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Essay for Class 6 Children | Essay Topics for Grade 6 Students in English

Not Everyone can frame their thoughts into sentences and write an Essay. Essay Writing is an art and is a great activity for Kids to enhance their overall personality. Check out Essay for Class 6 Students in English and have an idea on various topics that are commonly asked. Read and Practice Essay Writing Topics and bring out the imagination in you and write Essays on your own. 6th Grade Essays provided here are given by subject experts to make you familiar with essays from different categories.

List of English Essays for Students of 6th Std

If you are looking for a one-stop destination where you can find the Most Common Essay Topics for Grade 6 Students then this is the place. Check out the Essay Writing Ideas from different categories and choose as per your requirement. All you need to do is simply click on the respective topic link and avail the Short or Long Essay in it. You can surely improve your vocabulary and writing skills after referring to the Essays for 6th Class Students.

FAQs on Essay for Class 6

1. Where do I get Good Essay Topics for Class 6?

You can get Good Essay Topics for Class 6 on our page through the quick links.

2. How to Improve Essay Writing?

All you have to do is read to plenty of essay topics out there and bring out the uniqueness in you and frame your thoughts into words and write essays.

3. Which is the Best Website that provides Essay Writing Topics of Class 6? is a genuine portal and go-to place for many any Kind of Essay Topic for Students.

We wish the knowledge shared in Class 6 Essays helped you to express your thoughts. Feel free to use the Comment Box Below and suggest us the topics of your interest. We will look into your suggestions and add them at the earliest. Stay in touch with our site to learn about Essays of Frequently Aksed Topics for School going children.

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Health Awareness Essay

health essay for class 6


When our children fall sick, we immediately call a doctor or rush to a nearby hospital. These children are lucky because they have ample means and resources to get themselves treated. Do you know that some unfortunate ones do not realise that they are ill and deny treatment? Here lies the importance of the health awareness essay, as it will help our kids to understand the issues that revolve around health.

Although we have an efficient healthcare system, it is disheartening to know that every citizen does not get access to it. People fail to comprehend health issues in them and eventually do not receive treatment on time. Through this short essay on health awareness, we can familiarise ourselves with such issues and see how we can create health awareness.

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Importance of Health Awareness

Even while we do not have any illness or injury, it is essential to do a thorough checkup to identify any serious problems in our health. Maintaining good health is important for all, which is emphasised in this health awareness essay.

Though we stress that health is wealth, not everyone pays much attention to it. A slight delay in treatment or simple carelessness could cost your life, and this is why people should have proper health awareness. The short essay on health awareness focuses on how we can prevent the issues of lack of treatment or healthcare facilities.

Some people do not know if they have any diseases, and they continue living in ignorance till their health situation turns severe. Hence, it is necessary that we educate them about different diseases, their symptoms and treatment options, as well as raise their awareness about health. In this way, they will be motivated to make the right decisions regarding their health.

Ways to Raise Health Awareness

As we have discussed the importance of health awareness in the previous section, we will now see how we can raise awareness of this topic through the short essay on health awareness. We might have come across many awareness days like World AIDS Day, World Polio Day, World Hepatitis Day etc., each year, which are aimed to promote health and call attention to various health problems. These awareness programmes impart a better understanding of several communicable diseases and how we can prevent them.

The health awareness essay also highlights the significance of making people realise the value of physical, mental and social health. While it is easy for us to discover physical health problems through symptoms, mental health awareness is often overlooked. Organising campaigns is an effective way to raise awareness among people. Through vaccination drives and by arranging workshops and seminars, we can reach people and inspire them to improve their lifestyles and habits for their good health.

The short essay on health awareness can be a learning tool for children to understand more about the topic. To discover more interesting essays from BYJU’S, keep an eye on our website.

Frequently Asked Questions on Health Awareness Essay

What is meant by health awareness.

In basic terms, health awareness is the knowledge regarding one’s health. It can be described as the awareness of various health problems, symptoms and treatment options.

What is the significance of the health awareness essay for children?

