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Rich educational activity bell hooks and book report maynard.

Introduction to Education Book Report Maynard 5-and’s involvement in racism And how it affects a student’s education presents the diversity focus. In the novel Teaching to Transgress: Education as the Practice of Freedom, By Bell Hooks Author Summary Gloria Jean Watkins (conceived September 25, 1952) Known as Bell Hooks, she is an American creator, teacher, […]

The Life and Creative Path of the Famous Feminist Bell Hooks

Bell Hooks is a prolific feminist writer and poet who was born Gloria Jean Watkins. Hooks grew up in rural Kentucky in a small, segregated community with five sisters and one brother. Her father worked as a custodian for the U.S. Postal Service, and her mother worked as a housewife. Hooks has said that growing […]

Multiple Sclerosis (MS) is a Progressive Disease of the Central Nervous System

Multiple Sclerosis (MS) is a progressive disease of the central nervous system. According to the National Multiple Sclerosis Society, it is estimated that MS affects more than 2.3 million people worldwide. 1 At this time, the direct cause of MS is still unknown. However, the immune system attacks and damages the myelin sheath of nerve […]

Definition, Main Symptoms and Methods of Treatment of Multiple Sclerosis

Multiple Sclerosis (MS) is an inflammatory autoimmune disorder that is progressive. (Nociti, Batocchi, Luigetti, Conte, Lorusso, Roiati, & Sabatelli, 2011) An autoimmune disease is one in which the immune system destroys the individual’s own tissues. (Tortora & Derrickson, 2017) This disease affects the central nervous system, which includes the brain and the spinal cord. (Nociti […]

Multiple Sclerosis and its Effects on the Brain,Body and Family 

My dad was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis (MS) when I was 11 years old. The only major disease I knew a lot about at the time was cancer. Therefore, hearing that he had MS didn’t seem like an immense deal. Until he started to show more and more symptoms. He would fall up the stairs […]

Multiple Sclerosis, Diagnostic Tests and Labs Diseases

Introduction and Patient Background Information Growing up, I can recall my aunt suddenly taking ill and having to be cared for by other family members. At the time, I was too young to completely understand what the problem was. Now as an adult and nursing student, I have had the opportunity to take classes that […]

Effect Blue Cohosh on Cellular Respiration and Oxygen Supply

C. thalictroides (Blue Cohosh) is estimated to have been used by 68% of American midwives to induce labor. It is also used to stimulate your menstrual flow and act as an abortifacient (a drug that causes abortions). In other cases, it may be used to treat colic, sore throats, and as a laxative, among other […]

What is the Optimal Oxygen Management Strategy during Cardiopulmonary?

What is the optimal oxygen management strategy during cardiopulmonary bypass (CPB)? Normoxemia is the normal oxygen tension in arterial blood (PaO2) and is defined as 75–100 mmHg at room air [1]. Thus, hypoxemia is defined as a PaO2 less than 75 mmHg and hyperoxemia as a PaO2 greater than 100 mmHg at room air. It […]

The Structural, Optical, Electronic, and Magnetic Properties Oxygen

The structural, optical, electronic, and magnetic properties were studied. The cubic fluorite structure of all the samples was confirmed by XRD. The nature of the variation in crystallite size and lattice parameter confirmed the incorporation of Pr ions in the CeO2 lattice. We find that oxygen vacancy creation occurs more easily under tensile strain. under a […]

Philosophizing Born of African American Struggles in the USA and Apartheid

On January 24 in Williams Hall, I attended a lecture by Lucius Outlaw called “Philosophizing Born of African American Struggles in the United States of America”. The presentation highlighted what it was like to be a black intellectual in America. I enjoyed learning about his journey to become an intellect in a system that was […]

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Essays have been used in academic institutions for decades to evaluate both the writing and the knowledge of students. Essays challenge the writer to think critically, incorporate research, write creatively, and clearly phrase an argument. Though there are many types of essays, the following steps are a good guideline for writing them all. Find the perfect high school sample essay for inspiration!

