History of Travel and Tourism

Travel was inspired initially by the need for survival (food, shelter, and security), the desire to expand trade, and the quest to conquer. As the transportation system improved, the curiosity for transforming the vast and virgin world into a close neighborhood created a new industry, i.e., Travel and Tourism .

Types of Tourism

International tourism, inbound tourism.

This refers to tourists of outside origin entering a particular country. Traveling outside their host/native country to another country is called inbound tourism for the country where they are traveling. For example, when a tourist of Indian origin travels to Japan, it isΒ  Inbound tourism for Japan because foreign tourists come to Japan.

Outbound Tourism

Domestic tourism, forms of tourism.

Some most basic forms of tourism are the following:

Classification of Tourism

3) Sports/Adventure : Trips taken by people with a view to playing golf, skiing and hiking, fall within this category.

Nature of Tourism

Tourism as a socio-economic phenomenon comprises the activities and experiences of tourists and visitors away from their home environment and are serviced by the travel and tourism industry and host destination. The sum total of this activity experience and services can be seen as a tourism product.

Importance of Tourism

Employment generation, infrastructure development, foreign exchange.

The people who travel to other countries spend a large amount of money on accommodation, transportation, sightseeing, shopping, etc. Thus, an inbound tourist is an important source of foreign exchange for any country.

Impacts of Tourism

Economic impacts, economics benefits, economic costs, social impacts, social benefits, social costs, cultural impacts, cultural benefits, cultural costs, environmental impact, environmental benefits, environmental costs, industries related to tourism, restaurants, retail and shopping, transportation, travel agencies, tour operators, tourist destinations, cultural industries, leisure, recreation, and sport, tourism products, charecterstatics of tourism products.


  1. (PDF) Types and Forms of Tourism

    types of tourism pdf

  2. Types of Tourism

    types of tourism pdf

  3. (PDF) Types and Forms of Tourism

    types of tourism pdf

  4. types of tourism

    types of tourism pdf

  5. 63 Types of Tourism in the World

    types of tourism pdf

  6. Tourism

    types of tourism pdf


  1. Impact of Tourism

  2. Introduction to Tourism


  4. Dulhan Bani Kaamwali Bai πŸ”₯

  5. Madam Ki BMW πŸ”₯

  6. Typology of Tourism Impacts


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  4. (PDF) Types and Forms of Tourism

    In general, one may distinguish six types of tourism: -Relaxing tourism; -Relaxing and health care tourism; -Visiting tourism; -Transit tourism;

  5. (PDF) Tourism and Tourist Types in Urban Tourism

    In [9] , there are ten types of tourism: cultural tourism, faith tourism, gastronomy tourism, dark tourism, youth tourism, aged and disabled

  6. 60. Types and forms of tourism

    according to place of destination o international tourism (prevails on Europe) o domestic tourism (prevails in large countries – USA, Canada).

  7. Different Types of Tourism Different Types of Travel

    Domestic Tourism – Taking Holidays and Trips in your own country.


    Domestic Tourism - Tourism of resident visitors within the economic territory of the country of reference. Visitor - Any person traveling to a

  9. Types and Forms of Tourism

    Tourist areas are characterized by a specific type of travel or by a reunion of some types that may vary dynamically over time. The types of tourism result

  10. Introduction to Tourism

    Tourists have a wide range of accommodation types to choose from depending on type of tourist trip they are taking, their budget and the.


    SUSTAINABLE TOURISM. An approach to all forms of tourism that explicitly recognizes the need to balance economic, ecological, and social considerations in

  12. Tourism

    Business tourist – main motive for travel is to make profit or expanding their business. Tourism is of two types: 1. Domestic tourism: residents of a

  13. Tourism

    Adventure Tourism; Atomic Tourism; Bicycle Tours; Beach Tourism; Cultural Tourism; Ecotourism; Geotourism; Industrial Tourism; Medical Tourism; Religious


    According to the motivations of travellers there are many types of tourism viz cultural tourism, health tourism, sports tourism, conference or convention