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My Hometown Essay | How to Write? Short and Long Essay on My Hometown

May 27, 2021 by Prasanna

My Hometown Essay: My Hometown Essay is provided here. The samples of essays will help students of schools and colleges to write essays for their academic classes. Follow the pattern and format given here to write the essay. It is always recommended that students should write essays about their hometown since they would get good content to write and they can represent their hometown in a better way.

Hometown is a place where you have lived your childhood and youth. One should always remember what their hometown has taught them and how they grew up in such a beautiful environment. They should write an essay in such a way that the readers are influenced by the article and they are interested in visiting your hometown.

Let us see how to write the essay in my hometown and see examples here.

You can read more  Essay Writing  about articles, events, people, sports, technology many more.

How to Write an Essay on My Hometown?

The essay on any topics will include these three parts:

The introduction part will consist of your name and current situation. Greet your reader and start with mentioning the name of your hometown. In the body paragraphs, describe the main features of your hometown such as climate, modern facilities, center of trade, educational institute, nature of the people, etc. At the end, you can conclude about your hometown and what you expect from readers to think about it.

Long Essay on My Hometown 400+ Words in English

Everybody adores his old neighborhood or city beyond all doubt. It resembles cherishing the home or where one passes one’s life. My town is near a waterway that streams out of the waterway about eight kilometers away. Gardens and stops encompass it on all sides. Lovely blossoms and delectable products of the relative multitude of seasons are to be discovered inviting you as you approach the town. Verdant grounds line the town where kids, men, and ladies are discovered playing in the early evening.

A few wide streets lead you into the town. As you enter it, you will discover little business sectors spreading out from the primary streets. The business sectors are a ways off of one to two kilometers from one another. Between the two business sectors are a few roads where individuals reside in old and new very much built houses. The vast majority of the houses are single or two-storeyed. All ways of rich and working-class and destitute individuals live respectively. Obviously, rich individuals own enormous, great structures. Individuals by and large live in harmony, however now and again there are fights.

The town has two schools, one for young men and another for young ladies. It additionally has four secondary schools and six center schools. The understudies are for the most part from working-class or rich families, yet now some common individuals like workers have begun sending their kids to schools. We have very exclusive expectations of training as we have in some renowned universities and schools in huge urban areas. The explanation is the difficult work that instructors put in and the interest that a large portion of the understudies take in investigations.

The town has a fine open emergency clinic where most government specialists take care of patients also as they can the public abhorrences a couple of reckless specialists. They are regularly moved on the public grievances. Obviously, the clinic is frequently packed and reasonable meds are hard to find. The more extravagant individuals go to private facilities where they get clinical treatment of their decision.

The town civil council keeps the town clean, however now and then trash stacks gather, and the entire spot starts smelling (giving a disagreeable smell). The power division takes care that the roads are splendidly lit around evening time. At the point when individuals have grumblings about its working, it starts performing better. The police and other government offices around there, in general, have been playing out their obligations similarly well. Individuals of the town have now begun grumbling of rising defilement in government workplaces. It is time we checked it most stringently. At the point when I am away from my town, I feel as though I am away from something dearest throughout everyday life.

My Hometown

Short Essay on My Hometown 150 Words in English

I come from a small town called [name of the town]. As a matter of first importance, it is really green and has numerous seashores and mountains. My old neighborhood has a little populace and individuals are well disposed of. It likewise has a little downtown area or downtown territory and you can discover numerous shops and cafés. For instance, ocean depths eateries stores. Furthermore, My old neighborhood is a seaside town as an outcome, there are numerous boats and ships called dhows made by a little customary wooden boat processing plant. What’s more, there are numerous anglers around so you can eat numerous sorts of modest fish. It’s sweltering in the middle of the year and warm in the colder time of year. There are numerous parks and galleries in my old neighborhood. Numerous vacationers visit my old neighborhood in the colder time of year due to the charming climate and they can see the turtles and their little ones.

FAQ’s on My Hometown Essay

Question 1. What are the points to say about Hometown?

Answer: You can write about the qualities of your hometown such as how it is famous, about its modernity, how it is beautiful, what is its population, great monuments in your hometown, famous people born in your hometown, etc.

Question 2. What is special about my hometown?

Answer: The special thing about anyone’s hometown is the countless childhood memories and youth spent in the hometown.

Question 3. What is a hometown?

Answer: The meaning of hometown is where you grew up or have lived for quite a while. The town where somebody resided during rudimentary and grade school is an illustration of a hometown.

How to talk about your hometown in English

describe hometown essay

Do you know how to talk about your hometown?

This is a very common question in the IELTS test . It could appear in part one of the IELTS speaking test, it could also come up in part two or three.