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Schizophrenia Diagnostics and Its Challenges

Designing a Sporting Facility in Miami

Deaf Culture, Education, and Technologies

Close Reading of “Men We Reaped” by Jesmyn Ward

Jury Psychology and Decision Criticism

Duty-Based Ethics and Kant’s Theory in Healthcare

Business Ethics of the H&M Company

Gould et al. on Coaching Generation Z Athletes

Songs in Relation to Decades of Their Release (2000-2021)

Songs in Relation to Decades of Their Release (1980-2000)

A school nurse’s role in healthcare, tables and figures in the apa citation style.

Moral Position of Religious Education in Schools

The Dark Ages Concept in Western Civilization

The Dark House Podcast Analysis

The Second World War Choices Made in 1940

Social Class Questionnaire and Analysis

Enterprise Resource Planning Technology Solutions

Economic Stability and Health of Black Community

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free essay examples

Sometimes, the best way to learn and understand new information is through seeing work that is already completed. Having college essay examples give a student an in-depth idea of what a well structured and coherent essay looks like. Our custom writers has compiled some free college essays, so use them as a learning guide.

Persuasive Essay Category

3 paragraph essay example.

Topic: Appearances Are Deceptive

5 Paragraph Essay Example

Wonder how to write a 5 paragraph essay? Master the 5 paragraph essay format and outline with the example from essay writers.

Topic: Should laws on gun-control be more strict?

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To take advantage of our Admission Essay Writing Services just give us your paper requirements, choose a writer and we’ll save your precious time.

500 Word Essay Example

Click on the document to check how does 500 words essay look like. The sample topic is Epidemiological Studies.

Topic: Epidemiological Studies

1000 Word Essay Example

Explore how to write a 1000 word essay with these writing guide and essay example on a topic “Is gun control effective on crime reduction”

Topic: Crime with Violence in USA and SA

Argumentative Essay Examples

An argumentative essay is usually assigned to students on the SAT, ACT, IELTS, and TOEFL tests. We have a guide and two argumentative essay examples to help you master writing an argumentative essay:

Topic: Should Public Workers Be Allowed to Strike?

Topic: Wealth Inequality

Cause and Effect Essay Examples

Discover what is cause and effect is to check the writing guide and those cause and effect essay examples.

Topic: Cause and Effect of Homelessness

Topic: The Effects of Sleep Deprivation

Compare And Contrast Essay Examples

Check these two compare and contrast essay examples in order to master the format and outline.

Topic: Comparison Between the United Kingdom and China

Topic: Organic and Non-organic Food

Opinion Essay Examples

Topic: What Are the Pop Culture Stereotypes?

Topic: Family Systems Theory

Persuasive Essay Examples

Topic: The Virtue of Giving

Topic: Should People Who Download Music and Movies Illegally Be Punished?

Problem Solution Essay Example

Before offering a solution, it’s essential to identify the main issue. Make sure you stick around to learn from our problem solution essay example.

Research Paper Example

Expert of our graduate paper writing service wrote this research paper example in the academic field in order to help you with your essay writing. Feel free to use it for reference.

Topic: Should Parents Be Held Accountable for the Criminal Acts of Their Children?

Rhetorical Analysis Example

Read our guide and the following rhetorical analysis example to be writing like a Pro in no time!

Topic: The Death Of Honesty

Scholarship Essay Examples

We have already shared secrets of a winning scholarship essay in the article, now it’s time to back it up with scholarship essay examples.

Topic: Business Data Analytic Scholarship Essay

Term Paper Example

To make your term paper well-written, analytical, organized, and well-researched, take a look at the term paper example below.

Topic: Social Media and Self Esteem

High-level Academic Writing Category

Academic writing sample.

Did you know there are different types of an academic essay exist? Get familiar with each type in our article and take a look at the academic writing sample.

Topic: Money Laundering

AMA Format Example

Greetings to a medical and a scientific community working on papers! Find the AMA format example below.

AP English Essay Example

The following example will be useful for those who are going through AP English exam.

Topic: Government And The Internet

APA Sample Paper

Looking for APA citation guide? Check our APA format example below.

