Persuasive Essay On Body Worn Cameras

Persuasive essay on police body cameras.

There are a lot of incidents that happen between police, and criminals. Always a mix up, confusion, miscommunication, and sadly, police brutality, but police always get the benefit of the doubt because of lack of evidence. A incident happened way back in around 2009, it was actually on January 1st. A twenty-two year old young man named Oscar Grant was shot at Fruitvale Station, by an officer that “thought” he was using a taser, but actually used a gun. If that officer would have had a body camera on, he would’ve been more aware of what he was doing, and he would have been caught sooner because they would have been able to see, and tell that Grant wasn’t being defiant.

The Pros And Cons Of Police Body Cameras

There are three main points supporters argue in this debate of why police should be mandated to wear body cameras. First, supporters state that police body cameras can help solve police brutality. The first police department in the United States to implement police body cameras was in Rialto, California, and according to Al Jazeera America, "The department saw an 88 percent decline in complaints against officers and use of force incidents plummeted to 60 percent" (Demetrius and Okwu 2). These supporters think if we were to implement police body cameras for all police departments in the United States, then these effects on police brutality could be attained nationwide. Second, supporters believe that body cameras will punish corrupt police

Across the country a growing number of legislative departments have been debating about the pros and cons of police body cameras. This paper will further explore benefits, as well as the downfalls of using such devices. This paper will also look at specific cases and examine whether or not body cameras were helpful in various situations. It will examine if they were a deterrent in cases dealing with police brutality and domestic violence. It also looks at how they could be misused and assisting some officers in covering up their corrupt behavior.

Should Law Enforcement Agents Wear Body Cameras?

First advantage in law enforcement agents wearing body cameras is to hold the officers accountable. “Holding the officers accountable, will ensure the officer adheres to policies and procedures during an encounter with victims and suspects.” Body-worn cameras are poised to help boost accountability for law enforcement and citizens and, unlike many new police technologies, the cameras share preliminary support from both law enforcement and social justice groups. Successful implementation of the cameras will require careful policies that respect and protect both the police and the public.

Persuasive Essay About Police Body Cameras

To peep or not to peep, that is the question being asked by many regarding police body cameras in communities. The topic of police brutality is a rising issue in today’s society. Several questions have arose over the use of police body cameras and whether they are a good or bad idea. Police body cameras have has a variety of concern to many communities regarding their potential. Every city has a different trust and relationship for their police force and these concerns vary depending on the community. People have the concern regarding privacy, protection, and impact on the community and more. After researching the problems caused by Police body cameras as well as its background, the current state of the issue, and the potential solutions, it is clear that communities need to bring a solution to this situation.Such as laws, policies, rules, and more to control this new information.

Argumentative Essay On Body Cameras

Police Brutality is a big issue in America. There has been many cases in which the Police Officer is put into question. Body Cameras have already been used in other states and it has proven that it reduces Police Brutality. On October 18, Corey Jones a musician was killed by a Palm Beach Garden’s Officer. Corey Jones was having trouble with his car so, he called his brother to come pick him up. The Police Officer didn’t have a body camera nor a police dashboard camera in his vehicle. He was was wearing a baseball cap, T-shirt, and jeans. He was driving in an unmarked 15-passenger van. There were no witnesses at the scene just the Police Officer and Corey Jones.The use of body cameras may invade the public or police privacy, but it helps more in cases because it provides evidence, reveals officers’ behavior, and protects the public as well as officers.

Police Brutality Is A Big Problem, Not Only In The Usa,

Police brutality is a big problem, not only in the USA, but also around the world. There have been lots of effort to change this, from police departments to governments, to communities. One such effort has been the addition of body-worn cameras to the uniforms of police officers, in order to enforce accountability. This makes it so that, if there were a controversial case questioning whether the force displayed by an officer was warranted or not, there would be a video of the encounter, which is often more reliable evidence than the word of an officer or civilian. Despite the cost, mandating body-worn cameras for on-duty officers would benefit everyone involved, since there would be far less room for false or inaccurate claims made by

Why Are Body Cameras Important

With so many incidents occurring between law enforcement and civilians, it’s about time we have our officers wear body cameras. Law enforcement wants to use body cameras, many politicians are in favor for them, Civil-rights groups are advocating them, and communities that already have a strong police presence in their neighborhoods are requesting that the police get cameras now. With the uproar of law enforcement and the death of many black American’s, body cameras can be very useful. There is always that missing link when trying to put these horrible moments back together. Far too many times we end up with the suspect dead and only get one side of the story. With the use of body cameras, we can now get more insight on the events that happen (Boyd, 2015).

