanding some of the important differences and preparing for them will help you achieve a smoother transition.

HIGH SCHOOL : You spend on average 30 hours each week in class, proceeding from one class to the next. The school year is 36 weeks long; with a short break in the spring and a long one over the summer.

COLLEGE: You spend 12 to 16 hours each week in class, usually with breaks in between. Classes are not limited to the day with many classes offered in the evening. In most cases, the academic year is divided into two 15-week semesters with an additional week after each for exams. Generally, you'll have a winter break and a spring break, and the spring semester concludes in May.

HIGH SCHOOL : Classes generally have no more than 35 students and are taught by teachers.

COLLEGE: Depending on the size of college, classes may range in size from 20 to 100+ students. Classes are taught by professors typically referred to as "Doctor" if they have acquired a doctorate in their chosen field. At large universities, classes may be taught by graduate assistants, not professors.

Teaching Style

HIGH SCHOOL: Teachers present material from textbooks, often writing information on the chalkboard or whiteboard to be copied in your notes.

COLLEGE: Professors also present material from textbooks as well as other academic sources. They may lecture nonstop, have breakout activties, organize in-class assignments, or discuss research about the topic you are studying. You will be expected to be up to date on all assigned readings and be able summarize it, so good notes are critical.

Time Management

HIGH SCHOOL: Your time is usually structured by others: administrators, teachers, coaches, and of course, parents. Teachers carefully monitor class attendance.

COLLEGE: You manage your own time. It’s up to you to get to class, do your homework, and study. Professors may not formally take attendance, but they are still likely to know whether or not you attended, especially at smaller colleges where they will get to know you.

HIGH SCHOOL: You will usually be told what you need to learn from assigned readings and teachers will remind you of assignments and due dates. They will check your completed homework.

COLLEGE: Professors expect you to utilize the course syllabus (outline), which spells out exactly what is expected of you, when it is due, and how you will be graded. It's up to you to read and understand the assigned material; lectures and assignments are based on the assumption that you've already done so. Professors may not always check completed homework, but they will assume you can perform the same tasks on tests.

HIGH SCHOOL : Teachers will approach you if they believe you need assistance.

COLLEGE: Professors are usually open and helpful, but expect and want you to attend their scheduled office hours if you need assistance. Students will also have resources like an Academic Skills Center or Writing Center at their disposal should they need it.

HIGH SCHOOL: You are expected to read short assignments that are then discussed in class. You may study outside of class as little as 2 hours each week, and this may be mostly test preparation.

COLLEGE: You are assigned substantial amounts of reading and writing, which may not be discussed in class. You need to study at least 2 to 3 hours outside of class for each hour in class to keep up with the coursework.

HIGH SCHOOL: Testing is frequent and covers small amounts of material. Teachers frequently conduct review sessions, pointing out the most important concepts. If you miss the test, makeup tests are often available.

COLLEGE: Testing is more infrequent and may cover large amounts of material. You are expected to organize the material to prepare for the test. Professors rarely offer review sessions, and when they do, they expect you to come prepared with questions. Makeup tests are rarely an option; on exam day you need to be prepared and on time.

HIGH SCHOOL: Good grades are based on the ability to comprehend what you were taught in the form in which it was presented to you, or to solve the types of problems you were taught how to solve. Courses are usually structured to reward a "good-faith” effort so consistently good homework grades may help raise your overall grade if test grades are low. In addition, extra credit projects are often available to help raise your grade.

COLLEGE: Good grades are based on your ability to apply what you've learned to new situations or to solve new kinds of problems. You must do well consistently: grades on tests and papers usually provide most of the course grade. Unlike high school, first tests may account for a substantial part of your course grade and extra credit projects are rarely used to raise a grade.

Graduation Requirements

HIGH SCHOOL: You may graduate as long as you have passed all required courses with a grade of D or higher.

COLLEGE: You may graduate only if your average in classes meets the departmental standard, usually a 2.0 or C.

HIGH SCHOOL: In most cases, almost all of your living expenses are paid for. Your textbooks are likely provided at little or no expense and you are not required to own a computer. You need money for gas, special events, activities, or trips.

COLLEGE: If you live on campus, you will need to pay for housing and dining in advance of each semester. You will need to budget funds for textbooks, activities, or special events. Most colleges require each student to have a computer, which can often be purchased through the institution at a reduced price.


HIGH SCHOOL: Parents and teachers will remind you what your responsibilities are and guide you in setting priorities. You will no doubt be corrected if your behavior is out of line.

COLLEGE: You're now responsible for what you do and don't do, as well as for the consequences of your decisions. In addition to studying, you will be expected to manage a budget, do your own laundry, and learn how to live in a whole new environment without a lot of structure. Along the way, you will be faced with a large number of moral and ethical decisions you have not had to face previously. You must balance your responsibilities and set priorities!

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