Topic: Prevalence of Domestic Violence in the Twenty-First Century and Measures to Stop It

ASA Format Example

If you are a sociology student, it’s a high chance our ASA format Example will help you to master citation. . Topic: Disability as an Inequality

Bullying Essay Example

Looking for reasons and outcomes of teenage cruelty in school? Check the available bullying essay example.

Topic: Bullying Impact on Academic Achievement

Chicago Style Paper Example

If you are interested in learning how to write in Chicago style, write our guide backed with the Chicago style citations example below.

Exemplification Essay Examples

Start working on your exemplification essay by checking exemplification essay examples here.

Topic: Advantages & Disadvantages of Cellphones

Topic: Should the EU Merge into one Superstate, and Be Controlled by One Major Capital City?

Extended Essay Examples

Probably, you start writing an extended essay by setting the structure. Check the extended essay examples to get familiar with structural elements of that kind of writing assignment.

Topic: To What Extent Has the Indonesian Government’s Policy on Tobacco Affected the Demand for Cigarettes

‍ Topic: How Does Rimsky-Korsakov Promote Nationalism in his Compositional Style?

Harvard Referencing Example

Get to know how to format your paper in Harvard style, provide in-text citations, and create a reference list — and our Harvard referencing example below.

IEEE Citation Example

For those who study Computer Science, we prepared the IEEE citation example.

Lab Report Example

When writing a lab report, it’s the most challenging part for most students to write a conclusion. If you are one of those, take a look at the following lab report example that includes the well-written conclusion. Some conclusion examples can be found in our article.

MLA Example

Do you know what MLA style paper typically includes? Have a look at the format guidelines and the MLA example below.

Topic: Critical Analysis of James Joyce's "Araby"

NHS Essay Examples

Dreaming to become an NHS member? Mastering the essay without taking a look at NHS essay examples in not possible!

Topic: National Junior Honor Society Essay

Nursing Essay Example

Nurses, are you reading this? Got some quality information for you, check the nursing essay example below.

Topic: Journal Reflection on Promoting Sleep in the ICU

Philosophy Paper Example

Wanna get to know how to write a philosophy paper? Start with analyzing a philosophy paper example.

Topic: Why Top Level Athletes Should Not Be Paid

Psychology Essay Example

Whether you are writing a psychology essay for school or university, the steps are basically the same. Take a look at the psychology essay example below.

SAT Essay Sample

An outstanding SAT essay requires a range of specific skills. Which ones —  try to find how they used in the SAT essay sample.

Topic: Paul Bogard's "Let There Be Dark"

Thematic Essay Example

When writing a thematic essay, your goal is to make your reader to uncover what you are saying between the lines. When then their does discover it, you have accomplished the 1st step! Find out more details about how to write a thematic essay at the following thematic essay example.

Topic: Athens vs Sparta

Expository Essay Category

Analytical essay example.

Find the analysis Of Mathew Taibbi's' article in the following analytical essay example. Need more info about how to write an analytical essay? Find all the answers in our guide or try our writing services .

Topic: Analysis Of Mathew Taibbis's Article

Article Review Example

Need to analyze and evaluate the work of another expert? Take a bonus from EssayPro experts: article review example.

Topic: Why Have There Been no Great Female Artists?

Character Analysis Essay Example

As a Character Analysis Example, we roasted Transformation of Huck and Jim in the Adventures of Huckleberry Finn. Give it a check!

Topic: Transformation of Huck and Jim in the Adventures of Huckleberry Finn

Classification Essay Examples

If you are learning how to write a classification essay, then you need to figure out what it actually is. And the best way to do that is to check our guide and some classification essay examples attached below.

Topic: Ideal Human Being

Topic: Weight Loss Plans

College Admission Essay Examples

Working on a college admission essay? Take a look at these examples.

Topic: College Admission Essay of a Student

Topic: Challenging A Life Belief/Idea

College Application Essay Example

Use this example to master college application essay format.