Body Cameras Should Not Be Protected From Legal Cases

Not having body cameras in the line of duty is becoming an issue, legally and ethically, for both officers and citizens. Body cameras show the objective perspective of police in the field, and show everything that occurred, whether it reflects positively or negatively on the officer. There is not much evidence yet on the effect body cameras have. However, one study that was done shows positive feedback from the use of body cameras. In Rialto, California, a study was conducted and showed that use of force by police officers and complaints by citizens were dramatically decreased after they began to use

Body Cameras In Law Enforcement Essay

Over the last few years there has been much controversy leading up to the need for law enforcement officers to wear body cameras. This is not only for citizens but also for the officers’ protection. With so much debate regarding police brutality and excessive force body cameras are quickly on the rise. New technology is giving police on a state and federal level a new opportunity to cut back on some of the allegations and negativity we have seen in the last few years. On the other hand it is giving citizens all over the country the safety they should feel when being approached by law enforcement. Our technology has improved significantly over the years and this seems to be something that will benefit everyone.

Police Brutality Of The United States

Over the years there have been a large number of police brutality incidences reported in the United States. Unfortunately, there have been a large number of cases where the law enforcement officers have been at fault, but in turn, there have also been cases where the law enforcement officers have been falsely accused. In order to increase the public’s faith and trust in law enforcement, footage needs to be made available to, not only the press, but also the public eye with body cameras. Not only will these body cameras help prevent violence, but it will also show positive footage of good working law enforcement officers, and also hold law enforcement officers liable for their unjustified actions by being recorded.

Body Cams : Policing For Greater Good

In today’s society no one is safe from everyday peril. Situations arise daily that may present either a law enforcement official or civilian that could warrant the need for extra protection. In some cases it is a matter of he said, she said. For those faced with such situations, documentation that could be provided by body cameras worn by police officials could be of great use. Body cameras have been tested in a small group of police departments and have provided an overwhelming positive effect. Police officers wearing body cameras not only provide the officers with extra peace o mind but give civilians documentation to back up their sides of the story. Not everyone is in favor of police

Argumentative Essay On Body Camera

A body camera are a useful thing, well not for cops because it can give more depth into what cops do in according to the SIRS DATABASE in Ferguson,Missouri in 2014 a black unarmed teen was shot to death by a cop but instead of them indict him they made him where a body cam. All across the community and the country body cams where given to polices officers $263 million in funding went in to this to proved fore these body cam's. The people that voted fore theses body came's say that it will reduce the use of force by police and lessen the number of complaints agent them. People say body cam's will be a good thing because cops cant tamper withe the evidence because the body cam will have it on video so cops cant say that the person the arrested for something they did not do that is-int true. The body cam will have it on video. Body came's will help improve the community and the un-orthodontics ways of cops. Body cam videos will bring a hole new light to thing in the court room because there will be actual proof of lets say a cop beating an unarmed person there body cam video will keep the right people out of jail and leave some cops without a job.

Preventing False Arguments Against Police Brutality

Violent brutality from police towards citizens has been going on for a long period of time. Many of these altercations are recorded onto phones of bystanders, yet not all videos recorded by bystanders show the full account from the police's attempts to make an arrest and the circumstances which caused or lead up to the death of the victim. Preventing false accusations, providing valuable evidence and victims statements, this signifies that this evidence is immensely crucial to the process of doing an investigation during a criminal act or appropriately incriminating people lives and jobs. False accusations can cause people to be incarcerated and police officers to lose their job for something that wasn’t their fault. Body cameras provide evidence so that crime's like these don’t happen as often as they do. Additionally, Police officers wearing their body cams hold them accountable of their inappropriate actions, or the appropriate protocols they used, which they are presumed to learn in training. This demonstrates why body cameras are essential to ongoing and active investigations and police arrest. Plus help build better trust between the police/law enforcement with their

The Effects Of Police Body Cameras On A Police Environment Essay

Even though there is promising potential in these devices, their use has been found to be controversial, and one of the reasons behind this is the lack of formal policies for police body cameras. Many American police departments lack consistent, clear, or even any formal policies regarding how to

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Essay On Body Worn Cameras

There have been lots of modern technologies introduced in the United States of America to assist law enforcement agencies with crime prevention. But the use of body-worn cameras by police personnel brings about many unanswered questions and debate. Rising questions about the use of body cam are from concern citizens and law enforcement personnel. In this present day America, the use body cameras by all law enforcement personnel and agencies are one of the controversial topics being discussed on a daily base. Body worn cameras were adopted due to the alleged police brutality cases: for instance, the case of Michael Brown, an African-American who was shot and killed by a police officer in Ferguson, Missouri, on August 2014, Eric Garner died as a result of being put in a chokehold by a New York police officer, and John Crawford, shot and killed by a police officer at a Walmart in Beavercreek, Ohio. First and foremost, the use of body worn camera is a laudable idea …show more content…