But despite this being a common topic question in IELTS , I am surprised to find that many English students have so much trouble with it. As if they have no idea about their hometown at all.

describe hometown essay

In the following guide, I will show you step by step how to talk about every aspect of your hometown no matter what question the examiner asks you.

Let’s get started.

Table of Contents

Don’t Recite Lists!

Many students just reel off a list of phrases without putting any further thought into what they are saying.

describe hometown essay

If you do this in the IELTS test, the examiner will probably be unimpressed.

I am talking about these kinds of answers:

My hometown is modern

My hometown is beautiful

My hometown is crowded

My hometown has many people

This says nothing about your hometown at all!

So don’t do it.

describe hometown essay

The examiner wants to hear more than this. If you say your hometown is modern, then describe how it is modern. Tell me about the high-rise buildings and the city skyline. If your hometown is famous, tell me why it is famous. What stories can you tell me that show me how famous your hometown is?

This is what you need to do when talking about the town or city where you grew up.

Talking about the Landmarks in your Hometown

Every town and city has at least one landmark.

describe hometown essay

I am from England and these are the kind of landmarks you can find in English towns:

A town hall

A well-known pub (every English town has many pubs)

A statue or monument of some kind

describe hometown essay

Once you identify what these landmarks are, then you talk about them.

We have a nice library in our town. It is in a nice old building. It’s a great place to relax and read. They have free newspapers too.

There’s a pub called The Red Lion. It’s a pretty quiet place, I think most of the regulars are old men, always complaining about the news or talking about football.

All you have to do about the landmarks in your town is make observations about it — what it looks like, where it is and who visits this place. If you have a story to tell about it that is great.

There’s a shopping centre in the middle of my hometown. It’s kind of boring but me and my friends go there because it’s the only place for us to go on a Saturday evening.

One time we went there, and they had a little show in the middle of the centre. Some local singers who sing in a choir were doing a performance. I think they were trying to raise money for a local charity.

A shopping mall

A restaurant

A school or university

Spend some time thinking about the landmarks in your hometown. Write some sentences about each one, describing the landmarks in detail. If you have any interesting stories to tell about the landmarks, then write them down too.

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Talking about the People in your Hometown

describe hometown essay

Without people, there is no town so you have to talk about the people.

Think about the following questions when talking about the people in your hometown:

What jobs do they do?

Do they have a special accent?

What kind of things do they like to do?

Do they all know each other?

Then you try to answer these questions. It may not come easy, but the more you practice the easier it will become. You just add whatever information you can add about the people in your hometown.

I think a lot of people in my hometown work for Amazon. There is a big Amazon warehouse in my hometown so I think a lot of people work there.

This may be true or untrue, but it is a good answer based on the observations of the Amazon warehouse in the town.

People in my hometown speak with a kind of country accent. The town is in the countryside of England so people sound a little bit like that. The people speak much slower than people from London.

In your hometown, the people may have their own dialect. If so, talk about that.

There’s a very famous rugby club in my town so I think many people support rugby. Whenever there is a game you can hear all the crowd cheering the team on for miles around.

I imagine not everyone goes to the rugby games, but this gives a clear picture of what many people in the town like to do.

I think many people in my hometown like to take care of their garden. I see many people at the weekend, mowing their lawns or pruning bushes in their gardens. It seems to be a popular thing where I live.

You can only give an idea of how you think people spend their weekends. It would be impossible for you to know exactly what all the people in your hometown are doing every weekend!

I think many people in my hometown know each other as it is a small town. It is not like London where no one seems to know each other.

describe hometown essay

You cannot know everything about all the people in your hometown. But you can give an impression based on what you have seen people do.

When introducing the people in your hometown that is enough.

Try to think of answers for the above questions. Write down some sentences about the people in your hometown.

Talking about the Food in your Hometown

This part is very easy.

Every town and city has a kind of dish that is very popular to eat. All you have to do is talk about that.

describe hometown essay

It doesn’t matter if this food was originally created in your hometown, if the people like to eat it then you can talk about that.

But maybe your town or city does have a unique dish or style of food that originates from your hometown. If so, then you can talk about that.

describe hometown essay

How to talk about it?

You have to think of the following questions:

What are the ingredients of this food or special dish?

What does it taste like? Spicy, sweet, sour, salty?

Why do the local people like it in your hometown?

Where can I buy it if I visit your hometown? Do people cook it at home or is it only available in restaurants? Or is it a special kind of ‘street food’? Or maybe all three?

Do people eat this food for breakfast, lunch or dinner?

Do they eat in on special occasions?

So let’s use an example that can be found in England.

