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Personal Essays

The purpose of the essays is to assess your writing ability and, more importantly, to learn more about you as an individual. This portion of the application helps us get to know you, assess mutual fit, and better understand what you could contribute to Georgia Tech.

Application Essay Prompts

Below are the Georgia Tech essay questions for 2023 applications. Both prompts are required of all applicants.

Start Your Essays

What Are We Looking for in Your Essays?

Essays are evaluated for both content and writing/grammatical skills. So, before submitting your application, you should take the time to edit and review your essay thoroughly. The traits of a strong essay include ones that:

Our Advice for this Portion of the Application

Per Georgia state law and Georgia Tech policy , all admission staff are mandatory reporters who are required by law to report suspected abuse or neglect of minors to appropriate authorities. Any statements in written materials, including anywhere in a student’s application or supporting materials, that give admission staff reasonable cause to believe abuse or neglect of someone under the age of 18 may have occurred must be reported to the Georgia Tech Police Department. Learn more about reporting requirements .

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How to write the georgia tech supplemental essays 2021-2022 (with examples).

Located in the heart of Atlanta, Georgia, Georgia Tech is a school well-known for its engineering and computer science programs.

Its admissions rate has decreased over the years, hitting 21% in 2020 as it becomes more selective.

As such, you need a great application to be considered for admission to Georgia Tech.

While your academic success and extracurricular activities are all important aspects of the application process, Georgia Tech takes your essay responses seriously and treats them as “an important way to get to know you, and what you have to bring to Georgia Tech.”

Luckily, you don’t need to be a future English major to create a personal, powerful essay.  

Georgia Tech takes both the Common Application and the Coalition Application.

In this article, we will guide you through Georgia Tech’s short answer question to give you an idea of how to approach it .

Georgia Tech Supplemental Essays: How to Write Them!

Click above to watch a video on Georgia Tech Supplemental Essays.

General Guidelines: Georgia Tech Supplemental Essay

The essay response is 300 words long, translating to about 2-3 paragraphs in length. However, you need to be economical with your words and make every single one count. That means there is no room for generalities.

You should also focus on topics that you haven’t covered elsewhere in your application.

Georgia Tech wants the essay to bring out what they can’t already figure out from your transcripts and club participation.

Above all else, be authentic. Don’t write what you think the admissions officers want to read. Be honest in your interests and your accomplishments, and show Georgia Tech what you have to offer them.

Georgia Tech Supplemental Essay – Why This Major at Georgia Tech?

Why do you want to study your chosen major specifically at Georgia Tech? (Max. 300 words)”

The wording of this question is a little tricky. At first, it seems like it’s asking why you’ve chosen your desired major. While this is a point you’ll want to make in your essay, you’ll want to keep it brief. The real answer Georgia Tech wants here is why you want to study your major at Georgia Tech.

However, it’s not just about why you love Georgia Tech. They want to know specifically why you love Georgia Tech’s version of your major program.

If you’re planning to major in Chemistry, did you choose Georgia Tech for their outstanding research opportunities?

Think about why your field of study will be special at Georgia Tech, and craft an essay from that.

For example:

You can approach this question in a few different ways:

The first way is to approach this from an academic perspective. Remember, they don’t want you to tell them they’re highly ranked in engineering and computer science – they already know that. They want you to be specific in your desire to earn a certain major from Georgia Tech.

Look at some of the research happening at Georgia Tech.

For instance, Georgia Tech is currently researching ways to improve worldwide sanitation by reinventing something that is used by every person multiple times per day– the toilet. They are aiming to create a toilet that turns human waste into clean water, specifically for the parts of the world that do not have access to adequate amounts of clean water or sanitation,

Second, consider looking into faculty members and their research interests.

If their research interests fall in line with what you plan to do, mention them in your essay. You may even want to reach out to the professor, forming a connection that could lead to future opportunities.

Third, study your major’s plan at Georgia Tech and how it compares to programs at other colleges and universities.

Figure out what makes your specific program unique at Georgia Tech, and make a list of all the ways these differences will support you throughout your college journey and in your future career.

It’s important to note that you don’t need to know exactly what you want to do with your life after college – you might not know quite yet, and that’s just fine. Even if you do have a solid plan, it’s possible it will change as time goes by.

With that said, you should have a general idea of the field you want to enter.

With that said, you should have a general idea of the field you want to enter and it should be closely related to the major you choose.

Colleges want students who will utilize as many campus resources as possible to build a personalized education, and to become successful professionals.

Thus, be specific about Georgia Tech’s offerings that you want to become a part of.

A few more tips:

Once you’ve got all of your information and inspiration gathered, you’re ready to write.

Why This Major at Georgia Tech Example Essay 1

We’ve provided you GT essay examples throughout this guide. They will help you visualize your essay outline.

Remember, never plagiarize. Colleges, naturally, frown upon this. You should always create your own work.

After my three-hour commute to Rutgers University, my advisors and I would huddle over a whiteboard, brainstorming mathematical models of pricing strategies. I spent the remainder of the day poring over my laptop, coding and debugging Python programs, translating these models into computational simulations. At the end of my two-year research project, I will determine the optimal pricing strategies for wireless service providers and publish a paper in the Gaugers Conference. I intend to continue my passion for research by participating in ongoing projects at Georgia Tech’s Institute for Robotics and Intelligent Machines. My primary interest is advancing robotically assisted surgery technologies, giving patients access to the best medical minds. By working in the “Medical Robots and Human Augmentation” strategic research area and collaborating with professors like Dr. Jaydev Desai, I aim to provide struggling communities with the resources to utilize sophisticated robotics developments. I wish to further my passion for robotics by leading design teams on the Georgia Tech RoboJackets robotics team. Whether it’s coding an autonomous robot to play soccer or creating powerful mechanisms to break robots, I believe the RoboJackets have a niche for me. My desire to join Georgia Tech was reinforced after speaking with Tomas Osses about the endless possibilities on the RoboJackets. Diving deeper into robotics, I hope to enroll in the intelligence thread of the School of Computing to further my knowledge of autonomous machines and AI. I am eager to enhance my computer science skills as a Yellow Jacket.

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Why this major at georgia tech example essay 2.

