photo analysis essay

How to Write an Image Analysis Essay in 6 Easy Steps

photo analysis essay

To write an effective visual analysis, all you need to do is break the image into parts and discuss the relationship between them. That’s it in a nutshell.

Together, we’ll analyze a simple image and write a short analysis essay based on it. You can analyze any image, such as a photo or a painting, by following these steps. 

Here is a simple image we’ll analyze.

photo analysis essay

And we’re ready for the…

6 Steps to Writing a Visual Analysis Essay

Step 1: Identify the Elements

When you look at this image, what do you see?

So, let’s put on our Sherlock Holmes hat, grab a magnifying glass, and make a list of all the major and some minor elements of this picture.

What do we observe?

Great. These are all human elements. In fact, it would be useful for us to have two categories of elements: human and non-human. 

When we group elements into categories, it will help us later when we’ll be writing the essay. Categories make it easier to think about the elements. 

What other elements do we see?

These are all of the obvious elements in the image. But can we dig deeper and observe more?

Again, wearing our Sherlock Holmes hat, our job is to gather information that may not be immediately obvious or noticeable. 

Let’s take another look, using our detective tentacles:

It looks like we’ve covered all the elements. We’re ready to move on to the next step. 

Step 2. Detect Symbols and Connections

We will now look for symbols and any connections or relationships among the elements.

Identifying Symbols 

Great. Now, let’s see if we can make some connections and identify some relationships among the elements and symbols. 

We will use our imagination to put together some kind of a meaning. 

In analyzing an image, we want to understand what the creator or the artist is trying to convey. 

Do artists and photographers always want to convey something or is it sometimes just a picture? 

It doesn’t matter because we never know what the artist really thought when creating the work . We’re not mind readers. 

But we can always gather meaning using our own logic and imagination. We can derive meaning from any image. And that’s all we need to do to write an analysis essay.

Finding Connections and Relationships

Let’s allow our imagination to roam free and write down a few thoughts. Some ideas will be more obvious than others. 

We did a great job here and now have plenty of material to work with and write about. It’s time for the next step.

Step 3. Formulate Your Thesis

In this step, your task is to put together an argument that you will support in your essay. What can this argument be?

The goal of writing a visual analysis is to arrive at the meaning of the image and to reveal it to the reader.

We just finished the analysis by breaking the image down into parts. As a result, we have a pretty good idea of the meaning of the image. 

Writing the Thesis

This whole picture may mean something like the following:

This sounds good. Let’s write another version:

This sounds good, as well. What is the difference between the two statements?

The first one places the responsibility for the future of the planet on children. 

The second one places this responsibility on the entire humanity. 

Therefore, the second statement just makes more sense. Based on it, let’s write our thesis. 

We now have our thesis, which means we know exactly what argument we will be supporting in the essay. 

Step 4: Write the Complete Thesis Statement

While a thesis is our main point, a thesis statement is a complete paragraph that includes the supporting points.

To write it, we’ll use the Power of Three. This means that we are going to come up with three supporting points for our main point. 

This is where our categories from Step 1 will come in handy. These categories are human and non-human elements. They will make up the first two supporting points for the thesis.

The third supporting point can be the relationships among the elements. 

photo analysis essay

For example, we have our elements, symbols, and connections. And we can structure the complete argument this way:

photo analysis essay

All we really need is one way to organize our thoughts in the essay. Let’s go with the first version and formulate the supporting points.

Here’s our main point again:

Here are our supporting points:

Now we have everything we need to write the complete thesis statement. We’ll just put the main and the supporting statements into one paragraph. 

Thesis Statement

Step 5: write the body of your essay.

photo analysis essay

Body of the Essay (3 paragraphs)

“The author of this photograph chose children and, more specifically, children’s hands in order to convey his point. In many, if not all human cultures, children evoke the feelings of hope, new beginnings, and the future. This is why people often say, ‘Children are our future.’ Furthermore, the children in the photo are of different ethnic backgrounds. This is evident from their skin colors, which vary from lighter to darker. This detail shows that the author probably meant children all over the world.