Fish & Chips.

If we go through all the questions one by one we can break down how to talk about fish and chips in this part.


Fish and potatoes. Also, some oil for cooking and you can add salt and vinegar to your own taste.

Often very salty.

Why do people like it?

It’s delicious! Not so healthy but it does taste good. It’s also very convenient to buy.

Where ca n I buy this food?

In the local fish and chips shop. These are small shops that make fish and chips and then you take it home and eat it. Some restaurants make it too. These restaurants are very simple but the food is always good. It is cheap to buy.

When do people eat it?

You see how simple it is to talk about food in your hometown?

Now you try.

Take all the questions and talk about a well-known or popular dish in your hometown. Just look at all the questions and answer them one by one.

When you have written all your answers down, practice speaking out loud.

Talking about the Culture in your Hometown

describe hometown essay

Take a few minutes and think about what special events or festivals your hometown holds every year.

What happens at on these special days?

Why do people go to this event?

Is there a historical meaning behind it?

If you get stuck, you can search online and find out what customs and special holidays are celebrated in your hometown or city. Do some research and you will find many examples.

Other things make up the culture of the town or city — the food, the people, the daily habits, the lifestyle. These all add up to create a special culture that is unique to your hometown.

describe hometown essay

Let me give you an example from England.

Cheese Rolling

In a few towns across England, there are cheese-rolling festivals. This is usually held on Spring Bank Holiday Monday. A big round block of cheese is rolled down a hill and people chase after it. The first person to catch it is the winner.

This is a very old tradition that began hundreds of years ago. Cheese was believed to be a sign of fertility in the springtime so it was important to celebrate it years ago.

Now people celebrate it because it is good fun and an old custom.

Talking about the General Culture of your Hometown

People in my hometown like to drink tea. It is a very important thing to sit down and drink tea with your friends and spend time catching up with some local news.

Tea is considered a very sociable activity so people like to drink tea together.

In my hometown, people like to make apple cider. It is quite a strong kind of beer and easy to make. Many local farms make it and they sell it to the local people.

There is a small green field in my town and people like to sit and play cricket on a Sunday. They have free time to sit with their family and friends. Also, cricket is a very relaxing game, so it is nice to play on a Sunday before going back to work on a Monday.

Think of some local traditions or festivals that take place in your hometown. What happens on these special days? What do people do? What is the history behind it?

Also, think of customs or activities that people regularly like to do in your town.

Write all your ideas on paper and then practice speaking out loud with your friends.

Talking about the Weather and Climate in your Hometown

What is the weather like in your hometown? Is it icy cold in the winter? Steaming hot in the summer?

Are the mornings filled with fog from the sea or is the sky brilliant blue and the sun shining?

describe hometown essay

Some towns and cities have four distinct seasons, while others have very little difference between the seasons or have only one kind of climate all year round.

No matter what the weather, it is a good idea to try to talk about it in the IELTS test if the examiner asks you about your hometown.

Let’s look at some examples

My hometown is a small town in the north of Thailand. It is always very hot here, usually the temperature is around 30 degrees centigrade most of the year, but in the winter it goes down to about 24 or 25 degrees. The summer is always very hot.

And in the summer it rains a lot. Wow, we get a lot of rain! From around May until September it rains so much. But the rain only falls very quickly. It kind of cools you down a little and then it feels hot again.

I come from Marrakesh in Morocco. It can get very hot in my hometown in the summer. Usually over 35 degrees. In the winter it can go down to around 16 degrees, so a big difference.

Because Marrakesh is in the desert, the difference between night and day temperature is quite big. It can be 35 degrees in the daytime, then go down to 20 degrees at night.

And it hardly ever rains in my hometown. It is usually dry all year round.

My hometown is Stuttgart in Germany. We have four very distinct seasons but the summer is the best season in my opinion. The summer is warmer; the temperature reaches as high as 30 degrees on some days.

In the winter it gets pretty cold, and it rains a lot in the winter too.

Another thing you can talk about with the weather in your hometown is the kind of activities that people like to do at certain times of the year.

describe hometown essay

Think about each season and try to think of things that people do, the kind of food they like to eat and the clothes they wear.

Look at the table below to help you.

Using the table above and the examples I wrote above, write down some ideas about the weather in your hometown. If there are differences, then write about all of those things. If the weather is the same all year round you have to talk about that.

When you have written some ideas down, practice speaking out loud.

Talking about Things to Do in your Hometown

I have asked students what can people do in their hometown and I often receive one answer — NOTHING!

There’s nothing to do in my hometown. It’s so boring.