I heard my name spoken into the microphone, and my teammates jumped from their seats. We had just taken first place in the New York State Science Fair with our Insulin Resistance research project. Our project had not only won, but it lead to wide open pathways that could someday make a difference in the treatment of Type 1 Diabetes. I want to attend Georgia Tech because I know that the Biomedical Engineering program will provide me with access to similar experiences. Professors like Dr. Hee Cheol Chol (with his scholar status in Pediatric Bioengineering) would give me the tools and knowledge necessary to make a true impact throughout my future career in the medical field. Georgia Tech will give me the specific courses, research opportunities, internships, and expert faculty members that I need to become one of the best in the field. With my passion for science and difference-making, I know that Georgia Tech is the only place that will allow me to reach my full potential.”

Georgia Tech Supplemental Essay #2: From Previous Years

In this section, we’ve added essays from previous years. This should give you context into the quality of essays Georgia Tech is looking for.

Each prompt provides you with an opportunity to showcase an accomplishment or passion outside of an academic context. Because of this, it’s important that you choose the essay that shares your best qualities or achievements.

For both of these essays, you should focus on what makes you a unique asset for the Georgia Tech community. It’s not so much about why you want Georgia Tech, but why Georgia Tech wants you .

Georgia Tech Supplemental Prompt A

Georgia Tech is committed to creating solutions to some of the world’s most pressing challenges. Tell us how you have improved or hope to improve the human condition in your community.

This prompt asks what you have done (or what you want to do) to make a difference in your community.

As shown in the question, you can take one of two paths when writing this essay:

Remember to reflect on the impact this action had (or will have) on the community you live in.

Don’t write about improving life in another country if you don’t live there. This is about fixing the problems that occur on the same streets you grew up on.

When showcasing the skills you used to make a difference, also share what the experience has taught you:

While there are a lot of different ways to take this essay, it may not be the ideal essay for every applicant. Make sure your action or plan shows off both your skill and desire to change the world around you.

Georgia Tech Supplemental Prompt B

“If you feel that your personal or community background can provide additional insight to your application that we have not already seen elsewhere, please take this opportunity to share that information with us.”

This is a fairly vague prompt, but it provides you with an excellent opportunity.

It eliminates the problem that arises when applications only show your academic successes, and lets you showcase anything you want the admission team to see.

Maybe you have a health condition that has motivated you to succeed in academics, so you can someday work toward finding a cure. Maybe you’re a LEGO expert and want to turn your design skills into a future engineering career.

Now, how can Georgia Tech benefit from the characteristic or experience that makes you stand out?

Be specific, and show Georgia Tech something unique about yourself. Show them why you need their school, and why they need you as a student.

Make sure to look through Georgia Tech’s website to see if any of their core values, programs, or opportunities line up with a piece of your life that is not already shown on your application.

Georgia Tech Personal Background Essay Example From Previous Year

I moved to the United States when I was just six years old. I started first grade the following week, without knowing a word of English. I had an ESL teacher to meet with once a day and a computer program to teach me a whole new language. I couldn’t make new friends because I didn’t know how to speak to them. I couldn’t participate in class because I did not understand my teacher. Fast-forward to my Freshman year of High School. I’m now fluent in Spanish and English, and I wake up one morning with an idea that I absolutely need to bring to life. I’ll start a club for students in my local elementary school who are learning English as a second language. Fast-forward to today. For the past three years, my club has met three times per week during lunch and recess. My students have had a safe space to share their challenges (with translator apps, so they do not need to feel alone like I did). They have learned English quickly, they have made friends with each other, and they have triple the amount of English language learning time as was previously available. I know my club has made a difference in their lives, and also in my own. I’ve gained independence and leadership skills, and I now know that I am capable of making a significant impact in the world around me.

Georgia Tech Supplemental Essay Example From Previous Year

It’s 5:50 a.m. on a Wednesday as I wake up to the shocking blast of the Mission Impossible theme song. It feels like I was up only a few hours ago, slogging through the assignments and projects that are due soon. I hop on the hour-long bus ride and try to get sleep to refresh myself for school. At school, I participate in classes, group projects, and labs, all of which have developed my critical thinking, communication, and collaborative skills. On the ride back home, I socialize with friends about the latest sports news and listen to music. After I arrive home, I play piano and get some physical activity to calm my nerves and collect myself. After an hour of playing piano and exercising, it is off to volunteering at the the Iverness Hospital and then Iverness Orchards. Volunteering has taught me that not everything is about my life. I want to help those who cannot help themselves. After returning home and eating dinner, I clean the dishes and kitchen to alleviate my parents’ stress. Now comes the storm. I embark to complete math, physics, and biology projects and read up on literature and history. It’s 11:00 p.m., and while my parents and sister have gone to sleep, I still have so much to do. After working until 1:15 a.m., I finish my assignments and hit my bed. Today was a short Groundhog Day.

Conclusion: Georgia Tech Supplemental Essay

Georgia Tech’s supplemental essay allows you to demonstrate why Georgia Tech is the perfect school for you and why you’re a student that Georgia Tech needs.

Remember, this short answer essay gives you a chance to communicate with Georgia Tech’s admissions officers in a way that your test scores and transcripts can’t. Use this opportunity to your advantage.

Overall, you will write one, 300-word maximum, supplemental essay to show your interest in a specific major at Georgia Tech.

When you show Georgia Tech who you are and what you have to offer, you’ve got a much greater chance of getting in.

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Sat / act prep online guides and tips, 3 tips for writing stellar georgia tech essays.

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College Info , College Essays


Before you envision yourself getting settled in at Georgia Tech, you must get over the hurdle of writing the Georgia Tech essays. The Georgia Tech supplement requires you to write a short essay specifically for Georgia Tech. But what is the essay prompt? And what should you include in your Georgia Tech essay?

Keep reading to learn exactly what the Georgia Tech essay is, what kinds of topics you can write about (and what kinds of topics to avoid), and how to ensure you're submitting a quality essay.

Feature Image: Wally Gobetz /Flickr

What Are the Georgia Tech Supplement Essay Prompts?

The Georgia Tech application includes a total of two essays . For one of these, you'll choose one of the seven Common App prompts to respond to, and the other is specific to Georgia Tech. Here's the Georgia Tech prompt:

Why do you want to study your chosen major specifically at Georgia Tech?