The health awareness essay will be useful for children to know about various health concerns and preventive measures, which will empower them to keep themselves healthy by following the right regime.

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health essay for class 6

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health essay for class 6

Importance of Working Towards Good Health

Health is God’s gift to us. Health refers to the physical and mental state of a human being. To stay healthy is not an option but a necessity to live a happy life. The basic laws of good health are related to the food we eat, the amount of physical exercise we do, our cleanliness, rest, and relaxation. A healthy person is normally more confident, self-assured, sociable, and energetic. A healthy person views things calmly, and without prejudice.


“The Dalai Lama, when asked what surprised him most about humanity, answered "Man! Because he sacrifices his health to make money. Then he sacrifices money to recuperate his health. And then he is so anxious about the future that he does not enjoy the present; the result being that he does not live in the present or the future; he lives as if he is never going to die, and then dies having never really lived.” This signifies that individuals don’t prioritise their mental health to earn money. Some even work 24 hours a day or seven days a week. 

However, you have the option to remain balanced. So, balance work and fitness daily. Always strive to keep a cheerful as well as a concentrated routine. It is necessary to plan ahead of time. In any case, one must maintain a good mental, bodily, and emotional state, and no professional or counsellor can assist you unless you desire to live. The will to live in the moment and make the most of it awakens the ideal strength within you, and you are the only one who can never let yourself fall apart. 

Importance of Maintaining Health

We live in a super-fast age. The Internet has shrunk the world dramatically and people are connected 24x7. Multitasking is the order of the day, as we struggle to fulfill our responsibilities for everyone in life. In this fight, we often forget to spare time for ourselves. The stress levels continue to build up until one day a major collapse may make us realize that in all this hectic activity, we have forgotten to take care of one important thing – our health.  

As we spend days shuttling between hospital and home, putting our body through one test after another, trying to find out what has gone wrong, we are forced to remember that ‘Health is indeed Wealth’.  

In earlier days, life was very simple. People worked for a stipulated time, often walked everywhere, ate more homemade food, did household chores, and enjoyed a healthy balance in life.  

Now people have cars and bikes to commute, so they walk less. With the demand for more working hours, people are awake till late at night and indulge in more junk food than home-cooked food. Modern equipment at home has reduced the labour work and increased dependency on this equipment.  People don’t have enough time to exercise or even get enough sunlight. Nowadays people are living very unhealthy lifestyles.  

Unhealthy living conditions have increased the contraction of people to various diseases like obesity, diabetes, heart attacks, hypertension, etc. This has alarming implications in the near future. So it is very important to focus on our health as much as we focus on our work. Moderation in food habits, daily exercise, and balanced work-life can surely make a big difference to our health and body. When a person stays mentally and physically fit, his actions and decisions are more practical and logical and hence he is more successful in life. Furthermore, good health has a direct impact on our personality.

It's crucial to consider how much self-control you have to keep a healthy lifestyle. Research reveals that changing one's behaviour and daily patterns are quite tough. According to the data, whether a person has a habit of smoking, drinking alcohol, doing drugs, or any other substance, it is extremely difficult to quit. A study found that 80% of smokers who tried to quit failed, with only 46% succeeding.

Importance of Good Health 

A healthy body has all the major components that help in the proper functioning of the body. The essential component is the state of physical health. Your life term extends when you maintain good physical fitness. If you are committed to exercising with a sensible diet, then you can develop a sense of well-being and can even prevent yourself from chronic illness, disability, and premature death.  

Some of the benefits of increased physical activity are as follows. 