The non-human elements of the picture are the plants and the soil. The plants are very young – they are just sprouts, and that signifies the fragility of life. The soil in which they grow evokes the image of our planet Earth. Soil also symbolizes fertility. The clothes the children wear are summer clothes, and summer signifies freedom because this is the time of a long vacation for school children. Perhaps the author implies that the environment affects people’s freedom. 

Step 6. Add an Introduction and a Conclusion

Before we continue, I have an entire detailed article on how to write an essay step-by-step for beginners . In it, I walk you through writing every part of an essay, from the thesis to the conclusion. 


Let’s revisit our thesis statement, and then write the introduction. 

photo analysis essay

And now let’s write an introductory sentence that would make the opening paragraph complete:

Your conclusion should be just a simple restatement. You can conclude your essay in many ways, but this is the basic and time-proven one.

Let’s do it:

We simply restated our thesis here. Your conclusion can be one or more sentences. In a short essay, a sentence will suffice. 

Guess what – we just wrote a visual analysis essay together, and now you have a pretty good idea of how to write one. 

Hope this was helpful!

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photo analysis essay

How to Write a Picture Analysis Essay

How to Write a Picture Analysis Essay at

How to write a picture analysis essay - 6 essential tips

1. focus your attention on the author of the picture.

Who is he/she? What is his/her field of interest? Does he/she have any artistic achievements and fame? This information will help you to analyze the context of the picture better.

2. What is the context of the picture? When and where has it been taken?

Explain a little about the temporal and geographic dimensions of the picture. This is pretty important because, otherwise, your interpretation may be wrong or inadequate. A lot of “false” images are circulating in the World Wide Web, and they lack reliability and trustworthiness exactly because of this misplacing or distorting the information about their context. This is true especially when the pictures are related to war crime allegations. Hence, you should be certain that you have gathered all the required information.

3. Think about what you see on the picture

There can be one human being or more than one, or just a landscape, or an abandoned house, or an animal, and so forth. The best pictures are usually those which combine various elements, thus enforcing different impressions on the mind of the observer.

The best pictures are usually those which combine various elements, thus enforcing different impressions on the mind of the observer. Tweet This

4. Grasp the picture's message

Now is the time to grasp the message of the picture. Professional photographs always aspire towards disseminating important information, or changing the attitude of people towards a definite issue. Social, political and economic issues are mostly referred to. Here you need to analyze the picture against its background; if you know where it has been taken and who is on the picture, then it will be much easier for you to understand it.

5. Have notes

During all this preliminary research it is recommended to have notes in order to write your thoughts and insights. Now, let’s talk a little bit about the structure. You have to be able to incorporate the following things in your text:

6. Show an essay to your friends

After completing the first draft of your picture analysis essay, consult with your friends or classmates regarding your task. Ask them what they think about your essay and the picture. Maybe they will point you to something on the picture that you haven’t been able to notice yourself.

Remember : an advice given by your friends should only help you make your paper more objective and informative. Do not plagiarize!

If you have doubts about the way how to write a picture analysis essay, we can say that it is absolutely up to you and depends on your own style of writing. At any rate, what you need is to practice your imagination, and to collect the necessary information. Then your essay will have value and impact.

Do you need help with writing a picture analysis essay? 

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Photography Analysis - Essay Example

Photography Analysis

Extract of sample "Photography Analysis"

Photography Analysis By ` The photography for analysis was taken from Reuters, a respectable news agency. The article speaks about the latest protests in Brazil against Football World Cup which will start in a couple of weeks. The tension in the country arises as most Brazilians consider that the country cannot afford such an expensive tournament taking into account its social problems and the level of poverty. There is also additional problem of native Brazilians who demand their lands returning from the government.

The photo was taken with digital camera in the process of reportage shooting which demands fast reaction and high quality of pictures. I suppose that the photo was not planned as the photographer found himself in the epicenter of protests and was looking for the most accurate shot. However, it seems that he had several minutes to choose the best composition and perspective. The photographer has picked eloquent and symbolic setting. On the background of the photo there is a new modern stadium, where the final match of the World Cup will take place.