That can’t be true. There must be things for people to do. Even if you don’t like to do these things, other people may enjoy doing these things and that means there are definitely some activities that people can do in your hometown.

describe hometown essay

Here is a list of ideas to inspire you.

Going to the gym

Walking in the hills on the outskirts of town

Walking on the seafront of the town

Shopping malls and going shopping

Coffee shops and coffee culture

Eating out and going to restaurants

Going to bars and nightclubs (for older students!)

Dancing in the town square

Visiting the library

Helping charity organisations

Fishing in the local river

Swimming in the swimming pool

Many evening classes in the local community college

Now let me show you some examples

There is a swimming pool in my hometown and many people go there. Whenever I go there, it always seems very busy. I try to go early in the morning to avoid all the crowds.

The pool is really nice and clean. There is an area for the serious swimmers to swim in laps and then there is an area for people and children who just want to lounge around in the water and cool off a little bit.

We are lucky because in my hometown we have so many restaurants. I think you could go out to dinner every night of the week and still not visit every restaurant in the city.

And the restaurants are all very different in style and cuisine. We have the local food but we also have Indian, Thai, French and Italian. It’s really nice for people to go out in the evening and eat a delicious meal with friends and family.

In my hometown, some older ladies like to go to the town square and do a special kind of dancing. They do it for exercise I think but also they can meet up and chat with each other. So it’s a social activity for them too.

Some people say that the music they play when they do their dancing is too loud. But I think we should just let them do it. They’re not really causing anyone any harm.

describe hometown essay

Look at the list of ideas I gave you above.

Use these and the examples and write down your own ideas for talking about things to do in your hometown. Practice together with a friend or show your teacher.

Talking about the Architecture in your Hometown

The architecture in your hometown means all the buildings. Are these buildings very old and traditional? Or new and modern? Is the architecture boring — if so, why do you think so?

describe hometown essay

How to talk about buildings and houses

You can use the following words to describe buildings and architecture in your hometown.

Many cities these days have a downtown area with many high-rise buildings, all very modern and expensive. The suburbs of the city might consist of smaller houses and buildings or low-rise buildings — this is where the people usually live.

describe hometown essay

Let me show you some examples

Bath is a very old city, and the architecture is very old. Most of the buildings in the centre of the city are over 200 years old. I think there is a law to protect these buildings and houses. They look nice because they all have the same colour, made out of a special sandstone found in the local area.

But once you leave the city centre, the architecture changes. The houses are more modern in the suburbs. This is where people live.

The downtown area of my city is filled full of high-rise buildings. They are all very high and look very modern. It feels so busy walking around this area surrounded by such high buildings. Some of the buildings are so high that you can walk on one side of the street and be in the shade from the sun.

I live in a very quiet village in the countryside. All the houses are pretty old and there is no real special architecture. People just need a place to live and the local post office to buy some things. There is an old church though, and it looks very nice from the outside. I don’t know how old it is, but it looks very old.

Write down your own ideas about the buildings in your hometown. When you have enough sentences speak them out loud with a friend or classmate.

Talking about the Surrounding Area in your Hometown

Your hometown doesn’t just consist of the actual town itself. When talking about your hometown you can also talk about the surrounding area of the town or city where you live.

describe hometown essay

This is especially true of a smaller town.

Your town may be surrounded by countryside.

What is in the countryside?

Are there farms and little villages?

Are they developing the land and building more houses or factories?

There must be something in this area, now is the time for you to talk about it.

There might be hills or mountains in the surrounding area of your hometown. Or maybe you live near the sea in which case you can talk about that.

Whatever exists just outside your hometown you can talk about it in the IELTS test. This is all part of the description of where you live and the examiner wants to hear about it.

describe hometown essay

I’ll give you some examples:

The surrounding area of my hometown is just countryside. Some small villages with just a few people living there. There is a new factory that makes tyres just outside my town. I think many people from my hometown work there now.

If you go south of my town, there is a big lake. I have gone past this lake and seen people fishing there.

All around my hometown are hills. It’s like my entire town is in a big hole in the ground! But it’s nice to see all the hills around the town. In the summer, they all look so green and in the winter, if it snows, all the hills are covered and everything looks white.

What is in the surrounding area of your hometown?

Take a few minutes and write down some ideas and thoughts. You must have seen what is just outside your hometown. Talk about this for a few minutes if you can.

Talking about Public Transport in your Hometown

If you live in a very small town, then chances are you may have only one bus an hour that takes you to the nearest big town. Or no bus at all.

describe hometown essay

In a bigger town, you could have several bus services taking people to different parts of the town. Or to other towns and the nearest big city.

You might have a train service. You might live in a big city and have a subway system.

The fact is that every town and city has a public transportation system — even if it is only one bus an hour.