It Improves Our Health  

1. It increases the efficiency of the heart and lungs. 

2. A good walk can reduce cholesterol levels.  

3. Good exercise increases muscle strength. 

4. It reduces blood pressure. 

5. It reduces the risk of major illnesses such as diabetes and heart disease.

Improved Sense of Well-being  

1. It helps in developing more energy. 

2. It reduces stress levels. 

3. Quality of sleep improves. 

4. It helps in developing the ability to cope with stress. 

5. It increases mental sharpness. 

Improved Appearances  

1. Weight loss contributes to a good physique.  

2. Toned muscles generate more energy. 

3. Improved posture enhances our appearance. 

Enhanced Social Life  

1. It improves self-image 

2. It increases opportunities to make new friends. 

3. It increases opportunities to share an activity with friends or family members. 

Increased Stamina  

1. Increased productivity. 

2. Increased physical capabilities. 

3. Less frequent injuries. 

4. Improved immunity to minor illnesses. 

Along with physical fitness, a good mental state is also essential for good health. Mental health means the emotional and psychological state of an individual. The best way to maintain good mental health is by staying positive and meditating. 

However, unlike a machine, the body needs rest at regular intervals. A minimum of six to seven hours of sleep is necessary for the body to function optimally. Drinking plenty of water and a balanced diet is also very important for your body.  If you violate the basic laws of good health, like working late hours, ignoring physical exercise, eating junk food, it will lead to various ailments like hypertension, heart attacks, and other deadly diseases. 

What is National Health Day? 

Every year on April 7th, World Health Day is celebrated. The World Health Organization (WHO) hosted the inaugural World Health Day on April 7, 1950, to draw the entire world’s attention to global health. 

Every year, the World Health Organization (WHO) comes up with a new theme for public awareness, such as "Support Nurses and Midwives" in 2020. This supports the situation of COVID-19, where healthcare workers are saving lives day and night without worrying about their health.

The WHO also operates a global health promotion initiative to align equality so that individuals can take control of their lives, "every life matters," and consider their fitness. The government promotes numerous health policies, including food security, workplace quality, and health literacy, in schools, colleges, workplaces, and various community activities. 

Good Health for Children 

Children need to maintain good physical and mental health. With an increase in the pressure of studies and over-indulgence in modern gadgets, children are losing the most precious thing, which is health. These days, they barely play in the playgrounds, they are more inclined towards junk food and spend more time on the screen. These unhealthy activities are slowly sabotaging their health. Parents should concentrate on the physical and mental health of their children, and inculcate good habits for maintaining a healthy lifestyle from a tender age.   

Cleanliness also has a major role to play in maintaining good health. Taking a bath every day, washing hands before eating meals, brushing twice a day, changing clothes regularly, etc. are important habits to maintain good health.  

Society is witnessing gloomy faces as a result of children and their parents' excessive usage of a computer, mobile phone, and the Internet. They are constantly using these technological items, oblivious to the fact that they may harm their health. Teenagers are frequently discovered engrossed in their electronic devices, resulting in mishaps. 

The usage of electronic devices frequently results in anxiety and hostility. Excessive usage of these products has been linked to cancer, vision loss, weight gain, and insomnia. 

Emotional development is another crucial component that should not be disregarded because it determines whether or not a person is healthy. An emotionally healthy person should have a solid sense of logic, realisation, and a realistic outlook. 


Health is Wealth because if we are not healthy then all our wealth, fame and power can bring no enjoyment. Keeping fit and healthy is indeed not an option but a necessity.  

health essay for class 6

FAQs on Health is Wealth Essay

1. Why is Health Considered as Wealth?

Health is wealth because it is one of God’s most precious gift to human beings. Good health refers to a balanced and healthy physical and mental state of an individual. If any individual is not healthy, wealth, fame, and power can bring no enjoyment. So health has more value than materialistic things.

2. When is World Health Day Celebrated?

World Health Day is celebrated on 7 th April to raise awareness about health and fitness.

3. How Can You Maintain Good Health?

You can maintain good health by following a balanced and healthy diet. Have a good lifestyle by balancing work and life. You should have a moderate physical fitness regime every day. Go for brisk walks regularly or do other forms of exercise. Also, meditate and be positive to take care of your mental health.

4. Who came up with the phrase "health is wealth"?

If a man begins to live a lifestyle without a plan or unhealthy manner, he will confront numerous difficulties. He'd be depressed on the inside, untidy and filthy on the outside, and emotionally unstable all the time. A person who lives an unhealthy lifestyle will wake up late at night and early in the morning. Not only would this affect their mental condition, but it would also poison their surroundings. 