The stadium is on fire as protesters tried to show their discontent by the amount of sums spent on the building. And on the foreground we see a native Brazilian with a bow and arrows looking at the stadium. The photo was not physically challenging, it demanded speedy reaction and photographer`s experience. The photo is made in color, and the light in the shot is natural and calm. It is supposedly an evening time so the colors seem a bit subdued and dull. The colors of the picture are mostly of pastel tones with no bright spots.

The photo is very atmospheric it has a lot of free space in it. There are two major objects on the photo: the man and the stadium which are in the contrast with each other. The contrast is achieved with the help of degree of light of the objects: the stadium is white and brightly lit which results in figure of the man becoming dark and gaining the traits of a silhouette. With the help of this contrast the photographer demonstrates the nature of the conflict: badly developed country with struggling population and hi-tech expensive constructions inappropriate to the place.

The stadium seems very bright on the white background of the sky, and the attention of the viewer is drawn to the smoke and fire around it. The man seems to be just a black figure whose pose, lack of clothes and weapon reveal native Brazilian. The viewer may ask himself what the man is thinking about while he is watching the stadium burning. The moment seems to be filled with tension and some kind of desperation. The photo looks a bit absurd: there is no logical reason of fighting against modernity with old and ineffective weapon such as bow; however, it is that absurd that shows the situation clearly.

The man on the photo drops his bow understanding that he has no power; however he just still does not know how to fight with this new phenomenon. I think it does not mean that he gives up, the atmosphere of resistance is felt in the air. After close examination I have also noticed that a tree in front of the stadium becomes an important component of the photo regardless of photographer`s planning it or not. Natural scenery with trees and the native Brazilian with archaic bow make the stadium look even more alien and redundant.

As the conflict is also connected to the lands demarcation, this piece of nature reminds the viewer of opposition between urban building and lands preservation. Such composition allows the viewer to see the situation with the eyes of a simple passerby as if occasionally. The viewer is placed in the center of the photo on the same eye level with the photographer. The photo with minimal elements but accurate composition creates dramatic effect. The photographer has managed to capture the core of the conflict and represent it with minimal resources.

It evoked a lot of emotions in me such as anger, discontent, and desperation. And the more I studied it, the more elements and details I revealed. References Boadler, A., & Stauffe, C. 2014. Anti-World Cup protesters march on Brasilia stadium, face tear gas, Reuters Agency. Retrieved from:

CHECK THESE SAMPLES OF Photography Analysis

Image analysis, william eugene smiths life, poverty in africa photography analysis, roger fenton, analysis of photography, aesthetic of photography, collecting and preparing.

photo analysis essay

Picture Composition Analysis and Photo Essay

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Image Analysis Essay Example

Type of paper: Essay

Topic: Real Estate , Photography , Building , People , Walking , Picture , Viewer , Pavement

Published: 12/13/2019


This image depicts a stream of people walking along a pavement in front of an imposing building. Despite the simplicity of the photograph, it still manages to create interest for the viewer.

This picture depicts a group of people in 40s dress walking in front of a building. The people only take up the bottom quarter of the frame; the remainder of it comprises the imposing building.

When first looking at the picture, the eye is immediately drawn to the people walking along the pavement. This is probably because the people are in silhouette and are against the very light background of the pavement. Furthermore, visible shadows stretch out from the figures. The lowness of the sun means that the shadows are particularly elongated.

Once the viewer has been looking at the photo for a few seconds, the building behind the figures attracts the eye. The large dark panels contrasts against the lightness of the stone, making the building interesting and dominant to look at.

Technically, the people are in the foreground of the picture and the building in the background. However, as the people are very close to the building, the image doesn’t give the impression of having an obvious background. Furthermore, below the walking figures is a tall shadow of what appears to be some sort of statue. However, whatever is casting the large shadow is not featured in the photograph. This shadow, therefore, creates a certain amount of intrigue to the picture. Additionally, all the people are walking in the same direction, from right to left in the image. This detail creates more intrigue as the viewer instantly wonders to where the people are heading.