How to Write the Why Georgia Tech Essay

This prompt is a version of the "why this college" prompt . Specifically, this prompt is a "why us" prompt, as it's asking you to elaborate on why this college and the major you've chosen are best suited to you and your aspirations. In other words, what about Georgia Tech and the field of study you want to pursue there will help you achieve your future goals?

To answer this question, you'll need to do some research on Georgia Tech and the academic program you're applying to. The easiest way to do this is to go to the Georgia Tech website to get an overview of what's offered by your program, including the kinds of classes, study abroad options, professors, and internship opportunities.

If possible, I suggest visiting the campus to sit in on classes and meet professors so you can get a clearer feel for the academic program as well as the environment at Georgia Tech as a whole.

In your essay, try to pick a specific characteristic to focus on —don't just say you want to attend Georgia Tech because it's prestigious or well known. Lots of colleges are!

Next, you'll need to know how your education at Georgia Tech will help you after college. For example, you could write about how you think Georgia Tech's cooperative education program will help you gain relevant professional experience and make connections with like-minded peers.

Regardless of what aspects of Georgia Tech and your major you want to write about, make sure to clearly connect the essay back to you and your own interests and goals.

Here are some possible topics you could use for your "Why Georgia Tech?" essay:

gatech transfer essay

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Georgia Tech Essay Examples + Analysis

We've written two Georgia Tech essay examples to help give you an idea as to what and how you could write your Why Georgia Tech essay. Additionally, we go over what makes them good essays for a Georgia Tech application.

Georgia Tech Essay Example 1

"Honestly, I can't imagine what my life would be like if I hadn't gone to Georgia Tech."

Katrina was a few years older than me and the sister of my best friend, Troy, who'd given me her email address so I could ask any questions I had about her time at Georgia Tech. This was the last line of her response—and by far the most memorable.

Like Katrina, I can't imagine myself not attending Georgia Tech. As an aspiring environmental engineer, I see Georgia Tech as a gateway to not just learning but also professional success. The flexibility of the major would allow me to focus specifically on my passion for reducing the negative effects of climate change and securing access to clean water. As a senior, I plan to take several hydraulics-focused electives.

In addition, through the InVenture Prize, which I hope to participate in at least twice, I'll be able to utilize the knowledge I've gained through my classes, projects, and fieldwork by translating it into a concrete vision—specifically, an invention that will increase the availability of fresh, healthy water for disadvantaged communities.

After graduation, and as a proud Georgia Tech alumnus (ideally with an InVenture Prize), I plan to implement the skills I've gained through my environmental engineering major in the nonprofit sector.

I haven't met Katrina yet, but I feel as though I know her—perhaps it's that shared sense of joy at having discovered the perfect school for the paths we've chosen.

Here's why this Georgia Tech essay works:


Georgia Tech Essay Example 2

Atlanta has been my home all my life, and I've always known that I want to be one of the people who help make it such a wonderful place to live. My dream is to create my own business that makes it easier for other start-up businesses to get up and running. Georgia Tech is my dream school because I know it will give me the absolute best chance of achieving my goals.

The course catalog for Georgia Tech's Scheller College of Business makes it clear that all business students receive a top-notch and comprehensive business education no matter what area they choose to focus on. However, what really interests me is Scheller's emphasis on entrepreneurship. I'm so excited to take advantage of the opportunities the school offers, like LBAT and study abroad programs that focus on starting a new business, the certificate in entrepreneurship, and the Enterprise Innovation Institute where I hope to collaborate with professors, business leaders, and peers to learn how to create and grow and successful business of my own.

Growing up in Atlanta, learned early that it has many resources for people hoping to go into business, and I know Georgia Tech will help me take advantage of them. Under the school's internship program, I hope to work for a start-up company, learning about what makes some new companies thrive while others fail, and getting on-the-ground experience learning what new companies need to do well and avoid common pitfalls. I'll also use Georgia Tech's extensive connections with local business leaders to continue to expand my business acumen outside the classroom.

I have so many ideas for what I want to do with my career, and I can't wait to attend Georgia Tech to learn the skills I need to make these dreams possible.

How to Write a Great Georgia Tech Essay: 3 Essential Tips

Now that you know the specifics of the Why Georgia Tech essay prompt, here are three key tips to use while writing your essay.

#1: Be Specific and Concise

The Georgia Tech supplemental essay only gives you room for up to 300 words. That's a pretty short essay! Since you're so tight on length, you'll need to make sure you're using the space you have wisely. Don't write super flowery, verbose descriptions or rely on overly vague examples.

Instead, be as specific as you can be so that you're emphasizing only the most important parts of the story you want to tell. Specificity will make your essay more concise and easier to follow.


#2: Show, Don't Tell

You've probably heard this refrain a million times, but it's especially important for college essays: show your experiences, emotions, and perspectives instead of simply telling them to your readers. Doing this will make your Georgia Tech essays sound vibrant and alive rather than dull and boring.

One of the very best ways to catapult your descriptions to a whole new level and to lend a stronger voice to your writing is to use a variety of literary devices , including flashbacks/anecdotes, imagery, and euphemisms.

#3: Polish and Proofread

Before you submit your Georgia Tech essays, make sure to take some time to read them over, edit them, get feedback, and proofread them.

The best way to do this is to start by writing a rough draft. Once finished, put your essay away for a little while—anywhere from a couple of days to a week or so depending on the amount of time you have left before college applications are due —and then take it out again.

As you read your essay, mark any areas that are unclear, awkwardly worded, or irrelevant. You should also proofread your essay for any glaring typos and errors in punctuation, spelling, and grammar.

Once you've repeated this process a few times, it's time to get a new set of eyes to look it over for you. Ask someone you trust, such as a teacher, parent, or counselor, to read your essay and offer comments and corrections on it.

Doing all of this will ensure that your essay is completely polished by the time you turn it in to Georgia Tech!

What's Next?

If you're reading this, you're likely not only applying to Georgia Tech. Get more tips with our expert guides to the Stanford essays , the Northwestern essay , and the Harvard essay .

Applying through the Common App? Check out this comprehensive list of schools that accept the Common App , and learn more about how to write the Common App essay .