In this essay, the author

Lewinski says, on the off chance that you look far from where the camera is concentrating, you may not see activity inside of the camera outline that has all the earmarks of being happening 'just before your eyes. Another is “some important danger cues can’t be recorded” Tactical cues that are important to police officers in deciding whether to apply the use of force are difficult for the body cameras to capture. In an example given by Lewinski, Case in point, an assaultive subject who conveys his hands up might look to a civilian like he 's surrendering, however to you, taking into account past experience, that can be an exceptionally scary and contentious development, flagging his planning for a battling assault. The camera just catches the activity, not your

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Body Worn Cameras Essay

essay on body worn cameras

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Argumentative essay on body cameras.

The future of police work has change over the past ten years. An Officer’s word was good enough but like all things in life there comes a change. The change that we are seeing in law enforcement currently is the use of body worn cameras. The bigger agencies have had in car cameras for a long time but recently with newer technology officers are now being equipped with body worn cameras. The Executive Director of the Michigan Sheriff’s Association states ‘’ I think it’s a natural evolution from the dash cam,” and “This way, you see what the officer experiences, right or wrong”. (Wawrow p.1 2014) The debate on body worn cameras came mostly after the shooting of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri. However…

Police Body Cameras Essay

“Give a man a mask and he will become his true self.” – Oscar Wilde…

Body Camera Research

A study conducted by Cambridge University in 2012 and 2013 examined the effect of body cameras when the full local police force in Rialto, Calif., began using them. In the first year of the technology 's introduction, use of force by officers fell 60 percent, while citizen complaints against police plunged 88 percent.…

Police Body Cameras Pros And Cons Essay

Police brutality is a huge problem in America today, and few steps are being taken to prevent this injustice. One way of eliminating some of this from society is having police officers wear manually activated cameras on their bodies to record any interactions with civilians. Recently, multiple cases revolving around police brutality including two extremely controversial cases from 2014 where two black men (Eric Garner and Michael Brown) were killed by white officers who later were not charged. The news and multiple social media websites took notice of these cases and it became a widespread public issue. A way to solve this problem is to have law enforcement wear these cameras so that the video recordings can be used to resolve many disputes revolving around necessary force. Body cameras…

Essay On Police Body Camera

was falsely viewed by the public, in other words the public was not getting the full story. Now a…

Should Police Officers Wear Body Cameras Essay

For years now, the United States have argued over whether or not police officers should wear body cameras. Recent studies show that more and more Americans believe that all police officers should wear body cameras. Many people have come out in support of this new controversial issue. For one thing, it would prove true evidence about any hard making decisions. Also, police officers wearing body cameras are less likely to use violence. Finally, it can provide safety for all on duty police officers.…

Body Cameras Argument Analysis

There have been many complaints about if body cameras on police officers will work or not. There are two people that have different opinions that other people that think body cameras will stop police brutality against police officers. William N. Grigg, and Joshua Krause these people think body cameras on police officers will not work, and will not stop or decrease the violence from police officers. Grigg’s argument is Their arguments are that the officers from the SDPD forgot to turn on their body cameras while on duty. A crime that happened in April, Officer Neal Browder fatally shot a 31-year-old man named Fridoon Zalbeg Rawshannehad, who had been suspected of carrying a knife. After the shooting, no weapon was found, although Rawshannehad was carrying what has been described as “a shiny looking object.”(San Diego Cops…

Police Privacy Issues

Police officers argue that body cameras can deal with privacy issues. Privacy won’t become an issue if some of the police officers actually did their job right. Many of the police departments have been denying to wear body cameras because cameras may prevent people from coming forward as credible witnesses to help assist with investigations, due to fear of public exposure and the fear of someone coming after them to kill them. Technological issues related to the cameras may prevent proper functioning at times and the cops are not able to fix them because they don’t know much about technology. This could be due to a dead battery, damaged components, obstructed lens, and other problems. This could result in personnel missing important witness statements or crucial behavior by officers or citizens. The equipment is expensive as well. Some police departments don’t have the money to buy expensive cameras. The cameras the cops need have to have a lot of storage in them. Plus, cameras need to have long-term batteries so that it won’t die out while on duty. Yes,…