Although simple in aesthetics, this photograph gives the viewer a great deal to observe and to wonder about.

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How To Write A Visual Analysis Essay

visual analysis

Any visual analysis essay that you might be confronted with is often required to describe a specific image or visual display. They aim to analyze an image, discuss it in details while explaining how its different components are put together. Typically such essays examine the subject matter of art and history. Their focal point can vary from a photograph, a visual demonstration or some everyday household item like a lamp. The means often used when explaining its purpose are various literary tools. We will further examine different means used to identify these visual effects used by the respective artist to gain a comprehensive understanding of their impact on society and whether this impact was what the creator had intended. ‍

Learn more about poetry analysis essay , litarary analysis essay , causal analysis essay and process analysis , what are the similarities and differences between different types of analysis papers.

photo analysis essay

The possible topics for any visual analysis essay often vary and come in different dimensions. However, the most common involve concepts such as paintings, drawings, sculptures or architecture. When required to analyze a complex image, it is possible to study for example the given sculpture from multiple angles. Nevertheless, the critical consideration for a well-structured paper is to understand the basic concepts in the various images before taking a position. There have also been cases where one may conduct such an analysis on videos to show their implications in the past and impact on the present. All in all, a visual representation doesn’t need prior contact since it only requires the viewer’s fair interpretation to make an educated claim regarding its context.

Amazing Tips When Trying To Analyse The Meaning Of Visual Images

A pig and a plate of bacon as an illustration of the process. Firstly we must accept that any image or artwork we will try to analyze projects some form of claims or ideas of the artist. Therefore, we must learn how to read between the lines when composing our visual analysis essay. Think of it as breaking down what is trying to be transmitted to us by the commercials on TV, nonetheless keep in mind that artwork advertises its hidden messages to us in a much more elusive and eloquent manner.

Some of the key areas we suggest investigating are the purpose of the artist when he made this respective piece, the audience that this was intended for regardless of time period, the methods used to create it and how it was viewed in its historical context as well as how it is described now.

In an attempt to help you save some money here are some free tips regarding visual composition tips that you might find very useful when confronted with writing any visual analysis essay. Initially one should examine how the image or art piece itself was composed and arranged. What is the message it is trying to send to us? One should also look at how the elements of the art piece support the initial thesis by studying the focal point, layout structure, symbolism, color usage, key figures, stereotypes and omissions.

The focal point is where the center of attention is, a composition in how the image puts together different elements, the image’s color, its possible meanings, texture, as well as the shape and form. The focal point requires you to find what is the center point of the piece and where is it located, e.g. is right in the center or placed in a particular way for a reason?  Layout structure is used to go into more depth as to why the subject matter of the piece was structured in such a manner? Does this particular layout support the symbolism being used or does it try taking our attention away from it? These are all questions one should have in mind when examining all these elements for their visual analysis essay.

One of the best ways to keep the reader interested is by introducing him to the artwork and presenting some fun facts about the artist or the artwork. It should capture the reader’s attention by either describing the image, telling about its creation date and some events, highlighting its purpose or note a contradicting element. Most visual analysis essay writers prefer using controversial facts or strange misunderstandings regarding their assignments to keep the readers curious. Others have chosen to use comparison as their means to find common ground with the reader. Both options are worth exploring in our experience. Nonetheless, it is important to always remain relevant to the task at hand so that one may avoid getting side-tracked by adding too much information.

Ideally in order to describe artwork as accurately as possible one would require a background in art appreciation. However, as previously mentioned due to us being exposed to so much visual imagery and special effects due to the internet, action movies and all sort of advertisements on TV we are accustomed to breaking down the meaning of things including hidden background messages. Following this train of thought it is clear that everyone is capable of analysing images, however it will generally be done without a large majority of the technical terms. Despite that fact one should still be able to point out the motifs of the painting through the use or colors, tones, different brushstrokes, significance in the painting, positioning in the painting, etc. All these motifs and symbolisms are meant to generate a reaction out of this audience in this case you and implicitly your readers.