To learn more about Georgia Tech and how to get in, take a look at its admission requirements page .

gatech transfer essay

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The Ultimate Guide to the Georgia Tech Essay Prompts

The Ultimate Guide to the Georgia Tech Essay Prompts

Whether you’re applying as a transfer or as a freshman applicant, the Georgia Tech essay prompts are the same. The only difference is that the Georgia Tech transfer application has one essay that is unique compared to the original freshman application one.

You may have figured out already that the Georgia Tech essays play a critical role in the admissions process. Here’s what the official website has to say about their holistic admissions process.

“Each year Georgia Tech must make fine distinctions among large numbers of highly qualified applicants. The ability to assess consistently all information presented in the application becomes increasingly important. Therefore, the Office of Undergraduate Admission employs a rigorous review process in order to provide an individualized and holistic evaluation of every application.” Georgia Tech Official Website

Pay attention to the first part of that description. “Each year Georgia Tech must make fine distinctions among large numbers of highly qualified applicants. ” This is critical to your admissions process.

Let’s say you’re applying to Georgia Tech with a 3.8 GPA. Can you get in?

The average student admitted to Georgia Tech has a 3.8 out of a 4.0 GPA scale. With an average acceptance rate of 32% for Georgia applicants and 14% for non-Georgia students , rejection is likely for students even if they have a 3.8 GPA. Hitting the average accepted student GPA means just that: average. If you’re going to secure your acceptance to Georgia Tech, you’ll need strong essays that are not only interesting but help you stand out amongst the rest of the applicants.

Today, we’ll cover how to do just that. Yes, it will take a lot of work. Yes, it can be quite painful doing rewrites over and over just to get it right? Is it worth it? Well, ensuring your hard-earned GPA doesn’t go to waste is quite worth it in our opinion. Yeah, okay. Sunk Cost fallacy aside, no one wants to write a mediocre essay that doesn’t match their high-performance transcript. You’ve gone this far, so you might as well write a strong essay that will maximize every % of the acceptance rate.

With that said, let’s get right to business. This article covers each Georgia Tech essay prompt for both regular and transfer students. It explains how to answer each one as well as strong example essays for you to use as inspiration.

Table of Contents

GT Example Freshman Essay For Prompt 1

Gt example transfer essay for prompt 1, gt example transfer essay for prompt 2, question 1, gt example transfer essay for prompt 2, question 2, gt example transfer essay for prompt 2, question 3, gt example transfer essay for prompt 2, question 4.

UC Berkeley

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Contact us. we'll get to you within 24 hours. , georgia tech essay prompt for freshman applicants.

gatech transfer essay

“Why do you want to study your chosen major specifically at Georgia Tech?* (350 words)” Georgia Tech Freshman application essay prompt #1

Students applying for Georgia Tech as a freshman will only have one question to answer. In some ways, this is both a blessing and a curse. The good news is that you won’t need to dedicate too much time writing a million essays. This gives you more time to write essays for other schools, which is important. When you’re applying for competitive schools with low acceptance rates, you want to diversify your applications by “casting a wide net”, maximizing your chances of acceptance into a good school.

Having only one question is also a disadvantage, though. The point of a holistic admissions process is to use the essays as a tool to discriminate which students are the best fit. Without enough essay prompts, the admissions officers looking over your application will not have much to work with. Therefore, it becomes infinitely more important to write something that stands out and demonstrates unique value in just 350 words.

That’s hard. So, how do we do that?

There are many ways of demonstrating value in a short amount of words. Personally, we like to think of scenarios like these along the lines of Roman Laconicisms.

That is, think of your reasons for transferring not in the literal way that you would answer the question. Instead, answer it with a metaphor or a phrase that best encapsulates your experience. Here’s an example:

Notice how the first example can be used to mean practically any other student? Why else would a student want to apply to Georiga Tech? It’s easy: they want to transfer for the right resources to help prepare them for a career in the future. Now, take a look at the second example. The reason the second one works well is that it provides a very strong reason why it is absolutely necessary for the applicant to enter. Because they’ve constructed a whole metaphor and reason why attending is vital, the admissions officers know that they’re serious about their application.

Let’s take a look at how this example would look as a whole essay.

gatech transfer essay

“Why do you want to study your chosen major specifically at Georgia Tech?* (350 words)”

“There’s a checklist for these sort of things. One, investments from well-meaning friends and family; two, investments from venture capitalists; three, a team of workers and collaborators who have the same vision as you; four, the drive to make it work. In some ways, this sounds like the preparation one would make for a highly-advanced AI startup. That’s exactly what I’m doing. Except, I don’t really have the luxuries of fancy VC firms, wealthy friends, and the greatest minds in the world to collaborate with. Instead, I’ve managed to scrap up the meagar funds I could from working at Nest Tea House –a boba store– to build a fund for the coming 12 months. I would use $25,000 working on a shoestring budget and hiring both friends and freelancers abroad to make a bottom up AI software. I would then attempt to sell this software product to businesses in need of an AI-powered contnet marketing bot that works better than the market. In other words: I’ve the Walmart version of a good AI startup project. I do not however believe that all could go well in this startup. It’s not to say I have faith in my product; rather, it is that I can forsee that many obstacles that so often trip up other startups. Working on a shoestring budget has pushed my creativity in finding the right solutions; however, I believe I am limited in my capabilities. I believe being equipped with the right resources is the responsibility of the founder to ensure the success of their project. Thus, I would love to attend Georgia Tech for its resoruces in bottom up AI. To have the resources Georgia Tech offers is the Sword of Damocles hanging over my head: if I could maximize my opportunity here, it would make or break my success as a founder. On that note, the inverse is the same. Should I attend another school, I will still maximize the resources there; however, I would not have had the maximum potential of fulfilling my aspirations that Georgia Tech can offer.” GT Example Freshman Essay for Prompt 1

Georgia Tech Essay Prompts for Transfer Applicants

gatech transfer essay

Disclaimer: The Georgia Tech Official website does not specify that the first essay is mandatory and that you must choose a second essay out of the last four. This may be because the official website was not updated to clarify this detail. So, it can be confusing for some. You MUST answer the first question for your first essay and choose ONE of the FOUR final essays for your second essay.

“Why do you want to study your chosen major specifically at Georgia Tech?* (300 words)” Georgia Tech Transfer essay prompt #1

This transfer question is the same question they ask Freshman applicants.

The one thing we would say about this is that you should not be clueless about what you want to do with your future major and career aspirations. For students to have a good reason for transferring schools, they should know why the school they’re transferring to would be a good place to pursue their careers.