These are the main kinds of public transportation:

Taxi (not really public but let’s put it in there)

Other lesser-known systems:

Shared bike (many cities use this these days)

The best way to talk about this is to look at the following questions and answer them:

What is this public transportation system?

Why do you use it?

Why do other people in your hometown use it?

Is it convenient?

Is it cheap/expensive to use?

How many lines does it have? (for bus and subway)

Is it crowded during rush hour?

And here is some vocabulary you might use when talking about public transportation:

When talking about the public transportation system in your hometown, in the IELTS test I advise you to talk about the most common or most popular public transportation system. If you try to talk about some public transport that is less known or used, you could run into trouble.

That means that you should only really talk about the bus, the subway or the train.

You can add at the end of your talk that there are other kinds of public transportation in your hometown.

Something like this:

…we also have many taxis, and a ferry that takes people over the river, but I have never used it. I only use the subway as it is the most convenient.

Shall we look at a couple of examples?

In my hometown, we have a new subway system. It is brand-new, so it is very clean and modern-looking. There are only three lines so far but there will be more lines in the future.

It is so much better than the bus. Much quicker and much more convenient. We don’t have any traffic jams now!

Some people complain and say that it is more expensive than the bus. It is a little more expensive but I think it is worth it for the convenience and the speed.

During rush hour it is a little difficult to get a seat but if you arrive early, you can find a seat no problem. I really love the subway in my hometown, it just makes going to school so much easier.

We have a bus system in my hometown. There are plenty of buses to take you wherever you want to go. But if you use the bus during rush hour, then you will definitely get stuck in traffic. There’s just no escaping it.

Sometimes I use a shared bike. These are easy to find and they are cheap to use. If it’s raining, I don’t use the shared bike but most other days I do.

You want to try?

Look at all the vocabulary and make sure you know the meanings of the words and then make sentences of your own.

Then think about the public transportation systems in your hometown and which one is the most common for people to use.

Write down some ideas in your notebook and make sentences.

Then with a friend speak them out loud.

Practice every day!

Talking about Shopping in your Hometown

Do you have many shops in your hometown? Are there just a few local shops or do you have a giant shopping mall with all the latest fashion brands?

describe hometown essay

Every town has at least one shop to buy something.

These are the main kind of shops you might have in your town:

As I have said before, let’s look at some questions and you answer them one by one.

What kind of shops and stores are there in your hometown?

What can people buy in these places?

Where are all the shops and stores?

Are they expensive?

What kind of people go there?

And then let’s look at some examples

I live in a big city and there are many shopping malls. There is one big shopping mall near my home and it is very popular with people, especially young people.

Younger people like to go there because it looks very fashionable and modern. All the shops are mainly selling fashionable clothes and there are two cool coffee shops on the first floor where you can sit and drink coffee.

The shopping mall huge. It is on five floors. On the top floor, there is a cinema and in the basement, there is a supermarket but it is a little expensive I think. I don’t go there. I only go to the clothes stores and shoe stores with my friends. We can’t always buy something we like but we like to look!

If I go to the mall with my friends, we like to drink coffee after we have looked all around the stores.

There are many small shops and stores in my neighbourhood. These shops are not very fashionable but they are very convenient and they sell many useful things that we might need in the house or in our daily life.

One shop we always use in the nearest convenience store. It is open until very late and opens very early in the morning. If we run out of things that we need then we can always go to the convenience store and buy what we need.

I see many of my neighbours there and my father always goes there in the morning to buy cigarettes.

The shop sells newspapers, snacks and sandwiches, soft drinks and ice cream. Every time I go there, they always have customers inside.

Now it’s your turn.

Look up the vocabulary and make sure you understand what all the words mean. Make your own sentences if you wish.

Then look at the questions above and the examples. This can help you to form your own answers. Write down all your ideas and put them into sentences in order.

Then practice speaking out loud.

You will not need to talk about all of the above topics about your hometown in the IELTS test.

If you were to talk about your hometown using all the topics included in this guide you would be talking for about 30 minutes!

The reason I included all the topics above is so you can answer any question the examiner fires at you in the IELTS test. If he asks you to talk about shopping or public transportation in your hometown, then you should be prepared. If he asks you about food or customs in your hometown, no problem for you.

Just go through all the steps and you can find out how to talk about your hometown no matter the question.

And as always — let me know in the comments below!