Topic: Admission Letter to Sofia University

Critical Analysis Essay Example

To provide you with a critical analysis essay example, we made an expert analysis of “The Grapes of Wrath.”

Topic: A critical analysis of “The Grapes of Wrath.”

Definition Essay Examples

In some cases, a short description of a term is not enough to uncover the topic, then the definition essay format comes in handy. Take a look at definition essay examples to learn how to make in-depth explanations.

Topic: What Is Success?

Topic: Who Is a Hero?

Diversity Essay Example

Topic: Diversity Application Essay to the University of Delaware

Explanatory Essay Example

In order to master how to write an explanatory essay, check an explanatory essay example.

Topic: Why Don't We Complain?

Expository Essay Example

This type of writing is not that obvious as it looks. To get to know what is the purpose of an expository essay, check the expository essay example below.

Topic: How to Be a Gentleman

Informative Essay Examples

Where you study in school or college, there is a 100% chance that you will have to write an informative essay. Check these informative essay examples to get familiar with the format.

Topic: Reasons as to Why People Dream

Topic: Human Right Infringement in Things Fall Apart

Literary Analysis Essay Example

Picked a topic of your literary analysis essay? Check our literary analysis essay example to create an outstanding writing assignment.

Topic: Literary Analysis of “The Lottery” by Shirley Jackson

Literature Review Example

Have you already read the article How to Write a Literature Review? Find the literature review example below to understand what the final product should look like.

Topic: Native Language, and Its Acquisition Within a Bilingual

Personal Essay Examples

A well-written personal essay can inspire readers for action. Get yourself inspired by reading these outstanding personal essay examples! How to write a personal essay you can find in our blog.

Topic: Grandma’s Influence

Topic: Grandpa was Having a Conversation with God

Poetry Analysis Essay Example

It’s both difficult to write a poem and to take a more in-depth look at the piece. Try to figure out how to analyze a poem by using the following poetry analysis essay example as a reference.

Process Analysis Essay Examples

Check out our guide to master that type of writing assignment.

Topic: How to Lose Weight

Topic: Preparing for a College Interview

Process Essay Examples

A process essay is also known as “how-to” or simply tutorial. Check ours, and don't forget about process essay examples.

Topic: The Process of Building a Business from Scratch

Topic: How to Save More

Reflection Paper Example

As a student, during your school and college years, you analyze and reflect on hundreds of articles. Check our guide and reflection paper example in order to master reflective writing.

Topic: Reflection of Angela Jones’ Lecture on Poverty

Reflective Essay Sample

Through the reflective essay, you share some moment or experience from your life. How to make your writing effective? We answered that question in the guide. Also, give a check to the following reflective essay example.

Topic: Is Mythology Still Relevant? My Research Experience

Research Proposal Example

Writing a research proposal and have no idea what is it? No worries, find all the essential info in the writing guide and finish mastering you paper by taking a look at the research proposal example below.

Topic: Space Exploration and Innovation: Competition or Cooperation?

Synthesis Essay Example

Do you already know how to write a synthesis essay in steps? We have a synthesis essay example for you to expand your knowledge.

Topic: Unaccompanied Minors and Migration

Creative Essay Category

Autobiography example.

Writing an autobiography is not that tricky. If you search for an autobiography example, you will find one below.

Creative Essay Example

Before starting jotting down your ideas and notes, take a look at creative essay example to meet the standard essay structure.

Topic: The Rise of an Androgynous Society

Descriptive Essay Examples

A descriptive essay is your gateway to immersive writing. Have a look at descriptive essay examples written by EssayPro writers to get familiar with the essay format.

Topic: Particular Aspects That Separate Regular Events from Unique Memories In Life

Topic: Dominant Impression

Essay About Yourself Example

It’s usually challenging to write about yourself. Getting inspired by our essay about yourself example may help you to come up with the first sentence.

Topic: Andrew’s Car Accident Revelation

Narrative Essay Examples

Telling a great story could be a challenging task, which gets much easier with essay writing guide and following narrative essay examples.

Topic: If I Was Elected President for a Day

Topic: Swimming for the First Time

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