If you’re transferring for no reason other than a new environment, it may not be as strong a reason as someone who absolutely needs to transfer in order to fulfill their particular major.

For students looking to answer the Georgia Tech transfer why us essay question, they’ll need to think about how their future careers are impacted by the transfer admissions decision. They may even consider some of the other external consequences of such an admissions decision. If one were accepted to Georgia Tech as a transfer for computer science, will that help them fulfill some meaningful entrepreneurial desire? Will it help them revolutionize technology to further society? Will it have positive moral results?

Okay, now let’s look at the second Georgia Tech transfer essay. For the second essay, you can choose to answer one of the four prompts below.

“Essay Topic Options (click on one from the options below to select): No essay should exceed 300 words in length. 1. Describe a time when you were able to lead and inspire by example to solve a problem or project. What was the outcome? 2. Georgia Tech is a diverse campus community that seeks to educate and engage students with a wide variety of backgrounds, interests, perspectives, and talents. How do you see yourself contributing to the diversity at our institution? 3. Describe a challenge, setback, or failure you have faced and overcome. What did you learn from this experience? 4. Georgia Tech is committed to developing leaders to improve the global human condition. Tell us how you have made a meaningful contribution or transformative change in your community.” Georgia Tech Transfer essay prompt #2

There are unique advantages to each of these essay questions. Answering the first of the four Georgia Tech transfer essay questions gives admissions officers an idea of both your leadership and problem-solving skills; thus, it’s a good question to answer for future founders and startup creators.

The Georgia Tech diversity question is useful for students who want to show how their attendance will be a net positive for the school’s untapped niches. This is good for students who have something special to share with the school that they believe the school may be lacking in.

The “overcoming challenge” question is a good question for practically any aspiring student to answer. It is useful since it shows the problem-solving process the student uses to address situations. However, it is also a great way to show positive character traits such as grit and determination that the university holds valuable.

The fourth question is good for visionary students who already show signs of making a positive contribution to a group or community. It’s also important to answer this question by looking at the metaphysical ways you’ve impacted your community, not just the surface-level ways. Although this question talks about “developing leaders to improve the global human condition”, you don’t need to be a world-changing individual to answer this question!

Let’s take a look at how these tips can be implemented in an example essay.

gatech transfer essay

“Why do you want to study your chosen major specifically at Georgia Tech?* (300 words)”

“Standing in front of me in the museum is an ivory carving of Mary carrying her dead son in her arms like in the famous Pieta. There’s also some old people in the background staring in awe. Some white light carved in too. Some clouds. It doesn’t matter. What matters is the meaning carved into the curved white tusk. A woman brings a child into this world knowing he will be crucified, broken, and betrayed by the very world she released him into. It’s a sacrifice unto the world, and man can only peep about in awe at such sacred magnificence. Is there more to it? Perhaps. Though, I’m not a theologist. I’m just an aspiring entrepreneur and computer scientist who’s an amateur student of religion. This moral virtue –the idea of brining one’s own most precious creation unto the world to be broken down– is the mindset that constitutes the very essense of every entrepreneur. It’s hard. No. It’s painful being someone who creates software with blood sweat and tears only for it never to receive the love that I believe it deserves. I had a hard time In fact, I’ve suffered rejection and a lack of sales in my SaaS startup project many times already. I have a burning passion for computer science and entrepreneurship, but I don’t believe I can continue any furher in my journey without the help of Georgia Tech. At Georgia Tech, I won’t stumble blindly into as many mistakes in my startup. I can make use of resoruces such The Agency club to learn more about how I could implement artificial intelligence into my future plans for software products. The Design Club would also be critical to my future success, especially in developing the proper UX to optimize the sales funnel process in my startups and avoid a high bounce rate. Georgia Tech is crucial to my future endeavors in giving back to the world. I can’t do that without making a big sacrifice. Perhaps with the school’s vast resources and opportunities, my sacrifice won’t be in vain.” Georgia Tech Example Transfer Essay For Prompt 1

gatech transfer essay

1. Describe a time when you were able to lead and inspire by example to solve a problem or project. What was the outcome?

“Passion is tempered with humility.” It’s a principle that sounds cool on paper —perhaps as a knockoff “samurai quote” one would see in a tourist trap in Downtown Los Angeles’s Japan Town. Though, it wasn’t as if our startup didn’t take place in a tourist trap. There were four of us: the artist, who had the skills to weave digital art into life; the coder, the one who prepared the last few months into conceptualizing the backend of mobile apps; the marketer, the loudest —and arguably funniest of all of us— person in the room; and me, the leader. Like the other three, I shared an interest in game development. So, collaborating at a tourist trap boba shop was inevitable. There, I remembered to hearken the knockoff samurai! “passion is tempered with humility.” We had passion, perhaps too much. We were caught in a web of fantastic ideas, all valuable and vying for glory. As a leader, I had to temper this with humility. That means recognizing, as Sophomores in college, we weren’t as smart as we thought and had much to learn. So, I led by example acting out one rule: “I will be a student open to learning.” Throughout our journey, I let go of all attitudes which made up the stereotypical leader. I didn’t command. I didn’t order. I simply let go of control and allowed the petals to fly wheresoever the wind brought them —good grief, how stereotypical could it get? Nonetheless, letting go of pride actually propelled our progress immeasurably. We agreed with one another much better and even completed our app 3/4 of the way —with just a few months left to refurbish it. In essence, I believe acting out humility as a leader helped us lead the charge in unison. “ Georgia Tech Example Transfer Essay For Prompt 2, Question 1

gatech transfer essay

2. Georgia Tech is a diverse campus community that seeks to educate and engage students with a wide variety of backgrounds, interests, perspectives, and talents. How do you see yourself contributing to the diversity at our institution?