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30 thoughts on “How to talk about your hometown in English”

describe hometown essay

It is so important to cover these areas used for IELTS tests because they are the ones that often catch students off guard. I especially liked the study charts as they ground students with vocabulary and observation points. The ideas also triggered memories of towns I’ve visited. Travel really helps as it gives you things to compare your town with. For example I visited a tiny town in Sweden and it was like a charming hobbit town with wondrous new customs and scenery quite unlike my own tiny hometown.

describe hometown essay

That is a great idea, Leona. I forgot to add that to the article… I used to ask students to compare their hometown to the big city we were living in and talk about the similarities and differences. It gives them a lot more to talk about, and in the IELTS test that really helps. How was Sweden? I’ve always wanted to visit.

describe hometown essay

It is amazing lesson and explanation. I can share this lesson to my students, even they are beginners. And I use this subject as my reference in teaching. I hope you don’t mind. Thank you very much. Wish you all the best.

Hi Nani! I’m very glad you like this lesson plan. Feel free to use it in your class. If you want to download the lesson, you can get it here: https://gumroad.com/l/howtotalkaboutyourhometowninenglish Thank you Nani.

describe hometown essay

Awesome tips, thanks a lot and congratulations!

Hi Carlos, many thanks! I am glad it was helpful.

describe hometown essay

Hello my name is Ronald, Great work David!

Hi Ronald! Many thanks. I appreciate it. Keep coming back!

describe hometown essay

Hi David. I really liked the content of the page. Hugs. José Roberto (Univesp)

Hi José! I am glad you liked it. Many thanks!

describe hometown essay

Great compilation of tips! I enjoyed a lot! My university teacher choose your article as a base text this week. Congratulations, as your compilation is helping so much students. Cheers from Brazil.

Hi Marcos, many thanks! I am glad you liked it. Please say a big thank you to your university teacher for suggesting this article. I am so glad it is helping the students. Cheers!

describe hometown essay

Hi David, My name is Claudio, I’m from Brazil and I thank you for the tips and suggestions.

Hi Claudio, many thanks for reading. I really appreciate it. Keep coming back!

describe hometown essay

Esses topicos ajudam muito pois vejo muitas pessoas quando deparam com americanos ou travam por medo ou por náo ter dialogo …

These topics help a lot because I see a lot of people when they encounter Americans or they stop because of fear or because they don’t have a dialogue …

Many thanks,Franklin. Much appreciated.

describe hometown essay

Thanks so much, the essay really had it all. all the information and the ideas.

Thank you Iten! I am glad it could help you.

describe hometown essay

Thank you so much. I can say that one thing, I am really keen on your English lessons and explanations and you know it’s marvellous . I think it is really fail to express your helps for me ?

Hi Durdona! Many thanks, I am glad it is of some use to you. Keep working hard and you will succeed.

describe hometown essay

Hi, I’m Marli Congratulations on your page.

Thank you, Marli! Please come back soon!

describe hometown essay

Perfect …Thanks alot

You are welcome, Azadeh!! Many thanks for reading!

describe hometown essay

You are the best. Thank you very much. I’m beginning to self study and your essay helps me so much.

Thank you very much, Farnoush! I am very happy to hear that!

describe hometown essay

Comprehensive and very informative????????

Many thanks for reading, Farshid! I appreciate it!

describe hometown essay

Thanks a lot.I appriciate it…….

You are very welcome, Swetha!!

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My Hometown Essay

“My Hometown Essay”

My Hometown is a bubble — it is timeless. Sure, the corn stands tall and the cattle graze freely each season, but the hills and valleys are forever the same age.

In My Hometown, the sidewalks are cracked and the driveways crumbled. The ancient oaks and wise old maples reluctantly shed their leaves for each approaching winter, only to recover them the following spring.

On quiet summer evenings, My Hometown’s empty swimming pool still echoes with the joyful cries of children splashing in the once-present water. It is this swimming pool that costs too much to keep open and too much to replace, so it sits in silence as the years continue to pass slowly by.

In My Hometown, the seasons forever change, but My Neighbors do not. They are granite. They go to work, come home, take the trash out, eat dinner. Rarely thinking about the future, only remembering what used to be.

My Hometown is a dying town. Its proud residents are aging and its young people move away. Its streets are growing quieter and the businesses are closing doors.

The passing of a funeral procession only means there will be one fewer yard mowed next summer.

My Neighbors are all the same. My Neighbors all smile that same warm smile and wave at everyone who passes.

My Neighbors are all old. They listened to the moon landing on the local AM — the same station where they heard of, but never witnessed the Civil Rights movement in the 60’s.

My Neighbors have the same voices — one blends right into the next. Sure, they all have different stories to share, but they all sing the same old song.

At the bar uptown, one of My Neighbors sings a melody of the good ol’ days, a song which takes place in Beaver Cleaver America, where politicians and activists were but a distant thought, and Ronald Reagan posters still hang on the walls.