Police Reform

Policing have become a major concern today in the United States. The citizens of the United States confidence and trust in policing of the police are at the lowest point since the Rodney King beating. Many Americans still report confidence in the police, however an unprecedented number of Americans also report no or very little confidence in policing. Throughout history poor police/community relations in minority and low-income neighborhoods has documented. It has been exacerbated by egregious acts of misconduct, some of which have been captured on video and shared on social media. Many people such as activists, politicians, and police officials themselves have called for better education and equipment, from de-escalation training to body-worn…

Albert Kopak

The study showed that officers are likely to develop preconceptions and can have a negative influence on the relationship between civilian and officer. Albert Kopak, (2014) during the quantitative analyses, found that the more bothered police felt by being video recorded, the more likely they were to side with officers who were recorded in the line of duty. Police often have a negative perception of civilians who video record them. However the 1st and 4th amendment protects the public's right to make recordings of officers in line of duty. This article lays down a foundation to access and review this concept for a more in-depth research study on the underlying issue of the controversy of civilian video recording during the officers' line of…

Police Body Cameras

The question of body cameras for police officers has historically been a pressing issue in America, but after the recent incidents it is being taken into serious consideration. Body Cameras should be provided for all law enforcement personnel so that citizens can get a clear understanding of how they are implementing their force onto the citizens of United States.…

Police Body Cameras Case Study

Imagine one evening that a man comes home and finds out his significant other has been cheating. A wave of emotions come over as voices rise and neighbors call the police. Minutes later the police are on scene. With the adoption of police body cameras, the whole thing is caught on tape and kept as a federal record. Something personal and perhaps embarrassing is now out of that person hands and they have no control over what happens to the video. Police body cameras are thought to be the saving grace for police reputation and civil justice. Though the video data would no doubt be a valuable resource, there are many unexplored issues of exactly how the data will affect state budget, privacy, and police relations in communities.…

The Pros And Cons Of Police Body Cameras

“How one tragedy affects so many others.”(Kenneth Eade) The many accusations of unnecessary police brutality is one of the primary causes of the introduction of police body cameras. The government was trying to find a solution to the slowly growing tension between the police and the common people. There are many different views on if these cameras are affective and necessary to keep around.…

Pros And Cons Of Body Cameras

In light of recent events, tensions amongst American communities and police officers have heightened due to the shootings of unarmed civilians and the alleged use of excessive force. These events have brought the integrity of police officers into question raising the question onto whether or not police officers should wear body cameras. This would serve to improve public relations with the local communities and provide a new source of indisputable hard evidence. Unfortunately, everything also comes with its disadvantages and while the benefits of body cameras do outweigh the negatives on paper, they may still not be enough to result in wide scale implementation. Such disadvantages include cost, as the cost of a single body camera ranges from $400 to $700 (Taser International Inc.) The reliability of these cameras may also be called into question as technological bugs are inevitable. According to research conducted by PERF and the COPS office, officers should be required to activate their cameras when responding to calls meaning that they are turned off while on duty. This may allow a police officer to tamper with evidence or to manipulate the cameras as they are in total control. Body cameras may be a potential solution for a growing problem, and while there seem to be an abundance of benefits, many drawbacks do also question the viability of such a project.…

Summary: The Importance Of Body Cameras

In August 9th 2014, an unarmed black teenager, Michael Brown was shot and killed by Darren Wilson, a Ferguson, Missouri police officer. The officer faced no charges because Wilson was not wearing a body camera therefore there was no reliable evidence. There have been many similar incidents like this one therefore I think police officers should wear body cameras.These tiny cameras placed on an officer’s chest, shoulder, or head can record and provides unbiased evidence and improve their behavior. Although, the cameras raise privacy concerns for the public but policies can help address this concerns. Also they also protect police officers and the public.…

Persuasive Essay On Body Worn Cameras

essay on body worn cameras

Show More In the past few years, the technology utilized by police has continued to change and evolve. Beginning in 2013, hundreds of police departments began to utilize body-worn cameras on their officers. Over the last few years, whether all police departments should implement these programs has become a rising issue. Body-worn cameras provide departments with unbiased evidence of officer interactions with the public. They have been shown to improve department transparency, improve officer and citizen behavior, decrease length and difficulty of investigation of public complaints, and provide concrete evidence during arrests and prosecutions. However, body-worn camera programs are relatively new technology and there has been limited studies and information available to police departments wanting to implement these new body-worn camera programs. Major concerns over public privacy, officer privacy, and financial costs have not been fully investigated. This lack of research and information has allowed multiple body-worn camera programs to be established and implemented with a lack of guidance. The policies regarding body-worn cameras vary …show more content… Complaints against police often occur during incidents when no witnesses are present and the complaint investigation becomes the officer’s word against the citizen’s. Video evidence produced by body-worn cameras changes this dynamic. The video and audio allow investigators and the public to view what happened during incidents from an unbiased view. It also allows for complaints to be handled quicker due to more evidence being readily available. Even if it is assumed in most cases the recording supports the officer’s report of the incident and not the citizen’s, the opposite could also be true. In cases, such as these, the officer’s conduct can be examined and he or she can be held accountable for mistakes made or violations