Entrepreneurship. Self-help. Self-care. In some ways, self-care seems to work in opposition to the former two; or, at least, they seem to be from different worlds. It’s not to say that self-care doesn’t belong in entrepreneurship —it does! Yet, there seemed an invisible wall of incongruency between self-care and self-help with entrepreneurship. Perhaps it is self-help’s grittiness contrasting with self-care’s, well, “gentleness.” As an entrepreneur who created their own AI-based article writing program, I always worked with both. Yet, the people I’ve observed how those fellow entrepreneurs I worked with were always had a bit of harsh severity to their self-help. When it came to having a balanced mindset and healthy relationship with work, that self-help would manifest in a driven attitude meant to “go get it! Yeah! Hustle toward the highest level of relaxedness!” I believe a part of this may be tied to a toxic hustle culture that permeates the world of entrepreneurship. It’s not just amongst my circle, either; I’ve seen this spread into the entrepreneurship circles across many different communities. It’s an insistence that all “big boss men” or “boss babes” have to do everything with an iron fist. Strangely enough, the more experience I’ve had developing my own business selling my SaaS program to small businesses, the more I started to transition from gritty self-help into self-care. I didn’t have to do everything perfectly. At Georgia Tech, I hope to share a more positive mindset with the entrepreneurial community that would help loosen it from extreme severity. Despite pushing 80 hours a week into my startup, I could still write romantic light novels for women. I could still play “Doom Eternal” if I need to take a break. Most of all, as an entrepreneur and aspiring GT student, I can also be human. Georgia Tech Example Transfer Essay For Prompt 2, Question 1

gatech transfer essay

3. Describe a challenge, setback, or failure you have faced and overcome. What did you learn from this experience?

“As someone who was always given the ‘gifted child’ treatment, most teachers and peers expected my greatest challenge to be mountainous tasks: philosophical questions, esoteric knowledge, sophisticated engineering, etc. However, I’ve discovered my mind finds comfort in the complex. That is, I like to distract myself with difficult things and juggle multiple problems because it’s my mind’s safe space. So, what is the true challenge? After meditating on the issue, I’ve discovered my true kryptonite is doing nothing. Since I could remember, my mind always exploded with ideas; it was impossible to keep my mind still as water. Calming down and focusing my mind was impossible. I’ve relied on a ‘gifted child’ brain to get me through school without developing the proper focus and calm of mind needed to perform at upper division work. So, I’ve worked on meditating and calming my mind to train my stillness. “Hey, aren’t you a bit hungry?” “It’s a nice day out, I should go for a run outside.” “It’s a real shame, what’s going on in our modern politics.” “blah, blah, blah.” Over and over agian, I would sit with my thoughts in stillness unable to escape from passing thoughts. That is, until one day, I just let them pass. I let arbitrary thoughts pass through my head for a whole hour. It may be short to some, but for somone like myself who is always thinking, that hour felt like eternity and a half. However, I finally experienced a still mind; it was unlike anything I had ever had. For the first time in my life, my mind was relaxed and could breathe. Finally, I was at peace.” Georgia Tech Example Transfer Essay For Prompt 2, Question 1

gatech transfer essay

4. Georgia Tech is committed to developing leaders to improve the global human condition. Tell us how you have made a meaningful contribution or transformative change in your community.”

“Daa Maa Zoek. Or, to play Mahjong. It’s a game where players gamble with tiles. Though, it’s more than that. The tiles and the chips are secondary. Who truly won the metagame was the person who had the smartest child. Last year, I was the subject of debate. “Christopher now works as a computer science tutor!” Inexorably, I was summoned to elaborate on my work. “I try to help maximize self-esteem by basing off educational research and clinical child development,” to which they replied, “You young people are too easy on kids. It’s better to be stricter, that’s how it is with Asian parenting!” I was recommended Amy Chua’s Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother. It was the bible for parenting in our small Asian American community. It was also an opportunity to empathize with the Asian tiger parenting perspective with open eyes. “Her kids went to great schools and became successful!” “Before you go criticizing an entire culture’s parenting style, why don’t you read her book?” “Read a book for once! You’ll learn something!” And read it I did. And learn something I did. Good grief, did I learn something. I have never come across a text more narcissistic and deeply pathological than that book. The statistics are clear: there is no justification for narcissitic filial piety; it’s also an impossibly difficult conversation to ask the parents of my students to rethink their perspective and even culture. But, I did. I spoke of the dangers of tiger parenting to family members, relatives, and the parents of my tutoring firm’s clients for over 3 years. There was less pressure. Grades improved. Students didn’t have panic attacks. Most of all, accepting empirically sound ways of teaching students ensured they were treated as human beings –and not another tile to gamble on. Georgia Tech Example Transfer Essay For Prompt 2, Question 1

If you’re not sure how to write your essays and answer the Georiga Tech essay prompts, don’t be afraid to ask us for help! Consider scheduling a free college admissions essay consultation . We can discuss with you how to best approach the Georgia Tech essay prompts over the phone. We’ll also help you formulate ideas on how to stand out in your essays amongst the rest of the applicants!

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How to Write the Georgia Tech Supplemental Essay: Examples + Guide 2022/2023

gatech transfer essay


What is the georgia tech supplemental essay prompt.

Georgia Tech is popular with STEM students, as it’s one of the leading research universities in the United States. There’s no doubt a Georgia Tech education can prepare you for diverse careers in engineering, medicine, business, and design. But here’s the deal: Georgia Tech asks for only one supplement, so it's important to make yours as informative and impactful as possible. 

BTW: Tech has a really awesome blog. Check it out here .

Want to know what it values most? Find its Common Data Set here (scroll down to section C7 in particular), and you can find its strategic plan here .

On the blog, Tech offers the following application guidance:

Essays are evaluated for both content and writing/grammatical skills. So, before submitting your application, you should take the time to edit and review your essay thoroughly. The traits of a strong essay include ones that:

Demonstrate authenticity

Brings you to life on paper

Are excellent in topic, style, and grammar

Demonstrate thoughtfulness

How can you write an essay that does all that? Let’s take a look at some examples below, then dissect what makes those essays work.

Georgia Tech Supplemental Essay Prompt #1

Why do you want to study your chosen major specifically at Georgia Tech? (max 300 words)

How to Write the Supplemental Essay Prompt for Georgia Tech

How to write georgia tech supplemental essay prompt #1.

Think of this as two essays in one: a “Why Major” + a “Why us?” And maybe consider devoting about half to each—roughly the first 100-125 words or so on why you’ve chosen your major, then the rest on how you want to explore that field at Georgia Tech. Since the prompt leans strongly on “specifically at Georgia Tech,” we recommend devoting more of your word count to Georgia Tech specifics.