Citing the images used and those being assessed correctly is necessary as to avoid plagiarism while writing your visual analysis essay. No matter what topic is chosen it is vital to show us what you are going to talk about therefore letting the audience see what it is.

Amazing Tips On How To Structure Your Visual Analysis Essay

ABC content structure illustration. Writing a visual analysis paper is different in several ways from general evaluations mainly due to its structure and designated target audience of the essay. Before starting to write, it is crucial to analyze the various circumstances of your image. For instance, if the visual design has more than one item, there is a high probability that there are different and contradictory interpretations depending on the number of items. Similarly, the writer should understand his/her audience and adjust their use of language and content depending on their distinguished characteristics. Most importantly, there should be a thesis statement that gives the meaning of the image unlike in other circumstances where it highlights the components in an essay.

Introduction Methods For Your Visual Analysis Essay

Introduce us to the artist explaining his relevancy and that of this particular work. Let the readers know what people thought of him or her and their artwork in their time period. Keep in mind not to over list facts and keep it interesting by using controversial interpretations and opinions regarding your work.

One of the best ways to start is to articulate a thesis statement about the object being analyzed. When defining your thesis we recommend you review the meaning of the image at the time for the artist as well as the audience, the meaning this artwork bears to you personally and to us as a modern society, examine the changes in public opinion this artwork has undergone throughout history, the explanations of why this particular artwork caused such reactions and lastly how well you think the image managed to portrayed what the artist intended it to portray.

The reason for doing so is that it is quite helpful to have a clear reference point while researching the topic. It inherently allows one to create much narrower and specific guidelines to help separate the useful information from unnecessary or repetitive observations.

For some it is best to express their personal opinion about a particular work first before researching it thoroughly as it will change their interpretation of the subject matter.

According to what suits you best we always recommend assessing the work subjectively in order to note one’s personal observations. Do not hesitate to explore observing the image from all angles as this will often reveal things that were hidden before. Art has always been used to point out its motifs strange ways hence it is vital to explore all possible angles in order to find various clues that the artist has left for us.

When it comes to paintings in particular do not forget to take note of the brushstrokes used within the respective work. They can belong to an extensive part of categories and often reflect something about the subject matter such as the class of a person in the painting due to the different brushstrokes used. That is why we continuously encourage revising all minute details to the bone as you can never know what you might discover.

Judging from the previous point we understand that you might be thinking “What am I going to do? How will I recognize so many elements in such a short time?”. Do not worry there are many art enthusiast courses that will provide you with most if not all the necessary knowledge to create a thrilling visual analysis essay. The aspects of any art work that most average Joes miss are the components of the work that make it a piece of interest to the audience whether it be your professor, enthusiasts or even professionals. However, if you do not have the necessary time, funding or energy to go through such an ordeal we recommend using admission essay writing service for a premium custom essay at more than affordable prices. Write my paper services will definitely make your life easier and full of free time for yourself.

After having understood your personal view of the subject matter it is crucial to analyse it and describe it in an objective manner in order to help discover the purpose the artist had in mind for it. Whether or not the work managed to create that impact is in part given by our original reaction to it since as the observers are part of the audience the masterpiece was intended for.

We strongly recommend that your visual analysis essay follow a structured cataloguing of the elements found in the respective work of art. More often than not this is one of the most tedious processes in the entire assignment as one must proceed chronologically to list the respective elements either from the subject matter onward, top to bottom or left to right. It is important to make a note of why you have chosen to analyse it in this particular manner as it might affect the way it is perceived.

Always use facts to support your observations regarding motifs. These are often found in the historical placing of the art piece as that will give lots of information about the symbolism being used and what it meant to people at the time. Explaining how we view this now compared to back then is often a good way to show how the interpretation of said artwork has evolved throughout time.