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Some people don’t agree with the police body cameras because they view it is an invasion of privacy. However, police should wear body cameras at all times not only to ensure the safety of themselves and others, but as well as prevent many court cases by providing video evidence of a crime. Police body cameras have not had complete approval to be used nationally, but in-car police cameras have been used for years and have been reported to help in court. In a survey, fifty-eight percent of prosecutors were spent less time in court because of the efficiency of video evidence. Also, because of video surveillance, there is less false…

Rodney King Case Analysis

Despite technological advancements, there has not been an increase in the number of police officers charged with providing false testimony when an officer’s deposition does not match what occurred on tape. This has pressed prosecutors also to address these public concerns and press charges against officers accused of conducting unlawful actions. Actions though are often reactive and not proactive and come after the result of public outcries for…

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Without consent, the video could not be used as evidence. In recent years laws have changed that have made it legal to record police when they are on duty or in public places. The only stipulation with that law is that the witness doing the recording cannot interfere with the police procedures. This change in law allowed people to become more active in police investigations. With all the videos of police brutality there has been a decrease in trust in the police.…

Body Cameras Advantages

With the seemingly increase of police brutality, it can be understandable why citizens want police to wear body cameras. I personally agree with these notions and it has even been proven in various studies. Some people believe that body cameras would not help because then they would be forced to get a ticket if they, say, ran a red light instead of having the officer getting them off with just warning. However, I think that benefits of the cameras most certainly outweigh the negative aspects. This specifically includes officers becoming more self-aware of their actions in public, getting a recording of what happened in a violent encounter, and the increased “transparency and improve[d] relations between police and the communities they are supposed…

Police Worn Body Cameras Essay

By creating an objective and reviewable record, the PWBCs help resolve questions following otherwise suspect encounters between officer and members of the public. The primary types of encounters that the public is concerned with are those where officers engage in use-of-force, especially officer involved shootings. However, a less publicized—but more prevalent—problem that could be diminished by using PWBCs is the amount of unconstitutional search and seizures performed by police officers”(Kampfe). Not only are cameras offering a form of accountability but there 's almost nothing a police officer can say against you in the case of them using excessive force after being recorded. Although the same can be said for a civilian as their actions are held just as accountable as the…

Police Body Cameras Essay

Police body cameras have remarkably improved the behavior of both the citizen and also the Police Officer on duty. Most people believe that the footage of the body cameras will be accessible to the criminals, who will most likely seek retribution to those who snitch upon them. Nonetheless they are not considering that the information will be secured…

Body Cameras Research Paper

In this essay I want to show some of the benefits for the body cameras. The cameras have many positive features to them a few of them would be that the videos give solid evidence to hold people accountable for their actions, people are more aware of their actions when the cameras are present so there have been fewer complaints made, also, the use of force has also decreased since police have started using the cameras. One of the biggest things that body cameras offer is the video evidence that they give. With this evidence the officers and the civilians can be held accountable for their own actions. Before the body cameras, there were dash cams.…

Why Are Body Worn Cameras Important

The man later is later pronounced dead shortly after this incident. In both of these stories there is little or no video footage of the events which results in the incident being defended by only the officer 's testimony of the events. These events have increased the public demand for more accountability and transparency in law enforcement. Police agencies have begun to respond to these concerns by implementing body-worn camera programs with their officers. What little research that has been conducted on the use of body-worn cameras shows that the use of these cameras protect not only the citizen, but the officer as well (Ziv,…

Argumentative Essay On Body Cameras

The body cameras will make misconduct much more difficult to get away with by far leading to a more positive view of the sworn officers of the law. But the opposing side would be that officers no longer are our most trusted guardians but someone we must watch out for this could be an argument only for an officer however thin. While the more important argument is who should control the footage recorded. “Police departments across the country have increasingly used body cameras to record interactions with the public. Some politicians and activists have seized on the cameras as way to restore transparency to policing.…

Body Cameras Necessary Essay

In cases like Ferguson, Missouri and Baltimore, Maryland will we ever know what actually happened on those nights without police footage? In these cases the crimes could have been prevented just by these body cameras. Many of times police have used aggression or force to apprehend a suspect when needed but many people claim they used unnecessary force. But these body cameras can protect police safety and our safety as well. People say this will invade our privacy.…

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