To get you started, here’s a complete guide to the “Why Major'' essay . And here’s the full guide on how to write the “Why us?” essay . When you read through that one, pay close attention to the “Why Cornell” and “Why Penn” examples (our favorites).

Action Items:

Read the “Why Major” guide. What mini-movie moments do you envision exploring?

Reflect on what you want out of your college experience. Collect those insights using this chart . Identifying specific or niche interests and needs will help you find equally specific resources at Georgia Tech and make your “we’re a perfect match” case (see more on this in the “complete guide” link above) more compelling. 

Spend at least an hour researching 10+ reasons why Georgia Tech might be a great fit for you, mapping them out in the third column of the chart. 

Remember: The best “Why us?” pieces don’t celebrate how “x” school is the GREATEST SCHOOL OF ALL TIME. They’re more an explanation of why you and the school are the perfect match. Make sure to connect each of your Tech examples to your goals and interests. 

Create an outline that combines your mini-movie moments for the “Why Major” top, then outline the “Why us?” portion based on either Approach One, Approach Two (recommended), or Approach 3 (as explained in our “Why us?” guide). 

Georgia Tech changed this prompt this year to add the “Why Major” element, so our GT examples don’t have those mini-movie moments we’d recommend for top of this updated prompt. But we still feel like they’re strong representations of essays that offer solid “Why Georgia Tech” specifics. So take a look at two such examples, and read our analysis for why they work, then keep scrolling for two more bonus examples, written for a combined Why Major/Why Us prompts for other schools. 

Example Georgia Tech Essay 1:

Ever since participating in the InVenture Challenge, I fell in love with Georgia Tech. I was exposed to the school’s principal philosophy of “creating the next” when a guest speaker who had won the collegiate-level InVenture Prize spoke about a new portable toilet designed for developing countries with poor access to clean sanitation. I was so blown away by the innovation taking place that I decided to walk around campus and found a group testing a new device for transmitting a certain signal frequency that could map any environment targeted. I needed to know more. The students were eager to share their prototype with me. I learned that one was majoring in computer science and the other industrial design.  On the way home, I researched the industrial design program at Tech and was immediately hooked on the possibilities. Not only would I learn to design and build devices but learn principles of human interaction with design philosophy. After touring other colleges that offered industrial design, none matched the level Georgia Tech offered. Not only does Tech offer a strong program on how to sketch high-quality designs, but it also teaches students how to prototype and manufacture functional devices. Touring spaces like the Interactive Product Design Lab, run by Noah Posner, showed me the importance Tech places on creating devices that connect to users. I really hope to take a class with Pr ofessor Chininis, who I met while touring Tech. By learning from his example in creating toys for brand companies, I’ll learn to create products that address people’s needs.   The emphasis Tech places on startups and innovation is unmatched. From its maker spaces to its help with patent filings, the opportunities Tech provides will teach me skills that will help me make an impact in my field after graduation. — — —

Tips + Analysis

Specifics, specifics, specifics. This student packs his essay with examples that demonstrate he has done his research. Check out the types of specifics he offers (and the kinds of things you can include in your essay):

School philosophy + mission statement: This student names Tech’s mission of “creating the next.” You can often find a school’s mission and values on its website under sections like “Our Mission” or “Who We Are.”

Guest speaker: Hearing about a portable toilet that will improve the health of people in developing countries not only demonstrates that the student is tuned into what’s happening on Tech’s campus; it subtly demonstrates that he is interested in using what he learns at Tech to help others.

Experience on campus: Sharing the story of hearing a guest speaker, touring the campus, and witnessing student innovation in action drives home the message that this student has already invested in being a part of Georgia Tech. If you’ve visited the campus, consider sharing a quick and focused story about something you saw or heard. Haven’t visited campus, can’t, or won’t visit? Don’t worry. You can write a similar story about “exploring” the campus website, course catalogue, or a student publication.

Campus resources: The InVenture Challenge. The Interactive Product Design Center. These are unique to Georgia Tech, and show that this student will arrive on campus ready to make the most of the resources available.

Professors: This student refers to professor Chininis’ work in toy design. Use the course catalogue to find a professor who teaches a class that aligns with your interests. Even better, use the college website to find a professor doing current research that relates to the work you hope to do on campus or as a career.

Classes: The classic. Almost every student will include classes they hope to take in their “Why us?” essay,  and you should too! But make sure to flesh out your essay with non-class examples (like the ones listed above).

Connect Georgia Tech’s specifics to you and your interests . On top of showing that Georgia Tech is a great school for you, show how you will be a great fit for the school. A great way to do this is to refer to specific interests and “stuff you’ve done” that you’ll build on once you’re a Yellow Jacket.

This student, for example, mentions his involvement in Tech’s InVenture challenge, and a desire to “create products that address peoples’ needs.” He also implies an interest in start-ups and innovation. By mentioning these things, we start to understand how he’ll make the most of his time on campus. 

Let’s take a look at another example that even more directly emphasizes connections between the author and the school.

Georgia Tech Example 2:

At Georgia Tech I'm excited to explore both the small and the large. I want to work with professor Fedorov at Georgia Tech and study engineering on the nanoscale.  I’ve been working on finding potential materials for solar cells by comparing and improving their bandgaps and am interested in participating in the research on the micro-capillary injector. The vibration-powered robots, investigated by Azadeh Ansari and Jun Ueda as well as graduate students DeaGyu Kim and Chris Hao, also attract my interest, for it may be possible for it to swim in the human body, combating diseases.  Science also can be seen in the largest things. Through NASA’s Exobiology Program and working with scientists in Tech’s School of Chemistry and Biochemistry, I’ll learn more about the hydrate crystallization process under high-pressure, and further explore the structures of methane clathrates, understanding the habitability on the icy moons of Jupiter and Saturn. Moreover, the course Nuclear Astrophysics and Stellar Evolution with Dr. Sowell will give me a deeper understanding on the topic of stellar structure and evolution, as well as nucleosynthesis and degenerate objects. Studying this course that also focuses on the Boltzmann & Saha Equations will take my understanding of the relationship between ionization of an atom and its ground and excited state to another level.  Besides science, Tech offers opportunities for me to make connections with those around me. With my experience and interest in video recording and editing, I would love to explore the Filmmakers to work with peers and produce shorts to share with the community. Also, having volunteered for my school’s GiveBack 5K and learning about people’s acts of kindness, I’d love to be a part of the Break Free from Poverty 5K Run/Walk, as sometimes small things can make a big difference.  — — —

Connect Georgia Tech’s specifics to you. This student does this in a few effective ways:

As a framing device. This student begins with a statement of her interests: exploring things both small and large. By opening this way, we know that every specific example she gives about resources and opportunities at Tech will relate to her interest in exploration. It’s also a great hook— What kinds of things? 