Across the street at the post office, another of My Neighbors whistles the tune of current events through the lens of their Fox News television set.

My Neighbors sing those same songs and whistle those same tunes day in and day out. The world around them shifts and changes, twists and turns, but in the bubble of My Hometown, My Neighbors do not.

In My Hometown, if you were to explain the changing times to one of My Neighbors, they would listen closely. But your words would be found as lost as the breath with which you spoke them.

My Neighbors would never be intentionally hurtful to an outsider. They would not be disrespectful nor rude. But they would know the instant when someone who looks different from them enters the city limits. These streets can sing too.

It is as if My Neighbors are afraid to ruin their one-dimensional, blank white canvas of a town. But I ask of you all: how can a picture be beautiful if the canvas has no color? Has no depth? Has no character?

And for My Neighbors, how is one of you supposed to stand out from another against the backdrop of a snow-covered cornfield filled with monotony and dullness?

This is the landscape where I was born and raised. And it is with the songs of My Neighbors and the timelessness of My Hometown that I am forced to travel through my life.

This is both a burden and a blessing, a commendation and a curse. It is somewhere between this fantasy of a place and the rest of the real world where I truly reside — right at the edge of the bubble surrounding My Hometown.

My Neighbor’s songs beckon to me and My Hometown’s colorlessness is hypnotizing, yet against that nearly overpowering current I carry on. 

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My Hometown

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My lovely hometown is at Taman Koperasi Polis, Gombak .A town,which is located at west of Kuala Lumpur. I love to live here because the environment is so comfortable and make me always splendid in here. Also love friendly people, too. I love everything belongs my hometown where i was born and grew in 23 years

Infront of my house there are,big playground . It’s combination playground structure for small children include slides, climbers (stairs in this case), playhouse. I love to views from the windown of my house,which is the ground which is full with childrens’ laughs,love the peace of the simple life here .

There are the mosque,infront og the playground. So, as a Muslim,I am glad and proud to be here.

Since Gombak opens the eye to the world, Gombak has attracted a lot of foreign tourists because of its unique climate, landscape and the life style of people here. Tourists who have come here are all fascinated by everything except for the accommodations.


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“ She was very quick, it was a brief assignment, but she was done in a matter of hours when she had plenty of time. ”

Almost of the tourists love to come here with the cultural,especially,my hometown nearest with Batu Caves.As we know, Batu Caves,is popular place for Indian people.here there are Murugan statue,located entrance to Batu Caves,which is Hindu shrine and a tourist attraction. The cave is one of the most popular Hindu shrines outside India, dedicated to Lord Murugan. It is the focal point of Hindu festival of Thaipusam in Malaysia.

It also nearest Duta-Ulu Kelang Expressway .

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It is landmark which is expressway or motorway in Malaysia connecting the capital city of Kuala Lumpur to the town of Karak in Pahang.it began ,from The Kilometre Zero of the expressways begins at Gombak North Interchange .Other than nearest with karak highway,it is also nearest Duke Highway .Duke, an acronym for The Duta-Ulu Kelang Expressway, forms the vital missing link in the Kuala Lumpur Road Master Plan,it’s joining Duta in the west to Ampang in the east, and to Karak in the north. You can save the time when you use this highway.

Last but not list,I love to live here. And that’s the reason every week I going back from Shah Alam to Gombak. Like Clementine Paddleford quotes in American Journalist, “We all have hometown appetites. Every other person is a bundle of longing for the simplicities of good taste once enjoyed on the farm or in thehometown [he or she] left behind.”

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My Hometown

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Shi huangdi leaders.

Now I’ll tell you about the geography of China. On the east of China there are two bodies of water, the Yellow Sea and the East China Sea. Then in the Southeast corner of China there is the South China Sea. In the Southwest corner is India. Sharing with India on its borders there is the Himalaya Mt. and within them is Mt. Everest which is one of the biggest mountains in the world. Coming from the east, the Yangzi River flows in and stops right around the center of China. Above it is the Huang He River that flows on the same direction the Yangzi River does. The top center of China is the Gobi Desert. There are many more geography than this but here are just some that I chose to talk about.