There would be a lot of wrath and sadness, and they would have fits from time to time.

Eugene parents decry high school ‘sexual fantasy’ health assignment

Churchill High

A teacher at Churchill High School in Eugene assigned student to write a short story about a sexual fantasy short of having sex.

A Eugene high school is fielding furious questions from parents after Churchill High’s health teacher and football coach assigned students to write a short story about a sexual fantasy short of having sex.

The goal of the assignment, which was first reported by TV station KEZI in Eugene , was to demonstrate that it was possible to “show and receive loving physical affection without having sex,” according to screenshots shared with The Oregonian/OregonLive by Churchill High parents.

Teacher Kirk Miller wrote that students’ short essays should not involve “penetration of any kind or oral sex,” but that they should reference at least three items from a list of suggestions, including “romantic music, candles, massage oil, feathers, a feather boa and flavored syrup.”

Another assignment by Miller, who is new to the school this year, was titled “With Whom Would You Do It,” said parent Katherine Rogers, whose 16-year-old daughter attends Churchill but was not in the class. The instructions for that assignment read: “List on the handout the initials of a male or a female that you would do each activity with. You may use the same person for multiple activities.”

Miller did not immediately respond to a request for comment Friday.

Parents said that the activities in question were sexual in nature, spanning kissing to oral sex. Rogers said her understanding was that students in the class felt “mortified, awkward and creeped out,” by the assignments. Some students chose to respond to the fantasy assignment from the point of a view of a character in the cartoon “Kung Fu Panda” to avoid being too personal, she said.

“What are we promoting?” Rogers asked. “What is an adult doing with this information?”

In an email sent to Churchill High families on Thursday night, Principal Missy Cole said she and other administrators at the high school will work with Eugene school district officials to review its high school health curriculum, which is called Our Whole Lives and was developed by the Unitarian Universalist Association and the United Church of Christ.

It is unclear whether the Our Whole Lives curriculum in fact calls for students to reveal to an adult their sexual fantasies or the initials of people with whom they would like to have sexual contact.

Cole wrote, “At this time, the assignment has been removed from the class syllabus and will not be a part of students’ grades. The Our Whole Lives curriculum is utilized by many districts across the state and is endorsed by the Oregon Department of Education.”

Peter Rudy, a spokesperson for the Oregon Department of Education, said Friday that the curriculum is not in fact on the state’s list of recommended instructional materials for high school health classes.

In Oregon, districts may choose to use instructional materials that are not on the state education agency’s recommended list and are not required to notify the Oregon Department of Education when doing so. The state does not track districts’ curriculum choices and so does not know whether other districts are using Our Whole Lives, he said.

“Alongside their local community, educators, and adolescent health experts, school districts decide what curriculum to use to meet Oregon standards and legal requirements,” Rudy said.

Oregon state standards require that sexuality education instruction must be “comprehensive, inclusive, not fear- or shame-based, medically accurate, and enhance students’ understanding of sexuality as a normal and health aspect of human development,” Rudy wrote. Instruction can be abstinence based, but students must receive medically accurate information on other methods of preventing sexually transmitted infections and pregnancy.

In her email to families, Cole wrote that the district was in the process of choosing a new health curriculum before the end of the year. And she pointed out that families are given a syllabus at the start of the year and have the choice to opt their students out of some or all coursework.

Rogers questioned how and why the district had signed off on the curriculum in the first place.

“The district reviews these curriculums before they get approved, right?” she asked. “Did they actually read this? If this was reviewed, how did it slip through the cracks? I could see this easily becoming a national scandal.”

By Friday morning, an account of the Churchill sex fantasy assignment had made its way to the combustible Twitter account Libs of TikTok, which often acts as a story generator for conservative media outlets. It had nearly 2 million views.

-- Julia Silverman, @jrlsilverman, [email protected]

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