Concluding Your Visual Analysis Essay

Do not be ashamed to be wrong. A visual analysis paper is meant to draw up a conclusion using the evidence you have gathered as well as your observations. If it happens that the information found and your observations indicate that your thesis is wrong summarize the reasons supported by your previous arguments as to why it ended up being so. Remember to avoid adding any new information about your respective topic as this will confuse the reader as to why this was not mention at all earlier and only now. Putting together all these pieces using this particular structure will always guarantee you the best possible grade.

Why Use Our Essay Writing Service?

Welcome to essay service EssayHub where helping you become an A grade student at any academic level is not just a possibility, but a reality proven by pur essay helper . In order to help introduce new customers to our premium tuition service, we provide various informational blogs on topics that interested you or have been heavily solicited by clients. This is just one of our many guides and blogs custom tailored to assist our customers in tackling their endeavors. We have helped thousands of students and professionals succeed in academia. We hope that you have found our visual analysis essay guide helpful and look forward to helping you with your next assignment. If you still need assistance, buy essay from our pros now?

photo analysis essay

How to Write a Visual Analysis Essay: Examples & Template

A visual analysis essay is an academic paper type that history and art students often deal with. It consists of a detailed description of an image or object. It can also include an interpretation or an argument that is supported by visual evidence.

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The picture shows the definition of a visual analysis.

In this article, our custom writing experts will:

🎨 What Is a Visual Analysis?

The primary objective of visual analysis is to understand an artwork better by examining the visual elements. There are two types of visual analysis: formal and contextual.

Usually, students deal with formal visual analysis. Before starting to work on your essay, make sure to ask your professor whether to include contextual analysis or not.

The Purpose of Analyzing Images

Why is visual analysis important? What does it help to learn? There are several things that visual analysis helps with:

What Is Formal Analysis: Art History

When we look at an artwork, we want to know why it was created, who made it, and what its function was. That’s why art historians and researchers pay special attention to the role of artworks within historical contexts.

Visual analysis is a helpful tool in exploring art. It focuses on the following aspects:

Formal Analysis: Art Glossary

Now, let’s look at some visual elements and principles and learn how to define them.

Visual Elements :

Visual Principles :

🏺 How to Analyze Artworks: Different Types

Writing a formal analysis is a skill that requires practice. Being careful and attentive during the pre-writing stage is essential if you want to create a good and well-structured visual analysis. 

Receive a plagiarism-free paper tailored to your instructions.

Visual analysis essay mainly consists of two components:

During the pre-writing stage:

How to Analyze a Painting Using the Elements of Art

To write an excellent formal visual analysis, you need to consider as many visual principles and elements as you can apply. In the formal analysis part:

If you are asked to do a contextual analysis , you may want to:

Painting Analysis Essay Example & Tips

Here is a template you can use for your essay.

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Now, let’s take a look at an essay example.

How to Analyze a Photograph

Analyzing photos has a lot in common with paintings. There are three methods on which photo visual analysis relies: description, reflection, and formal analysis. Historical analysis can be included as well, though it is optional.

Photo Analysis Essay Tips

Now that we’ve talked about analyzing a photograph let’s look at some helpful tips that will help you write an essay.

How to Analyze a Sculpture

Visual analysis of a sculpture is slightly different from the one of a painting or a photograph. However, it still uses similar concepts, relies on visual elements and principles. When you write about sculpture, consider:

Visual Analysis Essay on a Sculpture: Writing Tips

A sculpture analysis consists of the following parts:

When it comes to sculpture analysis, you may also want to collect technical data such as:

For instance, if you were to do a visual analysis of Laocoön and His Sons , you could first look up such details:

Visual Analysis Essay: Advertisement Analysis

Visuals are used in advertisements to attract attention or convince the public that they need what is being advertised. The purpose of a visual argument is to create interest. Advertisements use images to convey information and communicate with the audience.

When writing a visual analysis of an advertisement, pay attention to the following:

All of this influences how the viewer perceives the information and reacts to it.