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China has a total area of 9,596,961 sq kilometers (3,705,407 sq miles). It’s water takes up 2.8% of China. The most important rivers in China are the Yangtze River (stretching 3,915 miles), the Yellow River (stretching 3,915 miles), and the Pearl River (known as Zhujiang or the Canton stretches 1,491 miles). The most important sea is the China sea, which is split in two. The names of the split China sea is the East China Sea and the South China Sea, The most important lakes, freshwater and saltwater, in China are called, Poyang, Dongting, Taihu, Hongze, Quarhan Salt Lake, Yamdrok, Ulungur and

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Kiangsu is now a province holding the name Jiangsu. It is an eastern coastal province of the Peoples Republic of China. Jiangsu is the fifth most populated province, but is the second smallest province in China. It is the most densely populated province in China. It has a coastline of over 620 miles (1000 kilometers). It is named after two of the cities Jiangning, now known as Nanjing, and Suzhou. Since the Tang and Sui dynasties this province has become one of the nation’s economic and commercial centers, partially because of the construction of the Grand Canal. It is widely viewed as the most developed province. It is one of the world’s leading export centers for textiles, electronic equipment, and chemicals. Jiangsu is a very flat and low lying area. Plains cover sixty-eight percent of the total area, with water covering another eighteen percent. Most of the province is not more than one hundred sixty-four feet (fifty meters) above sea level. It has an amazing irrigation system for farming and manufacturing in the southern half of the province. Suzhou is crisscrossed with canals earning it the name “Venice of the East,” after the canals in Venice, Italy. The irrigation system supports agriculture, primarily based on rice and wheat, followed by sorghum and maize, or corn. Jiangsu has petroleum, natural gas, and coal deposits, but the most significant mineral products are non-metals minerals such as

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I walk up to Walker’s, the fanciest restaurant in Coconut Beach. What a stupid name for a stupid little town. That's what I have always thought. I live in a little town between San Destin Beach and South Walton Beach. Stuck between two big cities you'd think we would be a big city too. But we are still a small town because we have this historic colonial home and town that no one touched during the Civil War because they didn't know it was here. It was found years after the war was over. But all because of it, the governor will not allow shopping centers here or anything that makes this tiny town something. Nothing in this bumbledump town has been built in the last fifty years. It has all been preserved and maintained.

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China town is situated west of the Capitolio, the entrance is marked by a big pagode style

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The god of the mountain lives in Zhanguii Mountain which is located north of the Chichi River and past the Northwest Sea. The god of the mountains face was like a human face and their body was large and like a snake. The mountain gods body was like a fiery dragon and it was red. Hiss eyes resembled 2 olives and they hung from his face.

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opportunity in the state of Lu. The state of Lu, where Confucius was born, was

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The Yangtze River is the largest river in China running for 3,964 miles. The river deposits into the East China Sea. It is the third biggest river, behind the Nile and Amazon, in the world. The area surrounding the river is the most densely populated place in China. The Yangtze River Basin supplies an abundance amount of grain including rice which makes up 70% of it.

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hereditary things. For instance, Guangdong is spoken to by chenpi, matured ginger and hay. Others incorporate antiquated urban communities like Lin'an (Hangzhou), which incorporate tealeaf, bamboo shoot trunk, and hickory nut. Such qualifications offer ascent to the old Chinese saying: actually "the praxis shift inside ten li, traditions change inside a hundred.

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Mountainous terrain is the greater makeup under China’s control. The Tien Shan, Kunlun range, and Trans-Himalayas are the ranges throughout China. They’re three main rivers in China proper. They are the Yellow river that is 2,109 miles long, the Yangtze which is the third longest river in the world at 2,432 miles, and the Pearl river at 800 miles. In all, China covers 3,705,407 square miles.

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China Vacation Travel Guide. The Imperial City is located in the centre of its ancient Middle Kingdom, a gigantic and inscrutable empire beyond the Great Wall. Entered through the Gates of Heavenly Peace. Ming Emperor Zhu Di moved into his newly-established palace complex following seven years of construction. A stone’s throw away from the old Summer Palace is the Garden of Harmonious Unity . The Great Wall Of China extends across misty mountains. It was erected to protect the country from invasion from the North. Shanghai is a Gigantic City . The shoreline is without a doubt the city’s main focal point and is a combination of past, present and future and contains the historic monuments and eye catching buildings of a great city. Famous explorer

Why Do People Use Legalism In China

Caitlin-Southeast of the Gobi Desert, lots of canals and rivers such as the Huang He (yellow river), Chang Jiang (Yangzi river)

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When Xiaochun and his father move out of the Liu village town they go to live in Beijing for Xiaochun to receive his training. It was very rural and had aspects of old China. Their new apartment as well as where Professor Jiang lives, are not very modernized. They still have visuals of what could be of a small village. But when Xiaochun moves in with Professor Yu, we get a view of what westernized China is like.

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Now I make a brief introduction to Jinan. Jinan, the capital of Shandong Province and it is located in mid west of Shandong. Jinan is the province of political and cultural center. I like Jinan very much. Not only because Jinan is my hometown and because Jinan has a lot of spring water.

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