In relation to work she has already done. Right after name-dropping professor Fedorov, she backs it up with some details on her work to find “potential materials for solar cells.” She follows that up with details on the type of research done by Fodorov, research she implies is connected to her own projects. 

As a way to learn more about topics she’s just starting to learn about. The student has an “understanding of the relationship between ionization of an atom and its ground and excited state,” but wants to take that understanding to another level. This implies that she a) already knows something about the topic (seriously, you have to know something to reference Boltzmann Equations…), and b) already has a plan for developing that knowledge at Tech. 

As an opportunity for her to tap into new and budding interests. Just because you haven’t done something amazing in a certain area doesn’t mean you can’t include it in a “Why us?” essay. This student mentions her interest in video recording and editing, and implies that she can have a greater impact on Tech’s campus (producing shorts to share with the community). She also mentions the volunteer work she’s done and the type of volunteer work she hopes to do as a student at Tech. 

Use geeky language. Nanoscale. Bandgaps. Microcapillary. Hydrate crystallization. Methane clathrates. Without having to explain any of these concepts explicitly, this student shows us that she knows her stuff and will show up on campus ready to jump right into her academic and research work. 

Show more than one side of yourself. The first two paragraphs make it clear that this student is a science stan. But this student makes a point of rounding out her interests. While some people may envision a serious scientist living in the lab, she’s the kind of scientist who prioritizes making “connections with those around [her].” By mentioning her video-editing and volunteer work, the reader’s vision of her as a Tech student shifts to more accurately capture the full range of her interests and abilities.

Here’s a great “Why Major” + “Why us?” example from Brown. Note how this student brings their mini-movie moments to life with crisp, clear examples, told in chronological order. Consider doing the same with yours—only, as noted above, consider spending a bit more of your word count on Why Georgia Tech specifics.

Example 3: Brown

My whole life, storytelling has shaped me. When I lived in London, my parents would read me The Lion King every night until I’d memorized the whole book. In elementary school, I would curl up in my bed, warm lamplight making my room golden, listening to my dad bring to life classics like Wilderness Champion and Tom Sawyer . Later, I found audio storytelling, laughing hysterically at Wait Wait Don’t Tell Me on the car ride to school and connecting to a radio network of humanity through This American Life . It wasn’t long before I got hooked on visual narratives, mesmerized by the cinematic intensity of Whiplash and the whimsical world of Moonrise Kingdom , alternate realities I could explore as if they were my own. By high school, I was creating my own array of stories through satirical school newspaper articles, analysis of mise-en-scene in film class, podcasting, and my own locally-broadcasted radio series. A concentration in the Literary Arts or Modern Culture and Media is the next step in my life of storytelling. The dynamic world of connection and vulnerability a well-told story can create is what continues to fascinate me. At Brown, I would explore how engaging narratives have been told in the past and can be innovated in the future through new digital platforms. Whether researching radio’s historical impact on public opinion during World War II or the Vietnam War, developing screenplays, producing my own documentary or learning from Writers-In-Residence, I hope to pioneer networks of connection. (250 words) — — —

And here’s a fourth example, written for a similar but much longer prompt for Babson. You’ll have 150 fewer words to use, but this essay is a great example of what it looks like to show how your interest in your major developed over time, to then fold those insights into how you expect to explore your interests further, with college-specific examples.

Example 4: Babson

When I was four, my family lived on the top floor of my dad’s newly established company. A young and curious inspector, I frequently made tours of the offices, and observed my dad and his staff as they worked. I have always admired my father. As a former doctor, he used his passion for medicine to found vaccine and medical equipment companies. Every year, we travel to rural Vietnam, to donate part of the company’s profits to underprivileged people. As a child, I knew that I wanted to be in business, like my dad. At my boarding school in Massachusetts, students were required to keep the school running. Two years of cleaning the Health Center and working in the Kitchen showed me how effective management and communication are essential for operations. When I built close connections with the staff and other students, I was happier and more productive. I realized that creating opportunities for employees to engage in teamwork and relationship building is critical for morale and for the efficiency of a business.  Last summer, I took the USC online Introduction to Business course. There, I gained additional insight into how companies are run. During group projects, each department gave feedback on other departments’ ideas.  From this, I saw how the different areas of a business intersect. In one of the projects I led, we designed a protective outfit that allows the elderly to hug their loved ones during Covid-19.  Like my dad, I was able to use creativity and innovation to solve a social problem. I realized then that I want to be just like him: a social entrepreneur, who helps address social problems.   Babson will be able to help me achieve my goals. I want to co-concentrate in Entrepreneurship and Global Management.  I am eager to collaborate with other students to create and manage an actual business, and receive valuable advice through FME and CLTP in my freshman year. Similarly, I am excited to foster enduring bonds with other students and faculty through the First Year Seminar, and give back to the community by participating in CAP.  I value how Babson encourages students to donate at least 50% of their profit to local organizations; this is a type of business model I aspire to create in the future. By taking courses such as Living the Social Entrepreneurship Experience and Global Strategic Management, I hope to gain the knowledge and skills to develop a sustainable and impactful global business. Likewise, Babson liberal arts courses will shape me into a well-rounded person who has the tools to create change; I want to dive deeper into Justice and Inequality issues in the AHS course, to comprehend the causes and find solutions to injustices like poverty. Taking courses like East Asia Cultures and studying abroad in London will also help me expand my perspective.  Babson College is where I belong, and it is a place that can nurture me into who I want to be―a dynamic changemaker and a successful entrepreneur. — — —

Special thanks to Calvin for contributing to this post.

Calvin Pickett CEG

Calvin is an ardent reader, writer, and all-around communicator with a deep love of stories.  He has a dog, Seymour, whom he loves—in fact far more than Seymour loves him. 

Top values: Adaptability | Meaningful Work | Fun


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