When you write about an advertisement, you conduct a rhetorical analysis of its visual elements. Visual rhetoric is mainly directed at analyzing images and extracting information from them. It helps to understand the use of typography, imagery, and the arrangement of elements on the page.

Think of the famous visual rhetoric examples such as the We can do it! poster or a Chanel №5 commercial. Both examples demonstrate how persuasive imagery has been used throughout history.

How to Write a Visual Analysis Paper on an Advertisement

The presentation of visual elements in advertising is essential. It helps to convince the audience. When you analyze visual arguments, always keep the rhetorical situation in mind. Here are some crucial elements to focus on:

✅ How to Write a Visual Analysis Paper: Step by Step

Now, we’ll focus on the paper itself and how to structure it. But first, check out the list of topics and choose what suits you best.

Visual Analysis Essay Topics

There are a lot of artworks and advertisements that can be analyzed and viewed from different perspectives. Here are some essay topics on visual analysis that you may find helpful:



Visual Analysis Essay Outline

You can use this art analysis template to structure your essay:

The picture shows the main steps in writing a visual analysis essay: introduction, main body, conclusion.

How to Start an Art Essay

Every analysis starts with an introduction. In the first paragraph, make sure that:

It’s also important to know how to introduce an artwork. If you’re dealing with a panting or a photograph, it’s better to integrate them into the first page of your analysis. This way, the reader can see the piece and use it as a reference while reading your paper.

Art Thesis Statement Examples & Tips

Formulating a thesis is an essential step in every essay. Depending on the purpose of your paper, you can either focus your visual analysis thesis statement on formal elements or connect it with the contextual meaning. 

To create a strong thesis, you should relate it to an artwork’s meaning, significance, or effect. Your interpretation should put out an argument that someone could potentially disagree with. 

How to Write Visual Analysis Body Paragraphs

Body paragraphs of formal analysis consist of two parts—the description and the analysis itself. Let’s take Klimt’s The Kiss as an example:

The contextual analysis includes interpretation and evaluation.

Visual Analysis Essay Conclusion

When you work on the conclusion, try to conclude your paper without restating the thesis. At the end of your essay, you can present an interesting fact. You can also try to:

📑 Visual Analysis Essay Example & Citation Tips

In this section of the article, we will share some tips on how to reference an artwork in a paper. We will also provide an essay example.

How to Reference a Painting in an Essay

When you work on visual analysis, it is important to know how to write the title of an artwork properly. Citing a painting, a photograph, or any other visual source, will require a little more information than citing a book or an article. Here is what you will need:

If you want to cite a painting or an artwork you saw online, you will also need:

How to Properly Credit an Artwork in APA

How to properly credit an artwork in mla, how to properly credit an artwork in chicago format.

Finally, here’s a sample visual analysis of Rodin’s sculpture The Thinker in APA format. Feel free to download it below.

Many people believe that works of art are bound to be immortal. Indeed, some remarkable masterpieces have outlived their artists by many years, gaining more and more popularity with time. Among them is The Thinker, a brilliant sculpture made by Auguste Rodin, depicting a young, athletic man, immersed deep into his thoughts.

You can also look at the following essay samples to get even more ideas.

Thanks for reading through our article! We hope you found it helpful. Don’t hesitate to share it with your friends.

Further reading:

❓ Visual Analysis FAQs

To write a visual argument essay, you need to use rhetorical analysis. Visual rhetoric is directed at analyzing images and extracting the information they contain. It helps to analyze the visuals and the arrangement of elements on the page.

A well-though contextual analysis will include:

1. formal analysis, 2. some information about the artist, 3. details on when and where the piece was created, 4. the social purpose of the work, 5. its cultural meaning.

It is better to include pictures  in the introduction  part of your paper. Make sure to cite them correctly according to the format you’re using. Don’t forget to add the website name, the URL, and the access date.

To analyze means not only to describe but also to evaluate and synthesize visual information. To do that, you need to learn about visual elements and principles and see how and why they are used within artworks.

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